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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 17, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria bartiroma and "mornings with maria". maria: happy st. patrick's day, thanks for being with us. happy friday, top stories right now 6:00 am, president trump hosting angela merkel today at the white house, seeing issues. >> the chancellor has a series of meetings. and the importance of vocational training with american and german business leaders. maria: they will hold a news conference. we will take you there. steve mnuchin meeting with his german counterpart. he is in berlin for the g 20 meeting and the us looking to start trade wars. overnight a massive fire light up the sky in raleigh, north
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carolina. firefighters battling the blaze that engulfed the apartment building, the latest developments coming up. mcdonald's says it was compromised after a tweet was posted calling the president disgusting. paying it forward, one airline getting passengers upgrades just for being nice. some subscribers will not get their print editions anymore. the magazine's new move coming up, markets close to the top line. s&p is down, nasdaq is up. that is where they open the session. practical moves. and nothing but the shanghai composite down 1% and the kospi index a two thirds of 1%.
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coming up this morning joining me to talk about it, foxbusiness network's dagan mcdowell, brian brandenberg and lee carter is here. happy st. patrick's day. they back hate the color green and car racing is bad luck. >> this tie is blue. dagen: nobody here is wearing green, nobody looks good in green. >> i tried a little bit. dagen: men don't care, women do. if you are a lady you don't look good in green. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> as well as st. patrick's day celebrating, michigan congressman and chairman of the house intelligence committee
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with us, a great to tell you about. conservative columnist and author of in trump we trust, and called her coming up, and rawlins is here with texas congressman and house ways and means chairman kevin brady will walk us through tax reform and k t rutenberg will walk us through what to expect for the german chancellor and donald trump this morning. german chancellor angela merkel scheduled to meet the president in washington later today, pushing back through the winter storm that blasted the northeast, both leaders clashed over policies on trade and immigration. take a look at what president trump said about germany on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton is running to
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be america's angela merkel and we have seen how much crime and how many problems that caused the german people. you know what a disaster this massive immigration has been to germany and the people of germany. crime has risen to levels they never thought they would ever see. it is a catastrophe. we have seen attacks in france, belgium, germany and all over the world, it is reckless to allow uncontrolled entry, proper vetting cannot occur. >> former chief strategist for hillary clinton's campaign is with us, good to see you. thank you for joining us, do you think this alleviates tensions. >> i expect it to alleviate
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tension this pretty successfully. it will reduce awkwardness. usually press conferences are pretty nice events would someone asked the question do you favor the immigration ben, angela merkel takes a different position if you get that question. maria: the president has talked about what has happened in germany throughout europe because of refugees and that is the immigration story. dagen: angela merkel could acknowledge the problem germany has faced with letting a rush of refugees come to the country, close to 1 million, two years ago, last year it fell by 600,000 and given the sexual assault of a little more than a year ago they saw in cologne, rather than division, coming
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together, and it comes from. >> and the right thing to do. >> he will dagan on that. and potential terrorism. and without better vetting, they invited violence into the nation. >> this is polled globally. the citizens of germany, citizens of the eu waiver refugees coming in italy favorite the figuring things out. >> why did britain leave the eu. >> she is the leading opponent,
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and pulling back that. and everybody looks at this differently, it will be a good meeting if she draws a line in the sand president trump might draw a line in the sand and you have something different for the day. >> what will happen for me thes going to europe? >> nothing will happen to them. europe needs to risen dollars more than ever and making a mistake. dagen: the president is pushing ahead with his revised travel ban for six muslim countries vowing to fight the rulings two federal judges in hawaii and maryland, the white house press secretary sean spicer talked about this yesterday. >> the president's executive order falls squarely within his lawful authority seeking to protect the nation's security and the department will continue to defend his executive order in the courts. the department is exploring all available options to vigorously defend the executive order.
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we will appeal the flawed rulings. the department of justice is determining the legal strategy and timing, we expect action to appeal to the fourth circuit and clarification of the order to appeal in the ninth circuit. the law is clear. nicole: what you think of further states fighting this? >> the fights are going to continue. the public is divided 50/50. and look at these rulings, based on campaign statements for rudy giuliani, it is a peculiar thing for presidential her to hang in the balance on the basis of such statements. and mandate unconstitutional, with against the crazy standards for people's pre-campaign or campaign statements to become the heart of rulings on presidential action. >> this new order steps back
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from the first one and it is more defensible, this conversation burn out and away the previous one did not. >> five judges in the ninth circuit put in a definitive counter ruling, and the precedents are being ignored. the president needs to win and if he doesn't get to a court that gives him a win this will go down as a series defeat for him. >> we have a specialist in messaging and getting the word out the right way, is this a messaging failure as much of the policy failure? he lost control of the narrative. >> is in a muslim been or a temporary suspension to enhance our vetting for national security purposes? if you win that one does he come back and say those campaign statements i made, talking in the context of terrorism, second
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of all, not what we are going to do, third, this has nothing to do with it. if you defeat it as a muslim band it is getting accepted but courts are saying this is it, you can't put lipstick on it and they are winning that way. dagen: hard to push back into period when the people want something different. look at the elections in europe, france is up in the air. we don't know how france will go in april or may. probably won't go all the way to the right but there is a massive push across the world in terms of border protection and themes this president has been pushing. dagen: in terms of the messaging since the travel order was put into place, there was that urgency and it was implied, got to get this done because there's an imminent threat to the homeland and when it was delayed
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and a second travel ban was written, travel order was written and that was implement it in a period of days, you see in the actual fox news polling the executive order on immigration, do you feel safer that it now says 34% when it was 42% in february. in terms of making no different it was 24% in february, now it is 32%, 32% of this makes no difference. >> nothing happened. dagen: they didn't stay on message why this is important, why this is important. it is about distraction and putting out the other fires. >> they are reacting to the left narrative but not putting their own narrative out there and that is part of the problem. what you laid out is what they should be talking about rather than saying travel ban or repeating the message not
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working for them. >> the economy seems to be surging and i have never seen a situation where the economy is surging and the president is not feeling up because the president is engaged in a lot of less popular battles, smaller matters and numbers on the economy are moving, usually approval ratings move with them. maria: the tax reform the team has been working on will be important to stay with us for that, good to see you, thank you so much. mark penn joining us, take a break but breaking overnight a raging fire in north carolina, firefighters battling this blaze, it consumed an entire apartment building, the latest developments coming next, playboy going bare-bones shifting to online subscriptions, some readers wonder if they are closing the book on print.
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cheryl: we will leave it at echos, not exactly the same thing. maria: thanks so much, cheryl. fox business network is taking us live. secretary price and house republicans today.
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they are discussing the future of healthcare, it starts at 845 eastern
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. maria: making american jobs great again president trump has more work to do following the
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february jobs report. >> i inherited a mess, whether you like it or not the economy was very weak. you look at all these people. i have very good work numbers, unemployment numbers, they say 4.6 and i'm supposed to take about but the numbers, you have people who want jobs that have given up looking for jobs. maria: joining us to talk about jobs, great to see you, stephanie. thank you for joining us, how would you characterize jobs in the economy. >> he is on to something. one thing i follow looking at this economic data a lot of it is run through the statistical sausage factory. one number that doesn't get touched is income tax receipts
6:23 am
and tax receipts are declining on personal income taxes, they are down 1.5% year over year. whatever is happening is not translating to income means, quite the contrary. he has a point. when you think about the broader context of inheriting a mess, this era of 0% interest rates had the effect of bankrupting favors which no one cares about because they are the marginal offender, whatever, it is starting to hit the economy because what happened is creating a logjam in the workforce. the labor participation rate of people 65 and over is the highest it has been since the 60s and it is not freeing up jobs for all the people trying to get to work after college so there is a dislocation in the employment market being created as a legacy of 0 interest rate
6:24 am
policy. >> we have seen this jump over 200,000 but looks strong, that number has to be a lot higher to deal with that. what level of number do we need to get excited about? >> it is more about what kind of jobs we are creating. he can create a lot of part-time waitress positions at not generate necessary income growth. looks to me like a lot of people were forced to take on second jobs or third jobs on the heels of the aca where a lot of employers cut hours to fit under the threshold so you created a lot of jobs in the process but at up to the same level of income which gets you nowhere. maria: important point about the aca. in a new plan do you think we will see more job growth? >> what is the new plan?
6:25 am
maria: look at the tax form plan coming down the pike, you hope to thousand 17, the healthcare replacement plan, we don't know what the plan is but do any of these policies suggest things will get better? >> i have great hope they will. this dependence on monetary policy, borrowing or is not a solution to excessive debt and creating income growth is key but i think one other aspect of the tax-cut progrowth policy, and trying to say this, it is neutralized to some extent by restraint at the state and local level. this is what happened in 2008-2009, we had massive stimulus at the federal level and belt-tightening at the state and local level absorbed a lot
6:26 am
of that. stimulus is great, better than none at the federal level but markets are overexcited about the potential impact on growth. dagen: industry specific, if you look at medical devices tax, you get rid of that, the medical device industry lost 29,000 jobs in a 3-year period and that tax because it hit revenue and not earning, fast majority of those was 7% of employment in that industry alone. most of those are small to medium-sized businesses, almost 100% of them. >> getting the weight of aca, the burden of that often small businesses and employers in general is going to be a huge plus, but i think it looks like it will be a two year process to get done and we have to get from here to there and that will be
6:27 am
trickier. maria: will it be a two year process? >> i hope not. not like i will benefit from it. i think the market is ahead of itself and the fed tightening yesterday was a huge mistake, really ill-timed, a lot of data tell me to the tone of the economy will shift a lot. atlanta fence come to 0.9 for the first quarter and we are seeing a gasoline head fake, retail sales came out wednesday, 5, 6, year on year, x gasoline, 108 and going down. that is the whole story right now in the near term, this year on year lift in headline consumer spending from gasoline, just an illusion that is going to fade. maria: tax receipts down 1.5%.
