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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 28, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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now here is lou dobbs. right here on fox business. lou: the trump administration cracking down on sanctuary cities, attorney general sessions announcing that sanctuary cities will lose billions of dollars in federal grants if they do not ep % o force enforce immigration laws. >> when cities and states refuse to help enforce immigration laws our nation is less safe. lou: best testing author michelle malkin joining us, and president trump announces forming a of a new office of american innovation, headed by his son-in-law, senior adviser
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jared kushner. the dean of republican strategist, ed rollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist for new york most i'ma michael goodwin joining me. some in the white house may want to reassess their thinking. >> this president is not going to be a partisan president. he wants to make sure that people don't get left behind, and there is competition in the marketplace, if those three things are incompatible with some members of republican house, then we need to work with moderate democrats. lou: the same dems that have obstructed president trump every stay, every step of the way since inaugurated. good evening our top story,
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attorney general jeff sessions announcing a major crackdown on sanctuary cities saying that trump administration will withhold billions of dollars of federal funds from city that do not comply with federal immigration laws. there are more than 300 sanctuary cities and counties in the country, the announcement comes as activist in new york city hole hold a first ever national conference in support of sanctuary cities, fox news correspondent rick leventhal with our report. >> i urge our nation's state and cities and counties to consider carefully the harm they are doing. reporter: at the same time attorney general jeff sessions spoke about danger of sanctuary cities, a first conference was underway. >> january 20 was a tragic day for our nation. reporter: organizers' to protect all immigrants, especially the undocumented by
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crafting municipal policy. >> white house said there is ample evidence to support a crackdown, including rape of a girl in maryland, alleg arkansa-- allegedly by two illegal immigrants. >> countless americans would bbe alive today, and loved ones would not be grieving today. >> he could not be more wrong. he could not be more inaccuracies and unable to actually see the realities that play in our cities and our states. >> new york city is the safest city in the country. and so, you know, if the president wants to put that at risk, to make a point to a
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dwindling base of support here being irresponsibility, but that nothing new ar for this administration. >> ironically, sanctuary cities are taking the immigration law into their own hands, in a way that is actually both illegal and county productive to broader public safety goals. >> for cities that don't come around to the trump administration's position, the cost could be high. >> we continue a dialogue and a discussion, if we continue to ensure that moneys that go for law enforcement, only go to cities who are participating in an effective cooperative way. >> organizers of this conference supporting sanctuary cities say it would would be illegal for white house to fund the places, but administration said it can, and it will. lou. lou: thank you, rick. >> joining me now to talk about the long awaiting
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crackdown against sanctuary cities or outlaw cities, attorney general sessions, and a trump administration committed to the enforcement of our laws, joining us michelle mal malkin. this is an extraordinary moment, fantastical to think there is an administration and an attorney general that is actually going to enforce the laws of the country. >> lou, it is a great day for america for a law abiding citizen. for law abiding immigrants, and naturalized citizens as well. whon 't tha understand that this is the primary duty of federal government to defend
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and protect the constitution, our rule of law, law and order, public safety and our sovereignty. i am in denver, it is significant that attorney general jeff session mention specifically our horrific case here, where police ignored an i.c.e. detainer and allowed an illegal alien from mexico who went to be released then murdered a young man at a light rail station here in denver. then have you the open border zealots meeting in new york who are denying the bloody reality of the sanctuary jurisdictions, i hope and pray this is only the start this order deals with cities, municipalities and states, but there are see many other government entities that are also defying law and violating . for example here in denver,
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denver public schools have declared themselves a sanctuary or outlaw jurisdiction. as i call them, in the public school. that defiance needs to be punished in the same way in the pocketbook. lou: that defiance attends across 300 jurisdictions as we said here tonight. 25 states have to their credit, moved to stop any prohibit any sanctuary policies on the parts of any jurisdiction within the states. but, it is also a time for the administration needs to go beyond this, and say we're going to absolutely insist on schools any other jurisdiction, particularly schools, comeblying with law. -- complying with law, we need to hear more information from our federal government. you cannot find out how many illegal immigrants are in the schools.
