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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 6, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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and do something. charles: thank you very much for catching the show he night 6:00 p.m. if you can't see it -- vr it. -- dvr it. keep it right here on fox business. lou: there is now no question that susan rice's unmasking of trump transition official and nsa surveillance was anything but routine or ordinary. and she is clearly on record having lied within a two-week period contradicting what she said she knew about the obama pie scandal. the head of the intelligence
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committee isn't ruling out calling her as a witness. >> if there is intelligence that leads us to a reason to look at susan rice, then we'll do it. howie: candidate by reporters if he thought rice committed a crime, the president says he thinks she did. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano says rice's actions may have been criminal. he joins us tonight. president trump promised to build that wall. but his homeland security secretary doesn't seem to be overly committed to the idea. >> it's unlikely we'll build a physical barrier from sea to shining sea. lou: the executive director of the national immigration forum joins me. and the co-founder of the house freedom caucus, congressman jim jordan.
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he's taking part in those renews efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. deep divisions remain and so far no sign of a deal. good evening. susan rice is defending her request to unmask trump campaign and transition officials who were inadvertently surveilled by the nsa. she calls her request routine. it's clear also the requests were anything but routine, and were actually he unusual. according to members of the house intelligence committee who have seen the intelligence reports at the center of this unmasking scandal, the files do not pertain to russia, but contain information highly personal in nature. >> this is information about their every day lives. who they were talking with, who they were meeting, where they were going to eat. nothing of substance or value unless you are trying to lay out
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a dossier on somebody. lou: that majority leader mitch mcconnell is back an investigation into the rice scandal. >> i ask the intelligence committee to investigate these allegations pertaining to susan rice and we look forward to the report on what happened. lou: president trump saying i think it's going to be the biggest story. it's such an important story for our country and the world. it's one of the big stories of our time. when asked whether he believes rice committed a crime, he said she believes she did. my next guest says susan rice was entitled to ask that the names be unmasked.
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but to do so for other than national security it could be espionage. espionage. the word sort of collides with the ear. you don't think of this even if it's criminal in nature to being espionage. >> the names of americans whose communications have been intercepted are top secret. the revelation of those names for a purpose other than to understand the communication that they were involved with is the failure to maintain state secrets. and that's espionage. this is the same crime that hillary clinton probably committed when she put state secret on a non-secure server in the basement of hers and her husband's home. susan rice as the national security advisor can ask for any unmasking she wants.
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but she is only entitled to unmask a name if quote it is necessary to comprehend the conversation that the person was participating in. howie: we just heard congressman peter king say the material he saw which is the same letter looked at by the national security advisor, susan rice, is all personal in nature. >> if she asked for names to be unmasked that were not connected to national security she committed a crime. if she was interested in what donald trump and paul manafort were talking about the night before his speech in cleveland, and if she gets it that's a profound violation of federal
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law, and if she repeats it to someone else, it's another violation of federal law. lou: here is the national security visor for a democratic administration going after the surveillance of the republican challenger to hillary clinton, the democratic nominee. >> we don't know all the facts. congressman king has seen more than you and i have. we don't know what susan rice has seen. this is why the f.b.i. needs to investigate. but this might be something bigger than idle curiosity. it might be something even worse than the use of intelligence for political purpose. it might be an evident by the outgoing administration to destabilize the incoming administration which would be a scan california profound importance. lou: weaponized intelligence in
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the united states of all countries is so abhorrent that it's unimaginable to most people. but we are look at scant evidence that that may have occurred. and we are looking at the politicization of intelligence that is extraordinary. and there are a lot more questions and answers about what that president and that administration was up to. >> you are exactly right. fingers will begin to point at a person from whom we haven't heard a people since january 20. the only person for whom susan rice worked and the only person with whom she could legally discuss those unmasked names. we know who that is. lou: should we say his name? >> barack obama. the president of the united
