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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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losses. we're down close to the lows of the session. nonetheless, the dow looks to be up just under 5%. [closing bell rings] there is the closing bell with some of our service members there at the new york stock exchange and good deeds day at the nasdaq. david and melissa the nasdaq calls it a record, on good deeds day the last day of the quarter, last day of the month and great quarter for stocks. dow finishing higher for the sixth straight quarter. this is the longest winning streak in 10 years. the s&p and nasdaq also enng the quarter in the green and anher daily cord for the nasdaq. hi, everybody, happy friday, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." we have you covered on all the big market movers. here is what else we have for you at this hour. president trump taking steps to crack down on trade abuses that
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could be costing the u.s. billions of dollars. we'll bring that any moment to you. also at the white house, house intel committee heads are reviewing documents that could shed line on any surveillance of the trump transition team. we have a live report on that coming up. attorney general jeff sessions says sanctuary cities may face more backlash from the administration than a loss of funding. more on what else the government could do. david: we'll get to the stories in a moment but first, the markets and the dow down for the day and for the month. look at how the blue chips finished the first quarter, up almost 5%. ending higher for the sixth quarter in a row. this is the longest winning streak in 10 years. phil flynn of price futures has the status on oil and gold from the cme but first to lori rothman at new york stock exchange. how about that, the longest winning streak in a decade. who were the biggest winners? adam is there. forgive me, adam. you don't look like lori at all. go ahead.
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reporter: on the s&p 500, talk about the big performers. nrg energy up 53%. it has been a good run for them this quarter. then vertex pharmaceuticals up 48% this quarter. they released trial clinical data on a drug that will treat cystic fibrosis. investors like that. that stock got a big boost. laggards are l brands, makers of victoria secret, and bed, bath & beyond. they were down 27 and 28%. netflix up 20%. facebook up 24%. david: adam, sorry to interrupt you even after getting your name record. donald trump talking about trade. let's listen in. >> i heard their stories and i promised them action and i promised them a solution. all over america we're already seeing that solution start to take place. take a look what is going on in michigan with ford and general motors and fiat chrysler
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and so many more. the jobs and wealth have been stripped from our country year after year, decade after decade. trade deficit upon trade deficit, reaching more thanhundred billion dollars last year alone -- $700 billion last year and lots of jobs. thousands of and thousands of factories have been stolen from our country. these voiceless americans now have a voice in the white house. under my administration the theft of american prosperity will end. we're going to defend our industry and create a level playing field for the american worker finally. today i am signing two executive orders that send this message loud and clear. and that set the stage for a great revival of american nufacturing. and you saw that tay. you saw what happened. you saw the kind of numbers we
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have. the survey showed 93% of manufacturers are now optimistic about the future, a record high. that is up from 56% a couple months ago. we're going to build on that tremendous momentum. we're bringing in manufacturing and jobs back to our country. first i'm signing an executive order to insure we collect all duties imposed on foreign importers that cheat. they're cheaters. from now on those who break the rules will face the consequences. and there will be very severe consequences. second i'm ordering the first-ever comprehensive review of america's trade deficits and all violations of trade rules that harm the united states and the workers of the united states.
