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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  March 19, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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same store sales. david: elizabeth, what do you think? >> analysts on wall street like it, better customers service than lowe's they say. david: keep it here, the number one business block continues with eric bolling and cashin' in. eric: the tax return leak, the liberal media's game of gotcha has hyped as a bombshell for president trump, but turns out he paid 25% in 2005, higher than former president obama, bernie sanders and even mitt romney paid. is the left trying to make something out of nothing again and again and again. and our panel, welcome, everybody. the media thought they had them, but trump was triumphant. >> this is the biggest media flop story of the week, eric. it was something that the
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liberals, as we know, including hillary clinton, harry reid and the gang, they all believed if they could simply get donald trump's released tax returns they're going to find something. obviously, rachel maddow built this whole story up this week, she was teasing it on twitter and everyone watching, and even those on the left criticized here when as we know, what happened was, president trump's successful business man, paid a lot of taxes and there was no story there. eric: let's talk to you, jean and your thoughts. let's do this though, at least rachel maddow, she went on twitter and said we have something that could be historic. that was the fake news part of it. the real news part of it, donald trump ended up paying a heck of a lot of taxes. >> yeah, this is just, again, the left trying so hard to delegitimize the election that they blew all by themselves. the problem is, they're too small and too insecure to look inward at all and say, hey, post mar mortem what would we
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do ong? ey can't afford the ego apacity, i guess, they're too insecure. the thing, they're doing the same things over and over again in order to blow the next election. and here is what doesn't make sense, eric, if they're so concerned about trump's taxes worried about some foreign interests he might have, why do they keep accusing him of being too nationalistic, for foreign interests he has to have a lot of globalism in him like they do. eric: i want to pull up the tweet. does anyone believe a reporter nobody heard of went to his mailbox on found my tax returns? and@nbc news, fake news, your thoughts on that fiasco. >> and i think that mercedes is right, a nothing-burger. i don't think that you can lump in rachel maddow with liberals. i'm very secure and very big and that's the end of those
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questions. and-- >> hold on, you can't lump in rachel maddow with liberals? >> no, i think it's a bad story. to say the entire liberal movement is trying to, you know-- >> i don't know, but with that being said, eric-- >> the rating were the highest she'd received. >> four times the regular audience. eric: with that being said. >> i will say this, donald trump is known for leaking his own stuff and i believe it showed up a mailbox and i think he did it. >> conspiracy theory. eric: bhow about this, if he did, i think it's a brilliant strategy. >> i agree, i think it's very brilliant. >> i think that president trump should send rachel maddow a bottle of wine, and she helped him out. and he paid higher than corporations like msnbc. he should send a thank you
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note. here is a problem for one li rachel maddow, and more viewers turned in to what, watch her fall flat on her face. an and a lot of people in the media in the effort to undermine president trump, they're so engrossed in it, they're undermining their credibility and that's exactly what she did. eric: so she gets this document interest this author who wrote a book, an anti-trump book last year so she gets this document and crazy and right to twitter, oh, my god, look what i have, trump's tax returns and astronomical, she called it could be historic and as she starts reading-- she went to twitter. as she starts reading the documents, oh, this looks really good for trump, the reason i ask you this, she didn't show the document until like 20 minutes into the show. >> oh, i agree totally. i think that rachel maddow totally misplayed this. i want to see the entirety of
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trump's tax returns, 2005, but i want to see the returns like hillary clinton showed for the past 40 years and that's what the american people are asking for. rachel maddow overplayed her hand here and i think it's wrong to sort of-- just because rachel maddow happens to be a liberal, it's wrong to lump her in with the rest of us. we want to see all of your tax returns, every presidential candidate, democrat or republican has released years and years of tax returns, beside one, donald trump. eric: let me ask you, gina, do you think this was as on par with steve harvey's miss universe flub or worse than the oscar flub last month? what are your thoughts? >> i think it was worse, here is why, this was an intentional attempt to undermine a president, to distract from the things, the real news, things that matter, like that people want to blow us up. like the amazing job that president trump is doing regarding jobs. like recovering economy and a stock market that's strong. those are the things that the
