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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 3, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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trigger happy monday and good morning to you. dagen mcdowell, appointed murray starts right now. dagen: started this new week and a quarter. i am in for maria bartiromo. her top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. supreme court showdown denomination for emile gorsuch faces a senate committee vote this morning. the major battle will come later this week at democrats gear up for a filibuster. president trump ready to stand on when it comes to north korea. the president is we don't need china's help to solve issues over north korea's nuclear program. severe weather slamming louisiana. a 3-year-old girl and her mother killed after dangerous tornadoes flooding and hail swept across the southeast. >> the strong system across louisiana is just getting started. by no means is it over or close to getting nowhere. it is an extremely dangerous
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weather event. please do not attempt to go outside if you don't have to. we ask that everyone stay off the road. a car is no place to shelter and it's not just cars. very large trucks and mobile homes. any type of vehicle has the potential to be very unsafe for the remainder of this event. dagen: the very latest ahead. for taking one of its best-selling trucks off the road. the auto maker pulling f2 50s off the road with concerns that can move on part of the galaxy essay for facing problems days after hitting the market. why spatial recognition may not be a secure or stop. we'll tell you about the easy hack. the new quarter with some optimism. teams across the board right now. a 33 points and the dow future. the.six quarters in a row. the longest winning streak for
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the blue chip in more than a decade. in europe, we see some games. he asked in germany trading near a record high after strong manufacturing report. markets higher. the shanghai composite was closed. gains across the board there. country music's biggest night stays away from politics, but takes aims at the oscars. some of the hilarious highlight, but who took the top prizes. all of that and so much more coming up this morning. joining me for three hours. kristin haglund, kevin kelley and rhino trading partner, chief strategist michael block who is pre-gaming with a little heavy metal. although you left off motorhead which i am dismayed by. the mac i'm saving it for my lunch break. >> that's the mike does. we think is listening to music, but is just ignoring us. welcome back.
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hope you guys had a great week. former congressman of fox news contributor, lieutenant colonel allen west. trump great america pac cochaired reagan campaign manager. one of my favorite people on the planet, ed rollins. he's joined by another chairperson of mine, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. former michigan congressman and the house intelligence committee, pete hoekstra. conservative review editor and host of michelle malkin investigates on crt v. investigates, michelle malkin. you don't want to miss any of these fabulous people. senate judiciary committee expected to vote on supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch today setting up a political showdown before a final vote on friday. many democrats plan to try and filibuster the nomination, many republicans will need 60 votes to break the procedural hurdle. senator joe donnelly becoming the third democrat to break ranks and publicly support judge
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gorsuch, joining senator heidi had camp and joe manchin from west virginia who back the nominee last week. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and senate minority leader chuck schumer waving yesterday. >> judge gorsuch is going to be confirmed. the way in which that occurs is in the hands of the democratic authority. during the course of the week, we'll find out exactly how this will end. but it will end with his confirmation. >> it looks like gorsuch will not reach the 60-vote margin. instead of changing the rules, which is a too much mcconnell in the republican majority, why does the president trump, democrats and republicans in the senate sit down and try to come up with the mainstream nominee? dagen: joining us in former whitewater independent counsel, federal prosecutor and partner for thompson and night, robert ray. robert, senator schumer wrongly called the new clear option enables change.
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it is actually changing senate precedent. i wanted to make that clear because the senate has 44 was sending it to seven votes to change those rules. it would be seven more votes necessary to invoke cloture and stop debate on gorsuch nomination. i want to make that clear. and senator schumer said came to change the nominee, that is foolhardy. the mac it is mass. that is completely ridiculous. and also, you know, who are we replacing here? we are replacing justice scalia. justice scalia. and certain chuck schumer would consider justice scalia outside the mainstream and we are replacing at least according to his tests, one outside the mainstream justice with another outside the mainstream justice. it doesn't make any sense. president trump is right that's what we had an election about. i disagree with the premise first of all that judge gorsuch is outside the mainstream and even if you accept senator
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schumer's president doesn't go anywhere because that's what we had an election to decide and we are replacing justice scalia but just as gorsuch. dagen: to paraphrase "the wall street journal," schumer is only going to be happy with anyone less of ruth bader ginsburg first and foremost. and they are so chapped a few well about merit garland. but that doesn't mean that judge gorsuch is unqualified. in fact, he's incredibly qualified them and they try to attack him and his decision in many instances where he's fooled again business interests. >> it's easy to cherry pick decisions. the judge has been a judge for quite some time. if you want one or two decision something that establishes a problem in part this, that argument really doesn't work and second, more importantly, if chuck schumer thinks he's accomplishing anything here, he's mistaken. if the senate changes the
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practice as is going to happen if the democrats have the votes at least to deal with the question of cloture. this isn't going to go anywhere either. all this is going to do is essentially mean that you are never going to have the mainstream nominee. each party is going to be able to confirm by simple majority. he's not even accomplishing what he thinks he is trying to accomplish. >> they are saying is that activities voted against republicans have the time when they won unanimous consent at all so they couldn't find one thing it does to them. i haven't heard one argument he voted this way are this way. he seems like you pass the test. didn't think there. what is this mainstream russian markup can he be more mainstream? what is the main argument other than garland. we don't know if hillary clinton would've kept merrick garland. >> they seem to have made the attempt to argue he's interested
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in trying to attack the administrative state which obviously is something president trump has discussed. that is a question about whether or not chevron come the supreme court decision should be overruled a lot of mainstream people have real problems with that decision. >> but also keeps trump's administration and check which is good for democrats. >> a lot of people appointed chevron was decided during the reagan era. it is kind of a nonsensical argument. democrats believe fully in the administrators day. the question is that depends on which aspect of the administrative state the favor. dagen: robert commented republicans have to resort to changing senate precedent? by the way, we must always remind people, harry reid at this. they did this not for supreme court nominees, but for lower court judicial nominees and cabinet appointments in 2013.
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democrats might be jawboning about it now if there's a precedent change, but it has been under harry reid and he's the one that opened the door. >> a lot of democrats are worried about reaching that result. time will tell. five days of politics is a long time. i'll be curious to see what the democrats ultimately decide to do. a lot of people at will be implied about what will happen. i don't know whether the votes are there for the votes are not there. it's too early to tell it surprising that the little too early to tell an amended before a friday though. dagen: we did hear from claire mccaskill from the state of missouri last week issues that reelection in 2018. that is a trump state, red state and she's going to vote no. >> republicans are surprised at that. they thought she might go the other way. that's not happening. not everybody is talking an still not there to meet even at this late in the game whether this will happen are not going to happen. lauren: when a pitcher i.d.
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assigned the city in massachusetts that will decide whether to call for an impeachment investigation for president donald trump. a city council vote waited for it today. there is actually a similar vote in the city of her plea, california which by the way i'm surprised it's even part of the united states anymore. it is just idiocy. >> lots of cities in the united states. dagen: that they are coming -- how is that the interests of the people who live in the cities they vote on impeaching the president? >> airplane to the cheap seats i suppose. look, it is a big country. they are a divided country i guess. there are lots of cities in this country and lots of people who i think refuse even now more than 70 days later to accept the results of the election and they are thinking about any number of ways to try to see how they can damage this president be.
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it is still very early in the notion people are talking about impeachment is ridiculous. >> they are wasting government is. >> i was going to say, what the vote they should say to you know what impeachment means here? i think there's a misconception. dagen: there should be a quiz before and >> a frivolous post to muscle have one more. >> people don't understand how hard impeachment is. it requires both parties to be on board to impeach a president. that's not going to happen except in extremely unusual circumstances. dagen: somebody actually has to not last week. somebody who owns a business in new york city sort of landover and asked me what it would take to impeach the president. i went are you drunk? it's early in the morning to say that. >> really is a the signaling.
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liberal groups are missed more liberal cities in the thinking going on with these groups pressuring not to vote for judge gorsuch it is hard left liberal, they try to say we want to does this man at any cost. it's really another symptom of the same issue. >> their sanctuary cities already. in more ways than one. dagen: robert, thank you for being here. come back later in the week. president trump needs a daddy needs a debian, england. >> i think i have this as i said one way or another. dagen: robert gray, thank you so much. severe weather same in the south louisiana on high alert after a tornado kills a mother and her small child. for issuing a recall of one of its most popular pickups. what you need to know next. why a spontaneous moment?
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dagen: the state of louisiana on high alert after a tornado killed a mother and her young daughter. cheryl casone has the details. >> good morning. eight are to the woman and her 3-year-old daughter were killed when high winds flipped their mobile home off its foundation 50 miles west of baton rouge.
