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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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philadelphia, she lost the whole state. lou: president trump and speaker ryan pull the healthcare bill just minutes before a scheduled vote in the house. >> very close. a very tight margin. we have no democrat support, a giv difficult thing to do. best thing to do is let obamacare explode. lou: congressman louie golmert joining us, taking up why so many moderates and conservatives oppose the legislation. also, deep state rising, chairman of house intelligence committee recalling the fbi and nsa directors for a
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classified closed hearing, following his explosive disclosure that the president trump transition team was surveilled. and president trump continues to deliver on his promise to create jobs and put america first. reversing an obama decision by approving the keystone pipeline. >> today we take one more step in putting the jobs, wages and economic security of american citizens first. >> weekly sta standard's fred barnes. and stee steve forbes among our guest. lou: obamacare is still law of the land, and will likely be for some time to come, speaker ryan this afternoon pulled healthcare legislation that would have replaced obamacare just minutes before a vote that was scheduled in the house. speaker ryan pulled bill when it became clear that republicans did not have necessary votes, move follows
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failed intend effort to get conservative and moderate republicans to support the legislation. fox news chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel has been covering the action all day from capitol hill. he has our report. reporter: a tense day on capitol hill after white house demanded a vote on this republican healthcare package. but leadership aides they speaker paul ryan was asked to pull the bill by president trump, by mid afternoon. >> we just did not quite get consent shoes today, we have a member driven process to get consensus, we came close but we did not, i thought wise thing to do was to not precede with the vote but pull the bill. reporter: brooks celebrated. >> i am pleased as can be, i believe it is bad for america. >> nancy pelosi rejoiced. >> it is exciting for us, yesterday, our anniversary today a victory for affordable
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care act. and for american people. >> rule 19, further considering of h.r. 1628 is postponed. reporter: just afternoon, speaker ryan went to white house to brief the president on status of health care bill with ryan telling him, he did not have the vote, vice president pence made an afternoon visit to capitol hill. trying to make a final push for conservative support, there has been pressure on freedom caucus deliver conservative votes after extentsive out reach from the white house. but after the meeting some of those conservatives said they were still no. and in others leak congressman massie complained bob pressure to get onboard. how to vote, and what will be allowed to work on, if vote fails is that a republic. with tension building some tried to play the role of peacemaker. >> we have support from freedom caucus members from
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this bill. and we have opponents in both camps, tblame any single group would be a huge mistake. reporter: there was also tension of more traditional kind between republicans and democrats, and anger erupting with accusation that g.o.p. lowered volume on democrats floor microphone. >> this debate is too important to have our microphones at a lower scale. >> what does g.o.p. stand for, get old people. that is what this bill does. that is what people are voting yes for today. let me say, we have an obligation. reporter: healthcare deadline day began early with those favoring this repeal and replace plan calling for action. >> i appreciate the input of the administration, i appreciate the fact that the directive to us last night, was to put our pencils down
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and turn our papers in it is time mr. speaker, it is a good bill. the rule deserves our support. reporter: speaker ryan said they will proceed with tax reform, and obamacare will remain the law of the land for the foreseeable future, the fact they failed at repeal and replace, makes tax reform harder, lou. lou: thank you mike emanuel. president trump today spoke out after the healthcare bill was pulled. saying that republicans came quote very close to getting enough support in the house to pass, and gracious refusing to blame others and supported speaker ryan. and after the painful loss. president trump also made it clear, he is now focusing on advancing the rest of his legislative agenda, up next is tax reform. fox news correspondent kevin cork at the white house with our report. reporter: once soaring optimism today gave way to
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crushing reality that president trump's first major initiative, effort to repeal and replace affordable care act, h had fallen to defeat. >> we learned a lot loyalty, we learned about vote getting processed. perhaps best thing that could happen is what happened today. because we're will end up with a great healthcare bill in the future, after this mess known as obamacare explodes. reporter: a stinging setback for a man who has proclaimed end of the law was close at hand. >> this is our long await the chance to get rid of obamacare . we're going to do it. >> despite public bravado, the a thor of art of deal expressed doubts about his decision to follow speaker ryan's plan to tackle the he'lhealth law before unveiling his own tax cut proposal, after more than 60
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days of g.o.p. control in washington, and still no deal, a frustrated president today tweeted, after 7 horrible days of obamacare, this is finally your chance to-- chance for a great plan, but irony is that freedom caucus, allows planned parenthood to continue if they stop this plan. that last comment aims at the freedom caucus, a vocal group of republican lawmakers that critical of house bill. which would have ended individual an employer mandates and stop out of pocket subsidies, white house official today insist that president did all he could. >> has the team put everything out there, absolutely, at the end of the day this is not a dictatorship, we have to expect members to vote how they will.
