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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the bees left the field. they swarmed in, and they swarmed out. it looks bad. of course, it's easy to laugh at them. i wouldn't want them getting all over me either. >> no. i don't know if i would be able to lay flat. i would probably run, which is the worst thing you can do. >> have a wonderful opening baseball season weekend. risk and reward starts now. liz: okay. what's going on in california? forget about dreaming the dc swamp. what about draining the swamp in the golden state? welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. let's go through. president trump now in office 100 days and now this. a growing number of cities across california now want to impeach him. berkeley, richmond, all passing resolutions to unseat the president. and then we have this. other cities in california now busy passing resolutions to blacklist builder who want to work on the border wall. city officials say that work is racist. even though one of the seven
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of the companies owned by hispanics, other owned by women, some now even getting death threats to this day. and we have this earlier this week. peaceful pro trump rallies in california disrupted by black hood and masked rioters. you see that woman there? pepper sprayed in the face during the violence. and now this. a california legislature tried to ban so-called fake news on the internet. this bill would have let politicians prosecute information they don't like. make either crime to publish or share on the net fake news or follow deceptive statements. if thoseews storielater have an impact on the measure. the bill yanked at the 11th hour after criticism but the bottom line here is make no mistake, it would have been the most unconstitutional bill ever pass the united states. it would have made it be illegal to be wrong on the internet. it would have led to be prosecuted for internet postings, even tweets that politicians don't like. look who's here, trump
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national diversity coalition chair. god bless you. thanks for coming on. >> god bless you and god bless america. thanks for having me. liz: beat you to it again. this bill would have given government politicians in california more power to punish free speech. but liberals say that president trump is the hitler fascist dictator. >> god forbid. our president is in there working on behalf of america every single day. the interesting thing is how do you know that, you know, i think what the bill was you had to knowingly and willingly disseminate false information. and who determines that? we -- this is the united states of america. it's called the first amendment, and i am so glad that we've got a president back in office who believes in the constitution and the right of the people to speak up. and like i said, they don't even know -- how could you prosecute it if you don't know there was some ill intent? it doesn't make any sense.
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liz: they're mad that, you know, the president abusing the term fake news; right? they're mad that he's defending himself. but -- >> of course -- liz: but even tweets could be punished. if journalists put false information, they could have been slammed. >> right. they were trying to get at our president. that's what it is. they're trying to demonize anybody who supports him or anyone who speaks up for him. but what i would say is i'm grateful that that bill was yanked. i'm grateful that it is not a part of law. it would have been very unconstitutional, and we've had a enough of that in the last eight years under barack obama. we don't want it under president trump. liz: yeah, i hear what you're saying. this is a liberal intolerance thinking, though. the culture out there. eyon't accept any divergence of opinion, and y bring up president obama. you've talked about this. president obama even tweeted the president. even the washington post saying he was the most controlling president since nixon. his doj went after more whistle-blowers than all presidents combined within
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ceased the phone records of 100 associated press reporters. >> yeah. you know that's what it is. you know, the media, a lot of the media had a big ol' love affair with our former president and so that's why you get this withdrawal that they're going through because we have a new president in office. it's unfortunate that the president that we had before was going after people tooth and nail. not just in media but in the courtrooms with the irs on average citizens and evangelicals. but you never read about that. you never hear about that because the democratic party was just so in love with him. and imagine you lost your house seats, your senate seats, and your presidency, and you still don't let that romance go. it's a shame. liz: you know, what's going on getting back to california. you know, you're a racist, and you're anti-american if you want to help work on the border wall. 750 miles plus a fence in europe. by the way, two dozen democrats that support the
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border fence including schumer, clinton, but you're racist if you want to work on it now; right? >> well, you're not a racist. what you are salah-abiding america-loving freedom of the brave, believing that america should be taken care of. all of that 130 billion that we've been spending on illegal aliens every year, we can build that wall with 24 billion and save what? 80billion of the $100 billion just simply building the wall. so it's not about racism. it's about enforcing the law, and we have a president in office named donald trump who's going to enforce the law. it doesn't make you a racist. it makes you a law-abiding citizen. and as far as i'm concerned, that wall has to go up to protect americans today and, you know, down the line. and so he wants to protect america. he doesn't have -- that's the one thing about being president. it's not like people ve to like you. donald trump's job is to protect america and in
