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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 21, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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but that, we say good morning to maria bartiromo and warnings with the race starts right now. trade you thank you so much. thank you for joining us. a maria bartiromo. her top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. health care reform changes made. republicans proposing crucial changes to the odometer replacement belt. but getting those votes may not be so easy. >> and has been one broken promise after another. people have been kicked off their plans and their premiums have increased by double and triple digit. arizona up 116%. >> if we don't bring premiums down when somebody opens up their insurance premium invoices and it doesn't come down in 2018, the problem with that as we will have failed no matter what policy you put forth.
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maria: the president has to capitol hill this morning, looking to make a deal of days before the house vote thursday. judge bill gorsuch in the hot seat this morning. he faces peering this morning. new tsa rules on electronics to tell you about. the tsa is spinning devices from playing cap intensive u.s. bound flights. over rising terrorist threats. we'll tell you all about it. tom brady's missing super bowl jersey found. police say the jersey made it all the way to mexico. who's behind that case coming up. general mills and fedex reported earnings today. but the result say about the health of the economy coming up. markets look like this. features syndicate again. expected the dow industrials to open up 20 points. nasdaq s&p 500 in positive territory. in europe, hovering at a again or fractional moves up about a quarter of a percent in the ft 100 a quarter of a percent. in a shack on the stocks mostly
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higher and mitigation and the asian embassies as you see. the nikkei average down a third of a percent, but the others hire acc. can't find your car in a parking lot? google has help on the way. the new offering this morning. shouldn't talk about it, fox business network dagen mcdowell, john hill said that in florida horsemen contributor lieutenant colonel allen west with this. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. maria: what traumatic here yesterday with the hearing. >> earrings with someone on one hand, gorsuch on the other and the health care bill being rewritten. there is no time to slow down and rest here in washington. maria: what a week. dagen: to that question "the wall street journal" raises fares went as someone said about what is going on with the trump administration, does that get in
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the way of the agenda? well back in the way of the health care reform and tax cuts? maria: exactly. >> one of the problems is health care reform is getting in the way of health care reform and tax cuts. a lot of fighting about how to craft this bill to repeal and replace obamacare. a lot of action on this. maria: we want to look at the specific changes the gop made yesterday to get the votes coming up on thursday. during the conversation, journalists jockey with us. law professor emeritus in a lifetime of dysfunction. director and former deputy secretary of state, john negroponte will join us. editor-in-chief and fox news contributor laura ingram is here. a number of the house intelligence committee, south carolina congressman trey gaudi will join us as well. good show ahead. we take it off right now with republicans treated their plan to replace obamacare before a
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floor vote this thursday. notable changes include the following. repeal an obamacare taxes faster, allowing states to put requirements on medicaid and giving space-bar grants for medicaid. this coming as some conservatives say they have enough votes to block the gop legislation if of democratic votes down the party line. president donald trump weighed in on the replacement plans last night. >> obamacare has been a complete and total catastrophe and it's getting worse and worse by the day. and yet you watched the fake media, the fake news than they tried to look at. it's a disaster. half of our counties only have a single provider right now. it is a financial disaster waiting to happen right here in your own state. thursday is our chance to an obamacare in the obamacare
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catastrophe. maria: the president will meet with house republicans after the bill. we're what allen west this morning. would you think? can the president is the art of the bill? >> it's going to be very tough because you have to understand policy. you can't come in and strong-arm people to do that seven years to come up with the rate proposal to fix the failing health care system. what i would have proposed as you go back to 2015 repeal the youth pastor the house and senate. president obama vetoed it. you can set the date for the repeal of when everything will kick in later on. right now they are trying to jam too much into the reconciliation. you can't get to a lot of the qualitative things. portability, insurance across state lines. you have to come back and do something else later. it would have been better if they would've said let's start by looking at the real people affect it. let's look at the working poor and the folks for preexisting conditions. let's look at the elderly and
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make sure we have a concise, type plan we can present to the american people. right now, the fact that change is that this last moment when you talk about bringing it up to the house the floor tomorrow, and they didn't get all of the input from their members. president trappings is very nervous about this. >> and this is just the house. they have to get it through the senate, which is the hard part we've got our republicans who are worried about rolling back medicaid in ways that reduce service to individuals. and then you've got conservative republicans who don't see this as repo at all. they see it as obamacare to point out. >> that's the key thing. no one has defined obamacare, the affordable care act as a tax care law. if you had explained that first and foremost and talks about how you were going to really go at and understand how you can fix the health care system is what we see happening in the collapse
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that is coming about. my concern is whatever republicans do, they'll own the collapse of obamacare. the media will not give them a pass. dagen: want to point out really quickly what these changes -- the changes we are talking about when you enact these tags -- let's call them tax cuts because they get rid of all these taxes. about $900 billion in tax relief they are offering will happen this year and not in 2018. this is a 3.8% tax on investment income for wealthier americans. there's an additional almost 1% tax, .9% tax, medicare tax the wealthiest americans. that's one part they are talking about. that is tax relief this year. maria: people say this is a bigger tax cut, repealing obamacare, recognizing because
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this is a boosted the economy. this is happening this year. >> the other thing in there that important to conservatives is work requirements attached to medicaid. obama came along and did a lot of change to the welfare work requirement and they are putting it back in through medicaid. that's another important piece of this. >> president obama wrote back to welfare claim. dagen: they are back to where they were before the welfare reform in 1996. they are chipping away and entitlement here. donald trump gets a lot of a lot of criticism a lot of criticism he doesn't want to catch security and medicare. they are really taking a hammer to medicaid goodness overhaul. >> but i find interesting is the role we see trump thing. we see them in kentucky yesterday trying to sell this to his base. he's up on the hill tried to
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reach the art of the deal. a lot of distractions in the white house over the last few. navigate to see if this is a president who could get a deal done on legislation through congress. he needs to get this done to move to the big peace agenda, which is tax reform. that is why wall street is that so much. he's got to get through this to get to the thing that will keep the stock market going. >> is a philosophical discussion. is it the governments will and responsibility to give american people have cared for basic conditions of the right type of policies to be able to go out and take care of themselves? expansion of health savings accounts, things of that nature is what they need to focus on. maria: the president doubled down before tackling trade and tax reform. but what he said yesterday. >> we are doing some great deals as soon as we get the health care finish. i'm looking forward to these trade deals. we won a very big tax cut, but
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cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. maria: said they are keeping to this timeline yesterday, tony said dryness, spokesman for steven mnuchin. >> it's an aggressive timeline and mnuchin has recognized its an aggressive timeline. the question is what tax reform are we going to get that the health kerry has taken a lot of hits and they might end up with the tax reform light at the end of the day. >> beekeeping if it cannot be business as usual. you can't take two weeks off in april, whole month in august. you've got to do the work and get it done because this is where the wall in new york and wall street are in. maria: when you see tax reform like, what are you referring to? >> the house plan is in complete
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overhaul, which cuts the corporate tax rate, cuts individual tax rates, uses a method called porter adjustment, which reduces our exposure is overseas. but porter adjustment has been not done by a lot of opponents. you might end up with lower tax rates that expire after 10 years with the bush tax cuts did. maria: well, that's report. >> spending reform and budget reform also. dagen: the one argument for getting health care done if there is one point to trillion dollars before these recent changes. 1.2 trillion in spending cut in the health care reform bill. that lays the groundwork for tax reform tax cuts later in the year. maria: will take a short break. when we come back from the firefighters injured. the massive fire destroyed homes. the tsa is banning devices from some u.s. bound flights.
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we will tell you why. the details on this new role coming up next. back in a moment. ♪ on the edge of town ♪ didn't seem -- didn't seem to the radio. ♪
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is firefighters, damaged within a hundred homes. ron simonetti. reporter: good morning. the building currently under construction. a multibillion dollars development. quickly spread, sparking blaze is a numerous homes blocks away. at least 17 homes were affected. look at the black smoke. three firefighters transported to local hospitals with minor injuries. that's good. the cause of the fire still unknown. officials say some residents have reported selling gas. we are following this one for you. if you're traveling internationally this morning, you may want to pay attention to this. the u.s. than in his carry-on electronics from flights on more than a dozen middle eastern and african airlines. passengers will not be of these laptops, tablets and kim is on board, but cell phones and medical devices will be permitted. the decision is not based on specific intelligence but rather
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an increase in terror related chatter. the ban goes into effect today in some of the airlines that could last 96 hours. turning to the market news. "the wall street journal" reported this morning that japan's softbank is scrapping a plan to the $100 million in the red and a smartphone startup funded by the creator of google's android software. the deal fell through partly because of the increasingly close relationship with and race competitor, apple. the investment would've valued the startup of essential products of $1 billion. in earnings news, general mills, one of the companies before the bell today. analysts expect to post earnings of 71 cents a share, changing customer preferences have taken a toll in general mills sales and profits right here in the u.s., which actually account for 60% of the sales. among the companies reporting after the closing outcome of fedex, delivery company to be held by a strong season. the masters watch for an update
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on the effects of tnt express. they also gauge how much bill price affects their margins. korea, back to you. maria: lauren, thank you. earnings from companies in the consumer segment. this is important because we are going to see how consumer spending is loose enough or if it is. what do you think? >> right. well, we haven't seen a big pickup in consumer spending. one of the big puzzles in the economy right now. when you look at measures of confidence, whether consumer confidence or business confidence or stock market confidence, they are all going through the roof. we look at real economic output, real consumer spending and we are still at the 2% spending for most of the expansion. i'm waiting to see when this kicks in. dagen: the republicans would go ahead and have folks taxes to folks taxes to make a restaurant into the beginning of the year, they would beat ending. they're optimistic, but they sit on the sidelines going get it done.
