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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 6, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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any other uniform but the yankees. to go roughly for about a billion dollars. this is an ongoing story. >> that is just fascinating. it would be weird to see him in anything other than a yankees uniform. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. dow futures right now down five after a promised 200-point. s&p futures are also to the downside. keep an eye on the jobs report tomorrow. we'll turn it over to maria. good morning. trendy hair, ladies. happy thursday to you. thanks for joining us did i maria bartiromo. thursday, april 6, your top stories right now. exam on the east coast. the slightest. president xi jinping had a two mar-a-lago for two days of meetings with president trout. trade will be on the agenda. >> out that those leaders are going to have an opportunity to
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get to know one another in an opportunity to sit down. they will find is a strong leader, put america first and willing to talk about the hard things. the fact release $500 billion a year in the trade deficit to china, that we've seen manufacturing leading this country and going to china. the fact that we see china can start to bases in the south china sea. maria: taking a closer look at that this morning. a history making and capitol hill. the senate on the brink of a bill going nuclear with the nomination of judge neil gorsuch. the fallout in everything you to know coming out. the white house taking on tax reform. how it looking to set up a path for success. we'll take a look at what that means for your money. a while bad wall street yesterday. the dow sank more than 200 points and a turning point was the release of the federal reserve minutes at about 2:00 p.m. eastern time
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yesterday. comments from the minutes about winding down the balance sheet, weighed on investors, turning the entire market around. markets had finished lower. market action this morning looks like this. features indicate a flat showing this morning. dow industrials closed yesterday as is the s&p 500 and nasdaq. check your zone indices and you'll see losses of half a percent on the ft 100. half a percent lower in germany and fractional loss in paris. the major asian markets finished mostly lower. hang seng index down half a percent. take a average in japan than 1.5%. without getting slammed by severe weather in the masters forced to cancel the par three tournament for the first time ever. the very latest there. pepsi's protest ad that comes to backlash. the company has pulled the spot featuring kendall jenner for the airwaves. and the sons of io jeff bezos on
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his space plan. how much you spend a night own pocket at blue origin. joining us to talk all about it, fox business network dagen mcdowell. former home depot ceo of chrysler ceo bob nardelli back with us. the class fee ceo and president lee carter. thank you so much for joining us. big day today. dagen: so much news. but the major stories about the folder about foreign policy, about the trump administration policy. i'm serious, but she did again and it's a great article about tax reform at the white house taking the lead on that. that's where my eyeballs that are spam. maria: absolutely. that's her business eyeballs are going all the time. will this get done? >> totally. authority built-in. it's got to happen quickly. we've got to have something by june. maria: is interesting when you heard paul ryan yesterday say we have time. all of a sudden the urgency
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seems to have been taken out. the speaker said we'll get there. we are doing it. we have time. >> is clear they are not on the same page. >> other people say we will get something done before recess. if they don't get a win pretty quickly, i see independent support of the president really softening because they came in believing he was going to go down and get stuff done. he would drain the swamp of the things to be done differently and we are not seeing anything. dagen: gorsuch to be a big win for space. a quote in the journal article about tax refund white house taking the lead. one official says the current obvious goal for a plan to pass could slip and it might be difficult to pass anything after december. you have a very short window. >> two weeks off. great job. maria: looking at easter recess in the next couple weeks. a lot to talk about this morning. ceo of express scripts here. kim wentworth will talk about
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the increase in drug prices. we'll talk about that. plus the founder of martha stewart living. with us in the studio at another powerhouse women this morning. cofounder and ceo of would join us this morning to talk about china and the meeting with the president. president donald trump to meet with chinese president xi jinping and mar-a-lago today. north korea as well as trade it all is coming after the commander-in-chief manufacturing on the campaign trail. >> or other major companies will start making your iphone from their computers and other products inside the united states. >> were china has done to our country. they have taken their money, our jobs. >> was lost 60,000 factory since china joined the world trade organization in 2001.
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maria: president reagan signed two executive orders focused on reducing the trade deficit. obviously, this is what you focused on so much when you're running home depot, the trade situation. what do you expect in terms of measures coming out of the meeting today? >> first of all, we've got to make sure to china take our jobs or because of regulations, taxes and uncompetitive situations, we forced them of jobs over there and businesses? we have to be candid about what really took place. i do think the president needs to work on a balance of trades. in other words, when you don't markets as open as ours has been to them. that's what we are really looking for. little quid pro quo with china. maria: one of the issues is the chinese will not allow american companies to own more than just a joint venture.
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if you want access to the $1.3 billion in china, you will not do it in an ownership situation. it is going to be a minority ownership. >> i think that is the broad point of discussion between president trump and president xi jinping that we'll have a level playing field moving forward. maybe it's not completely apples to apples but she's got to have some kids rather than a lot of cake from the nation of china and others a sticking point and how they manage the vast amount of treasury debt that the chinese holes. it differs from month to month, but the second largest foreign owner of our dad that gives them negotiating leverage. maria: this is something the president talked about on the campaign trail. certainly enough versus situation. how did the american people that
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this relationship? what are they saying about the president and getting out of this? >> what i think and what you said is an important point about there not necessarily taking our jobs, but the american people view it as they are taking our job and in some ways even assess what china is enhanced and. quality issues and a lot of things that happened over the year. this is fair. it was made in america, it would be better quality. what we need to see his donald trump, at the meeting with some strength in help and understanding of what's going on in the give-and-take that is to have been. >> what is done on regulations, whether it's epa from rolling back restrictions on the auto industry. those are all positive incentives that will cause repatriation of jobs back to the u.s. your point about jv. we had one of the first month in china. it doesn't work. trade to 49% of the joint venture. >> exactly. it is very difficult quality
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forecasting. it was just a nightmare. maria: that's the issue. >> incredibly interesting. a lot of people don't have that hand sonics are your hands. in terms of president trump's more connected with what happened with mexico quite frank over the last 20 or 30 years because in a lot of the trump strongholds across the country during the election, it was really nafta. the jobs that were lost were not just lost to china. they were lost to mexico. furniture manufacturing, technical manufacturing and a lot of those jobs than a lot of the other jobs. maria: you speak to any global ceo like bob nardelli and not the one big issue they face. they want access to the 1 billion people in china and they want to sell to those people that the chinese government knows that. it's not going to give it away frankly at all. >> we may not like we china
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operates, but when they say they will start building airplanes, they build them. when they want to get into technology, whether they take the technology, brought the technology is another issue. they are focused. they are disciplined and they are hungry for economic growth. maria: the president is also so different it seems than president xi jinping in many ways. the chinese president has no social media accounts. he also does not play golf as the communist party has issued a crack down on this board in an attempt to target corruption. it's interesting the optics of this to watch them today and mar-a-lago to see how they get along. the nice thing for the president to come to this luxurious mar-a-lago state, not sure how the chinese president reacts. >> he'd be more comfortable at the white house no media. dagen: maybe that's the whole point. they did this chart of all good tricks for president trump has
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taken since he was inaugurated to trump properties. i just laugh at it. the point is he is a very savvy individual and he is comfortable in these places. if people he's meeting with are not comfortable ,-com,-com ma then that gives him the negotiating leverage. maria: let's switch gears for quick read before you take a break, markets yesterday. stocks have a reversal of fortune from her birth in a bid rather than the earlier hours of the day after the federal reserve minutes indicated there is a valuation concerns here. beecher average is down. down just wrote down 41 points, but the least of it was the turnaround that was significant. house speaker paul ryan said tax refund could take months, said we have time but it could take longer than people thought. what you think about the minutes yesterday. now i see a competition. fiscal policy, monetary policy. he smashed the recovery just as getting traction? >> that's interesting.
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they tended to back off on whether we get two or three more increases. the balance sheet if you will. are they going to put the money back, hold it when these things start maturing. an interesting time for what is happening out there in the market. maria: the thinking among investors since election day is great, we can now move forward with fiscal policy and we won't be so reliant on monetary policy. so monetary policy, the fed says the start whittling down the portfolio, beginning later in the year. by the way, stocks are maybe overpriced at this point. in the meantime, look at what's happening in congress. they are not moving ahead with speed on tax reform and infrastructure spending. if you pull away from the monetary stimulus coming back to rent the cisco. maria: taking away monetary policy committee can only
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stimulus is one thing. making things harder, squeezing people by making expensive marks if it is another. maybe just taking it away as enough without making things even tighter. maybe that's where the markets will react. who will take a short break. coming up, paying for this race to space. jeff bezos betting big on blue origin. how much is paying out of pocket. the soda giant to pull the controversial live less than a day after defending it. the company's about-face next-paragraph succumb tomorrow. "mornings with maria" back in ae moment. but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today.
