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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 19, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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trump is now president trump, so, paul, lindsey and john, g >> lou: the deep state at war with the trump white house. and a left wing judiciary trying to obstruct president p president at every turn. a federal judge in maryland becomes the second to block the revised vetting order one day after the judge in hawaii is over. >> the law is clear and the need for my executive order is clear. i of was elected to change our broken and dangerous system and thinking government that weakened our country and left
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our people defenseless. >> lou: we talk to josh and barbara and joined by congressman louie geom arer. and also president trump unvooeling a boost in boost in military spendi. >> the president will keep the promises heept on the campaign trail. >> lou: we take up with general jack keane. and the budget committee voting to repeal the health care. but the speaker seemed to change course suggesting he would accept only modest changes to legislation. >> now we will refine it. >> will this be ryan care or
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trump care? >> lou: speaker paul ryan talking to president trump by phone. the phone call comes after brietbart released audio of speaker ryan slamming the president when he was a candidate pack in october. >> i will not defend donald trump not now or in the future. i have concerns and i am doing what is best for you the member and not what is best for me. >> lou: good evening, the deep state is trying to undermine president trump every step of the way and president trump vowing to fight after two left wing judges put his revised extreme vetting band on hold just hours before it was said to take be effect.
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>> the order are he blocked was a watered down version and we'll fight this terrible ruling and we'll take our case all the way to the supreme court. we are going to win, we are goin to keep our citizens safe. and regardless, we are going to keep our citizens safe, believe me and i will not stop fighting for the safety of you and your families, not today and not ever. >> lou: two federal district court judges, one in maryland and one in hawaii ruling against the president'sy revised executive order and both judges based the decision not what is in the executive order but on comments made by candidate donald trump months ago and that is part of the reason their rulings are purely political. joining me now to discuss the
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dangers of the left wing judiciary and the implications of the safety and security of the nation are josh blackman at south texas college of law in houston and adjunct scholar and attorney barbara smutting who served as law clerk to justice samuel alito. we thank you for being here with us. it is amazing to behold. back on february 3rd the washington district judge put the president's original order on hold. now two judges who are outside of the language of the order, no reference to the constitution or the code which justifies the president's and gives him the authority to do exactly as he has order ared. and let me start with you, barbara. what is going on here? >> i think you hit the nail on the head. the thing that bothers me out of
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the opinion in hawaii is the same thing is the 9th circuit. this is not how law is done. judges don't look at twitter feeds. they are supposed to it read the text of the statute or the executive oer and the evidence presented by the government and make a decision based on the law. this is what judge gorsuch f. you find yourself agreeing with the outcome of the legal decision you are probably doing it wrong. i hope that is not what is happening, but i fear it is. >> lou: that is precisely what is happening here. josh, your thought? >> it seems that the federal looks at the order same way rachel madow did the tax returns. i tell you one of the judges in
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virginia quoted donald trump on the o'rielly factor that is biassed to muslims. >> lou: let me ask you both. what we are encounter as a lay man. and everyone watch withing you tonight, common sense testimonies us that judges are acting like damn fools. they are pushing their politic and it is outside of the law and if is outside of the constitution of the united states. where is our judiciary? is there not an objective within the judiciary that sayses to these judges, cut it out. this is ridiculous and you are making a mockery of the ju dushl system, barbara? >> the good news is why we have
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appellate courts and appellate courts footwork if you get a decision that is not in line with what the law actually says you can appeal it and take it up to the next level. the rule of law is still safe in america. i agree wuthat the decisions are not right on the law as i read it. >> lou: i am outraged to think that our court system would behave and one judge in hawaii making a fool of sxhimz a mockery of the law, while at the same time forestalling the will of the american people. this is a elected president. only elected officer of our state. >> lou, that is why it is so important that president trump follows through on the campaign promise to fill the empty seats
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in the federal court and supreme court. the best way to counter these orders is to put judges who will neutrally apply the law. >> lou: i love the metaphor of rachel maddow. it has a weight of truth in it. it was an moment in the law, has it not. >> the federal courts are treating donald trump differently. he was elected. and even if president trump is breaking political norms which he does every day, the court should not violate judicial norms. he is be treated like any other president. the you get a strong sense from
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the trump is not the average president. >> lou: the judges bear scrutiny beyond anything experienced to this point. what do we do now. we have a president that is stiechlied by an out of control district court pairing of judges and we know that the 9th sushgle court of appeals did not uphold the president in the original order. at this point can he look at 212 f and say i have the authority and i have the authority and direct the homeland security to begin implementing what otherwise would have been encap sulted in the executive order, is that possible, barbara? >> it is something that the president the can do.
