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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 24, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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lauren: i have the chills, thank you so much for joining us this morning. happy friday. maria bartiromo, futures are you positive and donald trump giving ultimatetive on health care. maria: it's true. i'm maria bartiromo, tgif, a lot happening, march 24th, top stories, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. do or die for the republican healthcare bill today. the house set to vote later today and there are some signs the party is finally coming together. >> the president's engaifnlgment is -- engagement unpar relate to engage a number of members whether they are moderates and conservatives and indicative of a president that wants to solve problems. >> the only train leaving the
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train station. this is the train that's leaving the station, this is the choice that we have been waiting for. maria more the uncertainty has weighed on market for the last couple of days. as you can see today, futures are indicating a gain at the opening of trade this morning. -- negative column. in asia overnight, stocks mostly higher, nikkei in japan, top performer, the yen weakened against the dollar. authorities making two more significant arrests in connection with wednesday's terrorist attacks. we are now learning about the attacker as well and the one
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american victim. the details coming up this morning. plus a possible bombshell on surveillance of president trump, fox news reporting that there may be a smoking gun showing that the obama administration is in fact, the spying. theranos trying to save itself. offering shares to investors so that they do not sue the company or its founder alice beth -- elizabeth holmes. all the stories coming up this friday morning and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, chief investment officer michael jones is with us and the ceo of wpp group martin is with us asell. >> good morning, maria. maria: good morning. dagen: good morning. maria: big day. today we will learn where the package health care goes next. dagen: president trump layed it down, either pass this bill, no
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more negotiating or obamacare stays. that's your headline. he's trying to put that on the freedom caucus members and people who are on the fence are saying no to this gop bill at this point and say, you're stuck with obamacare and you're going to have to run on that in less than a year. maria: the president was getting angry at and they were sort of shocked on the language he was using. the president got heated last night. dagen: he should, tax reform is contingent on them passing this. the freedom from reality caucus. [laughter] dagen: may kill the only chance to repeal obamacare.
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>> i would like to refer to them as the circular firing squad. maria: at the end of the day, if they made the bill better, good for them. >> there have been improvements. maria: that's what i'm saying. >> getting the capital gains tax cut in 2017 and making it retro active, the markets are going to love that. dagen: freedom caucus doesn't get credit for that. maria: push for mark meadows is not insignificant. if he made the bill better, maybe it was worth it. we will see. >> with trump putting so much prestige into this, it has to pass. maria: a lot to talk about that in that regard. joining tennessee congresswoman blackburn. steve is with us as well to talk about how health care is impacted. fox news contributor scott brown is with us this morning and the
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cochair of the trump great american pack and former reagan campaign manager ed rollins weighs in as well. we have a big program. top story on the house. no vote on the gop replacement for obamacare. president donald trump told lawmakers it's now or never. if the bill fails, obamacare will stay in place and he will move on tackling tax reform very soon after. it is not clear whether the healthcare plan will pass, changes in the legislation include the following, giving state it is right to determine how to handle essential health services adding $15 billion for drug addiction and new-born care and gop leaders have offered to keep the 9 to first percent surcharge to wages above $200,000. all weighed in yesterday. >> the president has been
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working the phones, in-person meetings throughout the day and teaming up and down on capitol hill here at the white house. this is the opportunity for people who have waited for years to see obamacare repealed and replaced to have it happen. >> mr. mulvaney may be clear that the president is done negotiating, that this is a conservative package that lowers healthcare costs and so at his request and the leaderships, we are moving forward with the vote. >> it's our ancipation after the rules meet to have rules vote and hour of debate and proceed with the vote. maria: hughes rules committee will start preparing the healthcare bill at 7:00 a.m. this morning and the vote will take place in the afternoon. we are hearing the timing could be 2:30, 3:00 p.m. eastern today that we will know for sure if they have the proper votes. joining us right now political correspondent baron york. good to see you. >> good morning, maria.
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maria: how big of a gamble for this to take vote today? >> it's a dig gamble. it's pretty unusual and the idea he's kind of trying to sell this idea that this is the only train that will leave the station. i do not believe that. i think a lot of people in capitol hill think that if they fail this time they could try again in the future sometime. so the president, this is going to be a test of how much republican lawmakers believe the president and how much faith they have in his leadership and, you know, you can debate how the president got here, did he make the right decision getting in all of this, but now that he's here, this is a real test of how much support he has among republicans. maria: byron, you can say they can try again but everything is so backed up in terms of what's next. everybody knows he needs to tackle tax reform next and if
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this gets backed up tax reform potentially moves into 2018 and potentially doesn't happen going up against the midterm elections, that's where the urgency comes from. >> watch the speeches that president trump has made when he went out into the country, watch the one in nashville, the one in kentucky, trump made it clear he would rather be doing anything other than fixing obamacare. he wants to cut taxes, he made it clear. yeah, we have to get rid of this healthcare thing and then we can can get onto cutting the taxes because he knows he was elected as a job's president, as a president to provide more better higher-paying jobs and obamacare is related to that but not as directly related to it as tax reform is. so this is what he wants to do in the first place. >> do you really think that even the freedom caucus would be willing to take on the president on this issue? i mean, in light of him really getting engaged in the last several days, it seems like he could make a lot of trouble for some of those representatives in
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their primaries and maybe create some opposition to them if they take him on in this? >> that's a great question. remember, we are seeing the same dynamic at work inside the house republican caucus that we saw before back when john boehner was the speaker over obamacare. they gave him complete fits about shutting the government down over a budget and trying to defund obamacare. well, they're still giving the leadership fits about this. so it's not clear what -- what the president can do, and, remember, trump is used to dealing with business people in a business environment. these some of these people are ideologically motivated. theyhink it's wrong to make -- for the federal government to mandate essential health benefits or to mandate that you have to buy health insurance or do all sorts of these things, getting involved in ordinary americans's lives.
