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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 3, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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referendum on election and that this is something that voters wanted, to leave in the hands of a republican to do, so democrats who are wintering on that -- wincing on that, he is essentially saying, get over it. parently, theye not. this suld be a p line vote in the committee, largely that on friday. trish: breaking right now, everyone, white house press secretary sean spicer is going to be holding a briefing any minute from now, we expect the white house to comment on a whole number of topics including the left's relentless fight to derail judge neil gorsuch's confirmation and president trump's claim he was spied on during the election. there is new evidence coming forward, new reports that suggest there may be something to that. we're going to have more on it coming up. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." here we are as we await sean spicer, we're also keeping an eye on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee
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is going to be voting on neil gorsuch at any moment. you're looking at ted cruz speaking there about the need to confirm him. it's unlikely that that's going to happen. we are anticipating that this is going to be a party line vote. there is expected to be a big showdown on capitol hill later this week when the full senate votes on gorsuch, and that means only one option remains for senator mitch mcconnell, and that is to execute what is known as the nuclear option so that they could get this judge through. i want to go to adam shapiro who has all the latest in washington. hey, adam. >> reporter: yeah. to keep it simple, there are two issues before the senate once they pass him out of committee to the full senate. first, to the vote on cloture which would end debate, the second would then be the vote on whether he becomes a supreme court justice. democrats now have enough votes to filibuster judge judge
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gorsuch. 41 democrats have said they will vote no on cloture, that means they will vote against ending the debate which is necessary before an up or down vote can be scheduled. only four democrats say they will vote yes to end the debate or the filibuster; west virginia's joe manchin, north dakota's heidi heitkamp, indiana's joe donnelly and colorado's michael bennett. that leaves senator mcconnell with what's called the nuclear option, and that's a proposal to change senate precedent in order to end the debate, stop the filibuster which says senator lindsey graham says will be historic. >> this'll be the last person that will be subject to a filibuster. which was in effect in 1948. because the senate traditions are going to change over this man. >> reporter: the nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that would lower the
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threshold from 60 votes needed to end the debate to a simple majority 51. this is exactly what democrats did, trish, back in 2013 when they controlled the senate and they changed precedent to end republican filibusters on executive branch nominees. if successful, an up or down vote on judge gorsuch would probably come friday afternoon, friday night. back to you. trish: thanks so much, adam. get ready for that big showdown. moreews mingut on th surveillance and the unmasking of the trump team. multiple sources have told fox news it was former national security adviser susan rice who requested that those names be unmasked. this as the president tweeted on the surveillance issue just this morning, and he wrote: such amazing reporting on unmasking and the crooked scheme against us by "fox & friends." spied on before nomination. the real story.
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i'm going to go to our own blake burman who is at the white house with the latest on all these details. what is it that is thought to have happened here, blake? >> reporter: well, now the arrow is starting to point pretty high up, trish, in the obama administration, the former administration as it relates to the unmasking of names of those that were involved with president trump, then-candidate trump, members of his transition and those close to him. as you just said, multiple sources now telling fox it was susan rice, the former national security adviser in the obama administration, who had requested the unmasking of those names. now, to step back a second of this term "unmasking," when there is foreign surveillance and a subject comes up and an american citizen comes up in that surveillance, they are supposed to go unidentified. unless there is some intelligence value within that. when there's not intelligence value and their name is put out there for intelligence reports, that is when it is unmasked. and that appears to be what happened here at a fairly widespread level here as sources
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also tell fox that the names were unmasked for political purposes and that this could have been going on for the better portion of a year as it relates to those within donald trump's orbit and unmasking at the highest level of the obama administration. to be very clear, the trump white house has not yet commented on the susan rice angle to this story. two different angles; one, susan rice, one about the year-long episode of this. however, when speaking about the unmasking for political purposes, here was sarah lynn huckabee earlier this morning on "fox & friends." hopefully, americans will see exactly what the president's been talking about for the last several weeks and that we can have a focus on one of these stories of substance. >> reporter: trish, so far no public comment from susan rice herself as she has now been
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named by multiple outlets including fox, as i mentioned. the white house has yet to comment on susan rice's involvement in this. and as you mentioned, the white house press briefing with sean spicer expected here in the next half hour or so. that will be on the top of the agenda, we can assure you. trish? trish: all right. blake burman, thank you very much. joining me now for more analysis, american majority ceo ned ryan and democratic strategist john ruly. good to see both of you. ned, i'm guessing you don't put this past susan rice knowing her history of things, knowing the challenges that she put forward with benghazi. does this surprise you? and we don't know a whole lot of details, i should point out that, but we are getting reports that somehow she was behind this, and she was the one who wanted these names out there. >> no, this doesn't surprise me. trish, three weeks ago when this story was first starting the break, i i this ultimately at the end of the day the questions are going to be what did obama know and when did he know it. i'm not surprised that a senior