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>> a potentially costly calculation by congressional republicans who may have let best chance at health care reform, go by the way side. >> at some point there is see political cost to dragging this out. saying let's keep letting it go. i think that is where you know, we came to a decision that, it had gotten as far as it could go. reporter: what happens next? well, white house is ready to move on. to talk about tax reform, that would seem that play closer to president's personal strength. he also today my friend expressed support and continued support i think important for speaker of house paul ryan, despite having years to get something prepared to repeal and replace obama care, failed to deliver, when it mattered most. lou. lou: kevin, let me ask you about this tax reform. the president said thatte today, steve mnuchin treasury secretary, we hearing august
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for crying out loud, why not now? this now has been hallmark of this president through first two months of his presidency, and wait until later has been if you will the cry of the congress and the senate. why august? reporter: this is why i wish you were here more often. you could walk into that briefing and ask the man. i think you or to something. august is actually a chance to give them an opportunity to not only collect themselves as a group but make certain that they are moving forward in lockstep, they have strong ideas, keep this in mind, this health care battle was parts of a three prong approach, at cleaning up the budget, they want to try to get it ready before they get to august. i think that other thing, you want to be careful, about momentum building, you don't want to come become with manage camp complicated and stagger your way forward. lou: you know there is an old
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saying, apologizing for sending a long letter, i'm sorry i didn't have time to write a short one. i have never seen it fail, simpler is always better, and faster is more efficient, it just works that way even in -- well where you happen to be tonight in washington, d.c. kevin thank you we appreciate it. reporter: any time, have a good weekend. lou: you too, there is a lot more going on, we have it for you. stay with us. >> republicans come up short, forced to pull health care legislation just minutes before a vote scheduled in the house. >> it has an interesting experience. in the end i think it will be an experience that leads to a better healthcare plan. lou: president trump wants a bipartisan health care bill, will that be possible soon? the dean of republican strategist ed rollins will join me next. >> on the tax reform now,
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president trump's treasury secretary steve mnuchin said tax reform could be ready beaugust. we take e e e e
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remains law of the land after today's embarrassing setback for republicans on health care legislation. >> moving from an opposition party, to a governing party comes with growing pains, well we're feeling those growing pains today. we came really close today. but we came up short. i spoke to the president, just a while ago. i told him that best thing to do is to pull this bill, he agreed. lou: growing pains have been the speaker's, he tries to grow into his job. and doesn't up in of i none of it changes fact that speaker assured president and rest of us that the speaker had the votes time after time to pass his american healthcare act, when ou obvious leahy dily, he did not. >> we will have 218, i can
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guarantee that. >> i have no doubt we'll pass this we'll keep our promises. >> sure are there people who have concerns and criticisms that is what happens with concensus. >> we feel like we're making great strides and great progress on getting a bell that is pass -- bill that can pass, it incorporates feedback from members of all walks in life,. >> i feel good about it it is where we' to be, that is why we'll pass the best possible legislation we can, we got it there. lou: on the senate side, mitch mcconnell offered this brief statement of condolences, saying, obamacare is failing the american people and i deeply appreciate the effort of the speaker, and the president to keep our promise to repeal and replace it. i share their disappointment that this effort came up short, short and sweet or more correctly, short and somewhat bitter.
