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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 23, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strge inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. ♪ if you can't see the show dvr it, now lou dobbs for the next two hours on fox business. >> chaos on capitol hill. house republicans postponing a vote to repeal and replace obamacare, as they try to negotiate a deal. >> we have not g gotten enough of our members to get the yes at this point. under what we're considering. however i would say progress is being made. that progress that is being made is really should be applauded with efforts of the white house. lou: congressman louie gohmert and his freedom caucus meeting with president trump today here, is our guest, along with
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ed rollins and randy evans. also tonight, islamic state claims responsibility for the deadly london terrorist attack. authoritieses have identified the terrorist. but the prime minister said it may not be radical islamist terrorism. >> i think it wrong to describe it as islamist terrorism this -- did is a perversion of a great faith. lou: president trump's deputy national security advisory kt mcfarland among my guests here. and nsa preparing to answer just how many americans were unmasked following bombshell revelation about surveillance of trump transition. judicial washington's christopher el, and colonel tony shafer among our guests tonight. talks to repeal and replace
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obamacare are continuing at this hour. republicans meeting behind closed-doors after postponing today's vote. decision comes after what was a busy day of talks d meetings between president trump and conservative and moderate republicans all the while trying to reach a deal. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has been following all of the action from capitol hill. and has our report tonight. reporter: well, lou, house lawmakers were hoping to repeal and replace obamacare tonight, talks continue this hour. there may be a final vote tomorrow, as tension builds so does frustration. >> a moment you got to say who you really are deep inside of you. are you for president trump? and repealing and replacing obamacare? or are you against president trump and against repealing
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and replacing obamacare? reporter: dilemma for house speaker paul ryan, conservatives have been pushing for eliminating so-called essential health benefits. but negotiations continue. >> with all freedom caucus saying trying to get the yes. that is why we met for such a long time, of it at times a not contentious but i would say rigorous debate. reporter: appeasing conservatives would likely endanger moderate support. from districts where they are popular. nancy pelosi sent a letter to colleagues blasting ryan and the bill, writing -- on camera today, nancy pelosi took aim at the president. >> maybe a great negotiator. rookie's error for bringing
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this up on a day you are not ready. reporter: signed by 42 of her democrat colleagues pushing to fish obamacare, irk instead writing quote we hope you take us up on your offer to improve healthcare for all americans, senate top democrat piled on this the g.o.p. >> rush through a bill for a campaign promise, that is frawl fraught with problems and difficulty, come to the floor, is a wrong thing to do. reporter: day started with conservatives in house free freedom caucus still trying to negotiate. >> then we would be supported but if we don't we're not going to be we're being clear about this from the get go. reporter: republicans are united on much of the bill. >> as of this morning, there is 95% grim agreement -- this conservative bill in the house, but in washington the last 5% matters. reporter: g.o.p. leaders hope
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for a floor vote today on the white house for a reason. >> americans deserve a better way forward, thankful we have a congress and a president who are committed to delivering much needed reform. reporter: top white house officials reince priebus and steve bannon have been on capitol hill this evening meeting with house republican leadership, paul ryan just went down the hall for a republican conference meeting this hour, no comment as he walked by reporters. lou: that conference meeting beginning this hour, we also understand conservative freedom caucus also meeting this hour, correct in. >> correct. everyone is trying to get a sense of where their colleagues stan. whether promises made, and folks can deliver the vote they are promising so, try to get a better sense here is capitol hill, how many yes really exist and how much more work to be done. lou: we have not heard a
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count, we heard from freedom caucus and other conservatives about the somewhere around 30 no votes there. the last i heard. but we have not heard a real projection numerically of a count, from the whip, whips and from or from speaker ryan, have we? reporter: you are correct. interesting, so, closely held secret up here on capitol hill, perhaps only secret you cod keepo capitol hill, becauses that there is a concern if that number getting out it may convince some to vote no, that is the one firm number we have not heard so far. and closely held secret here at this point. lou: closely held, rare. and stampede probably that is not in prospect until time for recess at the end of next week. mike thank you for your great reporting from capitol hill. >> thank you. lou: president trump looking to fulfill his promise, and
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close a deal on health care. president trump tonight has dispatched his chief of staff, reince priebus, chief strategist, chief bannon and omb director nick mulvaney to the hill. fox news correspondent john roberts with our report. reporter: republican leader say that fate of new health care bill is in the president's hands, if there is going to be a successful deal, it is up to him to put it together. long haul trucks may have been a metaphor for trump, finding the votes to pass the health care reform has proved to be a long, difficult road. >> i know you had a big problem with obamacare, everyone does. so welcome to the crowd. reporter: convincing truckers seemed an easy sell, the group that president cannot seem to win over is house freedom caucus, president trump invited caucus members to white house today, again they
