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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 3, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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as they can, they basically have this threat they can use to continue to get sanctions lifted and food when needed, basically a bargaining chip. charles: you are great, we'll bring you back. in the meantime, lou dobbs. lou: shocking new charges that obama administration surveilled president trump and his transition team. former obama national security adviser susan rice, asked to unmask the names of trump transition officials, caught up. and we're learning that surveillance went on for months, purely for partisan purposes. we take that up with house judiciary committee member congressman john desan 'tis and ambassador john bolton. >> obstructist dems have the
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votes to filibuster, so republicans are likely to go nuclear. >> it is pathetic. they are so stupid they think -- we have no alternative to do what has to be done. lou: leonard leo is joining us tonight. and terrorism in russia. a bomb blast tearing through a subway train in st. petersberg, at least 11 people killed and 50 wounded, police suspect that terrorist attack was carried out by a suicide bomber, linked to radical islamists. lou: good evening tonight there are charges of widespread wrong doing in the obama administration. specifically sources naming former national security adviser susan rice as highest ranking official to call for the unmasking, that is the identification of trump
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transition officials caught in obama administration's nsa surveillance. it is unclear, when that surveillance began, but as early as july of last year, and carried through until the president-elect assumed office on january 20. we have learned it susan rice began asking for the unmasking of trump campaign officials and possibly president himself, as early as july, national security count staff, and trump administration discover evidence of rice's involvement in the unmask -- unmasking in computer logs left behind by obama administration, rice just last monelast month claiming she knew nothing. >> i know nothing about this, i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes on that count today. i really don't know to what chairman nunes was referring. lou: well, it appears she may
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have her memory refresh, last month fbi director james comey confirms that rice was one of a large number of officials that had power to unmask an american citizen w.h.o. has bee-- who has been caught in surveillance of foreign officials or leader. >> national security advisory susan rice have access to unmask u.s. citizen's name. >> yes, in general, and any other national security advisory would, i think as a matter of their ordinary course of business. lou: sean spicer asked about revelations buhe declined to comment on what role rice might have had or motives. >> i don't want to get into a motive, we -- again, me getting to the motive assumes certain things in fact that i don't think that we're ready to go to yet, that would be getting into the middle of an investigation. i think there has been enough public discussion and reporting on this i'm not going to comment on this any
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further until the committees have come to a conclusion of that sort. lou: such conduct wul be wrong doing and un-american as can be. to pervert that is intelligence for part son purposes -- for partisan purposes, but apparently, obama administration broke no laws. here it discuss what appears to be a major abuse of power,ers andive like specifically for political purposes congressman ron desantos, great to have you with us. let's start with susan rice.
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calling for unmasks of american citizens, and incredibly there no penalty at least as far as we've been able to determine for her conduct if these allegations turn out to be all of them true. >> that may be true depending on the facts. but even if there is no statute that specifically prohibits that, if that conduct is the case, that is an abuse of power, american people should be upset. we have figure out who was unmasked and why, and what that information used for, if that is the same information that been illegally leaked to press time and time again to kn cap this president, tn i think you may have something.
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lou: all of a sudden, national left wing media is backing off. remember the mocking tone taken by what president trump called failing "new york times," and various left wing media outlets, this is now, would you not say, i mean this is a major scandal? >> absolutely, they ran all these stories where there was no factual basis, they would say, well, it may be the case there was a connection or a contact. and a big hulla ballou. there is an example where very sensitive intelligence tools that are used to protect the american people, may have been turned against certain americans for political purposes, so, as abuse of power, this has to be near the top of what americans would fear when their government does abuse power. lou: is it appropriate that fbi investigates?
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comey seems to have been caught in every political cross current in past two years? are there committees that are taking that investigation right now beyond intelligence and senate and house. >> i think intelligence committees is where you need to do it because of sensitive tie of information and tools, i think, based on what we know, to me would be appropriate for the fbi to look into this. unlike some of the russia stuff that is always talked about with this case with leaks we know those are violations of the law. if we step back from the leaks and find out this was unmasked by national security adviser, to me that is a major hot tamale. lou: i want to turn to china, north korea, president xi jinping, and president to meet, president making it clear, deliveringhich is in all practical purposes a
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ultimatum, either you handle north korea or president trump will. >> i think his administration is right to say the age of strategic patience is over, that has failed. we see a maniacal dictator in north korea, something needs to change, i think that president is right to press on china firmly, i hope that china understands it is in their interest as well as ours to help keep north korea in a box. lou: being supportive, a warm welcome. and your reaction to this prominence that president trump has given the egyptian leader? >> i think that president trump is right.