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just as i promised during my campaign. this reyou view will be led by secretary wilbur ross who is joining us here today. wilbur is an outstanding success story. unbelievable business man. a great but very, very fair negotiator. and on wall street he is simply known as wilbur and everybody knows him. and now we have him on our side. so i thank you, wilbur. it is really, you're going to do a fantastic job. we're going to investigate all trade abuses. based on those findings we will take necessary and lawful action to end those many abuses. i'm not beholden to any political or financial interest. i don't care. i'm here to do a job. i'm doing a job for the american worker. i really don't care, not thinking about my business or
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anybody's business. wilbur isn't, peter isn't, none of the folks whichave here are, wre doing a job. s an opportunity like nobody's ever given. we're here to do a great job for the american worker and for our companies where the american workers are employed. i work for the american people. whether you're a democrat or republican or belong to no party at all, you are an american and i'm here to represent you and your family. we'll get this thing straightened out. we'll get these bad trade deals straightened out, right, peter? it is time. you've been looking at it for years. right wilbur? this combination over here can't be beaten. that is why i defied the special interests and followed through on my pledge to withdraw immediately from the trans-pacific partnership. that's why i am taking these
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very historic steps today. the well-being of america and the american worker is minority star and these two orders will point out our nation and point to everybody, point to the world next week as you know, in florida, at the southern white house we're having the president of china and a large group from china as representatives, and we're going to get down to some very serious business. we look forward to it. spoken to him numerous times on the phone. we look very much forward to it but it's been very bad what's been happening to our country, in terms of our company and in terms of our jobs. we'll start turning it around. we'll turn it around fast. it will not take a long time. it is going to go fast. i just want to end by saying we have a team that's second to
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none and when everybody is assembled and fully in gear after these two orders, i think it will be something very specl. i uld likeo ask wilbur to say a few words. peter you say a few words. we're all set. our vice president, i think i'm speaking for both but i'm not 100% sure. i will tell you one thing, he has one hell of a good marriage going. come on, wilbur. >> thank you, mr. president. if anyone had any doubt about the president's resolve to fix the trade problems these two executive orders should end that speculation now and for all time. this marks the beginning of the totally new chapter in the american trade relationship with our partners overseas. thank you very much. >> thank you, wilbur. >> peter? >> i remember well during the
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campaign the day the president made a speech outside of pittsburgh and laid down series of promises to the american people on trade. today is the beginning of the fulfillment of those promises in a grand way with wilbur ross at the helm and the president being the grand strategist of this and we're going to get it done for the american people, workers, domestic manufacturers. thank you. >> mr. vice president, would you like to say something? >> this is a great day for the american worker and a great day for the american economy. once again president trump is keeping his word. as we look for ways to expand exports from this country, imports to this country, this president is determined that we're going to have free trade but it is going to be fair trade. arms length negotiations with nations, holding them accountable to the promises they make and the review the president is initiating today and work of members of this team on the president's behalf will insure that we put america first when it comes to trade. we put american jobs and
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american workers first. >> thank you, mike. thank you, everybody. you will see some very, very strong results very, very quickly. thank you very much. >> mr. president, with your tweet were you trying to tell the -- melissa: oh you hear them shouting a few questions after him. seems like he is not entertaining those. senior editor of "barron's" jack hough is here and forbes media chairman steve forbes joins us as well. steve, let me start with you. it's a total change in perspective. he said he will immediately audit basically all of our trade practices, to go through a top to bottom review, to be very tough on it when he makes accusations about the chinese dumping cheap goods here. in the old days that would sound good. i'm excited about it. but that is a new pair now, right? >> it is nice thing to get cheap stuff but they have to obey the trade rules and the chinese have been especially bad i think in
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terms of stealing trade secrets, barring access to many american companies, to the chinese market and other abuses. those will be addressed i'm sure in the next few days when the president xi comes to the southern white house and on other areas. notice on nafta negotiations, looks like that the changes won't be as dramatic as we once thought. that they will clean some things up. so i hope they take a case-by-case approach. go after abuses. that will be good. the law should be enforcedded. if a law needs to be changed i'm sure they will suggest changes. melissa: jack, is that how you interpret it? that it is not an across the board -- people thought he would be protectionist. he is saying, nafta they're not changing quite as much. other things they take a sledgehammer to on case-by-case basis. >> that ishat i'hoping for. the discussion was a little light on details. i understand it will be very, very good. i'll eager to hear more.
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makes me confidence with wilbur ross on the case. give you example way china cheats for many years. they manufacture steel at a loss and dump it on to america. they want the employment and put our workers out of business. that is clear cheating. we want to find more stuff and crack down on it. we don't want a broad trade war with china or any other partner. david: let's keep on this. relate it to the market. we have a market rally, steve forbes. six quarters of growth. yes it was a bay day and a month but the quarter was terrific up 5%. one thing that does weigh on the mark is taxes and this new, the talks of a new tax, a border adjustment tax which would hurt retailers very hard in the united states and of course the consumer as well, we pay extra for stuff that we buy, the head of uniglow, if you live in any
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big city in america, they sell kind of fancy clothing but a cheap price. the guy who founded uniclow, i'm quoting him, if there is border adjustment tax we would not be able to make really good products in the u.s. at costs beneficial to customers. is he right? >> absolutely. it will raise costs to the consumers by over $100 billion a year. typical car, david, will go up at least $2,000. gasoline for millions of motorists, 30 cents a gallon. why republicans think they have to have a tax cut and introduce a new tax is preposterous. absolute contradiction, dividing the base. replaying the disaster on obamacare all over again. when will they learn? david: the real question, jack how much, the retailers of course don't want the tax you but the manufacturers do, because they want everything to be manufactured here. who wins this battle? i would think that donald trump is on the side of the manufacturers against retailers in this batter, no?