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came and went without a deal, it was left to press secretary to put a positive spin in the meeting. >> there are some members who in meeting stood up and told the president i am with younetwork -- you now. i think that member by member that is how they will vote. reporter: white house believes only a matter of time and negotiation until the i president can cobble together the votes he needs, he has ordered up big changes and more look to be in the works. >> pt of premium have sped out of control is because under obamacar there we mandated services that had to be included. what happened is that, you know, older men and older women who had gone past maternity age were buying benefits that were not for them, and people at yug younger end of age scale
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buying end of life benefit. >> problem with cutting benefits and regulation that bill may run afoul of so-called bird rule in senate that limits changes to be made to a reconciliation bill, the white house may have found a way around it saying they are linked to obamacare subsidies, to eliminate the subsidies they need to eliminate the regulations too. >> is president confident that strategy will result in a bill that will pass muster? >> yes. reporter: president putting pressure on republican house members to back his plan, telling them, they could lose their majority in 2018, today launching a twitter campaign to call their member of congress and urge him or her to vote yes. >> go with our plan, it is going to be terrific, you will very, very happy. call your local ropetive -- representative, our senator, let them know you are behind our plan. >> looking like president is going to have to give more to
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conservative if he hopes to get the bill through the house, but he runs risk of more he gives to freedom caucus, the more he stands to alienate moderate republicans who are also up for reelection in 2018. lou: john thank you. >> john roberts reporting from the white house. whatever happened to paul ryan? we're not hearing much from speaker ryan are we? we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> authorities have identified the radical islamist terrorist in yesterday's london attack. >> he was once investigated by mi5. >> what will trump administration to to prevent su attacks here? we take that up with kt mcfarland. >> north korea prepares for >> north korea prepares for ther anoththththth ( ♪ ) it just feels like anything is possible here in upstate new york.
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lou: it took less than 24 hours for the islamic state to claim responsibility for the deadly terrorist attack in london yesterday, one american was among those killed curt cochran of utah, his wife melissa was seriously injured.
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british police have identified the racal islamist terrorist as 52-year-old khalid masood, masood was born in britain, known by a number of aliases with a languag a long criminal record, he was previouslies investigatedded for radical islamic ties. they are withholding a lot of information about him, british police arrested 8 people in connection to this attack. joining me now to assess what is happening the i islamic state threat in europe and here in united states, ktmcfarland. and delighted you took time to be with us today. i want to start, with what happened in london. and where we are in radical
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islamist terrorism, the fight again it as the islamic state has now taken credit for that strike. >> well, lou, you know there the tragedy of it all, yesterday, i chaired a 68 nation ministerial at state department with foreign secretaries of 68 nations while we were discussing. the coalition against isis, as we went around the room discussing what do you see or do you see successes or failures and best practices? all of the aspects all members are working on, in the middle it, we got word of the terrorist attack at houses of parliament. i turned to for foreigner on fore -- foreign secretary
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boris johnson, he said, another terrorist attack. what we've seen time again is terrorist attacks at heart of democracy, and in case of the attacks against the houses of parliament this a very birthplace of modern democracy. it showed us how important it is for all of the world to stand up against a barbaric and continues assault against civilization. lou: to know that the terrorist himself of known to mi5 and 6, had been known for some time, radicalized and understood to be. but threat he posed not clearly accepted by the agents that should have been acting against him in an ideal world, it is hardly that. at the same time sadiq khan,
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mayor of london saying in modern cities as president's son donald jr. today noted, saying, o an thing, khan saying in a large city, this is what we have to accept. that is a mindless piece of resignation on the part of an official elected to serve, is it not? >> i'm not going to comment on the mayor or anyone element i can tell you that president trump, first thing he did when he took office was go to pentagon ask secretary mattis, secretary of defense to come up with a plan to defeat radical islam and isis, that is what we're in process of doing, we're looking at this as a whole of government, not a military operation, not an economy operation, but a whole of government approach. looking at our 68 coalition partners, we are looking for all of them to do the same. as this threat continues we have to stand together and no
