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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 28, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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the votes they had for obamacare repealed, they still don't have a bill that they have majority support. >> good to see you. thanks. congressman dave brad among our guests. thanks for being with us. kennedy: tax reform on the bill for the white house. richard fowler will talk to me by the. president trump creating a new agency to get the government running like a business. grab a hammer. time to nail this thing. it was a huge political gamble. the president had two kings, but the dealer had a 21. the doomed bill got pulled.
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it it proved the house always wins, unless it's speaker ryan's house. disappointment at the dems. you could see in his eyes the unfamiliar pain of losing could only be remedies by one of two things. a new golden toilet or certain and soon victory. now the americans turn to taxes. we must turn to britney spears. remember when she married her high school flame for a day and a half? no one rrp remembers that guy. no one will remember the legislation that set off gag reflexes of conservatives and moderate alike who all told the president to stick it to the freedom caucus. this will be the big trashy trash lloyd-filled romp that will force the president to
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shave his head and get a conservator or it will land him a sold-out residency? vegas. the healthcare plan was too hasty. the republicans only had 7 years to rewrite obamacare. keep it simple. show people the money, and do the math. and they shouldn't forget. everybody loves lower taxes. nobody loves getting hosed on healthcare. healthcare is the domain of hot heads who blueser in the steam room of emotionalism and scairp each other to death. it's an unnatural environment
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for these men and women. you are a winner because you are here and i'm kennedy. kennedy: what matters is republicans stop gloating. that sounds great. but is that even follows in d.c.'s heavily divide atmosphere? peter suderman joins me. welcome back.
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peter, my first question is, what went wrong? >> just about everything is one answer. so the republicans basically spent 7 years campaigning against obamacare and promising to replace the law. but they never built any consensus around the replacement. and they didn't spend very much time trying to build consensus around the law once they had it in place. then you had problem president trump didn't understand the details on this and he never made a case for the law on its policy merits. if you think about what president trump and what speaker ryan were saying about this. they were saying you have to vote for it because you will lose your seat if you don't. they never made the case that you needed to vote for it because it was a good policy. they couldn't convince anybody that this bill would be good policy.
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kennedy: the emotional path from obamacare is littered with the bodies of democrats who voted for something bad simply because their party said get in line. i argued it was not necessarily the details, but the structural aspect of the legislation that provided the fatal flaws. you couldn't just tweak a few things and make members of the freedom caucus happy. >> this bill wanted to embrace a lot of the core structural elements much obamacare, but without the stuff that held obamacare together or sort of did. so what you -- what you ended up with was a zombie obamacare. it was going to melt down as quickly as next year. the cbo said 14 million fewer people would have health insurance under the republican bill. there were last-minute revisions
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no one even read. experts were saying this would cause every insurer in the country to pull out of the individual market. and that's how badly this thing was put together. this is a throng standing failure of republicans to focus on the strublg structural elements on tax policy. that's not something they did in this case and not something they have done for the last 7 years since obamacare has been in place. >> i disagree when were doing nothing the last 7 years, but they weren't building a consensus like you said. there were many people who worried about the state of their income this country. where do they go from here? >> right now where he go is the status quo. obamacare is shaky. its foundations -- it doesn't work really well for a lot of people. we see insurers pulling out of
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the market. the big debate we'll see next is about whether the administration should prop up obamacare as the obama administration did through dubious legal measures, stuff like the republicans were suing the obama administration over. so we are going to see some serious debates about whether the administration should continue doing that sort of thing to try to stitch obamacare together. store whether they should start on a new process and look for a different way to go about repealing the law and putting something totally different in place. >> it's necessary to scrap this entire thing. there is no way you can do a superficial overhaul and expect the healthcare industry to continue work. peter suderman, thank you so much. now we'll bring in our party panel.
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julie roginsky. and dave smith and editor. we have so much to talk about. after friday's shock setback. the president signaled he would be moving on his next political target, tax reform. but it won't be any easier. the gop plan will have to be full-blown tax reform. if you need any more proof how tough this could get, there hasn't been a federal groafer haul in the tax code for 28 years. >> the republicans are going to discover that fixing tax is
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equally as difficult as replacing obamacare was. i would like to see them tackle big projects, why not. why not try to fix something like the corporate death tax. why not kill the death tax which doesn't stay dead. kennedy: the bored adjustment tax, kevin brady and paul ryan are super hot on this and they:swiped right, and they want a 20% tax imposed on imports who hurts business hospital have to get materials from other parts of the world to build things here. >> it's definitely a bad idea. if you talk to most economists they say we should abandon this plan all together, and the trump white house doesn't like it that much from what i understand. kennedy: this an issue they can own and benefit.