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eric alexander had just got to go to the grocery store before the tornado hit. they returned home to find the bodies of his girlfriend and daughter. >> thank you. i lost everything, everything. i lost my family. cheryl: tremendous and damaging winds are likely to continue today at abu into south carolina but the greatest tornado risk centered over the state of southern alabama and southern alabama. several school districts in the state have argued that close-up of caution. some other whether to tell you about rounds out. in colombia, rescue workers continued the desperate search for survivors after a flood and not tied to have much of a mountain town in the southern part of the country happened saturday. authorities say 250 people were killed with several peoples standing water, mud and debris crashing into the street. the country's president made his
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second visit to the impacted area yesterday, vowing services would be restored as soon as possible. presidents are in desperate need of water, food and electricity. in other news this morning, ford is recalling 5,205,250 pickup trucks over concerns vehicles could move all in a parked position. owners of those model used the parking brake at all times to keep the truck for moving. these are pretty new vehicles therefore demands to it there because just last week at the automaker says it not aware of injuries associated with the dealer fixing the problem. a big night for country music star jason aldean at the 52nd annual academy of music awards. >> the winner of the acm entertainer of the year, jason aldean
6:18 am
♪ cheryl: of course i was joe walsh giving up the prize. entertainer of the year for the second year in a row. big night for miranda lambert. she earned a standing ovation for her performance of 10 men and she also picked up trophies for female vocalist and album of the year. the first award of the night for song of the year went to thomas rat or his romantic a "die a happy man." not before the presenters. david copperfield got in their digs at the big oscars fiasco. >> the acm song of the year goes to -- this is not. david? >> and matt stone "la la land." [laughter]
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cheryl: was a big night, everybody. we should say one thing. not a lot of political speeches or pontification which was nice for a change. watch an award show about a bunch of preaching. dagen: florida georgia mine, jason aldean, god and country. people need to listen to some moral and willie and get right with their lives. >> should i listen to george straight on my highest on? dagen: david copperfield is more of a country music star than the people who actually won awards last night. the backstreet boys were there. they are more country. makes me crazy. coming up, samsung not so smartphone. big problem with the galaxy facial recognition feature sparking security concerns. taking up the second quarter as we head into the first day of trading. ♪
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whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] dagen: taking a look at features. gains across the right. giving up some so far about 23 minutes into the show. on one show. 11-point gain on the dow futures. the blue-chip of six quarters in a row that the longest streak since the fall of 10 years ago. so 2006. i want to go to my blog since mike hasn't been here. we are going into the first quarter or 19 cents. what do we expect? is the darkest of pricing too much optimism? >> pricing less than a month ago after trump speech.
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sector by sector we have to think about this. the markets price was an announcements from companies and good earnings of companies like micron. expectations are high in the sector. apple performs well for the nasdaq up 9% in the first quarter. expectations are still pretty high up there. i've been really conscious of the bank. sure enough they have pulled back. i start thinking okay, think about where we want to way things. still some high qualitative and petitions for banker names. i've seen some client getting back into the stocks and it could be interesting there. it's all about sector rotation. they'd be ahead ofitself, is about things, their time to outperform. dagen: small caps underperformed >> in the trunk straight from the thing tax refund is coming.
6:25 am
they are not the ones taking these because of larger companies. they could see some outperformance there. >> some of the caution of the small caps is related to infrastructure spending because that is certainly with health care kind of dragging in with the tax reform also second in line you have infrastructures tending that looks like it's getting kicked into next year. there. a lot of folks getting worried about health care. a big selloff was a buying opportunity. that happens in health care. i feel strongly about that. i don't think we could extrapolate one little snafu transmitted to others and that's where i am. dagen: do think there will be rotation of the financials? financials worst-performing set during march down 3%. >> one of the reasons why is it sold off but the big banks stayed fine. they didn't go down as much as regionals.
6:26 am
if he did get tax reform, thoughtful happening. they are supposed to lead up and get it in% increase in earnings this quarter. the last quarter they actually try to temper x dictations because we haven't been any use take effect. you want to save attack. the leadership. they are generating cash flow hand over fist. pristine balance sheet increasing dividend, doing mma. if you look at the text or come the top two names that 15% apple had a great quarter. microsoft 10%. they pay dividend yields 1.5%. that is why they are the largest sector. you led in with the story basically six quarters we've been. during that, there is an earnings recession. we're anticipating a 10% rise in earnings this quarter. that is actually one of the most modest expect tatian. it should be beat. we should see actually those expectations as earnings start
6:27 am
to come out and companies give guidance. guidance will lead the market further. that's what you see with lululemon last week. dagen: that stack lost almost a quarter of its bite you day. >> a lot of expectations. people were enamored of it are just that perhaps at apple, microsoft, others thoughts. expectations are high. there's a lot of excitement there. this other companies like microsoft benefiting from cloud spending. it all sounds great. how much is pricing? dagen: i just want to point out, because these are large stocks that individual investors. microsoft, apple, amazon, facebook and google parent alphabet all hitting record highs in the month of march. they are going back and. kevin pointed out a lot of the growth people are betting on
6:28 am
this comment or bureau. coming from overseas. i actually listen. i actually have it here. technology growing earnings. >> that is why people have gone into attack because they actually do write about 50% of revenues overseas. it's than inflation, here there is no longer negative interest rate policy over there. you start to see the ecb were up domestic. that's why you can view the overall market size quarter as well as the month. >> the ecb is getting more optimistic, but there's still dovish. it's accommodated to business and growth. european growth is understated some outperformance there. dagen: consumer confidence at a 16 year high. home price that a 31 month high and there is a record reading on manufacturing index last week on manufacturing and, which president trump pointed out. we will talk more about that as the show moves on.
6:29 am
coming up, cracking down on north korea. president trump declaring he is ready to stand up to the hermit kingdom with or without the support from china and other countries. his plan to combat that threat next to samsung's technology gets straight. the big problem with the galaxy as a facial recognition feature sparking security concerns. ♪ i didn't know i needed you so ♪ and letting you go was wrong ♪ your top stories 6:30 a.m.
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eastern time, president trump waiting ready to take on nor the commander in chief saying -- will act alone if china won't stand up and deal with the hermit kingdom the tensions coming up. biggest winner in the ecuadorian presidential election julián assange we'll founder gets to stay in the country lobbed embassy after candidate who promised to remove him narrowly losses more problems for epe pen what you need to know as recent congressional expands to the united states samsung looking to move past plagued galaxy note 7 phone but there maybe problems with newest phone,
6:33 am
the security flaw as phone facial recognition isroll easily duped. >> new squatter with a little bit of optimism futures showing gains across the board, about dow futures up 14 points right now in europe we are seeing mixed action, the redaction in germany near regarded high after a strong manufacturing report there. the cac quarante -- dipped into negative totter, in asia overnight, the shanghai composite was closed but markets in the other the other three major gages there all heading higher. controversy after lexi thompson is panhandled by eagle eyed viewer the latest as golf world including tiger woods comes to her defense. >> the beast has been killed! . >> give me a double espresso see if some place around her with did he cent sushi i would kill for a spicy tuna roll right about now. >> who you are you? >> i am the boss!
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>> boss baby able to tame "beauty and the beast" at the box office, first we begin this 1/2 hour with the north korean nuclear threat looming large over president trump's meeting with chinese president xi jinping later this week about the president says if china won't take a stand u.s. is ready to act alone on dismantling the threat yesterday president trump told "financial times" if china is not going to solve north korea we will that is all i am telling you. , new imagery shows north korea could be ready for a sixth nuclear test joining us this morning is former florida congressman lieutenant colonel alan west the president wants to see china step up pressure on pyongyang we have been saying this for -- in administration, after administration. it is not happened. has -- has president trump got the right idea? >> well, good to be with you
6:35 am
dagen, one of the first things that i would correct is i would not be meeting with the chinese president xi jinping at mar-a-lago i think you lose a sense of power base should it happen in washington, d.c., at the white house or should happen after camp david should not happen at president trump's resort the other thing you have to be able to show china, that you are willing to take actions before xi jinping gets here as a matter of fact a couple weeks ago navy was qualifying increase of what is called frame navigation probations in south china sea, the short term for it we know about the expansion of china and south china sea building of man-made islands now landing military aircraft a great way to send a message to zoo xi before he comes here we're not going to tolerate that as far as president trump what he has to do is sit down make sure, that -- is on the same sheet of music with allies in the region such as south korea also japan, because right now when you
6:36 am
make this type of assertion you know the xi jinping is going to come here say, you know i am from missouri you got to show me. >> well colonel west there has been a lot of talk about u.s. trade relationship with china recently, president trump signed two ideas to that send do you think good levin there is a possibility united states could with economic activity, kind of push china into a roll where it has to negotiate with us, better, on foreign policy do you think that really has any leverage at all that that is a hopeful situation. >> no -- you are absolutely right one of the things that they teach you at military senior college is that there are four elements of a nation powers democratic informational military economics called dime theory very portray diplomatic aspect working with al looigs in the region the economic aspect, the further point of that economic aspect, is what are we going to do with a tax
6:37 am
reform so we can get our economy booming here, in the united states of america, increase our gdp growth, but that trade aspect dealing with china is another important thing that we need to put pressure on china dagen: i want to point out trump administration, and peter navarro on this program denied that it was that those executive orders were directly rioted to china did a address every country we trade with. >> main question can we see sanctions come out against chinese to use as leverage one of the things we have not done is actually gone up their banking republicans with north korea, "the wall street journal" has covered this they call it north korea sanctions net an article last week about it how they north korea is not sanctioned as hard as burma can we exhaust rurs you have seen it in media over the weekend, that you know everything is on the table.