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he has strong ties to america, trained here as military was on the, he wants to fight radical islamic terrorism. those are leaders in arab world that we can ally with, who will be on our side in the war on terrorism, not making common cause with some of the islamists. lou: congressman ron desantis. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> president trump today welcomed egypt's president to the white house. >> we'll fight terrorism and other things, and we're going to befriends for a long, long time, we have a great bond with the people of egypt, and i look forward to working with the president. >> we take up that and more with ambassador john bolton. >> and president trump warning china, to control north korea or the united states will act unilaterally. we'll preview the upcoming
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[ engine revs ] [ screams ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ]
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whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] lou: a deadly blast on a st. petersberg train.
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a suicide bomber. has been identified as 23-year-old from central asia, russia president putin in st. petersberg at the time, meeting with president of belarus. president trump today met with president abdel fattah el-sisi at the white house, talking about bolstering ties between the two country and fighting radical islamist terrorism. >> we're very much behind president el-sisi, he has been a fantastic job in a difficult situation, we're behind egypt and e peoplef egypt. and the united states has believe me, backing we have strong backing. i just want to say to you, mr. president, that you have a great friend and ally in the united states and in me. lou: that message could not be clearer, joining us to discuss the president's meeting, and
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upcoming summit with china's xi jinping, john bolton. ambassador good to see you. before we turn to egypt and north korea to russia. susan rice, former national security adviser now identified as lif least the most prominent member of obama administration to call for unmasking of trump transition officials your thoughts? >> well, this is stunning news. they can't just decide they would like to unmask names to find out who whose name is involved in a particular intercept. procedure is you have to go to nsa, and say, here is my reason for wanting to know what this person's name is. reflects that proliferation or something to do with national security. and if shy said that -- if she said that, even someone so senior as her.
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but her real motivation of political, he was kind of committing a fraud ow on intelligence gathers system. if he facilitated that misuse of that intelligence, she has serious legal problems here, and so does everyone else who worked with her on it. lou: that looks like that number could be large with agents that evolved as a result. >> here is the most important question. what did the president know and when about he know it? i'm not talking about nald trump. i am talking about barack obama. ople have been getting cases of the vapors or to whary what extent trudgtic extent
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the trump administration brought nunes is the white house and whatnot. >> that narrative as of today that collapsed. >> it should, and now nancy pelosi should apologize to before innunes. and susan rice, with national security, was he unaware of what she was doing? did he ask to see any of this, did anybody ask him in his happy retirement did he approve susan rice doing this? there is a long stream of questions to be asked that the mainstream media seems to overlook. lou: as is their wont. -- as is they're wont . >> and now, to the st. persberg? >> we have no claim of
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responsibility for this attack, as far as i know, it could be chechens or, islamist movement of uzbekistan. and this is something that they are demonstrating their reach, they canment fro come from caucuses and strike st. petersberg, it is just a few more miles to get to western pe, where they could strike again. lou: turning to upcoming summit with president xi, i suppose, not used to being talked to as president trump has spoken to him, at least from a distance. let's put their up the full screen. -- let's put up the full screen. so what everyone can see what president trump said to president xi, he said, well if
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china is not going to solve north korea, we will, that all i'm telling you, what do you make of it? >> i think that china has been -- i will be polite schizophrenic over past 20 years when it comes to north korea, they say it over and over again. it would be destabilizing east asia, but they have not done what they alone have the capability of doing, that is stopping north korea from preceding with nuclear weapons, we're down to very, very few options here, when it comes to protects united states. lou: what will xi do with that warning? >> if he is sensible he will talk to trump about what we can do together. i think only long-term solution is ending north korea if you want to end the nuclear threat, merge the two koreas and reunite the peninsula. it has cooperate -- corroborated for 20 plus yea
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with iran. lou: it has a demonstrative record of being a an atroash a-- atrocious threat to the region, and reterically to the world. what do you do to rid the world of the dispottic jim jianjim -- kim kim jong-un. lou: >> china better step up and acknowledge that only eliminating regime can really solve the problem, we can work with china on that. our interests are not so far apart as people think. but if china will not acknowledge the reality, options are few, military option, that is preemptive
7:21 pm
strikes arin something to consider. i don't welcome that, i think that poses a real risk for the civilian population of north korea. but what is our alternative? it is not appetizing. lou: ambassador john bolton. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe president obama politicized every major intelligence agency? we would like to hear from you on this. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and follow me on twitter, facebook and int instagram. dow down 13, s&p off 4, nasdaq down 17, volume 3.4 billion shares on the big board, construct spending riding to highest level in almost 11 years. factory activity is expanding for a 7th straight month, ups announcing it offer saturday
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deliver you now, that move adding 6,000 more jobs across the country. >> listen to my report 3 times a day coat to coast cocoast on salem radio network. up next senate democrats have vote to filibuster judge gorsuch, republicans plan to confirm him no matter what. the dem's partisan thuggery is the subject of mcommenry next >> and trump administration cracking down on sanctuary cies arresting some illegal imfran immigrants outside of courthouses, the. some of the left are upset. expressing some dismay. we will have full report for you, we're coming right back with that and much more, stray with u -- stay with us. with hotels, free twenty-four-hour flight changes, and our price match guarantee. travelocity. wander wisely.