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in the only corporations, but middle class americans, throw income americans. even give the rich a tax break. >> taxation is theft. we should have far less of it. corporations aren't lobbying -- we have a government run by the corporations. that's why we have a 47-page tax code. this is an issue the republicans have been pretending to care about. they are going to increase spending. ron paul used to point this out all the time. spending is the tax. once we spend the money, we are going to print, borrow it or tax it. but it's all going to come from the people. so we just print the money and everyone's prices go up? kennedy: you cannot increase
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spending and reduce taxes. we learned that in the brush era. >> we'll get a couple points down on the tax code. >> that's what trump does in his budget. he's not shrinking spending. kennedy: the token programs that go by the wayside like the nerks a and science spending, but that really is barely a drop in the bucket when you consider the elements of the budget that are never touched. the problem for tax reform, but real tax reform is the healthcare debacle. it makes it that's harder to do this year. reconciliation has to be linked to deficit reduction. and with obamacare taxes staying in place, that's -- not tax, subsidies staying in place, that's going to link with
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deficit reduction. so it's almost impossible to do one without the other. that's why they have to do obamacare first. kennedy: it's funny to hear democrats talk about deficit neutrality. they love deficit spending more than they love smothering people with government programs. the reason i say that, the rich made him do it. but donald trump is not going to make anybody do it, and paul ryan with his ayn rand obsession which some of you share here. >> we don't share it. kennedy: paul ryan does not believe in limited government. julie: we are all in agreement which is why i hate to be the
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bearer of bad news, it's not going to happen. tinker a little bit on the edges, lower it from the top right down, but that's about it. you think a leak to more -- >> it's not trickle down economics. has anybody ever done this successfully? he type there is a tax cut there will be is economic growth. there is a direct correlation. >> if you want to look into it, revenue went up. he got us into wars we shouldn't have been in. what happened? revenue went up? julie: the problem is you won't
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have a president who will lower spending whatsoever. he will increase spending. you will cut taxes, then everybody is going to complain about the budget. >> they can't control themselves. the big addict problem this country is not opioids, it's to government spending, both parties do it and it's immoral. kennedy: we are going to see the and a little bit later. but first attorney general jeff sessions getting tough on sanctuary cities. live-stream your favorite sport
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they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws and to rethink these policies. kennedy: there are roughly 300 sanctuary jurisdictions in the u.s. will they stand up to the administration or cave under the pressure. richard, welcome back. so obviously kate steinle was a woman in san francisco gunned down in cold blood by an illegal immigrant arrested and deported several times. but san francisco shielded him from i.c.e. agents. that has given license to immigration people to treat every immigrant in this country as if they are on murderous rampages. >> i think that's a good lead-in.
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here is the thing for me. i'm not a big fan of sanctuary city. but i think they exist in the world we live in because of the lack of passing comprehensive immigration reform. i don't care if donald trump or barack obama does it. the 1980s have called and they want their immigration back. kennedy: the 1980s usr saw amnesty from two presidents in a low. i don't care if they were born here and just visiting, overstayed a visa or under under some wall. if you are hurting people in this country, assaulting and killing them, you don't deserve to be here. the cities instead acting outraged, should be acting on behalf of the rest of their citizens. >> hopefully if they are bern
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here hopefully they will stay here because they are american citizens. but if you are trying to get a green card or a legal stat dozen we have to create those opportunity for you. but if you are an ax murderer or a rapist you should be deported back to your them country. but deporting people who have done stupid crimes. there was a case in miami where a guy didn't pay his parking tickets and he's being deported back to haiti. kennedy: here is a big difference. we can't apply moral equivalents because some crimes are worse than others. if you have bad people doing bad things they should be the first to go so jeff sessions doesn't come out on soap boxes. jeff sessions is a hardliner and jeff sessions is no surprise.
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this is what the president ran on. these governors are digging their heels in for a political fight. do you think it mayors of the three biggest cities in the one true will stand up or do they give in? >> i think they will stand up. the president has the white house, the house and the senate. he needs to pass immigration laws that modernize our immigration system. the system is archaic at best. people were still using pagers. we need immigration laws. can they include deporting the most heinous of criminals? absolutely. can it involve a pathway to citizenship? of course it can. can it involve border security? sure.
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kennedy: the gafng 8 bill was toxic for a lot of republicans. but it does come down to modernizing the immigration system. richard foirl, thank you so much. democrats russian hacks and meddling in our country are an act of war. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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kennedy: the russians tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, that was an act of war. that's what representative coleman from new jersey says. but was the russian meddling really an act of war? very strong words. if so what kind of retaliation might we seek? let me ask lieutenant colonel ralph peters. russian election meddling, is this an act of war? that's a very serious charge. >> the answer is it's unclear. it was clearly an act of aggression it was clearly a crime.