6:28 am
great to see you, love the metrics you look at. coming up tension mounting on capitol hill, the latest, the white house defending president trump's wiretapping allegations. playboy on bare-bones again, the publication shifted to online prescriptions, some readers wondering if they are closing the book on print. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, thanks for joining us. it is friday, happy st. patrick's day. president trump's wiretapping claims, sean spicer, the mainstream media's focus and not the fact that so far no connections are proven between russia and the president. >> interesting how when evidence comes out, the russia connection and say there was nothing they have seen to prove the connection you choose not to cover that and don't stop the narrative and perpetuate a false narrative. maria: human and health services secretary, the news conference later this morning. killed in the line of duty a new york city emergency medical
6:32 am
technician was run over by her own ambulance after it was stolen, hijacked. a suspect is in custody. mcdonald's twitter coppermine, tweet blasting the president, blamed on a hack, we got details from mcdonald's. paying with good behavior offering upgrades for being nice and polite. playboy's print edition on its way out, the new move has some subscribers raising questions about that. futures looking for direction, dow industrials, the s&p 500, nasdaq composite higher to the flatline this morning and in europe stocks trading near the flat line. in the euro zone, s&p is up at 12:45% and the dax index is flat. mixed performances take a look at the asian markets. in china down 1%. disney's next blockbuster, live-action beauty and the beast hitting theaters today, tickets
6:33 am
already sold out. we have movie weekend preview coming up. president trump's wiretapping claims led to an exchange on capitol hill, sean spicer defended the president's charge against his predecessor during the press briefing. >> we talk about wiretapping, he meant surveillance and there are incidents that occurred, devon nunez couldn't have stated more brilliantly. i believe he will. speech is no evidence of any wiretapping. how can the president go on? >> your mischaracterizing what the german said. the bottom line, has not been provide all the information. maria: according to the latest fox news poll americans are more concerned about russia then wiretapping. 63% of voters believe congress should investigate russia trump connections, 46% said they want to trump tower wiretapping investigation.
6:34 am
michigan congressman and chairman of the house intelligence committee, good to see you, thanks for joining us. what is your take on this? do you agree the president will be vindicated? >> everybody ought to just take a step back and let the committees do their work, the intelligence committees in the house and senate, clearly they have tremendous work to do. the cia and intelligence community cyberprogram is broken. it suffered a major breach with bradley manning, suffered a major breach with its note. i'm sure the intelligence community is were told the intelligence committees were told by the intelligence community that that after those major breaches we got it under control. we put in place the proper fixes and a major leak from the cia. they have problems in cyberspace
6:35 am
because of these breaches and problems with how they deal with this inadvertent collection where they collected on michael flynn, reported it around the community. the intelligence community, the intelligence committee, have to dig into their cyber programs to find out why these mistakes are happening and how their programs are broken. maria: mistakes being leaked. is it possible the intelligence community does not want information how they do their job widespread and the president basically busted that up by coming out with that tweet, saying we cannot allow russia or anybody else to know we use wiretapping or surveilling so they are coming out saying this is not true or do they not have information, as sean spicer speculated? >> the committee doesn't have
6:36 am
the information. it will take a while to complete their work into the cyber programs and the intelligence community to figure this out. this is going to be months, not weeks to get the answers they need from the intelligence community, the russians, the chinese, the north koreans have a pretty good idea in terms of what we are capable of. they do the same thing. dagen: the tweet from president trump was superspecific, trump tower was wiretapped and the obama administration was behind it period. so far you had the head of the house intelligence committees on both sides of the aisle say we don't have evidence that happens and the wall street journal even goes out on a limb and says trump would be wiser to say he fired the tweet in a grant walk it back. an apology can be good for the
6:37 am
soul in the presidency and in fox news polling, should president trump produced documents to back up his claim that obama ordered the wiretaps, 76% of people polled by fox news said yes he should. this needs to go away. the white house can make it go away and show no indication they are going to do that based on sean spicer getting hot under the collar yesterday. >> this is going to plague them much as emails plagued hillary clinton. how do you think they get out of this to move things forward so we start talking about the agenda again? >> there are a lot of good points, they need to talk about their agenda, healthcare, tax reform and those things. the white house would be better off not talking about this claim and tweet class by the present at this point and say it is time for the intelligence committees to do their work, do the
6:38 am
investigation. we know there are problems in the intelligence community, let's get those things fixed and figure out whether this was inadvertent collection, targeted in some way, or whether the tweet is just plain wrong but let the intelligence committees do their work and recognize this will take a period of time, we will not get a quick answer unless the president has very specific information. if he does, he should provide that to the committee. maria: if they don't have the information why are they commenting on what evidence they have? the house and senate intel committee saying we don't have evidence for the why won't they say we don't have all the information yet? >> i'm not exactly sure everything they have said, but they don't have information from the justice department and where they are going, at this time we don't have the evidence.
6:39 am
might i preferred devon nunez and richard burr who are friends of mine are saying right now we don't have all the evidence, we are digging into this and we will get back once we completed the investigation. dagen: jim comey testifies monday. that is going to be revealing. >> are you encouraged with the buildup in the defense budget given concerned about falling behind in cybersecurity, the president is moving in that direction with the skinny budget he came out with yesterday? >> yes, clearly, we dominated additional battlefield but what we are seeing with major problems intelligence community had in cyber, that is the new battlefield and the battlefield we need to dominate because
6:40 am
nontraditional players, not significant -- korea, they compete in cyber in a way they can't compete on the traditional battlefield and we need to make sure we dominate that space in a way that is greater than the way we traditional battlefield cyber may be more dangerous in the immediate future than the traditional battlefield. it will be more dangerous in the long term because we will get more players, we need to be good, we need to be great in cyber if we are going to keep america safe. maria: thanks so much. thanks for joining us, we will take a short break. a hacker has beef with president trump. charge words by mcdonald's's compromised twitter account. live-action retailing beauty and the beast, will audiences sing their praise, we have a preview
6:41 am
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maria: markets close to the flatline. down the street is up point and the nasdaq up 31/2 so we see how the market opens this morning, a couple names on the move. candidate who's had a big day, one stock to watch, stock stored in the first day of trading up 26%, second-largest market debut of the year behind snap's gain. luxury parka company raised $250 million in the offering of that stock will be up today. adobe is up, the fiscal first-quarter profit and revenue, and top analysts estimates. stocks opening at a new time high with a 5% gain. and struck and killed by her own
6:45 am
stolen hijacked ambulance. cheryl casone with details. >> reporter: a shocking story. a mother of five stopped her ambulance when she was told they man was riding on the back of it. when she got out to see what was going on he jumped into the driver's seat, put the ambulance in reverse and ran over her, the suspect crashed into parked cars and got stuck in a snow bank. he has been arrested. mcdonald's's twitter account hacked. the account was compromised by an external source after it appeared to send an anti-trump message was the tweet was posted yesterday morning, some supporters of the president are calling for a boycott of mcdonald's after the tweet was posted despite the fact the company says it wasn't them. playboy is quitting its search for a new buyer saying it is losing profits by pulling away
6:46 am
from their print version. they removed new photos to attract more advertisers and boost circulation. the magazine brought back nudity last month. the publisher was hoping the online edition and licensing was profitable for them and finally this. if you are nice do you think you can get upgraded? may be if you fly on monarch airlines. of the british budget carrier, give polite people perks like extra legroom. 25 people get upgraded only if you book not online, your nice, respectful, and get something for that which is rare. >> when you are in travel held, just kidding. dagen: be nice is the moral of the story, don't touch my
6:47 am
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>> you must leave here. >> who is there? >> do you wish to take your father's place? >> come into the light. maria: there was a clip of the movie of the weekend, live-action remake of disney's classic beauty and the beast, the film has become the number
6:51 am
one family film of all time. according to online ticket seller, senior vice president of marketing at fox news, good to see you, this looks good. >> highly anticipated, presale all time, could break batman versus superman's record which earned $116 million. maria: the budget was $125 million. >> this one is 120 million. >> than $160 million budgeted for this remake. >> marketing $300 million numbers but this will have legs. it is fantastic, what people go back to over and over again. this has been the overall strategy turning animated classics into live-action. they did well with the jungle book. maria: you think this dominates
6:52 am
the weekend in terms of movies? you got to sit down with the star. >> opening night i hit the red carpet and caught up with stars who told us what was like to be part of this classic. >> so me the girl. >> what if she is the one who breaks the spell? >> what was your favorite part? >> looking for things in general. >> you will join me for dinner. that is not a request. >> technology and fairytales, very exciting. the possibilities are endless. >> i am a larger-than-life character. how can you not be when you are a wardrobe? very much a eva and into fashion. >> how does one prepare to play wardrobe? >> i had to imagine myself heavy and big and wooden, more
6:53 am
lumbered. much larger. >> this is just your wardrobe. >> what is it about this story that bears the test of time? >> we all identify with the beast because he is in this prison of his own making and we all feel sympathy for that. >> does the touches on so magically the feeling of outside us and feeling there is love and redemption away from that. >> what make the cresco classic is every generation sees something new. a story about proper balance of masculine and feminine energy and all of us and those are in check or not in check and a lot of lessons for grown-ups and kids. >> we want to be seen for who we are on the inside, not only about learning to love someone but learning to love yourself.
