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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 4, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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and dagen mcdowell, and for maria bartiromo. for top stories at this 6:00 a.m. eastern time. president trump holding a town hall with the country's top executives as the administration looks to improve the business climate in america. especially when it comes to tax reform and infrastructure. a bombshell -- the unmasking of trump transition officials. former national security adviser susan rice was behind getting those names revealed. this after she said she didn't know anything about house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes allegations. more on that ahead. braking is from russia. a st. petersburg subway station closed over a bomb threat after a blast that killed at least 14 people. the latest on the investigation. aol and yahoo! getting a new name. oath. yeah, that is right. the internet will be rebranded by verizon, buthey are facing some tough reviews this morning.
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milestone for tesla. the automaker becoming more valuable than ford. one of detroit's big three. ceo elon musk poking fun at those who thought are still think its company assigned to berlin. the global market action feature in the united states. dow futures up by 47 points after modest losses yesterday. mixture poured out of europe if you look at england, france and germany right now. the ftse 100 to hang onto some games. in asia overnight, stocks lower with the hang seng and shanghai both closed. losses in japan and south korea. march madness in the books. [cheers and applause] we have the highlights from north carolina's win over gonzaga. some say they've ruined the game. six national championships for
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the tar heels. all of that in so much more coming up this morning. national political reporter caitlin healy birds. this morning we are going to talk about susan rice. "wall street journal" global economics editor jon hilsenrath anat lansky and partners president, lee carter. i go through all the newspapers to see if any of the major national newspapers had the susan rice story on their cover. nope, nope, nope. "washington post" met putin ally in secret. they are still writing about the alleged relationship between trump. i said the cover, john. >> i was going to say you have to turn to the inside of the new europe post to get some of that. dagen: know where you're going to get it? you are going to get it right from the fox business network because that is how important it is. at best it's a scandal, at worst it is a crime what is going on.
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we are going to talk about that. leah and i were talking about it before it started. >> it's so hard for people to understand what's going on. i was looking through all the different news sources this morning. on one hand susan rice did this terrible thing and on others it was within her right. it divided party lines depending what news you are consuming. dagen: was it because of national security or political abuse? coming up this morning, we'll talk about all of this. former new hampshire senator scott rabb is joining us. egyptian minister of investment d inrnional cooperation. dr. sue hardin after the aol ceo tim armstrong could house judiciary committee and reagan caucus member congressman ron desantis and ceo of live though, caroline go amiss here. president donald trump said to hold a town hall meeting today with nature ceos to discuss
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jobs, infrastructure. about 50 major business leaders are said to be attending this including those for and check out this list commits citigroup, blackstone, jeb lu, mastercard. the commander-in-chief with a get the north america building trades union had national legislative conference. that is a mouth full. so is the agenda. can you get arms around it? there was a meeting yesterday. they are still talking among the republicans, freedom caucus, vice president penn about health care reform. should they at least -- do you think they really have to move on it. >> i think the lesson they learned on health care reform is they've got to take it slow. if not going to happen as quickly as it appeared in the meantime, they've got to move towards a tax reform agenda. once again, like the health care reform, the part of the
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republican party driving that agenda for house republicans. they are the ones with the plan said the white house has to decidef ago at the housecleaner something new. a lot of problems at the plan and it doesn'took like they have -- the white house has its own plan. that's another thing slow walked by this administration. dagen: how a president can make it and commit to keeping with business leaders, even if you have a slow-moving progrowth agenda in washington coming out of the white house? how critical is it to keep talking to executives who are probably optimistic? >> he needs to show that he is doing some work, even though they haven't been able to claim legislative big therese. in the background, work out the kinks here and there. i think he should leave the legislative part to congress. let them figure out what they want to do and then the president can go out and sell that agenda. right now, he is trying to focus, at least today on this
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business meetings. we also know on also know on the side he has been treating about a variety of other things. i think his team is trying to keep them focused. dagen: yesterday was hillary clinton getting the questions during that debate. >> i'm not sure how that's good. dagen: it is not productivity could easily figure out why he did it. the "financial times" asked him if he reading. he said had she ever apologized. he's just trying to hold a mirror to the rest. jon: we have to change our mindset about how the president first year will work. the first 100 days all this legislation will get past. best of the president has high popularity ratings.this presidee without high popularity ratings. dagen: a lot of republicans have knives out for him. >> 's numbers will go up when he gets legislative it reads. we have to move past the idea he
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would get them quickly. he's got to work at getting them right. dagen: i want to bring at least here. i didn't mean to interrupt you. we've talked about this. when donald trump the president is doing a town hall but these figures, these corporate leaders come and this really sends a message and try sticking to any of to buoy the optimist and a half among the american people. the business executives are the ones doing the hiring, pushing up the surveys to near record levels which we've seen with consumer confidence and manufacturing confidence. -- these people in congress might be dropping the ball but at least you care about your livelihood. >> it's a really good point. if you look at what is most important to the american public it is jobs, economic growth. donald trump having these meetings is import not from a policy perspective that an optics give the people continue
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to have the confidence is having. i also think it is really interesting. some people are critical that donald trump is that more involved in the policy. this could have been lie like a fox saying let's let them try and do this. the politics as usual i'm going to come in and save the day after you guys try everything. >> comedians are just meetings. he's got to get stuff done. that might help on a day-to-day basis. he really has to get a tax overhaul done. he's got a problem there because of the house plan going over like a lead walloon. the whole border adjustment idea which is the centerpiece plan. dagen: which raises a trillion dollars in revenue. he's got to be involved in that. dagen: i want to get to this because i reference it earlier. the gop health care bill is still on the table according to lawmakers. vice president penn snapped a
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caucus numbers to discuss replacing obamacare and early administration officials discuss changes with moderate republicans as well. white house press secretary sean spicer and rand paul did weigh in on this yesterday. >> i think the president has made clear that he intends to work with anyone who wants to help him get to the number of those. he obviously has a very good discussion this weekend with senator paul. the vice president has been actively engaged as well as other members of the house in particular. they need to find a way forward. >> we do want to take responsibility for making the situation worse. the big sticking point is the insurance regulations. the title i regulations they want to make sure that the death spiral of obamacare is fixed. train tutors a bigger picture question. can you apparel tracks for health care tax reform and infrastructure? >> it's ambitious.
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if you let the committee do their work and figure out the policy part of it and make sure you have that ready to go, that could have been. i am not sure how they make -- how they move on when they couldn't do it in the first place. if you bring in conservatives can you push up under it. it's a very large -- thoughts of divides here. dagen: which is what happened is gop. >> there is reconciliation for 2017. one bill for 2018. have you sequenced these things? >> exactly. the senate will still be a problem. 60 votes to enact new policy. it's a difficult road ahead. lawmakers focus on a couple small types of bills related to infrastructure, related to tax and claims of victory. dagen: cut the corporate tax rate cut into small changes on the business side and the tax cut on the individual. train to you and not get democrats for that.
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>> with the freedom caucus members get on board with a tax bill that just got taxes and doesn't have the revenue offset? some of them are pretty wishy-washy about it. >> a couple of problems with that. one is that it's not deficit neutral. the omb director, nick mulvaney as a budget hawk and there's a lot of other budget hawks. true to form her freedom caucus member. jon: but there's also the process question. the bills have to be revenue natural in order to advance through reconciliation rules. dagen: can the american people in the optimist and manage through this? >> i think yes, except why dona trump is president right now is because he promised to get this done. he promised to shake things up it things up. if somethings don't get done, if this continues with rapture republican party establishment republicans another. democrats another way.
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people are going to lose faith in government even more than they are to have. i agree too. he's got to get some quick wins that they are. it can happen. we are only 50 some odd reason. jon: this is where the russian story become so good. he needs to be focusing on getting this legislation passed and instead we are talking about susan rice this peer dagen: if there is a crime committed, we should be talking about it. jon: we should be. these investigations are going to raise. there's also investigations into his people. dagen: dataset to part of the investigation, but it is possible to do what he's doing today to meet with us this executives. we will see what the president tweaked this morning. he does serve a step back and talk about what matters to the american people. so much more to congress this morning the sun. breaking news out of russia a petersburg subway station closed
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due to a bomb threat after yesterday's deadly blast. the details ahead. yahoo! and aol are taking a oath. paragraph in a verizon giving the internet giant a makeover. the referee session of the brand name. that is ahead. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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dagen: so deep in discussion about everything that's going not. i need to pay attention because we are following breaking news out of russia were official russia were officials say they're close to station in st. petersburg after receiving a bomb threat here at cheryl casone has the details on this developing story. reporter: we are watching a lot this morning, dagen appeared that morning. local officials received about attestation. that way -- that they subway attack have subway attack happened yesterday and left at least 14 people died and 45 others wounded. trying to get more details on the threat. we have learned that a suspect has been identified in yesterday's attack could the security services demands a russian citizen born in the central asian country. russian media says two bombs are planted, one of which lded. the second device disabled before it could go up. you are looking at images from the scene yesterday. russian president vladimir putin visiting st. petersburg at the
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time of the bombing by flowers at the memorial outside of the subway station. president trump is called and to express condolences and support following yesterday's attack. meanwhile, here at home, the death toll rises to five in the southeast following severe storms. the latest in union county south carolina has been yesterday when storms like a mobile home over several times killing one man and type. >> i can't believe it. everything happens for a reason. i just don't understand what happened and then. reporter: two people killed in the louisiana birth of economic tornado packing 100-mile an hour winds ripped through their mobile tom from his foundation or the dramatic video capturing the strength of the wind from lafayette, louisiana yesterday. officials announcing two more deaths related to start in neighboring mississippi and forecasters say the storm expected to continue moving north or washed 10, boston and new york are up-to-date today.