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american people are really interested in. this has become the birth certificate issue of the trump presidency. no one wants to hear about that anymore and rachel maddow absolutely ensured that. eric: lisa. >> i think it's hilarious. there's an associated press, that rachel maddow is blaming viewers, overhyped it and thinking there was too much there. as you pointed out, she hyped this up and made it seem like a monumental release of information, but this is what happened with the media on the left and their desire to undermine president trump. there keeps being these overhyped scenarios, the bombshell information, horrible things are going to bring down president trump and ends up being a nothing-burger and they so far has in their efforts to bring him down have continued to come up with nothing. eric: let me bring in mercedes. does the media continue to do this, like these dogs with their tongues wagging, hoping they have something here, and again, it's the fifth time they've done this and hyped
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something and said, again, as both richard and lisa said, a nothing-burger? >> richard brought up a good point. the liberals are going to want to keep on the story and they want to see all the tax returns coming out from president trump. i don't think this story, while it was a flop this week, they're going to try to see if they can find more of his tax returns. eric: i can't wait. >> illegally or not. eric: i've got to go, all of those people who said he's not a real billionaire, the guy made 150 million bucks in one year, 12 years ago. and-- >> the return, i want to see it. >> maybe he will show you the next year. >> so did george bush, we saw his returns. eric: a brand new segment for a brand new world on cashin' in as artificial intelligence invades our life. we're asking will it be worth it and w
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>> right now the human worker does 50,000 worth of work. in a factory that is taxed. if a robot comes in and dos the same thing, you'd think that we'd tax the robot at a similar level. eric: with science fiction becoming reality, we're discussing artificial intelligence. bill gates recently saying that robots should be taxed if they take a human's job. gina, do you agree? >> well, how about we just eliminate income tax for workers and we won't have the concern. and i don't agree, here is why, they always want to make victims out of people so they can give them something free so they can get their votes and tell what good little liberals they are. it doesn't make sense, eric, they never want to talk about the jobs that creating robots would make. people can go from being workers to being part of a team that creates this artificial
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intelligence. so, they never want to talk about those jobs and that's what i think we should be focused on. eric: the proposal is this, you're a corporation and now you have humans on the line and you take the humans off and make it a robotic line. now, the corporation's going to be taxed for profits, but now they want to say that the robots, the corporation is using, income, individual income taxes for a robot goes to the government as well. is there no end to the taxation? >> i actually think me and donald trump might agree on this one pt here is the thing, these jobs are taking away hard-working manufacturing jobs from americans, ie, like the carrier plant where they have been given a tax by the state of indiana to automate. if these robots are taking an american job, thenhese companies should have to put some skin in the game for taking away an american job. eric: all right, lisa, yes. again, there's no end to the liberal's desire to tax people and robots. >> i think that me and donald
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agree on this one, tarks everybody. >> the irony in what richard is saying, why would you support increasing the minimum wage? we've m ceo's of fast food companies, the direction that the fast food is going, automating the jobs. stating the reasons for the desire to work words automation is increasing wages across the country. i find it perplexing now liberals can be for increasing the minimum wage. you're looking at it being more viable for them. those are entry level jobs. if you want to basically increase the price of labor, you're pushing those people out of the marketplace and i find it a little interesting that richard would be for that when minimum wage-- >> there are two positions, you're either for the american worker or against the american worker. if donald trump claims fob for the american workers, here are
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the facts, the robots are taking jobs away from people not at mcdonald's, but the chrysler plant and ford plants. how do we retrofit them to the robots and that means we've got to cover income to make that possible. so corporations, you can't want to take away an american job. >> you can't say you're for american jobs. eric: i want to bring mercedes in. the reason we're doing the segment, the demand for increasing the minimum wage is driving employers toward automations and we're looking at what we can do with a robot, don't have to pay taxes or pay health care. >> it's a fascinating debate. in the european union they're trying to define what a robot would be, an electronic person and the rights they would have. a fascinating discussion in and of itself. to actually tax the robot, that says stifle innovation and
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impedes capital investment. what you need to find is a place where the robots are complimenting the humans. that we saw in the industrial revolution where humans needed to adapt. we're going through the next revolution with automation and humans are going to be more of the thinkers and creators and having to work alongside many of these robots and i don't think by taxing it, it is a solution. i think it's finding incentives for companies to ensure that they have the right balance with automation and with the american worker. eric: i've got to leave it, it's a fascinating debate and a that's why i love this segment. we're going to use this quite often because it's important and as we look to the future, all of these topics we're going to hit in this segment, but i've got to leave right now. i've got to leave right now. rapper snoop dogg is in the dog