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maria: it's all about policy. dagen: even jamie dimon who is a democratic because he said the business roundtable gauge of consumer sentiment, corporate sentiment. that's going through the roof. he's talking very positively about the plans coming out of washington. maria: part of the issue is the business sector with the business has been. businesses have been sitting on cash because they don't know what's in terms of the regulatory environment. you would think the regulatory rollback will do something sad. that also creates optimism. >> there's a lot of optimism. protect your business executives, they want to see action was going to get done because they don't quite believe it. maria: will take a short break. when we come back on a smarter way to invest. we will take a look at that. beating the mayor -- meter, how google is looking to help your parking woes.
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maria: markets looking high this morning. futures indicated mccain on the dow jones industrial average after ending the day makes yesterday. we want to talk about a more unconventional investment strategy called quantum until investing. a different approach to evaluating and analyzing companies patroness talk about a disc i run and cofounder ryan caldwell. thank you for joining us. so you launched the firm in july
6:23 am
of 2015 received money of 25 million a night up to $500 million? terrific you tell us about the firm. >> as you know i've spent 20 plus years in financial services .-center-dot seat i got to know brian. we basically came together in 2015 and thought about starting an investment management company focused on ryan's previous new background and investing in quantum until approach towards investing. we launched the firm in july of 2015 and he watched their first in december 2015. >> what sentiment do you get? everything being keyed off of policy in washington. is that what you're saying? >> i think it's a really good point when you look at what happened with consumer optimism, ceo optimism, is exploded in the last five, six comes seven months. we see a lot of them.
6:24 am
market prices reflect the optimism. does this optimism turned into action? as john was saying, if you look at conservative court, it is far more optimistic than the data we've seen. it is really have to do to get follow-through from management and consumers to really drive markets and economies from here. >> would it make his mark as vulnerable if we don't see a pickup in growth, don't see the health care overall happening? >> i think no question. if you see what the price market has come from, no doubt there's anticipation of better. whether that is tax reform, corporate spending, all of these things are built into market prices. you are probably at a point where any big policy fall down is going to be a disappointment for markets. dagen: what assets are not fully valued if not overvalued at this point? tell me one thing that looks reasonable here.
6:25 am
>> quite honestly we are looking for value outside the u.s. obviously given the political situation in france. there's been disruption are still hesitation in parts of europe in another place we still see value as emerging markets. the place where there's still lots of consternation. we don't know what policy will look like they're convinced that they are cheap relative to other places in the world to develop markets. that's a place if you're looking for value, you are better off looking there rather than developing markets. maria: how does the international tory apply to the firm, enrico? in terms of chiron, what you need to do? >> one thing we focus on is international investors and the product is coming to market at the end of this month. we are thinking about the expansion of chiron into the international market attracting international investors and
6:26 am
that's part of our growth plan quite frankly. as a look at the opportunities abroad, and we think there's lots of interesting opportunities abroad. train to tell us about quantum until investing. >> what we've done is taken a data quantitative techniques in applied over mental delay on top of them. what we are trying to do is replace the growth work that analysts around the world are doing at the security level. we want to get the bias out of what's happening in our investment process. big data quantitative tools help you do that. what they don't do us all for change. they can't software changes management snake or changes in policy at the fed, ecb, doj reagan regulatory policy. those are things they can't quantify and fundamentally we have to begin and have an opinion about.
6:27 am
the quantitative word helps us have inaccurate starting point so we know where we are starting from as opposed to guessing. >> canasta is coming he started the firm a year and half ago. a lot of talk about regulatory hurdles to business and started. what did she see? the dog franken in the way of getting this business going? >> i would say it sounds mean that got away. with away. we start each rational investment management company so we have to go through obvious regulatory hurdles and the process of launching the firm and launching the fund. there's clearly a lot of work that needs to get them to do that but i would say with specific around 79. the regulatory hurdles were large. >> are you going to set this up somewhere else in london or hong kong? >> you know, i don't know. i can't give you a different jurisdiction that would've been easier. >> one of the things i did see when we launched was the deal
6:28 am
out in the uncertainty of the department of labor were causing an adviser channels. the organization -- reorganize their business around can't it ever really vague and unfamiliar. that is something we did run across with their advisor clients. how are they going to do with this implementing mutual funds going forward? maria: how significant a selloff would you expect different act because the tax reforms by august? >> we've seen really little volatility. so yes, everybody is waiting. markets -- the general economic data has gotten better. no question. it has been getting better for a while. at this point, given the lack of volatility and where prices are, and a disappointment is something you got to be aware of. 5%, 10% drawdowns are typical of market and not abnormal. something and that would be on
6:29 am
the radar if there's some policy misses. maria: we are going to get earnings growth in the double digits regardless of policy coming out of washington. we will be watching your new firm. thank you so much. enrico gaglioti, ryan caldwell, chiron. the bureau selection pro. the tense scene on capitol hill next. authorities searching for a team in tennessee. we'll have those details when we come back. stay with us.
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maria: good tuesday morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, thank you so much for joining us. it's tuesday march 21st, top stories right now, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. james comey grilled on capitol hill yesterday. questioning from classified leaks to russia, even president trump's tweets, watch. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wiretapping directed by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that it's the same with the department of justice and all of components, they have no information that supports the tweets. maria: fallout from that hearing coming up. the u.s. considers new sanctions against north korea. the possible move after after releasing propaganda video showing the destruction of a u.s. ship.
6:33 am
escalating tensions from the north coming up. new details coming up in death for research of teenager, the tennessee deep latest as they plead with the public for any help. tom brady's super bowl jersey was found, how someone was able to take it out of locker room and all the way to méxico. markets are gaining this morning. futures are indicating a gain, take a look. dow jones industrial average expected to open about 20 minutes. take a look. not much movement. cac quarante up a quarter of a percent. that's the big mover there. in asia stocks closer higher exception in japan. we all forgot where we parked, right? how uber can -- google can end
6:34 am
your search. director james comey confirmed the probe yesterday during an extraordinary house hearing, watch. >> i have been authorized by the department of justice to confirm that the fbi as part of our counterintelligence commission is investigating the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and rush ie -- russia's efforts. maria: there you go. always a pleasure. thank you so much for joining. >> you surprised outright saying about investigation.
6:35 am
>> oh, yeah. then when congressman galley asked him to confirm your investigation into the leaks that had taken place and he would not confirm that. i find them to be incredibly inconsistent. maria: it's interesting because he wouldn't confirm that and yet we know that there was a whole right brew on michael flynn conversation with the russian official which basically forced him out. jack: absolutely. went through a list of people and it's a very narrow list of people who would have the knowledge of that transcript because very few people in government get to see a transcript. listen, i was in service in public service for 37 years, i have never ever seen a transcript of a conversation that was taken as a result of surveillance.
6:36 am
maria: wow. >> i had no reason to ever see one. that's true of most people. so that is highly unusual and -- and why he would not confirm that investigation when it's obvious there's one going on, but yet when way out of his way to confirm this other one knowing it would be such a media frenzy over something like that. it would have been far better for him not to confirm any investigations which is their policy and answer what questions he could. maria: very controversial figure comey has become since the election and what took place before the election. are you surprised that he's still running the fbi? >> i am. maria: do you think donald trump -- would it be donald trump who would replace him or -- or not? >> the fbi does have a term of service. we try to take it out of the political appointee role like the cia does and we appointed for ten years.
6:37 am
so that means he transcends a normal administration, but i think given all of the circumstances surrounding the director, i thought for sure that the president would likely replace him. i'm surprise he's still in. maria: there's a tougher stance being taking here. according to reuters, new stronger sanctions. president trump slammed north korea in kentucky last night. >> north korea, north korea, i will tell you what, what's happening there is disgraceful and not smart, not smart at all. maria: what do you think, general, little information but we know that there's been a deepening disruption coming out
6:38 am
of north korea, are sanctions enough to curve this threat? >> well, they haven't worked in the past, that's for sure. we have been using sanctions for years. our political diplomatic and economic actions that we have taken for 20-plus years all of them have failed. the reality is we do have time before the north koreans do have the launch capability to send a nuclear weapon towards the united states. we should do something in the mean time. ic we put the finger on the chest to have chinese and told them directly, you're forcing us to execute a military option because nothing else has worked. we are going to need your help. that has done -- been done in nicer tone. what else could we do and we should try everything else short of preemptive strike and military action. taking some tougher sanctions would be fine. going after the regime's money,
6:39 am
the regime has certainly amount of money outside the country. the bush administration did have some positive impact at least for a while on that. i would go after that, whether they go after all of the banks like we have done with the iranians who are servicing north korea, that's another thing because china is involved in that. i think it would be good to do it. we see if we are capable of doing it given the discussions we had with the chinese. yes, it's okay to do economic sanctions but we also have to be guarded about it because they have never worked. maria: that's a really good point in terms of following the money to try to put the pressure. i want to ask you about al-qaeda because al-qaeda is calling on its members to, quote, kill americans, the statement from the terrorist group is out. it's in retaliation to an air strike, they claim destroyed and mosque in syria. it's denying it hit a mosque. is this an amendment by al-qaeda
6:40 am
-- an attempt by al-qaeda to capitalize? >> yes, given what they have done. this is time to get headlines themselves. we were not targeting the mosque, i can say with absolute certainty, we would never do like that. we did hit a building close by. we may have been done damage. if we did do to a damage to a mosque, either we did have missile or human who was doing targeting and didn't select the right bomb and the right direction because we can take one building down and not harm another building nearby. we have that capability. this is really about al-qaeda who is issuing this issue clearly to get headlines and support for the organization.