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white house official name came out in regards to unmasking. there are a couple of things that came out that i think are very telling. first of all, the media's been beating up on congressman nuñes about why did he go to the white house campus? turns out he had to look at the nsc computers to look at the logins of susan rice to confirm for himself that it was, in fact, susan rice. the other thing that's troubling is that there was a lot of political intelligence in these reports about what the incoming trump administtion w going to do, what they were going do in regards to foreign policy. and the thing that -- and, again, we're going to find out what happened here, trish. but if those raw intelligence reports somehow made that short walk over from the old executive across west executive avenue into the west wing and got into the hands of some of the other senior white house officials, there's no telling where this ends up. but i think we're looking at something, again, the scandal here if you want to call it that -- it might be too soon to call it that -- is did the
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political party in power use and weaponize the state against to opposing party? trish: wow. >> and if they did, that is deeply, deeply troubling. trish: it's wild. and by the way, if that's the case, then it turns out his tweets that many on the left were just scoffing at saying were completely irresponsible when he talked about the surveillance that he believed had been conducted on him, it would turn out then, ned, he's right. >> well, and, again, i would say those tweets were maybe a little inarticulate, but at the heart of it is was there surveillance conducted on him and his team by the party in power. and this, to me -- and, again, trish, we're going to see where this all plays out, but i've been tracking this pretty closely, and it's all playing out as i thought it would. this might, if these raw intelligence reports made their way into the west wing, they might look like nixon and plumbers in watergate were playing small ball. >> give me a break. trish: all right, john, go ahead.
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what's your defense of susan rice? >> i mean, this is classic, classic attack the accuser as to opposed to answer any charge. if trump's team is colluding or at least talking to russians all across the board, then they would have come into surveillance -- >> there's no evidence -- >> hold on a minute, hold on a minute. i mean, and this to bring it that it maybe went over the white house, a, we don't have it totally confirmed that susan rice did this; b, who so what if they were colluding with all kinds of russians; and, c, there's absolutely zero evidence this made it to the white house. this is another instance of no explanation of why almost every major senior adviser to the president was talking with russians during the context of the campaign. trish: john, i hear you in that we don't have a lot of concrete details right now, and that's what makes this story so frustrating for every journalist and every american out there right now. just a lot of innuendo. but let me just add that this started from the left. i mean, way back during the campaign where they were making
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these kinds of leaks, and they were suggesting this, and they were suggesting that. they didn't have anything. but this was all suggested and out there in the atmosphere -- >> how did it start from the left? how did it start from the left? trish: -- not looking so good for the left. >> this argument started -- trish: now you're saying, oh -- >> this all started with the media. they wanted to push this angle. and, again, in many ways in hopes of delegitimizing trump and his team and the administration coming in. i have said this and i'll say it again, the democrats and the left and the media should be very careful what they wish for, because at the end of the day, i don't think they're gown to like what we will eventually uncover. trish: john. >> well, trump and his team are busy delegitimizing themself as all of this is coming into future. what media are you talking about, breitbart news, the source of every defense that -- trish: john, john, john, john! hang on. remember what network you are on, sir. this is fox news reporting that sources are telling our own adam
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houseley that it was susan rice. >> and bloomberg is also reporting it. it's not confirmed. trish: it is our network out there saying that sources are telling us that susan rice wanted these names unmasked. let me turn to another big story right now, and that's neil gorsuch. we are waiting right now on senate confirmation for him, but we may be waiting for quite some time because the democrats are insisting that they'll move forward with the filibuster, leaving the republicans with no option other than the nuclear one which would guarantee he gets through but maybe cause some unpleasantness. why is it -- because i think from a political perspective, john, you know, the democrats are missing out on this one. i do think that americans want stuff done, and they want washington to move forward. why is it that they are just refusing as they are to get onboard here and just move forward with business as usual? >> well, the president and mitch
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mcconnell had given them no reason to. the president has, essentially, flipped the bird to the democrats every step of the way including not -- no reachout during the health care bill process, and as it's coming back from the dead, no reachout again. mitch mcconnell, in an unprected move that he's even come back and said he made up the reasons for the rule that didn't exist for why he never confirmed or even gave a hearing to judge garland -- and he sat in purgatory for nine months, so why in the world would the democrats think the republicans or the president would collaborate in any good faith after all that? >> the president's made it clear he wants to actually work with the -- >> take a step forward. one step forward. trish: so i think, by the way, ned, this is just one more thing come 2018 if they, if they are seen as obstructionists, i don't think it gets you anywhere. >> worked pretty well for the republicans over the last three or four years. trish: excuse me, sir, john rawley, your name's not ned.