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building that wall, that's what he's supposed to do. and his job description is to keep america safe. that's what that wall will do. liz: well, i think your job description is to make america real again. >> amen. keep it real. keep it real. liz: and you know what? god bless you, and i beat you to it again. >> god bless you and god bless america. thank you. liz: hillary clinton quickly claimed within weeks of losing that bullying is on the rise because of donald trump. >> teachers and parents are calling it the trump effect. bullying is up, a lot of people are feeling, you know, uneasy. a lot of kids are expressing their concerns. liz: but peaceful pro trump rallies across the country continue to be disrupted by violent rioters. and just last weekend, a trump rally organizer in california even pepper sprayed in the face. she was here on our show to talk about it. >> while we were busy wearing our little name tags trying to
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meet like-minded friends, we came across these folks that engaged in violent violence. these thugs, these punks think that they're going to do whatever they want. liz: this after another woman blindsided and pepper sprayed at a berkeley rally earlier in the year. let's take this to the political power panel. look who's here, washington times contributor eric and white house correspondent with the daily caller caylee with me now. then these women get hit by pepper spray. >> yeah. in fact, you know, i know people that went to this. and this was set up to be a patriotic event to really celebrate america. it wasn't necessarily anything about donald trump, and you get one person and this went bad. so it would have chose, i think, is that this is a crime that happened that you can't do certain behaviors. i don't think this has anything to do with donald trump. i think this has to do with
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breaking the law and it shouldn't happen. and i think that someone broke the law, something were -- we were celebrating or people were celebrating america and patriotism bad. real bad. liz: yeah, you know, caitlyn, women getting pepper sprayed at these pro trump rallies. but republicans are thought to be the gracieers, caitlyn. listen, we've seen this week, there's a gigantic civil war within the republican party. there are republicans who oppose same-sex marriage, they're pro the social issues that democrats would agree with. they just don't agree with the democrat policies that have been increasing socialist, democratic leadership. and this happened, the jennifer sterling event, that attack, caitlyn, happened outside hollywood. >> exactly. the democratic party should be all about diversity and letting people have opinions. but when they have an opinion -- when someone has an opinion they don't like, they're quick to do something like this. now, i'm not saying all democrats are prone to violence like these people who
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showed up in ski masks and with pepper spray. but it really does go to show you. and i disagree with my other cohost because this is about donald trump. these are people who are mad that donald trump won and hillary clinton lost, so they're going to these rallies, and they're pepper spraying people in the face, and it's just not okay. hillary said that bullying was the donald trump effect and his dangerous rhetoric was poisoning young kid's minds. but look what happened. these are antitrump people going to a pro trump rally that's about patriotism and first responders, and they're pepper spraying people in the face. liz: yeah, but somehow -- i'm not sure why this story is not getting more coverage. we're staying on it here. guys, we've got to move on to some more intolerant and crazy things said by the media this week. this one might be the nuttiest. take a listen. >> let me just say, you know, i kid about everything but, you know, working for saddam
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how do yo hussein, you couldn't have eye contact without getting killed. imagine these working for ivanka. they'll always be there. liz: chrisatths comparing ivanka and kushner to hussein. they're the murderers of the children working for their brutal father, listen, we've covered him. he was a monster even by saddam's own standards. how awful was was this that chris matthews said? >> well, chris has an agenda. i think he's been pretty overt with it, and i don't think he's even hiding it. he's trying to link the trump family to some of the dynasties in russia that were corrupt and certainly almost mafia style. and this is another fact to do it through presubpoena
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position, and it's in bad taste. liz: what if this was made to obama? >> well, we've seen him. so, again, this is an opinion this is not journalism. i think it's pretty bad. liz: yeah, you know, you're right, eric. speculation is not facts. opinions are not facts. we're looking for facts here on this show and the rest of fox business. let's get to this, caitlyn. n nbc says president obama's presidency already ended. he's not even in yet. let's take a listen. >> first campaign that i can recall where my party did not talk about what it always stood for. and that is how to maintain a middle class. liz: all right. we're sorry about that, caitlyn. that was the thought we're going to tee up later in this segment. that was joe biden, caitlyn,
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saying hillary clinton, you basically screwed up. you didn't talk to the middle class about creating jobs. that's joe biden now saying this. what do you think, caitlyn? >> well, hindsight is 20/20. it's easy for the democratic party to point out their failures now that th lost the election. but this isn't sometng tt happened overnight. donald trump didn't just pop up out of nowhere and win across the country. this is something that built up over eight years that barack obama was in office and that's why hillary clinton wasn't elected. people didn't want the same thing to happen again, and i don't know if joe biden realized that. he does say now that he regrets not running for president because he's confident he could have beaten donald trump, but i'm not sure that's true. liz: joe biden also said in this trump -- listen to this -- that the trump voter that voted for obama twice were working class people democrats who voted for trump but now they're being called racist. joe biden is now saying that that is flat out wrong to do. what are your thoughts?