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the cost that is in, it is estimated but, there is no record of it, because it is splitsicall splitsically in-- politically incorrect, then have you organizations that are funded by federal government to be activists supporting illegal immigration, that has to stop too. >> right. this is a very trench point you are making. and the game playing that goes on, because, a lot of these government entity, a lot of these nonprofits will play games and say we hav have not exclusively declared ourselves out law jurisdiction but dejour and defacto is what they are doing, every one of these nonprofits in particular churches that benefit from irs nonprofit status that are acting open le openly for
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sanctuaries, advising it need to be punish as well. lou: i want to turn this moment, covers condemned by some members of trump administration for not going along with a bad bill only 17% of the country supporting it. a bill that across the board conservative organizations, said was not worth a tinker's damn and response of reince priebus and others was well, we'll be working with the same democrats who have been frustrating this administration administration at every turn. instead of trying to create a terrific piece of legislation. i mean this is a an upside down moment for some of the president's advisers. >> i'll say, this is alice in wonderland and orwell all rolled into one, one of reasons i hate the beltway swamp so much.
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matt drudge said that the swamp drained you. i can't but think this the president trump is feeling pretty drained right now. you know he was elected with a mandate to change business as usual. and anyway you slice it this rhino care this ryan care, swamp care was beltway, as usual, textbook to the t . lou: michelle thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more stlai trade ahead stay with us. >> israeli prime minister netanyahu today praised the trump administration for its strong support of israel, in the united nations. >> israel would not be the country is today without the stedfast support of the united states of america. >> ambassador john bolton, my guest here next. and dems delay by a week the
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jim: han-- >> hang on year going down the
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rabbit hole with iran, the move comes days after united states sanction the 30 foreign companies or individuals for helping iran's ballistic missile program, among the hits missile maker raytheon. united technology, and oshkosh. and israeli prime minister netanyahu thanking trump administration for its staunch support of israel. >> you see that expressed in a ambassador haley standing up for what is right. at the united nations, you see it in budget request admit by president trump. it leaves military aid to israel fully funded. even as the fiscal belt is pulled tighter. lou: joining me now to talk about israel, iran's
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provocations and trump administration's policies today north korea, ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., fox news contributor. >> glad to be with you. lou: it has been a long time since we have a administration lauded so sincerely by the prime minister as this, your thoughts. >> i think this is quite significant, that prime minister netanyahu has laid out the kind of support that the trudge troubl trump administration has given israel. if you try to follow this in mainstream media you would not see any trace of it, this is significant given the risks of terrorism in the middle east, and continued iranian nuclear weapon program could after 8 years of worst relationship that governmental level between israel and the united states, since modern state of israel of created in 1948, we're back on track. that san important signal, not
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must in middle east but in the world. >> and a long with that, the north korean provocations continue, we're expecting another nuclear test within days. this administration it has limited options all options on the table. but at the same time, none of them appear to be particularly attractive. >> no, look, they have to play the hand that was dell them by the obama administration. but the trump white house and state department have rejected the oib ow obama policy, so-called strategic patience, which is the polite way of say are doing nothing. i think this have time to draw the obvious connection between the north korean and iranian nuclear and ballistic missile programs, the two rogue states have been cooperating on missiles for 25 years or more, and probably on nuclear program.