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states and her boss at the time. lou: we are coming right back. you don't want to miss any of it. stay with us. the trump administration barreling ahead with efforts to revive new healthcare legislation. >> the president and i remain confident that working with the congress we'll repeal and replace obamacare with healthcare reform that will work for the american people and work for the american economy. lou: we take up the ongoing efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. we'll be talking about [ engine revs ]
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they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lou: no progress to restart talks on repealing and replacing obamacare. this is house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows as he left that long meeting with administration officials, conservatives, and even moderate. >> i want to make sure i'm clear. there were no agreements tonight, and no agreements in
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principle, and certainly no agreements in terms of a foundation. there was a general agreement that the progress we are make is certainly progress, and they are good discussions. but there is is a whole lot of things we have to work out in terms of differences that still have to be worked out. lou: my next guest says healthcare negotiations are at a stand still largely because republican moderate are rejecting trump's proposals. congressman jordan, i heard a lot of folks saying last night and today that they felt better about things and there was optimism. but i haven't heard anything about another meeting or any specifics. where are we? >> we are still talking. our joins to do what we told the american people we were going to
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do. get rid of this law that's not good for the country, not good for healthcare. all the things we were told about obamacare that turned out not to be accurate. our job is to get rid of this law and bring down premiums. we are still talking with folks and trying to get there. the latest proposal from the white house was can we give states the option to get out of some of these regulations driving up costs? we are look at that. we think there may somebody potential there. but we want to seat language. and we'll continue to talk about that and a few things we think will bring count cost of premiums and affordable insurance that is important to every single family across this country. lou: is there not significantly enough change from what i have heard to suit many people. i do want to compliment you and the freedom caucus.
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apparently the tuesday group are the bad guys and seem to have drawn most of the fire from folks at the meeting. >> i mean, look, i have said this all along. tweets and statements and blame don't change facts. the facts are this legislation is not where it needs to be. we continue to work to try to get it there. i think lots of members in the republican conference are doing that. let's get it to the place that's consistent with what the american people elected us to do. that's our commitment. let's get the job right. here is why this is important. we have a lot of big issues coming the next 7 months. we have a tax reform and the appropriations process, we have a bill that's going to happen. all these things are coming. we better get process right now if we are going to deliver on
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all those things the mayo -- the american people sent us here to get right. let's use that tell flat throughout this spring and summer so we can deliver for the american people. lou: are you having nightmares about the possibility? you just used the word continuing resolution. that controlling the senate and the house, hearings, control of the united states government, that you guys could be having budge pet fights and debt ceiling fights and screw up what effectivel opportunities the republican party has seen in certainly decades. >> that's why we have to get the process right now. and make sure we have plenty of time to make sure we have enough in this legislation so they will embrace it. only 70% of the people think
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it's right. all that -- all those important issue. let's get it done right here from the start. so we'll have the template for how we'll proceed with other issues in the future. lou: this isn't the template for you to proceed or your party. lou: i'm not going to get into paul ryan's leadership or lack of leadership. but he did say it would be months before anything could be done with repealing or replacing. can you wait that long? >> i hope not. i hope we can do something sooner rather than later. but i hope it's the right thing. that's been our commitment from the get-go. let's do something consistent with what the voters wants us to do. let's bring down their premiums.
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it continues to be our focus. i'm optimistic. we are americans. you can't help but be optimistic. i'm optimistic that we can get the job done. that's our commitment and focus. lou: congressman jim jordan who said the smartest thing they can all do is reveal obamacare and start there. i think you were right to begin with. be sure to vote in our poll. should presidents trump, xi and putin meet immediately to resolve the syrian and north korean crises and stabilize the world order? what do you think? follow me on twitter @loudobbsandfollowmeonfacebook a @loudobbsandfollowmeonfacebooka ndinstagram@loudobbstonight. .
