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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 29, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> i've been involved in this process when i worked in the intelligence community. there will be a paper trail. charles: thank you both very much. really enjoy your expertise and upon thank you very much. but they know you want to hear in talk about. we are always here and so is lou dobbs. he is next. then i president trump in a battle to build a border wall. president trump wants money for the wall and to government spending bill but democrats call that a poison pill that threatens the government shutdown. interior secretary ryan zinke says building a wall may be a challenge but it must be done. >> a nation without borders can't exist so looking at enforcing the law and where a wall is appropriate. reporter: zinke our special guest tonight. also tonight some on the left have lost it and democratic lawmaker in massachusetts facing criminal charges after she tipped off illegal immigrants about upcoming i.c.e. raids.
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state representative michelle dubois could go to jail for up to 10 years but she somehow think thinks she can put illegal immigrants ahead of american citizens. >> do you see the issue is spreading a rumor? >> no i don't information my community. lou: we will look at cracking down on sanctuary cities with greg abbott and brexit officially underway. british prime minister theresa may formally triggering article xv and now the so-called bad boys are brexit are working on new movement, calexit. that's right nigel farage wants to put the state of california into calexit may be next. good evening everybody. president trump fighting democrats over how to fund the ball on our southern border. some on the left and the right save money for the wall should be left out of the pending bill
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that must pass by april 20 to avoid a government shutdown. but the president wants action and he wants it now. any companies looking to build the wall have now an extended deadline until april 4 to submit a proposal. so far, more than 700 companies have bid on the project including one company in mexico. that's despite immense political pressure in mexico against the border wall. one politician in mexico in fact has drafted a bill barring the government from doing business ever within a mexican firm that are dissipate in the building of the wall on our southern border. president trump himself today talking about the need to tackle the nation's opioid crisis which is driven by mexican drug cartels. >> we want to help those who
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have become so badly at the did. opioid overdose death have nearly quadrupled. this is a total epidemic and i think it's probably almost untalked about compared to the severity that we are witnessing. lou: president trump also shows assigning a new executive order creating a drug addiction task force to be headed by new jersey governor chris christie. my first guest tonight signed an order ending the federal government moratorium on coal-mining leases on federal land in here to talk about the trump administration synergy independents planned the border wall and much more is the new u.s. secretary of the interior ryan zinke a former member of the house a navy s.e.a.l. for 23 years and congratulations mr. secretary on your appointment and confirmation. you have got to be i would imagine thrilled and chomping at
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the bit. >> it's a high honor and we are going to get things done at the department of interior. lou: i would expect nothing less from ryan zinke. let's turn to the orders that were signed on the moratorium on coal-mining leases. this turns the obama era upside down and moves us further toward energy independence does that not? >> why isn't energy independence important? we don't want to be held hostage by foreign entities and secondly the economy must have reliable affordable abundant energy to manufacture this country. we can't compete with wages in china and can't compete with energy and we as a nation and the environment. better to produce energy hear under reasonable regulations than watching a gift produced overseas with no regulation. i have seen it, you want to look at catastrophes environmentally look at the middle east, look at africa. we can do it better at a lower
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cost point here. lou: earlier this mth you announced the department will be offering more than 70 million acres in texas louisiana and the gulf region for gas and oil exploration. i mean these are almost unimagined possibilities in every election going back a number of years. this is truly a landmark moment in our history, our business history as well. >> it should be and one is we need infrastructure. we need to stop spending our assets. that means railroad systems, pipelines, power to make sure we are more efficient and the other thing is to make sure we have an inventory of what our wild is. the president is a huge supporter of the environment
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making sure we have clean air and clean water. all of us strive for that we should also recognize the jobs matter. the cost of not having an economy is huge. it will cripple our country so jobs matter, the environment matters but also energy independence and being able to transport energy. if you want to check russia than transport liquid natural gas. if you want to check i ran than transport and some plant every drop of crude. that's how y win. lou: that tell you when and you have many battles to win ahead of you not the least of them the border wall where you are going to be confronted as you are on a number of other issues by environmental groups. you are confronted by opposition within the congress of the united states and the congress