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longer ignore what ask really happening. lou: i thought that prime minister made an interesting statement. sharing it with you and our audience. prime minister may saying, it is wrong to describe this as islamic terrorist. it is islamist terrorism it a perversion of a great faith. as you know in this broadcast we have for 15 years called radical islamist terrorism for spessiv spesically that reason. but these niceties are lost on so many leaders in the coalition. and reality is that president trump said we have to destroy the enemy, kill enemy, is that a tough sell? >> no, i think when particular president trump called it what
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it is, and for 15 years have you been identifying it, for what it is, a perversion of a great religion. and i don't think this is a tough sell, to extent you look in the world, whether it is threatening in europe or in asia, or in africa, or in middle east or in north america we all face this together, terrorism of all varieties, in particular this invidious transnational, subnational terrorist group. lou: and invidious indeed, north korea. the daily mail reporting today that kt mcfarland, president has tasked with setting out options against north korea for his purposes in response to further provocation and threat. what you can tell us about what is going on? >> well, president obama made it clear he had a doctrine of strategic patience with north
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korea, and president trump came into office saying that day that is finished. we are now understanding that greater risk it to do nothing with north korea, the risk that faces it nuclear weapons, capable of being delivered to homeland, for which we do not have adequate defense, president asked me to go through the process to come up with options for him, we're -- nothing is off the table, everything is on the table. it is with president to make those decisions, that is what he is doing, in these days. lou: we're also being told that there is prospect of another nuclear test by north koreans, perhaps within days. anything you can comment on that? >> well, two things, one is nuclear test, they make nuclear weapons, how did you deliver a weapon, that is a missile, there are two
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separate sets of testing, nuclear weapon, and creating it, and min yeah, the yeah -- and the missile. they are not there yet, but that is why it is important to take immediate action, no longer wait around for a lucky break, but go to our allies and chinese and north koreans tell them again we're done waiting, we're going to address this. as a serious threat to our vital interest and a security of the united states. lou: kt thank youy i thank you so much, great to see you. >> thank you, lou. lou: vote in our poll tonight, do you believe speaker ryan should step down as health care legislation -- if the health care legislation is not passed? cast your vote. follow me on twitter or facebook. authorities arresting a man behind a series of bomb
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threats to jewish organizations, israel police in ordination with fbi have arrested the 19-year-old jewish man over threats across the country, australia and new zealand, police say that the suspect who is not been named, used sophisticated methods who calling in order to cover his whereabouts. on wall street's flat day for stocks largely over disappointment that health care legislation did not move forward, dow lost 5. s&p down 2. nasdaq down 4. volume on big board 3.2 billion shares. crude oil today falling for a 4th state session, settling below $48 a barrel, new home sales jumping more than 6% in february, that is second best month since 2012. and ford shares today down 1%, that after carmaker warned it
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expects first quarter profits to fall by 50%. a reminder to listen to my report, 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem vide radio network. up next, the trump administration stepping up effort to crackdown on sanctuary cities, following the rape of a 14-year-old schoolgirl by two illegal immigrants. >> part of the reason that president made illegal ill break animmigration and crackdown such a big deal is because of tragedies like this. >> we have latest on the health care, republican conference and conservative freedom caucus meeting right now, what steps are they taking and where we headed? these negotiations among the white house, the house leaderships, spesically speaker ryan, conservatives, freedom caucus and moderates in the house, we're coming right back with all of that and much more.
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lou: a few thoughts on the president's latest efforts to fight back against sanctuary cities. the trump administration's homeland security department has released its first weekly report. it details 118 localities that currently refuse to cooperate in even if force our immigration laws. citing 206 cases in which illegal immigrants were arrested and consequently released from jail without charge despite recommendations from immigration and crime enforcement to detain them. the trump administration blaming sanctuary policies and lax
10:30 pm
border policy fothe brutal rape of a 14-year-old girl at a rockville, maryland school. the two immigrants from central america were welcomed warmly into the school system. lib central state legislators' first reflex was to turn rockville into a sanctuary city and designate all of maryland as a sanctuary state. fortunately the republican governor larry hogan has judgment and sentence and is attached to reality. he strowfd veto any such measure. the president's concerns are obvious. an estimated 820,000 criminals reported among the 11 million people living here illegally.
10:31 pm
scene outraged american public now gets it. it took more than a decade, but the american public now understand what's being done to them, to their children, and to tour community. a recent harvard harris poll shows 80% of voters agree local officials should have to refer illegal immigrants to state authorities. 25 states have measures that would prohibit sanctuary policies and non-compliance with detainers. sanctuary cities need to obey federal law. all americans need to oh boy our laws. and president trump's law and order agenda is throng overdue and apparently much appreciated.