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>> yeah, but i'm not sure we need this risk. the purpose of this is supposedly to pay for a corporate tax cut, right? david: right. >> you can bring the corporate tax rate down to about 20% or that neighborhood anyhow, have it pay for itself because keep in mind, higher corporate profits flow through to workers in the form of wages, they flow through to investors in form of dividends and things like that, they get taxed down the road. david: jack, you're a supply-sider, what happened? i love it! >> i like to keep you guessing. melissa: almost pulling my hair out over here. david: we love the new jack hough. must be the relationship with steve forbes. you're sitting next to him. >> he is talking in my ear. david: catch steve "forbes on fox" business. he will be a guest on "wall street week." don't want to miss that. that is right here. tomorrow on our sister channel, fox news channel, 11:00 a.m., "forbes on fox." it is named that for a reason. steve forbes is the star of that show.
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we hope you watch it. melissa. melissa: almost quitting time for the weekend but one major city may not be in a hurry to get back on the road and head home. new details on yesterday's massive fire hit hard to the i-85 shutdown in atlanta. david: what a scene that was. former national security advisor mike flynn under fire for his offer to testify in the russia probe in exchange for immunity. some critics say it is clear he has something to hide, but there are other reasons. gregg jarrett joining us with his take coming up. melissa: the hea of thhouse intel committee at the white house right now reviewing documents that could shed light on any surveillance of the trump transition team. a live report from the white house is next. >> there is, there is a concern that people misused, mishandled, misdirected classified information, leaks it out, spread it out, violated civil liberties and the potential that should, that that happened
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and an exclusive encore performance by kelsea ballerini following the show on xfinity x1. the acm awards. live on sunday, april 2nd 8/7 central on cbs. david: as the trump administration is pushing ahead on a packed agenda, former national security advise general mike flynn as well as house intel chair devin nunes are stealing the spotlight. blake burman live from the white house with very latest on saga. blake? >> pretty monumental moment taking place right now just behind our camera at the executive office building, the eisenhower building, as adam schiff, who is the counter part of intelligence committee. last hour or so what we believe is taking place right now mr. schiff is in a secure facility, we believe viewing some of the documents that devin nunes first brought to light a couple weeks ago when he came to
4:20 pm
this very same facility and gave that press conference saying he had seen some documents that raised red flags that made him suspicious about whether or not the trump transition team might have been surveiled. mr. schiff went in about an hour, 45 minutes or so ago. we have not seen him come out just yet. we believe he is still inside reviewing those documents. in this story president trump reignited it earlier this morning as he sent out a tweet regarding michael flynn, the former national security advisor which he said hopes, as in flynn, that flynn ends up getting some sort of immunity on this the president tweeting out, quote, mike flynn should ask for immunity, this is a witch-hunt. excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportions. white house press secretary sean spicer was asked about what the president meant with the tweet this afternoon. spicer said he hop flynn testifiess listen? >> he is hoping mike flynn
4:21 pm
testifies. do what you have to do to go up, make clear what happened, take whatever precaution you want or however your legal counsel advises you. reporter: so far, david it does not appear if any committees whether on the house side or the senate side granted mr. flynn immunity. david: blake, do we know adam schiff will talk to the press once he is out of there? we have our eyes and cameras on the white house? melissa: great question. reporter: those cameras are 100 feet away and they are trained. we don't know if he will walk across and talk. the cameras are ready if he wants to do so. david: we're ready and we'll bring it to our viewers live. thank you very much. blake. melissa: good question. that is the thing i want to hear. david: absolutely. melissa: to see the look on his face when he comes out. david: when you go into the secure rooms, you can't bring any paper or pen or any kind of device. it has to be all be in memory. we'll see what he remembers. melissa: amazing. more on former national security advisor mike flynn requesting immunity.