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and the senate. the border wall, we are being told that it may not be able to go it quite the speed the president wanted. what does the secretary of interior say about that wall and its funding and progress? >> we are going to build a wall. the president has given clear direction we are going to build the wall. he is placed in command secretary kelly that the new is a four-star general. there's no finer person to put in a position and for my part when you consult with the tribe along the border we have a national park there and it has 120-foot cliff there. we had the rio grande. we are going to build a wall and we are going to make sure our borders secure as the president has said. the right for citizens of this country and i've often said a nation without a border cannot exist. we need to follow the law and make sure that our borders are secure. that's the right path for america. lou: it is the promise of the
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president. now stands as an avatar for the entire demonstration. the presidency is donald trump. it's critically urgent to do so and no other political figure mr. secretary as you well kno and certainly no president before him has never links that border and the fact that it is where the majority of methamphetamines marijuana cocaine and -- pass into this country. it's critical that we control that border for the sake of millions of american lives. >> obsolete and human trafficking. >> illegal immigration absolutely correct so how soon is the wall built? >> i would say with general
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kelly he's the supporting commander nine the supporting commander on that. kelly want to get done and the president wants to get it done. we are going to get the wall done. i think the wall takes more than a couple of years. we have the wall in some areas and the rio grande and we have have -- lou: and the nation's parks. >> absolute ... sure they wall. i fought with mattis in volusia. he picked a great captain. lou: his average was raised when he appointed you mr. secretary. good to have you with us. a lot more straight ahead including the controversy over former obama administration defense department official who
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admitted on television live that trumps transition staff was spied upon by the obama administration. is that so mike a familiar charge? it is just been corroborated again. we are coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. esident trump and his administration cracking down on sanctuary cities harboring illegal immigrants. >> all citizens have a right to live in safety and peace. we work everyday to remove the gang members drug dealers and violent criminals from your communities and the artier. lou: we take up sanctuary cities with texas governor greg abbott. he is a battle of is underway and a growing list of democrats opposed a supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch. the question is quickly becoming will the democrats filibuster or while republicans go nuclear? stay with us, we are coming right back with much more. oice . four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom.
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lou: we will be talking a lot more about an outrageous report. with tipping off illegal immigrants at upcoming i.c.e. raids. we'll have the full report here in the broadcast. sanctuary city mayors met with homeland security secretary john kelly today insisting in their closed-door meeting with him that they are not breaking the law. this is the mayor of los angeles eric garcetti. >> we have a strong
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constitutional legal footing. the obama administration can put a financial gun to the head of jurisdiction or localities. what we are trying to find common ground. lou: common ground, that sounds good. very benign except that it isn't. my next guest is acting to put an end to sanctuary city policies in his state and it is the great state of texas. joining us now governor greg abbott. governor, gray to have you with us. is he right, are they on solid footing and they can do as they please with law in america? >> he's absolute wrong. he needs to read the constitution in the supreme court decision. there's a case called the dole case. something similar happened with united states department of transportation is going to withhold funding to states about their transportation funding unless they lowered lower the drinking age. so this happens all the time by
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the federal government. the federal government is not requiring the cities to receive this money so the president does have the right to take money way that is in the form of grants from the cities that don't comply with the standards the president sets. lou: the issue has come up because of the state representative we are going to be talking about the this hour who is tipping off immigration and customs enforcement, tipping off illegal immigrants about those raids. there is a large question coming tonight in a number of agencies as to whether or not she will be prosecuted. your reaction? >> it makes you shake your head lou because we are nation of laws and may expect their loss to be abided by buyer citizens but especially by those were the leaders in our communities and those who are supposed to enforce the law so to hear about an official encouraging others
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to act contrary to the laws reprehensible. that person should be kicked out of office. they should be subject to what we are seeking to do in the state of texas and that is to subject those officials to criminal penalties themselves. lou: that law that you have moved for has been passed by the senate. now in the house and at the same time we get this report last week that travis county the home of sally hernandez the share of their was the worst offender in the country and not cooperating with i.c.e. containers. what is going on in travis county and are you confident that your bill once it becomes law and you sign it and making it law will that fix fix it? >> it will.