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>> well, i think it's fascinating, you know? look, he's trying to tap back in. i mean, there's no question he's trying to relate. he's trying to connect. they lost it. they were clueless about so many people and the heartland and in parts of ohio and pennsylvania that the democrats ignored. they just ignored them. and these are people that have gone through tremendous economic difficulties and pain. and now he's trying to connect. too late. they should have woken up a long time ago. joe biden, certainly. but these are the kinds of messages you're going to see in '18. it's going to be a brutal battle. liz: eric and caitlyn, thank you so much. come back soon. coming up a video going viral taking on this liberal professor. he likely makes nearly $200,000 a year. this guy said he quote wanted to vomit when an airplane passenger gave their first class seat to a soldier. listen. >> you're blaming the soldier. you're not blaming the policy
5:14 pm
makers. you're -- >> absolutely not. >> you're saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. you're not saying giving up a seat for the guy who made the war policy but for the soldier, the guy risking his life. liz: we're going to play that fiery debate later on in the show. also we have the ceo of a company called black rifle coffee. he made his own coffee company and staffed it with military veterans. here's here to weigh in continuing to get political. we've got news on that front. listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ liz: okay. that wasn't the news. we'll have the news later in the show. but first, we brought you this story yesterday after berkeley, california blacklist builders bidding on the new border wall. hispanic contractors continuing to get death
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threats to this day. we've got one of those threatened hispanic contractors joining me to speak out. that's next. don't go away if you've been diagnosed with cancer,
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>> some of the rhetoric among republican elected officials and activists and media, some of it pretty troubling and not necessarily connected. but being used effectively. president-elt trump pped into the frame within the republican party and then was able to broaden that enough to be able to win the election. >> teachers and parents are calling it the trump effect. bullying is up.
5:19 pm
a lot of people are feeling uneasy, a lot of kids are expressing their concerns. liz: okay. you heard it. republican rhetoric bullying. my next guest, you are an hispanic contractor. >> i am. liz: you're bidding to work on the border wall and now you're getting death threats? what's going on? >> yeah. you have to understand over the last 35 years, you've had people that are entrenched in their position. nothing has been done on reform. liz: we hadn't to hear about the death threats. >> yeah. as soon as the press were discussing our involvement in building the border wall, we -- it went crazy. there were calls coming in, they were none stop. yeah, people were just yelling at us, yelling at my staff. liz: death threats? >> yeah. liz: saying what?