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maria: welcome back. figure whether it's them in the southeast. second time this week threatening tornadoes, canceling the masters opening day for the first time ever. cheryl casone at the details. reporter: all kinds of stuff happening with this weather. severe weather advisory structure in alabama to georgia and north to parts of kentucky and tennessee. a large tornado struck south of columbus, georgia damaging several structures that there were no immediate reports of injuries. two up and take him at three city workers had to be rescued after they were trapped in floodwaters. one of their vehicles was carrying to prevent motorists from driving through floodwaters. pictures there for you. another turning damaged several homes northeast of atlanta. one homeowner reflected on the damage to his home at nearly 30
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years. >> i started to the interior of the house. a couple pictures fell off the wall through the ceiling. and it was gone. i'm okay. my life's okay. it's just property. it can route the place. trent untrammeluntrammel ed reporter: dangerous weather could continue. a cold front expected to clear up a storm system. as you mentioned, the masters opening day jeopardized as well. another news this morning. amazon founder and ceo jeff bezos personal investing a billion dollars annually in his own company stock to fund his blue origin rocket company. bezos made the announcement was showing off a reasonable rocket booster that will take tourists into space starting in 2018. he does predict flights will open up the floodgates to new entrepreneurship. >> if we can reduce the cost of launch by a factor of 10 and then by a factor of 100, that will take time and a lot of hard
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work. if we can do that, you will be losing -- living in a completely new world. a golden age of state exploration. so many people. that'll be a big industry. reporter: no total estimate how much bezos will be amassing will be amassing come of it is satisfying to spend whatever it takes. another tech news. google is live tv streaming service youtube tv is now up and running in five major u.s. markets. for $35 monthly service offers five strands from all four major broadcast networks and a host of others launching 39 stations of 10 mark including amc coming soon. the tv service competing with the likes of slain tv from a directv as well as sony's playstation view. there is also that parent of google. finally, pepsi pulled the plug on the new protest ad that features kendall jenner after it
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sparked an uproar online. a statement the company says in part, quote, pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. clearly we missed the mark and apologized if he had had as 1.3 million viewers and two days before was pulled from youtube as well as broadcast. they probably spend upwards of $10 million on the ad, maria is some advertising analyst estimate. maria: first defending it and then they just succumb to the pressure. thank you. all eyes on president trump's while republicans consider another go over. obamacare. as the timeline changed? the latest on the path to reform. what will it take, what will it do. plus whipping up cool new drinks red the tasty beverage starbucks added to its menu. we will try them out right here on inside. back in a moment.
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comcast business. built for speed. built for business. maria: welcome back republicans win another vendor blender placing upon the care. tax return to take center stage at our nation's capitol. paul ryan warned yesterday and a deal on taxes could take longer then he asked back. >> we were actually closer in agreement to health care than tax reform. the house has a plan, but the senate hasn't quite happened yet. the white house hasn't nailed it down. even the three entities are done the same page yet on tax reform. maria: joining us now is deputy managing partner michael sarah. thanks for joining us. you're very in touch with business leaders are feeling right now. do it at the deal to get done on
6:24 am
tax reform and when might that be? >> a lot? >> a lot of their demonstrations play. tax reform along with gaussian infrastructure coming into the ly health care vacillating back in worth. there's opportunities to get a deal done and tax reform. tax return is critical for job creation. tax reform, infrastructure and defense are huge impetus for job creation and gdp growth. maria: and for economic growth. our skeptical lunacy an impact in terms of economic growth in 2017. now it feels like we better not expect it. 18, not 2017. is that a problem for the markets and the economy? >> way too slow. what is disheartening is when i hear congress come in the senate representative said in here for two decades in trump has to learn that things don't move that fast. the problem is they are in an
6:25 am
analog world moving to digital. they've digital. they've got to get caught out. you are with the c. suite every week. taxes, not on the corporate tax, but the small-business person who files on a personal basis. dagen: thank you. we must give them the same advantage retyped about corporate tax. your opinions, thoughts. >> absolutely, we quickly go to corporate and we need to make changes in the corporate structure. sometimes windows lose sight that ben ashburn yours flow through. the entities exist, it's your personal tax rates important here. any kind of deal has to really include corporate and personal side because they are intermingled. dagen: this is a linchpin of what's going on in the white house and congress right now. we talk about debating how to raise revenue, but the sticking point will be, do you cut the top tax rate for wealthier
6:26 am
americans? that also applies to small business. that is by conservatives, kind of why hard-core republicans want to see that happen. they want the top rate to go down 33% and that is something president trump and paul ryan agree on. they want that top rate cut, cut big-time. maria: that is that the obama administration did not understand. they wanted to raise taxes on the rich with no thought about the heavy tail, you know, the impact on small business because that's actually job creators in the country. >> michael, to maria's point, waiting until 18 we will see a pullback in the market equities. what are you hearing from cps about timing, speed of implementation. >> it's interesting, i think about timing and speed and it's relevant for transformation change. if you look at what technology is doing in general, it is speeding up agility. it affects global trade,
6:27 am
industrialization. we have to continue to be agile of the country, corporations, et cetera. and change in the attacks on change is critical. technology has become the super sector here facilitating the need for effect change in a much more agile basis. maria: is that where jobs are? it feels like things are getting better. confirm this or deny this. the estimates are 180,000 jobs for the month of arch. the unemployment rate expected to remain a 4.7%. what are you seeing in terms of jobs right now and where's the growth and jobs? >> that's a fascinating question. gestation, automation, off shoring. there's actually truths about. the silver lining is 235,000 jobs in february. we think it will be a continued upward trend. maria: the numbers this week geared >> exactly. the silver lining is the fact that technology is creating new
6:28 am
jobs and while certain jobs will disappear and they are disappearing, data, analytics, robotics, automation will continue to permeate. that plays to the strengths of the lendale's who have strong technological backgrounds and are engaged in the thought process. i think this job creation as the world paydays. >> that requires training. >> retraining in training. workers across the entire schematic. >> one of the leaders out there today committed to retrain over 100,000 of his employees. at at&t. he's doing an amazing job of taking ownership to create the right kind of talent, not relied on h. one v. >> that's what we are doing at their own people today is continuing to shift their skill sets. maria: really important insight. thank you for joining us. coming up, protection or intrusion. technology giants are banning together against a court ruling
6:29 am
that police can seize users facebook activity without warning. what it means for your privacy online. you actually happening? plus a sulfate gone terribly wrong. a woman in california falls off of a bridge wall trying to take her on pictures. the details next. company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at maria: good thursday morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is thursday april 6th, top stories right now, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast.
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history on capitol hill. the senate could invoke the nuclear option as republicans are looking to confirm judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. >> i've come to the conclusion that elevating judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court bench would merely grantee more of the same of the roberts' court. >> that last year was robbed. not just from president obama but for the american people by republicans in the senate when they treated garland with such disrespect. maria: the fall-out from the possible vote this morning. the picture is worth a thousand words but not your life, a detail while woman falls while trying to take a selfie in a bridge in california. we've got the details. taking a hit in massachusetts, the latest as 8,000 uber and lyft drivers failed background checks in the state. they have failed the background
6:33 am
checks, 8,000 of them. be careful what you post. what you need to know after a court rules and market action this morning, take aa look after a volatile section yesterday. the tow industrial, s&p and nasdaq all higher after a big reversal of fortune yesterday on the heels of federal reserve minutes. whether he tell you what those minutes suggest yesterday. in europe declines across the board. cac quarante moving into positive territory in paris. although ftse is down and the dax is down a quarter of a percent. the nikkei average wos performer 1 and a half percent. mother nature putting the masters in the rough and one of the biggest stars could miss the tournament. major obstacles putting a damper on golf's biggest week. starbucks baking up a cherry pie, the new drink to help you cool down as the weather heats up. setting stage for nuclear showdown senate democrats say that think will filibuster a
6:34 am
closure vote clotur vote. permanently changing the filibuster rules to confirm the president's pick for the high court. republican senator slammed the democrats on after the bell yesterday for forcing this vote to come to this. >> i think the democrats are so much better at loss the election and they look like idiots. one of the finest judges in the country, one of the most winning personality, he has a wonderful reputation and wonderful jurist and treated like he shouldn't be combifn a -- confirmation vote will come tomorrow night.
6:35 am
what would gorsuch do for the bench? >> he's replacing scalia. all they are doing is reestablishing what the balance was before justice scalia's passing. judge roberts -- excuse me, justice kennedy is the swing vote. the swloij decides. maria: they changed the rules. rules are changed forever? >> judge, this nuclear -- harsh term. >> they will caulk discussion and pull the trigger, how does that work? >> remember, it's been utilized by the democrats in the past for the federal district court judges as well as the court of
6:36 am
appeals judges. they were the first ones who instituted the nuclear option, so all they are going to do is take a vote, stop the filibuster and i don't believe a filibuster has ever been used on a judicial candidate. this is the first time we are seeing this as a weapon. so they are going to utilized what the democrats had put in place, that being the nuclear option because what's good for the goose is good for the -- >> when i look at what the american people are viewing this as, it's just looking like there's no hope for republicans and democrats to ever work together to see something you're going to do this and you're going to do worse. do you think this signal that is there's a bigger problem and do you think that changing this rule forever is a big deal, is it going to be a problem moving forward? >> no, i don't believe it's a big deal. i don't think it's going to be a
6:37 am
problem moving forward. the election has spoken. they want president obama to appoint the net next supreme court judge and there's nothing that this individual, judge gorsuch, has done that they could point to. he's eminently qualified. dagen: you know what's appalling the desperation of the liberals that they introduced phoney bologna allegations. what is essentially the definition of a medical term. you actually had publication
6:38 am
writing about esophageoal trachea, that's what they are hanging their hat on, i just find that their desperation is over the top. maria: don't you think people find that as well. >> yes, well it's been one after the other. east antiwomen and nothing is going the change, they say he's antigay marriage and antithat -- that didn't work. they try to -- they tried one argument after another and none of them have worked and now they are at this? [laughter] >> the truth is, i'm sorry, they don't mind who is put up, they are going to oppose it. maria: because it's obama's pick. >> this is bringing it into balance. it's the next one that president trump will get to appoint that
6:39 am
should be the issue. >> they may very well be if it's a liberal. maria: let me ask you if it's an invasion of privacy or safety precaution. highest court ruling this week that the police can seize someone's facebook activity. microsoft, grade schoolle, twitter all supporting facebook's appeal on this but what does this move mean on privacy if police say, i'm seizing this face back data from you? >> well, these were warrants that were issued by a judge after an affidavit was presented establishing probable cause. the individual with the right to challenge it is the criminal himself or not the entity that's holding the evidence and that's all facebook is. if i'm silly enough to go out and run a marathon at the same
6:40 am
time, i'm claiming that i'm disabled under social security, they have a right to seize that. what's offensive about it is he filed 382 subpoenas. it almost looks like a fishing expedition honestly and about 100 people were arrested, 60 convictions occurred. but what the court of appeals said and correctly said, you don't have standing, facebook, to challenge the individual rights. facebook is simply holding it. i believe the trial judge in that face wrote that if a landlord tried to cross a subpoena, that would be improper, they don't have standing to do that. only the defendant does in new york.