6:54 am
♪ rising in the east ♪ tale as old as time ♪ song as old as rhyme ♪ beauty and the beast ♪ >> what a presentation. >> you will be humming those songs all day long. maria: is this the first time? we got to see that. the ticket seller fanday go creating an online merchandise store with movie collectibles and wearables, merchandise can be bundled with movie -- >> creating this, you can buy the movie, the t-shirts. maria: disney is brilliant about that. as soon as you get out of the play you walk out of the store with stuff to buy. >> they cost so much to make it
6:55 am
is like going to the restaurant after dessert. maria: people going to the movies less and less, they need additional -- >> and the movies are so expensive to make, this cost $120 million. they got to make that up on the back end. maria: looking forward to this film. have a great weekend coming up, the luck of the irish, at the guinness brewery in dublin. next hour of "mornings with maria". foxbusiness taking you to the press conference by secretary price and republicans discussing the future of healthcare and 8:45 eastern. we will take you there live, back in a moment. ♪
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma. it is friday, march 17th, happy st. patrick's day. two key allies meeting at the white house, angela merkel coming to washington after her trip was delayed for weather. immigration likely to come up in the aftermath of the rulings
6:59 am
against the revised travel ban. >> department of justice pursuing avenues seek to remedy this. courts ruling in hawaii doesn't seem to make sense, the second executive order, to talk about statements well before the first one. maria: healthcare a key issue, tom price will hold a news conference at 8:45 eastern, we will take you there, breaking news a home explosion in maryland, one house was leveled and others damad. a resident is unaccounted for as investigators are searching for the cause was amazon and apple
7:00 am
team up, how to get alexa on your iphone, snapchat cannot stem the selling. it fell below $20 a share yesterday's trading. a broader market today. and in positive territory. and best performer is in paris, cac quarante up 1/2%. mixed performance, worst performer shanghai composite the biggest mover down 1%. a new trend in russia, vladimir putin, smelling like him. there is the perfume we will tell you about. all those stories coming up. foxbusiness's dagan mcdowell,
7:01 am
business and economics. what does vladimir putin's president smell like either? >> stories like this. dagen: vodka and deception, there you go. maria: a big show, talk about tax reform. pete snyder, former reagan campaign advisor, ed rollins, texas congressman kevin brady in the tax reform package and angela merkel is here. and the meeting between angela merkel and the president today. the chancellor angela merkel meeting with president trump at the white house later today. and collaborating to fight
7:02 am
terrorism. and on the campaign trail. >> hillary clinton, america's angela merkel and we have seen how much crime and how any problems that has caused the german people and germany. >> do you still think so about her? >> it was a big mistake for germany. we have seen the attacks in france, belgium, germany and all over the world. it is not compassionate but reckless to allow uncontrolled entry from places where proper vetting cannot occur. maria: joining these conservative columnists, author of in trump we trust, ann coulter, thank you for being here. >> good to be here.
7:03 am
maria: what are you expecting? can these tensions ease between the us and germany? what do you think will be important to watch? >> i am sure trump will be chiming, he always is, but they do have serious disagreements, it is strange much of the media, this obsession with nato see angela merkel, and vladimir putin as the enemy. the real enemy of the united states, and radical islam, a much better ally in that fight and angela merkel is, inviting these muslim migrants, training programs for the refugees, don't rape the german girls. you would think they could control themselves. for the next 6 months try not to
7:04 am
rape anyone and they can't do it. she's not only destroying germany, she is destroying western europe. the idea of the nato alliance is to oppose our communist soviet union bent on world domination. that doesn't exist anymore so this is obama ridiculed and the entire media ridiculed mitt romney for one stupid remark in the 2012 campaign this is a 1980s cold war mentality that bears no relation to what is happening now. maria: romney was right in his assessment a couple years ago. immigration, president trump -- maria: he backed off that. he retracted that a week later he went on wolf blitzer and said what i meant by russia being our number one geopolitical flow is they sometimes oppose us in the human, that is far from the number one geopolitical flow. maria: why would he do that?
7:05 am
he is weekend he lost. >> that is what obama successfully made fun of him for and john kerry at the democratic national convention, al qaeda isn't, isis isn't our number one geopolitical flow is russia. i don't want to live in russia, don't want to live in any other country, i want to live in america but russia has been dealing with the chechnya and muslims and a lot of islamic terrorism for centuries now. the boston bombers, and the fight now is with islam which openly says they will come into our country, various countries, the west infiltrates and turn us all muslim. this is the new soviet threat. there is no soviet threat, ronald reagan won the cold war but suddenly the new york times which gave stalin for the ukrainian famine and the gulagss and show trials they can't get
7:06 am
past this russian leader they are suddenly upset about. maria: what do you make of this travel ban pushback, the president pushing ahead with the revised travel but been vowing to fight these rulings but two federal judges, hawaii and maryland, what do you make of this pushback? >> he is absolutely right. he may not want to do it but i think district court judges need to be ignored, completely outrageous for what they have done, there is no precedent for what they have done, they are eliminating the presidency. we have three branches of government, they have different roles. congress and the executive branch have complete control over who comes in and doesn't come out of the country is the president the british as the supreme court said starting with the chinese exclusion case. i had a column a few weeks ago that went to the deck of tedium.
7:07 am
i didn't fight all the cases, ten cases, the supreme court, cases saying it is 100% the prerogative the president, extension of his role as commander-in-chief dealing with foreign policy, who gets in and who doesn't get into the country, for these courts to say it affects our citizens, then a decision of the commander-in-chief to go to war affects their citizens lose their citizens may sign up and they could be killed, that surely affects their right so can some district court judge someplace in the country say i'm sorry, the commander-in-chief may have declared war but we can't go because i am a district court judge was the courts have been outrageous and gotten out of control for a long time and the only way to stop them is to recognize the constitutional framework which is not put a district court judge above the president of the united states. the president, there are three coequal branches but the president is the only branch where the entire authority of that branch is invested in one
7:08 am
man as opposed to hundreds and hundreds of federal court judges, one district court judge. to overrule the president. maria: why are we doing that? if federal judges can overrule, how come that is not what is happening? they shut this down. >> it is a bold step, it has been done before. the reason there is a judicial tyranny isn't because the supreme court said district court judges are more important and they can overrule the decision of the president. it is because it is a scheduling matter. they have the last word and it has always been considered sort of a dramatic step for a president to say they have done it before, is it andrew jackson who said the supreme court rules, let them enforce their
7:09 am
ruling? they are coequal branches and the president would be within his rights to say this decision is insane. what if you had a crazy judge, there are all kinds of decision the judge could issue, if they issue this decision there is no precedent for this. >> are you happy the way the president and his administration are selling this to the public? there is some sense the public is getting less interested, they don't feel this is helping them. if he selling this the right way? does he have to do something different? >> the travel ban, no, i think the public is with him. that is why he won the election and i must say all the public approval polls of president trump, tweeting out according to the polls on election day he had i think a 6% chance of winning michigan, 11% chance of winning pennsylvania, the public opinion polls, you need to add about 30
7:10 am
points to the public approval of trump. dagen: carter is sighing because that is what he does for a living. >> i think sure there are problems with the polling, people do have a problem saying out loud they support the president of the united states but i don't know if it is 30 points, might be 6 or 7. we have seen things come down. we have seen his approval ratings even if it is inflated by 30 points it still comes down by 6 or 7 points. do you think he is doing a great job selling everything he is doing right now? is yes. he could use a little more help from congressional republicans. one thing i was hoping trump wouldn't have to deal with, things i and most people who supported trump really like about him is his love for america and not being wedded to a particular talking point of
7:11 am
the republican party, he is what i always thought republicans were, for example bringing jobs back, trade, immigration, bringing the wall, one thing i thought of all the things, the president would not have to deal with the repeal of obamacare. congressional republicans have had seven years, they can come up with a fleamarket plan, they should just roll it out, pass it and send it to him for signature. that is and his belly work, how to have a free market in health insurance which would take exactly one sentence of the bill, there shall be a free market in health insurance, that right there takes care of 90% of americans and the rest of the bill deal with the welfare cases. maria: they will deal with the votes from paul ryan, do you think they will be able to work this out and get the agenda executed in the timeline they are expecting? that his health care plan out by easter, tax reform plan by
7:12 am
august? >> getting a little pessimistic because of what is happening with obamacare, 7 years they had. as a general matter i have noticed it is oddly difficult to explain the free market in an area where we haven't seen it for many decades, health insurance, we are living in a country where we buy everything else on the free market, shouldn't -- itvs iphones, how about car insurance. you always feel like you are talking to an old soviet lady explaining how she is going to get bread if the government doesn't provide. >> we have single-payer through medicare and president trump says i'm not touching medicare. >> i agree with trump. people have been -- medicare may be upon me, people have paid into it and it would be
7:13 am
outrageous to cut back on medicare and social security. americans have been paying into it their entire lives but going forward and for non-medicare cases, everyone age 65, buys his own health insurance, let me buy health insurance on free market, i don't want to pay for your kids to stay on the plan until they are 30, don't have to pay for maternity care and pediatric care and gambling addiction and psychological counseling and sex change operations and i can't buy that and we don't need congress, if congress had a bill on hotels, don't worry, we will make sure every hotel room has a better dimity tv, the market can figure that out. maria: thank you so much. ann coulter joining us, secretary price's news conference library:45 eastern, say with us for that live coverage as the secretary holds a conference on the future of the health care plan.