5:20 pm
>> we better watch your back, we know where you are, those kinds of things. liz: you got one today? >> i got one today, in fact. liz: saying what? >> we know where you are and there's a price to pay for what you're doing. liz: did you tell the police? >> yeah. we did. we've been in close contact with the police. we've been very receptive to our complaints. they understand that we're under a threat. a real threat. liz: do you feel you're in danger? >> i think there's a lot of crazy people that are talking very loudly. the ones that i'm worried about are the ones that aren't making the phone calls. the people that are talking and just expressing their anger. those are not really the ones that i worry about. i worry about the ones simmering underneath. liz: can you tell -- when people call you can you say in 2006 senator obama wanted the wall. he wanted the border barrier. he voted for it. hillary clinton wanted the wall. she voted for it. joe biden wanted it. chk schumer wanted it. is that information getting out there? >> well, it is in some sense. i mean, you have to understand these people, the democrats
5:21 pm
have engaged in identity politics for the last -- especially during this last campaign. and so suddenly if you were building a border wall, it's not that you are in favor of securing your own borders, which is the sovereign right of every nation. what they're saying now is that you're a racist for wanting to secure your own borders, which is just categorically false. liz: do your fellow hispanics and latinos agree that this is idiotic what they're saying? >> well, you know, i think the real issue right now is when we explain to these people why we're building the wall because we wanted to be a productive part of the solution, our great fear was that there was some companies that were proposing who we consider to be inhuman options. they were talking about cuts and stuff like that. they were talking very serious life-threatening things, and we wanted to be a productive voice at the table. because the united states government is relyingous, federal contractors to come up with the design. liz: so you're the ceo of a
5:22 pm
group; right? >> correct. liz: and what does it do? >> we are a defense contracting firm, and we build very large infrastructure projects forgetful including roads, highways, bridges. liz: and you're based in california. >> we're based in fort worth, texas. liz: but you do work in california. >> oh, yeah, we do. liz: so tell me about how your parents, grandparents came to the u.s. >> well, my grandparents came to the united states illegally. liz: when? >> back in the '30s. very different time back then. that's what i've been saying. you know, for the last 35 years, we've done absolutely nothing for immigration reform. all we did -- you know,gan had undocumented immigrants and that was just an invitation to make a bad situation even worse. liz: some people don't like that. they say that's really bad. you're basically acknowledging it's okay to get in here illegally. what do you say? >> i think you need to. here's what i say. i think there needs to be an
5:23 pm
graduated citizenship program. but right now, it's difficult to have our politicians pass a new set of laws who aren't securing our borders. that has to happen first. election on immigration, what i found talking to the american people is that they want to see the border secured first and then they're going to have the appetizer passed, comprehensive immigration reform. liz: thank you for your time and good luck with everything. can you come back on the show and let us know how it's going? >> yeah. i would love to. liz: thank you, michael. say your best to your family too. our best, rather. coming up we have an interview going viral on social media. our own tucker carlson taking on this liberal professor. he said he quote wanted to vomit when an airplane passenger gave their first class seat to a soldier. this guy probably makes 200,000 a year. tuition at the university, 42,000 a year. listen. >> why is it bad to give him a first-class seat? i'm missing that. someone trying to be nice to the guy who's going through all of these hardships that
5:24 pm
you just described and that makes you mad. why? liz: and we also have this story for you. sanctuary city mayors continue to push back against president trump's efforts to make the country safe. we've got a sheriff, he's pushing back. he's sending an open invitation to federal immigration officials to come on in and arrest people. he's ohio sheriff richard jones. he's with us to tell us about his personal crack down after this. don't go away anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: you know, forget cutting money to sanctuary cities, my next guest says he has a better way. shut all businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and he sent a letter to president trump to come to his own county to begin a workplace enforcement program. let's bring in the sheriff of butler county in ohio, sheriff richard jones joins me me now. you wrote a letter to happen in which you said american citizens are tired.
5:28 pm
tired of losing jobs to companies willing to hire illegals paying less wages. we've got to shut them down. so here's the thing, sheriff. what if i'm an illegal, and i get -- i steal someone's social security number, and i go what boss, that boss hires me, and then that boss gets shut down because of me. is that okay? >> no. it's not okay. but that's not what we're having here. these businesses know exactly what they're doing. they're actually recruiting people, they hire people to recruit people and bring them into their businesses, they're hiring these people not have any workplace enforcement for eight years. the whole time president obama's been there. under president bush, we would have some okays, and we're asking for them to come back. we're between two sanctuary cities here in ohio. cincinnati, ohio, we're the eighth largest county of 88 in ohio. and these jobs went out the window because it's only been there for a few days. but i know he watches and pays attention. we sent a letter out.