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volume picking up to 3.7 billion shares. stocks started falling after the feds announced they want to start unwinding their balance sheet later this year. private sector adding 263,000 jobs last month. that nashed expectations. listen to my reports three times a day on the sail fell radio network. the highly anticipated summit between president trump and china's xi jinping begins tomorrow. i'll be talking about the high stakes in my commentary, and democrats who ex posed themselves as petty partisan thugs. >> i think the democrats are so bitter about having lost t t t t
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lou: the senate is spending to be in session tonight very late if not all night as senators begin to debate the nomination of judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court. this is historic. procedural vote to potentially spur the nuclear option is expected to come tomorrow. nuke men weltomorrow. mike emanuel with our report. reporter: democrats are expected to filibuster the nomination of judge neil gorsuch. majority leader mcconnell is expected to use the nuclear
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option. >> a democratic minority. reporter: merkley pulled an all nighter and reiterated the complaints that's president obama's supreme court nominee never received consideration. >> for the first time in history we are considering a nominee for a stolen supreme court seat. that should be enough for every one who cares about this institution to turn down this nominee and convey to the president that the only legitimate nominee is merrick garland. reporter: there has been a push by vice president mike pence and
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republicans officials to revive healthcare to see if it can be passed before the easter recess. >> we have not seen any text at this particular point. there are still some parameters of what would in the text, and that's being discussed openly among leadership in the committees of jurisdiction. >> top congressional leaders tried to buy some time. >> i think consensus ought to drive the timetable. >> we had an ideal calendar in front of us. but it was a calendar that i laid out for 2017 that has room to breathe, and we are in the breathing room. but we have time to figure this out. reporter: some sources think that it could create a sense of urgency so lawmakers could go home. lou: it is a business busy week,
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but a few thoughts as the president prepares to meet with china's president xi jinping for the first time. there is a full table of issues for the two leaders to resolve. north korea will likely to the agenda after the white house declared the clock has run out on north korea. the president earlier this week warned the united states will take unilateral action to eliminate the threat of north korea unless beijing steps up to its responsibilities, comments echoed by ambassador nikki haley. >> i think the united states has seen china for 25-plus years say they are concerned about north korea, but we haven't seen them act like they are concerned about north korea. lou: north korea not the only pressing issue. china added complexity to the
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mar-a-lago meting by stepping up the militarization in the south china seat on artificial islands it birth that may house surface-to-air missiles. the president promises to label china a currency manipulator. while this summit is important, it's not likely to set the tone or tempo for our relationship with china for years to come. this meeting will be first about introducing president xi to the new u.s. leadership perspective, that is america first. the chinese will require i'm sure some time and space to adjust to america's new leadership and direction. the quotation of the evening
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from will rogers. diplomacy is the art of saying nice doggy until you can find a rock. the countdown is on to confirm judge neil gorsuch as our next supreme court justice. >> we are going to confirm judge gorsuch friday, how that occurs will depend on our democratic friends. lou: will the republicans be forced to gogogogogo
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lou: steve bannon removed from the national security council's principal today. translation for bannon's washington speak. the nsc is no longer politicized as it was under president obama. joining me to discuss the latest on the gorsuch vote, the bannon moves, the white house shakeup,
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did i mention the sue and rice scandal? veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, ed rollins. let's begin with the shakeup at the white house. >> i think bannon has a big job being the strategist for the president. if there is one failing, we don't have a good communications strategy. he has done a lot repealing the obama stuff, but the communications team is stepping all over itself. lou: i find it interesting the number of times the white house press secretary has been blamed for messaging, then the forces errors when the white house steps on its own foot. but the reality is that the communications department of the white house right now, i can't tell you what their message is day to day. >> it's not a day to day or week
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to week message. the president has done an awful lot. but you lose the ball every day by a fumble or mixed message. is there not a consistency on who appears on the air. he's doing his job. he's meeting with three world leaders this week. those are the thing you ought to be talking about. equally important on the healthcare, you need a clarity, what is it the president wants? the president committed to repeal healthcare and guarantee everyone has healthcare who wants healthcare, two, that the preexisting conditions remain as a policy, and the third was that if you had kid under 26 and you want to keep them on your healthcare, you can do that. those are things he wants. those aren't quite what the others want and that's the conflict. lou: paul ryan seen on the issue
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of healthcare. why is there this refusal on the part of this white house, the conference, the republican party on the hill, to understand what a mugged up mess ryan is responsible for? and why is there any hope that he could better manage anything more complex? >> he's not. i said this over and over again. i worked on the hill and in a couple white house. the job of the president is to be the moderator. he's suppose to keep it moving forward. the president is the leader of the party and the country. what the president want they should try and do. what has to happen here is here's what i want. i don't think they have he can explained what the president wants in all places. he does it himself, but you can't do it yourself. lou: i think you are saying the chief of staff hasn't been doing his job either.