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maria: yeah. dagen: byron, it's dagen mcdowell. if this bill as it stands does pass the house bill today, for example, what chance does it have in the senate? [laughter] dagen: forget about those guys and gals. >> absolutely. it's a two-part process and the senate could hit select all, delete and get rid of this thing and start over. i think there's a real possibility of that happening. if you look in the house, we've been saying that ryan could lose 22 votes, still pass it n. the senate it's a much closer margin. they only have 52 republican senators, they could only lose two and still pas this thing and that's under the reconciliation process. so there are a number of republicans senators who have expressed concerns that the bill goes too far in getting rid, say, some of those essential health benefit requirements. so, yeah, it's going to have to be completely worked over there,
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but on the other hand, perhaps in the house trump could get back to work on tax reform. maria: there's a feeling within the house that if it does pass the house, then, you know what, it's up to the senate to move forward. the senators are saying, it's se, i can say i didn't vote it. once it does pass the house, they're not going to be the ones to block it. we will see. that's the feeling, i think, within the gop right now. if it passes the house that clears such a hurdle that it's on them, that they have to do it. we will see. you make a great point. great to get your insights. thank you, sir. byron york joining ushere. meanwhile an american is confirmed as one of the victims there. the very latest developments there coming up. they are nos founder selling up shares to prevent legal action, details on that move, back in at
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maria: welcome back, break k news out of london. authorities say they have made two more significant arrests in connection with wednesday's deadly terrorist attacks. cheryl: good morning, maria. the authorities are calling arrests significant. meanwhile, the number of victims rose to 4 after a 75-year-old man who had been on life support
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died of wounds. thousands we should say gathered for a candle light vigil honoring the victims, among them an american from utah, kirk, had been traveling in europe for 25th wedding anniversary. family back home in the states say they are heartbroken over the loss. >> he's one of those guys, you want to be your friend within five minutes. [crying] >> meanwhile authorities now identifying the man behind wednesday's rampage, 52-year-old khalid masood, had a criminal record and once investigated for extremism. well, more trouble for theranos, the blood-testing company offering shares to investors who promise not to sue them. wall street journal reporting this morning the shares would come
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from its founder and chief executive elizabeth holmes and the deal includes investors who participated in the latest rounds of funding back in 2015. and finally, ford -- first off the numbers from ford. they are warning investors on wall street that interest rates along with a steady drop in use car values could make cars more expensive, threatening the recent sales boom at the auto maker. warning coming as forecast in forty quarter. ford, amazon and starbucks are joining forces to make commute a little easier. the sink 3 voice activated technology in it will be able to order from starbucks by simply saying, quote, alexa, start my orde you drive up and your coff is right there. it's just that simple.
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maria: that's simple. thank you so much, i like it. coming up google under scrutiny, the attack in london heightening concerns over controlling extremism online. the roll of technology giants in the fight against terrorism coming next. paid to tweet, twitter eyeing new service that may have reaching for wallets, the premium price to tweet, next the command performance sales event is here. experience exciting offers on our most elevated suvs ever. get up to $2,500 customer cash on select 2017 models for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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today, google, the terrorist friend. many companies are pulling ads from sites like youtube. yesterday parent of google, former google ceo, eric schmidt was with us and i asked him about controlling extremism. >> my own view of this extremism and fake news in general, it's essentially a ranking problem, right, we are very good at detecting what's the most relevant and what's the least relevant. it should be possible for computers to detect malicious, misleading and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it. maria: so martin is with us, ceo of wpp. >> well, they are trying to be fair to google, they are trying to respond and it's a serious situation and it's not so much about the placement of ads on facebook as the continued use of material of availability of
6:22 am
extremist availability of material. this actually started with snapchat here in the united states, one out of our clients -- jusafter th fliation, after the company -- $40 million of revenue. there was a situation where ads appeared adjacent to porn celebrity blogs and withdrawal. that was the first trigger and we have seen a few examples. actually to be fair, small examples, we are not talking about large amounts of revenue, that doesn't underrist mate -- underestimate the seriousness. google and media company just like fox and the wall street journal and they have to take responsibility for the content that they have online. problem with google it has content that it curates and can control but use generated content that you
6:23 am
and i control that we put online. that's a difficult thing to control. we are working to see what can be done technologically and human resources to make it better. now the problem that google has and facebook has they have been successful. they control 75% of digital advertising and to put in perspective, that's 30% of worldwide advertising. something like 20% of all worldwide advertising is controlled by google and facebook. a penalty in a w of success. they have the margins an resources and they have the profitability to do something about it and beholding on them to do that both technologically like eric suggests. we know that improvements can be made and they are doing it but also human control. so this is a key issue but they are -- they mascaraeded for years as technology companies.