6:41 am
maria: what else troubles you in terms of terrorism right now? do you feel different about the approach taken by the new administration? >> well, i'm confident of the fact that they have asked the pentagon, lead entire u.s. government effort for a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. we have never done that since isis came into being in 2012. that's excellent. isis has expanded into 30-plus countries and has ideology and has money and it's not just about military action, so the whole of government approach, campaign plan, good news, al-qaeda is a thriving organization that is increasing in scope and purpose and certainly in numbers and resources. they have thriving in stirria and other -- syria and we have to take a whole look at the organization as well. we have not gotten around to it yet but i'm convince that had the administration has in the
6:42 am
agenda and will start to deal with it. maria: thank you so much. coming up next, can't find your car, google can help you. how it is making sure that you're never left wandering your parking lot with a new element on the device. then investigators cracking the case, tom brady's jersey has been found in méxico. back in a moment
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6:45 am
maria welcome back, we have a market that is fractionally higher this morning. futures indicating a gain at the opening of trading. a couple of names to watch this morning, wells fargo, still feeling effects of phoney account scandal. short decline in new accounts, checking accounts opening fell by more than 40% in the year over year in month of february. wells fargo shares are up 16% from last year.
6:46 am
nike, a name to watch, analysts are expecting earnings of 53 cents a share that would be down from the same time a year ago. revenue is expected to be up to $8.47 billion, the stock up 4% this year. allegedly teacher kidnapped a girl. lauren: elizabeth thomas was last seen on march 13th. >> our efforts to locate her and the man believed to kidnap her has been active and ongoing and to this point has produce nod credible sightings. lauren: this video shows the teacher 50 year old shopping a week ago in a wal-mart apparently in the beauty section looking for hair die before the kid napping happened. a lawyer for the family says another student reported seeing
6:47 am
kummins kiss thomas. a major figure in reconciliation with great britain has died. former commander during years of most serious catholic protestant violence. mcguinness helps peace and became deputy minister in the power-sharing government. something new and pretty helpful from google maps, i could use this one. latest version reportedly including a tool that helped you find where you parked the car and avoiding a parking ticket. you mark the car's location on the map and open the page where you can jot down the information or add pictures of the nearby sign and also keeping track of just how much time is left on your parking meter.
6:48 am
i mean, this is beautiful. they should have thought about this a long time ago. maria: who hasn't forgotten where they parked? lauren: i forget all of the time specially in a mall that you're not familiar with. maria: would you use google maps? dagen: i'm uptight about where i park my car. i always -- maria: you don't forget? dagen: you take a photo of where you're parked in the garage. >> right next to the pole that has the symbol on it. dagen: i'm full of useless information. maria: google map for this, really? >> they're everwhere. maria: they're tracking us everywhere. we will take a short break. when we come back, place close. investigators track down super bowl jersey in méxico of all places. who was behind the taking a look next
6:49 am
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maria: well, it was a feisty night in the nba, a rare scuffle involve two of the league's elite players. jared max. jared: a long-time fan favorite kevin durant was scheduled to play first game back at okc since he jumped ship to join golden state warriors. fans let him have it for leaving town. one fan last night trolled durant by dress b up as a cupcake on crutches no less. a term to describe a player that is soft. stuff curry, russell westbrook there. four technical fouls assessed and by the way, the warriors won
6:53 am
by 16 points. the world east most sought f jersey has been recovered. the jersey he had one night before super bowl victory have been recovered. jerseys have been recovered. aso long with super bowl 49. nfl says that the helmet to broncos player von miller also found, where? in méxico, in possession of a member of internationally cred entialed media. surveillance video from fox shows who appears to be the director of the newspaper diario la prensa. agod to have taken the jersey.
6:54 am
joining the ncaa brackets, you're not alone. attracted 11.9 million viewers. that's a 34% bump year to year and we haven't had that many viewers on a sunday since 1993. the tournament will resume with a tweet 16 on thursday and also friday. oh, by the way, women at yukon, 119th straight win. dagen: people enjoy watching duke lose. [laughter] jared: they do. >> absolutely. dagen: see. >> we were hoping kentucky and kansas will lose too. villanova leaving early is a good thing too. jon: i'm going to change the subject from duke. [laughter]
6:55 am
maria: that's a good point. taking a swing at san francisco quarterback kaepernick, refused to stand during the national anthem last season, now he can't get a job. listen to what the president said. >> there was an article today that was reported that nfl owners don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. i'm going to report it to the people of kentucky because they like it when people actually stand for the american flag, right? [cheers and applause] maria: what do you make of this? he even tweeted about it, actually. >> i don't understand why the president of the united states of america is punching so far down. he's getting off his narrative, he should be talking about healthcare reform, economic growth.
6:56 am
i would love to hear him talk about how he's going to do repatriation. jon: why is the kaepernick story become a trump story. maria bec- jon: the attention always has to come back to the president. jared: i was asked why do you think baseball ratings are doing so well, because people are tuning into the game and they are not going to worry about something protesting the national anthem. we want it for the game. maria: right. he just didn't understand that. i'm talk about colin kaepernick. jared: for every action there's equal opposite reaction. maria: yeah. the other story about the president talking about this, i agree. he should be tweeting and talking about the aide. that's what markets want to hear. that's what we want him to accomplish. dagen: the crowds get the best of him. he likes the attention and that
6:57 am
is his base, they're in kentucky. maria: they like it. dagen: they love it. jon: and he likes it and he thinks that's how he got elected and he's not going to change his style. he's made that very clear. maria: jared max, catch fox news headline 24/7 or serious satellite xm115. many along the border pushing back. one business owner weighs in. he's going to lose real property because of that wall. next hour mornings with maria, back in a minute ( ♪ ) i moved upstate because i was interested in building a career. i came to ibm to manage global clients and big data. but i found so much more. ( ♪ ) it's really a melting pot
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody, thank you so much for being with us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday march 21st, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the coast. putting the art of the deal into practice. president trump heads to capitol hill to sure up support for the republican healthcare plan after lawmakers make crucial changes to the bill last night. we are breaking down the changes coming up. judge neil gorsuch will be grilled this morning. >> my decisions have never reflected a judgment about the people before me. only a judgment about the law and the facts at issue in each particular case.
7:01 am
a good judge can promise no more than that and a good judge should guaranty no less. for a judge who likes every outcome is probably bad judge stressing for politic results he prefers rather than those the law come pelling. maria: democrats are casting down on the high-court nominee. we have the latest coming up. a passenger plane crashes in south sudan, everybody on board survivors, we will tell you about that. antiputin critic attack, the man turned green after assailant sprayed him with anticeptive, discount retailer suing over golf balls. mcdonalds bring fresh beef, coming up. markets look like this this morning. futures indicating opening at trading today. take a look at the markets where we are expecting a fractional move but it is higher, all the
7:02 am
major averages in positive territory. take a look at the euro zone. there was a debate last night for the french elections. markets there are mixed. ftse down a fraction but the other majors up a fraction. as you can see the cac quarante up half a quarter of a percent in france. in asia stocks mostly higher, the exception was japan after a long-holiday weekend, the markets down a third of a percent. all the stories coming up this morning and join joining dagen mcdowell and jon hilsenrath and fox news contributor lieutenant colonel allen west is here. we are happy that you are here. >> better this week than last week. maria: why? >> snow. [laughter] dagen: well said. we are united in the hatred of duke. jon: i think duke went a little
7:03 am
farther. dagen: four letters l-o-s-t. maria: fox news contributor laura engram is here and member of the house intelligence committee congressman, big interview, don't want to miss a moment so do stay was. we kick it off with president trump's pick. judge neil gorsuch preparing to face fire from senate democrats this morning when the second round of confirmation hearings officially get underway. democrats previewed their lines of attack on gorsuch. they slammed his judicial record while republican opened with the words of warning for the nominee, watch. >> judge, i'm afraid over the next couple of days you'll get some questions that will cause you just to scratch your head.
7:04 am
>> i am concerned when i hear that judge gorsuch is an originalist and a strict constructionist. >> i do not doe -- know nominee that's selected by interest groups rather than confirmation of the senate. >> it was 14-degrees below. not as cold as your decent, judge. >> judge gorsuch having reviewed decisions and writings i have concerned. the past is prologued that i fear that confirming you will guaranty more of the same. maria: as for the nominee himself judge gorsuch sought to put himself above the political fray, listen. >> we hear judges described as politicians in robes, seeking to enforce own politics rather than striving to apply the law impartially. if i thought that were true, i
7:05 am
would hang up the robe. maria: joining us law professor, author of electile dysfunction. do you think any attacks will stick? >> we are hearing partisan nonsense on both sides. on one side we hear that judges aren't politicians, but, of course, their ideology matters, of course, it matters what they've written in the past. of course it matters what their judicial opinions and extra judicial opinions are writing. judges are not atomotons, they voted with their ideologies. look at the voting records of justice scalia on the one hand or liberal justices on the other, and so that's exaggerated. on the other hand, you hear critics of him that are absurd, last night, for example, on fox you had this idiot from the
7:06 am
people's working family party who said he was a white supremacist or a white nationalist. that's just defamatory. we are hearing extremism on both sides. look this is a man who is a conservative, who believe in strict construction, originalists and he's a mainstream conservative and he will be confirmed. i think the only interesting issue that will come up today is he'll be asked what he thinks of the fact that the -- that the republicans stopped another very qualified man merrick garland from getting a hearing. i'm sure he's been very well prepare today answer that question and he will show compassion for merrick garland as he did when he was first nominated and called him and said how sorry he was that he wasn't getting a position on the supreme court. maria: at tend of the day, do
7:07 am
you think he's confirmed. dagen, that's what we have been hearing. dagen: absolutely. even without the nuclear option which alan talked about yesterday even without talking the senate rules and they can confirm gorsuch with a simple majority vote. but i want to get to the point of how absurd the democrats are behaving, these members of the senate panel because they're going to force him to comment on specific -- he he would specifically rule in areas of the law, something that justices elena kagen didn't have to do and sotomayor. if you don't answer our questions when in the past we wouldn't ask them, we are going to assume that you side with trump. >> that's ridiculous. [laughter] >> look, when i get up on the supreme court, i want to be able
7:08 am
to vote on every case that comes before me and if you make me tell you how i will vote on the travel ban case, then i won't be able to sit on that case and i'm not going to let you preclude me from doing my job as a justice. so he won't answer those questions and he shouldn't answer those questions. maria: incredible. >> he should answer questions about past opinions, about his writing, he wrote a controversial book about suicide, that's a fair game question. my own view is he goes too far in giving rights to religious that he wouldn't give to philosophical. those are fair questions to ask about past writings and questions about how he will vote in case that is are now or soon to be pending are out of bounds. maria: incredible. here is colonel west. >> i just want to ask you about the fact that ten years ago when you had him up for this circuit court position, he was able to pass on a voice vote 99 to 0 and
7:09 am
a lot of senate democrats are still there. are they fazing a real hill to climb to come back now and challenge someone that was able to go through on the simple voice vote? and again, what line of question do you think they should take which makes them seem less partisan. >> first of all, i think you're entitled to vote for a judge in the circuit court and supreme court. a big difference. they have to apply the precedence of the supreme court. i understand how a senator would say he was good enough for the circuit court but maybe not good enough for the supreme court. i think the line of questioning will probably be very political designed that he doesn't vote for the working person and he votes more for the corporation. there are studies that shows that some judges tend to vote much more for corporate interest and others much more for individual interest.