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lou: the trump administration
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stepping up enforcement of our immigration laws, but thed a man straition is meeting resistance from those who are supposed enforce our laws. a growing battle between the department of homeland security and local court officers. lawyers and judges said they are seeing more arrests at court which they say is leading to more undocumented immigrants not showing up for court dates. california's top judge accused accused -- accused i.c.e. of stalking people. >> i have a duty and responsibility to speak out when the administration of justice in
7:28 pm
washington state is impacted by policies and activities. reporter: but that's what a form justice says his colleague is doing. >> it's not up to the judiciary to tell i.c.e. where and how and when they should be detaining people. reporter: i.c.e. defends the policy in a statement sayingment of the arrests i.c.e. targeted are foreign nationals with prior criminal convictions in the u.s. like a convicted drunk driver who was aloud by a judge in portland, oregon to use a judge exit from the courthouse hallway. >> we are coming up against a showdown with officials who want to interfere with immigration enforcement. reporter: a letter ripped her for accusations of stalk which
7:29 pm
is a crime. the fed i.c.e. has the right to make arrests in public places, including the courthouse. lou: a few thoughts on the democratic thugs in the senate who are about to filibuster a supreme court nominee. the senate judiciary committee voted to advance judge neil gorsuch to the senate. >> what we saw today was the position of the modern democratic party. they are opposed to donald trump appointing anyone to the supreme court. >> they are gnashing their teeth over the fact that they lost last year. this is one of the reasons they lost. lou: the democratic party is out
7:30 pm
of excuses for what has become its nasty democratic thuggery. demonstrating democratic leaders insist on going to the flowest common denominator in their politics and their tactics. how is more rant must dems be to hurl expletives at the president of the united states, calls president trump a bully and declaring mr. trump didn't win the election. then resorting to vulgarity and profanity claiming republicans don't give an expletive about people. the dems have 23 democratic senators up for reef election next year. 10 of those dems in states won by president trump. the dems will to filibuster one of the country's most celebrated and distinguished jurists, and spending all the party's energy
7:31 pm
and time obstructing the policies and the nominees of president trump. the dems are so far on the wrong side of history that it's highly likely they won't recover for years. it's as if the leaders of the democratic party are committed to republican majority that every level of government. at least in that respect the dems are showing proper concern for the national interest. sphowrp quotation of the evening. this one from thomas temperature soul. the big divide is between talkers and doers. we are coming back, stay with us. some members of the if freedom caucus are blaming chief of staff reince priebus and speaker paul frien for the collapse of the healthcareill. >> the president agreed with us twice and each time priebus and
7:32 pm
ryan said no, no, no, you can't do that. he wanted to make a deal if he was ready to make a deal. lou: this speed rider showing off, taking his incredible skills from the slopes to the roof tops. we'll show you have his sensational stunt straight ahead. a lot more coming up. it's our little differences, that can make a world of difference.