6:41 am
dagen: these were in some instances individuals who were on disability who had photos on facebook of them deep-sea fishing, like catching giant fish, riding a wave runners, were collecting tens of thousands of dollars of disability payments and they busted them and caught them. maria: wow. we know when the da joined us here he was not happy with the technology companies. remember when he wanted access to the phones to uncover murderers and they weren't getting any cooperation from the tech companies -- dagen: basically giving cover to and protect child molesters and drug dealers. it's what the technology companies have been doing quite frankly. >> in the old days we hired a private detective to see the person that was on disability out bowling and now we go to facebook. >> the court of appeals does not
6:42 am
address the merits of the case. they simply say you don't have standing and that's it. maybe there is a way that you can do it and i believe jenni rivera, judge rivera in a concurring opinion said the same thing but i believe the decision is 100% correct. maria: we will be watching that one. judge, good to see you. we very much appreciate it. judge cavleo there. plus whipping up new drinks, the cool beverages starbucks added to menu. we are going check them it and give them a try coming up ray'. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china.
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maria: welcome back, check out futures, indicating a higher open forking the broader opening today, bouncing after real volatility yesterday. we are expecting a higher opening for the dow as you see reversal fortune yesterday when the federal reserve minutes came out. a couple of names to watch out, boeing investing in technology with new venture capital arm. the aircraft manufacturer developing two start-ups in effort to keep up with leverage cutting edge. shares of boeing up better than 14% year to date. a plugging car in china next year. auto maker saying that it plans to electrify most of its vehicle in the world's auto market by 2025. shares of ford up quarter a percent in the premarket. while a woman falls off a bridge to take a selfie, she survives. cheryl: talk about one lucky day. it happened in north california.
6:47 am
the unidentified woman was walking on a cat wac with friends -- cat walk with friends when she attempted to take a selfie, she wasn't supposed to be there, she felt 60 feet to a trail below. first responders were called in via helicopter to take her to a hospital. we don't have the update on extent of injuries but she did survive that fall. a background check law is keeping more than 8,000 uber drivers getting licenses to operate in the state of massachusetts. the most common is they have problems with driver's license status. one from the company but then one by the state. hundreds of applicants denied because they had serious crimes on their record including violent or sexual offenses, others add drunk or reckless driving offenses.
6:48 am
recalling 600,000 asthma inhalers in the united states, a number of complaints about leakage and packaging on the inhalers. no injuries luckily. the recall involves ventolin hfa, they are manufactured in north carolina. and finally this for all you morning coffee fans, starbucks is adding new drinks to menu and one of them is toasted coconut cold brew, coconut mill -- milk, if you happen to be in japan, starbucks is offering this one, the american cherry pie cappicino but i have the coconut drink onset so it's good coconut
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syrup and milk, there's no dairy issues on anybody onset. dagen: totally vegan. i hate everything. i love the medicine ball. [laughter] dagen: this is delicious. it's not too sweet. maria: coconut oil and coconut juice is good for you. dagen: extremely healthy. maria: and vegan. dagen: to the vegan brothers on instagram who i adore, this is for you, guys. cheryl: limited time. it's inspired by the jell-o, a drink made in the dominican republic.
6:50 am
[laughter] >> a little rum would be great. [laughter] dagen: a southern girl always has a bottle in her purse. ly hook you up. >> all right. maria: bad weather threatens the masters. one of the biggest stars might have to take a rain check. back in a moment why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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maria: well, the masters tees off just over an hour from now but the number one golfer may not play. jared max with a details. jared, good morning to you. jared: good morning. for does -- justin johnson,
6:54 am
favorite to win masters until yesterday afternoon. johnson slipped and took a hard fall. johnson told trainer, the client was going to a garage to move a car and slipped on three wooden steps and landed on his lower back, he's an antiinflammatories in hopes of being able to compete in masters. tornado threats, no part three contest and today the forecast calls for high wind maybe 40-mile per hour gusts. jack nicholson scheduled for 7:47 eastern. fisher, he's trying to win in ownership in the marlins. set to be interested in becoming an owner of miami marlins. fox business learn that is jeter
6:55 am
is being teaming up for possible bid of the marlins who are said to be worth $1 billion. 19-year-old new england fans dylan said he helped fbi to find tom brady's super bowl jersey. wagner sold mauricio ortega, he sold him a jersey on ebay and at that point the two exchanged photographs of their jersey collection. wagner said, he sent me photos of his collections and front in center was tom brady super bowl jersey and he said, how did you get that and he said, i will tell you later. next thing you know it was turned over to the fbi.
6:56 am
if you never know, see something, say something. maria: would you believe the tip from a 19-year-old a patriots fan would have triggered this. >> the amazing thing is how this ended up in méxico. that's just amazing. jared: premeditated. this is something -- if it was a serious crime, that's a premeditated crime. dagen: wasn't the issue they open the door for the authorities to move in, the fact that it was a photo that they could actually get a warrant related -- jared: because of the jers cri. dagen: a photo that existed. that's what gives them the search warrant. jared: he obviously wasn't posting a photo of that one. he would go around. how did you get this and the denver broncos super bowl helmet and kind of say, we will get to that.
6:57 am
maria: what are they planning on doing with this stuff? jared: they do sell it. dagen: there's a black market for all of that. that's why a lot of the very valuable items whether it's super bowl jersey or old masters service, they never resurface. dagen: that was all given to me. my office is full of memorabilia, it was all given to me. still to come marta stewart live, she's here to discuss her latest venture, wine, next hour on mornings with maria need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial.
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she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, i have been, thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday april 6th. we are happy you're here. top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking the the ice, president trump will hold president xi jinping for first in-person meeting. we are watching at the sunrise in mar-a-lago. we are breaking down the top items on the agenda. coming up, it'll be a big meeting. susan rice involving of unmasking of americans, the new controversy over the type of information that was revealed and congress is looking for some answers. >> there's something wrong here
7:01 am
and the intelligence committee has to follow through and i think they will. i served -- i held a record for the longest service in the intelligence committee so i can tell you they work very well together. maria: we have the latest developments coming up and warning for android users, details in new hack that can completely take over your cell phone. they-- theranos, she owes her company $25 million. a potato chip lawsuit. why people say why one company underfills its bag. it's taking legal action on that one. yesterday a major volatile day after fed minutes were released. we are expecting the markets to open higher, the nasdaq, s&p 500 look firmer today. in europe we have declines.
7:02 am
pretty much a mixed story but the cac quarante showing gains. dax index down about a quarter of percent in germany. in asia overnight stocks closed mostly lower with the exception of china. kim kardashian looking to cash in on her most valuable asset, what is that? the details coming up. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, home depot ceo and chrysler ceo bob nardelli and partners president lee carter is here. >> that's not a float i want to float on. i'm a big fan of floating in a pool. maria: there you go. >> i could see tom brady's jersey, i can't see that. maria: how do you go over that dagen? you have to talk about that.
7:03 am
dagen: i appreciate pepsi's attempted signaling using a kardashian, jenner kardashian members. >> you go online or buy at a store? maria: we are talking about drug prices with the ceo of express scripts. martha stewart is here live. she is launching a new venture. she will tell us about it and then another power woman to join us this morning, soho china zhang xin. she will weigh in on the president's meeting with president of china. former national security adviser under president obama. rice asked trump associates to be unmasked in intelligence reports. this coming after the chairman
7:04 am
of the house intelligence committee devin nunes accused the obama administration of improperly surveilling the trump team before the inauguration. republican leaders are now calling for an investigation into rice's actions. watch. >> intelligence committees in the house and the senate will get to the bottom of all of these allegations. our focus is on the agenda, it's on moving the country forward. i think that's a decision for members of congress but i would say that the american people have a right to know. >> the white house has no reason at all to be unmasking names like this. there just isn't. it's not their decision, it's the decision of the intelligence community before that point and it just makes us wonder why was she willing to do that if she did. maria: president trump told new york times that he thinks rice committed a crime. congressman peter king says that rice was filed included information about the everyday lives of people she probed.