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the quotation from dwight d. eisenhower. the purpose is clear it's safety with solvency. the country is entitled to both. whose fault is it there is no vote tonight on ryancare? >> we are going to get to the finish mine because the president is committed to get to the finish line. lou: how far apart are the moderates and the leaders in white house? congressman louie gohmert met with the president. he will join us next. this trio about to take us on an explosive ride unlike you have seen before. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice.
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lou: republican congressional investigators are expecting a smoking gun that obama officials surveilled the trump transition team and the president-elect himself at that time. the intelligence will show hat the obama administration used the surveillance of foreign
10:37 pm
targets to spy on mr. trump. they expect more intelligence than chairman nunes has seen or described. we have a 24-hour window in which to corroborate expectations. north korea stepping up its expectations. north korea is in the fine stages of preparation for another nuclear test. defense officials say a test could come within the next few days. the united states in response moved surveillance aircraft patrol to the korean peninsula. for more on these latest provocations as well as the radical terrorist attack in london, i'm joined by john bolton. mr. ambassador great to have you back with us. the british are moving on from the day's tragedy, reopening subways. traffic is normal.
10:38 pm
but the city has to be -- it's hard -- it has to be aching for those it lost and for those 40-some odd people injured in the attack. >> it was i think a clear effort, isis has taken credit for it, and i think that's right to trike at the heart of the most important institution in britain, the democratic system. there is no accident the attack occurred in the shadow of big ben. and so i think -- my first thought was this reminded me of the attack on parliament in canada back in late 2014. another islamist evident to duplicate what happened on 9/11 with the attack on the pentagon and the twin towers. for those who said it's all lone wolf terrorism and motivated by economic deprivation.
10:39 pm
the clear political symbolism displays that. it shows the isis threat as many predicted, they will resort more to terrorism in western europe and the united states. lou: theres sothing way and thely pathetic about the caliphate taking credit by an assault by one individual, a pathetic figure, troubled deeply, his life a disaster. at the wheel of an automobile mowing down pedestrians on westminster bridge and taking a knife, 7, 8 inches in length, the blade, and assaulting police officers and tourists. i mean, is that really what the islamic state has come to? and if so, we should cheer it.
10:40 pm
it's pathetic and a shah dove what it's been. how are we to react to this? are we to launch multi million dollar missiles to attack them or be proportionate and eliminate the pathetic figures that seem to make up their army? >> i think it's important to destroy isis where they exist in truck and syria as soon as possible. they used the slow approach of the obama administration to extract their leaders and best fighters. they will go to libya to reestablish their caliphate. the fact is, they do take advantage of people in europe and the united states to use them in suicide missions. promising them compensation in the here after. i think a lot of this is launed because -- lou: i think it's terrific
10:41 pm
president trump is arranging for them to find out whether that check can be cashed. it is also at the same time instructive to look at a threat that is real that is frankly imminent on the part of the north koreans, they are threatening wildly america, our allies whether it be south korea, philippines, japan, taiwan. and at some point kim jong-un is begging to die. is he not? >> this is an irrational regime that's gets close to what it's been seeking for 30-plus years which is deliverable nuclear weapons. this is not reading intelligence. we have seen the missiles being
10:42 pm
launched. we detected these nuclear tests. our own commander in south korea and the south korean military think the rise together united states and anybody closer to it like japan is imminent as these things go. given the level of cooperation between iran and north korea. what they are able to achieve in delivering nuclear weapons iran could get the next day with a wire transfer. howie: what we are look at in north korea is going to require a peremptory strike, is it not? what option exists for the president of the united states if kim jong-un continues these preposterous threats while having very real access to
10:43 pm
nuclear weapons. this is not as you say hypothetical it's clear, it's press don't, and it's certainly dangerous. >> we have a constitutional crisis going on in south korea that the north can take advantage of. there is every prospect of the election outcome. returning another appeasement presidential candidate like we had 10 years ago. in these circumstances it makes it more likely the north will behave in an irrational manner. i think we should have long ago gone to china. >> if we had not told china to manage their little puppet state and to stop the nonsense. if we had been disappointed throughout as we surely have, what are we doing? what other policy makes any sense? to make them wealthy and continue to trade away vast
10:44 pm
intellectual property to the chinese to trade away all of these hard dollars for their reserves? this is madness with this nation pursued in a policy with china let alone its puppet state. >> we have followed a policy of having the chinese help us negotiate with north korea which has resulted in failure. secretary tillerson says we don't see a future for negotiation. i think the trump administration is on the right track here. lou: i do, too. i certainly hope so. and to your strategic patience, it's terrific now, what the hell do we do with the chinese and
10:45 pm
their puppet state. both need tending to. up next, president trump meeting with our nation's truckers. emphasizing the importance of passing the obamacare replacement. we just received word that president trump is demanding a vote tomorrow in the house on the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. do you recall speaker ryan for the past two weeks has said he has the votes? and on the day of the vote, we have not heard from him. we are coming g g g g dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are peectlbalanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free.