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and someone who takes a robust view of executive power would encourage that. and that sets up a constitutional crisises in our system. in most eras and times federal courts try to be aware of and in10ingal about the decision mang and ase have seen when they a not. it set is -- sets up the problem. it is not the best approach for them. >> lou: these district court judges who are left wing activist judges have gone rogue and telling the american people to go to hell and telling the president of the united states to go to hell despite he has the authority of the constitution and 212 f of the u.s. code to do precisely what they are preventing. josh, the last word?
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>> judges don't exist in vacums, they have the power of the sword or the power of the purse. the validity of their judgments depend on their legitimacy. and when the courts betray the lit jitimacy, they are less reliable as a institution. there is a cost when the judges go out and treat trump differently than they would any other president because of who donald trump is. >> lou: we'll be right back. much more straight ahead. don't miss any of it. stay with us. the trump administration unveiled the america first budget. >> you have america first candidate and america first president. and budget. we'll spend more money to enforce the laws and secure the borders and protect our vets. >> lou: will president trump
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purge the deep state. we learned that 14 of obama left we learned that 14 of obama left overs are still working
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>> lou: ryan care passing the house budget committee but it
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was a close vote. conservative joined with democrats in voting no. that is a margin of one vote. house speaker paul ryan for the help he is giving the speaker promoting the law and advancing it. but listen to what he said. >> he is making it easier and better for us to pass health care. the president's involvement and engage sxment listening and negotiating skills are bringing people to pass and make good on our promises. >> lou: i would have are liked to hear the speaker mention leadership. but maybe that is university me. joining us to discuss ryan care. and the efforts to undermine the president and his administration. ed rollins.
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great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> lou: a close vote but advances ryan care. >> it does. it is a fight to get it all the way through. the speaker talked p about making minor changes. the critical thing he doesn't understand. only way they succeed is if they put it together to sell it. it will not go through the senate. the senate will be tougher. >> lou: the president put his shoulder behind ryan care. p but is it strong enough in terms of thespeaker's straightforwardness and willingness to bring in changes within the conference in the house and in conference when the senate does pass it as i assume and hope they will. they are going to a mend it. will it be obamacare?
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or ryan care or trump care? >> it is not trump care if the president is not fuely supporting it. it is not going to pass. the senate is not enthussed about the bill. the speaker doesn't have the ability to get it through, it may be thu the house. but the rules committee pretty much control. my sense it will be close. the complexitiy is when it gets altered in the senate. several senators said it would not pass in its present form. the president has a lot involved. the bottoming print lays out. >> lou: america first p. >> to a certain extent promise is made and kept. >> lou: epa cutting 31 percent p. and state department.
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i assume all 28 will come at the desk where they had calamities over the years. just kidding. >> there is not enough money to do all of the things that the president wants to do. an you are spending billions on foreign aid. what the president is doing is resetting priorities. it is now trump priorities. >> lou: they are well established. to see what he's done. not even two months in office. it is extraordinary. now america first budget, which again delivers on the promise and we know what was obamacare and that is now ryan care and on the way to becoming trump care, i think the country for the first time in a long time, has a man in the oval office.
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we know he will not sign it unless it meets his promises and what he has told the america people. >> he has a great skill as a negotiator. but equally important he has to be a salesman. and when he bleeds in the bill, and to it is to the public's benefit he will sell it aggressively. >> lou: america first. i have to give nick mu vane credit. he introduced the legislation. the first budget and 1.1, 5 trillion. >> he is artulatend a great asset to the business. business in a short order. >> lou: you such an impressive performance. and good performance from you.