6:24 am
maria: everybody is competing against each other. >> there's a lining of the ad next to objectionable content and then also the objectionable content itself. >> sort of the difference between google and facebook. facebook is a question about they have stuff on facebook that's being for many months, if not years, which is objectionable to various communities and the failure to remove that stuff, the failure to remove any editorial function and just to make the point, there are two things happening in addition. the german government threatened 50 million euro fine for each breach of fake news and the vietnamese government hold about 100 people last week, our agencies included, clients in vietnam, this has more to do with political content. antigovernment, government critical content.
6:25 am
to be fair again, you're getting into the area of censorship which is a very difficult to monitor and, the problem this is about judgment and human beings rather algorithms and technology. it's a balance. dagen: these companies are not apolitical. facebook has been quick to shut down somebody's account if they were progun or talked about the second amendment or even youtube they'll shut down -- >> i'm not going to get into -- dagen: no, i'm -- >> all i'm saying is you may be right -- dagen: i'm saying that this has been long coming. now they are getting religion because it's hurting their bottom line. >> they can't sit there saying we are digital engineers, sitting by the pipes. their argument has been that the
6:26 am
flow of content is so big that you just can't control it, tough. i mean, they have a privilege position, they have a very strong position, one would even claim dominant position, maybe monopolistic and now they have to exercise -- dagen: my point is they have in areas that matter to them like cracking down on copy right infringe meant, for example, they will shut you down in a heart beat if one organization accuses you of copyright content. they have led jihadist videos flow freely for years. >> we have to have balance on that. the actual number of situation that is we are talking about are limited and it is blown up for other reasons as well which we are all well aware of. i think you have to be careful about the balance. even one instance is sufficient,
6:27 am
one antisemitic site, one jihadist site, whatever happens to be. one e-mail to a ceo of a client causes a problem. >> your position is, it's not going to be enough just to keep ads from appearing next to this content? they are going to have to go after the content and that brings daig's point of editorial control. >> let's assume -- 100% certain that you can deal with it technologically. maria: right. >> if you can't, you have to be very clear with clients and with agencies about the brand-safety risk if it's 98% or 99% certain that you can control it, fine, but be aware of the risks. maria: great point. i want to ask you coming up in the program about britain leaving the european union. >> god help us. maria: next week is the trigger actually. we will get you opinion on that, martin.
6:28 am
coming up next president trump's wiretapping claims gaining traction. possible smoking gun now that put it is obama administration right behind the spying. plus is it gain over for game stop? closing 150 stores after sales tumbles. the business' uncertain future coming up and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surroundin wetlands, to because safety is never beinsatisfied. and always working to be better.
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maria: thanks for joining us. it is friday, march 24, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, shocking revelations over president trump's surveillance claims against his predecessor, president obama blue jays are telling fox news congressional investigators are expecting a smoking gun in this case. >> it should be pretty rare american names -- that is what we are to the bottom of and we get the information tomorrow so the rest of our committee can review it. the only crime we know that has been committed is that when it is clear it was a crime. >> a stooge for the president of the united states, going tothe speaker and the press before he went to the ranking member of the committee, he has demonstrated very clearly there is no way there can be an impartial investigation under his leadership on that committee. maria: much more on that
6:32 am
investigation this morning. will the gop come together or will the healthcare bill flatlined you the latest as president trump demands a vote on legislation today. the uncertainty is weighing on markets, the major averages set to decline for the week, new markets today looking to break that up 25 points on the dow jones industrial average but it is all about that vote today. investors eyeing the action in washington, stocks are lower with the s&p 100 down a 12:45% in the cac quarante in paris down 1/2 present. in asia stocks higher, the average in japan the next performer, the yen weakened against the dollar and stocks went higher as the nikkei average is up 1% for retail looks to hit the brakes on drunk driving, the state hopes to implement the toughest penalties for driving under the influence. is a game over for game stop? company announces plans to close 150 stores. you pay for 140 characters or less? twitter is reportedly exploring a paid subscript and service. hollywood blockbuster, major studios are mulling, would bring
6:33 am
the hits right to your living room. first a potential bombshell, president trump's surveillance claims against his predecessor. congressional investigators are expecting a smoking gun establishing the obama administration did in fact spy on the trump transition team. house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez defended his decision to go directly to the white house with this new information in the case despite back lash from fellow committee members. >> it is clear i would be concerned if i was the president. that is why i wanted him to do and felt i had a duty to tell him because he has been taking a lot of heat in the news media. >> we have our chairman take evidence he received in the dead of night, not bringing it to the committee and we haven't seen it today, neither democrats nor republicans but bring it to the white house, associates of this president are inveorhat under investigation with a complete head scratcher.
6:34 am
maria: joining us is army intelligence officer andrew peake, good to see you, thanks for being here. what do you expect from the so-called smoking gun? how do you see it? >> one of three things, either an email requesting the names of americans incidentally surveilled during their surveillance of foreigners, it might be distribution, forwarding of an email including those names beyond normal distribution or perhaps what is most likely and what nunez is referring to is the targeting and surveillance of foreign targets that are so insular he to the american national security interest that the purpose could only be political like surveillance on an icelandic diplomat or something. maria: over and over nunez said there was nothing regarding russia here and he said this could be a crime because you are not supposed to unmask the people who get wrapped up in a
6:35 am
collection of information. >> that is the only crime in this two months of investigation into elections, russia, etc. the we have nailed down. as a former transition official myself and someone who worked on the state department landing team with the secretary of state if my name is floating around the intelligence community i would want people who leaked it to go to jail. dagen: according to james rosen's reportinon this, here's the link between what we are talking about. the obama administration was using the cover of legitimate surveillance on foreign targets to spy on the transition team and potentially president-elect trump. the key conclusion is the unmasking of these us persons the paper trail, the purpose of the unmasking was none other than to damage those people.