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>> a critical political mistake here because, guess what? today he gets through judiciary committee, i think tomorrow morning mitch mcconnell goes and files for cloture, that'll be three days, about 30 hours of debate. that vote will be sometime on thursday. the chair will say we don't need this process, and we go what i like to call the constitutional option because where in the constitution do we have it say that we have to have 60 votes for judges? guess what? elections have consequences, and here's the deal, this is scalia for scalia. the next fight is the big fight. now that the nuclear option will be out of the way when ginsburg or kennedy vacates a seat, which i think might happen this summer, there'll be no big fight, and i think trump will probably get two, maybe three more scotus the nominations. this could completely change the complexion of scotus for 30 years. that's how you break apart the administrative state. you put supreme court justices who are originalists. president bush trish gotcha.
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ned, john, good to see you. white house press secretary sean spicer is going to be answering the media's questions in just a couple of moments here. we're going to bring you to the white house just as soon as it begins, so stay with us for that. there are, certainly, once again, a whole lot of questions that the journalist community has for the white house. meanwhile, president trump says he can rally the republicans around health care, and, you know, he might be right because, i'll tell ya, he hit the golf course this weekend with health care critic senator rand paul, and the senator says he's very optimistic about getting a deal. so what might that look like? we're going to talk about that again as we wait for sean spicer who will likely address some of these questions surrounding susan rice and the unmasking that she may have performed when it came to the surveillance and the names involved in that surveillance of donald trump. we've got the intel for you next. [phone ring]
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby!
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rated pg-13. [ screams ] trish: all right. president trump taking to the links this weekend, heading to the golf course with kentucky senator rand a paul, an outspoken critic of the president's health care bill. the president saying, here he is: anyone, especially fake news media, who thinks that repeal and replace of obamacare is dead does not know the love and strength in our party. talks are and have been going on and will continue until such time as a deal is hofully struck. after the golf game whicalso included budget director mick mulvaney, rand paul struck a rather positive tone. listen to him here talking to reporters. >> we had a great day with the president today. we did talk about some health care reform. i think the sides are getting closer and closer together, and i remain very on optimistic thae
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will get obamacare repealed. trish: how do you like that? all right. both men seem pretty optimistic. it's not clear a deal can be reached. you're seeing very little interest from the democrats growing divides amongst the republican party. joining me now, brad blakeman, former adviser to president george w. bush, and david mcintosh from club for growth. guys, you're not seeing a whole lot of interest just yet, but, brad, what happens once he starts dangling a little money out there in the way of an infrastructure bill? i have a feeling chuck schumer's going to have a hard time arguing with that. >> there's a lot of things the president can do, infrastructure's one, taxes are another. there are a lot of negotiations that are being had. i know that for a fact up on the hill. it may be quiet, but it is substantive. the parties, especially the republican party, understand that this is not something that they want to do, this is something they need to do. they ran on it, it is a promise fundamental to their election in 2016, and they're going to get it done.
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but they only have this year to do it. once 2017 disappears, we're back into election mode for the midterms, and then nothing's going to get done. but i happen to believe that the republicans, conservative, middle of the road are going to get together, and they're going to make a deal in for the natio. trish: so you think the freem caucus can be won over -- >> yeah. trish: -- and perhaps the golf game with rand paul counts for something. david, didn't this president and the administration and paul ryan, frankly, perhaps get a little over their skis in that maybe they just put too much pressure on themselves to get something done asap? and it takes a little longer? >> i think the real problem was they didn't bring conservatives into the room early enough, and they came up with -- yeah, they were a little over their skis on a bill that didn't get rid of the worst parts of obamacare that have forced premiums to go up. and we wrote a memo right after
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speaker ryan a had to pull the bill because it didn't deal with that problem and said there is a solution. bring conservatives and moderates into the room, get them talking to each other. the president has said that's been happening last week. i think he and his team realized they had to get more engaged. but it's going to be, honestly, up to the men and women up there on capitol hill to now take the next step and come up with a new proposal that can build on the ryancare bill, but a new proposal that really will help reduce the cost of health insurance. trish: uh-huh. well, they've got a lot of time to work on this, brad. the first round wasn't too exciting to most folks, as dade points out -- as david points out. can they rectify this at this point? are there simple changes, for example, that you would make in order to push this through? >> sure. i don't think we can have real health care reform without tort reform. we need to expand the base of insurance to include selling across state lines and allowing individuals like myself to join with others similarly situated
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to form the power of the consumer in negotiating contracts. we need the bring down the cost of prescription drugs, allow governments to negotiate just like you would for anything else. so there's a lot of things that are very appealable -- trish: just weren't built into this. >> yep. trish: this is too much of a rush job. david, your thoughts? >> i think they have a chance this week to fix the ryan bill and then after that they'll have to start over again, and it'll take a lot longer. trish: i notice you're calling it the ryan bill. [laughter] >> well, that's what the house bill was. trish: when you look forward to the election cycle, he may be the one that's really struggling, ultimately, because i have a feeling he's going to get painted with a bad brush in all of this. it may eventually go through, but donald trump will come in as the savior theoretically on this, forcing the hand of the folks like senator paul out there on the golf course, and paul ryan may struggle with trouble ahead.