7:05 am
i mean, it's not just, lee carter, the actual documentation that what was on the phone call, what was the context of the phone call that they were surveilling, it's information about their everyday lives. lee: what did they find in the story goes on and on and on. people keep saying we are investigating the ties to russia. it seems that there's no evidence that anything happened. we are keeping talks about this. the bottom line here is i feel whether there's smoke, there's susan rice. it's over and over again. [laughter] maria: that's good. lee: they are not finding anything. this is -- maria: they are finding that she asked to unmask all of the american citizens' names in those -- in those surveillance reports from the telephones. that's what they are finding. >> she's always at the center of controversy. so while this, you know, is disappointing not surprising that her name would surface again.
7:06 am
maria: she went on five sunday shows and lied about benghazi? >> yeah. lee: why would anybody say anything about this and then ten days later here she is saying that she didn't. it's so -- it's so hard to know what to believe. dagen: she was it was not uncommon. well, it is uncommon to have -- to ask to have an individual's name unmasked, it's really the purview and the role of investigators, intelligence officials who are looking into situations, not somebody in a political position. at best this is improper, at worst it's potentially illegal. i love how the democrats are trying to say this is just an attempt by the republicans to deflect attention away from the -- it's not -- it's an attempt to point toward potentially illegal behavior by the past
7:07 am
administration, period. maria: the president said that there could be criminality here. by the way, it's not even just that but yesterday on msnbc someone said that that was racially motivated. i mean, really? really? that that's why they are attacking susan rice because it's racial. she unmasked the names of individuals, they surveilled the trump team for no reason because it had nothing to do with russia, we know that also. dagen: also sexist. maria: she's a woman, black woman. dagen: when the left uses the sexism card, i always feel like it hurts all women because -- maria: i agree with you. dagen: again, it's an excuse for bad behavior, it's excuse for improper behavior and excuse for illegal behavior if you happen to be a liberal and i think that that hurts all women. maria: i agree with you.
7:08 am
the one question that needs to be answered, what did obama know, when did he know it, why did the president send susan rice to do this surveillance? that's the question, is the president behind it? >> this is vindication for the current administration. maria: it sure is. melania trump and queen rania visited a charter school. the president and the king abdullah condemn attack in syria, while the first ladies, the conversation was about fashionable wives. interesting to see the two together. two young first ladies of their countries and young and beautiful and fashionable. what can i say? >> unbelievable. look at the photograph. it looks like from a movie and not reality. maria: they are with betsy devos.
7:09 am
lee le melania focusing on education, acting more like a first lady than what we have seen her. i think this is really good for the country. i also by the way love the glamor coming back to the white house. maria: you're pushing back n. dagen: in defense of michelle obama. it's not the glamor coming back. i felt like michelle obama personally was glamorous -- lee: fair enough. i do think it's interesting the controversy about the portrait of the first lady with a giant engagement ring has been fascinate to go watch. maria: she's a wealthy woman. dagen: dolce gabana pushed back. the designer said, excuse me, they take great pride in dressing her. she wore and paid for their clothes for many, many years. remember the outfit that she wore at the republican -- was it the republican convention she bought online.
7:10 am
maria: dolce and gabana has been supportive of first lady melania trump and i like that because there were so many retailers and designers that shunned her for absolutely no reason whatsoever but dolce and gabana showed courage. dagen: very much so. >> no comment. [laughter] maria: nothing to say about dolce? >> no. maria: let's talk about the president of china. president trump will meet with xi jinping. first meeting since president took office. jeff flock is in palm beach, florida. tell us what to expect. what are you hearing, good morning to you. jeff: beautiful sunrise, indeed, maria, somewhere off in the distance. perhaps you see mar a law -- mar-a-lago. a lot of talk today that the president engaged in before he ran for president. it will be interesting to see how that squares with the president today.
7:11 am
i take you back to tweets maybe four or five years ago, tough talk about china. china is neither ally or friend. they want to beat us and own our country. he later said china was caught cheating in the olympics, that's the chinese mo, why cheat and steal in all international dealings. lots of tough talk from the president. the agenda today, in addition to the north korea situation, mostly about business, i think, it's fair to say, everything from trade was the president says has been unfair to the u.s., to state subsidies to chinese businesses which has created unlevel playing field and caused the dumping of dumping of chinese products like steel and currency manipulation which bob knows about as former auto maker ceo. the president in addition to tough tweets, tough talk on the campaign trail as well. listen to just a couple of them to re -- refresh.
7:12 am
>> china is going to have more respect for us. they have no respect. they think we are a bunch of dummies. jeff: how will all that play together? was that in the chinese president's briefing book, i don't know. we were told there's negotiation ongoing now, maria, as to whether there will be a joint press conference. as you know president trump loves press conference. the chinese president on the other hand rarely does. we will see -- maria: that's why it's so interesting because the president of china usually doesn't things like that but there's talks like that that they will have a double press conference which is a range and it's optimistic to hear that. jeff: kind of cool. maria: jeff, thank you. >> nice to hear from him. maria: jeff flock in palm beach this morning. coming up, meanwhile android phones at risk. how sophisticated hacks can take
7:13 am
over your phone. we have all the details next. plus kim kardashian emojis come to life. how can you lounge with the star in your pool. back in a minute
7:14 am
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maria: welcome back off duty secret service agent arrested by police at a hotel. cheryl casone with the story, cheryl. cheryl: oh, but there's more, maria. good morning. secret service agent has been suspended after he was arrested for suspected prostitution charge. the secret service says he was not on duty when he was arrested at a marilyn hotel. the agent had been assigned to vice president mike pence security detail. we will keep you posted. no name of the agent has been released. a new hack attack warning for anyone who has advice that runs in android sophisticated system. they say that the malware can spy on you using your smartphone camera and microphone and if it's not bad enough, it gets worse, they can look at messages, e-mail, browser history and malware to install itself if it thinks it gets
7:17 am
caught. this has happened to you, have you ever opened the bag of potato chips and say this did you want seem very full. two consumers are suing the maker of potato chips, filled bags half way. underfills bags and has left them 58% to 75% empty. the suit was filed in manhattan federal court. finally this one just in time for summer. kim kardashian is going to be floating her assets. i don't know how to say this without laughing. it's a pool float chained like her butt. that's the story. ninety-one dollars and guess what, it's already sold out, but gee, maria, if you really want one we could order one for you and get it to you by june.
7:18 am
i know that this is on your like list for super. maria: it's funny. people like it. [laughter] dagen: i'm looking it up. just for everybody -- >> ninety-eight dollars? maria: that's funny, guys. lee: i want to know what parties are going to happen with those pool floats. maria: it's comfy. >> the economy is strong. ninety-eight dollars. maria: that's indicater for the economy. dagen: fake news. it's so bad. maria: why? >> pool float. lee: talk about maximizing your assets. dagen: i'm looking maria: kim kardashian is making big bucks on that butt. we are going to get back to business next. take a look at market this is morning.
7:19 am
we've got some firmness this morning. dow industrials expected to be up 20 points. tax reform on the table once again, plus martha stewart in the house. become in a moment right here [ engine revs ]
7:20 am
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[ screams ] [ shouting ] brace yourself! this is crazy! [ tires screeching ] whoo! boom baby! rated pg-13. [ screams ] [ screams ] i've spent my life planting a size-six,
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non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. maria: welcome back, jobs in america, the march job's report due. 180,000 jobs last month but unemployment rate holding steady at 4.7% after we saw a blow-out number from adp yesterday. 63,000 jobs last month according to adp, joining us right now is
7:23 am
ellen, great to see you? >> good morning, maria. maria: you have your finger on the pulse on putting people to work in the white-collar space. where are the jobs? >> where are the jobs? what we have right now is a head-scratching job market. if you look at global gdp, india and china it's not exactly robust but we are adding jobs. good news is the numbers are the numbers. health care professional services, the same thing we have been saying are two hot areas. we have a happy spike in durable goods, manufacturing, construction, mining, really excite to go see that and hopefully sustainable. the other thing i think that's excite asking merging tech. here in new york city, silicon valley if we pull job postings that are covering the market which are start-ups, 18,000 jobs
7:24 am
posted in new york city alone for what is silicon valley, developing and starting new companies. nyu has 70,000 post negotiation the health care. maria: healthcare technology is where the growth is. that makes sense because we are living longer, the wellness story and obviously technology. >> what are you seeing in your market? typically are people going outside to bring talent in, how is all of that working for you? >> bob, it's an exciting time to be in our industry. >> yes. >> talent is the secret weapon. technology while it is tremendously evolving it's a commodity. if you don't do it, you die, but if you do it, you don't get ahead. >> yeah. >> as a result we are seeing it -- we are seeing it everywhere, development, all of that. lee: it's a really important point. technology without talent becomes meaningless in many
7:25 am
ways. what i'm curious about is so many people said these jobs, manufacturing jobs are gone and never coming back, we are seeing them coming back, what's your view, are they coming back the question is is it sustainable? >> the answer is stay tune. what kind of manufacturing jobs are these? obviously we would love them to be big manufacturing, we know that's not likely indicative as of yet because we have to rebuild infrastructure in that's going to happen. do i hope it's small business manufacturing, the company in up state new york that produces, you know, metal boxes or whatever, that would be exciting because that would help local communities. >> restrictions on the h1v controversy out there, is that having a positive impact on your business? >> you know, bob, the whole immigration issue is critical to the workforce planning of the nation. i have friends in up state new york, it's critical for them,
7:26 am
without the visa programs they literally can't staff the farms. on the professional side, earnings, -- engineers, manufacturing, data analytics engineers, true scarcity. dagen: the trump administration did reopen the h1v1 visa in the last week and it was some small restrictions on trying to crack down on companies who use the h1v1 visa and abuse it to import people and get -- outsource jobs and get rid of people here which we have seen time and again and particularly american who is work on phone banks. >> yes. dagen: basically technology phone reps and things of that nature. so that's necessarily a bad thing for job market. >> no, not at all. it's all part of the workforce mix and i hope the government does smart things with it to
7:27 am
enable the growth with the talent necessary because if not it chokes. maria: right, but is the onus on government -- >> spot on. while we want to trust the education system, that's a whole topic for another day and absolutely, positively investment to bring people from base level, competency to a level that would have big impact in the company. maria: we had that at ge, being at cnbc i was able to take training classes in ge and it was incredible. >> corporation that is do that, maria, when you invest in capital, you immediately depreciate the value after the time you bolt it down. when you invest in individuals, there's a double -- one, you're showing appreciation, what the
7:28 am
person's value appreciates and i really applaud corporation that is do that, maria. maria: very valuable. >> on that topic, we love to see human capital on the balance sheets. we did a study that there's $1,200,000,000,000,000, $1,200,000,000,000,000 of hidden capital creating productivity and 20 trillion in capital. where is productivity coming from in it's coming from people. maria: it's all about people. always great insights from you. you said health care, you said technology, that's where the jobs are, we are going to see if they were there jobs in march when we have full coverage and analysis on job's march report. 8:00 a.m. eastern, jobs in america, join us for special coverage of the job's number tomorrow beginning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. the path to replacing obamacare is not getting clearer.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
the gop is making good progress on another bill. to i'm hopeful that it's out there. and i want to put any specific ads on it for a timeline because what is happening is what we need to happen. why do they think the way they think. so they can get a better understanding of each other's concerns. we were very close but not close enough. we do get a little closer and that means members to talk to each other and understand each other's concerns. maria: the very latest on the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the embattled executive owes her company $25 million. the details coming up. in high school is taking down their principal why she was forced to resign after group of students investigated her credentials.
