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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 1, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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30 years more ideas of conservatism. charles: guys, we've got to go, but i am a little bit upset you guys have all gone to a party and not invited me. you look fantastic. you all look absolutely fantastic. i wi >> lou: president trump in a battle to build that border wall. president p president wants money for the wall and spending bill and the democrats threaten a government shutdown. interior secretary ryan singke. said it must be done. >> a nation without borders can't exist. >> lou: he is our special guest tonight. president trump announces the formation of a new office of form aegz. it will be held theed by his
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son-in-law jared kushner. and the dean for the new york posts michael goodwin joins me. we are going down the rabbit hole on iran. the iranian retalitory move comes days after the united states sanctioned 30 companies or individuals for helping iran's ballistic hit. the missile maker rip your and truck maker hosh kosh. and israel prime minister netanyahu thanking the trump administration for the staunch support of israel. >> you can see it expressed for standing up for what is right and the truth at the united
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nations. and you see it in the budget request submitted by president trump. and leaves military aid to israel fully funded. l >> lou: and now brexit working on cal exit. nigel wants to split the state of california into. cal exit may be next. good evening, everybody. president trump fighting democrats on fighting the wall. some say money should be left out of a spending bill to it avoid a government shutdown. but the president wants action and it want its now.
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and companies looking to building the wall have an extended deadline until april 4th to submit proposal. so far more than 700 companies that have bid on a company including a company in if mexico despite immense pressure in mexico against the border wall. one drafted a bill bars the government doing business ever with a mexican firm that builds the wall on the southern board. and president trump talking about the need. >> we want to it help those badly addicted, opoid has quad rupled and now an epidemic and
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untalked about compared to the severity that we are witnessing. >> lou: president trump creating a drug addiction task force to be headed by new jersey governor chris christy. my first guest signed a moratorium. here to talk about the trump administration's plan and the new u.s. secretary of the interior ryan zinke. and a former member of the house and a navy seal for 23 year and congratulations, mr. secretary on your appointment and i imagine you are thrilled and chomping at the bit. >> it is a high honor and we'll get things done in the department of interior. >> lou: i expect nothing less. look at the orders signed on the
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moratorium on coal mine leases. this turned the obama era upside down and moves us further to energy independence. does it not? >> it. it is national security. we'll not be held hostage by foreign entitties. and the second it is the economy. we can't compete with wages with china and make sure we as a nation can move forward the economy. and the environment. it is better to produce energy here under reasonable regulations than overseas. i have seen it as a former navy seal. look at the middle east and africa. we can do it better and at a lower cost point here. >> earlier this month you announced the department will
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offer 70 million acre, texas, lewisville, the gulf region for gas and oil exploration. they are unimagined possibilities in every election going back a number of years. this is truly, it is truly a land mark moment in our history. >> it should be. we need to infrastructure and stop straining our asset ises and that means our railroad systems to make sure we are efficient. the president is a huge supporter of the environment and all of us strive for that and should is recognize that jobs matter. the social costs of not having an economy is huge and it will
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cripple our country. environment and jobs matter and energy independence and transport energy and checkpoint russia. transport or subplant crude. that is how you win. >> you have many battles to win aheaded of you and not the least of them the board wall where you will be confronted as you are on a member of other issues by environmental will groups. you are confronted by opposition in the congress of the united states. and of the september. the board wall may not move forward the state the president wanted and what does the secretary of interior say? >> we will build the wall.
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and the president has placed in command secretary kelly that i know is a four- star general and no finer person to put in that position. for my part, we consult with the tribes and the national park that has 120 foot cliff there. and we have the ri aro grand. we'll build the wall and make sure the border security is the right decision for this country. a nation without a boardber cannot exist. we need to follow the wall and that is the right path for america. >> lou: it is the promise of the president and now an a vatar for the nation. and the presidency is donald trump. and no other political figure,
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mr. secretary, as you well know and certainly no president before him, had ever linked that border and the fact that it is where the majority of the methamphetamine and marijuana and cocaine and heroin cross in our country and it is critical to control that border for the sake of millions of american lives. >> and human trafficking. >> lou: illegal immigration. and absolutely correct. and how soon is the wall built? >> i would say with general kelly, he's the supporting commander and he wants to get it done, we'll get the wall done, i think it will take a couple of years put ping together.
