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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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people get annoyed when he does this. >> an extremely busy 24 hours. not going to get more than an hour or two of sleep as he continues to work on both conservatives and moderates to pound out this health care bill. >> yeah, we'll see what happens. that does it for us. "ris& reward" stts rig now. >> tonight, i am also calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. [ cheers ] >> you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> we're encouraged tonight, just based on the willingness not only of the white house, but our leadership, to make this bill better. >> if you like your health care plan, we'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> if, in fact, there's going to be agreement, we want to see the language first. we want to be sure it does what needs to be done. >> as of this morning, there is
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95% agreement on this conservative bill in the house. but in washington, the last 5% matters. >> i don't know if you want to call this on trump's part a rookie's error, but you don't sign today and say we're going to pass a bill. >> affordable. >> affordable. >> affordable. >> we're very optimistic that if we work around the clock between now and noon tomorrow, that we're going to be able to hopefully find some common ground. liz: from the white house to capitol hill. the showdown now under way over repealing and replacing obamacare. right now, the vote has been delayed until possibly tomorrow. fox business team coverage all over it. all the breaking details how it went down tonight. welcome to "risk & reward" i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. breaking right now. the deal-making continues, moderate republicans arrive at white house right now.
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it is high-stakes action. the situation is fast and fluid. president trump faces first major legislative test. the house was supposed to hold the highly anticipated vote today but only begin when republicans are sure they have the yes votes they need. let's bring in blake burman with the details. blake? >> reporter: hi there, liz, the tuesday group as they are known started strolling into the white house a little while ago, it comes as the other side of the set of republicans, the house freedom caucus came early this morning to meet with republicans. the moderates meeting now. the conservative group meeting earlier this morning and still yet no deal as republicans are deliberating and negotiating with republicans to come up with some sort of a compromise. the president address the reality of all of this earlier this afternoon saying this all comes down to one thing, politics. listen. >> they know it's no good.
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everybody knows it's no good. only politics because we have a great bill, and i think we have a very good chance, but it's only politics. >> reporter: earlier today, mark meadows of the house freedom caucus said they need 30 or 40 members to get from no votes to yes votes at the white house press briefing. the press secretary sean spicer told me they feel as if they flipped folks from the no column into the yes column but spicer tried to light a fire under some republicans saying, look, you have voted against this thing for years, now is your moment. get to it. here was spicer from earlier this afternoon. >> you got to vote for repeal and go back and tell the constituents 50 times. this is a live ball now, and this is for real, and we're going to do what we pledged to the american people and keep our word. >> reporter: liz, saying to republicans get in line.
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i was just speaking with a white house official a little while ago who told me the expectation here at 1600 pennsylvania avenue is the vote will take place a mile to our east tomorrow. whether that happens, we'll see. back to you. liz: thank you, blake, great reporting there. to the actual vote in the white house. let's bring in peter barnes with the latest. peter, can we expect a vote tomorrow or will it be friday or next week peter, when? >> it could be tomorrow, if they have a deal, then they could get started first on the procedural piece of this which is to adopt a rule, the rules of debate, but they have to actually have, liz, a written bill, a piece of legislation that everybody has -- they have to sign off on and they don't have that yet. the clock hasn't started ticking. the freedom caucus chairman mark meadows telling reporters in the last hour on capitol hill that his members are concerned that the legislation
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as currently written will not lower health care costs and insurance premiums enough, he is negotiating but predicted a deal will get done. listen. >> we're going to get to the finish line because the president is committed to get to the finish line, moderates and conservatives are committed to get to the finish line. >> desperately trying to get to yes, i think the president knows, that i told him personally, and i can say with all the freedom caucus, they are really trying to get the yes. >> reporter: we know one area of disagreement is a concession that the freedom caucus apparently got from the president and republican leaders. it's a provision that would eliminate obamacare's required healthenefits mandatit. mandated coverage of for example egnancy and maternity care, not something a senior citizen might need, the conservatives argue, but moderates opposed changes to the mandates. they would like to have guidelines for insurance companies what they have to