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note that i ha de with the president is threatening to do. as governor defunded travis county which is where they are often located for a governor script so i've taken $1.5 million because of the sanctuary city policy. however this bill that we will pass that we will sign soon is going to add even more teeth to that because it will also put fives in the city that will add up to millions of dollars per year but also subject this sheriff to official jail time for not complying with i.c.e. containers. lou: that's encouraging an example to the entire country. governor i have to ask why is there even a suggestion that people who violate like this sheriff violates their constitutional duties in enforcing the law or before her say a president like obama who refuse to enforce laws and honor the constitution. why should there not be a
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penalty for failure to meet their oath of office? >> lou it's astounding and offensive that we have to pass a law requiring officials to apply and follow the law but by golly that's exactly what texas is going to do and we will subject them as well as other penalties so will be impossible for any county in the state of texas to have a sanctuary city policy. lou: governor greg abbott is always setting a great example for the whole country. great to have you with as governor. >> thank you lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. you think any government official elected or otherwise should face federal charges for tipping off illegal immigrants to eminent i.c.e. raids? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs and like me on facebook like me on facebook follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight and on wall street today stocks mixed the dow down 42 points the s&p up three and volume on the
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big board 3.1 billion shares. trading crude oil clays -- closing at a three-week high but not wrote high just above $49 per barrel. home sales are at the highest level in nearly a year, up 5.5% and westinghouse electric filing for bankruptcy citing cost overruns for nuclear reactors is building in georgia and south carolina. those plans approved by federal regulators in 2012 the first permits in three decades. they are the only nuclear plant under construction in the country and it's an open question as to whether they will ever be built their mind or to listen to my reports the times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next democrats playing petty politics with the gorsuch nomination and that is the subject of my commentary and the massachusetts state representative scott tipping off illegal immigrants about
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lou: and massachusetts state lawmaker under fire tonight after tipping off illegal immigrants to upcoming immigration and customs enforcement raids. state representave mitchell dubois of brocktonassachusts publishing a facebook post that warned illegal immigrants to stay off the streets. "fox news" correspondent molly ryan with our port. >> the issue is spreading a rumor. >> this information is in my commutes. a state lawmaker massachusetts is facing considerable backlash after posting a warning on our facebook page advising undocumented immigrants in her community of a rumored. by federal immigration agents. >> do you see how this could be considered fear-mongering
7:26 pm
because she didn't have a confirmed? >> no. >> why not? >> state representative mitchell dubois a democrat from the city of brockton got word from a friend that u.s. border and immigrant enforcement would be in the city. your undocumented dub daugaard on the street. there's a knock on the door of your house and you don't know who it is. i asked you to be careful. local and federal law enforcement were quick to denounce the action including mr. bristol county. don't put a hard-line stance on illegal immigration. thomas hodgkins who testified before capitol hill calling for the leaders of so-called sanctuary cities to be arrested believe dubois betrayed her constituents. >> to have chosen to violate and put more interest in protecting criminal illegals over the safety of her citizens that put her there, she needs to step
7:27 pm
down. >> a spokesman for i.c.e. released hirsi worded statement. the agency conducts raids or randomweeps. any person who actively incites panic or fear for law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent. dupe -- dubois harshest critic of argue she may have interfered with law enforcement and the leader of the regions largest umbrella organization representing immigrant said dubois's actions were a responsible. in brockton massachusetts molly line "fox news." lou: turning now to law and order the law and ordered administration. a few thoughts now that we are just a few days from a battle over the president supreme court nomination judge neil gorsuch. the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote monday after the democrats delayed the vote
7:28 pm
for we vote for we present majority leader mcconnell says gorsuch will be confirmed, will be confirmed next friday. back in 2006 gorsuch was unanimously confirmed to the tenth circuit court of appeals and 12 of the 48 now democratic senators were also in the senate then. yet 32 democratic senators have already said they are opposed to gorsuch in the majority of them supporting a filibuster against him. i believe the democrats are acting as nothing but obstructionist and petty partisans. white house press secretary sean spicer today lashed out. >> a partyline filibuster by the senate i nor is not a fair up-or-down vote. you don't have to look further than the voices of many democrats to see why in 2013 senator tom udall said micco a minority in the senate should not be able to block qualified nominees and quote. we could not agree more. lou: spicer is write a minority
7:29 pm
should not be able to block a nominee is qualified as gorsuch for the high court and i believe republicans should use whatever means necessary including so called the nuclear option to confirm judge gorsuch to the high court. and deliver another when to president trump and all americans. now our quotation of the evening this from economist milton friedman who said quote hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned. we are coming right back with much more. stay with us. house intelligence committee chaired devin nunes says he is not recusing himself as the russian investigation goes on. >> at the end of the day we are going to do an investigation with or without them and if they want to participate that's fine. lou: armor attorney general michael mukasey joins us tonight these skydivers aren't waiting around for a rainbow.
7:30 pm
they are making their own own. the breathtaking ride straight ahead in the video. we will be right back with that in much, much more. stay with us.