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you have the national park and rio grande. we want to secure the border. general kelly is on it. and i worked with madison. and with the exception of me, he picked a great cabinet. >> lou: has average was raised when he a pointed you, mr. secretary, good to have you with us. a lot more ahead including the controversy of a former obama administration defense official who admitted on television live that trump's administration was spied upon by the obama administration. does that sound familiar. it of was corob greated again. stay with us. attorney general sessions
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>> lou: joining me to talk about the long- awaited crack down against sanctuary cities or some call them outlaw cities. and the trump administration committed to the enforcement of the laws and join ming michelle malkin. great to it have you, michelle. this is an extraordinary moment for many of us who covered this issue as you and i have for sometime and fantastical to think that there is an administration and attorney general going to enforce the laws of immigration of this country and insist on cooperation and compliance by the cities to american law. >> lou, it is a great day for
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america and law- abiding citizen and immigrants as well who understand this is the primary duty of the federal government to defend and protect our constitution and rule of law and. law and order are and public safety and our sovereignty. i am in denver and i think it is significant that attorney general jeff sessions mentioned the case here. police ignored an ice detainer and allowed an illegal alien from mexico to be released and that he went on to murder a young man. and yet you have open board zealots and idea logs or deny this. i hope it is only the stark. this order deals with cities and municipality and states.
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there are many other government entitties that are violating section 1773 that general gestions cited. denver public schools declared themselves a sanctuary or an outlaw jurisdiction as i call them in the public school. that needs to be punished in the very same way>> the pocketbook. >> lou: that extends over 300 jurisdiction. 25 stateses have to their credit moved to stop and prohibit sanctuary policies within those states, but it is also a time for the administration, they need to go beyond this and say we are going to absolutely insist on schools and any other jurisdiction and particularly schools complying with law. we need to hear more information
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from our federal government. you can't find out readily how many illegal immigrants are in our schools. cost is estimated, but there is no record because it is politically incorrect and then you have all sorts of organizations and nonprofits that are funded by the federal government that are activist supporting illegal imgraduation and that's not to stop, too. >> that is right, lou, this is a point you are making. and i hope it goes to the top of the white house the need for transparency. the game playing that goes on. a lot of the nonprofits will say. we haven't explicitly declared ourselves sanctuary and outlaw jurisdiction and yet they de facto this is what they are doing. every one of the nonprofit and
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in particular churches that benefit from irs nonprofit and acting as open their door and advertising need to be punished as well. >> lou: i want to turn to an extraordinary moment. conservatives are condemned by members of the trump administration for not going along with with a bad bill. only 17 percent of the country supporting it. a bill that across the board, conservative organizations that was not worth a tinker's dam, and yet the response of reince priebus and others, we are working with the democrats that are frustrating the administration at every turn instead of trying to create a terrific piece of legislation. this is an upside down moment
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for some of the president's advisor, >> i will say, it is one of the reasons i hate the beltway swamp so much. matt drudge had a comment on twitter other day. the swamp drains you. and i can't but think that president trump is feeling pretty drained right now. he was elected with with awe man date to change business as usual. and any way you you sideline it. the rinno and ryan care was beltway and textbook to the t. >> lou: michelle, thank you you for being with us. please roll the video and we'll show you this monster truck. woah. that is impressive and that's what he intended to do. pulling off a championship
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winning landed the first ever front and landing safely. wow. that is safe landing. no one is hurt and the truck seems to be in good repair. hard to believe they do it on purpose. congressman poe tellses the freedom caucus a dis on. >> the freedom caucus decided no was the answer and sometime we have to say yes, we for power and we need to lead. >> lou: who is the blame? that's my commentary and taking the long view to the strong art of history. day-by-day. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> lou: well, a few thoughts on president trump's efforts to drain the swamp as republicans try to avoid and place blame for the ryan care debacle. and mick mulvaney has an enviable prospective. acknowledged that the swamp critters won when speaker ryan pulled the health care bill. he had brazenly assured everyone it would pass. >> i think if if anything that is disappointing, this place was more rotten than i thought it was. i have been here six years. >> lou: reince presbyterian defending speaker paul ryan saying that the president was
7:27 pm
100 percent correct in blaming conservatives for the failure, really? even though the bill had 17 percent support in the final polling. priebus said the conference should have voted for the unpopular and potentially devastating legislation. >> we can't be chasing the perfect all of the time. sometimes you you take the win and put it in your pocket. and time it for our folks to come together and think it is time to get a few moderate democrats on board as well. >> lou: so there is a brilliant idea. trying to pass a bad bill in ryan care that priebus called a good bill, he wants to reach out to the dems who have obstructed every damn thing that president trump tried to do since he took the oath of office.