7:10 am
that's a fair point to make. whether that disqualifies him or qualifies him somebody serving in the supreme court is another question. i think it's also fair to ask him about whether he thinks the senate behaved appropriately in not giving a hearing from gorsuch. he's going to probably say, look, that's not my area of concern. i don't think it's a constitutional problem and let's move on. maria: you think it's a fair question to actually raise which is sort of the elephant in the room. i want to switch alan and ask you about this, ivanka trump, the president's daughter, is getting office in the white house as her role is apparently expanding. she's in the process of getting security clearance. do you have concerns here? >> no, i think it's a great thing for the president to have his daughter who an adviser, who is a person of very great common sense, her husband is in the white house giving advice. i think it's important to have the president surrounded by
7:11 am
people he trusts, admires. if she's going to be in the white house, she has to sign all the forms and do the same conflict of interest checks that others go through but i don't see an inherent conflict of interest between having a relative, look, there's a statute that was enacted after robert kennedy was made the attorney general and that prohibited the president from appointing close relatives to particular positions but it doesn't apply for the white house staff. maria: jon hilsenrath. jon: putting the ethics aside, this has an important effect on the power struggles that are going on inside the white house. there are nationalists like steve bannon on one side of the president and then there's the new york economic crowd on the other. how does ivanka trump's power affect in the white house? >> i don't know but i think her
7:12 am
and her husband are not on bannon side. they are centerist, i think it would be a positive influence on the white house, but, you know, only time will tell. maria: we need to know more about what specifically her role would be before you can answer that question, right? >> one thing is clear, she has to stop selling products and not use in any way her white house office in a commercial matter, but i'm sure she'll do that. i'm sure she'll be sensitive to ethical issues. maria: makes sense. fox business is taking you live to the hearings of the supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch this morning. we kick it off live coverage 9:30 a.m. eastern. we have the supreme court confirmation hearing coming up live. stunning crash landing in south sudan, all people on board
7:13 am
survived. details on the developing situation there. mcdonalds cooks up a big chain, frozen to fresh, back in a minue this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial.
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maria: welcome back, miraculous crash landing in south sudan,
7:16 am
lauren simonetti with details. lauren. lauren: the plane crash-landed in bad weather, look at that. caught fire, all 49 people on board miraculously survived. the plane was carrying 44 passenger, five crew members, what happened was the pilot overshot the runway and the plane's right wing hit a car. several injuries have been reported but no deaths fortunately. well, a russian opposition leader was sprayed green while campaigning campaigning in siberian city. the green liquid covering his face is actually a common russian antiseptic, it's harmless. the antiputin leader was in sigh . . . sigh -- that's going to or space, he told a british television show that richard
7:17 am
branson offered him a seat at the gal attic shuttle. he has been work to go carry space tourists for years, he's 75 year's old. no date has been set yet for the trip but pretty cool, indeed. mcdonalds might finally be ditching the frozen patties it is expanding test of fresh brief now to more than 300 restaurants in texas. a nationwide roll out could be next if the company can figure out food safety as well as delivery issues. so fresh beef, it could be coming, wendy's does it. maria: that's interesting that they're going to fresh, what do you make of this, jon? jon: i think they have further competition like companies like shake shack and they have to get back to the roots, move into a bunch of other areas that haven't worked out for them. let's go out to making good mcdonalds hamburgers. >> i'm a five guys kind of guy.
7:18 am
fresh burgers. they're reactive to that competition. dagen: there's one reason to go to mcdonalds, the income -- income -- mcnuggets. >> no, the fries. jon: i'm a five guys guy. dagen: you are missing whata burger. maria: how president trump plans to revive coal mining next. the golf course craze could get day in court. the battle over the hot product coming up in a moment
7:19 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, tough times to coal country in ohio. they are no longer economically viable but at rally in kentucky last night the president promise today bring back mining jobs and issue more executive actions to save the industry. >> we are going to put our coal miners back to work. they have not been treated well but they are going to be treated well now. as we speak, we are preparing new executive actions to save
7:23 am
our coal industry and to save our wonderful coal miners from continuing to be put out of work. the miners are coming back. maria: this is a campaign promise but this industry has been decimated because of the regulatory burden on coal and shift on the obama administration. jon: it's a big promise that the president is making because the regulatory burden of the clean power plant which he's plan to go roll back is part of the story and not the whole story. one other piece is what's going on with natural gas. we had a shell revalueution and natural gas is replacing coal in a lot of the power plants and the other is the chinese economy, biggest consumers of coal has slowed down. the president should be careful overpromising to coal miners that these jobs are coming back. we need to also be having a conversation about what do you do for people when those jobs don't come back, how do you get them out of towns that are in
7:24 am
decline or how do you get jobs that are outside of that industry into those towns. maria: this is a really important town, because, alan, what does a coal miner know about working in the digital world. >> that's the point. five generations of family-type of business into something that's different. a different type of trade. that's going to be a key thing. my oldest daughter is going to be moving to west virginia. they are liking for some type of rejuvenation of economy. maria: that's a good point. hillary clinton also said it, dagen. dagen: there's one part of the president's budget, of many parts that caught a lot of heat and that's them cutting the appalachian region, $150 million a year but this is development and work training across 420
7:25 am
counties of which trump won 399 of those 420 counties. they are going after that at a time when coal is being decimated and it's been a lot of pushback on this. jon: the problem is the work-training programs didn't work. they have so many training programs that didn't get people the skills that they needed to get back to work. some of them, there's one called taa, trade adjustment assistance, where we have seen study that is people use the government program were worst off then those who didn't -- dagen: i won this giant swath of the nation but i'm going to take $150 million annually out of that part of the country. maria: growth has been their priority. that's what they've been talking about, growth and jobs, growth and the economy. we are going to hear from fed speakers today, jon. we have dudley, george, all making fed speeches today and it's a big week.
7:26 am
yesterday we spoke to chicago federal reserve and he's a voting member, he put even four rate hikes on the table this year. he threw out the number four, jon, that's how he's expecting the economy to grow. watch this. >> as i gain more confidence in the outlook, i could support three total this year. if inflation began to pick up, that would certainly solidify my report. it could be three or two, it could be be four if things pick up. maria: of course, the markets are expecting three total, right, jon? jon: your interview with evans was amazing. he was against raising rates at all a couple of years ago. now he's saying maybe four. i think you see a real shift in tone in the place over the last few weeks and one of the reasons is because even though they are raising rates they see financial conditions even stock markets
7:27 am
are going occupy, the dollar has softens a little bit and interest rates are coming down. they are looking to push against the tail winds that they see in the financial system. maria: i brought up what stephanie told us the other day, dagen, the fact that tax receipts are down. incomes are down, the economy is not all that way everyone is talking about but he pushed back on it, look, the job's number tells a story. jon: they see an economy, full employment. whatever you think it's at 4.7%. maria: good number. jon: inflation and wages are about to rise, interest rates are so close to zero, that's an imbalance and they are trying to fix it. dagen: when he said four, i was in the green room and said, what. jon: he didn't think inflation was going to pick up. maria: it sure is. we will keep watching that. we will take a short break but when we come back i think this
7:28 am
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7:31 am
thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 21st. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. resident trump rallied for his border wall. >> we will build -- that's right i'm a great, great border wall. you've probably been reading tremendous numbers of bidders. what does that mean when you have a lot of bidders? it means we look at it for the right price. maria: could new concerns over the use of eminent domain to build president transplants? meanwhile coming neighbors to the north having immigration trouble at their own good by half of canadians want illegal border crossing is deported. not so happy now that everybody's crossing the border. david rockefeller dead at the age of 21. the life and legacy of the renowned philanthropist and baker, david rockefeller. cost going title is set to tee off the course. by the companies are going to war over golf balls.