7:14 am
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3:45? tai chi. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah. introducing essential portfolios the automated investing solution. >> authorities investigated the house explosion in maryland. >> this happened at 12:30 eastern time in rockville, maryland, a suburb of dc, neighbors said shook their homes and rattled their windows lose the home that was destroyed, completely level, no injuries reported at this time. authorities have not been able
7:17 am
to locate the man who lived there. the explosion being investigated, utility crews on the scene trying to assist this morning. it looks like syria will get them competition. alexa, which is the amazon, coming to the apps, amazon revealing it will bring alexa to the iphone using its own official apps. you will be on amazon and alexa pops up, a similar approach to the amazon echo, you can ask the voice assistance for information with the latest news, and you can shop for everything. alexa will debut on the amazon apps next week. it was a little higher, $24 a share, big changes coming to
7:18 am
netflix, the old system of rating movies on a scale of 1 to 5 stars going to be history starting april. viewers will use a simple thumbs-up or thumbs down. a netflix executive said when they tested the system users busted their number of ratings, got more feedback by 200%. more feedback from viewers on the way, that starts next month which i will leave you with this. if i was on netflix i would say thumbs-up. maria: me too. >> thumbs-up across the board. snapchat's parent company cannot snap a losing streak, the stock is below $20 a share for the first time ever. it was priced at 17 and up 24. a look at this tailspin and whether it will end to an end soon. a boy did grab a 71/2 carat rock
7:19 am
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maria: treasury secretary steve mnuchin is eating with the 20 finance ministers. he insisted the us has no idea to get into trade wars but added the trump administration wants to deal with imbalances in america's trading relationships which he waited on trade tensions in a recent interview on sunday morning futures. >> we are not getting into trade wars. the president believes in free trade but believes in fair
7:23 am
trade. we will negotiate these deals so they are good for the american public and american worker and american companies. maria: joining us this fox news contributor, thanks for joining us. how do you think trading relationships look different? you have wilbur ross, commerce secretary, working on nafta. will this be a disruption? >> it is right, we will not have trade wars, we are going to address the imbalances we had with decades after decades of bad trade deals. steve mnuchin is the good cop, trump is the bad cop, he will say baratta with mexico that we have a border tax, we are not going to have a border tax. we will hopefully have mexico to where they were supposed to be decades ago. this is a master negotiation by donald trump who is the best negotiator out there. maria: in terms of trade, the
7:24 am
standpoint, in mexico, as it relates to china. what should we be looking for? >> we should be looking at post nafta, where mexico was supposed to be, they have increased exponentially, they need to go back to be original agreements from the get-go, that is the pressure you will see there. as it relates to china we need to address what we bring into the country and what they are taxing in our imports. you address those issues and we will be making billions of dollars. >> where is it important for the president to put his focus? we have trade, healthcare reform on the table, you can't deal with everything at once.
7:25 am
should he be as focused as he is on trade or should he put his attention on tax reform, healthcare reform, that will falls a lot of problems trade is causing? >> this is why you have steve mnuchin doing what he is doing in germany, he the ambassador talking about trade. trump is barnstorming state, lobbying congress to make sure we repeal and replace obamacare, same for capture reform, that is the top priority for this administration, he will get it done by august, it is reasonable, wall street is expecting it. donald trump does not want to have the stock swoon since election day to end. and he will have tax reform in america. >> optimistic about the timeline? >> if that starts to take because people believe donald trump can't get a deal done what
7:26 am
do you think donald trump is going to do? he will do everything and anything he can to get people to the board room table and make a deal, that is what this guy is about. maria: congress has an 18 month window and it is up. if they don't come together can they be thrown out if they can't get it done and they have had 7 years for the health care plan please let me ask about the g 20 meeting, steve mnuchin, his first meeting as treasury secretary comes at a time of high anxiety among america's trading partners, what do you think the tenor is as he talks to counterparts around the world? >> he is playing good cop. he will say the right things, he will say you love doing business with america, we will continue to do business with you, don't worry about trade wars but we
7:27 am
need to address these imbalances. i take them literally. that is what he is going to focus on and that is good for america, good for investors. maria: i want to ask about snap, below $20, first time in the company's $3 billion ipo. another analyst putting a sell rating on the stock today. >> snap was appropriately priced at 17, it soared to 24 at the beginning of the ipo jumped 34% after that. as you well know new technology stocks are volatile, facebook plummeted by 50% after it's ipo. and snapple have the same growth, but they are going to grow. two things to impact, quiet period ending in two week than
7:28 am
the biggest banks underwrote this thing so jpmorgan, goldman, underwriters tend to say rosy things about the stock they took to market. they think they can get something on the cheap, the shortselling period will wither out in the next couple weeks. and a little bump. maria: last trade, good to see you. still to come, sean spicer versus the mainstream media, what a show. coverage of wiretapping claims and a lover's dream come true, how to score an overnight stay at the guinness brewery in time for st. patrick's day. liberty mutual insurance. at angie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on,
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. welcome back happy friday it is friday, march 17, your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, white house press secretary sean spicer war with media, yesterday briefing gets conon theious over president trump he eelgs over wire take a position rulings against revised travel ban. >> the department of justice, statement, speaking he for itself when it comes to that last night, the -- the -- the -- federal law that i read out, clearly gets the president 20 authority this is what we argued when first one, i think for a judge, to ignore that statute and talk about tweets interpreting something during campaign is not -- in
7:32 am
keeping with how they are supposed to interpret the law. maria: more on that fallout over budget cooling up we will talk we will take live press conference of tom price hhs secretary, hlt and human seniors secretary will hold that 8:45 eastern live this morning, plus, aetna -- mount etna in itly erupts more coming up this morning, we are getting, obviously, as this just happened. >> plus check your freezer a frozen pizza supplier to walmart recalling 20,000 pounds of pizza details on that markets this morning, not too busy close to the flat line at we have seen a pretty good reversal looking at gains broader averages dow industrials up 18 points nasdaq up 5 points, again, it is -- it is close to the front line built solidly positive in
7:33 am
europe stocks near flat line not much movement, as you can see, there similar situation completely reversal quarterbacking quarterbacking in paris is up almost one and a half 1% asia overnight mixed performances take a look biggest mofrer shanghai composite in china down 1% arkansas triage making discovery of a lifetime 7.4 karat diamond in a state park, we tell you how that happened where that diamond is now, plus how bad -- to celebrate st. patrick's day than guinness score he other than that stay at guinness brewery sean spicer blasting immediate over coverage of the president trump wiretapping claims what he said during a press briefing yesterday. >> when one entity says one thing that proves that claims one thing you guys cover it,ed a naz kum when nuñez said i think it is very possible yesterday that crickets for
7:34 am
you guys came out said there was no connection that he saw, to russia, crickets, when tom cotton said the same -- you don't want to cover have stuff you don't stop narrative continue to perpetuate a falls narrative. >> right now former reagan campaign adviser fox news contributor ed rollens good to see you. >> how ri happy pat trix day. >> main stream media tough on president trump have they been tougher on him than predecessor. every president has tough, honeymoon good, bad shane has very, very tough job combative type part of the problem have not moved from campaign mode to public policy now in selling mode very, very tough things to push can't be fighting the press every day you can't basically if they have evidence of wiretapping put it out don't have it basically at mercy of the national media. >> fox news polling whether dismiss it or not, i say don't
7:35 am
dismiss it, but in in the one recent poll question came out yesterday should president tro produce documents 76% of people said yeah. >> if he has it fine put out otherwise zrakdz from stories very important a budget message that is very tough budget message, certainly his blueprint health care plan sort of last breathths move it will forward. >> do you think sean spicer is helping or hurting. >> i think hurting him i like sean top-notch guy just very combative mode, you have to understand, again, that is very tough job your job to basically try and tell president's story reporters have a job tell their story note going to wrut your story you have to fill in information you can't be in adversarial -- dana perino, was the perfect she got up there respected her basically she did a -- extraordinary job we needed -- hard-and-fast,
7:36 am
how sean can maybe take long weekend. >> is sean, were on first name basis -- but isn't he just resting potentially president trump 's combatness. >> his job to facilitate for media stories you want them to tell about you if you are combative with them they think -- back with you, certainly if you are going to pay only to the president obviously a lot of people in white house do, you are going to get in kind of situation he is in today only audience is the president united states, he his job to try interpret the president make sure the media gets his side of the story. >> many people say the president needs to move away from the campaign mode to a governing mode what does that look like for this president you have to look different than we have seen from appreciative pathogens. >> different president no question about it, you know does an extraordinary campaign won presidency now has tough shredding ahead there is no
7:37 am
honeymoon period for this guy walked into a buzz saw now fouf programs to push forward even though majorities in house and senate, about those not applying totally into health care plan they certainly not going to buy into his budget he has to understand, that it is a two-way street you got to keep pushing pushing pushing keep selling, and to me, selling is the biggest part. >> you think all of this is a distraction. >> sure. >> president has blueprint for 2018 facing a fight on that as well. but proposal calling for cuts to state department environmental protection agency, with, of course, we know increases in military and defense spending, budget director month vein. >> minority leader unanimous. >> pelosi talked about this we have this your reaction. >> president is beholden to none of that the president is drafted a budget, for the entire nation, because that is who he sees himself as representing, he did not have ask lobbyists for input did not special intellects for input certainly didn't focus
7:38 am
owe programs might impact, the specific congressional district, but we know that going into it and, again, the message was send to go the hill is we want more money he for things president talked about defense being top one, national security, and we don't want to add to the budget deficit. >> this budget is really slap in the face of the future. >>. maria: are they able to europite around this. >> bottom line his plan dead on arrival, he now begins the appropriations and authorization the long teedous process 14 different times several weeks we think we have a budget, long hard way to go here. >> you said, something, ed, by the way, i am waiting for the democrats to cut trump kill cookie monster advertisements i am sure probably out there. >> also not accurate since cookie monsters have been sold to hbo.