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joining me now to discuss all of the this, botched healthcare roll out, how it affectjump agenda going forward, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, ed rollins. this did not look good from the beginning dit. >> i could to correct something to speaker, he has been speaker for 3 years, we had senate majority, the missing piece of a president, we had a president who campaigned very hard and aggressively, you could not ask for anything more for this particular issue, my sense, they better get their act together. this is not a good piece of le legislation, there has been great support, we promised we'll fix it or they could not get the job done. lou: i have to -- you know not to for the most part i will give the speaker a pass today. but, he called it a member driven process, the congress,
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of the united states, he reduces to you know bloodless corporatees, i could not see where the members were driving this process. >> quite the contrary, they did not get to put in amendments the way you do traditional legislation, yo hole pub -- hold public hearing, no amendments were allowed. and then in end, the rules committee, his committee they added a little bit here and should have known early on they were in big trouble with this bill, they should have fixed it and trying to do that in last 48 hours is absurd, they hurt themselves badly, and they hurt the president. lou: that i mortal sin here, he has been gracious uput up with paul ryan time after time when many people, including myself who said that country
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would be better served if paul ryan teppe stepped away from the speaker ship, he does not do anything, he has never done anything, i have repeated these two simple fact, this speaker has been there for less than two year, and has in his 18 years in the house, deliver three piece of of legislation, not one of them major piece, yet, the conservatives, i mean freedom caucus is responsible for paul ryan, they can't be walking around patting themselves too much on the back. >> i believe in comparison, and comparison of someone i have known all my like in politics i do not like but it economeffective, nancy pelosi, he got this through 7 years ago. ryan should have benb been h been -- should have been behind the scenes, in my sense he was too busy lecturing
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people on his plans that are not saleable, this is say very important emotion thing for this president. lou: would you like to add harry reiharry reid to your friends? >> harry reid, no, i will let him go off to wilderness. she is still alive and well, my measu am in washington d.c., whatever side is drinking in the bar is e newsiastically, tonight, they are not happy. lou: i want to one observation about two people. one is speaker ryan, who today did not seem to be glum. he looked like he was the going to be late to class. but nonetheless, it was an inconcent yens, and you -- connecticut ve-- inconvenience, you look at president trump he looked like a man who lost a contest, i
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find it interesting that president took this moreperson alley than man who authored this. that speaks to why paul ryan lost. >> i think that president wanted this win, he knew it was important for country, he talked to people all over the country who clearly wanted this to happen, before he is finished he will get this fixed. lou: he was the right, he said, very simply that practical, political matter, republicans should not touch obamacare, and let the democrats sink with it. once again, his view has been supported by the reality, and he has another opportunity to see that occur. and i think she is right, that is when bipartisan act will take place. ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe that democrats will be begging president trump to pass health care legislation to fix obamacare when it fails.
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cast your vote on twitter. on wall street today stocks closed mix, dow down 60. nasdaq gaining 11, not much reaction to failure of the republicans to move the healthcare legislation through the house. volume on the big board 3 billion shares, dow, s&p and nasdaq posting worst week of the year, down less than 2%. the ceo of charter communication met with the president today announcing that charter will invest $25 billion in this country, and hire 20,000 american workers. >> a reminder to listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, up next. speaker ryan praising the president for pushing healthcare, despite the speaker's failure to deliver the votes. >> president gave his all in this effort.