6:38 am
>> i think that is a very important aspect i think also that you have chinese businessmen that are doing operations here in the united states of america we need to put pressure on them as well. because what you have, is a communist government lender very important lesson collapse of soviet union away you confront defeat west united states of america not so much militarily but economically sets conditions for later or ensuing military chooefachievem as dagen said we have been monkeying around playing around with north korea i was stationed along dmz in 1995 you can see agreement president clinton had reducing stopping north korea nuclear program here we are, you know, 17 some odd 20 years later still a the same thing going on. dagen: with a new leader, the same position, i want to turn to the middle east. colonel a source told fox news that president trump son-in-law, who also works in the white house, jared kushner
6:39 am
on a surprise trip to iraq. he said to be traveling with chairman of the joint i chiefs of staff general joe dunford to see tir ak situation firsthand and to show support for baghdad does this trip mean an expand role in foreign policy for kushner what about our position as nation in iraq? >> well i got to tell you i think we need to check his birth certificate see if born in smallville kansas when you think about it jared kushner who is in charge of government innovation and restructuring streamlining federal government, is in charge of solving middle east peace process between iran and corner called palestinians now traveling with chairman joint chiefs of staff to iraq it is very important the united states of america reasserts itself in the middle east we see russia is doing exactly that, we also need to in remember the hegemonic dominance expansion of iran
6:40 am
especially in iraq how we build relationships. >> doubtful a problem with jared kushner? occur inner working in the white house. >> no i have a big problem with it. i really do. i do not think that the young man 36 years of age is in a position to be able to go and discuss military informed policy affairs that is why you have a secretary of defense that is why a chairman joint chiefs of staff a secretary of state. i am not going to tell president trump how to run his business i will tell you he putting a lot of truss confidence duties responsibilities on young man has no experience whatsoever in lines of in these areas of sprees. dagen: that is why he is going to gain that experience? >> well, there is something that sometimes we don't like in military called discovery learning on job training i think that you need to trust people that you appointed to your cabinet positions, and there are things that young mr. kushner can do i think that you know if he wants to
6:41 am
look at how to use stream timeline government that is sign would i guy back to are the kaer administration look at new government agencies bureaucracies created since then, i think that would be a greet starting point but i don't know if he needs to be over there, dogtailing general joe incident ford i think is a pretty fine marine officer leader. . >> good to see you as always tell it like it is. >> you do not minc-- words good to see you come back soon we want to see you here in new york city. >> yes, ma'am. dagen: a recall on epipence sxapdz to united states what you need to know as mylan pulls fault devices after reports they did not work in emergencies, box office has a new boss, a little one slayed disney "beauty and the beast" next. at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine.
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and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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. dagen: futures pointing to a slightly higher opening to start this new quarter this newdow newts up 11 points a record quarter for tesla carmaker reporting 69% jump in sales first quarter says it delivered nearly 25,000 cars, during the period. . this is best quarter for the company since third quarter of last year. tesla shares, are you can see how performing premarket, a pop for tesla. >> starbucks this morning, newly minted ceo taking the reins from shuttles today shuttles will keep role as chairman starbucks you will over 5% this year. >> candidate claiming virth in ecuador's election cheryl casone has the fallout. cheryl: this is fallout the
6:46 am
victory huge reprieve for wikileaks founder julián assange under asylum since 2012 moreno said he would allow assange to stay, cf challenger vowed to remove assange from embassy assange wanted for extradition from sweden. >> a recall for epipens the company says they are being recalled because might contain defective part could cause needle not to being a vista they were distributed between december 17, 2015 and july 1, 2016. lot numbers affected can be found on fda web site as well as mylan's web site check that out. >> alec baldwin muscling to the top of the box office as boss baby. >> give me a double expresso
6:47 am
see if some place with decent sushi i would kill for a spicy tuna roll about now. >> who are you -- >> let's just say i am the boss. cheryl: well movie on 20th century fox pulling in almost 50 million dollars, first week it was a surprise actually the performance dropping to number one spot disney "beauty and the beast" 48 million dollars a third sci-fi ghost in the shell followed by power rangers, finally facial fee of on samsung may not be smart days after launching the new phone researcher said he was able to unlock handset with photo of himself registered facing for the phone to lock it unlock it then took a photo of hips another device above galaxy and unlocked the phone -- samsung is facial
6:48 am
scanning isn't best way to secure device apple fingerprint go back to that maybe. bad piece of news for sam song. dagen: anything that they do people coming through devices looking for flaws may be not as bad as the phone exploding or catching fire? but -- again, you know, they are in bull's-eye, he maybe off the course golf officials hearing from tiger woods. yes is lashing out in defense of golfer thompson straight ahead. ♪ ♪ so what else is new? how's your mother?
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sports season changing before our eyes. full plate jared max, go. >> i hope you are hungry take me to ball game watch ncaa championship tonight, going to be late night final won't tip off until 9:20 eastern 6:20 in glendale arizona north carolina tar heels off win against oregon favored by point and half against bulldogs first ncaa final a win against south carolina saturday gamecocks, women's basketball team south carolina won women's championship gamecocks defeatisted team upset uconn, congratulations heap of coach, been to finalize many times first victory fivemens since winsed cubs win world series we're seeing something never before performance by nba player no one has seen 55 years russell westbrook recorded
6:53 am
triple-double five straight games before sunday's between a oklahoma city charlotte not only double digits, th game in a row 30 points, 10 shifts 40,th triple-double over 15,000 career points no individual statistic speaks to greater all around contribution as this a rare sports moment six games to go, westbrook needs to record only one more triple-double to tie nba record by hall of famer oscar robinson, 11 rebounds 29 sists to average triple-double only once before by oscar robinson opening day of season three games yesterday 12 more coming up, today. >> we got two great momentum builders fantastic series with indians looking to build on
6:54 am
that commissioner visiting "mornings with maria" last week last night in st. louis the champions took on cardinals 3-3 bottom of the 9th bush stadium rbi single for the cardinals, that was one of the early home runs rbi single beat cubbies 4-3. >> never seen this before, on opening day, a pitcher two home runs, madison baumgartner san francisco giants did it retired first 16 batters unfortunately for giants they lost, mark gave up two runs bottom of the 9th dimebacks win p 5, major league baseball games 12 of them highlights marlins nationalize early on the braves taking on new york mets city field nearby, folks in studio dressed for that pates red sox rangers 12 games in all in baseball tiger woods missing the masters third time four years, tiger still enable
6:55 am
to go because of the he repeat back injuries, tiger keeping head in the game responded on twitter yesterday to women's golfer lexi thompson, lost first major of the year because a tv viewer yesterday sent in an e-mail to tournament organizers pointed out thompson had illegally moved her ball during third round saturday tiger said viewers should not let officials determine this interesting case because they missed it, a viewer pointed it out we have a technology today allows people to be in touch, if going to be reading e-mails from viewers, you know what? -- sorry. >> waited that is the issue. >> this was about an -- >> didn't happen simultaneously. >> the next at a viewer said by the way, a tough one think about it in other sports. dagen: s a bucket of steam in hot garbage. >> missed the call. >> you can't do that. >> there is someone supposed to be on course policing this. >> should be also supposed to
6:56 am
be someone of playing people don't steal jerseys from super bowl locker room; right? >> seriously. >> that is different, though because this is about the competition. >> -- human beings people make mistakes. >> need to let -- >> you find it at the time and then assert it then otherwise. >> how could you prevent you know someone from another -- you know another golfer getting tip to someone e-mail folks there is a whole lot of. >> that is what i am wondering who actually sent this in maybe rule needs to be set going forward, continue to -- >> watch women's golf all the time. >> they don't get a say if the officials missed something like this don't get to say -- so concerns. >> concerns, precedence. >> make sure they know what is going forward if you got to -- bias you got a bias. >> overselling number in the studio.
6:57 am
>> -- lots -- >> jumping up and down. >> look at this! whoa whoa. >> turned me into mets fan with snapchat filter go to instagram see me wearing a virtual mets cap. >> thanks great to see you -- >> tony stuart one first race since restay orring from nascar in ocala florida at bubba raceway point that out congrats to tony s stuart concongrats to you always for fabulous jared max, jared sports reports on fox news headlines 24p 7 senior us xm 115, stepping up at king tom new policies in place to enter the theme park next. [student] oh yeah for sure... [waitress] yeah ok [student] i can just quit school and get a job.
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 3, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time, president trump, targeting trade, days ahead of meeting with china's president xi jinping, the administration looking to ramp up pressure, on her trading partners. >> i think there is a future for nafta but as the president explained to me, if we do make a new three part type deal there it should change the spelling put an extra f, so that we are n- a-f-f-t-a, in an freer fair free trade agreement.