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>> i'm not pleased with the chief of staff. he and ryan i was told for two weeks told the president the votes were there. this is all that you have to do. the vote were not there and they are not there today. i think we move on. we have a big battle with gorsuch which they are going to get. that's the biggest plus the president will have to date. howie: this president has been corroborated in his statement that he had been quote-unquote wiretapped. it turns out that indeed he has been surveilled. do we have the video of james comey denying to the committee there was any surveillance? we are going to show you what the director of the f.b.i. lying about surveillance. here we go.
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>> director comey, around good lawyer. can you make out a great case that president obama wiretapped mr. trump's phones prior to the election. >> we don't have any information that support those tweets. lou: you know, the president put quotes around that, and i think a plain spoken person and i'm sure the f.b.i. director can do that if pushed, would understand what he was saying. it turns out that they were. and both the director of the nsa and the f.b.i. had to know it. >> i think they had to know. the president was right in making these charges. a lot of people poo-pooed it. but at the end of the day rice basically lied about this. the f.b.i. director misled the country. he knew what was going on.
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the reality is the country has to get to know what goes on here. and you have to know the motive. and did president trump play any role in this. i can't imagine susan rice was doing this on her own. what did she do after she got the information? did she disclose it? lou: did they have surveillance of senator bernie sanders as well? where did it end? why aren't there answer to the questions like the f.b.i. warned the dnc of quote-unquote the intent of russians to hack the dnc computer. the f.b.i. was told by the democratic national committee to go away. no culpability or accountability on the part of the dnc. >> president obama ran two brilliant campaigns and they never stopped running the campaign. i think at the end of the day
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they are going to pay a price for it and the country paid a price for it. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should presidents trump, xi and putin meet to resolve the sir aian crises and north korea and restore world order? please roll the video. the thrill seekers speed riding in the french alps. the skier didn't stop there, completing the amazing stop. look at this. wow! here comes the back flip. yeah! amazing. incredible. president trump refuses to telegraph any response for military across following the
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latest -- military action following the latest chemical attack. >> i watched past administrations saying we are doing such and such at a certain hour. i certainly won't be telling you.
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lou: president trump suggested the today a more aggressive approach to syria. this is what he said when asked if the chemical gas attack crossed a red line. >> it crossed a lot of red lines for me. when you kill innocent children.
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innocent babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal people were shocked hear what gas it was, that crosses many, many lines beyond a red line. many, many lines. lou: the president expression his own revulsion at what happened. president trump had a record throughout his administration, two terms of ignoring the crossing of the red lines he put down for assad. these are five examples of confirmed chemical attacks in august of 2013. 1,400 people were killed. toxic boks in march 2015. a separate chemical bombing in march 2015. martyrs filled with sulphur
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mustard. in a just bloodthirsty battle. 400 children murdered there by the islamic state. joining me to discuss what is happening in syria and what the united states should do as well as tomorrow's summit with china's xi jinping, general jack keane is with us. the president making clear his revulsion at what syria has gone the aid of the russians we should point out. what can he do, what do you believe he should do, the united states should do? >> first all, i acknowledge the fact that the problems in the world come to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this is the first big crisis he has had to deal with. he used the word responsibility in the press conference twice. and he feels that sense of
4:48 am
responsibility, the sense of obligation. what do we do here? one thing is, i think we should do what we said we would do a long time ago, and that is put in safe havens where the people can go so they can get out from underneath this madman who has killed over 500,000, most of them all non-combatants. that's assume tragedy. you have -- that's a human tragedy. you have got to stop him from using the gas. lou: president obama let him get away with it for year. >> that list you just put up tells us he thinks america isn't going to do anything. we should do a cruise miss soil strike at some of his air power facilities to demonstrate we won't tolerate this.