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lou: president trump golfing with one of the biggest critics of ryancare, rand paul. >> we did talk about healthcare reform. i think the sides are getting closer to together and i remain optimistic we'll get obamacare repealed. lou: the trump white house mapping out a stage in overhaul of the tax code, but the administration is taking the lead, not the house speaker. here to discuss the latest efforts to repeal obamacare, the gorsuch filibuster, susan rice unmasking trump team members. that's just today.
7:37 pm
i have to say, i thought senator paul looked like a man who enjoyed that conversation. he looked natural on ought golf course. >> optimism is always a good position to be in. it is funny when you see the way he and trump went at each other in the primaries. this was to be one of the last unmade beds in that punch. the republican party if it's going to succeed it has to come together. you can't count on the democrats for anything. they will be no, no, no forever. so he has to pull all the republicans in. lou: what i like is the fact he's taking leadership. taking over the tax reform he will amendment if there is going to be something there. i presume he's going to do the same thing with obamacare. >> one of the most generous things is he did tell the world
7:38 pm
how badly he beat his opponent. i'm sure paul hasn't played as much golf as the president. if you have a bunch of courses you can practice a lot. the bill that was put forth is not gog to pass the sena. there has to be a lot of alteration, and senator paul has been one of the key players. he's also close to the freedom cow cuts. he may be the leader here. the critical thing is the president has to basically play the game of addition and not talking about beating these guys up in primaries because actual need every single republicans. lou: when you talk about the president beating up folks. a couple of guys i think highly of, it would be nice if i could give him a list everybody in
7:39 pm
america would like to see, who is the congress maine want beat up? >> it doesn't work as well. the better thing is -- lou: a little honey. >> people forget obama had 34 defections on his obamacare. >> the blame game is going into this. paul ryan, this is sticking to him. ryancare. it has been for a long time called that. do you think the president can move this thing through quickly, putting that in washington parlance, that means somewhere around three months? >> paul ryan seems to have disappeared since that shellacking he took. and i think that's a good thing. lou: a shellacking he delivered to the president.
7:40 pm
he was lie together american people and the president of the united states. >> as speaker of the house it was his responsibility to deliver the votes and he failed. as ed said here, he took too big of a role, he wrote the bill, he shepherded it through web's counting the vote. he needs a good team around him. lou: this man is the guy who came with this better way nonsense. you heard me talking about this stupid better way thing that religion came with as we have a presidential campaign underway. >> i had people tell me in the white house for two weeks -- mr. dobbs everywhere, ryan came in and told the president, told the president in three weeks we have the votes, we have the votes.
7:41 pm
and to me that's the mortal sin. the job of counting votes is the most important element of being speaker. lou: giving a warning to president xi, not exactly the freedom caucus. differing an ultimatum. by the way, i don't know what else he could have done. the chinese have handled every american president up to this one when it comes to north korea. >> it will be fascinating to watch the media coverage of this event. it will be how wrong trump is and how he missed an opportunity. gut very fact we were in this position is because barack obama did nothing for 8 years except embolden china. the context is trump inherited a mess.
7:42 pm
lou: there is a ray of hope if i may use the old -- susan rice, the scandal that is now in front of even the national left-wing media can't be avoided. this is annex president and hissed a -- this an ex-president and his intelligence team it's outrageous. >> it shifts the burden back on the obama administration andy what they were doing and participating in a campaign that had nothing to do with them. deet niles all the way through. lou: don't tell that to the democrats. they lost their three top official at the dnc. you have got a democratic party under president trump that spied on the senate intelligence committee and the national
7:43 pm
organizing committee, the dnc was rotten to the core. it had to be replaced because they rigged the game against senator bernie sanders and his followers. ed rollins, thank you for putting up with me. thank you, gentlemen. please roll the video. this thrill seeker taking speed writing to new extremes. he's soars dangerously close to these buildings in the swiss alps. it's training for his thrill ride took paul year. republicans vow to do everything in their power to confirm supreme court nominee, neil
7:44 pm
gorsuch leonard leo ihere to give us some sense of what we can expect this week.
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democrats who are hell bent on trying to block president trump's supreme court nominee, leonard leo, good to have you here. a party-line vote in the senate judiciary. we expected that. but the threat of filibuster, it looks like this is playing into senator mcconnell's hands. >> absolutely it's hard to believe the democrats would go this far. this is about as mainstream a nominee that you can get. they filibuster, we'll have the votes to invoke what's been called the nuclear option and get back to the senate's practice of requiring 51 vote for confirmation. lou: there seems to be a reticence to go to the nuclear option with it's a simple majority vote?