7:39 am
>> [laughter]. maria: that is right "big bird." >> making money on it. >> you said, though, that the health care reform bill is on life support are. >> the city is. >> why? is it that dire? the republicans seem to think that -- >> speaker yesterday basically said not going to pass, many serious members in the congress senators, have said this form is not going to pass. you basically have to fix it that is always part of the process. it no bill ever gets passed from start to finish without any change. >> is it going to look like i don't i mean to up into lee but is what republicans end up passing looking more like obamacare you have so many he conservatives say don't take away may medicaid ask expansion that i got, older people, need? more, in terms of -- subsidies or tax credits it ends up more coastal looking more like obamacare. >> not obamacare going to be better than obamacare but i think the reality is a long
7:40 am
tedious process will go on month and month andmunds a man has to make it happen the president has to sell it at this point not his plan as much as ryan's plan, over time it will be more of his plan, otherwise not going to be successful. >> they don't have months and months and months and months to go over this, like we have been saying had seven years talking about a repeal and replace for seven years, and if you do months and months andmunds of wrangling over this tax reform moves into -- he he -- >> i would not have started with health care not adviser to the president at least from inside, at the end of the day, i would just recommend get it done quickly as you can, but it is going to take months it is going to be o controversial for all reasons talked about a lot of swiens a lot of trump problems 30 os governors republicans take medicaid expansion a big, big issue if you tlooz. >> we will leave it there watching this see you sunday on "sunday morning futures",
7:41 am
ahead 8:45 this morning we are carrying health and human services tom price press conference on republican health care plan, stay with us, for that live press conference we will take you live to washington, for that. coming up caught in volcano blast, bbc camera crew flairl escapes eruption in italy unbelievably video coming next, you might need to put pizza night onhold walmart recalling thousands of pounds of pizza. >> happy saint patty's day as we take a break, watch.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
. maria: a second child has died in a fire linked to hoverboard explosion the story. cheryl: good morning, everyone. , the fire broke outlast friday, the living room of a home in harrisburg pennsylvania officials said cause was exploding he hoverboard county coroner said 10-year-old died in hospital from severe burns, a three-year-old, died last saturday from that blaze computer products safety commission says it is working with a were fire department to confirm the cause and trying to figure out, make and model of the hoverboard woven hundreds of thousands recalled due to fire hazards agency warning people who own
7:46 am
hangover boards not to charge them he overnight or untaken place he areas. >> mother nature can be un. >> 10 injuries bbc crew toughests suffering miner injuries burns cuts bruises, after the explosion, rocks flying through air with burning boulders boiling steam explosive lava from space. the tallest active volcano, and walmart supplier rbrmeat company recalling nearly 7,000 frozen pies az concerns about possible listeria contamination sold at walmart in 11 different states california colorado, others, you might check your web site, for more carries 20547, shares of walmart up nearly 2% so far for the year there is
7:47 am
year-to-date chart. >> final this 14-year-old making the discovery of a lifetime a 7.4 karat diamond crater of diamonds state park the teen's father said the park 0 minutes there is the boy diamond is 7th largest found since park opened in 1972 officials have not provided an estimate, of the diamond's value, kid smiling has good reason to. maria: wow. >> i found a penny on the street. >> it is raw. >> they have a raw diamond have to i bet pretty when they finish. >> it incredible that he knew it was a diamond. >> thanks. >> engagement ring. >> or house don't worry about engagement sell that apply your parents brand-new cars. >> romantic. >> a buy a house. >> marriage thing, this ring, please!
7:48 am
>>, by the way, you give it to a woman she and then end up getting divorced she gets to keep it what is the point of that? >> a better story than that, i know better -- >> sell it. >> -- >> coming up inaccuracy night you will remember for life win a stay at iconic guinness brewery in time for saint patty's day, to celebrate bagpipes courts of jerry dixon new york state fraternal order of police irish band. ♪ ♪ [bagpipes playing] ( ♪ ) at corning, i test smart glass that goes all over the world. but there's no place like home. there's always something different to do
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7:52 am
. [bagpipes playing] ♪ saint patty's day arrived happy saint pat rbis day america's favorite irish pub beer lovers gins teenage up with airbnb in dublin ball -- 3 6 0 cre traps formed into upscale bedroom so much more guinness beer specialist dublin native good to see you he happy saint patty's day you brought guinness. >> tell me be that. >> won't crack it open yet it is there. >> breakfast? >> have you seen a -- >> absolutely, the whole world seems buzzing about it, really kind of a once-in-a-lifetime
7:53 am
opportunity there are parts brewery people don't get to access parts like the home, the company six years never been in there the competition winners get chance go in i am bringing them frankly i am excited, yeah, yeah i mean like you said, they are going to stay on top of gravity bar nobody has done that before getting a personal tour with me main part of the prize the brew with brewer simpson meet evelyn all access open to anyone across the world. >> what is this -- room used for now? since no one has seen. >> it a gravity bar. >> every day to visitor experience 1.6. maria: no one stayed overnight. >> it is the home of guinness nobody gets to actually call it home. except for -- >> guinness tastes better if dublin how much better actually in the brewery until the -- >> we always say that it is like the seven seeds of
7:54 am
quality for guinness, would we make sure that every single is followed will through alert gravity freshest beer in the world great. >> i like lukewarm stale beer. >> how is growth in united states. >> good, so i mean exciting thing right now we have been making beer 258 years, back in dublin quite a long time a 9,000 year lease we're not going anywhere soon. but 1817 first year that we ever brolt to you. sa this is the 200th year in u.s. cause for celebration what we have it is great we've got, a complete range now, so not just draft that you know but so many other styles of beer coming out of. >> everybody kraft beer what impact does that have on you go a is. >> if anything inspiring to be completely honest because so are long people happy to enjoy gins stout great in itself, but now
7:55 am
people are open to trying more beer gives brewers more license to open ideas brew more styles you are seeing many more styles on american shores. >> gins opens first you brewery here in united states he have over 6 decades job creation economic impact, give us that, what happens when you start brewing in maryland, what busier will you airfare what impact economically. >> that is slut amazing for everybody involved maryland brewery going to open up to coincide with 200th anniversary all guinness draft come from propriety from dublin ireland but home to innovation back home open gate brewery with beers irish wheat, pale ale, will develop in maryland as well. >> a lot of people are interested in the line extension that you have maybe
7:56 am
have not tried some new ones which is your favorite kind of the extension beyond the stout. >> the great thing about it is that there is a guinness for every different occasion guinness with different food seasons so spring summer coming up one to watch guinness irish wheat. >> wheat good for spring. >> absolutely the made with irish wheat grown wheat right there same guinness absolutely -- >> we should not say irish spring altogether different thing [laughter] >> and wheaters about particular. >> correct, absolutely, so another on st. patrick's day itself because this is a big celebration doing something superspecial doing stash for charity. >> wow. >> yes when you drink a draft breer, a natural residue people made very, very creative self-west this we are encouraging that, anybody who
7:57 am
sends us, a selfie of guinness with hashtag stash for charity, and ties guinness u.s. handle we donate dollar to the up to 100,000 dollars, looking forward to that. >> that is going well on tv. >> good to see you thank you very much so much, happy saint patty's day. >> thank you. >> we will watch the developments coming next hour, press secretary a press conference hhs secretary tom price house republicans going to talk about repealing and replacing obamacare :45 a.m. eastern this morning, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ the command performance sales event is here.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
maria: good friday morning welcome back thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. we are happy you are here. friday, march 157 heap saint patty's day top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast working with allies, president trump hosting german chancellor angela merkel this afternoon, at the white house, two leaders will hold a news conference later today, and fox business will have it live we bring you live. >> health care in focus republicans plan passing committee votes yesterday, the face having opposition paul ryan holding firm president stands behind this bill. >> this president is getting deeply involved he is helping bridge gaps in our conference, he is -- a constructive force
8:01 am
to help get to resolution so that we get consince how to repeal and replace obamacare president united states hashing out our differences so we get to consensus document. maria: this hour health and human services secretary tom price a news conference with republican lawmakers 8:45 a.m. eastern stay with us for that breaking news a massive fire polites up the sky, in raleigh, north carolina, firefighters are battling huge blaze that engulfed apartment building latest live from raleigh, then you been unbelievable escape in peru check out this video, of a woman, pulling hers out of floodwaters, and makes it! he amazing. details coming up markets like this futures edging higher today although back-and-forth, dow industrials up 15 points, nasdaq also higher s&p 500, is fractionally negative european
8:02 am
stocks like this trading near flat line as you see fractional moves positive, up about a quarter of a a percent to third of a percent depending when you look at asia overnight mixed there as well, also, nothing too noting about shanghai composite, in china down almost 1%, check out that burglar not going to believe this the world's most expensive burger somebody spent 10,000 dollars, on they seven patty delight. all that coming up this morning joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell kings college professor business economics brian, and pollster lee carter. >> quite a burger. >> 9,000 dollars -- no more than 9,000. >> burgers. >> 10 grand intoxicated. >> perhaps. >> cheryl this hour -- coming up talking with texas congressman house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady going to quack through
8:03 am
administration on tax reform and items on agenda form defense economic minutes german chaunz legislator angela merkel, kt guten bering here don't miss a home stay with us right now we kick off president donald trump to meet with angela merkel lay blake burman at white house has details, blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well it is a midday news conference, with president trump, and angela merkel that will be the one to watch here,t. these two will be meeting with each other for several hours, throughout the day this will be a, would go lunch bilateral meeting as well administration officials say issues like trade, and how to deal with vladimir putin are likely to come up throughout the day, so too is the topic of immigration as you know president trump has been highly critical of merkel and her immigration policies take a listen what he told times of london just days before his inauguration. >> i think it was a mistake.