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in other news, verizon says it will combine aol and yahoo! into a new company called, get ready for it, oath. the most boring man in business, maybe? this is after they acquire yahoo!. tim armstrong from permanent move in a twitter post yesterday. the internet doesn't like this by the way. the new name did not go over so well in social media. some suggesting oath, that the name of a heavy metal band. oath to become the digital media after a bias assets for $4.5 billion. they will dollars. they'll expected to close by the end of june. we are going to govern aol chief tim armstrong himself. he'll be talking to dagen the 7:00 a.m. hour. shares of tessa with an all-time high after strong sales of its model as an model x vehicles. electric carmaker with the second overtaking forward within striking distance of general motors. now stands at about $39 billion.
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does your headlines this morning. back to you. dagen: thank you so much for michelle. apologies to scott around coming up at the top of the hour. the senator from massachusetts, not new hampshire. i guess i'm not going to have a yahoo account anymore. you have to ask that question because i'm very curious. dagen: it doesn't have any meaning at all in an asylum like something you do when you're eating bad hotdogs. jon: watching the end the aa tournament. trades are having to watch the tar heels went for the blue doubles. i'm not ripping on duke for the time being. coming up, as wall street losing steam. what could be their third down
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dagen: house the market shaping up so far this morning? office across the board. dow futures down 30 points after modest losses. stats for the third down day in a row in fact. what to make of this. gfi group chief macro strategies johnstown funny. great to see you. there is weakness in the market
6:24 am
in the month of march despite it being the overall a strong first quarter. dallas done first time since last fall. is this because of the slowdown in washington? >> the market had a huge rally. s&p was up 5% at march was kind of up or down 1% or 2% which we kind of expect the rally to continue at april,, june. another 5% from there. they're looking at 15% for the year and we could probably do better if the nasdaq continues the leadership of pat. dagen: do republicans being in control of the house and the white house, do they need to put a lien beyond the potential -- the likely confirmation of supreme court justice. >> i think they do. without the soft data doing so well. consumer confidence.
6:25 am
and that is good, but how long that lasts depends on how many wins we start to get. kind of like show me the money now. we will have to use are getting some big trees. don't forget that a lot of what's going on is that i do pendulum swung from overregulation to know new regulation. we have to start the discount. all that regulation coming off, which we are beginning to, but we haven't seen attack is in that kind of thing. >> we have this remarkable headline in the journal today was a market value of tessa shares are greater than the market value of four shares. part of that is optimism about tesla, but also investors becoming more worried about traditional automakers ford, gm and chrysler. sales are slowing down come inventories building. ey've got to put on more and more discounts. is this a sign american consumers are losing the biggest name even though consumer confidence is high, are they
6:26 am
backing that up by spending money? what does that say about the outlook for growth? >> i don't think it means so much. a piece yesterday on those eds are rising. there is subprime delinquency is that it a lot of press recently. you have millennia else using goober. different car companies where you can pick up the car, drive it to a destination and drop it off. the other reason was obviously went from three and 43 and four year leases, now you go to six, seven year leases. part of that was the only credit available early on was actually auto credit. subprime. palestine of a the most is being made. they weren't being made for housing and stuff like that. banks figured that was a good way to make money. a lot of financial stuff like that where were able to do creative financing. >> has that now run it course in
6:27 am
with the engine for growth? if we don't see any consumer does it come from? >> trump has everybody concentrated on manufacturing gave the driver for growth as the jones act being taken off and energy experts great if you look at the charts, they are off the charts whether liquefied natural gas, petroleum, gasoline and combinations are really off the charts. that is one thing driving next week and will continue to drive experts at trump can get canada and mexico involved. the other big thing as -- sorry. dagen: no, go ahead your spam at the other big housing. there's such a depletion in housing inventory. the cards in turns up the charts i put housing inventory is the opposite. again, we have a big pent-up demand. lots of people, whether schools in the city, that kind of thing to be treated where you can sell
6:28 am
a studio for 800,000. the house in suburbia for cash and be done with it. >> we've got trade data today. dagen: really quickly, we've got jobs on writing. what are you looking for? >> exports were actually higher than expect good and also implied that list. right now because of what's going on with the british accident french election, the site is set to rate hikes that the market is set to for the end of the year holding down a rates. mortgage rates back under 4%. that's another positive. dagen: he talked rates. you get to talk rates later. always a pleasure. coming up, controversy on capitol hill. the fallout after shocking revelation that susan rice unmasked the names of trying transition officials caut up in surveillance. shares of panera bread rising after rumors of a possible sale. the restaurant chain said to be
6:29 am
exploring options upon receiving takeover interest. the details coming out.
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6:32 am
knowing anything about house intelligence committee david nunes. >> i know nothing about this. i was surprised to see reports on chairman nunes on that account today. i really don't know to what chairman nunes was referring but he said that whatever he was referring to was a legal lawful surveillance and that it was potentially incidental collection. dagen: more on the escalating situation ahead. tragedy in texas, a deputy shot and killed near a courthouse, latest on the mant -- manhunt. is penera baking up a sale? shares surging yesterday amid talks the company is looking for a buyer. the details on the possible move.
6:33 am
a jolt in the coffee industry, how one brand is cranking up the the coffeeein and in europe mixed, in asia overnight, two major markets were open and they were both down. plus tar heels rejoice, the highlights as north carolina secures ncaa championship and, of course, not without controversy. a major twist in the unmasking controversy on capitol hill. sources telling fox news that former national security adviser to president obama susan rice is the one who sought the names of trump transition icials caught up in surveillance.
6:34 am
fox news told bill o'reilly last night. >> susan rice asked for comment and apparently not responded. one say is she would be quick to say so. we can't conclude this is the real deal and bill confirms that this whole thing about the surveillance of people, the picking up of trump associates and the unmasking of their names and identities is a legitimate threat for the investigations going forward. dagen: joining us now deputy opinion editor for the washington times kelly ridell, what is your take on the latest developments because at best this is a scandal. at worst it's a crime. >> yeah, well,ic we should be very clear with what this is and the terminology used here. this was the obama administration in all best case scenario, worst case scenario
6:35 am
spying on trump transition team. a close source -- a close source to susan rice said that what she did wasn't imprper. you have susan rice who just a couple of weeks ago said she had absolutely no idea what devin nunes was talking about to admitting what she was talking about to there was nothing improper. bloomberg view confirmed fox news' report, new york times has had some reporting that corroborates this report. there's been a deafening silence from cnn, abc. two stories going on. the investigation of trump investigation and associates about possible collusion with
6:36 am
russia but we have another huge bombshell of a story on the obama administration possibly spying on the trump transition team. dagen: right, two investations essentially is how we can put it. two critically important investigation. caitlin, i want you to get in here. we should explain to everybody that when we talk about masking, the identities of american death sentence who are caught up in surveillance when they are in conversation with officials and they can be unmasked but generally it's done by intelligence or law enforcement officials involved in an investigation, not somebody in susan rice's place. i want to point out, she clearly did not tell the truth to pbs in the story and we know she lied about benghazi and the root of that. >> there are a couple of
6:37 am
question marks remaining, though. devin nunes has talked about incidental collusion -- sorry, incidental collection which is legal. we also have to keep in mind that the u.s. government was conducting an investigation into the russian meddling and so this could have been a part of that. we don't know what the intention was so far, certainly the questions remain, but i think it's also a jump to say that this confirm that is the administration was spying. this doesn't confirm that. this is incidental collection. jon: i'm going to one that i picked up on. you can ask for unmasking if it yields -- if there's foreign intelligence value. you have to wonder why is susan rice asking to unmask the names of these trump administration officials, was that for political purposes or was there foreign intelligence value in doing that and if it's for foreign intelligence value, why
6:38 am
are they doing it as they are going on their way out the door. it seems they were trying themselves for political value and that doesn't look good. lee: why would it be somebody in her position that's doing this? that's my real question. we are criticizing jared kushner for having meetings with mexican officials and this person in the same role is asking to unmask these folks. what -- what -- dagen: it would have to be justified as the pursuit of national security interest. that's the only reason it would be proper. if it was politically motivated, basically the abuse of intelligence collection and unmasking for would be improper in the best case scenario. but i want to point out, kelly, in the wall street journal in editorial page doing their own independent reporting, the unmasked document that is they include political information
6:39 am
about the trump transition team's meetings and we are also told that none of the documents had anything to do with russia or the fbi investigation into ties between russia and the trump campaign. >> yeah, that equates to spying and, you know, the wall street journal is confirming that. i have also heard from sources that what this dsier is really is political gossip of trump officials basically that the intel team was looking to disseminate among other intel agencies before the trump team came in and this is really serious stuff. i mean, this is, you know, third-world government police state tactic ifs this is actually true. what i would implore the trump administration to do would be to declassify these documents, get them out in the public and let everyone else decide. there's a lot of looming questions, still, but on the face of things, this really does not look good.
6:40 am
dagen: somebody i would guess is going to wind up testifying under oath and somebody is going to wind up talking to the fbi and if you lie to the fbi, even if you're not under oath, it's a crime. kelly, thank you so much. jon: somebody is going to be pleading the fifth. dagen: jon p jon said it. kelly ridell joining us from washington. google's fight to fight new measures after losing business over offensive videos. the cure for sleep. the world's strongest coffee now available in the united states. why the brand has the fda worried opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities.