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brad, so good to see you, david, thank you very much. >> good to see you, trish. trish: the markets off about 83 points in today's session, the reverse oral from what we saw earlier. they've been on a tear, i should point out, since donald trump won this election, up 12% on the dow. but that's not stopping people from borrowing from their 401(k)s. you'd think they'd want to leave the money put, right? no, they're borrowing against these accounts. what companies are trying to do to stop them. are these companies getting in their way of their rights? plus, the left is at it again. they still refuse to accept the fact that president trump won the election. the dnc chairman even calling our president a bully and, actually, using some even far harsher words, some rather profane words. we're going to show you all that, and we're going to talk about whether the democrats ever have a chance, especially with rhetoric like this. >> donald trump, you didn't win this election! we have a bully in washington in the white house!
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trish: let's turn to the markets which are up 75-point now. let's take a look at this. no room to complain here. the dow is up the dow is up the nasdaq up better than 13% and record highs ever since president trumps election back in november and a whole lot of americans now are seen a big bonus in their retirement savings. i hope you are one of them. meanwhile, if you're looking to withdraw some of that cash maybe you are thinking about buying a new home from your 4o1k. you mighwant to think twice. some companies are get in the way of this. >> taken alone or from your 4o1k and that's your plan you're not alone. from just 4.2 train dollars in 2009.
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and according to the investment company 20% of eligible 4o1k participants have loans outstanding average loan balance is $7,800. borrowing from your retirement is a bad idea. it's a terrible idea to borrow money out of your 4o1k that five grand balloons into 50 grant a hundred grand and lost retirement value. you are literally withdrawing it from the plan. you are repaying the plant with money that would've otherwise gone into your account. it set a it's a new higher market value.
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it shows that these loans are sometimes referred to as a leakage threat does shrink retirement accounts as a whole by about 25 percent. for that reason and others they are encouraging companies and others to keep their hands off the money. they make him please wait 90 days after pena one paying off one month before initiating another. other companies are offering low cost emergency low-cost emergency loans. some preventing employees from borrowing employer money contributed. experts say it is to be avoided and while paying yourself back may sound good you really make up for lost investment dollars and you pay those taxes twice when you borrow from your 4o1k and it's tough to make it up. trish: word to the wise. it will stay put. sean spicer is coming out any moment here. were looking at a live picture. he's getting a lot of questions including there are now reports that susan rice deliberately unmasked the
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names of trumps team in the surveillance operation that may have been or is alleged to have been conducted on trumps team. people are saying it could've been for political reasons. you can expect that sean spicer is going to get some questions on that. we will have a tee life next. -- we will have it to you live next. don't go anywhere. let me talk to a little bit about what has happened recently with the dnc a lot of people are reacting to this. we heard the have of the dnc say this just recently. [indiscernible]
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trish: i don't know if it was necessary to involve profanity. the chairwoman said maybe mr. perez needs and the lesson on how the electoral college works. they learned nothing at al john, i will go to you first. the have of your party out there using profanity and suggesting that republicans don't care at all about americans are you guys getting desperate quacks. >> i think it was brilliant bait because if there's anything that trump overreacts to's if you is if you say he has lost anything in the bottom line after reflection a lot of democrats feel that trump didn't win the election
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there is a lot of inward looking and reflection about how to make sure that doesn't happen again. do you want two-point out that the judiciary committee is voting and it has just passed. officially nominated supreme court or for the supreme court mister neil gorsuch. it will go to debate on the senate floor in the entire senate will vote we've course are anticipating that there's can be a lot of filibustering here. where do you see it going. >> i think it will play out very quickly. the senate chair will take place. and based off the 2013 president reed. and what they're gonna say is when we discover the whole way. when i can use quotes or filibuster for supreme court
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