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cover and don't have to cover, and they're concerned, some of them, the moderates about changes in medicaid they say will reduce coverage for the lower income constituents back home. liz? liz: thank you, peter. the deal maker in chief working to get freedom caucus members to flip their votes from a no to a yes. let's bring in liz peak from the fiscal times, understanding it passes? >> i think it passes, the only people celebrating are the democrats. for eight years they have told american voters that gop is great at obstruction but can't govern. and what have we done right now? inability to govern. i tell you what, this is bigger than the freedom caucus, it's bigger than the health care bill. this is all about establishing the donald trump presidency as legitimate administration. we've had such pushback against donald trump since the day he was elected. he needs a win, i can't believe honestly, that the republicans in congress are not willing to
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give him that win. it's not a perfect bill but better than obamacare. liz: quick breaking news, waiting to see speaker paul ryan near his office on the capitol waiting for reaction to progress in the health care reform bill. you say pass it and tweek it like they did with obamacare. >> absolutely. by the way, this is not the final bill. this bill goes to the senate and mess around and then it's going to come back, and there are two other ways of legislation promised behind this so there's a lot to be done. and again, it is not a perfect bill, but they need to show they can create and pass legislation. this is a test, not only of the president but of the g.o.p. >> let's turn to the london terror attack, big debate on the airwaves in england and social media. kate hopkins getting blasted saying it's politically correct thinking helping to put lives in danger. >> what i'm tired of hearing on the media everywhere at the
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moment is we will not be cowed by terror. we stand united. because the big news is that's the message in london. that is not the message here in the uk. >> right. >> people are cowed by particular religion which is promoted by the muslim mayor sadiq khan, the bus driver, that's his only credential. people are cowed. people are afraid. and people are not united. great britain is more this united, it is absolutely divided, more than any time in its past and we are, in fact, a nation of ghettos. i think liberals here actually think multiculturalism means we all die together, and that's not a view i support. liz: liz, katie said londoners cannot be honest about the attacks because everything they believed in is false. what are your thoughts? >> there's a lot of pushback, not only in the uk. obviously here also, and in france and in germany and austria and holland.
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all these countries where they have been under attack by one group. let's be clear, it is basically radical islam killing people in the streets of all these countries. so when the liberal press is all offended because donald trump doesn't want to, for example, bring refugees in this country about whom we do not know enough, from countries beset by terror and everybody goes crazy over that. this is what she's talking about and she's right. liz: the terrorist is british foreign khaled massud. liz, it's tough to deal with home-grown terrorists, 2,000 extremists in england, they didn't have enough man power to handle that. and hypocrisy how terrorists explt openocieties. we know a number of middle eastern countries deny entry to israelis or deny persons who
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travel to israel from coming into the country, it includes bahrain, iran, kuwait, lebanon. what about your thoughts? also saudi arabia. >> the homegrown situations are very difficult but in the uk they know there are radicalizing mosques in that country, which have become hot beds of terror wanna-bes, let's call them who emerge from the mosques ready to do damage, and the other thing that is incredibly difficult. what did he do? he had a truck and ran people over. same thing that happened in nice over a year ago. these are horrifying incidents because you can kill and maim, and the christmas attack in berlin. you can kill and maim so many people with an automobile or whatever. it's a really worrisome thing, but when in new york, we began to have surveillance infiltrating -- people infiltrating the mosques and so forth in new york, that got huge pushback, all of a sudden that was anti-civil rights and civil liberties and the claim