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>> happy st. patrick's kay. >> lou: listen to my program coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, president trump blasting the unprecedented judicial overreach on the courts that block his order on the travel ban. that is the subject of my commentary and it is liftoff for spacex, once again falcon nine record and we'll have the latest on this mission here next. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial.
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>> lou: a few thoughts on the deep state on its effort to derail the trump president see. members of the bureaucracy and the intelligence community and all branches of government a now it is clear that there is
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a need to drain the judicial swamp in this country. two federal court judges ruled against president trump's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii appointed by president obama issued the stay against the president's order yesterday. president trump blasted the flawed legal reasoning last night in nashville. >> president trump: the new order was tailored to the dictates to the 9th circuit in my opinion flawed ruling. an unprecedented judicial overreach. you don't think it was done for political reasons do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. >> lou: it makes the federal judge derek watton classmate of
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president obama look very weak and politically. maryland judge chang nominated by president obama and mr. obama paid a surprise visit to ho nolulu where judge watson presides. just coincidence i think. and a little tweet not lost on any one of us who were taking notice of where he was on the day his old classmate made a rule nothing his favor. both of the left wing activist judges went rogue. let me repeat this. they went rogue and ignored the law and constitution and ignored the will of the people and igned t president of the united states. it is a constitution by the way that gives the president the power to suspend immigration and
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it is it a law and it is 212 s of the u.s. code. maryland coach chang might point it down. he pointed to mr. trump's history of public statement and not the order itself. judge watson cited the president's public statements instead of relying on the language of the order. both judges relied on the statements of candidate trump and ignored the law and constitution. and now the trump administration could appeal the hawaii ruling before the notoriously left wing 9th circuit court of appeals and that's the same court that ruled the first vetting order not to hold up as they put it. it was a development that suggest that the activist left judges whether on the 9th court
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circuit of appeals may have finally gone even for the 9th circuit court of appeals. the most overturned court on the nation. five judges voiced their support for the legality of president trump's original travel ban in a filing, they wrotethis. quote. whatever we as individuals may feel about the president or executive order, the president's decision was well within the powers of the presidency. end quote. the deep state activist left wing judges may be confronted with a counter attack in the court. it is long over due. the arrogant court and simply rogue judges who put themselves
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and ideology ahead of the elected legislatures and presidents must be rolled back and the swamp that is our federal judiciary must be drained. a quotation of the evening. president ronald reagan said. the trouble with liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it is that they know so much that isn't so. we'll be right back, stay with us. left wing federal judges are subverting the trump administration and blocking had hiss extreme vetting order. >> we are going to fight the terrible ruling and take the case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court and we are going to win and keep our citizens safe. >> lou: congressman lowie geomer. and ride through the slopes of
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[music] [music] [music] >> lou: the senate holding a confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. a confirmation vote is not expected to occur before april. and the hearing on wednesday
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with. democrats are slow walking the president's nominee for secretary of agriculture and u.s. trade representative. but progress is being made. and joining me to discuss the gorsuch confirmation hearing and vetting order and two district court judges that went rogue in the deep state war that is being conducted against the president's administration. we are joined by congressman louie geomer who serves on the house judiciary committ and it is great to see you in front of the white house. >> the president held an event for the prime minister of ireland. they know how to throw a party here tis nice. >> lou: that is encouraging begin the conflicting news that we have to cover one of the
4:36 am
thingses we need to cover by the left wing judiciary. and two judges issue stays against the president's executive orderine though it is it lawful in the constitution and u.s. federal code. this is beyond comprehension. your thoughts about it? >> well, as a former judge and chief justice you are supposed to rely on the facts before and you fdz before you. these judges, even on the other order, they were relying on statements that were made previously when what they are supposed to look at is is what the four corners of the document and rule on them. i will be reading it later today. i understood it was over 40 page and it was delivered in two hours. he must have made his mind made
