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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 4, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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delighted you are with us and look forward to seeing you again soon. lou: congressman mo brooks and laura h us tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] >> battle royale on capitol hill as senators cast their votes on neil gorsuch. will republicans go nuclear to get it done. rand paul declaring the healthcare battle is not done yet. the panel is here. with all the optimism in the business world, why is the media selling such doom and gloom. all that and more tonight on "kennedy."
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i'm dagen mcdowell in r the lovely and brilliant kennedy. today the senate judiciary panel voted yes on neil gorsuch, and it looks like this thing is going to go nuclear. republicans need 0 votes to get this passed, now that 60 looks impossible, gop leaders will almost certainly decide to counter a filibuster threat with the so-called nuclear option which means they only need 58 to confirm gorsuch. is the risky move worth it? because democrats could do the same down the road. a few dems have come out in support of neil gorsuch. but some republicans spoke out against a potential democratic filibuster and the nuclear option that will follow.
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>> the democratic leader repeated that if a nominee can't get 60 votes, the solution is to change the nominee. he wants the senate to do as he says now, not as he did then. that's not a principle. it. partisan ironic ande are going to change the rules over somebody who has lived such a good life and been such a good judge for such a long time. it says more about the senate than it does judge gorsuch. dagen: how do could this vote go down this week? chris stirewalt is here. chris: lindsey graham sounded sad. he sounds like his heart was breaking. so this is -- you heard the expression penny-wise and found
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foolish? the democrats want a liberal base that wants them to oppose everything donald trump does no heart in what. this is donald trump's nominee so there is not enough wig the room. we saw chris coons controls ov and say he would vote to block neil gorsuch's nomination. neil gorsuch is universally acclaimed among republicans and has admirers among democrats. that makes it easy for republicans to get to the 51 votes they need to change them permanently. if the democrats gave trump his nominee and waited for a choice that was less universal live aclaimed, they would have a chance to pick off those people like lindh i graham that don't want to have a rule change. but instead they are setting themselves up for failure.
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dagen: they are acting like mr. magoo. they can't see anything. can they not see down the road that a paide paid -- that a badr ginsburg could step aside. chris: let's say you are chris coons from delaware, you are worried about a primary challenge. so why should i be the one? if it's going to happen eventually, why should i be the one that gets democrats upset with me. breath i soon you find there are no adults left in the senate. dagen: it means that the nominee potentially from every president thereafter will be extreme. either extremely conservative or
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extremely liberal because it will be easy to get them through. chris: and everything will be awful. no, no, it will be good. you are exactly right. what is happening this week is that gorsuchs of the world. these kinds of judges who strive for impartiality, the paradigm is going to shift and the new demand will be for judges that demonstrate partisan because it that they have the fire and intensity necessary and the supreme court will become much more flip it cal than it ever was. >> how can they not vote for gorsuch snow's such a dream of boat. it's really his mind. let's take it gorsuch fight to tonight's party panel. richard fowler.
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anthony cumia, matt welch, "reason" magazine at large editor? are you surprised it came down to the nuclear option? >> i shouldn't be surprised. everything in politics tells us if there is an opportunities for a party to goal full partisan, they are going to take that opportunity. we are polarizing like crazy. i still thought there would be 8 democrats who wouldn't do this for the reasons you set up. donald trump will get another bite at this apple. they have to unseat ted cruz. it doesn't look extremely likely right now. sow it is a bit surprising and it's not at all surprising. through it all, and this predates this. but we are taking an institution
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that should be above politics and we are degrading the political legitimacy of it. both sides have been doing it and have been for a while. dagen: chuck schumer says it's time to change the nominee. i saw blumenthal earlier. >> chris had it perfect. it's partisan politics to the point of changing -- when you start change the rules to where more extremism can work its way in. if you have these extreme right and left supreme court nominees and you are able to get them through every time with less votes like they are planning, then you are going to get a supreme court that will be at a stand still because you will get such staunch left and right, and it's not supposed to be that way.