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he did everything he could. to help people see the opportunity that we have with this bill, he has been fantastic. lou: freedom caucus member dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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lou: my ange-marie hancoc guest -- my next guest was planning to vote no on the health care legislation before it was pulled this afternoon, congressman louie golmert, congressman of the great state of texas. i know you were not surprised to see the bill pulled today. in your thoughts about you know who is responsible for this? i don't want to get involved in a blame game. but i don't see anything responsible other than the speaker of the house. >> on the issue of responsible, there were some people in the freedom caulks that yocaucus that said we
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hope it does go to a vote so people will see when it goes down, it not just conservatives that have major problem, there would probably be an equal number of people in tuesday group. lou: moderates. >> than the conservatives. at least as many, there were real problems with this. i hope that real loser here is the procedure of the way that thinthings have been done for last 20 years. lou: what are you talking about? the speaker said it was a member-driven process, his words. >> he correctly pointed out, they had listening sessions, but they did the listening sessions, it was like they checked box. then they went out and we said who wrote this. this sounds like some insurance lobbyist wrote this. lou: did insurance company
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lobbyists write part of the bill? >> there has to have been some of that participation in there. has to have been, i don't know who wrote it. but i know that key is not in the listening sessions before the bill is written, the bill at more important is how -- who writes the bill, then to we have a chance to sit down and talk about it before it is ever pushed forward as our party -- our party's bill. i tell you. i know previously, said that you know trump was real loser. but, if you got a chance. lou: not by me. >> not by me either. lou: and not by anybody that knows anything. >> seeing that man work behind thecenes, after convention, i was for him, i was supportive, i became texas co-chair, but i had no idea that that man could work like that, he is fabulous, real --
7:30 pm
lou: here is high question. my . lou. >> today his comments were like the wisest leader, they were deep, and hu humble, he is right, we're going to get a better bill. lou: he is right, you will get a bill that bipartisan, he is right that obamacare is go to explode. >> it is, people are hurting all over, i hope that people watch, will understand, is that this bill, we were told even if we passed this bill, like it is, without any changes at all, rates will go up for 75% or so for next two years, but we think we might get your rates down 10%. lou: over 10 years. >> i'm hearing from people that -- i cannot afford it this year, i need help, we can't keep this up, this was not going to do it for them,
7:31 pm
for those who said just pass something, that is not the answer. i know -- giving more federal government power is not a tom price being there but cat lea kathry-- kathleen seb ilias that follows him. lou: a speaker with regular order and bringing back hearings and actually a member-driven process would give the membership time to talk about what it contains. >> it is not member-driven, when you say, we have the bill prepared. lou: i understand. >> long hours but you can't change a thing. really? that is member-driven. lou: maybe a leadership learning experience and
7:32 pm
process as well. >> i pray so, thank you, lou, thank you for your insights. lou: and thank you for yours sir, always good to share them. >> thank you, i mean thank you. lou: i mean it back. we're coming right back with much more, louie golmert, one of my favorite congressmen, stay with us. >> house republicans fall short in a bid to repeal and replace obamacare. but president trump said that the real losers are the democrats. >> i think that the losers are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, because now they own obamacare. lou: we take that up with steve forbes, fred barnes, my guests next. >> and this trio about to take us on an explosive ride unlike any you have seen before, it is worth your time, we'll show you their wild adventure here next in the video, that is how's it going? -hi. today we're gonna be comparing the roll-formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome.
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lou: house intel chairman devin nunes asking admiral rogers and james comey to return to brief the committee. nunes concluded that unnamed obama aides moved to unmask the names of american citizens and that appeared in raw intelligence that cannot be explained except in an effort to undermine president trump.
7:37 pm
>> there are reasons to unmask names. at least some of what i have seen, i don't know what that reason would be. maybe someone has a good reason from it, but not from what i have been able to read. lou: joining us to talk about what is going on with the failure of the republican repeal and replacement of obamacare is the executive editor of the weekly standard steve forbes. let's start with since we -- this compelling news of the day, the failure of speaker ryan to move this legislation through. he reassured the president, he reassured everybody one final word for our viewers that he had it under control, he had the votes, and was cocky beyond belief as he sort of strutted through it all at news conferences saying he had it.
7:38 pm
steve: in politic and sports you always say you have it. by not working closely with the freedom caucus, maybe they couldn't get a bill. but maybe they did some fold fashioned horse trading that could have passed the house. lou: does the speaker think he somehow believed the burden of having to incorporate the views of the members and ideas of the house, it's arrogance in the extreme. it's just incomprehensible to watch this man operate. yet he's been there as speaker less than two years and never done a damn thing in his career. steve: on healthcare something got complicated that will involve a lot of moving parts and a lot of interests coming in and out.