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was nothing ever came out of that. i was embedded in the police department one day and met someone who uncovered a ring of terrorists in newark just through the program. i think it's ridiculous we don't face up to the threat that we have. liz: we did it wo the mob here as peter king said. >> yes. liz: chuck schumer says he and other democrats will block judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court in a filibuster. can any judge nominated by a democrat survive a filibuster? >> the answer is no. this is a stupid thing in my view by the democrats, neil gorsuch is an exemely good, qualified candidate. nothing that came out in these hearings would prove him to be otherwise. the "new york times" did a hit job on him early in the week, talking about how he is close to a secretive billionaire in colorado. he's not secretive, he's simply private. there's a difference, and nothing particularly nefarious
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about anches and his relationship with neil gorsuch. they got him on nothing. what they're going to do is trigger efforts by the gop, which they can do to get rid of the filibuster on supreme court nominations and the next time they have a vacancy, they're going to rue the day they do that. liz: they will do that. >> i'm pretty sure. liz: devin nunes delivering the bombshell saying president trump and transition team surveilled by the last administration. coming up, we've got the man who sued the nsa and won. he was also on this show warning that that could happen. look who it is? it's larry klayman, here to talk about this after this break. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom,
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. >> these agencies have been harvesting the confidential information of the supreme court chief justice roberts, other chief justices, 156 judges, donald trump yourself and yours truly back in 2007. this is extremely dangerous because it could be used to blackmail people. now i'm not scared and i don't think president trump is scared but there are other people who could be blackmailed with this, and we have alternative government which is more potentially powerful than the president himself. z: freedom wch fnder larry klayman rned us what's coming up on this show. the house intelligence chairman saying president trump and his team members had their personal communications monitored, intercepted and disseminated. >> what i've read seems to me to be some level of surveillance activity, perhaps legal, but i don't know that it's right and i don't know
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that the american people would be comfortable with what i've read, but let us get all the reports. >> mr. chairman -- >> it is possible. liz: the man who won the lawsuit against the nsa for mass data collection in surveillance practices is larry klayman. larry, you warned about this way before what devin nunes disclosed. what do you think now? larry: i did, liz, this was entirely predictable foreseeable, and i agree with chairman nunes when what he said, it's not legal, it's unconstitutional. judge leon ruled that in the lawsuit in 2013 there. such more here. he just talked about the tip of the iceberg. there's a heck of a lot there and we have offered, i sent a letter on the 21st of march, before chairman nunes came out yesterday and described what he has and urged him and his committee to bring forward dennis montgomery, former
5:18 pm
nsa-cia contractor who has information about the illegal surveillance. 47 hard drives. 600 million plus pages of information, he testified in front of the fbi in an interview he gave under oath for three hours in a secure room in washington, d.c.'s fbi field headquarters. nunes needs to get that information from the committee and asked the white house to bring in montgomery in a secure room with people who have security clearances and listen to him. this is the biggest scandal in american history. we can't have an orwellian state as judge leon put it where we have the damocles, the big brother over the lives of all of us here, we can't do business, we can't function as a republic under these circumstances. liz: the fbi has been saying probing, alleged trump-russia collusion that clapper said there is no proof of it. mike morell, acting cia director said there is no proof of it. we have a democrat representative adam schiff of california. he's now saying that nunes has
5:19 pm
a profound cloud over efforts to investigate that. what are your thoughts? larry: my thoughts are schiff is acting as a political hk here. doesn't want to get the truth, he wants to delegitimize president trump and his administration to grind it to a halt. if he was a bona fide member of the intelligence community, he'd want to hear dennis montgomery. we're prepared to bring dennis in. they can listen to him in a secure room with security clearances, check out what he has to say. the fbi has all of this material. i was disheartened by listening to fbi director comey, he was not truthful with the committee under oath. he was not truthful. liz: how? larry: he has all this stuff in his files and he could verify what montgomry is telling him. liz: nunes said u.s. collected information on president trump and his team, widely dissemnail theed. we know loretta lynch signed off on that.