7:33 am
game of thrones the carrier that's offering free hbo in order to lure customers away from other customers. with that new venture coming. market act should looks action looks like this this morning. it was a volatile session yesterday. markets were up. the minutes were released at reverse course for the lower market yesterday. we are seeing a little bit of stability today. we are expecting higher stock prices today. makes performances. the ft 100 is down one third of 1%. similar for the dax injects in germany. in asia stocks ended mostly lower with the exception of china. the shanghai composite up 131 percent. toucan sam takes the new
7:34 am
price. our top stories this half hour. can the white house revive the healthcare deal. fox news reports that vice president mike pence met with paul ryan last night to talk about the next steps for replacing obamacare. yesterday the vice president said there was no timeline in place for new gop legislation just yet. the republicans are united in our commitment to keep the promise we made to the american people years ago to repeal and replace obamacare. clearly a few weeks back our congress was not ready. cynically no one up at any time line on they're a are good faith discussions underway. maria: house speaker paul ryan also said the deal could take months doing this right now is express script ceo kent wentworth. so you run the largest
7:35 am
pharmacy benefit manager. how would healthcare reform changer business should we see new deal? >> any sort of new deal that we would see what have a direct impact not only on our express scripts business but through as our customers. through looking for looking for clarity in a way forward. we are there for them. what is put in place a decade ago. the cost that really made sense. and as the affordable care act placement involves is cannot necessarily involve us in our tools to keep those costs manageable. maria: this is obviously the central question throughout the healthcare industry today. in terms of whether it's repeal or replace or whether things stay the same.
7:36 am
your company negotiates drug prices on behalf of insurers and employers. tell us out president trumps promise to bring down costs of jobs can actually take place. it was stated to run and forbes magazine. it ran on march 30. >> i was very excited to actually see and hear the competition also i believe c is for creating competition. creating access to bio similar. the first two things in the op-ed or having the fda really great competition then we could can go to work and express it. the second part of that is obviously inside the
7:37 am
similar specialty drugs. if you look in the exchanges today and the biggest challenge that payers had have on the pharmacy side has been biological drugs. we don't had access to that that would save our country over the next decade. if we got a dozen of those approved over the next timeframe. i think having that is an important step there. in addition reforming medicare part d so that the members our incentive to use those. very important and i think from a legislative and regulatory standpoint we can see the path there. we have a bucket of things that were recommended. you can see 15 ideas we have. you're making all really good points and it sounds like you're talking about something from 30,000 feet up.
7:38 am
most people are saying okay fine. i'm worried about my life-saving drugs and the fact that i have to pay all of this money out of pocket for drugs that are important to save my life. the myelin ceo recently said that the middleman was the price of the epipen's to rise. civic raise the price and i think managing what we received that 274 out of the 608 was what we have managed. doesn't the price go down when it goes to generic? >> that's why we dropped it to $300. only after you hiked it up to $600.
7:39 am
it doesn't make it worth $300. maria: what is your response to that. >> heather brasch and mylan said there product to a price they could. i've heard for their explanations at said we need to invest a billion dollars to create awareness. it has saved lives. investing a billion dollars to make it more available and make people more aware as a debatable proposition. i know this today. they have this awareness. take the billion dollars and lower the price. that's what we would like to see. >> you say you're giving most of the rebate back to payers. what is it doing when the pair has a high deductible. and they came and afford because they can't get to their deductible? >> it really does this depend on the players in the plan. it is really planned biplane that we administer. that is making the decision to take the rebate that we do
7:40 am
pastor. heather portrays the pair as a middleman. it's actually the end pair. they choose whether or not to lower the premium to that member or to build it into co-pays. we do had plans to build it into co-pays and were working with a number of development partners to take that even further. but i can take up till now the majority of payers had chosen to keep that. and then build out-of-pocket maximums to protect folks from the truly catastrophic costs. the truth is some people say yours is an integrated model. are you looking to change your modeling anyway to address us because a patient is exposed to be a consumer being a consumer until the deductible is reached. >> we have said this.
7:41 am
we want to move the rebate to the point of sale for the member so that they can buy down with a member is out-of-pocket. we're also working with them to re- develop the plan design. during the aca one of the consequences was integrating deductibles for pharmacy and medical creating a very large overhaul deductible they suddenly hit the high prices. the other part that were doing building additional tools so they can navigate and figure out a front for the costs what is the best cost alternative. that investments had sped up dramatically to allow folks to low --dash -- know their balances. i know you have a solid trends. you're trying to come up with answers here. the fact is the markets watching the situation and
7:42 am
whether or not juergen a change the way you operate your stock is down 30% in all of this because people are worried in fact that you will see the government clampdown on this. what changes are you going to make as a result of this to make customers, clients and patients feel that they don't go bankrupt despite pain for the drugs that they so dearly need. >> the things that were doing to ensure, again you saw our drug trends dropped 20% last year. our model is working well. we look at medicare part d it's working extra nearly while for the government. our largest client. we are saving them tens of millions of dollars by making a simple retail change. our model is very well-positioned. our stock price which was net never reflective of our earnings growth last year was a result of a couple things. headlined risk over time i believe it will dissipate.
7:43 am
we also had a situation that is a one off a situation that took our stock price down and that we are working through. it's not like -- reflected in the fact that it sidle -- salad and what we need today. maria: patients are looking uninsured because they are paying the price until they reach the deductible. we can talk about from 30,000 feet but when a person is looking at even their insulin payments skyrocketing things that they need every day this is where the problem becomes. tim, good to see you. coming up the carrier that will let you binge on games of throne free. back in a moment. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney. he has a new business teaching lessons.
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maria: welcome back. elizabeth home motor company $25 million. cheryl has a detailed now. >> homes have a 5 million-dollar stake in the blood testing firm that she founded but that amount has shrunk because of regulatory and legal challenges. the journal of the $25 million that homes owes comes from an agreement between her and the company. it allows her to exercise options to buy more stock without having to pay upfront. the journal said she read to pay the company for the shares later on. a lesson in pure journalism for you this morning. a newly hired journalist the main concerns revolved around her education claims. she received her masters in her doctorate cortland university. it's an unrecorded online school.
7:48 am
at&t is doing what it can to attract customers. the battle for your business. starting today they offer free hbo if you sign up. it cost $90 a month. you can your feel -- phil of game of thrones. it holds up just about $41 right now. the stock to watch today. and given your food stories and burger king introducing the froot loops milkshake. and some sauce. some starting april 17. so how much is it. and yes ma'am i will bring you some. i'm not into chunky milkshakes. coming up.
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maria: welcome back. what is next for the woman who has done it all. martha stewart is now launching a wine company. a collection of wines handpicked by martha stewart herself. and delivered right to your doorstep. it's the one and only martha stewart. great to see you. and congratulations. i wish we are we're at 4:00 in the afternoon this is a very
7:53 am
exciting adventure for us. we love entertaining. and this is our first foray into wine delivery at home via the internet. perfect continuation to what you are and what your brand represents. you can be introduced to new wines that you've never tried before. we have gift packages for the bride. you can have a delivery every month. you can even order this one bottle at a time. over 12 bottles free shipping. and were working with a wonderful partner was a great online platform so that things are moving extremely smoothly and while we work all over the world choosing lines that are delicious, affordable and
7:54 am
introducing new flavors to our audience. let me ask you this, the idea of joining a club. that's one of the things that you're also offering. give access to a club. why would that be a good thing for a person. i really believe that we want people to understand what they're drinking, why there drinking it what there. met with and we don't want to talk all those wine terms. we want to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the varieties that we offer. the companion wines to delicious foods. and an assortment of the best regions in south america maria: and you partnered with different companies?