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♪music ♪you fill up my senses ♪like a night in a forest ♪like the mountains in springtime♪ ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again ♪come let me love you ♪let me always be with you ♪come let me love you ♪come love me again
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>> president trump blast snoop dogg blasting the rapper over showing him blasting a clown. i hate boycotts, but you've got to think the sponsors are not happy with snoop dogg. >> boycotts are a testament to
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the free market. we saw that when starbucks was political and stocks dropped and macy's, and started closing stores. i know that americans like to talk with their pocket book. when ivanka's brand tripled, went 300% in sales when they tried to stop her and joy villa stepped out in the trump dress at the grammy's and she went to number one. the left is doing right now, works to their vandaling for 2018 and 2020, they might want to give enough rope to hang itself so to speak. eric: your thoughts on this mess? we'll talk about your thoughts on snoop dogg's video and also bow wow's response. >> i think that bow wow is-- >> it's not political correct, you guys hate political
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correctness and-- >> satire is fine, but when you show the clown dressed as the president and pulling the trigger. >> ted nugent said, president obama is an expletive, told him to suck on my machine gun. and that's at a trump rally and supporting the president and we didn't boycott-- >> i would not. >> the bow wow tweet. >> he's disgusting. eric: he, i guess his name is chad moss. at redonald trump, tomorrow talking about my snoop dogg before we pimp your wife and-- can you imagine that anyone said that about hillary clinton or michelle obama?
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where are the femmist nises, where are they? >> i spoke at united nations about human trafficking and for bow wow to talk about pimping melania trump, the most inappropriate comment made by this individual and as well as with snoop dogg, he stands where many young people listen to his music and watch his videos and the message he's sending out pointing a gun to the donald trump clown is aproes atrocio atrocious, it sends the wrong message. if there's a threat to the president, the fbi investigates, and although they want to say it's politically incorrect, it's too far. >> i think that bow wow owes a apology, melania trump an apology, baron trump.
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snoop dogg has been a spokesman for products, is there a backlash? >> no, because it's president trump not president obama. if you remember a staffer wrote something critical the way that president obama's daughters were dressed she became an international news stories, there were tv stations camped at her parents' house and forced to resign. what have we seen by the left. comments by bow wow, snoop dogg shooting the president in a music video. madonna talking about-- >> i have to go. coming up, a message for a group who is blocking the president's agenda to help the middle class and you'll never guess who they are. [music]
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[music] ♪ i love you [music] daughter: can we get strawberries? mother: okay. [music]
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>> i want to say thanks to our cast and crew for joining us. wake up america, donald trump has been in office less than 60 days and yet, he's getting pushed back on every policy initiative he proposes. they fight him, make ridiculous demands, put up political road blocks and no, i'm not talking about the democrats, talking the liberal mainstream media, i'malking about the establishment republics. the never-trumpers tried to derail the trump train for a year are still at it. the biggest obstructionists aren't the democrats or the media, it's the panicking, hemorrhaging republicans. house speaker paul ryan who promised to deliver an obamacare replacements bill conservative enough to pass the house, instead delivered a fat flop of a replacement. paul ryan's bill would be worst
3:59 am
for the middle class than keeping obamacare. can you imagine the conversation when the president told the loyal voters 65 and older and others will be slammed with massive rate hikes? i could imagine that originally presented would sink a 2020 reelection bill for trump. was that the purpose, mr. speaker? before he signs onto it, trump should demand more from the establishment on health care. get a bill that the conservative freedom caucus can get behind and after all, that's what you ran on for the last six years. and they're explaining the past 18 months. who are the two has-been senators demanding the president do anything. stop. let the president lead. they are he's doing a great job, reshaping the business environment, a go-to place and for a stay for americans small and large businesses and tha means jobs. jobs means improvement for every erican. the people have spoken, donald
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trump is now president trump, so, paul, lindsey and john, g >> lou: the deep state at war with the trump white house. and a left wing judiciary trying to obstruct president p president at every turn. a federal judge in maryland becomes the second to block the revised vetting order one day after the judge in hawaii is over. >> the law is clear and the need for my executive order is clear. i of was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking government that weakened our


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