5:20 pm
here's the issue, the media keeps focusing on obama wiretapped tweet, very upset about that, that he was reckless. there is a broader story about surveillance and whether or not the obama administration or anybody in the administration used the cover of russia to do spying about on trump and his team about other issues, right? larry: right, to vilify president trump for using the generic term wiretapi use that too because that's what the amicaneople understand. wiretaps are not done anymore, it's done through electronic surveillance. there has been the surveillance with telephonic metadata as edward snowden revealed with regard to internet communications, social media, that's legitimate if you're doing it when there is probable cause that a crime is being committed or communications with terrorists are occurring, but these intelligence agencies, during the obama administration in particular,
5:21 pm
were surveying all americans and prominent americans like president trump then a businessman like me, like others, without probable cause. that is a crime. and these people need frankly to go to jail for what they've done. liz: you said they surveilled supreme court justices according to the information you have. larry: that's correct, and i'm not making any accusation but this is serious in terms of what needs to be investigated. liz: larry klayman, always good to see you, please come back soon. breaking news, the congressional budget office revealing a new score for the updated gop health care reform bill. let's see obamacare repealed and replaced. smaller savings over 10 years, it will cut the deficit, the number of people choosing not to take part in government basically backed insurance, hovering at 14 million. trump budget director mick mulvaney arriving at the white
5:22 pm
house, we're monitoring all this action live. fast and fluid situation, we'll bring you the details as they come in. next up, the media blaming the messenger, instead of asking why the president and his team was surveilled by the last obama administrion d nothing to do wi russia. thnext guest is asking the same question, he's fox news' gregg jarrett, he's here to react after this. >> looked like someone on the transition team, trying to lead a nonpartisan investigation. it made him look like a show for the white house. with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee has described a cloud of scandal over the white house, and today he chose to walk straight into the cloud himself. >> there are also growing questions about whether the house intelligence committee's investigation into russia is now compromised after its chairman went directly to the president with new surveillance information. >> somebody on the transition team as someone who is trying
5:26 pm
to lead a nonpartisan investigation, made him look like a shield for the white house. liz: devin nunes saying the president and his team was, in fact surveilled, nothing to do with russia. spilling the beans to the white house, ahead of time and ahead of congress. my next guest how some covered this story when president trump first tweeted about wiretaps. >> this is not funny. this is really bad. just for the record, we're all really nervous so, if people feel nervous, we do too. liz: all right, you can't undercut somebody for passion, they feel for something. the media is hammering trump for the reckless tweet, doesn't seem like there's a lot of coverage why the president and his team was surveilled when it had nothing to do with russia. let's bring in fox news' gregg jarrett. here is what's missing about the questions we're asking, was
5:27 pm
the obama administration using the cover of legitimate surveillance to foreign targets? gregg: that's an important question. was it ware tapping in the old conventional archaic sense? nobody splices the green and blue wire anymore, it's do with electronic eavesdropping, high-tech surveillance, but surveillance is surveillance and we do know that trump associates were surveilled. so the sum and substance of the president's tweet is absolutely accurate, and that seems to be lost on many members of the media. liz: so we know the "new york times" has been reporting about it since last year. "washington post," cnn are reporting about it. gregg: if you want to blame president trump, go ahead. they used the headline wiretap, used the body of the story and conflate it with surveillance.
5:28 pm
blame them. liz: the story has been rampant collusion between russia and trump associates. we get that. that's disturbing and unacceptable, if proven. no one disagrees with that, right? isn't it odd to repeatedly report about the collusion and constantly say president obama and his team did not put trump tower under surveillance. does that square? gregg: no, it doesn't. whether it was president trump who oversees the intelligence agencies as commander in chief, we don't know but we know the intelligence agencies committed a couple of crimes. one, whoever had the information about michael flynn disclosed it to the media, and number two, didn't mask his identity nor the content and they're supposed to. let me say one other thing, too. so many people, democrats included, are criticizing nunes for yesterday that he committed a crime, exposing classified information, no, he didn't. disclosing the existence of
5:29 pm
surveillance and the use of fisa is not the same as disclosing the content of classified information. it is not a crime though adam schiff seems to continuing may be. liz: they're mad there is criticism he went to the white house with that information. gregg: so what? what's the big deal? the intelligence committees go to another guy, the commander in chief who has the highest level of security clearance to talk about a matter of national security interests. liz: right gregg: what's the big deal. liz: the probe started last july. there was reporting about it last year, loretta lynch signed off on widespread dissemination, and sean spicer reacting to reporters today. >> there seems to be this obsession with the process. how did he get here? when did he go? what w the reaction? at some point there should be
5:30 pm
concern about the substance. that's a very serious revelation that he's made about what happened during the 2016 election with respect to our side. and some of the things that happened. and at some point, i would implore, urge, beg, some of you to use some of your investigative skills to look into what actually did happen? why did it happen? what was going on back there? who knew what when? there should be a similar concern as opposed to figuring out whether he took a skateboard or a car here to figure out what happened. the reality is whether he briefed us first or briefed the democratic members and that's up to him to decide, the substance of what he shared should be troubling to everybody. liz: he's saying what nunes shared had nothing to do with the russia probe, that the spying on them had nothing to do with the russia probe. >> and nunes intimated as such with some of the information collected legally or not, i don't know, i heard larry
5:31 pm
klayman's comment on that, but the focus seems to be lost on the violations that occurred here, and i come back to michael flynn once again. here's a guy who was treated poorly by the intelligence community when they leaked his name and they leaked the conversation. of course, he's having a conversation with kislyak, the russian ambassador to the united states, so was jeff sessions, perfectly permissible in having a conversation with him about terrorism in the ukraine, and all this hair on fire hysteria over this. liz: and trump associates having connections to russia. that's what the probe about. the question is this a fishing expedition to damage the president? gregg: it may be a subterfuge, a charade to find the information and prending the targets were russian and the incidental collection of associates. liz: love having you on. police confirming another victim of the london terror attack passed away. we have the full details next.