4:22 pm
critics say it is clear he has something to hide. others say that is just smart practice. gregg jarrett joins us with his take next. putting the freedom caucus on notice. president trump warning his fellow republicans to get on board or face political consequences. how this will impact the president's agenda next. "the hill"'s editor-in-chief bob cusack will weigh in. ♪
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. david: battle lines have been drawn, the president calling out the freedom caucus again. this time naming names. president trump tweeting -- in mark meade and jim jordan and raul labrador would get on board, we would have great health care and massive tax cuts and reform. but will the president's fight hurt the president's agenda? take a listen to what laura ingraham said earlier. >> really, really unhelpful to donald trump's ultimate agenda to slam the very people who are going to be propping up his
4:26 pm
border wall and all the things he wants to do on immigration, on trade. david: here is bob hughesac. where is the president on the freedom caucus. though he did tweet members ever the freedom caucus, he did so in a -- how should i put it? -- more of a friendly tone than yesterday. >> the friendly tone is on the freedom caucus. they're not going after donald trump but it's tense. the freedom caucus says it's not about personality, it's about policy. they disagreed on health care, there were moderates who didn't like that bill on the republican side, but do you think it's going to be helpful? it's a risky game no doubt about it. if he's going to back primary challengers to the freedom caucus, that's going to be very, very divisive. david: and more specifically to what's happening right now. questions whether he's going to reach out to democrats more readily than the freedom caucus. frankly the democrats have been doing nothing supportive of republicans at all.
4:27 pm
by the way, we had claire mccaskill who came from a state that voted for donald trump announcing he would not vote for neil gorsuch for the supreme court. he's not going to get help from the democrats, why go there? >> i totally agree, gorsuch, i think he's going to get confirmed one way or another, whether they go nuclear or not. it's going to be a win for trump. i agree. i don't think there's a political incentive for democrats to work with the president. the liberals can't stand president trump. i think he should be going after democrats more than the freedom caucus. >> the point is he needs the freedom -- he needs a united republican front against the democrats. he will get no help from the democrats, got to bring the freedom caucus back into the fold. that's why i think even though he's criticized and pointing out certain members of the caucus, he was more friendly this time than yesterday or the day before. >> absolutely, when going after, i mean he should be attacking the democrats, not to embrace them. david: i figur
4:28 pm
you bent. bob cusack from the hill. always a pleasure. >> thank you. melissa: general michael flynn is willing to testify on russia ties if he receives immunity. his attorney releasing this statement tash -- here to react is gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and former defense attorney. this is an interesting one, by virtue of saying you want immunity. does that mean he has something to hide? does that mean in the environment he's just being smart? what's your take? >> it's the latter, you are absolutely right about that. immunity is a dirty word. you say it and people think you're guilty. that's not necessarily the case. sometimes it's the case that in a situation of near hysteria which is going on on capitol hill over the russian investigation, maybe you just have a lawyer who's being cautious and prudent because he doesn't want his client to become the victim of erroneous charges conjured up by prosecutors.
4:29 pm
who wants to be falsely accused and wrongfully convicted and given the circumstances, melissa, probably malpractice if his attorney, flynn's attorney, didn't ask for immunity. melissa: when he says things like general flynn has a story to tell, that's kind of ominous. >> yeah, it does sound ominous, think of it from the lawyer's perspective. if your client is truly innocent. my goodness he has a heck of a story to tell. the story of a man who is vilified and unfairly maligned. interesting nobody is taking him up on the offer of immunity which suggests to me as a lawyer that he doesn't have anything valuable to tell these folks about criminal wrongdoing. melissa: interesting. yeah, that's a great point. i've not heard anyone make that. one point i did hear someone else make is the reason he wants immunity is because he didn't register as a foreign agent while he was doing
4:30 pm
business for turkey. what's your take on that one? >> you don't need immunity for that. if you failed to file. why? because it's an administrative and a civil penalty, ever since the statute was revised on that in 1966. nobody has been criminally prosecuted. it's not a crime, you know. it's an administrative civil violation, that doesn't apply. melissa: right now we have adam schiff inside looking at the documents. depending who you're listening to and what show you're watching, the underlying bottom line issue is either did the trump administration collude with the russians to win the election and diminish hillary clinton, or the story is was the trump administration being spied on by the last administration doing some cute things with incidental surveillance, listening to other people who they had the right to listen to to pick up information what was going on with donald trump, and revealing that in a way that was criminal, you know?