4:37 am
up before they had oral arguments on the thing. and so it prompted me to start a bill and i hope to have it done at least by the first of next week, as a constitutional law professor said, there is no court and no federal court in the united states that does not owe its existence and jurisdiction to the u.s. congress and the only one that does note rely on congress is the supreme court. we are gog, i want to take away the jurisdiction of any district or circuit court to handle anything regarding immigration or refugees, that needs to stop. >> lou: yeah, these judges needs to be stopped in all sorts of things. >> we are looking at impeach sxment he was way out of lines and bounds. >> lou: i loved the fact, congressman, that the judge in
4:38 am
hawaii, judge watson, he's sitting there, the president who appointed him to the court, president obama was in ho nol u nolulu. and they graduated in the same. >> now i heard he was meeting russians in hawaii. >> lou: bet there is, we'll follow-up on that. congressman, we'll talk about a serious judge, judge gorsuch. everyone i hear says only the nicest thing and mraudit flow in his direction. we are hearing there is not going to be a confirmation until april. >> if they are too nice some of us may worry and it should not be particularly brutal. we are hearing nice things from
4:39 am
everybody and it doesn't mean they will not make it into something brutal. jeff sessions shouldn't be and it was good to see our attorney general tone. and great visiting with him tonight. i have my hopes up. trust but verify. and looks like he is should be confirmed and it just needs to happen quickly. >> lou: congressman tis good of you to brave the cold and good to see you on the broadcast. >> so good to be with you, lou, thank you. >> lou: please roll the video. death defying stuntses for the adventurers go pro bomb squad. four friends from utah went to britush colombia to speed fly. they achieved cent miles per hour off a 10000 mile hour. these are the pictures that
4:40 am
result. speeding and flying, and skyinging and paragliding. that's what it is brave pictures. up next secretary of state rex tillerson traegsz north korean provocations on the first official trip to asia. >> the united states calls on north korea to abandon the nucar ballistic program
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>> lou: president trump set to nominate bog executive patrick shanahanas defense secretary in the pentagon andy replace obama left over robert werk. there are still 14 left at the pentagon. mattis is the only confirmed appointee out of 53 such positions as of right now. joining me to discuss the obama left over and north korea and america first proposal.
4:45 am
fox news military analyst and u.s. army general jack keane. >> good to behere. >> lou: and i andiscussed this. this is a pretty good down payment. >> we need four years of this to make a difference and avoid the dangerous road we are on with the depletion of our military. and the fact that you know, that they are not increasing the deficit is certainly something we applaud. the fact that we are not increasing it is good news as well. >> lou: looks like good stewardship and the president for the first time in my memory delivering on his promises and high order of specificity. and it is wonderful to think of what our military can be given
4:46 am
the reenforcementes that are on the way? >> absolutely right. and you know and you are aware of how serious the challenges are we have in the military. they only have three combat brigades that can go to war today. >> lou: three out of of 58. >> yes. >> lou: that is extraordinary. and we are vulnerable as a nation. there is no two way withes about it. >> we are seeing the adversaris that are taking advantage ofs russia and china a iran are trampling o u.s. and allied interest in their region and radical islam has spread in a global gihad. and our allies wind up making poor choices because they are intimidated by the countries in
4:47 am
the region pushing them around. >> lou: the trump dividend in terms of our military. there is cost consciousness that he is instilling in our pentagon and leaders in the government and making certain that our allies are carrying their weight and burden sharing if p you will in their own defense which is has been until now something that the united states accepted as our responsibility rather than that of our allies. >> you are right. and one that resisted this is coming to washington is angela merkel and i will wager she will tell the united states that he intends to meet the two percent goal of domestic product and that is the power of the
4:48 am
leadership that took place. allies know the umbrella security of the united states will be there for them, but they are finally bearing responsibility themselves. >> lou: there is quiet on the russian front. even president shi is more constrained and rex tillerson our secretary of state in the region and north korea staring at us and a significant challenge to the united states and region. what are your expectations? >> first of all, secretary of state tillerson has admitted that the foreign policy area concerns north core sxoer development of nuclear weapons is the largest and biggest foreign policy failure we have had. three previous president who tried to stop the development in north korea and we have failed.