7:01 am
>> developments on efforts to repeal repeal and replace obamacare happiest place on earth secure to me security measures in effect today what you need to know of about your next trip to the magic kingdom, computer chaos in atlanta commuter choose pardon me transportation officials trying to open a key road to easy congestion following last week's fire apple headquarters ready for launch videos showing spaceship light campus from the sky, employees get ready to move in, the tech giant making another attempt at selling tv we have details, markets kicked off the new quarter with optimism futures showing gains across the board, they pulled back a little bit, in the last hour so 7.gain on dow futures up a r not seen that in a decade. in europe, we are seeing mixed action dax in germany trading near a record high after a
7:02 am
strong manufacturing report there. french stocks legislator, in asia overnight, markets higher with the shanghai composite there closed. taking swimwear to the slopes. more than one thousand bikini clad skiers trade to break a world record over the weekend. in russia. [laughter]. >> get down all that so much work this morning political analyst recon k capital partners chief investment officer rino trading companies are chief strategy michael block i never concede in a bathing suit short-sleeved shirt for sure this tuchl year. >> jeans, people do jeans. >> don't do jeans. >> i have seen jeans. >> but that is ridiculous they get wet fall get wet shorts better than jeans. >> only in russia find so much
7:03 am
joy the skiing jump in frozen ponds during winter -- >> you know why doing that? why? >> vodka. >> [laughter] > that is how you get -- >> answer to every why. >> know why where your head goes. >> judge andrew nap naep former michigan congressman and former chairman of the house intelligence committee pete hoekstra curriculum vitae review editor host of michelle malkin investigates, you don't want to miss any fine folks right here right now, we are -- health care talks president trump working to strike a deal on plan to repeal and replace obamacare, yesterday, president trump hit the links with senator rand paul who says heemains optimistic despite opposing the original bill so that we had great time with the president day we talked about health care reform, i think the sides getting closer together i remain very optimistic that we will get a
7:04 am
health care repeal. >> president tweeted talks on repealing and replacing obamacare are have been going on, will continue until such time as a deal is hopefully struck, joining us now is trump great america pac co-chair former reagan campaign manager ed rollins. >> good morning my dear how are you. dagen: good morning my dear. >> is not enough vodka in the world to make me get in a by kane or sky fortunately for all of. >> you maybe everybody down in washington a little bit they can come together on a deal rand paul what he says in front of the kraurmz sometimes different than behind scenes. >> rand paul is not the guy going to dry a dale mitch mcconnell, my sense the house is problem you don't threaten freedom members others going to run gains you expect them
7:05 am
to sit down negotiate this was a bill that was not obviously with any popular appeal 17% approval rating, and -- a lot of a lot of factors in that bill that would not have been successful in the senate i think a long ways to go, a lot of issues on the horizon. this president probably worse week of any of his presidency not worst pique in presidency but certainly of his presidency this weekend busiest week he has not just china visit he has president egypt today the king of jordan tomorrow, next day, that -- foreign policy visit like that normally takes a week or two to get prepared, you know, let alone china visit you've got three stacked up i would shoot scheduleder if in white house. >> you mentioned a major week for diplomacy as ed pointing out president trump is meeting with the leaders of egypt and jordan then will host later in the week chinese president xi jinping, at mar-a-lago on friday. the meeting comes days after
7:06 am
the president signed a pair of executive orders and aimed at cracking down on trade comus ed trade another factor in the meeting with china leader then you had president trump in interview with "financial times" coming out and saying we will act on north korea alone potentially. i just i wondered how the developments just since friday set up that visit. >> well, first of all, the chinese are not going to mic deals here that we are going to like they are going to come mile pretty for first photo gops back home they are not going to concede anything basically certainly not going to basically tell ally north korea, roll over play dead. kind of a two-pronged show here we are going to make tough rhetoric want to come out looking presidential basically that we know what we are talking about. but i don't think it is going to be accomplished a great deal just beginning. >> ed quick prioritize if you are the directly reviving president trump, what needs to
7:07 am
get done for the american people? what -- i mean what do we need or want the most whether health care tax reform infrastructure spending. because again he came in with very progrowth agenda, we're kind of sitting back waiting. >> the only way to going to get a progrowth agenda is to get the business tax done. if you basically send messages to the business community serious about reducing your tax he talked about 15%, in campaign. >> right. >> 20% what congress is talked about either one would be acceptable certainly lower one better if you are trying to do comprehensive i look to 81 reagan white house 86 reagan white house comliktdz issues we had by partisan support chairman waze, geb hart rostenkowski supporting, book years stubble starts before
7:08 am
point got it done a complicated bill talkling middle class a lot of money if you are trying to say going to have to be revenue neutral reagan didn't do first one becomes extremely complicating you can play numbers all the rest of it i would argue at this point in time the most important thing should have been first on priority. >> onion. >> i think health care is very complicated for this reason it needs to be done not a good bill in there obamacare, usually adding something to people's when you have big programs this you are taking things away from people means you are going to get very antielement out there. >> there is a chance trump administration will table health care quietly and focus on other issues. >> tabled whether want to say or not play golf with rand paul, what else they do they have got big things ahead of them debt ceiling, the new budget the whole nine yards is a lot of stuff on the agenda.
7:09 am
and i think part of it is inexperience of the team that is there, hequally as important not all people in play i do not want to say president is naive but needs to read caution lays out article one a bunch of things congress gets to do, that are very important. and they are going to do it, threats of i am going back run against you not going to be very effective. >> i think one of the things when we see him golf with senator rand paul you look at senator paul backed freedom caucus went there supported them if president trump looks 29 out of 32 districts, of the freedom caucus members did better than president trump in election to go against them tough do you think he was talking foreign policy also with senator paul has been against letting montenegro into nato do you think also talking about at. >> haven't heard golf score yet i don't know how serious the golf game was again any senators important you want to
7:10 am
get -- 52 of them at the end of the day not the leader of the senate and, obviously, mitch mcconnell the one going to drive it didn't talk about big issue the battle -- >> would that be first w, first win, trump. >> going to win, at the end of the day, a question of is he win with 60 votes i don't think he does. dagen: you don't. >> no, i think "nuclear option" i i think positive upon honest we can't let minority rule by caucus rule we are in different environment partisan every thing is trench he warfare at the end of the day the american country wants action don't want congressional games they don't want 60 votes you marginal if house passes something senate pas something should benefit country. >> do you think this will swing back soon discuss a so
7:11 am
many senators moisture say going to rupe legislation do you think will swing back or brinksmanship people shouting. >> i have been around dame 50 years i have worked on both ran congressional committee white house political director, for two terms so i -- i have seen lots of changes, and the most important change is that we have this severe partnership you don't associatelize any more don't say what should we do to make this work for good of the country what is good for democratic party republican party agendas is to i think we are at a situation whoever has majority ought to be able to move ball forward if country isn't happy they can vote them out. >> closer like a o he -- >> devolved into name-calling nastiness you see on line among elected leaders, lawmakers. it is sad and pathetic. >> 60 caucus rule basically means that member does not have each member is not
7:12 am
acquittal. constitutionally eachen in is supposed to be equally. >> is to good to see you always don't see you enough. >> ask me any time happy to get up early come see. >> you thanks so much coming up disney ramping up security measures when you should know ahead of your summer trip to the magic kingdom apple could make binge watching easier, it is reported that there are plans to bundled premium tv networks, for cork cutters straight ahead. ♪ ♪
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
. . dagen: be prepared for tough sxhurtz if you are going to disney world cheryl casone has that. cheryl: dagen if you love the tsa checkpoint at airport going to love screening system at magic kingdom orlando starting today visitors have to go through metal did he technicalors bagged checked before the park, if you are before monorail ferry buses good news -- walk back to hotel room.
7:16 am
>> cleanup has begun in atlanta to remove debris from thus's massive fire and bridge collapse i-85 crews hope to reopen part of the road today not only part of a freeway collapsing traffic stopped both directions, gets worse officials say at least three sections northbound and three southbound i-85 have to be replaced. going to take several months to complete those repairs. three people arrested in connection with with fire under the bridge, started it all. apple maybe getting ready to sell a premium tv bundle, says apple talked to showtime hbo stars about a combined package cable companies usually require s consumers to subscribe. basic level of channels before you add premium apple could sell package as stand alone especially with apple tv, only requires internet connection apple began selling each individually the stock 30%
7:17 am
over the last year 1.366 close friday. >> we are getting a close look at apple's massive campus this footage says apple -- park 5-billion-dollar complex cupertino, california final steve jobs died in 2011 later this year opening a 2000 seat belt auditorium will likely host product announcements to honor memory going to name it steve jobs theatre 12,000 employees moving in next few >> big. >> thank you, cheryl as you so much is a hold my apple phone. -- broke-phone -- >> what do you think about the tv bundling kind of a must dew isn't. >> it they have to do it because you are seeing the shifts happening so far so fast, people are unbundling, iot, the basically every won consuming via streaming why
7:18 am
you are seeing a limited plans also happen, from at the carriers case people are also streaming networks on devices when on the go. >> one thing i notified using the amazon fire i used to kind of put all of my different tv viewing, content viewing apps together that the amazon interface takes a little bit of a backseat in kind of pushing everything at you, to -- to send the message, like you can buy showtime for example through amazon, other pay channels apple is kind of playing catchup with this. >> marry playing catchup amazon netflix have original content that people are going after, and excited about. >> even hulu has original content. >> sure if you are able to do that how is apple going to respond i think that has become important netflix draws in viewers shows orange is new black shows like that how pays going to sxeet with that. >> i have no idea. >> okay, apple can -- i have
7:19 am
said all along if i had that amount of cash would go buy a content provider. >> one of the biggest problems minority stake in hulu up couples years ago i said for years they should have gone in bought stake when hulu had that because it included all studios. >> hooul needs work in terms of up hulu needs work more current content, pushing things at you you like, netflix doesn't get better -- >> talk about it -- exactly coming up, supply optimism giving oil its best week of the year. it could mean for oil prices, in the next three months. and of beachwear on the -- moving 1,000 skiers in bikinis shorts bathing suits showing some skin, more.