4:31 pm
disclosing names of places and things, that is clearly against the law. what do you think is the underlying story here? >> it appears as though, if you believe what nunes said, there was surveillance going on. spying of the trump team before he was inaugurated. now maybe it was legal and incidental collection, but there were crimes that took place. first of all, people's names were not masked which is required by law, and then those names were disseminated, widely circulated in the intelligence community, and then somebody leaked it. those are crimes as well, and it seems like adam schiff is oblivious to that. melissa: we'll see, gregg, thanks for reporting it. david: what role did russia have in our election, and who leaked what for what were? was there any -- melissa: why were they leaking it? david: pressure on our nato allies to pay up. secretary rex tillerson's in belgium. we'll give you details what went down there.
4:32 pm
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4:36 pm
and secretary of state rex tillerson, his first trip to a nato meeting, and he says that the u.s. is burying a disproportionate share of nato spending, nearly 70% of nato spending and wants countries that aren't meeting that threshold, the nato designated threshold, spending 2% of the country's economy on defense they want that to happen in the next two months to create a plan how they're going to get there if they're not there already. 28 nato nations, currently 5 nato countries spent 2% of gdp on defense. beyond all of this, the secretary of state has been pushing this idea as has the trump administration that they want more countries to contribute to organizations like nato. >> first is ensuring that nato has all of the resources, financial and otherwise, that are necessary for nato to fulfill its mission. secondly, we want to discuss how we can build on nato's already important involvement
4:37 pm
in the fight to defeat isis and other counterterrism actions that nato can provide. and ultimately bring stability to the middle east. >> reporter: secretary tillerson is getting pushback on the request from the german foreign minister. he says he doesn't see how his country can spend what would amount to $70 billion for germany on defense spending, he doesn't see how it would be politically or feesably possible in his country. we asked the state department how they plan on enforcing that if the countries don't spend 2% of gdp on defense within the next eight years or so, what the state department would do in reaction and what the u.s. would do in response in the state department only says it expects and hopes that the countries will honor their commitment. secretary also spoke about nato and russia today saying that nato provides a check on russia and insisting, according to the ukrainian foreign minister that the united states would keep russian sanctions in place so long as russia fails to agree
4:38 pm
to a cease-fire agreement in ukraine. melissa, david, back to you. melissa: thanks, rich. david: back home, the fight for the supreme court, the senate judiciary committee voting monday where they will decide whether to send judge gorsuch's nomination to the senate floor. real question is whether democrat leader chuck schumer will use a filibuster to scare republicans into making a deal over future supreme court pix. here is jamille jafr, former clerk for judge gorsuch and james freeman, a fox news contributor. jamille, what bothers me most about this is a terrific nominee is being used as a political pawn because what came absolutely crystal clear in the course of those hearings for judge gorsuch is he is far less ideological and far me qualified than many other justices who have been confird, no? >> no, david, that's exactly right. it's shocking that a nominee with this kind of qualifications, this kind of
4:39 pm
record of really being fair and even handed to all litigants before him will be subject to potential filibuster. it shows the nature of the political moment we're in right now. >> reporter: and it's awful, james, americans voted in november, a lot of americans voted on the basis of who would be chosen to filtsupreme court. all the exit polls show that. we have a chance to show a nominee to get caught up in the political games. >> the voters were explicitly informed by the president that gorsuch might be the guy. they chose donald trump, and this was a big reason why, and really this is almost a flawless nominee. when you look at the record. when you look at even the liberal american bar association giving him its highest rating. you look at a nearly flawless performance in confirmation hearings, this has nothing to do with judge gorsuch who is eminently qualified. this is chuck schumer who decided it's a political
4:40 pm