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lou: and american people have been fed a barrel loy loyd of bull -- barrel load of bull by democratic and republican administrations all of the while, weather the iranian linkage or chinese, if you will, puppeteers? yeah, this connection is real, and let's face it forget obama nuclear deal with iran, when north korea gets a deliver able nuclear weapon capability iran will have to next debut wire transfer, that is why i find it hard to believe, i am vlaglad iran has started sanctioning american firms, i do not see how any patriotic american business could even contemplate of doing with that list, they are rightly still on the list of state sponsor terrorist. lou: president just cared out a deal with iran, he had
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sufficient temerity to do so, think is, let him do so, so, those companies, i don't think should be held particularly for scorn of a greater -- well, dimension, we should heap upon a president and a congress that stood by. >> you could say these companies are following the obama lead that is not a compliment, that is for sure. lou: no way. let's turn to nunes, devin nunes, chair of house inte intelligence committee, now adam schiff, saying he should step down, and chuck schumer calling him to step aside, because he is chuck schumer. what should be his post or now? >> i think that nunes should be firm here, i don't see he has done anything wrong. that outrage by schiff whom "wall street journal" called the joe mccarthy of the russia investigation, really,
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is democratic he has got something, i think they are attacking nunes they are worried about what the source told him, and let's be clear, i think that nunes has one or more people in the intelligence community, who are telling him things, that ing top levels of intelligence congress or the white house, they are leaking it. >> hopefully this week, we start to see the concrete evidence of all that it inmates. right now, i guess you could say there is more evidence that schiff is a mccarthyite than evidence for a role with russia with trump administration and/or associates, bad for him, john bolton great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: ambassador john bolton. >> vote in our poll, should trump administration put any trust in moderate dems on
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healthcare or any other issue? we'll we'd like to hear from you. on twitter, and facebook, and instagram, on wall street stocks closing lower, the dow ended the day down 46. after falling near 200 earlier in the session, s&p lost 2, and nasdaq up 12, markets somewhat depressed as a result of the failure of ryan care to move to a successful vote last friday, volume on the big tujungbig board, volume on big board, 3.2 billion shares. the market now down 8 straight sessions, but stocks still posting strong gains since election day, dow and the nasdaq still up more than 12%, and s&p up 9%. crude oil resuming its slide down below $48 a barrel. listen to my report 3 times a
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day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, congressman ted poe tells freedom caucus adios. >> no matter what changes were made, the goal post kept getting moved, and freedom caucus decided that now of the answer, i -- no was the answer, i think at some time we need to say less. lou: who is to blame ar for this mess? the subject of my commentary. >> and later on, we'll assess it all, taking long view. stay with us. we will be right b b b b b
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with lou: a few thoughts on president trump trying to drain the swamp
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as republicans try to place and avoid blame for the ryancare debacle. the swamp critters won friday when the speaker pulled the healthcare bill. he brazenly assured everyone it would pass. >> if there is anything that's disappointing was that this place was a lot more rotten than i thought it was. lou: ryan priebus defending paul ryan saying the president was 100% correct for blaming conservatives for ryancare's failure. even though it only had 17% support in the final polling. priebus said the conference should have voted for the
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unpopular and potentially devastating legislation. >> we can't be chasing the perfect all the time. sometimes you have to take the good and put it in your pocket and take the win. i think it's time for our folks to come together and get a few democrats on board as well. lou: after trying to pass a bad bill in ryancare, priebus want to reach out for the dems who obstructed everything president trump has tried to do since he took the oath of office, rather than write a strong bill based on the president's values and promises. i called on ryan to resign. ryan declared before the election that he would never
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defend or support donald trump. still some of his friends in the white house defended his rino politics and his constant incompetence. i'll i greatly admire president trump's loyalty, i desperately wish it were reciprocated by those who should be supporting donald trump, rather than allies and previous presidents. earnest hemming say says the best way you can find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. the white house today confirmed how intel chairman devin nunes was on white house grounds the day before he revealed surveillance of donald trump. >> he talked about having multiple sources.
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at this point the goal would be to wait until the review he has been undertaking is complete. lou: we'll show you the
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lou: james comb crane admiral rogers won't appearing at a closed hearing tomorrow after devin nunes says he reviewed documents on white house grounds tuesday, one day before he briefed the president. he says his source was a staffer and document were on the executive branch computer system. tony, great to have you here. devin nunes tells the president what he learned in this moment on white house grounds, identifies an intelligence official, and adam schiff, the ranging member calms for a recusal to step aside from the investigation.
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schumer of course jumping right in. your thoughts. >> what they are trying to do is get us off the topic of the fact we are talking about information that came from a fisa warrant that resulted in what is either legal or illegal, we don't quite know, collection against the president and his team. by the way, nothing to do with russia. nothing. this is not a russia issue. lou: the chairman devin nunes made that clear. it's like a game. right now we know based on my sources they basically are trying to do two things carefully. we don't want to give up any information on the tool wheeze collect. he had to go to the white house because a lot of the information, congress never received the information.