6:36 am
>> beyond people, the russian ambassador. dagen: congressman nunez said the surveillance he revealed and the nsa document dump will go beyond what nunez has even seen but he said this does not involve russia. any foreign agents, foreign individuals being surveilled -- maria: questioned why it was done. under an order to follow these russians around, had nothing to do with russia. have to ask the question why was this done and who ordered the unmasking? >> the unmasking, we already know that occurred. flynn doesn't have a job now, because his conversations with the russians -- unmasking of an incidental -- what i am hearing
6:37 am
is that is illegal. do we already know that a crime may have been committed? >> absolutely. michael flynn had to resign as national security advisor because his name floated out of the intelligence community into the national dialogue. absolutely a crime has been committed. it is going to be challenging to nail this down for two reasons which one is the intelligence community has so many warrants and quarters and not reveal things, challenging for a limited congressional staff to get the bottoof it and condly the debate, whether x foreign target that was surveilled was a legitimate target of surveillance and that will be a national security policy discussion and i don't think will be as clear-cut politically as the white house might hope for. maria: why did they do it?
6:38 am
why were they surveilling trump's transition team after he already won you just trying to figure out what he was doing did you who he was considering putting in his cabinet to try to obstruct? what is the point of surveilling him after he had already won before the inauguration? >> not to get too hobbesian on you but there is a lot of latitude of top officials in the national security infrastructure. personal curiosity. i don't want to blame them too much. there is a lot of human error in this business. maria: coming up a new lead in the search for a tennessee teen, expanding the search after citing the accused kidnapper. hollywood on demand, tinseltown moved to bring the silver screen to you at a price. we also get into britain exiting the us, beginning next week, back in a minute.
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maria: a bounce back, futures and k to gain of trading, we are waiting on the results of the health care bill, probably get color on that and know whether or not the bill passes at 2:00 or 3:00 eastern. macy's, the board of directors electing a new ceo, replacing harry lundgren as chief executive officer of bases, lundgren had been ceo, the stock down 20%. and a new notfrom analyst telling clients the electric caaker's new model is 10 times
6:43 am
safer than the average car, tesla hopes to sell the model 3 this year, stock is up better than 14% since last year, new developments in the search for missing tennessee teen who kidnapped a girl, may have been spotted in texas, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: police went to the city of north beach after a call indicated an suv with a partially matched license plate, officers looking for the nissan rogue but the vehicle has not been found yet. elizabeth thomas on march 13th, her 50-year-old former teacher. maria: utah has the toughest drunken-driving lot in the country, governor gary herbert lowered the blood-alcohol limit to.075. the legal threshold is 0.078, they opposed the law, said it would scare away tourists but
6:44 am
the governor says it is about safety first. >> the reason we can't tell people about the wonders of utah and we are the safest place in america to visit. maria: herbert added his goal is 0 fatalities related to drunk driving. we are watching shares of game stock, the stock plunged 11% in extended trading. game stop says it is planning to close at least 150 stores as consumers go online to download their games to their console and buying a physical copy. twitter is considering charging a fee for premium version of its site, looking to see if there is interest in an advanced version of tweet deck, has multiples greens, this is a management that they bought in 2011. a lot of professionals use this for twitter. up to now they are for the free networking platform supported by
6:45 am
ads but that hasn't been working out for twitter, a slowing user base has hurt their chances of getting at revenue in the doors. maybe $20 a month, it is something. they need to bring some revenue. if you have good content. what do you think? characterize what we are seeing in terms of social media, advertisers on social media. >> looking at our media book, the biggest investment almost $5 billion and the biggest in facebook, growing very signicantly. out of everything and the traditional media companies may be up a little bit and newspapers under tremendous
6:46 am
pressure, the uk circulation down 5% and at revenue down 20% and again this year so the traditional increase, disturbing newsprint under pressure, twitter is what one of the social platforms used by the president incessantly, a bit of a break recently but incessantly and you go back and it is interesting, examining what they could charge. >> why would i pay more for twitter than netflix queue queue >> what netflix is going to do, not sure that model is sorted out yet. we will see the come back with subscriptions. >> next week is a big week in the uk, teresa may set to trigger article 50, that will begin the process. >> a second referendum -- >> are you holding out for that?