7:32 am
the major changes agencies are making. feature shut the market higher. the markets are looking higher by 20 points. nasdaq s&p 500 also positive. this is life. the unchanged line. the cac quarante higher. the nikkei average was down a third of a percent. under any pop icon per the 20th anniversary of the iconic biopic and silliness. we'll tell you about that. the debate over president transporter while has been focused on cost. what about the land needed by the government. one could be eminent domain. a legal measure president trumpeted located on the campaign trail. watch. >> remember this. you become rich with eminent domain. if they take your pet plainer highway, which they could never
7:33 am
build without it, they pay you the market value of your property. you don't have eminent domain, you don't have roads committed out of highways. you should feel lucky because you make a fortune. if you don't have eminent domain you can't build a road, camp of the hospital, can build a highway. maria: joining us right now is jeremy bedard, general men share of the river bed golf club in brownsville, texas. you live right on the border. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. a pleasure to be on. maria: we want to explain your situation. we are happy you are here. you're a supporter of president trump, but the golf course sits on the border for a work will be built. how much properties on the opposite side of the wall? how much will you be affected personally? >> we haven't received any notice from the government or
7:34 am
trumped team, but if it follows the same path in 2006, 70% of our acres of the south of that wall. and really impact our property and not only the business, but over 200 residents. maria: 70% of their business, your property will have to be sold. you haven't heard from the government yet, but are expecting the government to call you up to say we are buying your property, 70% of your property? >> we're anticipating some sort of dialogue without precedent trump has been talking about the wall, we are good at some point. 15 of the 18 polls will be swallowed up on the wrong side of the wall. >> i've got two questions. the president this week included allocations for 20 lawyers to handle cases just like yours over eminent domain. are you prepared to do battle
7:35 am
with government lawyers to keep her property? that is one. the others if you lose are you going to turn this into a mini golf course because you only have 30% left. >> or families very big on supporting the president, whether democrat or republican, obama or trump, we support the office of the president. we want to support the initiative and want to be fair, but we are more than willing to lawyer up and make sure we get our fair share of that has to go through. if it goes up, it'll all depend on what is to look like, what kind of access to behalf? i was going assumption of the second lately. dagen: have you been on the phone with lawyers and talk to ana? >> eskimo where the lawyer we've retained. dagen: what if you dice it is so far? >> right now we are business as usual. we haven't heard anything from the u.s. government or trumped team. there are so many variables.
7:36 am
right now we are going business as usual and preparing ourselves that if there is a right we are prepared for it. >> yeah, this is allen west. i've been in the military border security is an important thing. have you come up with alternative designs that you could present to the trump administration that shows that you can have a secure border wall, but also be able to facilitate it? what are you willing to take as a risk for maybe being excluded from being a part of the wall? >> absolutely. our end goal is to have president trump combat and play the golf course. we got ice over the last years of owning the property and we've seen a dramatic decrease in illegal in dignity with the use of boots on the ground and other equipment that they have. we actually have a boat ramp at the launch ran.
7:37 am
but the increased activity of the border patrol, we've seen a very good change in how the residents feel secure. right now we are also clearing land on the day of the border patrol visibility is better and that they can see along the banks that there's no hiding spots anymore. maria: it is interesting because the president is known for his own golf courses. you are golf course manager yourself. how will you convince the president not to build the wall there and also characterize what you see right on the border. do you find that it is a porous border? >> you know, and i recognize that there is a security issue. there is something that needs to be handled in the law can be a tool in some areas. and there is like our golf course, there is a better tool we can use, whether it is to rose or boats or atvs are boots on the ground, there is a better option.
7:38 am
my goal for president trump to see what we have to offer, the uniqueness of being on the rio grande river and the beautiful views we have. seven of our holes around the river and it's a gorgeous setting. it is not just a family business been affected. it is 200 residents, 26 jobs, tax dollars to the community. we are a big part of our community. would be an impact not just us personally, but the area around us. dagen: considering president trump himself owns golf courses, pulling at his heartstrings. maria: used to make the president to your golf course and have this discussion with high-level government sources. or do you feel you don't want to bring it up right now because it's only going to accelerate the process and you your property? >> i think would rather go ahead and have a conversation. we run the last two years spent master plan in a lot of things that we've got a million dollars
7:39 am
for the construction we want to pull the trigger on that is in limbo until we figure out what we can do with the wall situation. as a family, we are ready to have a discussion and figure out what the next step is for us. maria: fascinating, i hope you'll come back and update us on how this plays out. thank you. celebrating a milestone. the 20th anniversary of the movie based on pop icon silliness life. cosco's popular golf balls flying off the shelf and into the courtroom. why is teaming up in legal battle. that is up next.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
maria: welcome back. a new poll shows have that canadians are questioning. they want to deport people who are legally crossing canada from the united states. lauren simonetti with the detail. turning four in 10 respondents say the border crossing could
7:43 am
make canada less safe. mark people of african and middle eastern origin from the u.s. have crossed into canada recently and that's become an issue. the raiders opinion poll shows half of canadians do not approve of how prime minister justin trudeau is handling the influx. similar results supported increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants. billionaire philanthropist david rockefeller has died at the age of 101. the spokesman said he died peacefully in his sleep yesterday morning at his home in new york. he was prefixed child of john d. rockefeller junior and the grandson of standard oil cofoun david rockefeller with jpmorgan chase. to mark his birthday to show you how generous the last committee gave 1000 acres of land next to a national park to the state of maine. 20 years ago today, remember this, the movie to starring jennifer lopez, actually her
7:44 am
breakout role, depicted selena from the early days until her tragic death. sent to a shot and killed by the president of her fan club. she was just 23 years old. shortly after her -- she was from texas. george w. bush, governor of texas at the time created the april 16th silliness birthday would be set today. last year the makeup company nac selena was unveiled. it sold out within hours. finally, when you think of costco, usually don't think of golf balls. costco is suing the owner titleist. krishna holdings has been accused of patented accused of patent and french, false advertisement. the signature brand sells for $1.25 about some of the best-selling around $4 a ball. costco says it does not infringe
7:45 am
on any patents and has not engaged in any false advertising. berea. maria: thank you so much. i did not know that there was a sub today. thank you for that, lauren. but you make about these? >> i've are interested about the border crossing. i wonder if there's a backlash against all these hollywood movies are his who threatened to move out of the united states. maybe they are trying to make sure they don't come up msf canada. maria: it's a good point to bring up. they want those people deported. but everybody crossing the border, canadians are getting upset. >> now maybe justin trudeau will build that wall. it'll be huge. maria: heat-treated that canada is open when this discussion is happening. dagen: people crossing for health care maybe.
7:46 am
>> the debate we are having in the united states as a global debate about the differences between nationalism and globalism. there's blowback all over the world including europe, north america about how our societies are integrating. >> the immigration issue was big. >> absolutely. >> it's been very big and the french election. dagen: canada is our number one trading partner. the biggest importer of oil into the united states and canada. we are like this to their northern neighbors. maria: i don't think that trade deal his father son. they think that the canada trade is fair. it is the mexico part of the deal that they feel is putting america at a different damage. we will see if there's a bilateral canada, bilateral mexico. just weeks to nafta. that was not problematic.
7:47 am
we will take a short break. yup. >> u.s. auto transplant not just a mexico appeared maria: that is true. a credit boost could be in the works. what you should know before you swipe. back in a minute. ♪ don't stop till everything goes ♪ don't back up, don't back down ♪ full throttle, wide-open ♪ [waitress] yeah ok [student] i can just quit school and get a job. [ex student] its okay daddy's here. [wife] daddy [wife] hi [dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [dad] really?
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♪ let's get it started. let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started. let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started. maria: welcome back. could your credit score get a bomb? 12 million americans may increase beginning july 1st after three major credit agencies plan to drop negative
7:51 am
information from credit report including civil judgments for joining us to talk about it is nerd, financial columnist liz westin. thank you for joining us. write down these changes. what do we need to know? >> the information was problematic to start. it was in the way of loan closings. they weren't doing a good enough job of figuring out they got the right information on the right people to report. it was an updated often enough. the three credit bureaus got together and said this is a pain, let's get rid of it. fico an income of the leading credit scoring company instead there's no material effect on the score's ability to predict risk. so why not take this information away and start over? >> was this an example of an overreaction to the financial crisis that credit agencies hadn't done a good enough job of tracking credit scores before? >> there might have been some of that. there was a huge settlement he huge settlement to remap or 31
7:52 am
state attorney generals to change some things about the way things were reported. this is actually an effort of credit bureaus on their own. they decided to get together and decide if we do it together will be easier than if one drops the information. it was private companies getting together. >> so many americans have had a hard time getting mortgages. is this going to frame our capital to people who want to do renovation to their home or young americans who want to buy a new home? >> echoed on the margins. the average bump is only about 10 points. people that have things on credit reports tend to have others. there are going to be a percent of the people affect a pelosi their scores soared because that was the only bad thing. we are not talking a huge number of people. on the march until make a difference. dagen: what kind of things that we talking about? >> chances are you also have a credit card that went bad or
7:53 am
something else negative on your credit report. he mishandled your your credit in the past. >> i've got two daughters, 23 and 20. what are your recommendations for millennial stew start up with a good strong credit report. >> you have to have credit and use credit and use credits have a good credit score, but she don't have to carry debt. that's a huge bed. if you get a credit card, use it lightly. pay it off immediately. student loans are helping their scores around us all if they can pay them on time. maria: there are some things that are good that led buying a home and taking out a mortgage. in the report found that even households that make over $100,000 a year may not be prepared for financial fluctuations. the report is fighting that has those making $100,000 would need $5300 in cash on hand to combat a 30% decrease in income. give us more tips in terms of americans prepared for unexpected volatility.