7:49 pm
>> they don't like that outcome because they want a bunch of justices who will rubber stamp their agenda on their issues like gun control and campaign finance reform. but that's been the 10-year tradition of the senate, majority up or down votes. there has never been a successful filibuster. lou: schumer seems insistent on doing this. i don't see anyone loses but him and the democratic party. >> i agree, having a 5-vote standard makes the nomination to the court easier, and i think it's what the constitution contemplates anyway. lou: given the likelihood president trump will be able to nominate two to three others beyond gorsuch, it would seem to
7:50 pm
be -- mitch mcconnell seems to express more reservation than enthusiasm for the simple majority. is there some reason i am blind to or completely missing? >> some republican senators worried about where this could go. and they are nervous about getting rid of the legislative filibuster. but at the end of the day there is no relationship between the two. so i think those process concerns aren't that well founded. at the end of the day i think republicans will vote as a united block to restore the senate's conditions and bring it back with where it was when justice scalia was on it with contextualism and originalism. lou: you think senator mcconnell will have to go
7:51 pm
nuclear as it's been called? >> that's the option the democrats have left leader mcconnell with. it's surprising. they know what the stakes are. the only explanation is their base so angry over the election, so angry over merrick garland, so bent on having a court that stamps their agenda, it's the only option available to them. lou: think how angry they will be when president trump appoint three more justices. up next, critic calling for the f.b.i. to investigate $susan rice and whether she broke laws by requesting the unmasking of trump officials. so tell us your big idea for getting the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom...
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lou: joining me now, nick adams columnist with town and rachel campos-duffy. let's tart with the allegations against susan rice. this scandal looks like it will be historic. the obama administration accused of spying on the candidate opposing the president's party from july on.
7:56 pm
and into the transition. >> it's an incredible story. it will be interting to see how long the media will take before it becomes the big story it should be. we talked during the break, this is serious stuff, you can bet your dollar had this been reversed, the democrats, the media would be shouting lock her up. lou: you know what's interesting? people say, think about this if the roles were reversed. republicans and conservatives are like abused children of some kind. we have to put everything inverted. when can't just say it's wrong, the law, the constitution, the contemplation of the founders in the way or leaders would act. >> there are always two standard, one for republicans and one for democrats and they
7:57 pm
are seeing it live again and again and again. isn't it incredible. every time we are told donald trump doesn't know what he's talk about he's wrong and he's crazy and he's insane. it turns out donald trump was right yet again. when are these people ever going to learn their lesson. lou: nick just used another expression i love. donald trump right again. he said you will get tired of winning? no way. that's the only place he could have been wrong. rachel: where is the aclu, all the people who would have been screaming if this were reversed. you cannot deny the closeness of rice to president obama. this is a quote from "newsweek," his right-hand gal. there is a very close relationship here.
7:58 pm
it goes directly to the president. lou: he's been the reliable tool every time there is a political quandary or challenge to the president, whether it's benghazi or spying. you have to wonder. was obama trying to do as the democrats did with bernie sanders, eliminate the candidate they didn't want in there in support of the candidate they did, i.e., hillary clinton? >> this is susan rice, who was so close to president obama. this is not some national security advisor. this was susan rice. we are seeing what we have always known. these guys are morally impoverished and intellectually bankrupt. the democrats are falling apart,
7:59 pm
and i have to tell you, i love it. rachel: she has no credibility. not on did she lie about this crazy video during benghazi. but she was asked on national tv about this and she lived about it. she has zero credibility. she has close ties to the white house. this is very damaging. lou: i think rachel said there is no video to incite the benghazi attacks. >> i'm not going to touch that one, it's up to you. lou: thank you for leaving me adrift as usual. nick adams, we'll invite you back anyway. rachel campos-duffy, we'll invite you back, too. i know you both have been overwhelmed, but we are
8:00 pm
delighted you are with us and look forward to seeing you again soon. lou: congressman mo brooks and laura ingraham will be with us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] >> battle royale on capitol hill as senators cast their votes on neil gorsuch. will republicans go nuclear to get it done. rand paul declaring the healthcare battle is not done yet. the panel is here. with all the optimism in the business world, why is the media selling such doom and gloom. all that and more tonight on "kennedy."


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