8:04 am
i will see her i will meet her i respect her, and i like her but i think it was a mistake. reporter: for a few hours, by the way, could also be a big morning about an hour's time as relates to the future of the american heah care act members one of the republican study committee will be here, at the white house, meeting with the president, the ahca, likely a big focus of that meeting. maria: make we will watch that thanks so much blake burman live at white house want to turn to battle over health care right now, a struggle within the party as o gop obamacare replacement bill narrowly plea cleared a hurdle yesterday despite no votes from three conservatives on panel chairman house aways and means committee kevin brady good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you thanks for. >> american health care act now headed to the house rules committee, what are you expecting? i mean you were expecting the pushback. >> this is our best
8:05 am
opportunity seven years to deliver on this promise repeal begin restore state control, look we have great ideas from every member of hour conference, frankly we are listing those very long vote in ways and means commerce rj budge as well in my construe strong next week bring to floor i am confident as president trump tweeted outlast night, we are making very good progress, here at the end of the day, we are going to come together, and deliver this bill to the senate. maria: what if it doesn't happen congressman there is so much writing on this you know that, the american people know that, the markets know that, the 15% rally since election day what is plan b, if this plan doesn't fly? >> it will fly. here is why. look. we know, the restore and control back to states individual, lower health care in major way for people we also know, obamacare, is a sinking ship it is going to take a lot of good americans with it so we know, we have to act now, to create this transition, to give people
8:06 am
choices, and we also know this, we need to finish health care right, so that we can pass the budget clear decks for tax reform while attention on health care running a tax track on tax reform full steam ahead for tax reform this year ways and means committee my goal bring out of committee this morning. maria: i think you make a lot of good points in terms of obamacare you have been, putting a timeline in place for the people understand, you are working side-by-side, in terms of tax reform why did you have to do health care first? i mean a lot of people are still scratching their heads over this congressman, because we all know, the way donald trump campaigned, tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts, we know what market is looking for that roll back in regulation he lower corporate taxes why don't you do tax reform fires lower taxes and then move to obamacare? >> well, look. president trump, uniquely is
8:07 am
following through on his campaign promises so are republicans clearly, obamacare is in the deepest trouble of all these issues, so the president and republicans want to act quickly on this we will. thinabout it we are only abou two months into this presidency, we are very close to already moving out of the house giving to senate, so i think the time they will -- has been despite for a lot of attention to the legislative process which is never an easy one, the truth is we are moving, about those pretty quickly, on this, and really clearing the decks for tax reform. >> what a has been big fight congressman we talk every day in terms of what the perspective from conservatives in party obviously it is looking at medicaid, as an expansion give away what really do you think is the most important fight that you have to battle right now. >> i think the biggest fight is that we all want to do more. on the replacement side we want to all the market reforms now we want state control and
8:08 am
free markets now. but obamacare is a huge law it can't just be pulled up by roots, with one bill, so we want to do as much as we can, a lot of the discussions how much can we do right now, how much we have to rely on trump administration what more do we need to do later this year, to really pull this up, and restore that free market, so i think as much a battle of strategy, as ideas but at the end of the day i am just tell you we are going get this bill passed we are going to get it signed into law in a have a positive way and then we are going to clear decks. >> meanwhile, you have got all other things, noise if you will, around, wiretapping claims the house and senate intel committee saying we don't have evidence then you've got sean spicer his briefings defending all this every day congressman, how much of a distraction is all of this stuff to you implementing the agenda? >> the answer is not too much. here is why, look, the goal in washington it seems up here,
8:09 am
is to distract the president, the moment they get into office, and i can tell you this, from my meetings with presidential trump, in his team, they are focused on a getting this repeal and replace right, getting security right, and getting tax reform right this year. so i don't see any -- any major distractions frankly from priorities in tax reform getting the economy going. >> and yesterday, of course, the president released is here budget blueprint skinny budget, calling it from committee, on -- responsible budget the proposal is looking for major increases in military, and security spending, but cutting spending wide anning of other agencies your reaction to this congressman and also how come there was no mention of tax reform in the budget? >> as to yes, so this is a skinny budget look at if he approach it is taking it is like, any business, in america. which is if you are digging out of a wholly first you have to limit your costs, as much as you can. you got to grow your ren. so i think the spending cuts,
8:10 am
give us halfway back to balanced budget or more we are going to need a stronger economy finish job start paying down debt where tax reform comes in i think that is why, again, president in republicans in congress are so focused on this. maria: what is the most important part of tax reform plan congressman we know corporate taxes is what markets focusing on you think it you will end up being 20% at the end of the day? or would it be 25%? or going to be the president's 15%? >> we need to go as low as we can, butter have is key thing, we know what our competitors are doing in china, europe, mexico canada, so the goal is to make sure we leapfrog into lead pack most progrowth tax codes on pnet. to do that rates alone are not a enough can help not enough competitors driving newer faster molds tax codes why we have to o top taxing worldwide
8:11 am
border just taxes win worldwide. >> we need to make sure we have evacuate for companies, to see that two trillion dollars that they have overseas, and bring it back, do the united states. we need some vehicle in place to raise revenue and you mentioned border adjustment tax without those we fail i wish 1986 rates went up they are not so moving to this cash flow system we tax only consumption in u.s., a low acquittal business rate we free up america to compete around the world we can match any tax code, anywhere, with the approach to house republicans are proposing, that is where we need to go. maria: yeah, we just had -- guinness, spokesperson on talking about ireland during the commercial break i don't know i think al gar paid 4%, corporate tax in ireland compare to 5 in u.s. you figure out why so many companies have left the country. >> yeah.
8:12 am
>> to go to better pastures let me ask you this is, you mentioned the border tax i spoke with auto ceo the other day basically the feeling a border tax is very complicated when you are producing a car you've got certain components that go in the seat in steering wheel they may cross border 8 times, how you coming up with a tax if one product is crossing the border 8 times. >> it is easier than you think much less complex, than for example, a vat tax, so border adjustment tax simply the end of the year not trucks by the recognition you ooed up export sales discard not taxable the end of the year add up import costs disregarded them not deductible whether a product moves across the border 8, 10 more times the end of the year every business already knows its import cost that is not new record-keeping or bookkeeping in fact frankly if they don't have on books, no, they probably got a bigger problem than tax reform, so
8:13 am
this is a simply tax, i think to enact most businesses including, our i am port industry want to know follow-on effects from this this is why we are listening very carefully, to your import industry the rest of industry by the way, how we design, the border adjustment tax phase in most growth keeping in a competitive position. >> so you that i border tax is much more effective than vat tax. >> no question, plus vat tax, taxes american labor, 8 trillion dollars, of american labor in our economy, adjusting tax on foreign capital foreign labor lowers our rates dral for local businesses. >> most important question audience antsdz is this retroactive to beginning of january 17. >> our goal in tax reform we want growth going forward in major way that is our thinking. >> congressman you think you can get 4% growth in short order? >> i believe we can.
8:14 am
>> good to see you, sir thanks very much we will be watching i know tall orders we with love the focus on growth thank you taxpayer congressman kevin brady joining us right there taking you to health and humanism services secretary news conference live 30 minutes kevin brad kwai there as well. we'll be right back. yes? please repeat the objective. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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[vo] quickbooks introduces and her mobileedding busess. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. . maria: welcome back massive fire in apartment building in construction in raleigh, north carolina cheryl casone with details.
8:17 am
cheryl: many good morning inferno industried everything in path fire so big people in surrounding homes forced to evacuate, as the flames spread to several buildings, one witness said, a construction crane collapsed during the fire in will building under construction some reported seeing debris to a mile away unclear what sparked blaze no one was hurt. >> well, wild weather a story of survival, this is incredible pictures of a woman dragging hers out of a mudslide in peru, the 72-year-old woman survived by holding to tree branches taken to hospital treated for minor injuries, but the peru dealing with heavy rain, and storms right now, there is severe flooding mud slides last two days parts of the country dozens people died, thousands homes destroyed the cow
8:18 am
survived, it -- would you spend 10,000 bucks on a burger? yes a giant burger, containing seven beef patties aimed cheddar cheese bacon a brioch bun sold in dubai it was for charity, the proceeds going towards breast cancer awareness, and early defection burger one of several times sold raised 30,000 bucks, maria but 10,000 dollar burger, i was thinking who would do that when you say chary, okay. >> thank you, cheryl march madness a day of upsets highlights from yesterday's bracket buster, everybody is irish today we are wishing you happy st. patrick's day thanks to new york studios of irish step dance and jerry dixon new york state fraternal order of
8:19 am
police irish band take it away. ♪
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. . maria: the nyaa most results, as expected, but jared max who would have thought northwestern would have won. >> always good to know the score of the game especially if you are playing, you know, a close game, there is under 30 seconds vabd built crowd davis made a mistake likely will remember or from ever moments after a go ahead layup
8:23 am
18 seconds, matthew fisher inexplicable founded fouled mack to be officials admitted i didn't know the score to be honest, mistake allowed northwestern to sink go ahead free throws to win 8-66 fisher davis said my dumb mistake we lost northwestern first ever game will play gonzaga next. >> not many upsets of 16 games 14 won by better cede teams 11 cede xavier beat maryland tennessee state less aer by ncaa determination not odds-makers in vegas favored blue raiders to beat golden golfers did, 12 seed has beaten number five seed. women's world hockey championships begin march 31 don't know if team usa is participating they won six of last 8 championships locked
8:24 am
into dispute with usa hockey wednesday players said they would boycott this unless they knew there would be negotiations, to deliver living wages, opposed to 1,000 dollars a a month, only paid for six months during olympic years yesterday usa hockey contacted players with deadline to ask if they planned to participate in championships decline passed two sides remain at impasse. >> spring training major league baseball allows players to have fun managers to a miami marlins did mattingly agreed to have a cinderblock over his chest by speakers brought in, johnson donny mao of radical reality said i want to be your sledgehammer -- cinderblock over chest keep things light a little bit plvb 1 marlins dealing with serious stuff, over loss of he josé fernandez. >> seems we can make it light; right?