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it's supposed to transcend party politics. dagen: harry reid opened the door to this. in 2013 he changed the rules. >> harry reid offed the door. it doesn't make it sow kay in either case. but this is politics at its finest. we as a nation have become far too polarized and now we are beginning to pay the retribution for it. on both sides of the aisle you have supreme court cases coming up that are politics being legislated from benches on both sides. conservative groups trying to if you are for social spree forms through the courts. no elected official wants to take a step on this and be bold. you played this out today. and i think what democrats are
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saying is this idea that for 100-some odd days as my mother would say, merrick garland sat on capitol hill. he wasn't given a hearing, he wasn't given the time of day. mitch mccouldn't said we are not interested. that's unfair. and i think what's happening now is democrats are saying if you are giving merrick garland a hearing and voted them down, we didn't even get a hearing. dagen: according to president trump the healthcare battle is far from over. he's suggesting it's just beginning. in a series of tweets the president said anybody who thinks repeal and replace of
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obamacare is dead does not note love and strength in r. party. talks have been going on and will continue until such time as a dice hopefully struck. the president yesterday, yeah, invited kentucky republican senator rand paul out for a round of golf because everything is solved on the links, along with budget director mick mulvaney. will the president's charm offensive turn that around? i have to go to all of you since it's rand paul. >> i appreciate the president saying it's all about love in the republican party. that came 24 hours after saying we have to defeat the freedom caucus.
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brand paul has been playing this gambit of being close to trump. some distance to him precisely because he wanted to be the guy in this moment. he might have that chance. the thing is other people play golf with donald trump. he's been talk about single payer. there is a lot more talk on the republican side talk about single payer. why don't we just accede to reality. we don't know what trump thinks. >> they are talking about literally medicare for all. medicare is running out of money in 11 years. we are not going to fix that. we are just going to make it bigger. >> when you have say medicare for all which is a bill bernie sanders introduced. dagen: single payer. >> what we found out this weekend from some good journalism is donald trump was
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also meeting with zeke emanuel at the white house. dagen: i interviewed zeke a week ago and he talked about that he was advising donald trump. >> healthcare is a connecticut complicated thing. so i think what we saw from barack obama, democrats sort of deliberated. it's been 120-some odd days to get this deal done. and it was a mess. >> they didn't sell it. they didn't sell it right. because here is how you sell that house gop bill. cut spending by a trillion dollars. it cuts taxes in the bill by a trillion dollars and reformed medicaid. boom, let's get this done and
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rand paul in his golf shoes. let them deal with it. >> i think trump and trump voters are getting a hard-core lesson in washington. this whole we are going to repeal and replace the disaster that was obamacare. then you have to do it and realize, wait a minute. what are we putting in its place. if we repeal it what happens in the interim? it's not happening fast enough. it's not even 100 days yet. i think the voters are giving him some leeway because they are seeing, well, there is a will the of roadblocks here. and it's not that easy. >> i'm still waiting for a granny in a wheelchair off the cliffs. >> it's not that simple it's a complex problem.
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it needs a complex fix. for trump voters. a recent poll said very few people know the difference between obama care and the affordable care act. what congress has to realize is health insurance doesn't equal healthcare. >> rand paul is the one who says that over and over again. dagen: congress doesn't not but the american people do. the president set to meet with his chinese counterpart later this week. how much of that conversation will focus on keeping north korea in check. i mean wish i had time to take care of my portfolio, but.. well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am?
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ]
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] dagen: if china is not going to solve north korea, we will. that stern warning from donald trump claiming the united states will act alone against the communist regime unless china takes a hard-line stand. the president is set to meet with xi jinping later this week.
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in an interview with london's financial times, trump stopped short of saying what he plans to do to north korea. saying quote, i'm not going to tell you, you know, i'm not the united states of the past where we tell you where we are going to hit in the middle eas
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