7:54 am
>> having an emergency fund is important because you don't find a miss those payments. you miss one payment, you could knock 100 points after score. having times kind of a cushion. low-income families can be 250, 500 bucks. higher income families need more to insulate themselves again. maria: medical bills could really throw you for a loop. it is unknown to come back here. >> just looking at medical bills, the numbers involved can be absolutely crazy. it's important to have the health insurance if you can and to keep up with it. keep up with those bills. you really have to bird-dog them. you have to follow up every now and then make sure they're in the system of getting paid. dagen: let me ask you a question, just hypothetically. i am not advocating not been personally responsible, the medical bills if you don't pay them, do they have the same
7:55 am
impact on your credit and credit score as not paying your credit card bills? >> this is a tough question because in the latest version of credit scoring formulas, the answer is no. fico treats medical debt differently than other debt. dagen: differently meaning you can shirk on medical bills and it's not as big of a head as your credit card bills? >> but the problem is most lenders don't use that score. it doesn't matter as much and it s. because most lenders use previous versions. it's like operating systems with your computer. some people are still using vista. i don't know why, but they are. if you talk mortgages, those are like four or five generations out of date. dagen: a follow-up question. why are medical bills not treated with equality or parody? is it because that's how the health providers, what they are trying to bill you for?
7:56 am
>> i think fico doesn't do things unless they are predictive. but they figured out his medical bills aren't as predictive as other debt. if you shirk on a credit card bill, they know you're a bad risk. medical bills can happen to good people. that's the difference. >> what about student data? how important is that to maintaining your credit profile and how big of a driver is that of calling credit scores? >> there's a lot of different parts to that. if you fall behind in the violence, obviously it will hurt you. it's easier to rehabilitate your score with a student loan. if you future payments on time, make nine payments in a row, erase the damage done. it's a little bit different, but anytime you miss a bill or payment, you are going to really hurt your scores. maria: we will leave it there. great insight. still to come, fbi director james comey grilled over the 26th election. congressman trade -- trey gowdy
7:57 am
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8:00 am
proposing crucial changes to the object complaifrment bill president trump heads to capitol hill to draw support. >> from -- >> this is our long awaited cans to flienlt get rid of obamacare. [cheers and applause] >> the long-awaited chance. >> we are going to do it. we are going to do you the. >> what is the alternative what you have is nothing the worst it is a big lie. maria: a changes they came up with straight ahead, judge neil gorsuch in shot set a facing questions in that confirmation hearing yesterday was the opening statement, plus new tsa rules on electronics the tsa banning certain devices, from plane cabins on some u.s. bound flights over rising terrorist threats detailing coming up tom brady missing super bowl jersey found made it all the
8:01 am
way to mexico how it get there coming up earnings general mills shares under pressure food ingenuity with brands including cheerios reporting 7th straight quarterly decline in sales down 2%, rest of the market futures indicating a gain opening of trading this morning to look at markets right now where we see dow industrials nasdaq and s&p 500, all in positive territory. markets in europe, close to the flat line near unchanged ft 100 down cac quarante up, fractional in asia overnight, stocks mostly higher take a look the major averages in asia higher with exception of janet yellen opened down closed down a a third of a percent amazon co bezos high-tech wore a mechanical robot suit how technology can be used in real world jeff base az in a robotic suit we will get into that all those coming up this hour joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" global economics
8:02 am
editor johnson johnson florida congressman fox news contributor lieutenant colonel alan west with us great to have you on the show we love having you nice on person on set. >> good to be here. >>. dagen: details about your life, about -- five guys -- >> eating habits. >> more tweets about this colonel infatuation. >> telling us what burgers they like. >> i ran four miles run work out to eat what i want. >> you got here 5:00 in the morning you ran before that? >> yes peaceful about 3:30 this morning, when all over the place no cars. maria: wow dedication. dagen: you are -- >> i don't know if that is what i would call it [laughter]. dagen: good gracious. >> joining the conversation former ambassador national intelligence director and deputy secretary of state jane negroponte with us ambassador negroponte joining us mom
8:03 am
tarly editor in chief laura ingraham here highways intelligence committee member congressman trey gowdy with us host of stuart varney, weighing in house republicans are tweaking replacement plans for obamacare before a floor vote this week kevin corke live would youed the white house with latest. good morning to you. reporter: always great to talk to you president gop with lawmakers either to make their way pitch for health care reform over to k capitol hill the president that is will be joining lawmakers over there last night, a very interesting night to watch the president, and the bluegrass state of kentucky over in louisville again making the pitch that listen obamacare as it is currently constructed is simply not a workerable idea, and so he had a big rally last night the latest venue in the effort to repeal and replace obamacare i think interesting gop is still working on tweaks, to the bill let me share some of what we know 75 billion dollars in reserves, tax credits a big number we will talk more about that in a
8:04 am
second. the states have choice on medicaid block grants pro -- a or for person funding caps optional medicaid work requirements for states buzz i think people talking about that quite sometime, also, the repeal of the obamacare taxes a year earlier than expected, and a change in federal medicaid reimbursement for elderly disabled the president acknowledged the challenge full buy-in in several key stakeholders inside his party including kentucky rand paul. >> having randy a good thing like rand paul i think a good guy he needs he is speaking from the heart but we have a bill that is going to be negotiated you know doesn't have you put it in you -- may go back tend a fantastic bill the alternative is obamacare, and obamacare is killing kentucky. >> and what is clear, the bill certainly could do more for disabled older americans under
8:05 am
medicaid he additional 85 billion dollars in aide directed for people between 50 and 65, to help easy the cost, of available coverage now certainly we expect to hear more from president as you well know the fight continues behind-the-scenes, what is in what goes, what is to be added back to you. maria: thank you so much we will be watching that, with latest at white house i want to stay on hill the white house pushing back, this morning after fbi director james comey confirmed the bureau ignition into russia possible interference with u.s. election last year. >> i have been authorized by the department of justice, to confirm that the fbi as part of our counterintelligence commission is investigating at any russian government efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign, and the russian government, and
8:06 am
whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. maria: joining us now is former national intelligence director and deputy secretary of state ambassador john negroponte, ambassadorial good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> so what did we learn yesterday? ambassador, the white house is maintaining that there is no evidence he of any collusion with russia we heard same commentary from he clapper, from morell from a number of officials have said that we didn't hear yesterday from jim comey your thoughts? >> my thoughts are first of all, the most important thing we learned was the confirmation of the fact that an investigation fbi investigation is ongoing. n and, secondly, i think under those circumstances, probably would be foolish to try to second-guess any possibly outcomes, so i think we just going to have to wait and see but the big fact is just the fact of the investigation we are going to have to see where it leads. >> so that is really what we learned yesterday are you he surprised that jim comey still
8:07 am
has this job in a lot of people are asking, given the controversy surrounding the election, and you know leading to up the election, the way jim comey conducted himself what do you think? >> well, he's got a 10 year appointment, and i think it would require a pretty extraordinary circumstances to relieve him of his position. that is the deal. and -- i think -- on balance it is a good thing that the fbi director is in 10 years in fact i would like to see that same principle applied to the intelligence community so that these positions can clearly be above politics. maria: a good point. >> he got himself into trouble by acknowledging there was an investigation into hillary's e-mail server now acknowledges there is an investigation into the russia's role in these elections -- should fbi director be talking about these investigations?
8:08 am
is that just causing more uncertainty turmoil in the political process? >> we'll i think there is an extraordinary amount of pressure for him to confirm or deny, and i think under the circumstances, he and attorney general decided the better part of wisdom veal the fact i don't think we will see any more information out of that investigation until pretty much complete. maria: dagen. dagen: ambassador do you think that the intelligence committees in house and senate should declassify relevant information relevant details about what they are looking into? again, we still don't really have answers as to what thank you russians were doing with whom also any surveillance of the trump campaign by obama administration. >> well i have always been erred on side perhaps because i am a former government official, ier on the side of trying to protect classified information until you absolutely have to release it i think would i rather wait until the investigation is
8:09 am
complete, and all the until it skill of the law enforcement community can be brought to bear, on these various facts rather than having us you and me and others, on a daily basis sort of doing our own analysis. >> what is your analysis about all of this leaking, sir? i mean we obviously you are seeing, some away or a group of people undermining the president with all these leaks how do you see it? >> right, well, of course, comey didn't leak just has been authorized to release this information you are talking about other leaks. >> yeah. >> i find it absolutely appalling i have been rfi's in government 44 years old days didn't talk intelligence at i am a nsa was known as quote no such agency toyotas no black ads. >> a passion for anonymity was recruitment standard for spies, that seems to have gone by the boards, personally, i
8:10 am
would like to see some of that get back into the bottle whether it can be done i don't know but declarifying information hither and yon i don't think a good idea. >> is there a reason career intelligence agents there that are there over years regardless of who is in the white house? is that the reason for the leaks, does what can the president do about it? >> yeah. you know, i am not entirely certain. i think it should be one of the reasons is technological i think it has become easier to pull stuff together and sort of release it with one click if you will i think that is unfortunate wikileaks all that stuff. >> we want to switch gears alan west a question on nato. >> ambassador alan west, we just learned from reuters secretary of state rex tillerson not attending nato meeting when you think about rhetoric out there, with the trump administration, towards nato, of course, the expansion of russia with ukraine whatever, do you think this is
8:11 am
a bad optic? >> well -- of course, it is nature of ministerial meeting not the summit meeting that will take place later in the spring with president himself. i mean all secretaries of states of to decide priorities when i was deputy secretary i occasional repdz condoleezza rice because she had to decide priorities in this case my understanding is mr. tillerson is going to stay back here to be on hand for president trump's meeting with xi jinping i this i that is important we have been commenting others about how he has been excluded from meetings with important leaders now we understand that he is going to be in this meeting with xi jinping and president trump and that is very important thing, it is a sign that they are really attending to this important i bilateral relationship it in a 00 will swif. >> thanks for insfooits. >> john negroponte joining us
8:12 am
there coming up next, stowaway large electronic devices when you travel u.s. is banning anything bigger than cell phone for flyers in over a dozen countries we tell you the countries and why amazon ceo bezos suited up beyond controls of a giant robot the future of technology epoch back in a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ at angie's list, we believe
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>>. . welcome back u.s. he imposing restrictions on air passengers from countries lauren simonetti with details. lauren: getting details the united states is announceed a ban on electronic devices from carry-on bag gage from 8 mainly middle east earn north african countries there are indications extremities planning to bring down passenger jets with bombs in lap at that times cab let's cameras dvd players electronic games restrictions affect nine carriers operating out of 10 airports airlines have been given 96 hours starting this morning, to ban devices bigger than cell phone from cabins the ban has no end date. two front-runners closely
8:16 am
watched presidential elections scared off he moonual and marie le pen in first presidential debate over big issues facing the country including place of i islam in france the biggest test of populism strength in europe le pen leader of the far right anti-immigrant national front party, debate lasted for hours went on past midninth. >> general mills reporting better-than-expected drop in quarterly sales down more than 5% net sales slipped to 3.8 billion dollars in third quarter down from about 4 billion a year earlier, take a look at shares now premarket trading, down almost 2 1/2 percent, actually down about 2 1/2% in the past year as well. another company, nike out with results after the bell today, it may record its first year over year earnings decline
8:17 am
since late 20 twef, nike shares down almost 7% this past year. >> and, there is this. >> -- so much like as i or goian weaver. >> from ail eps amazon ceo inside that robot bezos behind have wheel operating joystick for 13 foot tall robot annual robotics conference, he also runs his aerospace firm, with plans to take humans to mars this robot was created by south korean technology company looks too comfortable. >> what a shot. what he will see this this penetrates the workforce -- thank you lauren, interesting. dagen: yes -- whatever jeff bezos does, politics aside. politics aziz. maria: i am old enough to
8:18 am
remember when he worked at shaw went to hedge funds in new york city, that was where he was before he started amazon. maria: amazon. >> who knew? >> jeff bezos. dagen: full terminator two the robot sigourney weaver, aliens, sorry. >> the story that we have to watch closely what is interesting about this we are banning electronics on airplanes from some american allies, so people coming from saudi arabia from turkey, i wondered what backlash the trump administration could get from that. maria: i wonder why they feel that somebody could place a bomb or a trigger a bomb from inside a laptop? >> new information have they uncovered. dagen: chatter no specific threat but chatter. maria: a short break we get back to grilling gorsuch
8:19 am
democrats setting sights on supreme court nominee day two of confirmation hearing we are all over that next cracking the case of missing jersey how investigators believe tom brady stolen super bowl memorabilia wound up south of the border in mexico. back in a minute. ( ♪ ) upstate new york is a good place to pursue your dreams. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area, feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin.