7:39 pm
lou: a lot of people depending on you steve: why do they lead where that and the congressional budget office and crazy scoring. they should have led with a tax cut. lou: he led because it was his deal, his legislation, his better way nonsense mantra. and he knew his best shot of getting it through was to lead first and to hell with the president of the united states and his agenda. fred: do i get an answer here? steve forbes is exactly right. it was a huge mistake not to start with a tax reform and a tax cut and repay triating tax dollars overseas
7:40 pm
there is a terrible precedence when presidents start with healthcare. look what happened to bill clinton with hillary-care. she put her stamp on his presidency and in 1999 they lost the house. lou: we know the koch brothers don't want this legislation to go through, which it did not go through today, and the president looked hurt, he looked angry, he looked like a man who had lost a battle, and the speaker looked like he was a man indifferent to the outcome. could it be the koch brothers had some influence on the outcome, that is destroy the legislation they spent $300 to $400 million to stop this legislation? steve: i think they are like a lot of house members. they didn't like the thing and
7:41 pm
give cover. those who were fearful they would come after them in primaries. that's part of the normal process. lou: $300 million, that's pretty strong air cover. steve: that's peanut money for george soros. lou: i'm talking about the koch brothers. fred: i thought the president looked resilient. he looked pretty good. he insisted on going first, too. maybe it was paul ryan's first idea -- fred: you know who wanted to go first. fred: you act like president trump doesn't have a mind of his own, and i think he does. lou: who doesn't. fred: i think you do.
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lou: you told me throughout what a splendid fellow paul ryan was and i'm still waiting for you to tell me what the hell he ever succeeded at. fred: he was a good chairman of the house ways and means committee and he's the architect of the bill that will come out. lou: fred barnes, steve forbes. appreciate it. please roll the video. these snowboarders trading fresh powder for molten rock. this -- look at that. okay. we show you a lot of crazy, silly death defying mad stunts. this is in the top five. dust storms kicking up from the ash.
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lou: joining me to discuss the *'s agenda and the political rap if i kaigs of obamacare. byron york. byron: thank you, lou. lou: the president was gracious beyond measure saying speaker ryan should stick around. this should not be a mark on his resume. but he is without question, is he not, a weakened speaker as a result of his failure? byron: there is no doubt about that. these event are a failure:for president trump and a disaster for house republicans. they have been waiting for so long to get their chance to do this. paul ryan has failed his first
7:48 pm
shooting real bullet test as a leader of a congressional majority. he basically said this today. he said this really hard. we were an opposition party and we co-could do stuff and it didn't really matter and now it does. they took on something big to begin with and they failed. lou: it was apparently his idea to start with obamacare. byron: i think the president's agenda and the house republicans agenda is not the same. i think trump made an error of going along with the house republicans saying we campaigned on this for 7 years. trump campaigned on this himself. but his biggest issues were bringing back the american economy, creating new and better paying jobs. obviously on immigration and on isis.
7:49 pm
so those were his biggest priorities. >> the fact is that the speaker had the her in th -- had the tee arrogance to move this better way agenda of the speaker. this is a speaker who opposed the nominee of his party. he's a man who brought all of that animus into his role as speaker and into government with the inauguration of donald trump. i personally think he's contemptuous and he was ineffective. and the fact of the matter is the sooner he's replaced, it's probably the on chance the house has to move legislation forward for a speaker who has capacity. do you have any idea who might replace him? byron: i think that's far down
7:50 pm
the line. lou: we are moving quickly on trump time. byron: john boehner was the victim of the same current inside the republican caucus. the same divisions. lou: the freedom caucus. baybuy. byron: and they settled on paul ryan because he had been the vice presidential nominee and he was a have anybody else. when you ask the question is there a great leader among house republicans? crises bring out great leaders but i don't know how it is right now. lou: speaker ryan unable to couple with a good explanation why the healthcare legislation didn't get to vote >> i don't want to cast blame. there is a block of no votes that is why this didn't pass. there were a sufficient number
7:51 pm
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