5:29 pm
we're getting calls from all over the country and other countries because we're asking now is time for workplace enforcement. one thing these people don't like to do, these businesses, they don't like the publicity. they're scared when they come in. they get arrested. people with money don't like to go to jail. liz: what happens to these illegal immigrant workers? at these jobs. they're not giving workers' compensaon or anythi like that; right? i'm saying when they're employed by these companies. how would they treat it? >> no. they get treated terrible. they work 16-hour days, they get no breaks, they get no vacation, they get fire -- fired. they have no recourse. they go to the hospital, they live in communities that have these businesses that hire them has somebody that cashes their check. they pay, they live in the same household, they hide. this is not the american dream
5:30 pm
that i'm aware of at all, the immigration system is screwed up. but these unscrupulous businesses that hire these people, it's time now. they're going to have to pay up, and they've had plenty of warning, and we need some workplace enforcement. not only in our county here but sanctuary cities, which is cincinnati and dayton. liz: how would that work? >> how that would work, it would be pretty simple. we have locations and names of companies and so does the federal government. they've got the complaints. we're getting them as we speak today. aware getting them online. they go in, they get somebody inside, they go in, they close these businesses down, they look at their books, they took their books out, and the illegals are placed in an area so they can be checked to see if they're here illegally or not here illegally, and it works that way. and we've had them before in this community where they come in, and they've rounded up hundreds of illegals in these companies, and it goes through
5:31 pm
the court system. nothing's been done in eight years. we have -- and it's a mistake or miss claimer to say that people in america don't want to work and don't want these jobs. i know people that are drywallers, americans that are born here that want to be drywallers, that want to be roofers. we can't have those jobs. they're moving into the other sectors, and they're sucking the life out of us. it's time. you don't have to do a lot, but we need workplace enforcement. liz: you know you're going to get attacks for this; right? how popular is it in your homewn? >> hey, it's very popular here. i've been attacked for 15 years over this issue. they've chained themselves to the doors. when i have fundraisers, they protest. my life has been threatened for 15 years. i get a call from the fbi, i was one of the top three sheriffs in the country that was possibly going to be killed, and i've always said in the past, this is not for sissies and believe me, i'm not a sissy. liz: all right. sheriff
5:32 pm
jones, come back soon. we love having you go on the show. >> thank you. liz: we have a pro gun pro veteran ceo of a coffee company ready to take on his liberal competitors. ♪ ♪ liz: i hope not that way but he is here torespond to another coffee company's loyalty card. here's what's going on. it hole punches through the head of other conservatives. but first taking on a liberal professor who has revolted against good guys helping strangers. we're going to play that after this. >> just a couple of days ago you said some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mosul. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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>> i think it's, for example, for wars that send off young people into combat, risk their lives, killing many others. >> you're blaming the soldier. you're not blaming the policy makers. >> oh, absolutely not. >> you're saying giving up a seat for a soldier in uniform made you want to vomit. you're not saying giving up a seat for the guy who made the war policy but for the soldier, the guy who's risking his life. why did that make you feel like throwing up? >> i think u.s. troops need real support.
5:37 pm
they don't need symbolic jesters. liz: fox news tucker carlson taking on the university professor causing a lot of outrage after tweeting this quote. some guy gave up his first class seat after thanking a soldier. people are thanking him and vomiting. quote do not represent the university's views. our support for student veterans, we've helped create an inclusive campus culture. we have a deep development to american history. look who's here, deputy editor of the wall street journal editorial page. okay. this guy, this professor probably earns 200,000 a year, 42k a year for tuition parents are paying. you know, in december, he's -- he said this. he wants -- all i want for christmas is white genocide. parents pay a lot in tuition monefor something like this. >> yeah. hard to believe. but it's not that surprising.
5:38 pm
this guy's being described out there as basically off the charts, just left wing nut because he said he was going to vomit if someone gave up their first class seat to a member of the military. you know, there's something deeper going on here, liz, and that's the left, the american left, the democrats remember, were doing this during the vietnam war. soldiers would come back from vietnam, and there would be mobs of left wing democrats spitting at them and yelling at them. you can go back and see photographs of this happening. so then the democrats got a reputation for being antimilitary. fast-forward to the 1992 republican convention former ambassador jean kurt patrick calling up san francisco democrats. that's what this was all about. and in the years since, they have tried to transform their image being totally antimilitary. and he said, well, we support soldiers, but there has to be a better way to do it. >> no. this is the reality. the democratic left does not support the military. liz: so, you know, but the democratic left sure enjoys
5:39 pm