5:32 pm
uk parliament member nigel farage told us the anti-travel pause that protesters need to reflect on that, he's saying, on what's happening in his home country. former senator scott brown agrees. after this.
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. liz: breaking news, london police confirming another victim of the london terror attack. he has passed away. the 75-year-old man has been receiving medical treatment in a hospital following the attack.
5:36 pm
he was taken off life support this evening. that makes five people as well as the terrorist who died from this assault. this comes as british authorities naming the london parliament attacker as 52-year-old khalid massoud, a native of england with a 20-year criminal record. isis is claiming responsibility. they're calling massoud one of its soldiers. the killer plowed his car into pedestrians on london's westminster bridge yesterday and fatally stabbed a police officer outside parliament before he was shot and killed by the police. prime minister theresa may says the attacker was british born and known to authorities. nigel farage told us last night that politicians share the blame. >> if you dare criticize open door immigration and dare to say that threatens our security. by the way, i've been saying this for years, you get branded as racist, branded as extreme. actually all we're arguing for
5:37 pm
is plain common sense. since mrs. merkel said that anyone that wants to come into europe can, 2 1/2 million people have gotten into germany, france, belgium, and i just wonder how many of those 2 1/2 million in the years to come will do us damage? and the truth is that all of these things that are happening in these european cities, all have been caused by our politicians, not doing their job properly. liz: let's bring in former homeland security committee ranking member and senator scott brown. senator, what did you think of nigel farage's comments just there? senator brown: i always enjoy his straightforward talk, he speaks quite frankly like donald trump, very plain talking and he nailed it. have you folks trying to be politically correct and changing the immigration policy that's been in place for generations and all of a sudden to say come on, in we don't care who you are, what you are, we don't care if you simulate hanging out in sections we don't allow police to go
5:38 pm
anymore, it's a tragic, tragic situation, frankly, emac, i'm shocked we have a judge in a state that doesn't allow refugees to come into it stopping the policy on immigration, it makes complete and total sense and hopeful it will get addressed right away. liz: but the president is saying we're not ready. we're not up to speed to handle an influx of that magnitude, and former speaker newt gingrich is saying the same. he's getting heat for his comments on immigration hannity last night. take a listen. >> people come here, we need to go back to teaching people how to be american. to assimilating them into an american civilization. we absorb lots of people from lots of places. we can do it again, part of that requires we defeat the left-wing mythology that you can be multicultural and still be a single country. we can have many peoples come
5:39 pm
to america but need to be american when they come here. liz: that's what newt gingrich is talking about respecting our constitution, bill of rights, tolerance and our values, right, senator? setor brown: what a novel thought, emac, to love america, the greatest country in the world. i believe we should change our immigration policy. i have no problem putting it on temporary hold and properly vetting folks who want to come in. i think everyone coming in should bring in a trade or talent that we, in fact, need. not just a blanket, yeah, come on in and, you know, we'll put you on our welfare rolls, that is completely inappropriate. there are many countries that look at the applicants and say we need that nuclear engineer, we need that teacher, we need that xyz person, that is more than appropriate. liz: british police made 8 arrests in connection to the london attack. senator brown: good. liz: isis is taking credit for it. do you worry all it took to carry out an attack like this and to shut down london was a
5:40 pm