7:20 am
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[ [ screams ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ]
7:23 am
whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] dagen: breaking news president trump tweeting right now. here is first tweet was the brother of john podesta paid bike money to get sanctions on russia lifted did hill know? minutes later tweeting again saying quote did hillary clinton every apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? just asking, exclamation point where is ed rollins when you need him to weigh in on this i suspect with the apology tweet related to him being asked constantly including in interview with "financial times", about saying you are sorry taking things back. just guessing. moving to oil prices, gas
7:24 am
prices. this is important, tee everybody holding oil holding steady this morning after logging their strongest week of the year on increasing optimism that major producers will keep output capped in second half of the year, joining us now to weigh in on what we can expect, chief oil analyst at oil price information service tom, knows more about oil and gasoline than anybody walking on -- well in the u.s., what can you expect from oil prices, in the next three months, in second quarter? is in a it will be nothing like the previous three months, this is the quarter where they get juiced up take off unbe known ased to mot people rallied 13 -- in last 10 days a quarter traditional brings increases 15, 20, 25 cents a gallon for gasoline, i think you are going to see it in april, you will probably see it in may. then go out to june at this
7:25 am
point. but you will see prices go to the highest numbers you have seen since probably august 2015. it is not apocalyptic you can afford it but everybody will be talking about the highest price -- remember when i could get 10 gallons for 20 dollars, will seem ancient history. >> main question we have seen oil really stabilize around 50 dollar level can we ever see the 60, 70 dollar level given you are seeing majors try to do horizon fracking deepwater trying to become more efficient, people in permian basin but will out oil 29 $ range can we see oil rebound to two levels above 60 bother 70? >> i think above 07 is tough. -- 70 is tough home run totals in major league baseball. that is about as much as we've
7:26 am
got to get to in terms of crude oil prices, so if you have everything come together for the right year you can see some prices in the 60s but you are right. in that -- the break evens have come down for the shale producers in particular there is shale producers that are making a lot of money at 30 dollars. and 35 bars a barrel the middle east oil, when has been sort of restrained in the last 100 days or so there is a lot of that that can be brought to the surface for less than 10 dollars a barrel. but i think that this is a sweet spot the sweet spot is around 55, 57 or so. and we were too low when we dropped into the 40s we can drop into 40s again into 30s again if we have a recession, but instead of of that you have got more people driving than ever you've got brisk far sales you've got people opting for suvs, as opposed to the real you know the preuses, so
7:27 am
forth the best outlook on economy consumer confidence as high as it has been in 16 years. we may disagree as to why those things are all happening, but they point to higher prices in the second quarter. >> amen, tom. >> mike block -- a lot of people -- the economy doesn't quite jibe with bearish in oil thinking about outside the u.s., of you i think pleasant surprise how opec producers stuck to production deal how do you think that evolves forward we are hearing how to extended production cuts how much do you think saudis are looking to really keep oil stable so iran coipo goes -- aramco ipo goes off nicely. >> i think saudis have more than usual interest keeping prices stable the saudis have overcut, in other words cutting more along with perhaps -- united arab emirates more than promised will they do that after the
7:28 am
supply agreement runs out the end of june? they probably put in extension but there will be more cheating. the thing that markets got going for it, is with gdp about where it is we are looking at 1 1/2 million barrels a day of annual global growth for oil. that is pretty good number that means that in this quarter, you know we've got hundreds of billions of barrels too much oil we are probably going to draw down 35 or 45 million barrels of oil from those big gelatinous reserves, we will draw oil the end of the year took long time to build up this tremendous glut. but we are going to see that glut sort of unwind just a little bit, and remainder of 2017. >> great to see you as always take care of yourself. >> battle over supreme court heading to capitol hill today, republicans plan to get past
7:29 am
democratic threats and tactics to block judge gorsuch next taking long-term investing skills earlier charles payne coming up to tell you how to get your kids interested in the stock market near and dear to his heart super smart brl -- brilliant you don't want to miss him that is ahead.
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7:31 am
>> welcome back everybody. it is monday, april 3. your top stories at 7:30 a.m.
7:32 am
eastern time. a supreme week on capitol hill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell promising supreme court nominee neil gorsuch will be confirmed by friday. the democrats promising a fight. >> judge gorsuch deserved to be confirmed. he is unanimously while qualified by the bar association counterparts want the gold standard. it is noteworthy that the supreme court justice ever in the history of our country has been stopped by a partisan filibuster, ever. dagen: the latest is a senate judiciary committee will void on the nomination today. a federal judge okays a lawsuit against president trump the details as he claims the commander in chief may have been inciting violence and a campaign rally. shocking footage out of dubai after a fire hits a 72 story
7:33 am
skyscraper. betting big on your child's future. we have the top tips to help them be successful for the piggy bank to the real one. i cannot wait for this segment. kicking off a new quarter with some optimism. let's call it what it is. futures showing mix markets right now. s&p 500 dipping into negative territory. in europe mixed action there as well. the stocks in england and france heading lower. the dax erie -- nearing a record high of her strong manufacturing report in that country. in asia over night overnight the shanghai composite closed but the other markets moving up. batter up. the honest company teams up with major league baseball for a line of diapers just in time for opening day. you know whose laugh that is. basically getting skimpy on
7:34 am
the ski slopes thousands of people in russia ditched the snow shoots -- snow suits for swimwear. our top story the sapphire. the supreme court showdown. the senate judiciary committee will vote today on a hot nomination of a neil gorsuch. three democrats now singling their support for the seat left vacant after the death of anthony scully at last year. -- anthony scalia. mitch mcconnell however predicting that gorsuch will be confirmed this week. >> will there be a confirmation vote by friday? >> we will confirm judge gorsuch this week. dagen: let's bring in the senior analyst judge andrew
7:35 am
napolitano. not clear mccaskill who is up for reelection. she is not going to vote for him. do you think that gorsuch is up used -- approved with those 60 votes. >> i do believe he will be on the supreme court of the nine states a week from today. there are democrats that are up for reelection in states that president trump carried very comfortably like the three whose names you just mentioned you probably will be moved by the fact that they don't want this to be an election issue against them in the state where the president campaigned and said you can have a vastly different supreme court with me then you well with hillary clinton an argument cane made that that is the reason for which a lot people voted for him. at the number three will increase weather gets to eight or not i don't know. the role in the senate and i will correct myself is not a rule it's a tradition in the
7:36 am
filibuster tradition in the senate can be broken with a simple 51 vote majority it takes 67 votes to change at the role. as a hard and fast rule. it's a tradition, courtesy that they will show to one. like jimmy stewart in the movie who well just keep talking and talking. when hillary clinton joins a senate i didn't want to have to send for 18 hours filibustering they change the role. you don't have to talk you just had to say i'm invoking the filibuster tradition. dagen: are you appalled by the pushback from the senator chuck schumer were it's not chine -- time to change the rule it's time to change the nominee? >> i think as smart as politician as he is he is wasting political capital on this. this is not changing the
7:37 am
liberal justice seat to a conservative justice seat this is change it to people who think very similar really just a scalia who is no longer with us and judge gorsuch. you know i played a small role in the president's decision to choose gorsuch. it compared to the ids in the ideology in the themes into the wording of justice scalia and they found a remarkable similarity between the two. so this is not a change in ideology. i will type what is maddening the democrats they think it's a stolen seat. they think this should have gone to whoever president obama chose to replace justice scalia and they can't take it out of their system. dagen: the republicans and i can go back and no one is
7:38 am
going to nominate mayor garland that's in the past. i think that far too mainstream middle-of-the-road they knew this that they have to win at the election to nominate a new supreme court. they ran on this time and time again. when we look at neil gorsuch he passes the two test. competency and character and as all that should really matter given the fact that you're talking about he is just like justice scalia who got past 98 to zero. >> when the democrats succeeded from preventing him from getting on the bench by demonstrating whether accurately or not to do his thinking was outside the mainstream of legal thinking the senate judiciary committee role was limited to is this person qualified, it was not
7:39 am
do we do agree with his person ideologically. the trump card no pun intended goes to the president. a liberal president gets to choose a liberal supreme court justice. conservative justice is to choose a conservative person. dagen: they drew a few no votes but there was no filibuster threat against these individuals which is why i'm scratching my have a little bit to try to figure out where chuck schumer is going. he will spend and waste a tremendous amount of political capital when and if that filibuster fails. he sits in the corner and its no, no, no. on everything a federal judge is allowing a lawsuit claiming that president trump incited violence during his campaign rally this judge is allowing the church to move forward.
7:40 am
they said it's plausible that he incited a rally last year what is your take on this. >> we have some people that are injured at a trump rally. they expressed the disenchantment with him. we all heard him say that. unfortunately in this case to get him out of them resulted in these people being pummeled and injured they are suing the campaign in the present. the law is that all innocuous speech is protected and all speech is innocuous when there is time for more speech to rebut it. so if trump said get him out of here and there's time for someone to say, down there just exercising their freedom of speech. if he says get them out there. and there's no space time to respond to his words then it's
7:41 am
a jury question to whether or not he incited this violence. i'm sorry to see this type of litigation going forward it's probably the correct ruling. dagen: are they can have to change the precedent. my gut tells me they are not to reach the 60. they have never ever required 60 for a supreme court justice in the past. this is the first time in the minority in the senate has insisted this person can't get on with fewer than 60 votes. we have almost four years. dagen: thank you so much. baseball for babies. how the honest company is hoping to hit a homerun with
7:42 am
an mlb partnership more than a thousand russian skiers shed their layers. it's all straight ahead. [music] i might be right i might be crazy.
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dagen: there has been another skyscraper fire in dubai. >> fires have actually hit sky scrapers and other fast-growing cities in the united arab it's over recent years and the latest buyer broker yesterday. in a high-rise tower being bit built near the tower. it was heavily damaged if your member. luckily no injuries reported
7:46 am
the bitty -- building and safety efforts are blaming a rash of fires the material that has been covered on the buildings. jessica alba's honest company is reducing mlb themed diapers. sixteen baseball loving moms and dads can choose from the teams. they are the first three to get that. check this out. they are sticking to the slopes. the participants in the festival were trying to set a new record for the largest parade on skis. no word of whether they had set the record. but looks like there was vodka involved. you know the saying that were records records were made to be broken.
7:47 am
but aldrin now the oldest person to ever fly with the thunderbirds. the 87-year-old joining the u.s. air force demo team and an airshow down in florida yesterday. they flew over the kennedy space center. he is a retired u.s. air force colonel. he said i could get used to this . of course showing that he still has the right stuff. and he looks pretty darn cool flying with the thunderbirds. >> flew with the thunderbirds a little bit more than six years ago. this was before the fight where i still had color in my face. i have to admit, thanks to the air force in the thunderbirds for taking me up. we did pull nine geez and you went through pretty intensive
7:48 am
prep ahead of it. i said have to be on the air at 6:00 a.m. can you assure me that i meant to be okay. you won't have any problem at all. >> do you eat or not eat quacks. >> they? >> they actually send you guidelines about how to be hydrated. in the days before the flight and it really followed directions and what happened was it wasn't that that threw me off it was the aerial acrobatics. in my inner ear as soon as that off i was sick to my stomach for about 12 hours. i climbed out of the jet and climbed down the ladder and laid down on the tarmac. with all of the beautiful men and women from the thunderbirds. their crispy uniforms standing there on the tarmac and there was.