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dagen: welcome back, everybody, futures pointing to a lower open. 35-point lose on the dow futures
6:44 am
right now and we are watching a few stocks that are on the move. mylan facing a new hurdle in epipen controversy. getting hit over skyrocketing price of life-saving device to 600 bucks from 100 bucks in 2007. shares of kate spade falling down as the company needs time to assess a buy-out from coach. the handbag mayinger said it was receiving a bid from coach. police in texas have released new video as the hunt continues of a suspect who shot and killed a deputy yesterday. cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. cheryl: assistant chief deputy
6:45 am
constable was shot at least near a courthouse. police released a vehicle possibly linked to the slaying of a description of of a man seen at the time of the shooting. a white or hispanic man about 6'to 6'3 with short hair, medium to stocky built, the shooting was intentional. the constable e-mailed the county's office saying she was concerned that someone he once investigated could be a threat for him or his family. google introducing a new measure marketers track for their ads appear youtube. google said it's working with third-party companies to make sure that youtube brands are safe, this comes over controversy of placement of ads with objectionable content. companies like at&t and johnson and jon would pull ads till they get assurances that google is going to fix the issue.
6:46 am
shares of panera bread rising yesterday over take over target, mcdonalds, dominoes. dominoes said it was not discussing a deal with panera. investors like stock. it's been up 37%. if you like your coffee strong, we have the cup for you. a south african company says it has the world's strongest cup of coffee, it's call black insomnia. 12-ounce serving containing 702 milligrams of serving, tee times an average cup of coffee contains. expert sate that much is not good for your heart. so if you want to drink that, good luck. dagen: it can trigger --
6:47 am
cheryl: a heart attack. dagen: pronounced anxiety attack because your heart starts beating so fast. cheryl: 5-hour energy. jon: end up watching basketball till midnight. dagen: you look okay this morning. [laughter] lee: they cause real problems for folks. dagen: i'm embarrassed to say how much coffeen i've had to drink this morning. lee: never enough. this is my third cup of coffee. jon: three cups of coffee. dagen: you sip on the coffee. you have a cup of coffee like this that has five times the caffeine it hits you in the
6:48 am
face, something from a road runner cartoon if you know what i'm saying. you know what i'm saying. jon: we should get some of that stuff. dagen: exactly. exactly. coffeen does not get rid of puffy eyes, i can attest to that. another drawback as jon said stayed up late to watch championship game and speaking of that the tar heels trouncing the bulldogs. north carolina claiming their six national title in men's basketball. some people are saying that the refs ruined the game. the controversy next. look closely.
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dagen: ncaa croins new member's champion. jared max with the highlights. jared: what a game. north carolina and gonzaga went to the wire. player on both sides dive for a loose ball near baseline. meeks appears to have a hand out of bounds, meeks had been called out, gonzaga would have had the ball but instead a jump ball was called and north carolina was given the possession and scored in the possession. under 30 seconds to go. tar heel isaah is going to go low. carolina goes up 3. williams gets stuffed by meeks
6:53 am
and the play that sealed it for north carolina, jackson slams it home. north carolina scores the final 8 points of the ncaa championship to get six title winning last night by 71-65, third title for head coach roy williams. >> the confetti is going to fall for north carolina. [cheers and applause] jared: tar heel champs, one night after south carolina won title. 33 years ago patrick let georgetown to only national championship. patrick is returning as head coach and he's been assistant for four nba teams, now lands head coaching job. 24 major league baseball team play first games of the season including the washington nationals, scored a comeback win against the miami marlins 4-2. look what happened at the game was over. as fans were leaving national's
6:54 am
park protestors hung a sign criticizing the president. it reads impeach trump #resist. spokesperson for the nationals said the barn, that was after the game violates conduct policy and wasromptly coiscad by secity. boston red sox scored a 5-3 win over the pittsburgh pirates. a shot in the arm for the fenway faithful from the super bowl champion tom brady, ron gron gronkowski comes over and says i, can steal that too. they run around the field like tom and jerry. he can throw a baseball as well brady throwing out -- hey, it's tom brady. >> and i want to point out gronk didn't play in the game because to have back injury and he's gotten maybe -- jared: wwe lately.
6:55 am
dagen: you turn around and he's like krispy kreme. jared: he's the man child that some of us want to be. dagen: i don't want to be a patriots fan. i want to turn the story about nancy karagen. fellow olympic skater posted the tweet, wishing karigin good luck on dancing with the stars and she was not finished with the jokes. so excited for you, break a leg. hours showing her with what she calls a speci sign for -- nancy kerrigan is on dancing with the stars. jared: this would have been a lot of funnier -- jon: there were a lot of millennials around. >> i followed the story like crazy when i was little. jared: the story would have been
6:56 am
funny if it was tonya harding. dagen: tonya's husband and a friend of theirs. jared: so tonya as the story goes through her boyfriend, they hired somebody to go and wac nancy kerrigen's leg in practice and busted dreams. dagen: oh, my leg. that was the famous sound bite. wasn't it -- didn't she say, oh, my leg, why me, why. lee: horrible. dagen: there's a tonya harding movie. dagen: at least a movie being made with drum roll, please. stunningly beautiful.
6:57 am
she was in wolf of wall street, she played leo dicaprio's wife and she's starring as tonya harding. [laughter] jared: referees last night, let them play the game. we don't need that many fouls in national championship. jon: one and done is this proof that it doesn't work? jared: do what you need to do to get the victory but sometimes it doesn't. dagen: thank you, jared max, 24/7 siriusxm 115. we will be right back
6:58 am
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rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maa bartiromo, defying president trump on immigration, california passing to make state sanctuary state. >> let me assure you that judge gorsuch is going to be on the supreme court by midnight friday night. i can assure you that, one way or the other, he's going to get the necessary votes to get there. >> if they can filibuster of the
7:01 am
quality of neil gorsuch who can qualify under their rules -- >> this would be the last person that will be subject to a filibuster, which was in effect in 1948 because the senate traditions are going to change over this man. dagen: fall-out coming up. the wells fargo whistle blower gets the job back.e government k to pay $5.4 million to the manager who initially reported this fraud. no bank cards, no problem, amazon launching a new service that makes it easier to buy items on the site and other retailers. warren buffet is coca-cola's largest shareholder and now pitch man. his face appearing on cherry coke cans in china. checking global market actions futures, lower across the board. hanging in there dow down 34 points after modest lost yesterday. in europe the action mixed.
7:02 am
the ftse 100 in england, up slightly about half a 1% there. in asia overnight, two major markets closed, nikkei and kospi in south korea are both lower. redemption for north carolina. tar heels winning sixth national championship and chapel hill going wild last night. all of that and so much more coming up this morning. real clear politics national political reporter caitlin burns and wall street journal economics editor jon hilsenrath and partners' president lee carter. you still watched the game. jon: markets are closed in hong kong and shanghai, a sweeping holiday in china. families go out to deceased one and clean and sweep graves and burn fake money in their honor.
7:03 am
dagen: we need those holidays in the united states. rather than running reruns, we are here. we have only four holiday that is we take off, new year's day, christmas day, we take thanksgiving off too. i missed that one. we have the minister of investment and international cooperation from egypt, dr. nazar, aol ceo is also here and house judiciary committee and freedom caucus member congressman ron, can you imagine what we are going to talk to him about. susarice, the health care reform bill, youame it, we are going to cover it with the congressman and ceo caroline ghosn. you don't want to miss the one coming up right now. the california senate passing a bill to limit cooperation with
7:04 am
federal immigration authorities. this move bars state agencies from using resources to help immigration enforcement. joining us now former massachusetts senator, fox news contributor senator scott brown, good to see you. senator, the sanctuary bill comes nearly a quarter as the entire u.s. population of undocumented immigrants live in that state according to the public policy institute of california. i guess the question from everybody is how can the state do this. >> well, they can do it because obviously very liberal state senator who is are obviously challenging the federal government. when gorsuch gets appointed to the supreme court you can rest assured that california is going to file a lawsuit and it'll immediate i will go to supreme court and the supreme court will rule in favor of the federal government because the supremacy clause specially in something like this applies. can you imagine dagen living in
7:05 am
california, i mean, that's really a great motto, hey, listen, all you illegals come on over, we will take care of you whether you're a criminal, rapist, we will take care of you. imagine what the ordinary hard-working citizen who believes in laand ordewho lives in california right now. i feel badly for them. lee: don't you tnk it's one more piece of evidence suggesting that people can't tell the difference between legal and illegal immigration. why would they possibly say sanctuary -- we are going to foster illegal immigrants. it's illegal to be here. how can you make a law to make it legal? >> i hear your frustration. i was with some friends last night and talked about this very issue. how do you actually support something like this. how do you say, come on, you've broken our laws, hurt or killed, it's okay, we will protect you and we won't turn you over?