the benefits of what the military gives to this country; right? and this professor, he's written in support of communal living in venezuela saying that he promotes communism and social any of them venezuela, how well is that playing out? >> not well. how far the academic left have gone. the kids on campus, 19-year-old, 20-year-olds, and they're doing these outrageous things. look, they're just teenagers, basically. these ideas have to come from somewhere, and they're coming from adults like this professor. liz: but do you think it's good that's out there now but he did tweet it out, and it's kind of transparent now how he thinks? >> i think parents are beginning to -- it's a good university. no question about it. they have great programs there to get kids out of college and into jobs. i'm not going to knock it. but a lot of parents have to be wondering what are we paying 45- $65,000 a year to send our kids into this kind of atmosphere where they get taught by this thing and then have students running around
5:40 pm
saying, you know, the sort of things they said back in the 1960s? liz: and then let's switch some gears here. do you remember when former pharmacist official under president obama the comments earlier this month implying that intelligence leads from the democrat party on trump basically should be disseminated throughout the intelligence committee so trump and the administration, his officials wouldn't bury him. she did leave in 2015, but let's take a listen. >> i was urging my former colleagues and speaking to people on the hill. it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people get as much information as you can. get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left. liz: all right. seems to be taking the comments back, dan and instead placing blame on russia. take a listen. i would like your >> i was concerned because i knew how the russians operate, and i was reading these reports about them hacking into the elections and then
5:41 pm
giving the information to wikipedia and that trump people. on the dark campaign of fake news, you know, that's still on going. we see even someone like myself get sweeped up in all of this. liz: right? >> and when people like me are speaking on behalf of process, people spin it to suit their needs, and i think it may be that the russians are behind even such fake news. liz: all right. now the white house wants congress to dig deeper into the communication here. i mean, russia's medaling. they do propaganda. sput in it. medaling in france and germany. they've been doing that for decades. what do you think about this story backtracking here? >> well, this is one of the best i've ever heard. evelyn made these statements and then goes on television again and gets swept up into fake news, so she has no control over herself? it's ridiculous. look, evelyn setting her aside, we know that i think it was back on march 12th, the new york times published a long story
5:42 pm
explaining how the obama administration had decided essentially the same thing she's saying. they were afraid that the trump presidency would get ahold of the nsa records and deep six them. so barack obamhad loretta lynch write a rule that allowed the nsa to share what the nsa had with 16 other intelligence agencies. that is why all of this material as she said leaked out into the public because these raw nsa documents were spread throughout the intelligence community. that's created this issue we've been fighting over now for about a month. liz: a lot of bickering going on in dc. a lot of issues need to be tackled. but, dan, you're always so great. can you come back on the show? good to have you on. >> sure. liz: good to see you. now we have a video going viral. you're a toddler hugs a police officer in a restaurant. >> wanted to give you a hug. >> oh, okay. >> awe.
5:43 pm
liz: the mother, the boy, and the police officer. look, it they're here to talk about it. we're so excited for this story. don't go away. you're going to love it. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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liz: welcome back. now this heart-warming story to start your weekend with. 3-year-old tj is now an internet sensation after an adorable video of him and what he did went viral. let's take a look. >> he wanted to give you a hug. >> oh, okay. >> awe. liz: he gave a police officer a hug. tj's mom gave that video to the fort worth police department. they put it online. since then, it's been watched almost a million times. look who's here. tj, his mom jamie, and officer anthony colter. i love this story. so great to see you guys. hey, jamie, i heard your son tj, he's normally pretty shy; right? >> he is, yes. he's a pretty shy kid. liz: so what did he say to you
5:47 pm
when he saw officer sitting there? >> well, he had just given tj a sticker. so he asked me why did he give you that sticker? and i said, well, he's your friend, and he likes you. and he got this big ol' grin on his face. liz: now, were you surprised that he wanted to hug you? >> extremely surprised. honored and humbled. liz: and you know you were so gracious. i think you gave tj a present; right? >> yes. i looked at him and saw him eating breakfast and so i said i'm going to make him my helper for the day, so i gave him a little badge, a decal and said you're going to be my helper today. he loved it and came by to say thank you and gave me a hug. it was so into the and sincere, and he just made it a wonderful day. liz: jamie, why do you think tj instinctually wanted to give officer colter a hug? >> i think he knew he was a really nice, friendly guy, and he could feel that in his heart and so he felt
5:48 pm
comfortable around him right away and has never gotten attached to someone this quickly ever. liz: it's so interesting, jamie. you know, the video we know has been seen almost a million teams -- times. do you think we should more scenes like this? and i think police officers should get all the support they deserve; right? >> they should. absolutely. they protect us every single day. they deserve all the respect and prayers and support that they can get. liz: you know, officer, did you think this video would be such a hit? >> i did not. i didn't think the word viral and myself would be in the same sentence. liz: so what are your fellow officers are saying about it? >> they love it. they love it. they love the fact that children are not afraid to come. we went them to come and not be afraid. if they're in trouble, they need help, come talk to us. don't be afraid of us. liz: that's excellent. thank you so much for this story, officer. thank you for your service to our country.