6:47 am
>> it is receding into the back of my mind. lingering hope it might happen. >> what do you think the implications are? we learned some of the banks were starting to pull people out. >> there was an article this morning of a new building in london. there is a lot of conflicting evidence. morgan, going to move people out. it is a conflicting picture. i think the us -- >> goldman, the head of equities, global equities to new york. >> new york will gain as well as a result of to answer your question, is going to drag on two years it be difficult and we have a hard exit meaning no deal, wto or a
6:48 am
tough deal and it could take time. it is the reverse of what should happen which is a soft deal, negotiated agreement quickly. what business once is some certainty, that is not good. >> what is fascinating about the whole reaction is the price reaction happened in the currency. >> if you look at the ftse 100, 88% of revenues come out of the uk, the average company is 50%, 60% comes from outside. there is an adjustment that has to take place. >> the best adjustment you could have gotten is having currency instead of stock. >> the real issue is what happens from here. we have a french election coming up, a german election, we did this poll in germany which is not been used for angela merkel, but the real critical one or two critical ones, italy, what happens in italy queue queue
6:49 am
ironically, there will be a coalition. so freddy krueger. you have a coalition -- or the populist movement and in the polls reached 35% which is the highest rate. the biggest thing is 18, 19 and what happens to? portuguese be where they are. >> would you invest in europe? >> absolutely. it is cheap and i don't -- the french election, he is not going to win. >> the french expert said a goat -- such a huge coalition of
6:50 am
people. we are out of the forecasting business. >> polling, four points, don't trust the polls, 20, 25 in the candidates in a different one. >> great to have you this morning, thank you so much. the ceo of wpp. when we come back why go out when can stay in figure hollywood's move to bring the big screen to you in your
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>> that was a new clip from the new power rangers film hitting theaters today, it is a reboot of the 1995 movie that made $38 million at the box office. katrina, good to see you. this film stars brian canst and, can it compete with the box office record break of beauty and the beast? >> beauty and the beast will dominate probably expected to bring 80 to $90 million, already the global total of just under half $1 billion. the power rangers will come in at second with approximately
6:55 am
they are estimating $40 million. it cost $100 million to make so that is not great but considering last year in 2016 the power rangers merchandise sold $900 million worth of action figures, fan paraphernalia. we don't feel that bad for them. maria: they bank on all the stuff. >> it is a commercial for all the stuff from fans in the 90s i'd like to get. maria: how about a family film you queue the comedy chips hit the silver screen. >> based on the 1977 tv series, what do you think? maria: this is written and directed by dac shepherd who is the star of this film with his real life wife kristen bell. >> purists said people who loved the original series will hate this movie. it is a raunchier version, slapstick, i would not say it is a family film but not everyone
6:56 am
will love it and if original fans don't like it they don't have to see it but i wanted to write a movie i wanted to see so it is interesting. in the original chips series the stars never drew their guns but you will see something very different in the film. maria: the sci-fi film life follows around -- >> not bad to look at. maria: alien creature on board the international space station cost $58 million to make. what will it bring in? >> between 15 and $30 million this weekend so it will be third-place at the box office beating chips but it has gotten decent, reviews have been mixed but i think people feel over the next few weeks it will make up for that mediocre opening. maria: what do you think of the story that hollywood studios are
6:57 am
considering releasing movies to on demand while the viis still in the theater according to variety, warner bros. weighing its films 17 days after their debut for $50 a pop. does this come as home entertainment revenues are slipping because you are watching it on dvd? you have it on demand? >> people want to watch what they want when they want and this is something people scoff at the price, can't believe you're charging that but get a real of friends and popcorn and watch the movie you will be saving money and can watch it anytime you want, it will be very popular. maria: thanks so much. coming up, collectors cashing in. this car sold for $4200 in 1971 but it has since stored in value. we will tell you about it next. yes? please repeat the objective.
6:58 am
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maria: thanks for being with us. it is friday, march 24th, top stories at 7:00 on the east coast, take it or leave it is the message from the white house on a houseboat ahead of repealing and replacing obamacare tonight, lawmakers meeting today but they met late into the night last night trying to broker a deal. >> if we don't get it passed it is a defeat for everyone in the republican party. a campaign promise, disappointed we haven't already gotten it done. >> you heard a lot of members
7:01 am
expressed their passion about following through and getting this done. >> we will pass it. maria: the process to start the vote starts this hour. the latest development coming up this morning. all the major averages sets for a decline on the week. futures indicator game, market expect to be up 30 points on the dow jones industrial average as there is optimism but it is all about that vote. investors eyeing the action on washington, stocks edging lower, worst performer in paris, cac quarante down 1/2%. stocks mostly hire, the nikkei average in japan mostly high, japanese yen weakened against the dollar, the nikkei up 1% which breaking news out of london authorities making two more significant arrests in connection to wednesday's terrorist attacanwe are learning more abouthe attacker and the one american victim coming up this morning, a lot of
7:02 am
details. amber alert in california, two baby brothers abducted when their babysitter's car was stolen, the latest on that surge. uk's exit from the european union hitting the country's a beer supply, heineken is being pulled off store shelves. spring underway, time to think about summer vacation. how to save your money ahead of that and saving money on airfare. the ceo of disney getting a contract extension as we learn more about the upcoming star wars film. all those things coming up. joining me to talk about it, dagan mcdowell, the chairman and chief investment officer michael jones and white house national security staff member under president george w. bush and president obama jillian turner is with us, thanks for joining the conversation. dagen: let's see what happens
7:03 am
with that health bill. maria: we will get information at 2:00 or 3:00 tonight in terms of whether that house bill passes and it is critical to markets. >> without question. things are lined up like planes, you got to get healthcare, that leads to the tax reform and infrastructure spending the markets want to see. maria: we are talking about that this morning. steve mcmillan, former massachusetts senator scott brown. cochair of the great american pack and reagan campaign manager ed rollins will join us. you don't want to miss a moment of it. the fight of repealing replace obamacare, white house or saying president trump will be done with healthcare and move on to tax reform if this bill is not passed. sean spicer reaffirmed the president's ultimatum. >> the house freedom caucus made significant changes to the bill
7:04 am
that they put forward that make it a stronger bill that continues to move towards the principles we laid out but it the end of the davis is the only train leaving the station repealing obamacare and giving us an alternative to replace it. this is the train that is leaving the station, the choice, the pledge. maria: changes include the following, getting states the right to determine how to handle essential health services. formerly that was on the federal level. it added $15 billion for drug addiction and newborn care. joining us to talk about it is congresswoman marsha blackburn, thanks for joining us. you were in meetings on capitol hill talking about passing this bill, expected to prep the healthcare bill, what can you tell us in terms of where we are? >> the big news is we are trend esther chang and that is what
7:05 am
you are seeing. everyone realizes the importance of getting ailacross the fi line and having majority of the house conference, 218 votes in the support of this bill. we don't expect to have democrat support for this bill and that is unfortunate but we would like for them to join us as we try to move to a patient centered health care system. everything we are putting on the table are concepts that have been around for a very long time and the bill has been made better through the process. there is language i have in the bill that will halt the gate expansion, there is language that protects life in this bill, you just articulated the amendment that went on last night, the essential health benefits had originally been removed, then they got put back in because there was discussion about the bird rule so this is the product that we have to fulfill our promise that we are going to repea get this off the books.