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to might was an act of war because it was an assault on the foundation of our democracy. the free election of a head of state. but our laws are lagging far behind cyber crime, cyber just about anything. congress isn't doing its job, which is to legislate. the international community has to design what is and is not war for the 21st century. kennedy: how do we redefine war in the digital age? >> i think you have to go beyond means and look at effects. sometimes in real life there aren't clear answers. when i was a young person back in the covered wagon days, the big question was who was a better guitar player.
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but the russians willfully in a prolonged manner tried to change or misshape or deform our presidential election, and we need to respond and we have not. kennedy: there are only a couple of ways to respond. we can respond with some sort of military act, we can use sanctions which we have in the past and you could argue those don't necessarily work, and russia is still going. or we can try and can friends with them and use diplomacy. of those three options, what's the best alternative? >> i pick d, none of the above. i follow russian affairs closely. i speak russian. i spent a lot of time working with those guys. and sanctions are biting deep as they coincide with the falling
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energy prices. pensions have been dropped severely in real value. the widespread demonstrations we saw yesterday were about corruption in russia, and they were very brave. it's one thing to demonstrate in the united states and drink a six pack and raise hell. but to protest the putin government is taking a risk. kennedy: you risk having your rights taken away. because russia is feeling the economic squeeze, they don't have the kind of resources necessary to screw with us in traditional ways. that's why they are using non-traditional chaotic means. >> there is one more thing i would do that would hit putin where it hurts. you have top respond asymmetrically. supplying weapons to ukraine.
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you want to keep putin out of the balance particulars? create more problems for him in ukraine. we have to think more creatively. we don't want a military conflict with russia. in afghanistan the russians are working against us. they are helping the taliban. we need to think along the same lines as them and go through third parties. tighten sanctions on ukraine. they attack funds amount alts of our system which i know you and i agree the united states is the best deal going and putin needs to pay for messing with us. kennedy: putin is a wiener face. the party panel returns next. joe biden says he has one big regret.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. kennedy: joe biden, he's experiencing regrets.
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no, they are not about the time he got caught giving creepy back massages in the oval office. >> i had planned on running for president. though it would have bean difficult primary, i think i could have run. i didn't run because no man or woman should announce as president of the united states unless they can say i promise you they can give 100%. kennedy: does biden have a point? julie, you snow joe biden. let us discuss. he's a likeable man. there are republicans who are oh he fusive about joe biden and i think he could have tapped into that universal feeling. julie: when joe biden was toying with running for president, if
12:37 am
you remember on the "outnumbered" couch oh so long ago. i said i was always a bind person from day one. i think he could have won. kennedy: tino i hold the minority fin of the people work with. but i believe if joe biden had entered the race, i think he would have found a different combination that didn't quite work for hillary clinton. >> i hate to grant this are you deck thus narcissism to even play with this. people -- for someone who is so uncomfortable talk about his dead son, it seems to come up in every single interview he does. hillary lost by a very slim margin. in every single swing state. yes he does not have a lot of the massive problems hillary clinton had.
12:38 am
he didn't come at the heap telling bankers i have one opinion in private. he could have done a point or two better than her. >> i won't commit the pundits' fallacy. everything would have been different. >> anyone could have won because trump won? kennedy: what if mark cuban ran against joe biden? >> i'm a huge mark cuban man. kennedy: joe biden isn't the only one who re grets not getting into the white house. a woman was arrested for trying to climb over the white house fence, like hillary clinton before her. marcie anderson wall was
12:39 am
reportedly arrested three times this week all for trying to jump fences in washington, d.c. while she is consistent, she is not original. there have been three other people arrested for trespassing at the property on 1600. intel, in chairman. >> she thinks, i'm sorry, hillary, if you get in you don't get to become president. they will make you leave. >> this woman got arrested, and two hours later -- she got it and -- and went right back to finish her work. you have to admire her persistence. kennedy: she is creating the next tourism boom in d.c. it used to be you would go to
12:40 am
d.c. and do duck tours. but now, what do you do once you get over the fence? do you take a selfie and look i did it? >> people are saying we need all these security measures. there is nothing they can do. kennedy: 98% of people who jump the fence are mexicans and they want to take our jobs and our women. kennedy: if they can't protect the white house with a fence, how on earth are they going to build a wall? >> keep members cans out of the white house. kennedy: -- >> i would hate to see more security theater over this incident. i'm sure people are saying this proves we need a robust security. julie: if undocumented
12:41 am
immigrants try to jump the white house fence it will make it so much more electric. kennedy: robbie, dave, and julie, thanks so much. you made my night. president trump reportedly asked his son jared kushner to fix what's wrong in the government and the world, and he wants him
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kennedy: president trump reportedly took a step toward streamed lining government by streamlining the federal bureaucracy. the president is creating a white house office of american innovation. we are told it will be run by the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. it will be staffed with former business executives. and as a libertarian i applaud any attempt to cut government waste. but is setting up a bureaucracy
12:46 am
the best way to accomplish that goal? so it seems like the white house has good intentions and a lot of people have said for years and decade, we need a business person running the country like a business. but is setting up a new layer of business a good way to get government out of the way? >> i hear voters saying this was a reason to support trump, for some it was the reason to support romney. we need to run government like a business. and in some ways we do. and also you have got the idea that the federal government, you can't fire people who don't perform well. kennedy: that's a good point. the fact is the bureaucracy, a lot of my best friends are bureaucrats.