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my point is when congress demand the information they didn't gift up initially. i had to tell them where to go look. someone said look in this data base and you will find what you need. this whole kabuki dance he visited the white house. i don't think there is anything wrong with that because the for us compartmented. lou: there may have been legal collection of meta data. but a lot of names were freed up to be unmasked to be seen and to be known by a broad number of agencies here. and as a result specifically of actions taken by the obama administration in the final days in which they freed up raw intelligence for dispersal. >> that's the issue. if they could possibl posit thae
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revealing o d of identities was not legal. you are talking about felony-level violations of the law here. lou: classified information being leaked in the "new york times." i love the diversion that's created here by the national media and the dems in which they want to get into mocking superior the tones that he used wire stopping. he used wire napping quotes it appears to be subject fans yaitd by whatever devin nunes is saying. we'll see it ourselves in the next day or so.
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>> you are completely correct. i think mr. trump has been vindicated by the fact that there is evidence of the wrongdoing. like you said, somehow -- there is no dispute that the "new york times," the "washington post" and msnbc and nbc all got if the information, fan nobody is disputing that. they had a headlines on the "new york times" about wiretapping. which they changed. talk abou -- talk about orwellian. lou: this is what president obama calls the fake news. the gang of the fake five. it appears to me that the president could really -- he needs somebody, it seems to me, whether it be the solicitor
4:39 am
general, the attorney general or whatever, to start preparing some papers, because this is an investigation waiting to happen, and the obama administration, whatever you say, if what is intimated at this point turns out to be the case, this is going to be an investigation that's going to rival certainly the clinton investigation that should be resurrected in my judgment. >> if you talk about foreign money and foreign involvement you can't look past miss clinton and her campaign. regarding the investigation. i told one of the white house officials in a meeting at trump tower. i said you have got to go in and treat the entire bawnl administration like a crime scene. i'm not joke, lou. lou: it does invoke a certain
4:40 am
reality. colonel, great to see you. thanks so much. please roll the video. we'll show sufficient this monster truck. look at that. whoa! we are not through, and will youly knight per was the driver of that truck. what's really impressive is that's what he intended to do. mcdonnell driving on his back wheels before launches off that ramp and landing safely. they call that safe landing. well, nobody is hurt and the truck seems to be in pretty good repair as well. hard to believe people do that on purpose. house republicans looking to november forward after speaker ryan, despite the weeks of
4:41 am
forecasting a win, he got another loss on his resume. >> instead of doing the blame game, let's get to work and do what we told the voters we were going to do. maybe the fact that we opposed it did the country a favor because this bill didn't reveal obamacare. lou: only 17% reported the bill as worse than obamacare and worse than hillarycare. stay with us, we'll be right back. the biggest week in tv is back.
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on second thought, maybe pompidou. narcos, fearless, cooked, the crown. marco polo, lost & found. grace and frankie, hemlock grove. season one of... show me house of cards. xfinity watchathon week starts april 3. get unlimited access to all of netflix and more, free with xfinity on demand. live-streat the airport.e sport binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome. lou: president trump creating a
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new white house senior advising house. in trump rolled back obama regulations limiting rules on federal crashe -- federal contrd lands use that he says destroy jobs. congressman chris collins of new york, great to see you. the president made a remark and we heard reince priebus make a remark about the freedom caucus. this bill was supported by 17% of the folks. it was a bill that did not repeal obamacare. it was a bill that was hard to take, and 20 million americans according to cbo weren't going to be covered. what in the world is going none
4:47 am
the speaker's office? >> clearly america did not understand what we were doing and it was change by the day. but here is what i'm focused on. lou: i have got to be honest with you. i tremendously respect you. but when a congressman tells me the american people aren't smart enough to understand what congress is doing. >> i didn't say not smart enough lou already that means -- lou: that means congress wasn't smart enough to communicate. >> i was focused ion $800 billion worth of penalties being eliminated. we didn't talk about that enough. that would have been the first jump-start to our economy. and somehow that message wasn't delivered. lou: it may not have been delivered because you didn't have open hearings.
4:48 am
you had overnight meetings and in two weeks you are suppose to move legislation this important, a 7th of the economy. what in the hell were you have people thinking? >> in hienlds sight we can -- in hindsight we can look back. lou: at the time? >> you are smarter than some of us then. lou: don't you be giving me that faint praise now. >> i was joke with someone today, this is not a joke matter. but we are going to look forward to moving on to tax reform. i told somebody you wouldn't even have had frank underwood get this through it was a compromise between the tuesday group and freedom caucus. lou: why wouldn't anyone with half a brain be reaching out to them and involving them.