strategy to reinvent the rules of washington if he can and block everything president trump is trying to do. david: stick with you, james, the "wall street journal" editorial page just wrote the following about what they entitl senate republican suicide. i didn't think it was that desperatbut apparely you guys do. a filibuster deal over democrats over gorsuch would be a political disaster. do you think republicans would be drawn into schumer's realm? >> well, i think the point is you don't want republicans who naturally may think that traditions are good to think that they are somehow maintaining some wonderful senate tradition if they agree with schumer, senator schumer who is basically saying, let's have a rule which is when democrats are in power, they roll over the minority, but when republicans are in power, let's create a check on their power jo that's right, that's right. clearly when democrats have
4:41 pm
been in power and harry reid in particular was the one who blew out the rules, saying forget about the filibuster, we're going to do the nuclear option any time. jamille, there are ten senate democrats who come from states where donald trump was the overwhelming winner. one of those democrats just told us she was going to vote against judge gorsuch. that's claire mccaskill from missouri. her state voted for donald trump. if she's voting against gorsuch, i don't think there's any democrat in there that's going agree to do what i would think would be the sensible thing, vote for gorsuch? >> you know it's unfortunate we heard this from senator mccaskill. we have good news, senators heidi heitkamp will not toe the schumer line. if you are not going to confirm neil gorsuch to the supreme court, there's no republican nominee that's going to get through. republicans and leader
4:42 pm
mcconnell should do what they need to do to get gorsuch on the supreme court. david: real quick, guys, james, is there a filibuster or the nuclear option, quickly? >> they go nuclear and win and gorsuch getting on the court. david: jamil, what do you think? >> gorsuch gets on the court and should. david: appreciate you both being here, melissa. melissa: bursting flames causing a highway bridge to crumble. the scary details coming up.. >> oh, god! [ bleep ] holy [ bleep ]! that's hot! i accept i don't race down
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at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. . david: president trump meeting with the head of the office of management and budget. mick mulvaney is now at the white house, a very busy white house today, on the heels of a report from the cbo warning federal budget deficits are on track to more than triple over the next 30 years. as those budget discussions
4:46 pm
continue in the capitol, funding towards protecting americans isn't seeing cuts, as the coast guard extends our borders into the sea. steve harrigan is in miami with the very latest on this. steve? >> reporter: david, guard gave us a ride on their newest cutter, the james, it is a remarkable machine. their motto is we own the night, and over the past 29 days at sea, they certainly have owned the night with the latest technology in night vision as well as three speedboats and helicopter squadron, they have managed to interdite 17 separate vessels, and most of the vessels are bulk suppliers of cocaine to the united states. >> warning fire, ignored. enabling fire, either with a precision rifle or the big 50 caliber. >> reporter: drug busts and public drug busts come at very time that the debate over the
4:47 pm
coast guard's budget is under way, and initially there were proposed cuts as high as one billion dollars in the coast guard's budget. heavy pushback against that with lawmakers from both parties as well as coast guard officers saying we need a strong coast guard to really keep border security in the u.s. >> the coast guard plays a critical role in pushing our borders as far offshore as possible. we recognize threats that come in all different forms of illicit trafficking. we want to interdict those threats before they reach our shores. >> reporter: there's a push now to return $500 million to that budget for another new national security coast guard cutter next year. david and melissa, back to you. david: steve harrigan, great to see you. regular rush hour in atlanta is a nightmare, now the governor is declaring a state of emergency after a bridge of interstate 85 burst into flames and collapsed last night.
4:48 pm
demolition has begun, going to continue into monday. it will take several months to rebuild, no word what caused that fire. unbelievable. battling sanctuary cities. will funding cuts are enough or will the trump administration need to enact a tougher punishment yet? that's to come. with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at ♪ ♪ don't let dust and allergens and fe's beautiful momts. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances
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remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. . melissa: the trump administration is threatening sanctuary cities with funding cuts if they don't comply with federal laws. but will the administration go further to battle these cities? >> is there any other punitive measure the trump administration is thinking about taking? >> well, we don't want to take any measures. we want to see these cities comply.