7:06 am
imagine how we will make the ordinary citizen who wants to stay safe field. it's obviously going to the supreme court. jon: senator, where does the republican party stand on legal immigration? a lot of economists say we need more of it to keep the labor force growing and the economy growing. we have news out today in the wall street journal and other publication that is the white house is squeezing some of the rules on h1b1 visas s. this party for more legal immigration, less or no change? >> well, first of all, i think they believe in legal immigration 4.3 million give or take people that are in line right now. they should be processed first. you need verification, you need to secure the border. there's a whole host of things you need to do before you take a group that are here illegally and give them rights and whatever bill that marco and others tried to do last time, during the whole process they
7:07 am
were going to continue to get benefit that is they weren't entitled to and that's where basically things fell off. jon: should there be more -- increasing the number of legals? >> of course, the irish with ted kennedy and you high amount of illegal irish immigrants as well. you should review that and it's not inappropriate to say are you a skilled person, we want you come on versus saying you come, you come and be a burden on societ i don't think that's inappropriate. dagen: the trump administration did reopen, began accepting application for highly-skilled workers and basically the broad crack-down that the president had talked about in the campaign trail didn't happen but they are going to be, i guess, more pressure on the outsourcing companies that typically win a
7:08 am
lot of these visas because that's the source of anger and ire along some of his supporters. i want to move to judge gorsuch, the fight to confirm him to the supreme court continues and the judiciary committee did advance nomination on straight-party line vote clearing the way for him to be considered by the full senate but a procedural vote is expected thursday to end a democratic filibuster of the nominee. if republicans can't secure the 60 votes that they need, they'll be forced to use basically change senate precedent in order to confirm gorsuch with just a straight up or down majority vote. white house press secretary sean spicer is confident that a decision will come friday, watch this. >> we have done, i think, a very good job that we have the republican support to pass it. it's internal question to determine how they want to do it. make no mistake, leader mcconnell when he says on
7:09 am
friday, chief gorsuch will be nominated as supreme court justice. dagen: this is a must-needed win ? >> i mean, you watched the hearings like i did, it was unbelievable the calm and demeanor and incredible amount of knowledge he had about our country's laws. it was fascinate to go watch. so it's unfortunate they are going to change the rules, you need to act as americans first and senators are getting so much pressure from outside groups. i was there and i have seen pressure that both leaders put on members, you'll lose this committee and that committee. sometimes you have to fight and do the right thing. i'm sad but, listen, i'm thankful also that we are going to finally move forward. >> do you think democrats are going down a slippery slope by forcing hand on nuclear option?
7:10 am
do you see senators changing rules on legislation? >> well, you would like to think that they would try to go back, once we have gone past -- down this road it's not going to change. don't forget harry reid went down that road and as a result you see a lot of the the secretary and leverage that the minority party has is actually gone. so i think this is going to be the new norm and we are going to get not only this nominee but potentially one or two more and it could help the country and shape the country for decades to come. dagen: that's really what those republican senators like lindsey graham, we heard, that they are concerned that the nominees will be so extreme in the future because that's what the -- their base will demand from them. scott, i wanted to get your reaction from this. there's about 200 movie theaters worldwide that are screening the film 1984 in protest of
7:11 am
president trump. the majority of the screens will take place in the u.s. but their venues in canada, sweden and united kingdom, they're also expect today anticipate, sales of novel surged since kellyanne conway's use of the phrase alternative facts. do people need to just get over themselves? >> dagen, i remember george orwell's classic novel and you're referring to the obama administration with the potential and alleged surveillance in the denial by susan rice, is that what we are talkinabout? this big bro thing or talking about the mainstream media not reporting the facts necessarily, editorializing a lot of the stories about our president? obviously you're talking about this is a reflection and resisting the democratic party's movement; is that right, because i think it's quite a stretch and they can continue to protest and protest and protest but meanwhile we are going to try to create jobs. this president is going to try
7:12 am
to keep our country safe and secure and try to reestablish ties throughout this country and i think it's time to move on but i don't think it's going to happen soon. >> it's fascinating that the left has tried to paint republican and donald trump as fear amongers and yet this is what the left is doing. we are comparing the administration to hitler and who is really the fear monger right now. i -- >> you look at the fact of the healthcare bill that. was the democratic process. there was no dictatorship, there was negotiating, wheeling and dealing trying to make good sausage laws and he failed. the narrative falls on deaf ears. for the average voter, the person who is listening to this, joe on the street, they don't believe it at all and i think -- i think he's going to be in good shape moving forward. dagen: thank you, scott, it was good to see you, senator scott brown. be well.
7:13 am
more fallout from wells fargo's phoney account scandal. why the government is ordering to reinstate a whistle blower, ahead. the new servic that let's you shop online without a credit or debit card coming up
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
dagen: death toll rising after severe storms hit the southeast. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: good morning, dagen, at least five deaths victims so far including a mother and 3-year-old daughter in louisiana. a woman who was killed slipped car into a creek. >> i can't believe it, what just happened here. everything happens for a reason but i don't understand why it happened to them. cheryl: forecasters say severe thunderstorms are also possible today on southeast and that storm is heading up north as well today. government has ordered wells fargo to rehire a former bank manager who was fired in 2010 after reporting suspecting fraudulent behaviors
7:17 am
to bosses and called the bank ethic hotline and must pay 5.4 million for back pay, compensatory and legal fees and they are going to request a hearg. shares of wells fargo up more than 14% year over year despite the scandal that hit can fraudulent accounts. amazon announcing a new feature that helps you spend more money on their site, it's called amazon cash, allows to add cash to amazon balance, you show bar code at retailers, cash goes immediately to your amazon account and you can use it to shop. you can add 500 -- 500 bucks, $15, whatever. amazon cash is going to be available at several retailers across the united states. well, google, get this, wanted to know what teenagers think is cool. it funded a survey to find out. guess what? teens like google and youtube which google owns, maybe, i don't know there's a question
7:18 am
here, anyway, right, anyway the google research found that netflix like under armour and chick-fil-a, dagen, chick-fil-a is hot with the teens. dagen: because they have delicious chicken sandwiches says the vegetarian or vegan. cheryl: who knew chick-fil-a. dagen: two words waffle fries. lee: chick-fil-a fries. >> the spicey chicken sandwich for me. dagen: the hurdle for having a chick-fil-a is very high. dagen: yes. lee: they have crazy lines every time i go -- not to say that i go all of the time. they do have breakfast. dagen: again -- lee: chicken waffles.
7:19 am
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dagen: looking to reboot the relationship between the united states and egypt, president trump welcomed abdel el-sisi. had never been invited from
7:23 am
administration but it was a new day at the white house with military and economic ties taking the lead. >> i just want to let everybody know in case there was any doubt that we are very much behind president el-sisi, he has done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. we are very much egypt and the people of egypt. dagen: joining us now is the egyptian minister of investment and international cooperation, dr. sahar nasr. good to see you, you were at this meeting at the white house. what came out of it? what's new? >> i think it was a historical meeting and what's new is that the u.s.-egypt relationship is back. we are strategic partners and i think we have a lot of in common and that was the main message that was transmitted from both leaders yesterday. dagen: well, let's talk specifically about, well, first
7:24 am
in military help, is egypt going to step up and help us fight the islamic state given the military aide that we give to egypt every year which is roughly $1.3 billion? >> i think it's very important to highlight here that the two nations have a lot of common interests and i think that the two governments have se objective where both nation and government, to defeat terrorism and that's something that we all agree. we are aiming at achieving security and stability and not only in egypt but across the world. that's the key challenge that we are facing and we are there to fight it together. dagen: dr. nasr, there's been some reporting on potential reductions in aid to egypt with certainly the state department looking at budget cuts.
7:25 am
did those potential cuts come up at all? >> i think that the way we look at it is actually a package of partnership and support, economic support. we look at it that we are here to promote investment, we are very keen on having the u.s. companies invest in egypt. we have moved forward with major legislative and legal reforms as well as institutional so that's how we see it. in terms of economic support and economic assistance, what we are negotiating and discussing is how can this assistant package with the legal lateral reform support more private sector participation. that's the ultimate objective and that's the sustainability that we are really trying to achieve for our country. dagen: dr. nasr, what do you make of the criticism that human right abuses in egypt took a back seat during official visit. we had five senator who is were plan to go introduce a
7:26 am
resolution to ease -- urging egypt to ease and release of political prisoners as well? >> it's very important here to highlight and look at issues in perfective. i-- perspective. i think it's important that we now have a parliament that's checking checks and balances and as a member of the government, we are very much commit today human right issues and i look, for example, on women's empowerment and not only that we have four mentors in charge of large portfolio, it's unprecedent that had we have 15% of the parliamentary presented by women that do seek and push forward human right issues. we are committed for that on all fronts. that's how i really see the
7:27 am
situation. there's sometimes misperceptions about that issue and i think that's one thing that we are also consulting and discussing with the civil society, the private sector, with the think tanks and we want to make sure our message is large, clear and loud and that we are committed to support human right issues. dagen: dr. nasr, thank you so much for being here. the future of aol and yahoo taking shape. why it's taking social media things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm digging the gal in for maria bartiromo appeared tuesday come april for it. president trump, the commander-in-chief to hold a roundtable on the state of business in the u.s. with many top executives. more on the meeting ahead. you've got a new name. aol and yahoo! is said to be rebranded as oath. consumers however are not just married to the name quite yet. the details as the move gets grilled online. han solo, harrison ford or face a penalty for his recent runway fiasco.
7:31 am
how the actor avoided punishment. maybe because he's famous? coming out. but when males can't buy homes because they are too busy paying my student loans. breaking down the shocking report. great article in the journal today. warren buffet with a refreshing new look to cherry coke. how it became the mascot in china. is china. is anyone a nation is? checking global market action. feature showing losses across the board of united states being 56 by abbas and the dow features. the ninth of march as well. in europe, next action. ftse 100 hit enter again in a 31%. two major markets where there. jon hilsenrath, they are closed for gains have been made. the championship comes home.