7:49 am
it's a great story. and then he just gets done and walks her out. i have the in jet video on my flight of just my head and all you see is the top of my head. they are pulling like that in combat and firing on and many -- enemy aircraft. thank you for all of that they do. coming up playtime with stocks. the kid friendly companies that can help with investment skills. charles payne up ahead. what if technology
7:50 am
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7:54 am
them if they are interested in a way that used to be going through the wall street journal. you have also gotten great investment ideas from your granddaughter. i have to tell you in the last year they are horsing around in the house. you know does he was disney was falling apart. everyone was like sell disney. it was a mickey and minnie themed party. i'm watching this thing and she comes in with the car but the plates went crazy. that is the future of disney stock was around $79 then. that's about hundred $10 right now. that an all-time high. forget about it. the other things a great place to go and buy a close.
7:55 am
close. i enjoy the experience there. also carter's which makes the close. inexpensive durable as an old-school thing that you can see that the stocks have been chosen very well. and we were talking about this and how do we bet on millenials i have the e-mail from the producer. my son was always a hipster. when he tells you something is hot it will be hot. he is always cutting edge. we is to go through the stores and there be aligned with their so much they let us in front.
7:56 am
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dagen: good morning ichl dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday april 3 your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time, the showdown over the supreme court. the nomination of judge neil gorsuch facing a committee vote this morning the major battle looming later this week as democrats threaten to filibuster. >> neil gorsuch will be confirmed this week how that hams really depends on friends. >> unprecedented escalation to deny the president the rate he has to nominate, and to have advice and consent on his nomination particularly one this quality. >> taking a closer look ahead. plus ultimately over north korea, president trump saying that the united states, will take action, against north korea alone if china doesn't step up. >> louisiana waking up to aftermath of deadly tornados, two people killed after severe
8:01 am
weather slam the south. 40,000 homes in the region without power. a change top of starbucks cohn johnson taking over for howard shuttles as ceo after coffee are giant what he says about the company efforts on social issues that is ahead, top cities for growth in america are not where you think they are. how areas in red states are showing the most prospect greatest prospect for economic growth, called lower taxes, people! markets kicking off new quarter with optimism the dow up 6 quarters in a row, it is longest streak in about a decade we are trying to hang on to gains this morning, to start a new month a new quarter 3-point gain on dow futures up 33 points, two hours ago. in europe we are seeing mixed action there, the cac quarante france one of the three major market engages lower dax in germany traded near a record earlier after strong manufacturing report in that country, asia overnight, the
8:02 am
shanghai composite closed, but other markets higher, and it was country music's biggest night, we have the highlights from the country music awards and oscars joke viral much more in the next hour, political analyst, recon rino trading partner chief strategy welcome one and all so far good. >> by these of. >> bisy week. >> jordan xi jinping later in the week mar-a-lago, the confirmation of judge gorsuch i say conmaifks because likely confirmation regardless how it gets done what about health care tax reform tax cuts infrastructure, spending. >> it is he has to show at least white house has to project that they have got some things under control last week there were a lot of
8:03 am
stumbles, this week has to project strength. >> for people to hang on to optimism they are feeling. yes markets off. >> we aid on bulls and bears on news channel president needs a win gorsuch confirmation would be a win. >> big for everyone. >> tournament said we are going to get tired from winning so much on campaign trail we have not gotten one. >> meeting with xi jinping could bring markets -- >> joining the conversation pete hoekstra this is the morning moves on conservative editor host michelle malkin investigates a malmichelle malkin here mr. veterinarian host of "varney & company" stuart varney here as well let's move on to talk more about the senate judiciary committee set to vote today, on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch, a battle is brewing to block the extremity nominee. blake burman live at the white house with the very latest on this hey blake.
8:04 am
reporter: good morning to you could shape future of the supreme court not only just for this year and years to come but really, for decades to come when you look at bigger picture starts with this morning, the snafrt judiciary committee vote neil gorsuch expected to sail through the allergy senate vote expected to take place on freeway, how you gets to friday that is the big and outstanding question this moment democrats threatening a filibuster, republicans are strongly prohibiting at invoking "nuclear option" here is makeup of ail of this gorsuch needs 60 votes, to avoid with a filibuster right now republicans have 52 members of their caucus and three democrats onboard joe donnelly said this weekend that he would be voting against the filibuster, that joins hyde heitkamp north dakota joe manchin west virginia all three democrats up for reelection 2018 all three are in states that president trump won, this past november so right now, what gorsuch needs what republicans need are to get to 60 votes,
8:05 am
but if they cannot get to that level, mitch mcconnell strongly hinting will invoke "nuclear option" dropping that to 51 votes. >> what i am telling you is that judge gorsuch is going to be confirmed, about the way in which that occurs is in the hands of the democratic minority during the course of the week we will find out exactly how this will end. look. when a nominee doesn't get 60 votes, you shouldn't change the rules, should you change the nominee. >> dagen if much mcconnell republicans invoke "nuclear option" would get gorsuch to high court short term option for them but as you know politics, is cycle this could be what goes around comes around kind of thing at some point you know it will be the democrats in the control down the line, that is the conundrum that republicans are facing this moment. >> conundrum, good use of the word blake burman thanks for the report, blake turning to
8:06 am
the threat from north korea president trump says ready to stand alone when it comes to taking on the here mit kingdom saying we don't need china's help to quote solve issues over north korea nuclear program. let's bring in former michigan congressman o former chairman house intelligence committee pete hoekstra this comment ahead of president the president meeting with chinese president xi jinping, later this week. does this come at help relations with china conversations that will happen this week? >> i think it helps the conversations that needs to happen the president is signaling to china, that, you know, he is dissatisfied with the current strategy that has been in place it failed for 24 years. the president has been laying the foundation for this. you know. some of the first meetings he had were with the prime minister. of japan. the president of south korea general mattis in that part of
8:07 am
the regional talking to those same leaders. signaling to china, and to the rest of the world and north korea that our strategy that has been in place 20 years 25 years, has failed. north korea has developed its nuclear capabilities ballistic missile capabilities that has to stop, it is time for america to act south korea, about japan, they are looking for leadership, i don't think america will act alone i think south koreans japanese will support us, and this president is going to go into discussions with china, with that unified front. >> he did say that in this article, and i just wonder if we do have to go it alone if you will, what would that look like? >> i think there is a number of options. you know i think that is, you know whether economic, different than the sphoe. res where he can take miment action or about whatever but i
8:08 am
think, most right now looking at economic sanctions, economic pressure, and he's -- kind of laying it out there for china saying, we need you onboard now you haven't been onboard you have not help us so i think you know, everyone is always said leverage point is china. now the president is calling on china to use its leverage, otherwise, say we've got to do something else. >> congressman i feel like on this issue we are in this vicious cycle you played you know service to that. for decades with north korea acts like a petulant child sanctions enacted china steps in everyone backs off everything goes north korea does it again how do we get how does trump get xi to see about cycle needs to be broken one way or the other what is beginning argument given in could be turmoil you can't make omelet without breaking
8:09 am
with eggs eggs need to go broken how does trump get anxiety to see that. >> lay out facts it has been cycle one thing consistent throughout that cycle, as the outside players have been trying to influence china, excuse me as they have been trying to influence north korea, is that north korea continues to develop its capabilities, not like, it has been stuck in neutral for the last 15 years, it has continued to move forward, it capabilities are you know significantly greater today than what they were 10 years ago that is what donald trump needs to lay out to the chinese this week and say you know "they are c close to being a threat to you know heat wee or the mainland united states, we are not going to allow that to happen we've let them become a articulate to south korea japan, but it has to stop". >> middle east source telling fox news president trump's son-in-law does work in white house as well jared kushner on
8:10 am
surprise trip to iraq said traveling with chairman joint steves of chaff, general down ford to see iraq situation firsthand, and show support for baghdad congressman we've had some reaction from alan west to name one person saying that jared he kushner has too much on his plate i want to know what you think. >> may have a lot of things on his plate i am glad he is going, that he is going over to iraq that he is going over to middle east i hope he stops, you know, in jordan stops in israel those types of things, if you want to get a feel for what the situation is on the grounds you are only there a short period of time not coming back as expert but in know more than when you went, so you know meeting with these the leaders in this area meeting with military commanders it is going to be very, very helpful i was on intelligence committee i visits 80 different countries,
8:11 am
you know i went to iraq 10 different times i am not world's expert on these countries but i know a lot more than i knew a whole lat more than when i went there initially. >> great the see you can't cover everything but did a deep dive. >> good to be with you thank you. >> nice to see you congressman pete hoekstra a star bubz shake-up new ceo set to take over for howard shuttles day the change in leadership, might mean for that coffee chain, and play guitar not politics biggest night keeps focus on having fun, all the highlights from academy of country music awards. ♪ ♪ sun comes up ♪ the sun ♪ 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody.
8:12 am
she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it.
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♪ [ indistinct conversations ] what makes a house a home?