4:52 pm
we're looking at other possibilities that would be detrimental. >> you can give me an example, mr. attorney general? >> i'm not prepared to give that now. >> ahhh. melissa: will funding cuts be enough? here now is brad blakeman former bush 43 staffer. brad, what do you think? >> pick a city, and cause them as much pain as possible in order to get the otheres. >> line. it's one thing to deny funds, let's see how that goes, there are tools in the federal toolbox on cities to follow the law. isn't it amazing that we have to do that? the laws are for everyone, you can't pick and choose laws that you wish to enforce. i believe that this president, our attorney general, are going to make sure that there's pain to be caused to those cities who do not follow the law. melissa: steve, what do you think? >> brad, that's not what trump promised during the campaign. he said he was going to rebuild all the cities and the inner cities were going blossom under his administration.
4:53 pm
melissa: stick to the issue at hand here. >> the issue at hand is this. there isn't going to be funding cuts for any cities. the president doesn't have the authority to do that. melissa: of course they do, it's grants that are coming out. >> there aren't going to be any new laws passed because two-thirds of americans want comprehensive immigration reform. melissa: they're talking about money that's being awarded from the department of justice that are grants at their disposal that 4.1 billion dollars that they hand out every single year and have the right to withhold. >> so the administration is going to stop enforcing the law. >> how do you get them to stop enforcing the law. >> if you are not sending money to the cities to enforce the laws, that's what the grants are for. law enforcement. we're going to make the cities a more dangerous place. how does that help anybody. melissa: so nonsensical, i can't take it. brad, the cities are the ones talking about not enforcing federal laws, go ahead. >> that's correct.
4:54 pm
and if they want the money. >> cities don't enforce federal laws. >> they're supposed to exist. >> the government does, that brad. >> they're supposed to insist the federal government enforce the laws. that's the partnership we have with the states and the local municipalities. we're supposed to be partners in fighting crime, we're not supposed to be adversaries. >> exactly, why hold up the grants? they're fighting crime. melissa: steve, when you have a criminal in custody, isn't it standard procedure, and this was one of the points made at press conference, isn't it standard procedure when you are done with the criminal, you hand him or her over to other authorities who have outstanding claims against them. >> yes, and the cities do that now, the cities do that now. it's not -- we're not talking about criminals. melissa: that has been the issue in cities across the country. >> it's a phony issue, it's not happening. melissa: helping people get
4:55 pm
away before i.c.e. arrives. that's one of the big stories. steve, you're saying that doesn't happen? >> with criminals, it does not ppennywhere. that's not what being a sanctuary city is l about. it's about protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation. >> the people already in custody. >> no, that's not happening. >> it is happening, here's what else is happening. >> not intentionally, brad, it is not. >> the fact they are here illegal to begin with is a crime. >> no, it's not a crime! it is not a crime. it is a civil matter. melissa: no, we're talking about totally different things here. gone off the rails, going to leave it there. thanks, guys, david? david: this is something easy, there's controversy about it, but it is about golf. the masters are teeing off next week, but golf legend phil mickelson is in the headlines for something other than his game. mickelson reportedly spent two
4:56 pm
million bucks paying off gambling debt in 2012. according to the new york post. the three times masters champ owed a huge sum of money to professional gambler billy walters and revealed during the insider trading trial. mickelson agreed to return the cash and was not charged with wrongdoing, but boy, that guy's got a problem i think. got to deal with it. melissa: buzzing for baseball. why the pro athletes hit the deck during spring training? look at this. that's next. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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4:59 pm
>> oh, boy, i can't believe i have to say this. bad behavior. >> behavior. >> causing preseason panic for these major league baseball players. >> that guy's scrunching down but look at this. flat on their faces. the rockies and padres forced to hit the deck, literally, on
5:00 pm
their spring training until the bees left the field. they swarmed in, and they swarmed out. it looks bad. of course, it's easy to laugh at them. i wouldn't want them getting all over me either. >> no. i don't know if i would be able to lay flat. i would probably run, which is the worst thing you can do. >> have a wonderful opening baseball season weekend. risk and reward starts now. liz: okay. what's going on in california? forget about dreaming the dc swamp. what about draining the swamp in the golden state? welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. let's go through. president trump now in office 100 days and now this. a growing number of cities across california now want to impeach him. berkeley, richmond, all passing resolutions to unseat the president. and then we have this. other cities in california now busy passing resolutions to blacklist builder who want to work on the border wall. city officials say that work is racist. even though one of the seven


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