knife and a car? senator brown: of course i worry about it, it's the new norm. in the magazines that promote terrorism, you're saying use everything you can, and a moving vehicle is a great weapon. a cowardly way to hurt people and change their way of life. these folks, obviously, they are going to continue on and we need to be vigilant and diligent to be sure these things happen. that's why it's completely appropriate the president provided the tools and resources for law enforcement and military, not only securing the border, to make sure we can eliminate the potential risks associated with people like this, and obviously, if you see something, you got to say something, especially when they're your next-door neighbor and they're doing things that seem out of whack. you got to speak up. liz: senator, always good to see you. senator brown: all right, emac, thank you. liz: next up, outraged parents in maryland demanding answers in the sadistic rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal
5:41 pm
immigrants. democrats in the house voting to be the first sanctuary area. they admit the controversy. an angry mother and residents here to speak out next. iver pla, employees take safety personally - iver pla, down to each piece of equipment, so they can ect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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. >> i know that if this country enforced the laws that are already on the books, those two young men would not have been here, and this horrendous, horrendous rape would not have occurred. >> i'm a lifelong resident. >> they're come all, come in, 20 years old, come on in. go to high school with a 14-year-old. liz: outraged parents and residents of rockville, maryland, demanding answers over the brutal and sadistic rape and sodomy of a 14-year-old girl last week. the crime occurred in a place where you expect your children to be safe, at a school. two immigrants charged illegally crossing the border from central america as unaccompanied minors. the public school placed both suspects, 17-year-oldos
5:45 pm
montano and jose sanchez milian, maryland's house of delegates passed legislation to join state like california in trying to become a sanctuary state. school administrators reacting. >> we don't have any capacity check in immigration, nor would we check the criminal. >> one of the two individuals that was apprehended was actually stopped by i.c.e. in texas and released. how is this on us? liz: joining me kimberly allman whose son attends the high school. how do you feel as a parent about what happened at your child's school? >> liz, thank you very much for having me. listen, i grieve for the innocent students here at rockville high school, the devoted educators and administrators, the staff, my
5:46 pm
son and as a parent what's happened here, it's been very difficult for us. there are so many of us who want to move on from rockville. we don't want the story here, and i want to move the story away from rockville. it's devastating. liz: after this horrific high school rape, maryland's democrat controlled house of delegates voted to be the first sanctuary state. let's take a listen, i'd like your reaction. >> ask that the attorney general develop a safe haven policies for undocumented immigrants in hospitals, public schools and courthouses. >> this bill is good for maryland, it makes maryland safer. why? >> 100%, it was a rape. and the immigration status of a defend has nothing to do with, you know, the crime that was committed. liz: i think viewers are tired of victims being treated like rounding errors by officials. will sanctuary status make maryland safer? >> no. sanctuary status will not make
5:47 pm
maryland safer. as a matter of fact, it is wrong. it is a bill that needs to be crushed. i don't want it. my community doesn't want it. liz: president trump has a new unit at the justice department to deal with crimes like this. it's called the voice program. again, it's to work with victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. what are your thoughts about that? >> well, crimes that are committed by undocumented ilgal immigrants cost the taxpayers of this country money, in time, in resources, and we need to redirect those funds and that energy to other programs that we so desperately need. we as american citizens desperately need. liz: kimberly allman, thank you very much for coming on the show. >> thank you, liz, thank you so much for having me. liz: next up bill o'reilly slamming the media for ignoring the case. what he's had to say? that's next, don't go away.