7:32 am
[cheers and applause] dagen: the highlights after umc went to six men and see aa basketball championship. aol and yahoo! plan to call themselves buy a new name after his $4.5 billion deal with verizon closes. oath, iol's chief tim armstrong confirming the tim armstrong confirming the move in a twitter post yesterday. the name did not go over so well with simpson dressing oath sounded like a heavy metal band that made digital print. kayla ceo tim armstrong. do you care what people think? could you reduce twitter posts? >> by the way, we care that people care. oath is a commitment ran. it is not used based and it's a berkshire hathaway,
7:33 am
behind-the-scenes brand that support some of the largest digital brands. yahoo!, aol, "huffington post," tech crunch, yahoo! finance. for us it's been a great opportunity to tell their story in oath is said to let you tie all of our global talent together in the value space business that matter big reds externally which was due in q2. dagen: in layman's term i guess, you keep the yahoo! brand. if you've got a yahoo! e-mail account that states. aol stays. this is just the overarching name that you came up with. >> the brands we have are some of the most powerful brand in the digital economy. not only are we going to keep them, we'll invest in them. consumers will see massive investment in terms of the yahoo! brand, a offering, "huffington post," tech crunch, yahoo! finance. this is our opportunity to tell a big consumer stories starting
7:34 am
with the p2p story which is bided reorganizes brings together. the economy is going from linear a software-based economy. the largest players to reach 1.3 billion consumers a month with collection of assets. oath is the house of brand. dagen: z does this for a living. she does messaging and polling and one of the choke somebody made was both sound like both or loaf, which is also a verb. >> oath also sounds like growth. that's one of the things we're focused on is how we grow. >> oftentimes people criticize the human pipette first came out, verizon, people criticize the bit i would be that. penetrate with the the idea that it's a values-based organization. we see more and more people want to know the value of the companies they are investing in or apart of. tell me about the means and what values are standing for.
7:35 am
>> today's world, basically that is in conductivity to the whole world in terms of consumer landscape and business landscape interest, number one is talent. and our business, we try to get behind the world's best brand builders. if you run one of our big red camille at the start organization. we can't connect to by saying you're underneath this brand. oath is on top of you. we got to be connected by values. if you're running one of our brands, lunch and to serve the audience and have a commitment to move the family had you. we are the soil that great brands grow out of. oath is that values-based environment where you can be hyper creative, hyper talented and brand building. you can come to s&p in our environment that will promote you. some of the brings up-and-coming light riot, it's been nominated the last two years for oscars all the way through "huffington post" which is now an almost 20
7:36 am
countries and reaches 200 million can numerous. with a great portfolio but it's the values they care about that coming about that come into our system and help you promote. dagen: did you come up with the name after that massive data breach a yahoo! data breach at yahoo!. with this in an effort to put that to rest or change the perception of what happened? we came up with the brand name a year ago. we took a step back and set in the future will will be a of brands. what is something that would connect brands well together. we started with values and i think what we see internally sunny statements or three word statement that all the brands have their own oath overall. we thought about this year ago. the things with fake news and data breach happening linked into what we are doing. we want to be a company long-term committed and focused. jon: i'm an old newspaper guy. i wonder your vision of the new industry.
7:37 am
trade to the ink stained red you are. how are americans getting their news in 10 to 20 years and how are you positioning yahoo! and aol to deliver that? >> i started newspaper in boston when i started my career in a thing that trust and this is why friends are important. when youhink about t sea of noise and on the other aspects people get connected, the brand of what you contrast, right now with the stuff happening in fake news conveys the consumer reaction to it. jon: we see people gravitate away from trust organization and distressed and organizations to trust. trust is breaking down. >> here's the difference. trust will get out and is being rebuilt by brands that are embracing the new distribution model. "huffi distributed on face the. "huffington post" is a digital brand in a trusted random why
7:38 am
would people care on facebook about having a digital trusted brand. they do admit data shows it. to be honest with you, the areas challenging for traditional news serving traditional news expects consumers to behave the same way they were behaving before when in reality if you are one of our brands are one of the brands you guys sound, you have to build your brain on social media and you have to be out there. the brands they get in front of consumer trends -- by the way, the news brands globally have the most unbelievable opportunity in the last 20 years to build significant brands that are going to go to every country, it ever felt in the world. if you fight the trend, my guess is he would not be an organization people look to that they trust. i'm a long-term believer in a trusted brand so i'm probably wrong on this category overall. i see statistics and data. jon: should've called it trusts.
7:39 am
>> that is one of the oath we are making. >> any talk about user engagement? i'm so fascinated by how engaged people are and what they consume and in their brand within the trump administration. is that a reaction to that are kind of a new pattern? >> one is the data we've seen after the election is consumers have stayed engaged which normally the presidential cycle with the election is over we see a drop-off. engagement levels have stayed or gotten deeper. you may see this talking to consumers across the globe. the other interesting thing since everyone is empowered with fonts, tumbler is one of the assets we get in the yahoo! deal. tumbler has tens of millions of posts a day. when i grip you got the news one way basically didn't react to it. he thought about it, might discuss it. today the news is a two-way news cycle it to a content cycle. the engagement levels we see
7:40 am
right now seem to be holding in building a overall and i think it's a two-way engagement cycle. another peer brand you get to visit it one way. trades will want to play not something that there is month to month. fox news to most recent recent month was 55 the publisher with the most engagements. the biggest news publisher far and away above highest average engagements. jon: this is my grandfather used to call tooting your own horn. dagen: the "huffington post" and fox news. >> this is a great point because fox has done a very good job of building audience. if you look across different properties than what you do and cable also. the reality is if you are human and get up and get up in the morning, you have a choice. you can see whatever else is saying about a trusted brand. we talk about the engagement levels on the most trusted rays have been going up, not down.
7:41 am
even the subscribers for "wall street journal," "new york times," look at digital subscribers versus analog. engagement levels are going out. not only traditional, but advertising online is growing to 15%, 20% a year. dagen: marissa mayer's, did she stay ceo at yahoo!? >> we are both spending the last 12 getting organized. we are 90 days away from the final executive structure overall. we don't have anything to announce big marissa said publicly and privately she will stay through the next phase to make sure yahoo! is in a good place overall. we are actively discussing announcements will make the end of q2 about with structure is going to be in the people. we don't have anything to announce that burris is committed to staying through the next phase. trade to attend, good to see you. tim armstrong with aol. harrison's close call will not cost in. by harrison ford is let off the
7:42 am
hook after coming way too close for comfort with a passenger jet. warren buffett to come in the face of something very dear to his heart and stomach, cherry coke or coca-cola's biggest helping advertise in china next. ♪ when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
7:43 am
whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this.
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7:45 am
train to harrison ford will keep his things following a near miss in them. cheer up on has the details. >> han solo can keep fighting. ford will not be punished after he landed his plane on a taxi ride in a southern california airport earlier this year. an american airlines jet waiting to take off.
7:46 am
the faa saying it won't find him and held really keep his pilots license without any restriction. ford has been a pilot for 20 years told air traffic control that day he got distracted at the 737 and ambition not related on the taxiway. several close calls including a crash landing after engine failure in 2015. well, they are celebrating a north carolina. the tar heels beat gonzaga for the basketball championship last night. title for north carolina. the game may be remembered for the number of fouls called. 44 called and although they were evenly handed out, 22 each side, plenty of complaints about it. the rats were basically too involved in the game. even lebron james treated the game is hard to watch. i can't watch this anymore, man. i would like to see the kids decide humans again. dwayne wade said that this kids play. but the whistl away.
7:47 am
headlines is morning. ben & jerry's, good morning. a free i.c.e. cream cone shops across the country today. the ceo saying it hard for the power of i.c.e. cream we are able to form strong connections and create positive social change together. we show our fans how much we appreciate them. they've been doing free cone day since 1979 by the way. enjoy if you live somewhere where it's not raining or cold. warren buffett is using this space to sell his favorite soft drink in china. cherry coke to promote the release of the drink in china. berkshire hathaway a comment he is known to drink a lot of cherry coke. he's also well known in china. limited edition can available at the next annual meeting. more caffeine and sugar to get you more ramped up for this situation. those are headlines.
7:48 am
dagen: thank you commissioner hall. lee, which about warren buffet space on a can of coke to people know who he is? >> there is an obsession with real successful wealth business people. i've never seen before. lines out the door for business news. >> love collectors items. i lived in hong kong in the late 90s. mcdonald's had these promotional campaigns where they sold little trinket figures with different hats from different nations on them. people lined up out the doors for days to get their hands on these trinkets. this'll be turned into a collectors item. we see people lining up. trade to wish beverages you can actually drink it to be of value. it has to be an unopened can. >> just say that.
7:49 am
>> polkas doing their marketing around for. coca is the new line. all the their commercials involve coke include in bringing out the taste of it, which is kind of odd to me. jon: i wanted it to the ben & jerry's story. you know any near the studio here? it's free i.c.e. cream day. dagen: i don't know where there's a ben & jerry's. i wanted to check your voter registration card to make sure you are a democrat. jon: that could be a problem. dagen: there's one at rockefeller center. for people who don't know, i digress at the building bearing is technically part of rockefeller center. there's a giant underground mall you can walk from fox news headquarters over to the skating rink is the kind of hard rock center. apparently there's one under there. i am not biting. jon: you are not buying. it's free. dagen: that was my point actually.
7:50 am
the cost of the education be causing the economy. student at stopping america's providing homes. jon hilsenrath on that next. ♪ abc, ecs 123. do re mi, abc comic ecs 123, baby you and me.
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dagen: an alarming report date a student debt is stopping americans from buying homes. according to the federal reserve bank of new york, borrowers to default on their loan payments cannot purchase a home due to bad credit. this is a story in "the wall street journal" today. how much is that holding back, home sales in this country? >> we are reporting one in 10 borrowers are defaulting with all kinds accredited.