7:55 am
>> we buy ryan's -- wines from all over. many of the winemakers there now of course big into the wine business. it retails at about $34 billion in america. if such an opportunity we've a beautiful pinot grigio. rose is like the number one most popular wine in america. it is any longer. were drinking rose every weekend. i brought you both a beautiful cabernet.
7:56 am
in a beautiful merlot. most people don't realize that you have to spend a ton. i was at my local wine store and i look at prices and they go from $15 or so all the way up to hundreds of dollars these wines that we offer are between $12 a bottle for 29 bottles. and you can get a respectable bottle of wine for $15. you absolutely can. and here this is $14.99. >> there's a lot of twists up. many vineyards are doing twist off the tops.
7:57 am
instead of a twist off. your brand martha and marley is doing really well. tell us about this. how do you set yourself apart. because we have the recipes. we have the most delicious recipes in the most delicious meals offered online. and amazon were doing very well with our new deal with amazon. what should i make for easter dinner. i'm having a great big party like we will be right back. [ toilet flushes ] ♪
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. >> good morning. welcome back i am maria bartiromo we are happy you are with us top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast east meets west chinese presidents xi jinping headed to mar-a-lago today for two days of mookts with president trump north korea to trade on agenda, a history making day on capitol hill the senate on brink of going nuclear over the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. the fallout coming up. >> the white house taking the reins on tax reform paul ryan weighing in on timeline, watch. >> closer in agreement on health care, than we were on -- the house set up a plan the senate doesn't quite have one
8:01 am
yet they are working on one white house has not nailed it down even three entities don't -- aren't on same page yet on tax reform. maria: we have very latest coming this up morning, a wild day on wall street volatility the dow industrials swinging more than 200 points in turning point, was in release of the federal reserve minutes 2 pm eastern comments about winding down the federal reserve balance sheet, weighed on investors took market from up to down, 40 points the end of trading, checked action this morning little more stabilization we are expecting a higher opening for broader averages a fraction dow industrials well off highs of the morning up 9 points right now, in europe declines across the board, take a look, the cac quarante one exception off third of a percent ft 100 dax in germany lower have to morning, similar in asia stocks mostly lower with exception of the shanghai composite in china up a third of a percent, the -- south slammed by severe weather the
8:02 am
a master for his to candles tournament first time ever the latest coming up on that from silver screen to streets a look at rino xt one of the stars up coming fashion flichlz we take you inside in the program, dick cheney's life he'd to movie theatre find out who will play him this morning, coming this up morning joining know to talk about it dagen mcdowell, he former home depot cesto chrysler ceo bob nardelli, lee carter great to see you -- >> great to be here. maria: great show. dagen: where did the wine go? -- coffee mug. >> gentleman 5:00 somewhere. >> it is. >> end of a wedding reception go around to all the tables -- >> smells really good has different aromas in weakens. >> beautifully cheeses too on that table.
8:03 am
maria: thank you you are right. dagen: all of this, by the way, lunchtime. >> eat dinner great invitation. maria: that is right great segment never seizes to amaize me does it all launching new venture addition to entrepreneurialism power welcome major meeting in florida between the president of china, and president trump, we will talk about that, with the cofounder ceo of soho china, an incredibly impressive woman some call her woman who built beijing the leading redeveloper in bejing shanghai in new york in studios this morning, joining us ahead of major patterns in women in the world, conference later this morning, host of "varney & company" stuart varney here weighing in as always will join us as well
8:04 am
stay with us on that first, senate republicans to go nuclear, democrats say they will filibuster a cloture vote they say if they do senate majority leader i mitch mcconnell expected to turn to "nuclear option" a new precedent would enable neil gorsuch to be confirmed to supreme court with simple majority republican senator orrin watch slammed democrats on after the bell here on fox business network forcing this vote to come to this watch. >> i think the democrats just so bitter about having lost at it election to donald trump they are just pouting all over the place, and i think it is stupid on their part they look like idiots one of the fine of the judges in the country winning he percent until aity tremendous the represent the aviation wonderful lawyer wonderful jurist treating him like he should not be given a chance. >> final confirmation vote likely tomorrow the co-host of
8:05 am
fox news ""the five"" thanks for joining us what is your take on the showdown. >> i think inevitable at this point the question whether or not possible negotiations there had been for a while, the democrats would say they would allow gorsuch to be confirmed if senate moisture leader mcconnell would agree that he would not employ "nuclear option" so to speak we give you some we will take some democrats realized donald trump in office four years may have opportunity for consent nominees to the court at the moment a reruleion at treatment of merrick garland among democrats both in senate and base out the in the country, that there is just no appetite to play along and to negotiate any kind of deal with republicans. maria: even though american people want both sides to get to work.
8:06 am
they want progress. >> absolutely. maria: o there is no appetite -- may be the appetite on american people is very different than this appetite for pettiness. >> where do you start clearly it was obstruction by republicans, that depressed president obama merrick garland seat on court over a year. >> how long does this go on the problem is 90% republicans are saying we want you to work together, democrats and republicans. 60% democrats are saying we want you to work with republicans. at at what point woes revenge stop we put it behind us start fresh. >> do you reward bullying behave by republicans so long? i think lots of people this is really concerning to me when i look at numbers, there are so many people especially at either end of the political spectrum, who don't want come myself don't want anybody on their side to compromise to other size a consensus pick in
8:07 am
terms of merrick garland people say this guy is so well qualified not as well qualified as garland was. >> according to some, not according to others. >> i don't think there is any question garland head of highest court below supreme court. >> democrats cut off their nose to spite their face to face you oppose the nomination of dpors you force the republicans to change the precedent in the senate, to make it -- you can -- you will be able to put somebody on the supreme court with just a simply majority, that means the next time president trump gets to nominate a justice that it is going to be easy peacey through the door somebody could be replacing a swing vote potentially could be replacing ruth bader ginsburg for pete's sakes, rather than keeping powder dry democrats took a stand on gorsuch. rather than maybe a actually having power to filibuster
8:08 am
down the road. >> dagen what would stop them from employing that "nuclear option" next time? >> the argument is because you have a conservative justice replacing a conservative just that the respectives might be more reasonable. >> i don't see evidence that have. >> behavior, given the last year. >> you've given a year or two to fall out relations between right and left fall out a little bit again, the democrats right here taking the stand, and it is going to bite them in the -- >> i think the feeling among democrats at the moment they have been played for a fool. and that they are tired of being in that position. if you go back not only to merrick garland but consequential nominations that stem from bush virtual realitigoer, 2000 the chief justice alito on court decisions on cases like
8:09 am
citizens united to do with campaign finance democrats feel you know what? we have been pushed aside mar enginelived told to shut up i think the bait what executing my attention as political analyst around her senate typical people working towards middle towards compromise see this as necessary spin only three democrats agreed to vote for gorsuch all three in states trump won handily. >> manchin donnelly heitkamp. >> the way the democrats frame different than the way you frame it way democrats frame it they are taking a stand on principle let the republicans take the blame for taengdz have rules of the senate and blowing up the -- >> there is no there is no principle in politics anymore i point to harry reid opening door to nuclears option 201 change in precedent then. >> changes it had rules. >> didn't change rules on supreme court nominations and
8:10 am
you watch what happens. >> democrats going through the sand trying to find some scrap to hang, to hang -- >> they are looked dad dems looking bad. maria: i don't think so at all in fact. >> i don't think so at all you don't think democrats beginning with minority leader you know, charles charles think they are going to win if republicans employ "nuclear option" on a supreme court nomination maria they believe american people will say you destroyed senate the institution. >> destroyed by a part sanship if they lose on this yes. >> when you say lose you mean in terms of those you believe gorsuch will get to court. >> they are going to -- >> they will be forced to pull the "nuclear option." >> that is the republicans -- >> i know. >> but forced because you are saying, the democrats are taking a stand, they are going to be forced to do it.
8:11 am
>> they are not forced they could schumer suggested nominate someone worthy of winning 60 votes. >> worthy of -- >> unanimous for seat a couple years ago. >> what is the difference with garland? >> you can't go back and fix that it is what it is. >> then you can't say that you want to reward bad behavior. >> it is going to happen. >> so in other words, give up -- i don't think you can play that way. >> the republicans did it the -- hated it republicans did it hating it now. >> i think republicans got rewarded i think in fact, what you see is republicans of the majority in the senate. >> a recent not a establishment republican as president of the united states because people are tired of this nonsense. >> so you don't agree with orrin hatch that they look stupid orrin hatch said yesterday. >> i think senator senater hatch a good friend make august partisan point, because i think they are trying to drive it if way you frame it
8:12 am
day which is that democrats are forcing the republicans rather than republicans taking a step on their own, to advantage. >> chuck schumer has been all on partisan points swamp cabinet this stopping every turn look what maxine waters said about donald trump mean all out there, knife throwing fireballs, how -- >> he stolen feet senator merkley of oregon calls this exaggerate over merrick garlant stolen feat offered like a heist to republicans. >> suggested president trump presidency not legitimate. >> there you go ji that only flies with very far left of that party, to her point there is a -- >> dagen that is the whole party is becoming -- to the left -- dagen: he's got chuck schumer
8:13 am
has bull horn talking to small group of people way, way, out back left of the roll. maria: 2018 as a result. >> let me encourage you take a look at president trump approval ratings i think 35% historic low. >> talking about the -- >> everybody has got their own problems, talk about chuck schumer -- >> if i listen to you this morning you say this is terrible for the democrats going to be fatal not the smear. >> great stuff juan williams joining us there mother nature a what can at masters storm forcing the tournament to cancel a round for the first time in history dick cheney gets silver screen treatment back in a moment. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall...
