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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. eantime, lou dobbs. lou: shocking new charges that obama administration surveilled president trump and his transition team. former obama national security adviser susan rice, asked to unmask the names of trump transition officials, caught up. and we're learning that surveillance went on for months, purely for partisan purposes. we take that up with house judiciary committee member congressman john desan 'tis and ambassador john bolton. >> obstructist dems have the
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votes to filibuster, so republicans are likely to go nuclear. >> it is pathetic. they are so stupid they think -- we have no alternative to do what has to be done. lou: leonard leo is joining us tonight. and terrorism in russia. a bomb blast tearing through a subway train in st. petersberg, at least 11 people killed and 50 wounded, police suspect that terrorist attack was carried out by a suicide bomber, linked to radical islamists. lou: good evening tonight there are charges of widespread wrong doing in the obama administration. specifically sourc naming former national security adviser susan rice as highest ranking official to call for the unmasking, that is the identification of trump
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transition officials caught in obama administration's nsa surveillance. it is unclear, when that surveillance began, but as early as july of last year, and carried through until the president-elect assumed office on january 20. we have learned it susan rice began asking for the unmasking of trump campaign officials and possibly president himself, as early as july, national security count staff, and trump administration discover evidence of rice's involvement in the unmask -- unmasking in computer logs left behind by obama administration, rice just last monelast month claiming she knew nothing. >> i know nothing about this, i was surprised to see reports from chairman nunes on that count today. i really don't know to what chairman nunes was referring. lou: well, it appears she may have her memory refresh, last
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month fbi director james comey confirms that rice was one of a large number of officials that had power to unmask an american citizen w.h.o. has bee-- who has been caught in surveillance of foreign officials or leader. >> national security advisory susan rice have access to unmask u.s. citizen's name. >> yes, in general, and any other national security advisory would, i think as a matter of their ordinary course of business. lou: sean spicer asked about revelations buhe declined to comment on what role rice might have had or motives. >> i don't want to get into a motive, we -- again, me getting to the motive assumes certain things in fact that i don't think that we're ready to go to yet, that would be getting into the middle of an investigation. i think there has been enough public discussion and reporting on this i'm not going to comment on this any
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further until the committees have come to a conclusion of that sort. lou: such conduct wul be wrong doing and un-american as can be. to pervert that is intelligence for part son purposes -- for partisan purposes, but apparently, obama administration broke no laws. here it discuss what appears to be a major abuse of power,ers andive like specifically for political purposes congressman ron desantos, great to have you with us. let's start with susan rice.
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calling for unmasks of american citizens, and incredibly there no penalty at least as far as we've been able to determine for her conduct if these allegations turn out to be all of them true. >> that may be true depending on the facts. but even if there is no statute that specifically prohibits that, if that conduct is the case, that is an abuse of power, american people should be upset. we have figure out who was unmasked and why, and what that information used for, if that is the same information that been illegally leaked to press time and time again to knee cap this president, then i think you may have something.
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lou: all of a sudden, national left wing media is backing off. remember the mocking tone taken by what president trump called failing "new york times," and various left wing media outlets, this is now, would you not say, i mean this is a major scandal? >> absolutely, they ran all these stories where there was no factual basis, they would say, well, it may be the case there was a connection or a contact. and a big hulla ballou. there is an example where very sensitive intelligence tools that are used to protect the american people, may have been turned against certain americans for political purposes, so, as abuse of power, this has to be near the top of what americans would fear when their government does abuse power. lou: is it appropriate that fbi investigates?
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comey seems to have been caught in every political cross current in past two years? are there committees th are taking that investigation right now beyond intelligence and senate and house. >> i think intelligence committees is where you need to do it because of sensitive tie of information and tools, i think, based on what we know, to me would be appropriate for the fbi to look into this. unlike some of the russia stuff that is always talked about with this case with leaks we know those are violations of the law. if we step back from the leaks and find out this was unmasked by national security adviser, to me that is a major hot tamale. lou: i want to turn to china, north korea, president xi jinping, and president to meet, president making it clear, delivering which is in all practical purposes a
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ultimatum, either you handle north korea or president trump will. >> i think his administration is right to say the age of strategic patience is over, that has failed. we see a maniacal dictator in north korea, something needs to change, i think that president is right to press on china firmly, i hope that china understands it is in their intere as well as ours to help keep north koa in a box. lou: being supportive, a warm welcome. and your reaction to this prominence that president trump has given the egyptian leader? >> i think that president trump is right.
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he has strong ties to america, trained here as military was on the, he wants to fight radical islamic terrorism. those are leaders in arab world that we can ally with, who will be on our side in the war on terrorism, not making common cause with some of the islamists. lou: congressman ron desantis. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> president trump today welcomed egypt's president to the white house. >> we'll fight terrorism and other things, and we're going to befriends for a long, long time, we have a great bond with the people of egypt, and i look forward to working with the president. >> we take up that and more with ambassador john bolton. >> and president trump warning china, to control north korea the united states wilact unilaterally. we'll preview the upcoming
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summit between president trump summit between president trump and
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