8:25 am
>> a little bit of lightness luck of irish notre dame yesterday pulled out great win against princeton 16 mirror games coming up today, the ncaa hopefully irish luck for you and brackets. >> hope saint patty's-day holiday not complete but corn beef cabbage, president in coowner, and drunken corn beef with 100 proof irish whiskey we talk about that on the program, thank you so much, jared see you later, are gentlemaned max back in a minute. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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tax. . . maria: good friday morning happy saint patty's day i am maria bartiromo it is friday, march 17, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, two key allies meeting at white house angela merkel coming to washington, to meet with the president, she will hold a news conference this afternoon immigration likely to come up particularly in aftermath of the rulings against the president's revised travel ban, administration, is still fighting back. >> the danger is real the law is clear. the president was elected to change our broken immigration system and he will continue to exercise his constitutional authority and presidential responsibility to protect our nation. >> taking a closer look at that just a father minutes we will g update on at a replacing obamacare -- health human seices seening tom price holding a news conference with republican lawmakers this hour we bring
8:29 am
it live 8:45 am eastern once they speak. >> tiffany stock up ahead of opening earnest and revenues above analysts' expectations up 1/2% right now rest of the market close to the flat line take a look, futures moving between gains and losses throughout the morning this morning, right now looking at dow to open 20 points higher nasdaq up 5 points, s&p 500, exactly where it closed yesterday in europe stocks trading near flat line take a look european indices up across the board but just by a fraction, the about quarterbacking quarterbacking in paris up a third of a percent in asia overnight mixed performances as well not too much action other, shanghai composite big mover down 1%, celebrating saint patty's day chicago white house getting into the spirit, with green water. president trump to meet with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house this morning, it will be the first face-to-face meeting between two world leaders not agreed on very much in the past, on campaign trail remember, the president was not shy about
8:30 am
sharing his opinions of merkel expected -- acceptance of sirn refugees he called insane. >> germ people are going to roadwayot end up over throwing this woman i don't know what the hell she is thinking millions of people pouring into germany. >> what is a devastate this massive immigration has been to germany the people of germany crime ris even to level no one thought they would ever, ever see, it is a catastrophe. >> german look what is happening a disaster. >> former defense economic minutes kt gutenberg, should we expect fireworks what are you looking for out of merkel-trump meeting today. >> you never know -- i think it is would have the interesting meetings in the
8:31 am
last couple of weeks, we could expect this afternoon or today, it said they are coming if two different planets one ha the new psident on the other hand, you have the experience of a long serving longest serving head of government in western world, so you have already mentioned there is a plethora of topics obviously disagree, so i hope they try everything to find common ground but it will be a tough meeting. and angela merkel middle election ulterior germ anz expect her to be clear and blunt about the topics that matter to germans europeans. >> kt dagen mcdowell don't germans care about the influx of refugees, what is clearly a refugee problem, you go back to the beginning of last year, and the massive sexual assaults in cologne that is common ground because donald trump president here, is at least trying to do something about the inflow of refugees into u.s. >> that is common ground you are right, and i think it
8:32 am
should also be in the interests of the more than president to tackle the root cases, of massive immigrations into western countries, together. it is not only talking about the southern american border it is talking about wider region adjacent to eu, also impact on the u.s. so i think instead of bashing each other instead of let's say discourage any effort made also, by current chancellor important to stick heads together come up with solution i think that is what germans expect one point also what americans expect let's try to find solutions together not against each other. >> do you ask -- u.s. is germ any's biggest export market by far you know that is going to come up what do you see merkel doing to pry to preserve that trade relationship not get off course?
8:33 am
>> first of all, it will be interesting to see who prevails in the team around donald trump will it be the call it goldman squad or peter navarro did not raise enthusiasm in germany as you can imagine when he pushed criticized germany regarding budgetrade surplus a problem, of course,. i think they will talk about one point very often underestimated capitulating influence and creating jobs, by german companies in u.s. we are talking about 600 more than 600,000 jobs created by german companies and german perspectives i think that makes it extremely hard to be too clear and too aggressive, regarding a border-adjustment tax tariffs and bears i don't think shared interest to push too far slide into something like a trade war at the end of the day. i think the meeting we have
8:34 am
had yesterday, between the german electrify unanimous minister and mnuchin a promising sign no interest to escalate it further. >> they are saying that yesterday's meeting might have been the good cop meeting today's meeting might be the bad cop meeting do you expect that to -- them to address some of the tougher issues today. >> i don't think so it is first time meeting, i -- i see a chancellor who has a lot of experience to deal with people who can spell self-confidence correctly she dealt with putin, still dealing with -- i think first of all preparing the ground not for a for a trade battle or for economic differences, but for grounds to find something we have in common i think the signal she is setting that she is
8:35 am
bringing three of the top germ business leaders in her delegation, is a signal she says okay. i understand we might come from different planets we might speak different languages we have a different background, let's talk clearly in the language both sides understand, and i think best chances. >> there are clearly differences when it comeso the refugee issue has to come up i wonder how they both deal with this issue talk about it with regard to the what it means for borders. >> yeah. the question will be does angela merkel fall into the same trap and to creative a different country about different problems? because we have heard a lot of german politicians criticizing that will building walls is not the future for a world we would like to live in. on the other hand, we've seen
8:36 am
president and president-elect openly criticizing another country about stream efforts to undertake yes a decision that has not been dealt well with. so i think from a diplomatic point of view makes a lot of sense to see where do we haconay where do we have a approach to finally work agency allie answer not just in a cherry picking way try to find -- find them, if is one differs a populate with our opinion let's push them against the wall. that is not a solution. >> -- bad stuff happens with -- with that is not so great right -- for both of them they have to find common ground, and it feels like the trade story between germany and you have thes is in tact, that doesn't seem an issue, and perhaps that is the big common ground. >> that isommon grnd i also think they will try and
8:37 am
find common grounds in security terms. they boating have interest both sides of atlantic not to find a russia in the middle east, falling into -- into more shambls, the latest from the administration that nato is not obsolete promising, one thing, the other thing, it is -- it is if counterpart in the u.s. keeping bragging about being a master of the art of the deal, "the art of the deal" will not be made between not shown between germany and u.s. it will be between european union and u.s., and standing not interested in only bilateral deals or single members european union and u.s. but eu and u.s. quite a way to go but if take understanding into account i don't think it is impossible. >> kt navigate elections for
8:38 am
us obviously netherlands we saw this week seen by some a test of right winning sentiment in europe then, of course, the big one coming up in answer from, german this year, what is your take on the populism about people moving to the right. should we look at britain and u.s. as a template? >> there is still a lot of strong voices that say netherlands was not a turning point, it is don't forget to be on rutti most probably reelected prime minister of the netherlands still has to hinge on the could listing he profited from extreme appearances on european soil, and still has a very similar sentiment in europe, very negative sentiment in europe towards the so-called establishment of the -- seen
8:39 am
in u.s. i expect mar rele pen very successful in first round when he she wins second round in france is open most probably she won't win it. but talking about 30, 40% margins for populist parties in certain part of europe so definitely not over yet if european union doesn't see it as wake-up call to finally come to terms get things if i could weem are skik and tired of we won't see improvement. >> always a pleasure to see you thanks so much. >> kt, fox news is carrying president trump and chancellor merkel's press conference, this afternoon, live 1:20 pm eastern join us for that live coverage of the two later today, the white house still ahead minus away from health and human services secretary tom price prepares conference update on repealing repealing inside look at trump
8:40 am
organization i sat down with executive vice president and president trump's son eric trump weighed in on how life changed since his father moved into the white house. >> listen honestly -- he is -- piece of paper, hey -- great job with this, progress amazing. >> how is business going now eric trump on "sunday morning futures" 10:00 a.m. eastern for that interview, back in a moment. welcome to another tennis channel court report for fox business. christina has never beaten in meetings into quarterfinal indian wells the woman best tennis of career in 2017. >> had to fly back from set practically don against number one after loving 6-3 that is
8:41 am
exactly what 23 yearly did, first career premier level semi finals. >> a place in the championship match after russian got past venus williams three tough sets fourth match point after two hours on court. >> don't forget live coverage bnp paribas open friday, 5 pm eastern.
8:42 am
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. . maria: happen friday welcome back we are just about 45 minutes away froo the opening bell, we are going to be, talking to bill gross on wall street week you can see there we are watching markets his take on federal reserve raising interest rates what that means for stocks this morning shares of tiffany you jewelry company reporting fourth quarter 2016 today and then a posted earnings 1.26 a share that was, in under a dollar 38 a share estimate it
8:45 am
was actually on the earnings -- wasn't expected but failed to, up 1.2 billion dollars, on revenue the stock is trading up tiffany better-than-expected oubt for the rest of the year also had better-than-expected revenue growth, canada goose went public yesterday soaring first day of trading up 26% second largest market debut of the year behind snap 44% gain in first day of trading the company raised more than 250 million dollars in the offeringxtended gains this morning up another 5%. take a short break when we come back minutes wayi from health and human services secretary tom price press conference talking about that, take you there live we will be back. >> berkeley city council report voted to divest from any company associated with building a wall at border stuart varney host of "varney & company" before he goes live.