7:28 pm
rather than write an outstanding bill. i called on ryan to resign two weeks ago as the audio of his insulting remarks about p president trump were released as ryan declareded he would never defend or support donald trump and still his friends in the white house defend him. his politics. his ryano politic and constant incompetence. and i greatly admire trump's loyalty. i wish it would be recip roicated for those who should be faithfully serving president trump rather than old friends. find out if you can trust
7:29 pm
somebody is to trust them. we have found out a great deal, we'll be right back. house committee chair nunnes is not recruising himself. and the investigation goes on. >> the end of the day, we'll do an investigation with or without them and if they want to participate that is fine. >> lou: former attorney general mu casy joins us tonight. >> and they are making their own breathtaking ride, straight ahead in the video. ahead in the video. we'll be right b b b b b with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it' trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at
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what's in your wallet? >> lou: house intelligence chairman nunnes accused democrats of not being serious in a investigation of the surveillance of the trump team. he had shocking comments by a former obama deputy. deputy assistant secretary of defense and now nbc analyst evelyn farkus. >> i urged my colleagues and aimed at telling the hill people get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration, i had a fear that somehow it would disappear. the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew
7:34 pm
about the trump staff dealing with russian and they would try to compromise those sources and methods. >> lou: joining me to discuss, is michael mucasy under president bush and judge, it is great to have you with us. this is an extraordinary moment on live television. it happened on march 2nd. no one picked it up until today. what is your reaction to what a former defense department official is saying? >> i would have to go over it. it sounds as if she is saying that there was surveillance conducted of the incoming team and that is may not have been unlawful surveillance. it may have been in the normal
7:35 pm
course, but the focus was on the incoming team and disseminate as widely to the people on the hill and elsewhere. you just heard it for the first time. >> lou: that urgency that attaches to preserving the intelligence that has been gathered is peculliar because the trump transition of having the ability to control that whether that is let out to the public and in fact it is the obama administration that made it possible to disseminate. >> the two weeks before he left office, president obama expanded the discontribution of you raw intelligence. i don't understand that at all to more than a dozen other agencies than were getting it
7:36 pm
before with no indication that they needed to know. this is raw intelligence and not restricted and increases the likelihood that will leak and they will get away with it because it is a larger population to try to figure out the source. >> lou: it is the only if you will conclusion proferred that makes it look like the most likely explanation today. chairman nunnes, the house committee chairman said there is not enough time to do the hearing before the easter recess. do you feel that nunnes is giving the investigation by the house side of the intelligence oversight. is he giving it enough urgency and seriousness to satisfy you? >> look, i am just another one
7:37 pm
of the audience. >> lou: right. >> he's made mistakes no doubt about that. but the questions that he raised about the use of surveillance and whether people's names were improperly disclosed. and he's made the mistake and gone about it. and looking at the documents himself and showing them to the president who should have had access to them anyway was a mistake. and the underlying issue remains. >> lou: the senate talking about the hearings they will hold. the chairman and ranking member assuring everyone they will be serious and thorough and all i heard when i heard that, it is going to take a long time for the committee to do its work. they are not going to rush ahead to be productive and efficient.