7:54 am
we have a crisis brewing in the student loan industry. the government has taken it over. there's no underway standards. people are not in a position to borrow a car going on in taking money they can't pay back later on. dagen: how do you solve it? you don't want the government to go in and forgive the dad. the government has stepped up the effort to garnish the wages of people our income of people who owe money. jon: it is. student debt mike mortgage jet or credit card debt can be extinguished in bankruptcy. it never goes away and not hold back the ability of people to get out of their debt problems and a lot of borrow a home. the problem is the government wants to make it easier for people to get an education and education as a means to higher incomes and better livelihood. but the problem is that we've had in the last few years is an
7:55 am
ful lot people taking out student dad, taking out thousands of dollars of student debt and not finishing school so they end up with no degree and high debt loads they can't pay off. >> how does that happen russian marat i guess some personal tragedy or something like that. are these people dropping out of school? >> they are dropping out of school because they are not cut out for it. >> everybody's meant to go to college. that's something we forget. there's so many traits that are so important. >> some of the republican candidates are campaigning throughout the primary, and investing in community colleges are two-year programs are training programs for skilled work. >> i went out to community college. i think it was one of the best things i ever did. i kept my student.down now, too.
7:56 am
jon: the right things for the right people. it's a catch-22 bernment once ad intentions trying to match people up is making credit to available. dagen: i've said this for many years. it's exactly what caused the housing crisis it the availability of credits like everybody needs to own a home. everybody needs to have the kitchen with granite countertops and cherry cabinets and a two-story foyer. people borrow too much. they live beyond their means that they go to colleges beyond what they would ever earn in their job. jon: i'll tell you it's actually worse than that. the percentage of student are worse than sub prime credit is greater than the percentage of mortgage borrowers with subprime credit. the credit profilers for student borrowers is worse than the case in the mortgage boom at its worst. dagen: that is one of the biggest bias among young people in this country that the more you pay -- you've got to go to
7:57 am
college in the more you pay the better the education is going to be and it's a lie. >> you know how much it costs right now to go to college. jon: is being subsidized by all this credit. dagen: it's like the housing crisis the worst >> it's going to end up on taxpayers. if the federal government in the united states. dagen: will end up forgetting all the student loan debt in the american taxpayer, you can use a new in the end up footing the bill. still to come, the gender pay gap taking center stage a national equal payday. what you could be during two that the data closer to the gender pay gap. that is in the next hour. "mornings with maria." t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
dagen: dagen: dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell in forma massive. it is tuesday, april 4, your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time, business, in the spotlight, dozens ceos to white house as president makes a push on tax reform, and infrastructure spending. >> health care reform not following by the way sided, vice president mike pence meeting with the house freedom caucus in a inside effort to repeal and replace obamacare. >> the president continues to work hard, he is having conversations members have reached out to him. to make their suggestions known. and for that -- but -- but we continue to feel optimistic in the sense that there is a lot
8:01 am
of constructive ideas coming to the table. >> latest from capitol hill straight ahead, a surveillance bombshell, former national security he advisory susan rice behind unmasking of the official the fallout the scandal coming up, closing the gender pay gab negotiating your salary at first job sets tone for your entire career. you don't want to miss that, also, border wall backlash ahmanson under fire over a costume on the sight global market futures in the united states lower across the board, picking up steam as morning moves on 64-point loss on the dow futures at the moment the jobs' report coming out on friday that surely will be a market -- mover even in days ahead, in europe you've got mixed action stocks in england heading higher up almost 4/10 of a percent 28.gain on ftse
8:02 am
100 there, in asia overnight, you had two markets, that were closed for the purpose grave sweeping day pay tribute to long going to be on ren tifz inebriatinge kospi lowe, redemption from north carolina. >> and this is -- [cheers and applause] >> to north carolina not going to be denied this time. >> tar heels wen 6th national mens basketball championship. some saying -- the refs rue you understood the game tony romo time in nfl coming to end a report out that says than to unify romo is retiring, and looking to make a move into tv. of the cheryl casone will have something to say about that i bet all that, so much more coming up this morning, realclearpolitics national reporter reporter, "the wall street journal" global economic editor jon hilsenrath lee carter, we have the buyer
8:03 am
world covered pretty much you can get you get politics, economics,mens basketball -- >> messaging and -- >> we can agree on something about basketball today, you are a -- alum i am duke we're not happy about unc winning i am not. dagen: i will admit this. i like it when -- when acc teams win, i like it when acc teams win the basketball championship. >> i give you that. dagen: -- we got -- >> i know i still i will take carolina over duke any day i would probably root for duke in the final. >> i don't believe that for a second. >> i won't admit it florida congressman and member of the house freedom caucus coming up labor ceo, and mr. varney,
8:04 am
stuart to the -- stuart varney coming up later this hour as well. moving on to news of the day, president trump is set to hold a town hall meeting to discuss jobs tax reform infrastructure, after white house pushes a new health care deal, question mark, the very latest or from washington, adam. reporter: good morning to you dagen the white house the focus remains on the u.s. economy, and president trump's promise to create more jobs for the citizens of the united states. but there are discussions in negotiations occurring, with mberof congresover rereviving the american health care act you might call ryan care pliefrment and pale of obamacare discussions focusing on the negotiations with the freedom caucus. vice president mike pence, actually met with freedom caucus chair mark meadows as well as other members to ask is how they can advance the
8:05 am
bill pulled just a few weeks ago, and it centers on situations, such as, giving secretary of health and human services more authority to issue waivers to the state so they can bypass some cumbersome regulations as well as about tackling the problems with lack of insurance coverage as well as the insurance exchanges don't forget president trump played golf with rand paul, who has been a apprentice of repealing and replacing obamacare, just the other weekend. and here is what congressman paul had to say about moving forward on all of this. >> right now we are concerned that insurance companies are not going to sell to people in the individual market. half of america 50% of america has one company, when you get one company you've got a monopoly prices through the roof that is happening now under obamacare, what we want to make sure of is that the obamacare repeal makes that better. >> one thing to keep in mind they have to love quickly if there is going to be a deal
8:06 am
congress will be on recess for the easter holiday starting friday so not looking as if anything is going to happen. but never count anything out for good. one thing or a leverage that the administration has is willing to cut deals with democrats mad re to the motivation of republicans on the hill to work with e administration, one other thing that will happen later this morning, the president and ivanka meeting with ceos of companies banks and corporations to discuss creating jobs moving the is economy forward back to you. >> thank you for the report. bring in house judiciary committee freedom caucus member congressman ron de santis is it possible that you will get something done on hecht reform before you guys and gals take off before holiday. >> i don't know before holiday i would say cancel the holiday if close to something get it done but i think what is
8:07 am
happening is really what should have happened from the beginning there is a real he concerted effort to get a bill that reflects the consensus of our conference and before the bill had been done, said take it or leave that it left a lot of members of the conference not just conservatives feeling like the bill wasn't doing what we needed to it do i think there is definitely a great effort under way to get there, i am actually the optimistic because i think that folks both in the republican conference and white house understand that the former bill didn't do enough to drive down health insurance premiums the main rein people dislike obamacare if we address that in a way meaningful, and people be able to see it, then that o potentially can be a home run for us in the congress. dagen: what are the sticking points, like what do you need to see just as an individual member of the freedom caucus in order to get onboard with whatever comes o of the house? >> well i think senator appall hit the nail on the head about
8:08 am
individual s hungries market obamacare wrecked that premiums going up healthy people fleeing market kind of in a slow motion death spiral the former bill didn't have support really didn't address in a in meaningful way some ways may have made it worse, so i think if we are addressing that issue and moving in the direction of an actual market, so that we can see premiums go down, to me, that is the sweet spot. now there's members in the conference opposed to the bill problems on medicaid or others we have to accommodate that but i think the individual insurance market making sure that people can find an affordable policy and have multiple carriers offering one if we get there we've answered the call to repeal and replace obamacare. >> quick put some odds that all you republicans will get onboard with one plan and pass something, and send it to the senate and say next month? >> i think the odds are better-than-expected than even. i think it is the next month is probably the good time line
8:09 am
the senate told us, even if we passed the bill on our previous art if i cal deadline in march weren't taking it up till may nay rather than ray to ram it through before recess cancel recess make sure a consensus you product i think we have a very good chance to advance a true repeal and replace bill from the house. dagen: turning to a developing scandal in washington we have sources telling fox news that former national security adviser to president obama susan rice is the very conrn unmasked names of trump tricks officials caught in surveillance, in the statement to cnn a course close to susan rice said idea that ambassador rice o improperlit's is false there is nothing unusual making requests serving as security national
8:10 am
security official democrat or republican she essentially deepened on pbs, roughly 10 days ago less than two weeks she knew anything about the -- what devin head of your committee was talking about now in this state, there is no denial, your thoughts and what are you guys going to do about this on the house intelligence committee? >> well you are exactly right, 10 days oak she said i never heard of such a thing ists involved now that statement basically admits she did unmask they are saying it was proper for her to do it it is the case that a national security adviser does have authority to do that the question is is why did she unmask names and was that information used for? just so happens, that in the same time period, you had a rash of leaks of just this type of information grist for the gill all kind of media stories attacking trump administration trump transition the question is that unmasking link to the different intelligence leaks
8:11 am
that we have seen if it is then that is clearly an improper use of that authority, and an abuse of power. >> congressman are you going to call her to testify in front of the committee? >> i think we should have her before the intelligence committee. absolutely. i think both in house and senate we should do that, she needs to get on the record, and tell the american people what she did and i think we also need to get to the bottom of who else had access to this information ben roads big antibody loyalist deputy national security adviser you see susan rice ben, that is objectionable loyalists who tos folks are i think more incentive in some career bureau cats to do things could damage trump administration you have to prove that we have to get facts i think there are o trouble circumstantial evidence that we have seen. >> turn for a second to taxes at is your line in the sand what has to happen, on tax
8:12 am
overhaul to get you onboard? that is one question. relatedly, can -- would you be onboard with a tax overhaul that expanded deficit brought in less government revenue than is being brought in right now? >> expanding the defendant only happens if you continue to spend if you bring in less revenue there is nothing he preventing us from back spending would i be supportive of that i think the biggest issue i see right now with this the border-adjustment tax splitting republicans in half i am very supportive of lowering the business rates, i am supportive of lowering the individual rates broaden the base i think those are consensus things, but i think when you do the border adjustment it cries problems effectively going to raise taxes on low and middle income folks in terms of those of the things they buy, and i don't know that is a winner for us economically. >> where are you getting the trillion dollars that it gets you that is a trillion-dollar pipeline right there. what do you do but.