8:46 am
>> fast question, maria okay to berkeley city council not invest in companies is that have anything to do with building wall i presume wouldn't touch a defend stock pooin tobacco stock i got it do you think that berkeley city council would allow investment in alcohol company or marijuana i suspect would jump with both feet not sure. maria: i am not either you make a good point. >> trying to make america ungofrable more campus lunacy my opinion i am full of opinions. maria: that is why you are winning in ratings. >> we are winning but i don't know my opinions that do it. maria: you have so much to talk about stu, you wondered where this agenda though stands in terms of tax reform you have been ail over, obamacare replacement given noisy in terms of wiretapping. >> we are watching sausage
8:47 am
making for repeal and replace obamacare ugly process seeing a lot of it. maria: we're going to breaking news health humanism services secretary tom price about to begin see you 10 minutes to washington. >> the american health care act is much more than a bill. this is a rescue mission, this is a mission, to create a better health care future. for every person in the america we hear from people, from families every day, i hear from them in eastern washington all across the country, about higher premiums, less choices. with our work, we are -- we are rescuing them, and creating a better health care future. each step in our legislative process and each productive conversation brings is closer to more affordable more access to care, just as we promised. and as a representative standing here today, our part of keeping that bill moving forward seeing a lot of support from around the country it is time to pass the bill and i encourage everyone to visit pass the bill gop
8:48 am
show support for next step in legislation. as we move past the first phase, the american health care act, to the president's desk, we are working on other aspects of the repeal and replace of obamacare which is why we are excite to have health and human services secretary tom price with us here today, as i have said before, secretary price, is the health care the health and human services secretary america needs at this time playing a very important role as he changes at the levers to control the regulations, that are going to help lower costs and hope everyone get the care they need at a price they can afford, so please help me join, in welcoming our friend secretary price back to the hill for this important week. >> thank you. >> as you so much, it really is good to be back here on the house side, and i thank the chairman for her work and the entire conference for their work. i thought what i would do a
8:49 am
few brief moments talk about big picture where we find ourselves vast majority american people get coverage through employer about 175 million folks get their coverage through employer 55 medical medicare 60 million medicaid 18 million in group in this individual and small group market, those are the folks, for with whom aca for whom obamacare has harmed significantly their ability to gain access to the kind of coverage and the care that they desire. so that is a big picture 18 million seen increased costs increased about deductibles, lower levels of care, and it is only getting worse, so this plan, which is in three phrases reconciliation bill kinds of things able to do at department more legislation, is an overall plan that makes it so that we can move in the direction of patient-centered health care for patients and families docs making medical zis not federal government, so from a phase two standpoint,
8:50 am
at the department, you all remember when the bill was passed before, there are 442 citations in that bill where it says the secretary shall or the secretary may. and the previous administration, used that to a fairly well, we are going to look at every single one of those areas where they used it ask the question does this help patients, or does this harm patients if it harms patients we need to modify it or get rid of it does it increase or decrease costs increase costs we got to look at it make certain to the benefit of the patient we started doing that put forward a proposed rule for comment closed rht nowringing forward next month addresses grace periods givene giving states opportunity to determine whether or not a network is adequate to provided z services for patients talking to governors send out alert this week hopefully you have seen to the governors, to demonstrate the flexibility that they will be
8:51 am
able to have. to assist making shern certain they are able to care for most vulnerable population. and then 1332 waivers the kinds of things that we are able to put in place, allow the states to fashion a plan that works, for those folks in the individual and small group market i am thrilled to be here to congratulate house moving this bill forward look forward to working with them our friends on the other side of the capital to make certain we move in a direction of patient-centered health care not government centered health care. >> good to be with you dr. price as former colleague on ways and means we miss you but glad you are where you are when i was in high school, my dad lost his job and his employer provided health care so i lost my health care, understand how traumatic that can be. dr. price said has not been quite frankly, understood quite well, and that is less than 10% of americans are on
8:52 am
coo ops in individual market on exchanges. and that system is failing, it is failing americans in my state, failing americans all over the country. and my state the co-op failed last summer exchanges experienced double-digit premium increases narrower networks 20 counties have one with participant in marketplace one insurer in market, pretty grim i talked to one constituent recently, self-employed lexington ohio family of 8, and he has seen over the lastly several years, his premiums quadruple, his networks have narrowed, so shrinking coverage, more costs, but his story isn't unique to americans across this country, who are on the exchanges or the individual markets. or worse, left without insurance when co-op failed, so that exchanges are collapsing the individual market is being destroyed, our constituents deserve better,
8:53 am
and this is the first phase of dr. price said several phases, that will will lower costs, increase access to care, and give people the freedom and flexibility that they deserve, that quite frankly they don't have today. thank you. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to the hill dr. price. as member of energy and commerce committee last week we went through over a 27 hour hearing. and true to our word it has been open around the transparent process. beginning last year, and i know of you seen this many times in fact mi is kind of wriefrpg oddly at this point the better way agenda had our ideas in it all along where they came from they came from constituents at home, they came from the many hearings that we held that is how we put together this bill, we got the feedback, from people in last week, we heard story upon
8:54 am
story about the about incredibly high deductibles people have had because of high deductibles it was as if people were not able to access, their health care and health insurance. our committee was focused on ideas. and the ideas that will give more americans more health care choices. ideas that will he reform and strengthen medicaid, and all maintaining what we heard from so many constituents their concern about protecting those were preexisting conditions protects young people parents insurance to up 26 making sure that we move those limits on insurance, and resulting bill has been debated discussed, ultimately has been passed by three committees, we still have work to do we know that. so this is just the first phase of rebuilding our health care system, i am looking forward to working with secretary price, others in the administration, and my colleagues, to continue to improve health care, for all americans, and to make sure, that they have access to the coverage they need.
8:55 am
thank you. >> good morning, everybody. everyone, and 5 years i have practiced dentistry in west point georgia, and i saw firsthand the health care system that was in need of reform when obamacare passed, it got worse. and i experienced this as a health-care provider, i saw it as a patient, and as small business owner. and what we saw instead of reducing costs is we saw an escalation in costs, and a reduction in access to care ultimately what happened patient was hurt about this, as a medical practitioner i want to do what is best for my patients i made the commitment to come to washington, to repeal obamacare start to rebuild a health care system that put patient first and the doctor second, and it really will make a difference what we're doing. the american health care act that we are with this we are taking our first step this is going to be a long complex
8:56 am
process and i am excited to see momentum building people putting heads down really working hard to get this right on behalf of the american people this is not going to be a simple process this is going to be something that takes a tremendous amount of effort. and time. unlike the drafting of obamacare we want constituents to see what is in this bill, i think that is very important, i can tell you as a freshman, that this has been a great process. my opinion has been asked for, i have had ample opportunity to discuss my ideas and i have seen many of those ideas completed into the plan that is going forward. this is not something that has been in a back room it is quite opposite this has been very refreshing to be part of open transparent committee process has been fascinating to see very hard work that my colleagues have put into this. ideas that we are talking about not new. they are well vetted. they have come from a virtue
8:57 am
variate of people congressional representatives physicians patients we have put together a plan that will get us across the finish line, keep in mind this reconciliation bill getting it through the budget committee yesterday was just the first step. and i am excited to continue to work with my colleagues, and dr. price, to make sure that we finish this drill and we get this ball across goal line to make sure our patients have access to health care, that is better, and more affordable. thank you. >> morning tim from pennsylvania will psychologist i want to focus comments on areas of mental health that affect 16 million americans particularly 10 million dealing with serious mental health understand what we have done doing will do. the past year passed most significant mental health reforms half a century now up
8:58 am
to dr. pce to make sure we intimately those doing in a strong way coverage is not treatment one of the most important things that misunderstood in the b are dealing with in past provide coverage many to my knowledges parity other things took several years to implement passing under investigation we have to work more the key thing is in this bill, under american health care act there will be 100 billion dollars for states to expand mental health and substance abuse treatment there is 500 million this year next year that comes from passed last year, cures phase three we are going to continue to build on crisis mental health reforms signed into law, recognize that serious i mental health i willness if you delay care leads to further neurological damage we wander to increase access greater workforce to get half
8:59 am
counties in machining have no mental health provides psychologists psychiatrists about socially working reform laws so all can work together to coordinate care improve mental health parity enforce this with insurance companies, we have to expand the number of beds increase in patient care, so patients have options to go to hospital instead of dumped into a jail still happens tooon we have to have states complement integrated care to provide better care reduce costs especially for medicaid patients, we have to increase number of va mental health professions overall enhance discharge when it comes -- back to hospitalson people send sent out without a clear plan dufbd in community real things can be done now things that can be done through hhs that year going to work on the third level as we move forward to continue own reforms mental health and health care system overly, thank you. >> time for a couple of questions. >> yes? right here. >> dr. price. >> yes.
9:00 am
>> as mentioned this bill is moving forward there has been a -- that refinements -- needed now -- the clock ticking, what are you willing to make now to get this through. >> as you will note i wear a different hat secretary health human services administrative hat executive branch i am here as guest to encourage my colleagues, i am the republican side but on democrat side as well get together collaborate, and come forward with a work product that will respond to needs the of the american people what they are telling us, from a administrative standpoint is they don't have the kind of access they want they do have not able to afford we met this week at the white house, with many individuals who felt they had been harmed, by obamacare by aca. farmer was shared his story, he is a he relatively a healthy guy on individual market, his premium 500 bucks a month his deductible 7,000 dollars, so he has to get spend 1,000 doll


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