7:38 pm
>> right. they've also subpeoned but got a line up of large number of witnesses including jared kushner, and so it is hard to tell what the focus is. >> lou: and -- >> hard for me to tell, anyway. >> lou: that mean its is hard for all of us. turn to neil gorsuch's confirmation. mitch mcconnell said he will be confirmed friday next week, no matter what. does that sound like including using the nuclear option if necessary? >> of course, if necessary. it would be a grave mistake and miscalculation to have the democrats force the use in gorsuch nomination and his going on the court would leave the
7:39 pm
balance the way it was before justice scalia died. the real struggle is the next one. and if the democrats make the republican ares use the nuclear option and eliminate the filibuster when it comes to the supreme court justiceses, that is going to be the rule in place when the next vacancy occurs. odds are that will happen in the trump's administration. one justice indicated he would retire. >> lou: early as next summer. thank you. look at this video. a group of thrill seekers working to create their own rainbow. you wonder why would they do that? natural rainbows seem sufficient. but five sky divers leaving the
7:40 pm
plane with materialed at their foot before joining to it form a rainbow. it is man and great great kicking off the process on the european. >> and the wishes with the british people. the united kingdom is leaving the european union. this is a historic moment. we'll make our own decisions and laws. >> lou: the man who led the fight for uk independence is nigel. he joins us, stay with us. we'll be right back with all of that and more.
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>> lou: european council's message for the united kingdom, quote we already miss you. he received the formal notification taking the uk, the worldy's largest economy out of the european union and so called bad boys of the brexit are busy.
7:45 pm
they are now targeting california. they are pitch ping a cal exit, two campaign to spread california in two and sdooid dividing the european side from the western liberals. and hollywood. and san francisco. they raised a billion and plan to hold a referundum for the 2018 midturn election. and joining me to talk about britain's breaksit and the proposal to slit california in half. nigel, great to have you with us. >> thank you very much and it is a historic day in london. >> it has to be. and i love the fact that they
7:46 pm
miss. that you will meanna. >> we were pass paying a massive bill to be a member of the club and the the 10 million sterling and two years from today that will cease. they will miss the money but the grownup thing is talk about trade. i think the grounds are here to divorce ourselves from political union and have awe sensible economic deal. >> lou: some suggest that two years is not the adequate time for the uk to replace the trade agreements for the european union and directly as being part of the european union and rest of the world. does that sound like someone wants to you move slower or a reasonable concern? >> it sounds like bureaucrats
7:47 pm
and sounds like people who want their money in the public sector and say a trade deal takes 5 or 10 years. i spent 20 years in the private sector without politics and if you have the will and right people you can do it quickly. australia negotiated a trade deal that took ten months. i will not listen to brucrates in brussels or london that ten years. two years is plenty of time to comto accommodation. >> lou: pretty soon no one in the uk will be under obligation to listen to the european on time and trade. and turn to the move on popullism and the european union. it looked for a while if it was a tsunami. we have seen pacing and retreat just a little.
7:48 pm
what is your sense of the futur europe? >> look, make no mistake about it. the only reason he stayed prime minister in the netherlands he moved sharply to the right and took much of the ground. if you add up those moves to the right, other euros the pro europeans lost pretty heavily. the big one comes in france. first round of the presidential elections are april 23rdrd. i am pretty sure that lapend will win that first round. there is a run off on the 2nd of may p. even if she loses, she will win. the migrant crieses and the euro, and about all of the power
7:49 pm
centered in brussels. it is moving. and that tsunami overwhelms in 2017 or another year or two, i don't know. i am certain that the view of people in democratic nation states not to be governed by unelected bureaucrats of brussels will win. >> lou: we are already over. but i have to ask you. nigel is the leading cal exit 20, and the idea dividing the state of california? that's an ambitious plan. and what is to what end? >> well, the point is, many people in eastern california and indeed in the south of california who feel they are dominated by the liberalses in hollywood and lan and they would
7:50 pm
like to see california split into two so that the liberal ares can have their bit and conservatives have their. it is an ambitious plan and needs to be on the ballot in 2018. and if success it would require congress to change the constitution. it is ambitious and the reason i was there to say what brexit proves is actually if you try hard enough, anything is possible. >> lou: we are going to watch and see if california becomes evidence of that. nigel, good to have you here and congratulations on the historic day which you deserve credit for having made possible. up next, democrats obstructing neil gorsuch for are another week. guess what, folks who work for the president and man directly
7:51 pm
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>> lou: i have to hury and get to rolin and goodwin here. our on line poll. do you believe that democrats will beg president trump to fix obamacare when it fails.