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8:22 am
. maria: president trump supreme court pick in for another long day on capitol hill, judge neil gorsuch facedoff senate democrats this morning second day get under way in opening statements yesterday democrats previewed their lines of attack on gorsuch, sliding his judicial record republican senator chuck grassley opened up with a word of warning for the nominee watch. >> judge, i am afraid over the
8:23 am
next couple of days you will get so he will questions that will cause you just to scratch your head. >> i am concerned when i hear that judge gorsuch is an originalist and strict constructionist. >> i do not know of any other supreme court nominee who was selected by interest groups rather than by a president in consultation with the senate. >> cases like transam trucking so cold 14 degrees below. >> not as cold as your dissent judge gorsuch arlgd his firing was lawful. >> judge gorsuch having reviewed your decisions and your writings i have concerns. the past is truly prologue then i fear that confirming you would guarantee more of the same. >> joining the conversation right now editor no chief of -- fox news contributor laura ingraham. >> was thank you partisan attack so obviously there what do you think about this. >> not surprising.
8:24 am
we have a stark divide in the country about what the role of the sproemeupreme court is saw yesterday today a fever pitch on one side chuck schumer richard blumenthal dianne feinstein believe role of justiceso -- evolve with times so if an issue about marriage, if an issue about a public schoolteacher, a public school parent who wants her son to be privately educated because of a disability, then that mom has to get special attention from the court versus getting special attention from legislator i gorsuch will be grilled ballooning those lines are you going to stand up for rights of the underprivileged are you going to stand up for rights of the little guy when i think he will say is that he is going to apply law faithfully
8:25 am
constitutional stick to role framers clearly understood role of the judges very separate from legislature very separate from executive branch there is evolving constitution mindset on part of the democrats going to grind that into him today. >> baiting him for sure trying to goelt him to make comments on specific situations no jis has ever done. >> laura talk about selective memorial elena kagen soto mayor didn't have to answer questions pressed on specifics how they would rule on cases, justice ruth bader ginsburg didn't have to answer those, richard blumenthal saying if you don't get into specifics with us -- we assume you stand with trump. >> they made that case in point consistently that i think one of the folks in white house, said that neil gorsuch is -- has donald trump's vision of what the role of the justice should be,
8:26 am
and schumer is going to say like he did a couple days ago well i think most people don't want a justice who has the vision of donald trump, so you have to tell us the way in by you are different from donald trump again that is not the role of a justice. i clerked for one of the great justices of our time, justice clarence thomas sometimesed a odds with even other republicans nominees to the court because he is a strict originalist does not believe justices can go beyond the statute at hand and constitutional understanding at the time. and lot of people are frustrated by that what a that is not fair you are not sensitive enough that is not role of the justice that is role of the legislator if these democrats want to change the law then they need to get more democrats senators in office and move to change law, but that is not to role of the court and every time, the court becomes a super legislator what we run into problems we saw that 45 years
8:27 am
after roe v. wade whatever it is we still have a nation divided about the issue of life. that is because the justices ran in, and they -- they handed down a decision that was completely wholly at odds with understanding of the framers, and never settled anything you have to go through legislative process not judicial process. >>. dagen: to your point about clarence thomas i just want to note that justice antonin scalia in texas v. johnson sighted with generator upon but it is covered under first amendment protected speech people upset about that he himself was but, again, a strictest constitutionalist he had to decide that way. >> he said look i am not writing the laws i didn't wry constitution my role is circumscribed illiteracy they want the court to evolve to
8:28 am
the mories of the time predicate will iions of the moment that is not what justices are well suited to do they are lifetime appointments non elected them we elected the president only to nominate them we didn't elect them framers needed to make it very clear their role was very separate from the role of the congress and the executive branch. maria: yeah. >> he there are very liltsdz ways get rid of justices only impeachment process you don't want justices running willy-nilly into social policy not well suited to positioned legally to determine. maria: that is a great point, let me switch gears ask you about this administration is making good on its promise to name and shame municipalities refusing to cooperate with federal immigration policies so ice released first report yesterday this report, the border control report details a list of 206 cases in which immigrants released from custody despite requests from
8:29 am
federal agencies, do you see this public pressure working? why are they not following the law? >> illegal immigrants who are released go on to commit other crimes, at a disproportionate rate other inmates released the regular law-abiding americans are the ones left to suffer i think it is information that the public has a right to know. what cities are shielding illegal alien criminals what cities are facilitating excessive krimality recidivism they are not cooperateing with ice we saw that horrible case you probably talked about it in rock avail 15 miles from where i am sitting we had 14-year-old girl sodomized raped by two allegedly two illegal aliens teens, horrific case these cases are repeated all across america veering degrees crimes, and donald trump brought this issue to the fore all these immigrant
8:30 am
rights groups say oh that is not fair that is not fair? you know what is not fair is in a is keeping information from public at large that is is what is not fair. >> i think malibu just said it wants to be sanctuary city. >> affected by illegal immigrant crime, when the lawn guy like, you know attacked with a hedge clipper come on ridiculous! >> incredible quick -- >> laura good to be with you when do we see in consequences for this type of behavior. >> well i think the trump administration has to follow through, and it is time to pull funding from mucipalities, stes, cities. that refuse to follow federal law when federal law supersedes state law required states dwul comply if they don't want comply they are on their own. >> laura ingraham fox business is carrying the supreme court confirmation hearing life joining us 9:30 a.m. eastern, when the confirmation hearing
8:31 am
day two of neil gorsuch begins we will have it live right here still ahead james comey in hot set a lawmakers grilling fbi director on bureau investigation russia's possible election meddling walmart's high-tech strategy to take on growing competition from amazon we've got congressman trey gowdy on the other side of this break back in a minute.
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
tuesday, march 21 top stories right now 30 a. on t east coast. fbi director james comey grled on capitol htoday lawmakers squared off with comeyed yesterday everything from russia to the leaking of classified information. some of the biggest exchanges cage between comey and trey gowdy watch. >> i thought it was against the law to disseminate classified information. >> is it? >> yes, sure a serious crime. i am not going to comment on those articles i don't want in any sort of sense compound a criminal act by confirming that it was classified information. but in general, yes, it is a serious crime, it should be. >> we will speak with congressman trey gowdy next life illegal immigrants could be headed for warmer weather, and beaches, the fallout after malibu declares itself a sanctuary city.