4:49 am
who in the hell wrote the legislation? was it just one insurance company or was it more? >> it was the insurance companies. but a lot of us including the president took the freedom caucus at face value and put some changes in and they walked away from it. i guess if there was a lesson learned we'll have to get a commitment from them. lou: i get it the freedom caucus is the problem not the speaker who didn't note hell what he was doing. you are talking about tax reform when you are going to be led by the same speaker. >> we are going to move to tax reform. we'll have to do a better job on this. we have a separate set of issues on tax reform to make it budge get neutral.
4:50 am
lou: we are going to see debate and watch it transparently? >> we are, lou, we are looking at a july, august, september kind of time frame. we'll have plenty of hearings. we do have a starting point. there was some lessons learned here, and i think you will see more regular order on tax reform. we are tbhot not under the gun like we were on healthcare. lou: i don't know where that gun came from. i could never understand the urgency that would make the clock run over consideration in making sure it was done right. it's good to talk to you. good to see you. democrats obstructing, blocking supreme court nominee neil gorsuch for another week. guess what? there are some folks who support
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the president think that's just fine. looking sharp, len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree. when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward.
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lou: i have got to hurry and get to rollins and good win. in our online poll we asked do you believe the dems will beg
4:55 am
trump to pass healthcare when obamacare fails? at least 19 democrats said they will oppose judge gorsuch. republican need at least 8 democrats to move the nomination forward as it stands now. joining us. ed rollins and michael goodwin. let's start with his week delay for a man everybody knows should be on the supreme court. >> you have to understand in that week they all go on recess. they are out two weeks. they have one more week here and part of the second week. they can delay this thing a month.
4:56 am
lou: the coming and the senate have a racket. the president is a whirling dervish. he's working 24/7 web's going all the time. then here is speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell. >> they have spring break every month. you would think that the sense of urgency the country expressed in the election would carry over and this would be a productive congress. howie: you would think with looking at the issues and challenges and threats we have got, somebody who say we need to convene until problems. >> extreme partisanship means nothing gets done. we have to figure out how to get it done.
4:57 am
they stumbled badly on the healthcare. lou: speaker ryan said for weeks he was going to pass it and he had the votes. what is going on with ryan? >> he's the person who is big pals with ryan. he had to sit down with him and say do you have the votes? you don't take a maybe. a maybe is nano vote. you count the yes votes. they took this president, they put him out on the line and basically i think -- lou: then had the audacity to blame the freedom caucus. what was it, 15 votes? >> 15 out of the 30-35 members said no. the others had come around. there are more moderate that were going to vote against it. howie: why isn't the white house screaming about moderate?
4:58 am
>> it looks as though they weren't even close to 18. so i'm not sure what ryan was counting. was he going on a wing and a prayer? he thought they would roll people over at the last minute? >> he's either this incompetent or he is this shall we say divide in his loyalties. is it charles koch? is it the business round chaibl? who is he working for? they didn't want this bill to pass. >> they created he and secretary price, they created this bill. this is their bill. they were the ones who drafted it. an overwhelming ma jeefort voters want obamacare repealed. an overwhelming majority of democrats and republicans want this bill repealed.
4:59 am
it was a bad bill and it should have been done. who the hell educates congress? who the hell educates the staff around the president? there are more bold than i can even imagine. >> who are advised the president to go out and support this so early and throw his weight behind it was bad advice because in the end it just took him down with the ship. i think the president has been damaged by this and i don't think it gets easier from here as a result. >> i went through 10 tax bills when i was in the white house with reagan. it's a very tough sell. >> and it's not as though all
5:00 am
the votes they had for obamacare repealed, they still don't have a bill that they have majority support. >> good to see you. thanks. nicole: breaking news this morning and president donald trump and congressional leaders and their focus on tax reform and spending. what's the timeline? can they avoid the government shutdown? good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: hi, everybody. good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. the dow fell 45 points yesterday. the eighth losing streak a row. but dallas 14, nasdaq up ap nicole: in asia, japan's nikkei rebounded from a six-week low by a weaker yen. nikkei 1%. in china to shanghai composite down half of 1%.


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