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . >> fox news covered the story extensively as i said last night. but abc, nbc and cbs did not cover it on their nightly news broadcasts. nor did they cover it this morning, and they have hours of airtime in the morning. cnn did not cover the maryland story in primetime last night. ditto msnbc. that is beyond anything i have ever seen in my 40 years plus of journalism. a story of that magnitude ignored by the national media. we all know why. illegal immigration is a political issue. president trump has made the apprehension of undocumented criminals a top priority. the democratic party is resisting that, saying that all
5:52 pm
illegal aliens are being demonized and that present ace danger to that community. liz: that was bill o'reilly last night slamming the media for ignoring the case of two illegal immigrants. both here illegally, accused of raping and sodomizing a 14-year-old maryland high school student. they were put in the freshman class when they were 17 and 18 years old because of poor language skills. without corroborating any of the facts, the three networks devoted over 11 minutes in two days to the fake claim that the university of virginia fraterni fraternity gang raped a student. let's bring this to mark serrano and jessica tarlov. a case of media by aright? >> horrifying, i follow the news as closey, the top closeness of anyone, i didn't see it for way hours after i should have. it's a grave mistake to make.
5:53 pm
i understand why i think bill is right why it wasn't covered. i think it's wrong. liz: mark, four days after the rape and sodomization of the 14-year-old student, maryland's democrat controlled house votes to be the first sanctuary state. let's listen. >> in this case, there was a crime, there was a rape, and the immigration status of a defendant has nothing to do with, you know, the crime that was committed and those individuals will, you know, should do their time in jail and then if i.c.e. wants to come in and deport them, that's absolutely fine. there's nothing in this bill that would preclude that from happening. liz: victims treated like rounding errors. the question is shouldn't voters be allowed to weigh in and vote whether a state should be a sanctuary state? >> precisely liz. the democrats outweigh the republicans three to one. in maryland, they might as well be bolsheviks the way they act. they have slapped this girl and their family, the 14-year-old victim in the face.
5:54 pm
for them to act on the sanctuary city legislation four days after her rape. they have lost all moral authority with this action, and it is completely outrageous. if we've seen any example that a sanctuary city is bad public policy, that is enacted by people who are sympathetic do-gooders who enshrine bad public policy, this is the case. we can see the effects of the bad public policy, but liz, the greater threats in myland and in the school district exist for 14-year-old girls who are still walking the halls of the school because the policies are still in place. >> mark, isn't this a problem with the school board and not a problem with the state legislature? this is a decision the school made based on the language skills of the student. as i led with, this is absolutely horrifying. liz: i hear what jessica is saying, 18-year-olds, they should have been senior class, they were freshman class, go ahead, mark. >> right.
5:55 pm
>> jessica, it's everybody involved. my goodness, the legislature to act in this way, they didn't set the policy for the school board but basically sanctioning in this case, there is only black and white. you are either on the side of the victim or you are on the side of the rapists. >> what do you make of the fact rudy giuliani was the leader of sanctuary cities when he was mayor of new york. >> jessica, jessica, come back to the 21st century. okay? >> i'm here. >> talk about policy today in the school district, and so you support the sanctuary city policy in baltimore, and in montgomery county, they have their own sanctuary policy in that county that fueled this rape. that created the environment for th crime. liz: okay, we have to leave it there. i'm so sorry. >> i disagree with you, though. >> i hear you, i want to get to the story. 34 cities and counties across
5:56 pm
the country urging a federal judge to block president trump's sanctuary cities executive order where he would pull funds. what do you think of that, mark? >> well, look, it's more of the same. it is this culture. look, do you think the deficit in california state or in the unified school district in los angeles is enabled partly by this open border policy? you know, this is where bad policy creates economic impact but also an impact on the civil society and human beings. liz: jessica, 10 seconds. >> we don't have open border policy. >> yes, we do. >> there is a way for cities to cooperate with i.c.e. officials and maintain sanctuary status. >> i'm waiting to see it. liz: got to leave it there. so sorry. breaking right now, the deal-making continues, group of 50 moderate republicans at the white house this very moment. they may come out and comment at any time. stay tuned.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
liz: the deal making continues
6:00 pm
at the white house. 15 moderate republicans meeting with the president. lou dobbs has special coverage of what's going on in washington from 7 rsh to 10 eastern time. charles: huge drama on capitol hill. for now the answer is a resowrnldsing no. but republican lawmakers are meeting any minute knew of advanceling that -- the now of advancing the healthcare plan. >> the vote tonight is something we impose on ourselves. i'm optimistic we can find common ground with 51 or 52 senators. i'm still a no at this tim


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