7:06 am
one of the flaws in this process is the fact that the rollout was not smooth, people were not brought in on the front end and you have to let people know we can't do this with one bill, one stroke of the pen. this is going to be a process and what we do legislatively, what secretary price, a reconciliation process we are doing today. maria: as you put things into appease the eedom caus like the essential benefits that are now being left to the states, what are you hearing from our moderate members? the tax is being left in, under the impression we were repealing the taxes, not so.
7:07 am
>> this is our first step. dave ramsey who is on your show from time to time and does financial peace talks a lot about the snowball concept, where you go to get the things you do initially to get your physical house back in order and that you start snowballing it, pick up other things along the way and i would encourage your viewers and our colleagues to think about it in this way. the first thing we can do to get the snowball going, and we bring in other components as we work through other tax reform, other health care legislation but we are repealing $800 billion worth of tax increases when we execute this and send it to the senate was we want guys in the senate to do their job and hope they will make this bill better when they get it.
7:08 am
we send it over to meet the bird rule. they have the opportunity to make this a better bill and we are hopeful they are going to rise to the occasion. maria: i want to get your take on the trans canada saying the state department approve the permit to build the keystone pipeline. this is a big story that is helping now. in terms of trans canada getting this to build the keystone pipeline, the rest of it? >> in a couple of components, energy security and being certain we are moving through the process and moving that rude in those tar sand and processing and refinement, that is a positive step and look at it as jobs and economic security
7:09 am
because people know that they are going to be working on that, the pipe, hauling the pipe, the building, the construction of the pipeline the maintenance of the pipeline. i go to bat on this jobs issue, those are just projects, they are temporary, the maintenance and delivery and refinement are long-term sustainable jobs and for canada who is our number one energy trading partner this is a great partnership and the partnership we should see. >> the keystone is probably the first in what is hoped-for and a lot of infrastructure spending that the administration and congress want to get going. let's assume your prediction, healthcare does pass, we have queued up tax reform. how long do you think it is going to be before congress can turn to these infrastructure job
7:10 am
creating initiatives? >> today is a pivotal point. it will give the president some momentum to work with us, working with the whip team. i'm a deputy whip, steve scalise, our whip and working with us in this process, you will see the progression and move into tax reform. we are working, a big part is broadband expansion which i held broadband expansion hearing last week, it was terrific and lasted 31/2 hours. people are focused on this and it will be part of that infrastructure investment. i met with individuals who are dealing with our waterways, our barges and transport, they are
7:11 am
excited to be included in an infrastructure package. people need to realize it is not just about a highway. this isn't a highway bill. it is an infrastructure bill, airports, waterway, broadband expansion. it is about lifting the ability of this country from coast to coast, top to bottom, side to side by -- to move into expansion of commerce. dagen: there is a lot coming out of the mouth of republicans that sounds very liberal and very much like a democrat whether it is infrastructure spending, keeping the 0.9% tax on wealthier americans in this bill, last six years, it was going to be retroactive to january 1st, keep it there and not indexed to inflation and it was near more people year after year. that sounds like something from a democrat. >> there are some things in this
7:12 am
bill some of us do not like. you can look at the bill and they don't like to build at all but this is the way we get this process started. then be able to come back in and as secretary price is able to move some things forward through the rules and regulation process, bear in mind when they put this in place, what they did was delegate the authority to the secretary of health and human services. he is able to go back into this bill, and my legislation which is hr 315, and health insurance, that opens up the health insurance marketplace that helps to get those premiums down, moves us to patient centered
7:13 am
health care. dagen: phase 2 and phase 3 is what you are talking about. >> we are moving those in concert with one another. secretary price is working through rules and regulations. we passed association health plans and small business protections this week. dagen: will you have the same fight about a border adjustment tax? >> my hope is there is going to be more preliminary work on bills moving forward and we will take time to establish the predicate, build a coalition before we begin to move things out because we have individuals that are going to work with us that have weighed in on the process and we are more prepared as we bring legislation forward. dagen: good to see you.