8:13 am
>> i think you should obviously exam ways where you can do that if you use reconciliation you he need to do that on tax or spending side. you can broaden the base, different things that you maybe able to do i just i just i am warning on that the border adjustment is split up in half i think makes tax reform more difficult, so i think we should be investigating other ways, to get there. of the and if we can do that, then i think we really have a clear path here in the house side at least. dagen: congressman you covered a lot of ground today thank you so much for joining us congressman ron de santis take care, costume controversy amazon under fire for a border wall themed outfit. >> and late night inmisinterpreting staple preparing to go public -- ron co is throwing out investors. e ♪
8:14 am
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. . dagen: boeing signing a three bland deal with iranian airline cheryl casone has more. cheryl: yeah, so airlines agreed to buy 37 -- 30 37 planes delivers to start in 2022 signed in tehran after yearlong negotiations provides purchase rights for 30 additional airplanes, this is the first major agreement,
8:17 am
between american company and iranian firm under trump administration back in committees boeing struck deal with flag car yes, sir iran air for 80 passenger joeths more than 60 billion dollars. >> gillette changing strategy response to falling market share years of adding features to razors, raising prices slashing prices to up 20% focusing on cheaper products trying to stop customers from buying like dollar club harry's has raiseers blades for less money. procter & gamble that is at a apparent company gillette up more than 7% past year 8968 the close last night. >> for those certain age, do you remember ronco on late night 62 since 1964 would you buy shares of this watch. >> just flip up the special dupont nylon, you are ready
8:18 am
any time. >> ron foundeded ron co 50 years ago vegematic through several owner changes filed for bankruptcy twice they want to raise 30 million but this is not a normal ipo encouraging investors reserve shares for 120 dollar investment says if you apply more than 5,000 dollars worth, he this will throw in a countertop rotisserie often. >> we will pick you up later i can quote ads because i am not young put it that way. >> appreciate. >> microphone every time -- you can purchase i got one -- this is from amazon swept up in a political drama this morning, online activities petitioning them remove donald
8:19 am
trump themed customs think say offense the words mexico will pay is printed there, the maker of the costume poking fun at trump may be? ceo jeff bezos they say against trump immigration policy until halloween i will get options now it is only april. dagen: i hate the left the liberal outrage over everything they find offensive a haircut is offensive the way you look at them triggering event, come on, please! when you say -- hooey. >> mastered outrage is dumb costume but if you want to wear it have at it. >> freedom speech. >> zam bridging gender pay gap salary negotiations the first step toward an equal payday. and is pano breaking bread
8:20 am
with potential buyers acquisition rumors surrounding the chain. kevin, meet your father. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james nancial adr can do for you.
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[ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ [ screams ] ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ]
8:23 am
whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] dagen: the gender pay gap center stage, national equal payday dedicated to achieving equal pay he reflectings on progress made toward he closing that gap. joining us now, lavo ceo caroline lego has ask for more survey finds 58% of people did not negotiate their first salary. us there why this is so critical, not just to your first job but really your career. >> so your first salary becomes basis for every single salary throughout your career. and typically what will happen
8:24 am
a company will ask you what your prior compensation was use that as basis for income and compensation. so if we're starting to have a gap, rate out of college, with young professional women in particularly not negotiations fissures salary that that means this is not an issue for mother's generation or grandmother generation this continues to be an issue for millennials entering workforce out of college. >> are you seeing a particularly among young women asking for raise? asking to negotiate salary is there any that you have seen on that -- more difficult for them? >> absolutely, one of the results we found in fifth annual swaef upped pulled over 1,000 millennial women 78% didn't feel confident, going into a negotiates. we also found that men are four times as likely as women
8:25 am
to initiate a negotiation less frequency and less confidence going into that fwoeshgs that is going to be successful. >> what is the solution here, i mean there is a lot of gaps i think in practical skill teaches to whether financial literacy whether negotiating on salary what they should do what kind of solutions do you propose? >> so our focus of this campaign is very actionable on the invidual so the ar three different ways that we need to address the pay gap, one of them is at the government level. the second is at the organizational level for individual companies and there are many measures that can close the gap more quickly, the third is the individual level so our campaign is very, very focused on what can that individual millennial do to improve their opportunities and chances so you focus on number one awareness of this gap, it is very fascinating that millennials don't tend to believe this gap applies to
8:26 am
them anymore, so awareness, yes still very much here, and one year out of school, that gap is already beginning, even if you are graduating now, that is the first piece the second piece is how do we actually educate you so that when you go into that room, you are prepared you have done work understand what the value is for that job title, and you understand how to have that conversation. in a appropriate collaborative way. dagen: one thing fascinateing in the study that you did of those people who negotiated salaries or asked for a raise first five years that was 52% of respondents, out of those 63% of people said that they did not get what they asked for, so part of what you guys are trying to teach people is how to make sure they do get it. >> what to do once in that room, so that it is a net positive conversation because it can be an opportunity to showcase that you are worthy of being out on front line that you know how to negotiate
8:27 am
you in a know how to do that in a way that strengthens the relationship an opportunity not necessarily challenge. >> is there a negotiating tactic people need to know i learned you don't put out first number so when a company asks you what were you making before don't tell them that brings a baseline for them, going to give you so much more than that isn't that something everybody should know let them make the first offer, and then you work up from that? >> that is an absolute one that we share as part of this campaign, then what happens when they are not putting the first number on table how do you actually patriarch it in a way that is data driven how you into are the data that you are bringing to the table. so we've created this tree of if statements if this happens ideal favkt if it doesn't here is how to respond you can get comfortable going into that
8:28 am
conversation, you understand how to maintain a data driven collaborative discussion throughout. >> data is power, also -- a little bit of -- well as we say down south gumption, about those what we call it. thank you so much caroline, take care please come back soon. >> thank you. dagen: coming up jared kushner expanding his role in the trump administration, the president son-in-law wading further into foreign policy a trip to iraq details next, the tar heels trample bulldogs in nailbiter but title win doesn't come without controversy, some fans are saying the refs ruined ncaa championship game.
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8:31 am
. . . dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo tuesday, april 4, your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern time, the trump administration, considers extreme vetting measures for all travelers visits coming to u.s. could be forced to hand over everything from social media passwords, to phone contacts the details ahead sna restrictions ahome jared occur inner travels to iraq. >> don't go too far he went invited by chairman joint he was chiefs of staff to see the work that is being done
8:32 am
firsthand i don't think that is translated into overseeing iraq, an accurate assessment. >> more on trip coming up u.s. military in dire need of repair a number of firefighter pilotings reportedly suffering from oxygen deprivation during flight. the is disturbing report coming up is panero baking up a sale sales surging amid talks looking for a buyer the details, tesla drives past competitors electric carmaker america's second most valuable car company the automaker a classic automaker in rear-view mirror, futures showing losses across the board 57-point loss on dow futures up -- in europe a little bit of mixed action, the only of the major market gadgets in positive territory ftse 100 england two year major markets in asia overnight closed, hang seng and shanghai composite, grave
8:33 am
sweeping day you go visit your relatives at cemetery inebriatinge kospi south korea lower, tony romo? heading to tv? the super star quarterback reportedly leaving the field for opportunities in front of california emergency room. >> tar heels rejoice highlights north carolina secures 6th men's ncaa national championship that trophy not without controversy trump administration considering far-reaching steps for extreme vetting fornz looking to visit united states could be forced to disclose contacts on mobile phones as well as social media passwords, financial records, according to trump administration officials, joining me news correspondent lea gabrielle, lea is -- measures could apply to people visiting from all over the world, in including u.s. allies france germany this is not just isolated countries
8:34 am
would they pass muster? >> would tests pass muster. >> you know there will be i am jumping ahead, but do they sound extreme? >> i mean it does sun on extreme but i think you also have to realize this is an administration that is taking security very seriously. something that president trump signaled his entircampaign, how serious he was about secuty. and i think what this really indicates is that that social media using things like phones, can give an indication of what of who somebody is involved with what connections are, might be able to prevent terrorist attacks might be able to prevent things dangerous to our country i think a signal things are taken very seriously in the future looking into relationships. >> how would they apply new rules they apply to everybody? everybody has to hand over their passwords? or do they just select specific groups raises all kinds of questions. >> i think we know never going to work to a everybody hand over passwords i think to be determined, i think this is something that still has to be
8:35 am
flushed out, but the bottom line is you know, we know that people use their devices, to connect with other people that they use them to communicate, that they are that it gives a huge indication of who someone is involved with, what connections are i think again just an indication of at the level of focus there is on security in our country, from this administration. >> we have ways to swale without getting passwords this does, i am all for national security but this does sun on extreme. >> you hit nail on the head people will feel under surveillance. >> you can be sure if is we impose extreme vetting measures passwords information from people entering the country all other countries are going to do it to us that could grind the international travel to a halt particularly for of businesses. again something that clearly they are going to have to flush out for all the reasons that you are describing, and, yes, people do feel they are under surveillance we are in a surveillance world these days everywhere you go there is swaine about new york city,
8:36 am
airports, really around the world if you travel to other countries, they are going to do biometrics china have your password look at way your face is structured have biometrics on you. >> seems to suggest we have a wagging technology problem if we have to say, here give me your password instead of having other ways of understanding who is coming and going. >> i am not defending this, i want to be clear about that but i can sort of explain it to your point about passwords, i think we have seen in cases, recent cases like, the san bernardino, that it is difficult to break passwords did i to try to get into people's systems i think this is sort of like if you want to come on to this country, from their perspective, this is then you have to submit to rules be open be willing, to be looked at to really be gaitdz to make sure that your safe again i am not defending it just saying this is this is what it sounds like from the perspective. is you know, if you want to come in be open to showing us what you are about who you are.