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lou: devin nunes today accused democrats was not being serious about an investigation to surveillance of the trump transition team, bolstered by shocking comments by former
7:34 pm
obama administration executive. evelyn far cas. >> i urged my former colleagues it was more aimed at telling the hill people, get as much information as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear. trump folks if they found out how they knew what we knew about trump staff dealing with russia they would try to compromise those sources and methods. lou: joining us, michael mukasey, former u.s. attorney general under george w. bush. former president judge, and judge it great to have you here with us. >> great to be with us. lou: it happened on march 2,
7:35 pm
no one picked it up until today. what is your reaction to what a former defense official said. >> i would have to go over it parse the words a little bit, it sounds as if see was said there was surveillance conducted of the incoming team and that it may not have been unlawful, it may have been in the normal course, but the focus was on the incoming team, that idea was to disseminate it widely as possible to people on the hill. lou: that urgency that attaches to preserving the intelligence that has been gathered, it is peculiar, as if she is accusing the trump administration at that point, transition then, of having the
7:36 pm
ability to control whether that is let out to the public. it is the obama administration that made it possible to disseminate. >> you mary tha marry that with two weeks before he left was on president obama expanded the differen distribution of raw intelligence, for which i don't understand the reason at all to more than a dozen other agents than were getting it before, can no indication they had a need to know, this is raw know ter -- recall intelligence, that increases likelihood it will leak. it going to that many more people. and also increases likelihood whoever leaks it will get away with it, because that much larger population to figure out the source. lou: the only infe infer en
7:37 pm
challenginferential conclusion i heard, chairman nunes said, saying there is not enough time for easter recess, do you feel that nunes is giving the investigation of the house side of the intelligence oversight, is he giving it enough seriousness to satisfy you? >> i am just another one of the audience. he has made mistakes, no doubt about that. but the question that he has raised about the use of surveillance a whether people's nes were improperly disclosed are serious questions, notwithstanding me made his stakes in how he has gone about it. looking at documents and not showing them to the committee but showing them to the president, who should have had access to them, was a mistake.
7:38 pm
the underlying issuee mains. lou: senate coming out today to talk about a series of hearings they are going to hold in 2 senators chairman and ranking member assuring everyone they will be very serious and - thorough. i heard when i heard that, is this is going to take a very long time for the committee to do its work. >> right. they have also subpoenaed, not subpoenaed but they have a lineup of large number of witnesses, including garrett kushner. it is hard to tell the focus. lou: let's -- >> hard for me to tell. lou: that means it hard for all of us. turning quickly to neil gorsuch's confirmation.
7:39 pm
mitch mcconnell saiding he will be confirmed friday next week no matter what, does that sound like including using nuclear option if necessary? >> of course. if necessary. it would be a grave mistake and miscalculation for the democrats to force the use of it in connection with gorsuch nomination. his going on the court would leave the balance it was before justice scalia died. the al struggle will come er the next one. if the democrats make the republicans use what you refer to as nuclear option, that is eliminate the filibuster with supreme court justices, that will be rule in place when next hav vacancy occurs, the odds are it will consider during the trump administration, one justice has indicated he may very well
7:40 pm
retire, and others are not in good health. lou: as early as next summer. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: look at this video. a group of thrillseekers working to create their own rainbow. you wonder why would they do that? natural rainbows seem sufficient. but not for these skydivers, 5 leaping out of a plane over oahu with colored canisters attached to their feet. up next, britain making it official, kicking off process to leave the european union some 9 months after the voters went to the polls, hist vi made. >> in ocardance with wishes of the british people, the united
7:41 pm
kingdom leaving the eur european union, had san historic moment from which there can be no turning back. we'll make our own decisions and our own laws. lou: the man who led the fight for uk's independents nigel farage is joining me next. he wants now to perhaps political call in two. he is joining us, we'll bebi right back with that and more. let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt,
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lou: european council president do donald tusk message for united kingdom today, we already miss you, receiving formal notification. and so-called bad boys of brexit movement are busy, they are targeting california, nigel farage and eric banks. a cal exit campaign. they raised a million dollars and plan to hold a referendum for 2018 midterm elections, joining me to talk about
7:46 pm
britain's brexit from the eu. and proposal that might political call right in half, the former leader of uk independents party fox news contributo contribute nigel farage, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. lou: they will miss you as time goes on. >> we're paying a massive bill just to be a member of the club, that $10 billion sterling every year we pit into the european club, two years from today that will cease. they will miss the money. but the really grown up thing is to talk about trade, we're now the euro zone's biggest effort parket in the world. i think that the -- biggest export market in the world, the grounds are here to
7:47 pm
divorce ourselves from a political union. lou: there are those as you know that are suggesting two years is not an adequate time for uk to replace the trade agreements with the eu and the extended agreements indirectly as a result of being members in the eu with the rest of the world, that does sound like anyone just wants you to move slower or a reasonable concern? >> it sounds like bureaucrat speak. people say that a trade deal takes 5 or 10 years, i spend 20 years in private sector before getting involved in politics. look, if you have the will and the right people you can do it. australia negotiated a trade dealith thuned states from start to finish took 10 months, i am not listening to bureaucrats telling me this
7:48 pm
should take forever, two years is plenty of time. lou: very soon no one in the uk will be under any obligation to listen t to the eu. let's turn to movement now, populism in the european union. it looked for a while as if this is going to be a tsunami. we have seen pacing. some retreat just a little. what is your sense of the future of poll limp -- populism and europe? >> make no mistake. only reason that mark russo won the election and stayed prime minister in netherlands he moved very sharply to the right. if you add up, russo moving to the right, and another euroskeptics you find central
7:49 pm
left lost pretty heavily. the big one, comes in a few days in france, first round of french presidential elect, april 23. i am pretty sure that la pen will win that first round. not a run off which takes make on may 7, do you know something? even if le pen loses. gravity of debate about migrant crisis and euro and all power in brusselss that is moving in euroskeptic direction. i am certain that the view of people, they want to live in democratic nation states, not to be governed by unelected bureaucrats in brussels, that in the end will win. lou: who will win in california? i have to ask you.