8:14 am
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and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. employing. . . maria: breaking news this morning he explosives have been found in st. petersburg russia. cheryl: getting details in right now good morning, maria reuters reporting explosives have been found in a residential building, in russia's second largest city similar to the unexploded bomb found in the metro that happened on monday, remember, 14 people died on the sib away reuters say a witness near building heard about officials discussing this explosive device was exactly like
8:17 am
unexplode come from earlier this week. >> family friends gathering at arlington national cemetery to say final good-bye to astronaut senator john glenn first american to orbit earth died december 8, at 95 will be closed to public and media for a personal memorial in glenn's honor flags at federal builds fly at half-staff. >> a large part of east coast under threat of severe weather severe thunderstorms possible to mid atlantic states the same system set off thunderstorms yesterday ma residents ripped out. >> we lost everything we had trying to clean up get things back in order.
8:18 am
cheryl: and at masters golf tournament yesterday severe storms forced calculation of par content the rain forecast today for start of the event conditions will be pretty windy. christian bail steve correspond rail amy adams in stuck for untieldz dick cheney biopic film bale would play former vice president corral playing donald rums feld amy adams lynne cheney. >> the motive expected to hit theatres late 2018 maria this is coming from the same screenwriter director that did "the big short" a big oscar winner the year it came out good cast screenwriter. maria: going to be good story i bet what do you guys think?
8:19 am
>>. dagen: no offense to vice president cheney but are you going to fork over 15 dollars to go to movie theatre to see a film about cheneys? >> i might. >> you would? >> do you think going to be fair? >> no. >> i love to see who they choose to play people look at that. >>. dagen: he famously -- for roles will go extra mile to make sure. maria: you are going to want to see it for that reason. dagen: stream once on amazon. >> cheney has to feel good about that casting. >> all right, hunky vice president. >> have world powers in the sunshine state president trump set to meet with chinese leader xi jinping at
8:20 am
mar-a-lago today time line for tax reform house speaker paul ryan said could be tougher to tackle than health care back in a moment. ♪ i wanna dances with somebody i wanna feel the heat with somebody, yeah dance with somebody ♪ somebody to love me ♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn.
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8:23 am
. . washington could change scene on wall street gary cohn reporting a policy that would split fair markets consumer lending businesses from investment banks according to bloomberg the surprising stance from the former goldman sachs executive would force banks to restructure the way they do business joining us to talk more about it a "the wall street journal" global economics editor jon
8:24 am
hilsenrath good to see you. reporter: great to be here maria: interesting to hear this while talking about a rollback what do you see as implications for financials. >> well you know, i would like to hear more about where that story came from, you know, cohn has been one of the most outspoken people inside the administration, for rolling back dodd-frank legislation. you know what you are talking about sounds like -- like bringing glass-steagall back, and i just don't see how this administration gets behind something like that. maria: there are competing views within this administration in that regard, right but i think one of the important and sort of priority to this administration is the rollback of regulations including what you said dodd-frank. >> right. there competing views of generally been the nationalist steve bannon types against the wall street types, minute sean gary cohn i think we have to
8:25 am
tread carefully on reports. >> you don't believe it. >> we just came out of this era with dodd-frank that was you know almost smothering for banks now this would have real negative impact what is the current read on cap of 50 billion, a lot of talk maybe will go to 150, 250. >> right. >> what do you think about that will that actually happen? is that interpretation or just -- or legislation. >> i think an area there is some agreement you know even at the fed i think there is a view that maybe these dodd-frank regulations and this is the fed under janet yellen who is a democrat very supportive of dodd-frank. there is a view that it may be hit too hard on smaller banks i think they can try to narrow the scope where some bigger capital regulations hit but raising the ceiling of how big a bank has to be before they go through things like stress
8:26 am
tests higher capital requirements. maria: jon tax reform for a moment markets looking for policy they want a clearer picture in terms of timeline on tax reform for path in that regard white house looks to take lead speaker ryan well, listen to what he said yesterday. >> the baseline issues also we will need more time to do tax reform. >> we are closer in agreement on handgun than tax reform, house has a plan, the senate doesn't quite have one yet they are working on one white house hasn't nailed it down so even three entities don't -- aren't on the same page yet on tax reform. maria: so three plans, he says he has time are they going to face a similar fight on tax reform that they did on health care? because of the border-adjustment tax possibly of vat tax? this is the issue, it blew up health care is it going to blow up tax reform. >> it looks a lot like health care situation, in part because what we have right now
8:27 am
is the house has a plan, ryan and brady have a plan they put out the senate doesn't like it accuse as you say there is a border-adjustment tax taxes imports, the white house is very wary of it what we have been struck by in our reporting at "the wall street journal" is the white house doesn't have a plan, and neither does senate white house still trying to figurative it out. maria: i don't know about that steen moven mnuchin has a n from 7 to 3 lowering tax rates from 33% 25% to 12% those are three brackets, he talked about obviously, the corporate tax rate getting encouragement to bring money back to u.s. why overseas there is a plan there. >> there is not agreement on plan you haven't seen white house put it out what they have is they have a lot of ideas. but for one haven't figured
8:28 am
out how to pay for all of them, so the house has border-adjustment tax pays for lower corporate rates white house treasury have not figured out how to do that. >> dagen most important timeline waiting for 17 or 18 what is your thought here? dagen: "the wall street journal" today one white house if i believe says looks like going to miss august timeline that mnuchin laid out there, that they are not couldn't get anything done if you move into 2018 so you have a very a small window that is closing. >> exactly, their window is basically august to december. and they have a lot of work to do between august and december. to come up with something that everybody agrees on, and then deal with the politics and the house and senate, to get it passed, and to build a coalition, you know we talk about a white house plan, the white house is trying to work with democrats on this, and getting democrats and republicans on border on taxes, boy talk about a high hurdle.
8:29 am
>> let me get on them give me a red magic marker. maria: daying 9/11 there. dagen: and individual. >> let's not go on vacation people there's two pediatrics. >> at an they extend it. >> two weeks. >> two words red sharpie. >> you got to pay for this you can't just cut everything find a way to pay for it. >> you are kidding? -- >> you know unless deficits -- that going to get bigger. maria: like on your like to 20 trillion dollars in debt what those doubled last 8 years good to see you. thank you so much. >> jon hilsenrath joining us there we have live coverage in-depth analysis march jobs' report tomorrow morning i hope you join us for jobs in america sper as we await numbers for bhuven march at labor department adp told us a very strong number we will be right back with real estate titan.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
maria: good thursday morning. welcome back. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, april of your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. worlds collide in the sunshine state president trump chinese president xi jinping historic meeting at southern white house mar-a-lago. >> i know president trump is
8:33 am
very much looking forward to welcoming president xi to southern white house this weekend, i think looking forward to a productive discussion, on our economic republican our expectation north korea will also be a part of that conversation. of the and as the president said this week, if china won't deal with north korea we will. >> more what to bp from important meeting coming up this morning, history also being made in nation's capital senate could invoke "nuclear option" as republicans look to confirm judge neil gorsuch to supreme court fallout coming up mother nature puts masters in the rough and one of the biggest stars could actually miss thet tournament major obstacles putting a damper on the biggest week this week lights could be out at ge "the wall street journal" reporting the company is weighing a sale of its consumer lighting business details on the possible move, out of ge coming up this morning.