8:37 am
>> move on to story about jared kushner role in white house growing as senior adviser to the president visits iraq in addition to reviving phone domestic policy has office of american notification sean spicer say haves kushner is additionally working with state department watch this. >> he continue to work with them facilitate, outcome but brings a perspective to this, and began doing that during the recognition again, it is not a binary choice he is doing this at suspense of somebody else. >> o whereas others are not. >> great that is even better i think a win for our government. . >> a kushner in iraq to representative united states but critics even even alan west said yesterday kushner inexperienced taking on too much he is too young what is your take. >> my take is that he is there on the invitation of chairman of joint chiefs of staff that
8:38 am
is a big difference between that and president trump sending him to representative united states he there is with chairman this is a whole government approach i think it actually indicates that -- that chairman jointly chiefs of staff understands this administration how important jared kushner is to president donald trump. i think this is sort of he wants to bring him in the loop he knows that he is going to be advising the president he knows he has president's ear i think that is very important general dunford want kushner to have better understanding because he is is somebody sits down with president spends a lots of time with the president. >> up this that chinese understand that -- >> kushner -- >> to set up meeting between the president trump, and sisi this weekend people are figuring out avenues into oval office, an way, shape or form goes straight through ivanka kushner. >> portfolio has grown immensely i haven't seen this
8:39 am
kind of -- program in an administration for someone it is iraq, middle east, china, it is all of these relationships now -- but, again, government innovation, policy. >> it doesn't mean he is necessarily responsible for that policy be clear on that invited i agree with you is a concern he isspread too thin. >> -- chief of staff -- >> because you know, people are supposed to go through chief of staff to get to the president but people who understanding how it works are going through ivanka, kushner. >> aren't you supposed to be versed in all issues if you have an adviser counsel role to the president of united states i want to move on to this given lea's background as pilot increasing newborn of f-18 jet pilots are reportedly suffering from potential oxyg deprivation dur flooipt
8:40 am
officials cyber rising rate of episodes affecting polites following thisplane f-18 you are a former navy pilot what is going on. >> first of all, i want to bring up two names two of my friends have died because was oxygen problems in f-18 david castre instructor pilot died in 2001, in flight. >> in-flight in-flight on way to cuba. he had oxygen failure crashed died training mission getting a jet to key west another one captain frank hooks died because of oxygen problem 2004 f-18 problems i want to stress this is critical, that our government has to fix this problem it is the biggest concern from what i learned from my friends who are still in f-18 community, they see are people they are training is in dangerous combat train to toughest enemies when you have oxygen problem like your drunk i want to make that point because it can happen, f-18s typically fly between 20
8:41 am
and 40,000 feet at 40,000 feet if you have remain loss of oxygen you have about 15 seconds of use consciousness remain did he composure loss pressure in cockpit can go down to seven seconds before you are sleep the problem is that you actually feel sense of euphoria they train us to know what it feels like to become hypostic lose oxygen you can't think straight you don't you think that you can do more than you can. >> you really don't know that it is happening, so till it is too late. it is -- failing this is happening. >> appalling i am also hearing instructor pilots from a source in training exam t45 instructor pilots not want to go fly calling it operation risk management or, ending out of a flight saying the risk too high for the game of doing the training, i want to encourage them, to stand their ground and if they do not feel safe to fly because of this
8:42 am
problem, we need to change it we need to fix itfying out what is going on. >> incredible reporting thank you for being here good to see you. >> coming up health care on the hill with battle could mean for the timeline to repeal and replace obamacare, a tesla stock surge the company overtaking icon of the american ought industry in market value investor bet big on electric. hey welcome to another tennis court reporter fox business. open the biggest wcclay court event in the united states, day one, saw plenty of stars in action. allison had to fight hard to get past american day, 17-year-old pushed her to three sets, before -- to cross finish line day running out of days deciding set closed out
8:43 am
win 6-love. >> andrea looks to trophy in charleston 2014 looked pretty good took out laura to move on, three breaks, in comfortable 5 and 2 win just over an hour and half on the court. >> tennis channel in more than 50 million who else! you might be getting tennis channel not know it find it today. ♪ yes? please repeat the objective. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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. dagen: we are 44 minutes away from a opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, shares of panera bread surging yesterday on reports that restaurant chain might be a takeover target. according to one report starbucks domino's pizza caribou coffee interested domino's said it was not in deal talks shares are up more than 37% this year. tesla named to watch electricity carmaker america's second most valuable car company topping ford, within
8:47 am
striking distance of gm cap under 49 billion dollars. take a look at shares of tesla this morning. the hill is not over health care just yet, republicans making strides to come together, to fulfill president trump's promise now is host of "varney & company" mr. stuart varney, are you optimistic? >> oh i am not going to get into the pros and cons of this going to report you to what we hear. >> please. >> okay, vice president pence has been meeting with freedom caucus. senator rand paul on the right libertarian guy played golf with president trump just the other day. and said that they are closer than ever to getting a deal on health care representative marsha blackburn republican tennessee on this program yesterday, said they are working day and night maybe just maybe there will be a health care bill on the president's before congress i
8:48 am
should say by end of this week. so it is not entirely out of the question. i agree with you dagen a long shot, that is for sure. but it has been put on the table by the variety of sources out of d.c. imagine for one brief shining moment suppose that -- well suppose there was a health care bill before congress on friday just suppose and on very same day, neil gorsuch becomes next supreme court justice would be quite a week for president trump. wouldn't it? it is one and a half of that is going to happen i wondered about the other half on health care. >> call me cynic i wondered if doing this for show? because it makes them just even if it doesn't go anywhere, on the health care bill, it just makes them look more competent. >> makes them look like the party of government. it makes republicans look the
8:49 am
legitimate party of government are trying to do something maybe for show the old expression there is no smoke without some fire maybe there is a little fire there we can but hope. dagen: i will weekend this give me more of my money back that i work hard to earn a. >> that, too yes, we will see you 11 minutes mr. varney, stuart, and "varney & compy" every day 9:00 a.m. eastern time you don't want to miss it coming up next a cowboy's legend riding into the sunset tony romo reportedly retiring what is next for the former dallas quarterback? ♪ ♪ your insurance company
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dagen: tar heels win ncaa glory, six timeso sixth time jared max, the end of the line for mr. on the yea romo. >> nfl playing career yes but future looks bright, bright lights of television according to espn tony romo released by dallas cowboys today a free agent then retire from national football league said to have already spoken with fox, cbs, nbc about broadcasting jobs as color analyst he leaves cowboys all-time leader several quarterbacking categories undrastedz free agent in 2003 first pass 00 never passed round in four paerpgs all time leaguered in passing touchdown passes 00 yard games perhaps
8:54 am
back surgeries troubles began 013 last near from being air gave way to prescott the team starter romo turns 37 bon voyage tony see you in the booth. >> north carolina amazing run beak beat gonzaga folks talking about the a officiating carolina up one players dive for a loose all about near baseline kennedy meeks appears a hand out of bounds meeks had been called out gonzaga would have had the softball instead jump ball north carolina had possession scored ensuing possession tar heels one-handed shot carolina up 3 the other end williams goss of gonzaga stuffed by meeks seals it for carolina jackson slams home tar heels final 8 points of this game.
8:55 am
>> -- off the mark, and this is confetti -- north carolina! neither going to be denied this time. >> 6th national title third for coach roy williams 71-65 north carolina wins men's title of after south carolina took women's championship see who got fenway faithful full for winning opening day new england patriots on hand for red sox he opener tom brady famous jersey in history of sports jerseys showing off good stuff, his buddy gronkowski to be a goof rip jersey out of brady's hands he will get it back. >> tom brady showed fenway he can throw a baseball red sox beat priorities 5-. >> how did mets do.
8:56 am
>> mets win. >> all we care about no o offense if patriots -- our viewers might. >> interesting considering you are wearing red sox red i am carrying carolina blue why why won't it be redskins red why couldn't it be red jared? i got you, what about romo romo's retirement quick. >> -- romo. >> i was reading must have been 5 or 6 compression fracture, one or two procedures. >> sounds like time. >> some point. >> a wander man in broadcast booth see how interesting serene knowledge. >> gronkowski do you think he will be back. >> you wondered when he sees a player like romo look what i can do much here in it passes do i need to catch does this save 10 years, guys think
8:57 am
about that. >> with back injuries you do run you could -- seriously run risk of paralysis, jared good to see you. >> i am well aware of that very familiar with it joe thank you so much fox news headlined 24-7 siriusxm 115. we'll be right back.
8:58 am
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>> quick final thoughts. >> i was fascinated by the student loan story, check it out in the wall street journal.
9:00 am
>> go. >> president trump meeting with rand paul and others and he's engaging with people. >> i think we need to pay attention to the changing of senate rule. big deal always for the future. mari maria:. >> always a big deal. stuart: damaging to the left, damaging to the obama team, ignored by the media. fox news learned it was susan rice to revealed the names of government officials contained in reports. she was president obama's national security advisories. she received summaries of reports, she asked for and received names of trump campaign related officials. she did not leak, but made leaking easier. it was designed to undermine


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