7:50 pm
nigel farage leading cal-exit 2.0. whatever. dividing the state of california, what it to what end? >> point is that there are many in eastern california and in parts of south of california, who feel they are dominated politically by liberals in hollywood, and l.a. and they would like to see california split in to two, so that liberals can have their bit and conservatives can have their bit. it is an ambitious plan, and needs be to ballot for 18, if would require congress to change u.s. constitution, it is a ambitious, i there was say to conservatives, what brexit proves is if you try hard enough anything is possible.
7:51 pm
lou: we'll watch and see if california will become evidence of that. nigel thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: congratulations on this historic day, you deserve great credit for, having made possible. up next catholic archdiocese in mexico said companies thinking on working on presidentrump's wall are not only immoral but they are traders to the state of mexico. we take that up next with pastor robert jeffers. >> a programming note i join bill o'reilly on the o'reilly factor, fox news channel, 8 p.m. >> stay with us, we're coming right back. we don't encourage you to do anything other than keep that dial where it is for now, if you don't mind. we'll be right back.
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lou: in our on lean poll last night we asked should sanctuary mayors face criminal charges, 96% said yes, they should. the catholic archdiocese of mexico city has condemned companies that plan to work on president trump's border wall, calling them immoral and traders to their country, archdiocese said that
7:56 pm
government of responding too tepidly to businesses considering participating in building that wall. joining us tonight pastor at first baptist church in dallas, texas, pastor robert jeffers. this pontiff is getting exercised and driving a narrative through the church, which is his business. but he is really getting involved in politics. >> well look it is idiotic that latest p announcement, i remind the president on inauguration day that god is the one who thought of the idea of walls, god sal god said to build a wall around jurjerusalem to protect the citizens. i think until mexican diocese is calling for removal of
7:57 pm
walls around vatican, and unlocking of doors of vatican at night, until they are willing to do, that they need to keep the heck quiet about our country wants to protect itself against evildoers. lou: that makes sense to me. and i think most americans, i am guessing, i can't project with great confidence, but i think most americans would agree with you. it is hard to tell what most americans think these days. since it. >> it is. lou: the mexican companies that would work on the wall, this is an idea that i find fascinating even as we get into a controversy whether they will help build the wall, trump administration is running into head winds from environmentalists from within his own party let alone the left in this country. but he vows that wall will be built.
7:58 pm
he is following scripture in that regard at very least. >> absolutely. i think he is following scripture on a number of things, you see the left and religious left criticizing him about nuclear weapons and climate change and all these issues, look, when it comes to example about climate change, you know hyper environmental vists need to remember that the bible said god created the environment to serve man. he did not create man to serve the environment. yes, we're to take care of it but not allow the environment to rule over us. lou: and what is your reaction to the leadership in house of representatives unable to move forward with repeal and replacement of obamacare? your thoughts? >> a temporary setback, lou. look. people have been trying to ride donald trump's political -- write donald trump's political obituary every day,
7:59 pm
and they are still wrong, they will continue to be wrong, this is a temporary setback toll soon dissipate. especially with confirmation of neil gorsuch next week. lou: i find it fascinating, as you say, this president, has been under personal attack, personal assault, from the left, his own party from other candidates from the office he won, you name it, national left wing media. i don't think of another man strong enough. i am very serious, of another man strong enough to continue to drive ahead while taking
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