5:49 pm
tj and jamie, thanks for bringing the story to us. we really appreciate it. you guys have a good weekend. okay? >> you too. liz: next up, we have a company handing out cards. they're actually punching holes through president trump's head and heads of other conservatives. we're going to bring that story up with the outspoken pro trump pro gun pro coffee ceo, he's here to respond and talk about it, and he has his own advertising like this one that's gone viral. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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liz: okay. i think we've shown it enough. that's about the fourth time we've shown that. but, you know, we like it out there and that was part of an ad from a pro trump, pro vet, pro gun company called black rifle coffee. but there's this story too. a coffee shop in pennsylvania is using loyalty cards that require a hole punch through president trump's head. it's only made fun to poke fun of the president that they're not endorsing any dangerous acts whatsoever. let's listen. >> we are not threatening the president. we don't want to physically hurt him. we do not condone any hate. that's completely against who we are. liz: joining me now founder of black rifle coffee company. i mean, this is a harmless joke. doesn't this stunt look like a harmless joke to you? >> yeah. it's a harmless joke on one hand, but it obviously identifies exactly what types of political spectrum they're in. and this is the problem we've had with the coffee industry just in general is most of them are super liberal and, yeah, we're pro coffee, but we
5:54 pm
hate conservatives, and it's just kind of a blatant shot again to just conservative ethics and conservative politics in general. liz: okay. let me hear you out on this. you wouldn't like it if they're punching holes through hillary clinton or obama's head; right? >> you know what? i would think it was funny, it was something that we would never do. liz: iis it okay to punch holes in hillary clinton or obama's head? >> i'm saying from my perspective if, you know, as a conservative, i would never do that because i think this it's just one step further and people would identify that as i'm trying to put a hole through their head on a card. so literally it just boils down to the business itself and their decision to make that. it might be funny but in a physical act, it doesn't look good and really, it's just kind of disgusting. liz: and i think people are tired of politics at the coffee counter. switching gears, we have abapp offering a free cup of starbucks coffee. it was -- i think it comes out of maschusetts, it's application on the internet.
5:55 pm
and you get the free cup of starbucks coffee if you're willing to talk to someone you disagree with. evan, i mean, again, starbucks is not a partner in this app. it has nothing to do with this app. but do you like this? >> sure. you know what? if it's going to take people outside of their comfort zone, they're going to start talking about politics in general. does that mean that they're going to be open to ideas? no, they're just going to get a bunch of free coffee because ultimately i think they've already made their decision on one side of the spectrum or the other. so -- liz: yeah, i hear what you're saying. we're running out of time, but i want to get your reaction to this story about that. you probably heard about that drexyl university professor. the passenger gave his first class seat on a flight, and i felt like i'm trying not to vomit. what did you think about that? >> it's disgusting. tell you the just proves that sure, you can have a high iq in america, but it doesn't prevent you from being a
5:56 pm
moron; right? so he's exercising his first amendment right but ultimately the guy's a moron. liz: so you're a veteran. you're a military veteran. you hire a lot of veterans and, you know, the guys you hire, you fought free speech in the first amendment; right? >> yeah. absolutely and really, you're not going to blame the soldier, you're going to blame the politicians or the guys that are ultimately deciding whether or not the united states goes to war, that doesn't boil down to the soldier. so the soldier, it's thankless service. we get paid nothing, and we're putting our lives on the line for this country. liz: we have to go. thank you for your service. come back soon. we're going to have more after the break. don't go away
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
liz: good news for investors. the dow up six straight quarters. it's up 4.5%. major gains this quarter.
6:00 pm
check your 401ks. thanks for having us in your homes. have a good weekend. making money with charles payne is next. charles: the top democrat on the house intelligence committee just left the white house where he had been invited to review classified intelligence document cite by the administration as possible evidence of surveillance. live, let me start with you. adam schiff at the white house. he has a chance to see these document. do you feel the plot is takenning, but you probably feel we took a step closer to learning the truth. >> this isn't:supposed to be an


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