8:34 am
youtube joining the a streaming war television going live in several markets, how you can tune in coming up, market action like this this morning, of course, waiting on jobs numbers and first quarter reporting season begins today markets have a firmer bid to them it is fractional but we had a really volatile day yesterday markets up federal reserve minutes and then markets ended lower today dow industrials expected up 20 points, in europe this morning check the indices mixed in europe cac quarante in paris up a third of a percent ft 100 london down a third of a per alienate asia overnight stocks mostly lower exception of shanghai composite, up one-third of 1%, from big screen to new york, we are bringing you a look at one of the major stars in "fast and furious" the rino xt that beautiful vehicle on our plaza we take you there later on this hour. first this top story president trump to meet with chinese president xi jinping at
8:35 am
mar-a-lago today joining -- me fox business exclusive cofounder ceo of soho china with us, great to see you. >> zbooj. >> thank you so much for joining us they call you woman built beijing. >> soho china has done incredible development throughout beijing shanghai. >> that is right a lot of builds. >> congratulations i know you open lots of builds here in u.s. >> no, small. >> some stakes. >> the relationship between u.s. and china as president is meeting with the president of china. what would you like to see come out of this meeting today. >> what i think there has been so much uncertainty over the months between u.s.-china even u.s.-china relations one thing all hoping to see is a bit more certainty, what will be the future of the u.s.-china relations. will there be a trade war or not? so that is something i think all the chinese are watching,
8:36 am
and seeing the first time president xi and president trump are meeting hopefully something positive will come out. >> so it is being talked on the ground in china. >> very much. >> i think people watching so closely because first it a cup as a surprise when president trump dropped about dropping one-china policy has been foundation for u.s.-china relations, 30, 40 years so dropping that was -- was scary. of the and everyone was happy to hear that president trump actually came back to the one-china policy. meaning that so that -- basically paved the way for this meeting to take place. and now i think the focus is on north korea and more so for china is trade. >> how worrisome is north korea situation on the ground? is this also a subject that the people talk about are
8:37 am
worried about. >> not so much in china despite so close, border from north korea but i think that is not much of a concern for china, case china and north korea always had a -- you know, a long relationship so i think that is never been much of a worry. but i think trade is on the line. >> i want to ask you about the business climate right now when together in davos a couple years ago you said to me china's red hot real estate market turned cold as ceo of largest office development company in beijing and shanghai you have a firsthand look into chinese rewhat can you tell us. >> the you are banization driving the real estate development in china is still continuing. for that the demand for apartment builds, still strong. but also much of the china chinese seize have been built go to beijing shanghai today you will see central business,
8:38 am
up build i think ice enough office building we run office building mainly day in, day out economy has slowed down somewhat from the peak few years ago to now, it is in a slower growth. close to 7% gdp growth so seeing builds still fully occupied not growing as much as say five years ago. >> you said recently i was reading an article you were quoted in you said much development has been done where is the growth then for example soho china you see what has already been done. >> right this is it, the -- the intense high growth time is probably past. that is when china growing gdp level at 14% company level growing -- double-digit every year now slower growth gdp growing at 7%, and companies
8:39 am
are growing less. but i think sometime obviously compared to any rest parts of the world higher growth economy. compared to our own past a slower froth. >> would you be more poised to invest more right now in china or the united states? i know you have investments in u.s. acquired a big stake in gm building in new york chinese investors looking to get into real estate market here china foreign direct investment in u.s. record high 45.8 billion dollars in 2016. what is your take on u.s. right now? >> i think from the real estate point of view i look at assets it is not cheap anymore, and this is probably you know, high point of the market if not peak of the market. so in terms of investment, this is this is not the best time to buy. but if you own something in the u.s. this is perfect you are asset shows higher.
8:40 am
>> let me turn to your story, because forbes rank you tenth on 2017 list of richest self-made women in the world. >> oh. >> 3.2 billion dollars. and your story just phenomenal you grew up in cultural revolution under mao how were you as a child in some cases poverty stricken. >> in we grew up with nopg cut rally revolution social state nothing had anything hardly enough food to eat china opened door 30 years ago then opportunity came people like miles had opportunity to do business. and because china had no business before, and all this happened last 20, 30 years, so it was like, a great opportunity for anyone who wants to build business, so i
8:41 am
am lucky in the right place right time in history. >> i don't believe right place right time had incredible encouragement from your mother i know that really extraordinary when i think about the fact that so many women have been able to rise to billionaire status in china how is it possible that it is almost easier to become that get that kind of stature than in america how do you do that. >> you have in america you have well established industries hard for any start-up so many won coming new to build anything that is why you see newer billionaires and successful businesspeople in the district -- as in -- china is the whole country is a start-up, so everyone who wanted to come into business had no competitor before everything is -- fresh. that bass 20 years ago, because today it is different you know, today companies and industries already accomplished so i think the
8:42 am
opportunities lies in the new industry field technology areas that are less established, but real estate harder today than 20 years ago. maria: harder in china. >> why as that. >> companies established industries established opportunities largely gone you need just look so much harder to get opportunities. >> you are going to be speaking at women in the world conference today at lincoln center you and i both there. >> thank you for moderating. >> looking forward to that why a furthermore like this tell us what you are expecting to hear what we should expect at woman in the world conference. >> i love this, because i think this i know tina brown women in world conference has mixture of amazing women, from business world politics from ngos, refugees people all amazing stories of women, i didn't used to think much
8:43 am
about women's i used to think women's conference only for women heard by men not just women but having been to quite a few events i realize there is a incredible solidarity, and just hearing amazing stories is -- liberating. >> yours is incredibly empowering your story as real estate titan that you are have you worked with donald trump, of course, is real estate of his oen before president trump. >> i have not. >> you have not worked with him in any details do you expect a lot of deals to -- to trigger this year in u.s. as a result of valuations you areseeing or things too expensive. >> i think things are toov examine expensive to see a lot of deals i i continue to see chinese building at peak of price. >> waldorf-astoria. >> see you later this morning at the women in the world
8:44 am
conference, we will be right back.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
tennis canal report fox business. well, day three volvo, saw more than one big upset hometown hero thrilled fans. . >> shelby rogers 11 of last 12 tell us about in set win over number one seed. charleston resident goes out to victory 6-1 deciderer up next naomi in the third round venus williams second big name packing wednesday, seven time major champion down to sigman won just one match this year, heading into the tournament. german -- two match before wrapping up marathon win over hours. tennis channel in more than 50 million homes, you might be getting tennis channel not
8:48 am
know it find it today. ♪ maria: 45 minutes away from the opening bell, we are looking at market that is fractionally hi. this morning a couple stocks we are watching gen electric ge weighing a sale again of consumer lighting business this deal could be worth 500 million dollars, shares ge down nearly 5%, this year as you can see from that chart 2997 keeping eye on alphabet martin of google yu. tube live streaming service launched five mainly markets 35 dollar a month live streams from four broadcast the metrics others, 39 stations ten more amitchc soon alphabet shares up 10% since last year. >> bezos branching outgoinging beyond online shopping into space tourism expanding reach
8:49 am
of technology into other industries stuart varney you have been eyeing amazon closely lately stu. >> who has not? >> you are radio you the. >> talk about a -- juggernaut i am fascinated by jeff bezos rarely appears in public one rare appearance past couple years he is running on extraordinary company, he is taking some of the money out of amazon, putting into other ventures numerous ventures space attractively for tourists appears yesterday said i am taking a billion dollars worth of amazon stock but that into my space operation, now, i have never seen that before, this is really unusual stuff. especially, coming from a man as powerful as he jeff bezos second richest guy in the world the guy owns washington post", the trump a
8:50 am
hitting vehicle in america today i am fascinated by the guy i don't like his politics but as a business guy? there is who can beat him? >> double the market value of walmart? on amazon? about incredible stuff. >> amazon worth more than the six leading retailers six largest bricks-and-mortar retailers in america. >> incredible job enriching his net worth you said second richest person in the world 76 billion dollars, incredible. >> gilded age top of the hour join stuart and company next few minutes, first cruising from the big screen to driveway a look under the hood of one of the coolest new rides from "fast and furious". ♪ ♪ can't wait to get on the
8:51 am
road again -- and i will be on the road ♪
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duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. take a wheel? what? >> oh ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: that was clip from film the fate of the furious sequel to "fast and furious" franchise in theatres next week, created by u.s. specialty vehicles rino xt a big star from the thriller gary is here o good to see you what was so special about the rino. >> the company showed up at car shows the director liked it so much put in the film an order for one one of the few cars in the film i think he
8:55 am
owns helms so a real eye-popping style, basically a jeep wrangler modified with body inspired by futuristic concept never got built before company went out of business brought it to life put together 58,000 dollars customize it. >> 85,000 dollars -- this is a jeep. >> a jeep. a jeep, you know not uncommon right gary to have concept cars at the show, just to put them out there see if there is a takeup on them in this case it really did a nice job. >> hummer came out everyone was excited about it company went out of business never got -- these guys took it modified to give original look inspired by that excitement about this i have seen this at car shows a crowd of people around it we got stopped by cops in new york when driving it wanted to check it out. >> didn't get a ticket. >> didn't get a ticket -- patrol car, pretty well.
8:56 am
>> cool. >> is dr. like a jeep wrangler they put in superchargeer on engine more power, you can get a big v8 ford about again spend up to 150,000 dollars one of these really want to modify it the interior, new up pollsry on four-door turned into two-door room in backseat. >> inside because looks tough on outside but inside luxurious. >> definitely on par with 85,000 dollar costume vehicle, digital cluster. >> biographyy meaty we need more of in this country. >> go. everybody, even the -- this is where margins are for ought industry trucks suvs, of course, jeep probably most iconic brand in the ought industry. >> pushing up near 100,000 may
8:57 am
be over 100,000 soon with vehicles. maria: you told me earlier 0% operating profits fiat chrysler from two cars. >> jeep and the truck. >> driving profitability for fiat. >> good stuff great to see you thanks so much, we want to take a short break we will be right back. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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we want to show you a live look at the white house. president trump is about to welcome cyclists from wounded warriors. president trump is waiting for them right there at the white house. thanks to our all-star cast. >> thank you. maria: dagen mcdowell, lee carter, here is stu. stuart: i'll take it. if you've got problems, don't blame china, that's the official word from bay jiang-- beijing from xi ping. it's a importan important day f china's leader. he wants to look like the equal of trump. you'll see the body language and facial expressions. you'll learn a lot about


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