8:35 am
emigrating to mexico tom brady's jersey how authorities were able to track down iconic sports memorabilia south of the border. backlash over wells fargo account scandal continues details a drop-off in new accounts market like this futures a gain opening of trading take a looks fractional dow jones industrial average expected up 10 points day as you see there, in europe markets are hovering near unchanged line similar situation here, the cac quarante is up have a half a percent a presidential debate in france last night, looks like he won that debate we will watch that ahead of elections there, in asia overnighted, stocks mostly higher exception of japan as you see. monopoly a new champion a look at plans to rock you from free parking to park place. >> first moments on capitol hill james comey was grilled by congressional leaders, south carolina republican congressman trey gowdy questioned comey over whether reports should face prosecution for their role in
8:36 am
leaking classified information. >> there an exception in the lay for kirnt reformed or u.s. officials request anonymity. >> to release classified information ye sir, no. >> is there an exception in the law for reporters who want to break a story? >> that is a harder question, as to whether a reporter incurs criminal liability by publishing classified information one -- >> you are not aware of an exception in the statute that cavs out exception for rosterers. >> not aware of anything carved out in statute i don't that i reporter has been prosecuted certain in my lifetime. >> there have been a lot of statutes at bar in this instigation for which no one was been prosecuted or convicted. >> south carolina congressman trey gowdy good to see you thanks for spending the time. >> yes, ma'am thank you. >> let's talk about this, i mean what are the implications
8:37 am
for leaking classified information? i mean for example, everybody knows the conversation that general michael flynn had that was given to the "washington post." what are the implications here? >> a well, the most serious implication is that some of my colleagues on capitol hill are go going to be very reluctant to authors surveillance programs director comey others described as criminal vital to national security what i went through director comey with yesterday was this is an agreement between the american people and government. we are going to use these programs, but we're going to safeguard the identity of u.s. persons when part of that agreement is broken makes members of congress think why don't we scuttle the whole thing. >> why do you think there is so much leaking going on rht now congressman, i mean can you -- identify the reason that this is happening? obviously people in the intelligence area that are undermining this administration. >> well, there are myriad motives a couple we can
8:38 am
eliminate not to further a criminal investigation because criminal investigators already have the information, it is not to further a national security or intelligence related investigation because they already have the information, it could be to embarrass this administration, it could be to curry favor with report aer i don't knowthe. i just know that if you do not enforce the law people are not going to take it seriously, and it is a 10 year felony to addition seminmate classified information i want remember last person prosecuted for it. >> what did we learn from jim comey yesterday congressman. >> i think your viewers learned that he acknowledged there is investigation into russia's attempts to interfere with influence our election, what we also learned he is wig to confirm existence that have investigatings but not willing to confirm the existence of an investigation into the leak, it is really hard to have public hearings on house intel politics serious
8:39 am
investigations don't mix. so i think your viewers may haveearn things yesterday most members house intel knew what we heard yesterday. >> you are a member of that committee, of course, is the reason that we are talking to you today, and we've already heard from a number of colleagues of yours in washington who have said, there is no connection or no evidence of any collusion between trump administration, and the russians about the election and, yet, jim comey didn't say that yesterday. >> he did not, there were quotes former director clapper director comey's defense, he is not supposed to prejudge the outcome of investigation until it is over. why it is really dicey to publicly discuss matters like this, and i don't want to to be too critical of him in a really, really tough spot. politics and criminal investigations are quasi criminal investigations do not work well together, and maria if you will think about all
8:40 am
the other investigations going on in america right -- today, the grand jury the police officers investigating people, none of that is done publicly there is a reason for that, so when you try to mix politics and serious investigations usually the politics wins. >> a lot of people are questioning, why jimcome is stl in that job. >> still in that job? >> he has a 10 year gig, receivers almost at pleasure of the president but we give head of the fbi a 10-year contract so he or she can have objectivityness i have had plenty of differences with director comey in the past not only do i like him permanently i think an incredibly did i job if not him i don't know who could navigate this thicket prosperity than he does it doesn't mean i agree with conclusions he reaches it is a really tough job even
8:41 am
without a public hearings when you have politicians asking you questions they should know you cannot answer, it makes you come across, as -- as appearing evasive didn't view him that way i knew he couldn't answer most of the questions asked media. >> you grilled director comey if he can smaur american people fbi will investigate leaked of classified information what kind of actions do you want to see out of fbi in that regarded? >> i want him to find the universal people that had access to a -- unmask u.s. citizens name interview those people under penalty false at the same time narrow down universe one said nine former or current senior government official nine different people talking to media about something a felony to discuss, or to publish, so the universe you are not in the group of people that would have had that information i am not in the group of people, so i just saved two interviews out of
8:42 am
320 million people in our country, there around the that many that would have had access to the information so narrow the universe interview the people, phone records are helpful, e-mail records are hel same way you investigate any other crime. but you got to want to do it you got to view it seriously, he said he viewed it seriously. we will see. >> yeah and you know also interesting to hear the conversation around the wiretap possibly surveilling potential, are we parsing words? obviously, you know michael flynn's conversation was surwail wiretap whatever you want to call it because we know exactly with a went on in that phone call, but the -- the committees are basically saying no, no evidence of any wiretapping boy presidentor built, but but but. >> president obama does not have the authority or the means to wiretap anyone. >> what about surveillance?
8:43 am
could that have been happening that is what president was reserving referring to -- >> among many he lilgs in life being able to tell you what other people are thinking probably top of the list i will say this there are swans programs that are necessary for national security. and from time to time, you may have the target of surveillance who happens to talk to nontarget but that information is collected. that is where the agreement between government and citizenry comes in to play, government has agreed to safeguard that information. so i don't think most of your viewers are upset upset if information may exist somewhere in a vault what upsets them is the fact not on front page of "new york times" and "washington post" -- that is what needs to be found out. >> before you go i got to ask about this investigation, around the i.t. specialist that those three brothers that were fired because they accessed people's information unauthorized, they were make 1:1565,000 dollars a year -- 165,000 dollars a year three times what i.t. staffer makes
8:44 am
what is going on with that investigation. >> you told me more about that investigation than i knew before i put the microphone on, this morning, i am not -- to that information i am become familiar with it i am not familiar with it i don't want to guess and dance. >> great to have you on program thanks so much, trey gowdy joining us a short break we will be right backstartstart on the other side of in a break stay with us.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
. . maria: welcome back we are about 45 minutes away from the opening bell, for a tuesday, markets looking fractionally higher this morning a couple names watching on move, wells fargo feeling effects of phony account scandal the bank announcing a sharp timeline in new accounts down more than 40 percent year over year in february new credit card applications down 55% same period wells fargo shares up 16 or last year, we are watchinghares of walmart retail setti sights on silicon valley will open its own technology incubator on
8:48 am
developing retail technology store number 8. president trump shoring up support to meet with house republicans to a repeal and replace obamacare. >> metshlets not get distracted there is a lot to be distracted about meddling by russians or that bad temperature he period tweet on saturday morning about the trump tower those are distractions the meeting trump holds with house republicans persuade them to pass obamacare replacement bill thursday needs unity a halled in "the wall street journal" says they don't have votes conservatives will hopped it up don't have votes to pass obamacare change come thursday why i say this meeting is a key meeting, for the very
8:49 am
young trump presidency, he has got to have that win on thursday, if he doesn't get that win on thursday, off-line goes the tax cut off-line goes to program for infrastructure development, and i think erore off-line goes the trump rally. i think it is that important, and thateeting going on in 11 minutes' time is key to the markets for the next couple weeks that is what i think. maria: for sure, if any upset happened with health care bill, that backs everything up. >> can you imagine if president losses vote on thursday the conservatives throw out this plan, and go with something else whatever they go with the thing if that happens thursday, that is a real serious problem for president trump and legislative schedule. >> absolutely right we know going to be tough getting through senate as it is, he's got to pass house we know you have more in 10 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. this
8:50 am
morning join stuart coming up next having a good time, first look at a queen theme monopoly should rock you back in a minute with that. your insurance company
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maria: get this malibu decides to become a ask sanctuary city lauren simonetti with details. lauren: malibu california, the city known primarily for celebrities involved in hotly political issue 3-2 to prove a resolution that prohibits using city funds to enforce federal civil immigration law malibu rsht actor martin sheen behind effort despite a report by city attorney citing potential for negative fiscal impacts from president trump's order to ensure sanctuary jurisdictions do not receive
8:54 am
grants now you know, one step closer to what happened to tom brady's missing super bowl li jersey authorities found the jersey in mexico now trying to find out, if former mexican paper executive is behind theft, conclusively reporting authorities are pointing to this man right there, seen in video as likely culprit swiped jersey after past super bowl win did you know that fbi director james comey, he hates about new england patriots mention yesterday before house tension committee talking about russia alleged meddling in u.s. presidential election. >> did you put in in i hate new england patriots no matter who they play i would like them to lose i am at same time, rooting against patriots and hoping opponents beat them only two teams on field. >> we sympathize comey
8:55 am
qualified he hates patriots as giants sfan sustained ask scomplens drives him crazy samsung drug new voice assistant siri rival expected to debut on galaxy later this month samsung case will let you operate compatible apps completely by voice don't need to touchscreen juice apps telling them what to do, analysts say this is pretty sophist kate. >> -- ♪ ♪ queen is getting her own version of monopoly, and game hitting shelves in may brian may conmarriage will take fans through moments in history, will start with queen's very first gig imperial college in
8:56 am
1970, and run through their last with fred mercury in 1986 i believe on tour this summer. >>. >> awesome having colonel west on set myriad reasons few of them, will be, that we found out that he he -- that you hate new england patriots. >> born, raised in atlanta. >> onboard with that you hate duke iove you we given thumbs-up to queens, so -- fantastic. >> there is nothing better than bunch of soldiers out freezing butts out singing bohemian -- >> for us on air? >> we -- >> after the break we will see, back in a minute. is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality
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ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. ... >> we're back with final thoughtsments i agree with stuart varney. if this doesn't pass it will be a torpedo in the broadside and the important thing about the meeting with china, we've got to get china under control and they get north korea under control and i look forward to the final four. maria: who will it be. >> i have no idea. >> and ivanka, a power struggle in there and having hi
9:00 am
daughter there is shaping the power struggle. maria: whose side is she on? >> gary cohn and liberal. >> if you don't vote for this, you're standing with nancy pelosi and own that when it's reelection. maria: stuart varney is up. stuart: thank you, maria. russian meddling, bugging trump tower, distractions, right now, the president's getting down to the serious business of legislating change. this is the real make or break. president trump's about to meet with all house republicans. he wants unity, he wants a yes vote on thursday in ending obamacare, he must win that vote to keep his program on track. he stumped for it at a raucous rally in kentucky last night. 18,000 people. a half mile line to get in. he said, finish with obamacare and get on with cutting taxes.


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