4:49 am
tillerson said we will have a new strategy and he has to tell the chinese that we are coming dangerously close to one option. military option. we don't want it and the chinese doesn't want it and south korea doesn't want it but that's the road we are on. >> lou: general keane tells us the way we see it. >> thank you. >> lou: space x successfully launching a communication satellite. that is the falcon nine rocket carries's commercial communicationy's satellite in space. space x did not try to land the rocket's first stage after the launch and we are not sure why that launch was decision was
4:50 am
made. it was a success isful shot. and president trump taking a veiled shot at pat ryan in a st. patrick lunchion. >> always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue and never forget those that stuck by
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>> lou: our on line poll tuesday should the goppy remove paul ryan as speaker of the house. 85 percent of you said yes. sean spicer, i want to give him a shout out, he put on quite a performance. puing cnn jim acosta in place when discussing the wiretapping assertion. >> you are coming to serious conclusion for a guy who has 0 intelligence classified. >> this question is asked and answered. >> it is interesting how you jump to all of the conclusions of what they have and don't have. and the end of the day, there was a ton of reporting. >> and former senior advisor are and host of the fox news show. and the next revelation with hilton and michael mu casy.
4:55 am
and good to have you here. this is if we could. get your reaction to what is a confounding order from another district judge. >> i mentioned before we started it is hard to come up with a respectful way to describe this opinion. it is sort of the dirty mind theory of statutory interpretation or excutive order. then everything you do is the work of a dirty mind and it doesn't matter what you co, it matters what you say at an earlier time. >> lou: the dirty wors that iminanted from the judge's on mind. this is remarkable from the district court judge derrick watson. >> because a reasonableable pefsh enlightened by the conat the present time and public
4:56 am
statement and specific sequence of events leading to the issuance would conclude that the executive order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a religious -- is there of a point in law where words become less and more meaningless than this. >> justice scalia discussed a satute as applesauce. >> lou: as close as it gets. >> it is. >> lou: we are talking about round two of an executive order under 212 f of the u.s. code is giving the president the power to do. >> that's right. it is so appropriate and helpful for everyone to read it out so
4:57 am
clearly giving the president the power to do what he's done and that statement from the judge. i am not a lawyer and it had had nothing to do with the law. that was subjective opinion and politics not based on a legal reading what so ever. >> the what it was in each of those countries whether it was ability to run the country and citizenry or in the case of iran they ran the country and sworn enemies of the united states reasons why people from those countries would be cut off for a moment until we find a way of vetting them. what he said that is all a lie? >> lou: and the reality of all of those countries were selected by the obama administration as representing a threat to the united states because of the jihaddist nature and culture of
4:58 am
the countries their historical experience? >> and endorsed by congress, i believe. >> lou: yes. >> this whole thing is temporary anyway while the extreme vetting that was put forward in the campaign is put in place by the government agency. >> as a matter of policy i don't think geogravy is the way to do this. you can vet them whether they are committed to the supremacy. and you do that you will hear the howl from coast to coast. that is the way it can be and should be done. >> lou: judges seem to it forget it was james comey that we being not adequately vet people from the countries, himself. i want to turn quickly to health care. we are stymied again there by
4:59 am
a house leadership that made choice and can be fixed into a president who can negotiate a deal. trump care tonight with his enthusiastic endorsement of the process going forward. >> he seems to have are embraced the ryan proposal rather than the proposal that the conservatives in the house favor. that's a big moment. >> the problem is not to do with the content. the congressional process, it is ridiculous process that paul ryan have us. and the president can stick it in stage one which will get the rest of the party on board, that would be a huge service. >> lou: this might be incorrect. the only thing wrong with the
5:00 am
government is the way it is organized and peopled. >> it is organized bien on the congressional. >> these rules are 0 "war on the little guy." each and every one this is incomprehensible to me. >> i have no idea what its in this books and i'm a constitutional lawyer. >> the government adds thousands of payments of new rules. >> tough reforms to protect consumers. >> they say we need more. >> there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom. >> we have to depend on the federal government to protect our children. >> but they keep passing more laws. now we're drowning in red tape. >> i can't eat the way i want, drink water the way i


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