12:47 am
but i also know the most dangerous place in washington is outside a federal building. a sizable minority of the workers will come flowing out as fast as they can. so that's number one. but on the other hand, knew broward krat is, new committees often just add to the gunk on the government. and a lot of ways government shouldn't run like a business. government is a necessary evil. businesses want to grow in their market share. we want the government to shrink in it market share as much as possible. kennedy: and the government shouldn't be seeking profit. it should be seeking a way to continuously cut off its limbs. when you are running the government like a business, business wants to be bigger, it
12:48 am
want more, it want to increase it mash jins. and in that way, they run contrary to each other. >> some government programs i love to follow, they lament when they lose market share. the import-export banks subsidize boeing. they say we lost some of the exports and continues to private banks. if you run government like a business, you don't think it is. we want them to have as little market share as we can. but i'm concerned about the lineup jared kushner has. elon musk is one of them. he lives off subsidies as a contractor. i love apple, i use a macbook and iphone. but he's not on our side. he wrote an editorial saying the
12:49 am
government should force christian businessmen to cater gay weddings. these are not people who have the free market idea that some people associate with big business. kennedy: and they don't have a fundamental understanding of why government need to be smaller. i appreciate their innovative thinking. i think separating public and private is always in our best interest. though i will say in elon musks defense, making nasa smaller and building cheaper rockets wrath that are reusable. if that's one of the thing that follows from this public-private partnership, then that's okay. it's not ideal. i will come on this show and praise elon musk if five years from now he made nasa smaller.
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kennedy: i can't wait for that day. tim carney, thank you so much. coming up, robots are going to start delivering. but will it be pizza or babies. but will it be pizza or babies. maybe both at the same time. at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly.
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it speech was a little slurred. but don't worry. the k-train is here to translate. this is the "topical storm." humans aren't the only ones affected by the collapse of the healthcare bill. a lemon shark facing sky-high deductible was left with no choice but to swim up to a diver and nung him to bring attention to a hook stuck in his tummy. the diver removed the hook. as you can manage, the smashing wasn't thrilled. but he was still hungry. apparently under the smashing version of obamacare, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. never hang out with a lemon shark.
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unless it's a dumb lemon shark. topic number 2. forker reality store jon gosselin has a new job and it's not with uber. the 39-year-old father of 8 told entertainment tonight he will be work as an adult dancer in atlantic city starting in april. first there was manic mike, now anythingling jon. $10 a pop to get out and $50 to get out. here is footage from the fir rehearsal. difficult to get contusions from.
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that was from back when snl did comedy instead of whining about the president all day. remember chris marley? that's a sad block. topic number 3. ever wonder what it's like to get a pizza delivery without getting a contact tie. the a california company launched a pilot project. the sensors can detect pedestrians and traffic light, and won't judge you if you are one of those creeps who answers the door in your boxers with a peeky doorway. the company's websitees the bot can travel 10 miles per hour. it's perfect for that moment
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when you are in the mood for pizza but you don't want it to get to you for a day and a half. no thanks. i'll stick to the storage and the dong neon. that's my kind of dough boy. that's a world war i reference. the big ones, mustard gas. chelsea clinton is being mocked on twitter for her reaction to this photo from the 2017 lincoln day dinner for the republican party. he's got a different kind of top hat. after saying shownest abe in this america great again hat. chelsea tweets please tell me this is photo shopped. please tell me. as in please tell me abraham lincoln who died in 1965 was not wearing a donald trump campaign
12:58 am
hat sometime in his short lifetime. that tweet is so mind numberingly stupid that hillary wanted to get it. but she couldn't find her server. get? i don't know where my server is, you guys. maybe instead of force chelsea into politic they should have forced her into a history class. cheer up, chelsea, this isn't the most embarrassing thing your family has ever done. topic number 5. have you ever wondered what would happen if your pet turtle partied with pablo escobar?
12:59 am
this photo of a turtle chasing a ball around the house at what has to be the fastest speed a turtle has ever one. look at that sucker go. man, if only maryland had run this hard they would have survived the first round of the ncaa tournament. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email tomorrow night on the show, mike baker, andy levy, and dirty jobs host mik stay tuned for two new episodes of training inheritance * --
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