7:55 pm
62 percent said they will. that is a good majority. democrats forcing a one week delay in the senate and on the vote on neil gor sich. it will be held in monday. 19 democrats said they will oppose because he is a man of integrity and talent. republicans need the state democrats to move it forward as it sounds now. and joining us, is republican strategist ed rollins and michael goodwin. let's start with this week delay for a man that everybody knows should be on the supreme court. >> you have to understand in that week, they all go on recess and out for two week and one more week here and part of the second week with. they could delay it a month.
7:56 pm
>> lou: the congress and the senate has a racket. here is president trump working 24- 7 and going all of the time, and there is speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell. and saubter in one week out of every month and say they are doing something. they are holding confirmation. >> they have spring break every month. you would think that the sense of urgency that the country expressed in the election would wrath carry over and it would be a productive congress. >> lou: looking at the issue and threats and somebody in the congress and senate would say we need to convine here until we solve damn problems. >> extreme partisanship means nothing is done. and the majority in the house and senate. so we have to figure out how to get it done. they stumbled badly on the
7:57 pm
health care. >> lou: what do you mean speaker ryan said he had the vote and guess what, he didn't. >> he didn't. >> lou: what is going on with ryan. >> i priebus is big pals with ryan. do you really have the votes. i hadinose meetings. do you have the voteses? you don't take a maybe. that is no. count the yes and they didn't have them for week and week and put the president out on the line and basically i think, then blamed the freedom caucus. to blame the freedom caucus. 15 votes. >> 15 out of the 35 members said no. and the others needed to come around. it is more moderates voting against it than the freedom caucus. >> lou: why is the white house
7:58 pm
not screaming. >> it looks like they were not close. they were not close to 218. and so i am not sure what ri are an was counting or going on a wing and a prayerer here? he thought they would roll people over at the last-minute. >> lou: he is either incompetent or this shall we say divided in his loyalties. is it charles koch, the business roundtable. who is he working for here? they didn't want the bill to pass and it doesn't didn't. >> they created him and secretary price, they created the bill. this was their bill. >> this was the insurance company's bill. >> they drafted it and the overwhelming majority of the voters want obamacare repealed. the democrats and republican want it repealed and it was
7:59 pm
a bad bill and should have been a good bill and would be done. >> lou: they did a bad job educating the public. who the hell educates congress? and the staff around the president? i mean, they are more bold than i can imagine. >> who ever advised the president to go support it early and throw all of his weight behind it, that was bad advice, too. it took him down with the ship. i think the president was damaged by this and i don't think it gets easier from here. >> all of the bravado on the tax. it is a tough sell. >> lou: you use the same leadership in the house to drive that in it will be open and transparent, yeah, right? >> it is not all of the votes
8:00 pm
for obamacare repeal and they drop to come into this. they still don't have a bill that even the majority support. >> lou: got to go. thanks for tonight on war stories, 6 million women overcame obstacles to answer the call. >> this is their country. they wanted to do whatever they could to help defend it. >> on the home front? >> i was a good welder. i became a navy certified welder. >> and in the military. >> my mom would say oh, boy, what have i gotten into. >> the women of world war ii. that's next. on war stories. ♪


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