8:14 am
some say it's the people you share it with... or the creatures. okay! some say it's the marks on the wall... or the beautiful messes. and some say it's where you're truly loved. who's my baby? angie: we know every home is more than just a house, so trust angie's list to help find top-rated pros for quality work, because your home is where our heart is. . . dagen: breaking news we are following reports of explosion at metro station in st. petersburg russia the news agency citing st. petersburg metro saying there are injuries that russian vladimir been informed. we will bring the latest developments as they come in, the state of louisiana, on high alert, after a tornado killed a mother and young daughter. cheryl casone has details, on that horrible story. cheryl: that is right good
8:15 am
morning dagen a 38-year-old woman and her -year-old daughter were killed when high winds flipped their mobile home off foundation, talking about 50 miles west of baton rouge louisiana the governor there said the threat of violent weather covered a wide area. >> this is a statewide weather event. and this information we're putting outright now in this briefing pertains to everybody in the state of louisiana. moreover it is likely to be an all night event. cheryl: the storm system is not expected to leave louisiana until sometime this morning. well headlines this morning kevin johnson there he is the new ceo starbucks stefshdz on company board 8 years, is president and chief operating officer for the two, johnson president of the platforms services division microsoft long résume as starbucks sales growth at stores opened at least one year mislead down
8:16 am
shares down about 4% over the past year, 58.39 close, it was great night for country music at acm awards last night and las vegas. host luke bryant dirk bentley gave the audience good humor with a tribute to the late chuck berry. ♪ fort man who influenced vr formh vr form of music including country y'all give it up for chuck berry. >> thomas rhett for song of the year for romantically hit die a happy man, but not before presenters david copperfield nancy o'dell got in their dicing at big oscar fiasco. >> acm song of the year goes to -- emma stone la-la land. >> not, anyway big awards, lambert, standing ovation for emotional performance of her
8:17 am
song tin man she went on to win both album of the year and family vocalist of the year, and taking on the big prize. >> the winner of the -- entertainer of the year -- [cheers and applause] >> jason -- >> won entertainer of the year for second year in a row finishing out the night high spirits, college daubl team finalist listening to sports north carolina gonzaga cutting down mets the late one for most on the east coast tip-off 9:20 eastern time let me know how that game goes meanwhile, the ladies are -- south carolina defeating mississippi state in women's final wilson unstoppable finished with 23 points and won mvp, are south carolina, wins first women's national championship, so
8:18 am
y'all call me let me no how that game goes tonight. >> exactly -- the country music awards, i know a country there joe walch more country than any of those it is. >> -- folks listen to merrell, whalen johnny cash. >> emma stone if came out onstage oh, my gosh i won that would have taken. >> more country music than any of those people. >> country to you -- >> no. >> i want -- >> all popping singers. >> i don't care where she is from florida-georgia line named their group after two southern states, and they might well be from munich germany. that is how i feel about that -- >> just going to call it contemporary pop music so what you if you drive a pickup truck who doesn't. >> the trump boone fastest growing cities in america in
8:19 am
red states look at whether that is a coincidence and a first quarter for tesla, delivering record sales when automaker could hit goal rolling out 50,000 cars. ♪ ♪ mosquitoes.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
a real estate according to abridge firm marcus millichap top 10 for growth in red states that donald trump won no 2016 election.
8:23 am
joining us now is marcus and millichap ceo, great to see you, first the findings the top 10 cities for woekt wind oop mris, kansas 70 pittsburgh, louisville cleveland -- you he see on the map they are central eastern part of the country do you think a coincidence these cities are in state that were that went red in 2016? >> good morning thanks for having me on the program, the answer is a little bit of a mix, some cases, it has been a case of -- catching up finally to a recovery began for other cities earlier and in some of the cases, that we are tracking seeing much more optimism regarding job growth, much more efforts to obviously keep jobs here in the united states which are very positive for the economy general response to president
8:24 am
orientation toward growth has been very much applauded by real estate community expectation of extending this economic expansion now in year seven average expansion lasts around five years there is a lot of concern going into the election, about the durability of this expansion the president indication has given the real estate market a lot of confidence that that would happen through tax reform, and growth measures that he has been talking about, combination of that long-term optimism though has now been met with some short temperature pause because of the fact that interest rates have spiked in the fourth quarter and there is a wait-and-see in generally in the recommunity, about how the tax reform economic stimuli particularly infrastructure spending, and lowering of regulations will play out until those things become more clear, this wait and see is dragging the market down at this point. >> it is kevin kelly we are looking at all cities, and in red states i think one of the
8:25 am
things to take away too is seems like the states in municipalities are implementing policies attracting businesses as well as more affordable what policies are you seeing that deploying that separating them from liberal counterparts? >> well i think, first of all, there is plenty growth cities outside of particular list that we're talking about. for example dallas, texas job leader in the country, atlanta los angeles, new york, there is broad growth across the country, these pillar examples of growth in 2017 have to do with private/public partnership that is occurred in many of the instances, but, more importantly, besides this really focusing on specific companies, we are beginning to see the innovation and rerejuvenate nation of older industries take shape for example what happened in detroit, auto longer term look what a happened in philadelphia, economdiversifica.
8:26 am
>> houston diversified economy performance is clearly in the favor of dallas past -- two or three years, when energy prices fell, so it is a combination of diversification public/private partnership and trading catalysts for job creation. >> in the public reit markets pressure on shopping mall reits, retailer reits in general, what do you see as future for the associating given how beaten up in public markets what is the silver lining in clouds here? >> well, reits in general performed very well they are sensitive to interest rates but when you begin a cycle of rising interest rates some concerns play into the reit market but the occupation levels all forms of real estate particularly among reits, have been very healthy, retailers receiving additional concerns headlines about department stores closing locations, so on.
8:27 am
it is very much overstated if you look at retail in general brick-and-mortar retailing surprisingly strong past five, six years virtual no inspecttive construction of a lot of real given market time to absorb space perform well also if you take a look at most successful retailers combined suffrage esxhers as well as brick and mortar reinvention of retailers actually been quite strong and has been the dark horse that performed much better than expected. >> with a lot of cities that we talked about, so far as being, major growth cities, a lot of young people to our staying close to home rather than moving to coast populating downtowns he we have seeing that is that something you see a key factor have you optimistic about that movement spreading to other cities. >> great point, the -- the
8:28 am
revutization of urban cores a key factor in places like denver, populations seattle, portland oregon all over the country, the millennials are very much attracted to life work environment you don't drive yet access of urban market as do retireing baby baby boomers empty nesters renting high end particulates last five years so are in urban areas a huge -- draw to this type of audience, and some cities are beginning to realize that, and take advantage of it i think most capitals there is a lot to be done, further, especially as i mentioned of about the public/private partnership tax incentives to attracting jobs therefore attract people. >> great to see you. thank you for all insight, thank you again. >> thank you great to be with you thanks for having me on. >> coming up another major recall for ford thousands of
8:29 am
trucks at risk for rolling, while in park, what models need to go back into the shop briefing breathing life into health care debate, president trump hetz links with senator rand paul to work on repealing and replacing obamacare.
8:30 am
8:31 am
dagen: wrem back i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 3, your top stories at 8:30 a.m.