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lou: president trump earlier today holding a listening session on healthcare with truck drivers and ceos of truck companies and association, and they all slammed obamacare as republicans are debating how to repeal and replace it. >> it's close enough. they know it's no good. everybody knows it's no good. only politics. because we have a great bill, and i think we have a very good chance. lou: the president is demanding
10:50 pm
that vote take place tomorrow. the president wants a freedom caucus response. he got one today from congressman mark meadows. he says nothing has changed and that vote would be scheduled by presumably the speaker of the house paul ryan. it seems this deal has gone the less and less certain, the speaker has gotten less and less visible. this is the man for two weeks who said he had the votes. joining me now to discuss all of this, and the president's efforts to repeal and replace obamacare, the surveillance of the trump transition team. republican strategist veteran of 10 presidential campaigns. ed rollins. let's start with the president's call to get the vote tomorrow. >> he wants this thing up or down.
10:51 pm
that's a brave and courageous position. he has done everything he can do to make this legislation pass. ryan has to tell him tomorrow morning i don't have 218 votes. lou: is he trying to flesh out the speaker? he said to the president of the united states fan the american people for weeks he has the damn votes. >> obviously he doesn't. the realistic thing, if he doesn't have them tonight, he's not going have them tomorrow. the carry part of all this -- lou: he could give up the speakership. >> he's been weakened by the process. lou: has the process been weakened by him? >> i think the american public is interested in politics because of the president. and his activity. he has done and lot of things in a short period of time.
10:52 pm
lou: listen to this. next week congress goes on recess. theyon reces we have a president in the white house who is a disrupter, who is a leader, achieve, a winner, and he's driving his staff 24/7, and you have got a speaker and majority leader who is presumably going on recess with them, i but the house is not working right now. and the leadership is not demanding a commensurate effort on the part of the house to meet that of the president. >> they need to get to work. he promised a lot of things. these guys ran on a promise of after lot of things. lou: mitch mcconnell said
10:53 pm
better way. like they have some damn agenda. >> they wouldn't be this far if the president hadn't pushed them. my sense is they don't have the votes and i don't know what they can do overnight. the fundamental problem is -- and it's time to change the senate rule, it should be a majority rule. it shouldn't be 60 votes on the filibuster. they are going through a stupid process. >> we are going to do a tease here. ed rollins has the tease duty. we are going to find out what they ought to do when we come back towed. we are after he waiting comments from house speak per paul ryan on when we can expect e vote on healthcare. the president sa tomorrow. let's finds out what the speaker says. he's also been saying for weeks that turned out to be not quite the case.
10:54 pm
we are coming right back. we'll be going live to capitol hill in the twilight, beautiful, beautiful. we are coming right back.
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lou: back with me, republican strategist and good friend ed rollins, good american. he was about to tell us what needs to be done in washington,
10:58 pm
d.c. on capitol hill right now to get things going for those people who like to work about one week out of every month. >> we have to pass legislation and we have a lot of big things that are coming. it's called a bird rule. senator byrd died in 2010. so my sense is every single member has been elected or re-elected. if he could have stayed longer he would have stayed longer. every member of the senate has been he lectsd or re-elected since senator byrd died. the bird rule is a 60-vote shutoff of the filibuster. you have let them talk as much as they want. what it means is the threat of a filibuster keeps you -- if you don't get the 60th vote sit could stop.
10:59 pm
we have a lot of legislation. and i don't care what they did, and the country wants action, you have got to pass stuff in the house and you need to pass it in the senate and do it as quickly as possible. you talk about the byrd rule and the nuclear option. senator chuck schumer who is one of the most if i may say deplorable politicians in the country. he's just vile. there is no principle. the fact of the matter is that if we went to the nuclear option, that would take care of the the neil gorsuch issue and his appointed and confirmation to the supreme court. and schumer says he's going to block him, nobody matter what. to hell with him. get rid of the byrd rule, get
11:00 pm
rid of the 60 votes required. and let's start this train going. >> the president wants to reform taxes. lou: senator cruz set it's all bunk and can be set aside democratically. >> the senate and set its rules and the house can set its rules. it's want country thinks and that's what we need. i'm from texas. i'm simple sometimes, but not


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