4:49 am
i would tell the russians i'm doing it and i expect to you curb this behavior in the future. we have got to stand up with some kind of moral foundation for this horror taking place on the world stage here. lou: i are also agree with candidate president trump who said he didn't want boots on the ground yet here we are. and we are not talking about nato or a coalition, we are not talk about arab states in the region who bear great responsibility as well. king abdullah has been remarkable in his leadership dealing with the -- all that is happening in the region with the islamic state at the same time providing for the refugees that are flooding into his country. this has to be a role, does it not, for the arab states, for nato?
4:50 am
do we want to shoulder and go to point as the united states has for so very long now in the middle east? >> no, we should not. arabs want to help us. arab coalition, they wanted to go after isis, the jordanians, the saudis, and put troops on the ground. all they asked us to do was come with them. that's still their number one option. they have had more problems with what assad is doing in syria than what isis is doing. we could easily get their cooperation to do whatever it is we want. i would suggest, i am convinced president trump is going to reach out to the leaders who were just here, el-sisi, abdullah and the u.a.e. leadership and discuss it with them. and they will have ideas for him. he restored the relationship that wee used to have that was
4:51 am
so vital that helped contribute to security in the middle east. lou: we have no time left, but i would like as quick an answer you could give to this. do you believe the such sit between president trump and president xi will resolve the north korean crisis? >> i think the chinese are interested in revitalizing the relationship. and the tone will be important to them. i think what they will say to him is they will help. whether they do anything tangible will remain to be seen, and i doubt it. lou: general jack keane. thanks for being here. illegal border crossing down 67% as president trump's border wall enters a planning phase. those plants getting a little am bi --a little ambiguous today.
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we'll be talking about the
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lou: in our online poll we asked you should the f.b.i. open an investigation of susan rice. 97% of you say yes they should. expwhrieng now immigration forum director ali noorani. he's the author of the book "there goes if the neighborhood." i recommend to it to you highly. the perspective -- you and i have had divide perspectives on many things. but the issue of illegal immigration in this country has come to a head in a way i don't any anyone could have dpleemed the presidential election of 2016. now build a wall. how does that fit into your perspective? >> with this project i interviewed business and faith
4:57 am
leaders across the country. a number of them were conservative and some trump voters. what they were looking for is the same thing you and i discussed. they were look for an honest discussion about immigration. they were look to for their president to reach an honest solution. the stories that come out, the very real and authentic conversation back and forth how pass towards, shaffers, business owners are dealing with this. lou: is the assumption of multi-culturalism, which it is always present in the discussion. most americans still believe in assimilation, a melting pot. and it's divergent from our history. how do you rationalize it. >> i think it happens every single day with every generation of immigrants that come to the united states.
4:58 am
the fastest growth is in the southeast. so the tensions that come with that conversation are brand-new to that region. that's why you see the debates so rough and tumble in the south and the southwest and mountain west. the community integrating and becoming american, we are just change the definition of american. lou: your underlying pro sum shines multiculturalism should supplant the melting pot assimilation. >> the country is in scene ongoing identity crisis. what happens is in these community, immigrants come in, contribute to the economy. lou: i got it, you be said that three times now while pro legal immigrant.
4:59 am
you say i see the 1965, if we can put this full screen. the immigration national act as a moment when the u.s. led the u.s. into the 21st century. i sight at a time when we took on unexpected change to the our culture by elites. >> i respectfully disagree with you. folk on the ground are getting to a solution because they have come to know and love the immigrant who is adding to the american culture. lou: the impact on culture, all of that could be constrained, managed and modulated with the same number of immigrants coming this country legally so long as there was the understanding this is a melting pot, that it's our
5:00 am
culture and that without question, assimilation is much preferable to multi-culturalism. with that i have to say good to see you. traded to breaking news this morning. an historic meeting between donald trump and chinese president xi jinping begins the traded north korea tensions topping the agenda. we will have a live report from florida and analysis of what's at stake. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. we are going to tell you what the delay potentially mean for tax reform timeline with fox contributor kirsten haglund. train to today promises to be in historic day. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch.


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