8:32 am
eastern time, breaking news out of russia, media in russia reporting that there has been an explosion at a st. petersburg subway station reports say in known number of people injured we will bring very latest developments as they come in. the fight to repeal and replace object kay continues as republicans scramble to put together a new bill with new ideas president trump promised to reach across the aisle possibly work with democrats. this president made bold and big commitments during the campaign and he intends on keeping them he wants the members of his party to get onboard with that, these are the same guys that also campaigned or repealing and replacing obamacare, we have an opportunity to do that, so let's do that let's fulfill promises made to american people that is what the president is focused on that is what he is going to he do hopes that this group will get onboard be part of that. da
8:33 am
only battle that president is facing, ahead of this weekend's meeting with chinese president xi jinping commander in chief says he will act alone to stop north korea. china won't stand up and deal with the hermit kingdom escalating tensions ahead of that meeting coming up it was he elect tricky quarter for tesla details on the reporting best sale ever. ford taking one of its best-selling trucks off the road a few at least automaker recalling some over concerns the truck can move while in park. markets kicking off a new quarter with a little bit of optimism 15-point gain on the dow futures we had news gooips for first quarter. in europe mixed action there dax in germany was trading near a record high, cac quarante heading slightly lower, also in asia overnight, the shanghai composite market closed but in japan, in hong
8:34 am
kong and south korea moving up. back to president trump. not giving up on his promise to repeal and replace obamacare. ch senator rand paul and budget director mick mulvaney pointing to positive signs in the past for health care reform, at meeting with the president at the trump national golf club in virginia yesterday. >> we had a great day, wet the president today we did talk about health care he reform. i think the sides are getting closer and enclosures together i remain very optimistic we will get obamacare repealed. >> president doubling down prominently to reach across the i'll in interview with "financial times" saying quote, if we don't get what we want, we will make a deal with the democrats, and we will have in my opinion not as good a form of health care, but we are going to have a very good form of health care and it will be you a bipartisan form of health care. joining me editor of conservative review michelle
8:35 am
malkin do you think that great to see you -- isn't that do republicans understand that they will have a much better placement than than if they try to bring in reticent democrats that did you go in heels i said chuck schumer the only thing he has to say is no, no, no no, no, no no. >> yeah. i hope they understand that. but it is encouraging to see president trump of going with rand paul but at the same time, perplexing because, of course, rand paul's position essentially the same as house freedom caucus, and president trump hasn't -- athleted the tweet drying to marginalize, politically the house freedom caucus itself, so i don't get it i mean --, i'm pretty honest saying what i don't understand all about machinations here, president
8:36 am
trump should offer much more olive branch within his own party before he goes and runs to mr. no, no, no no, no as you call him. >> that is not going anywhere. >> right it is -- period the fact that like. dagen: freedom caucus if they didn't like house g.o.p. problems with it clearly. but if they don't like that, then anything that president trump tries to work on with the democrats across the aisle is going to be a heck of a lot more like obamacare. >> right. of course, that was hangup with the house freedom caucus members limited government constitutional conservatives on the hill in the first place, that not only was the ryan plan obamacare 2.0, but in so many fundamental ways worse because they were fronting it as full repeal transparentlyly nothing but that but maintaining, the
8:37 am
ideological subsidized structure that caused premiums to skyrocket in the first place, and caused so many cancellations, upheaval in the individual market where i am. and i pointed out i think there are, of course, there are a lot of the -- mainstream journalists that cover this issue that have no idea what it is like to be in the -- market when we first had this flood of cancellation notes you ensures explicitly saying because of cost of obamacare we are having to do this, so much liberal media democrats pretebd it had problem didn't have exist. >> i want to get if you look in the next six months, investors want progrowth policies. and investors want progrowth changes. whether it is cutting taxes by a trillion dollars, in the gop house bill whether it is tax reform, cutting corporate taxes would help hiring, cutting individual taxes even
8:38 am
if you from spending democrats should hopefully love, what do you think actually can get done? given the fighting that is going on in washington? >> wow, that is a million-dollar question and we would all be higher up certainly in government if we could figure that out. i would say that, of course, it is always a balancing act between doing what is needed to promote progrowth policies, and at the same time making sure that you know president trump isn't loving his base, i think the intersection of when those things promote both the policy goals of this administration, and protect you know their electoral political needs as well, of course, that is why this so-called repeal ran into so many problems because the republicans have never been honest about the fact that doing the right thing in this case, and eliminating a massive entitlement that
8:39 am
caused so much pain, in the marketplace and with consumers has a high political cost to it. that was that so many of these establishment republicans didn't want to accept. dagen: right trying to have it both ways we are going to -- >> exactly. >> switching gears to city council in massachusetts. set to votes on resolution to start an impeachment investigation of president trump over alleged conflicts of interest the slated day calls for house to start investigation in city council in berkeley california as ied something similar voted to impeach president trump. is this insanity? >> it is insanity, actually a very useful term for this kind of symbolic ideological rirns virtue signaling i think probably emptiest virtue signal locally elected
8:40 am
officials could engage in probably first time any people utter it had most emolliments. >> local airs taxpayers want to drain their own swamps and their own backyards when they realize these public officials are engaging in this spending their tax dollars money time and energy on these kind of symbolic empty guess outburst instead of taking care of business offal at home. >> virtue signaling i feel that way living in new york city, they are worried as literally the city is worried about the words that you use to describe an subscribed rather than safety of individuals who live in the city completely misplaced management, in politics. >> yes, that is right, of course, the resistance to the trump agenda caused people in
8:41 am
local being low cal tees take a look at travel restrictions in the ban that has the left up in arms. in many of these have a local cities in massachusetts, in particular, the refugee resetment racket flubished under obama administration diverting resources to people in these cities whether it w welfare education health democratic mayors complaining about that talking about need to take care of their own first, there you go. >> great to sue michelle as always virtue signaling i need a course in that i just don't i don't get it at all michelle great to see you come back soon. >> you, too, dagen. dagen: breaking news following reports of an explosion at a metro station in st. petersburg, russiaa antiterrorism committee says at least 10 people dead as a result of blast russian president vladimir putin commenting on the explosion
8:42 am
moments ago saying authorities are trying to figurative out the cause and terrorism is indeed being considered. we will bring the very latest developments as they come in the marketssluggingoff scandaliz scandalizedr stuart varney will tell us yes believes stocks are not pulling back despite media frenzy jump-start to tesla sales goals automaker reporting record number of car o deliveries if the first quarter. ♪ . >> welcome back to another court reporter. the 20 suspect volvo car openly under way later today some of the biggest stars in auction at the event american, defending tightly won a year ago 24-year-old has been side louped with a long-term foot gyre, but even without the defending champion plenty of star power in south carolina.
8:43 am
looking for back-to-back titles at victory last week at miami openly, venus williams in the -- of life 36 years old, aussie openly final and semis last week maybe another deep run at most prestigious clay court tournament in united states. >> now in more than 50 million homes, you might be getting tennis channel not know it find it today. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. or keeping a hotel's guests cuttinconnected.i to 35,000 fans... businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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dagen: welcome back, we are 44 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, record quarter for tesla, the carmaker reporting 69% jump in sales first quarter says it delivered nely 25,000 cars, during the period. it was the best quarter for the company since the third quarter of last year. tesla shares moving up about 3 1/2 percent premarket. also watching ford the company
8:47 am
recalling 52,000 f250 pickups over concerns vehicles will move while in park. ford is advising of the 6. 2 liter models unification parking brake at all times unaware of any injuries with latest recall take them into your dealer get them fixed ford down more than 11% in the last year. the mainstream immediate portrayal of president trump at odds with the market. the dow, up since election day take a look double digest performance three major market gainlz not part of the media narrative the host of "varney & company", substitute stuart if you listen to other media broadcasts it is living in a kind of fantasy land if you will of what this country is like. >> just contempt and hatred frankly almost personal, look at this, over the weekend,
8:48 am
that l.a. times editorial says the president trump is bigoted being trafkz in up truthths conspiracy theorist in chief new york times dwells on wealth of kushner and i'veive say cabinet stuffed with billionaires as ifg something terrible about that impeachment makes it into the media over piqued peres runs dnc sayings trump doesn't give xyz about people that is noise unfortunately, we are investors -- fortunately investors ignoring it hatred venom expressed it is surprising that we don't have a real big pullback on the stock market. because all this dislike of the president would sure interrupt his growth agenda, obviously, it has not interrupted his agenda the market will open a little bit higher this morning certainly flat at near record levels, no
8:49 am
pullback since november 8 i have to concluded investors are concentrating on what matters ignoring hate filled venom from a noise from the media that is my conclusion. >> do you think mainstream media can kill optimism consumer confidence 16-year high manufacturing many of those, highest level in 20-year record at 93% home prices, up the most, 31 months can mainstream media kill it. >> i don't think so, i do not think, so there are too many examples of confidence, and optimism and growth already on the books for the media to be able to wipe that aside, and get rid of it i don't think so that can do that they would like to i don't think they will do it. >> jobs' report on friday. >> could be good. >> see if we're cooking. >> i like your accent when you introduce you stuart varney very good i kind of like that. >> i worked on that long and hard actually.
8:50 am
>> you have. >> because you know, um a little tired it comes out like stuart varney. and that is just -- >> i like the way you say it okay. any time you like. >> mr. varney thank you so much we will see you almost exactly 10 minutes every day monday through friday 9 a.m. earn a time bed bath beyond latest to come under fire for ivanka trump products the company response to reports that pulled the line from store shelves. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance.
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. dagen: bed bath beyond saying it still caring ivanka trump products the retailer was forced to issue that clarification after one of its customer service representatives incorrectly
8:54 am
claimed there were no longer carrying the line other companies the actually dropped the products like nordstrom's sales of her line the surged one estimate says sales have jumped five-fold your take on this even the backlash against ivanka having a unpaid but solidified role in the administration. i just think it is so hypocritical when people attack you know feminists attack another woman simply because she might not agree with their political view. >> i totally agree with you, also the double standard between if this was a democratic president's daughter in the white house would be so laudatory just fawning all over but i think she is a wonderful example, for working moms trying to juggle a lot of things yes a lot more privileges than most moms have to work on obviously, but another great thing about ivanka she is bringing to the forefront hasn't got a lot of coverage real issues that democrats
8:55 am
should be happy about, that they tried to fortune human about trafficking he maternity leave policies family leave all things, so really doing a great job, i think that we should try to root for her, to do a good job rather than as women trying to tear her down because that is what we are all about right celebrating a woman's right to choose life best for her her family and to celebrate business he achievements as well as family and personal achievements bed bath and yobd know a lot of market shares in middle of the cup have to be careful how they erect respond to her brand. >> i think it is -- that it is something bed bath and beyond they see upside important that customers know you can still buy the brand here, by the way, ivanka handed over the reins of xa ento ceo earlier this year before the role in white house was solidified.
8:56 am
>> common thread stuart varney talked about how investors getting emotional letting biases affect decisions want market to go down not working for them the thing, same bed bath i knowed and in other words in order proper decisions why oen stocks of somebody i don't like politics not going to do that what is that. >> i will point out when people would talk about stock market under presidento they would use the presidency for a reason for not investing that was stupid. >> goes both ways no emotion. >> i agree, every weekend on saturday 10 a.m. on fox news channel "bulls & bears", 10:00 a.m. to noon turns out president trump watches it, he tweets about the show over the weekend. so if you are not watching it then -- you should be. please. >> a horrible trump impression is in a i know horrible.
8:57 am
>> we will be right back everybody. ...
8:58 am
ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday.
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the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> final thoughts, mike. >> never mind the jobs report. a good jobs report is not big news. big news is the summit coming later this week and go heels! >> i'll get on board. >> and the fed does move the markets and the ism nonmanufacturing, two-thirds of our economy. jobs on friday, big week. >> kirsten.
9:00 am
>> neil gorsuch. and thoughts and prayers to those who may have lost someone in the st. petersburg. >> thank you, and what time is it? it's varney time, "varney & company." stuart: i'll take it, new week, new quarter. plenty of action for you on both politics and money. good monday morning, everyone of the the president takes a hard line. days before china's leader arrives, he says if china doesn't solve north korea, we will. president xi goes to mar-a-lago on friday, what will he make on that. judge gorsuch will be confirmed to the supreme court this week, one way or another, says mitch mcconnell. rand paul plays golf with the president and says they're closer than ever to a health care deal. politics is as content


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