7:14 am
>> heineken gears up for an exit from britain's largest supermarket, blaming the uk's exit from the european union for that change and disney's ceo extended the contract, the company plans anher 15 years of star wars as well. we have it next. awesome. let's see how the aluminum bed of this truck held up. wooooow!! -holy moly. that's a good size puncture. you hear 'aluminum' now you're gonna go 'ew'. let's check out the silverado steel bed. wow. you have a couple of dents. i'd expect more dents. make a strong decision. find your tag and get 15% below msrp on select 2017 silverado 1500 crew cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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maria: breaking news out of london. authorities made two more
7:17 am
significant arrests in connection to wednesday's terror attack. good morning. >> it is a busy friday morning. most of the roads have been reopened with a probe into the terror attack we saw wednesday continues at a high pitch. police say two more people have been arrested in connection with a knife terror attack claimed by isis. the rest happened in the birmingham area, tween 9 people and a lot of evidence, trying to find out if there is any support or accomplices to this act and the attacker is named as 50y khalid massoud. his real name adrian russell, muslim convert. some say he was radicalized during a stay in saudi arabia, a long criminal record, minor
7:18 am
offenses. he was suspected of violent extremism, no terror arrests. more dramatic video released, prime minister theresa may was a couple hundred yards from the attack inside the house of commons, being rushed into a car and rushed away from the scene at the time of the attack. more information about the casualties, 50 people, 12 nationalities injured in the attack, 28 remain in the hospital and there were four killed including american kurt cochran, a british woman, british police officer and 75-year-old british man. the wife of cochran, melissa conklin remains in the hospital. she and he were on a 25th anniversary tour of europe. here is what one friend said about the loss. >> infuriates me he died by
7:19 am
terrorist attack. if more people were like him including the terrorists, these things wouldn't happen. >> reporter: word from the state department, president trump, secretary of state tillerson offering their condolences and assistance to their uk allies and any further investigation of this attack. maria: amber alert issued in riverside, california for missing baby brother. cheryl: carlos cortez and jane cortez in their babysitter's car when it was stolen, taken after the babysitter left it to run an errand. the stolen car is described as a 2016 honda accord with tinted windows. police asking for any help in this case. the vote to leave the european union affecting british beer fans, the guardian reporting
7:20 am
largest supermarket chain no longer carrying heineken because of price increases due to the referendum. this includes all their brand, newcastle and foster. the vote pushed up its cost. they are negotiating lower price on the beernd speculation, the news bob eiger is going to stay on in ceo in disney until july 2019. looking for a successor and the other story, star wars fans have plenty to celebrate, they will give you another 15 years of star wars movies, episode ix will hit theaters in may 2019 and carrie fisher will be in the next movie, none of her scenes will be changed or edited. back to you. maria: the clock is ticking for house republicans to repeal and replace obamacare.
7:21 am
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maria: healthcare ultimatum, the house expected to vote on the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. joining us is the ceo, stephen mcmillan. great to have you back. we talked about your growth story and the 3 the mammography. tell us about this bill and how it may impact things. >> at the end of the day our job is to figure out how to navigate regardless what happened, we navigated through obamacare but a lot of things are coming home
7:25 am
to roost now particularly the cost to the middle class when you look at premiums going up something needs to be done. we are hopeful something will get done that will keep coverage for folks but also work on bending the cost curve. we are hopeful. all of us want certainty and the uncertainty is the hardest part to navigate. maria: one of the big growth parts, mammography, seeing more that mandate the 3-d mammography covered by private insurance. >> new york state does that. what do you think about that? united health has changed. >> with our 3-d which is the biggest breakthrough in mammography detection in a decade, far better detecting
7:26 am
early cancers and huge reduction and false positives, biopsies are needed, we are taking a two pronged approach. cms started reimbursing giving additional coverage, private payers were slower, governor cuomo recently in new york, connecticut is mandated all insurers must cover, private insurers, blue cross was there and recently and some and united are covering it. that is taking us to the next level. dagen: from the deck of breast health, the 3-d mammogram illuminates the need for a sonogram or ultrasound and with the price differential between the stated mammogram and another mammogram. >> how would -- dagen: generally the 3-d
7:27 am
mammography will show so many things they could never detect. it was dramatically reducing the callbacks, people with dense breasts, devoted to an ultrasound, you can see so much more. the longer-term economic benefits, they are seeing far fewer need for follow-ups because you can see so much more and that is the final catalyst. the federal government gave an additional $57 reimbursement charge based on that exact being able to reduce biopsies and follow-ups and $57 additional payment. that will save the system money. >> people want certainty. obamacare was passed with no republican votes.
7:28 am
whatever replaces it is going to be passed with no democratic votes. significant changes in policy, how were you thinking about planning for the future? >> both sides get together because the risk you highlight, every four oeighyears bouncing back and forth from one side to another is not going to be good for all of us either, not good for citizens or business, that we could actually come together and get a policy that both sides could support. >> what do you say to people who push back and talk about not just people who are included in this bill but those who are excluded, new numbers that showed us despite changes for the legislation, 24 million new
7:29 am
uninsured people, americans that will lose their coverage, new people that lose their coverage. how do you talk to people about that? politics aside. >> with our kind of wealth. more people into the system and that the end of the day, look at the rest of the world, most have government provided plans, they are trying to get more private pay into the world. at the end is a we need a commonsense solution where there is a little bit of a government floor and let the market drive so much of the rest of health care but we got to provide basic level coverage. dagen: those are people who will choose not to buy health insurance because the and 8 goes
7:30 am
away a few years ago peopleid not ve health insurance. you had to pay if you didn't have the insurance. such an important point because the mainstream media says this will kill all these people, they are going to choose not to have health insurance. before you go, you acquired this company, this is aesthetic. a big growth story. >> global leader and laser treatments, and three broad uses for lasers. pigmented lesions, acne scars, wrinkles, tattoo removal, secondary is mona lisa touch which is fragile rejuvenation, menopausal systems, breast cancer survivors, women who have
7:31 am
had hysterectomies treated with lasers noninvasively, the biggest part 15 months ago is sculpture which is noninvasive. we go in with a laser underneath the skin and start to zap out fat cells. go in on your lunch hour. i asked if i could get one. it is 25 minute treatment. instead of the old days, what lasers bring to the healthcare field is the ability to do things less invasively, faster and make it more accessible. we think this is a market in the early stages of taking off. dagen: you run into a clinic and get this done. >> totally different from the days of liposarcoma, anesthetic and recovery times.
7:32 am
>> what are you doing for lunch to q maria: thank you so much, stephen cleland, coming up, democrats targeting the supreme court with file tactics, chuck schumer plans to block neil gorsuch from being confirmed to the highest court in the land. at vicarious visions, i get to be creative, work with awesome people, and we get to make great games. ( ♪ ) what i like about the area, feels like everybody knows each other. and i can go to my local coffee shop and they know who i am. it's really cool. new york state is filled with bright minds like lisa's. to find the companies and talent of tomorrow, search for our page, jobsinnewyorkstate on linkedin. seargreat sleep.age, we engineered every inch of the casper mattress to make it possible. a subtle bounce, just the right sink, we even designed a unique foam that's breathable for all night coolness.
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see one good friday morning. we are happy you are with us. it's friday march the 24th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m.
7:35 am
it's due date for healthcare. present trump demands about the latest as lawmakers begin meeting on the hill. the uncertainty over the boat has weight on markets recently. all the major markets are set for a decline. we will see how strong that game is. anwe will knowf that passes today about 3:00 p.m. ern time. in europe investigators are fine the action. eyeing the action. it is dictating the market. the worst performer in paris down almost half of 1%. in asia overnight stocks closed mostly higher. the ek average in japan was mostly lower. a huge victory for the keystone pipeline to tell you about. transcanada said the state department has approved a permit to build the project. present trump will make an announcement about that today.
7:36 am
we will take either life. democrats in disarray. they are turning their attention to the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. chuck schumer promising a filibuster. the white house is fighting back. >> from day one we said that he made an inspired choice. the american bar association has given them the highest grade. this week though through all four days he showcased his sterling credentials in the brilliant legal mom -- mind. it breaks the position of how they have handled the boats in modern time and represents the type of partisanship the american people had grown tired of. maria: they are scribbling to repair the image. dancy chairman they hit the road for a multi- state tuound to her. that's wt ey're calling it.
7:37 am
jessica alba's company forced to recall dish show. because the bottles were under filled. will tell you about that. and looking to get away for from summer vacation. we will tell will tell you the cheapest days to fly. the car of your youth could be the key to your retirement. all the stories are coming up this morning. minority leader chuck schumer yesterday said he will vote now i'm present trump nominee. he is urging his colleagues to follow him and do the same. the move would force republicans to come up with 60 votes to overcome that filibuster. he will have to earn 60 votes for confirmation. the answer isn't to change the rules is to change the nominee.
7:38 am
we find his announcement truly disappointing because it breaks with the tradition of how they have handled supreme court confirmation votes in modern time and represents the type of partisanship the americans had grown tired of. scott brown is here with us this morning. it's interesting to hear chuck schumer say the answer is not to change the rules when actually it was his party who changed the rules to make it 51 votes. and it was harry reid you can thank for that. i know senator schumer was against that. you only need 51 votes on cabinet votes in the likes. the question is how hard will he work to strong-arm his members to vote no. is really the question. will he let them vote their conscience. there's no reason in the world, i wish every judge have the legal knowledge in the class that this judge has. and that he set the tone for
7:39 am
future nominees coming before the senate. i was glued to the tv. what a brilliant man. i hope he gets confirmed. if not they will blow it up and they will get the 51 votes and they will put him through there's no reason not too. do you really think there is any chance they will go through with a filibuster vote. they know in the backdrop they could just change the rules and get it through with 51 votes. is this the trench that he will actually fight to defend. it's funny you say that. with this and nominate nominee he is replacing a conservative nominee. it could really shape the court in a different way. and to put something like that who was as you saw so classy in the legal mind unlike anyone i have ever seen.
7:40 am
is this the line he wants to drop. the road the senate even further. there's no reason in the world that some of those senators should say oh my goodness especially from colorado. in other states in the midwest. his legal qualifications, justice kagan didn't even have any courtroom experience. it's a no-brainer i would think for anybody voting. >> its obligation of the republicans to basically do away with the filibuster rule just as harry reid did at the democrats don't step up and there are a number of democrats they might be
7:41 am
willing to get on board. see mccune only named four. we still need to get to 60. it will can of peter out. they will do it for show and then if they don't get the 60 votes they will just change the roles and get it done. >> i want to ask you it's clear that every seat on the bench when it comes to this. it is a little bit shortsighted. before senator schumer said this a couple of dago.
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