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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  April 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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syria with russia, youave the swedish terror developments. this more to learn about that. and this whole thing about white house staff changes. a lot going on. melissa: here is "risk and reward." >> tuesday syrian dictator bashar al-assad launched a horrible chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians, using a deadly nerve agent, assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children. it was a slow and brutal death for so many. even beautiful babies were
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cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. no child of god should ever suffer such horror. tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. reporter: president trump taking decisive m firing 60 tomahawk missiles. at the same time president trump was dining with china's president xi jinping. then after a contestive week,
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neil gorsuch was confirmed. now there is a suspect in custody after plowing a truck into a shopping center in speeden. officials saying it's a terror attack. an intense 24 hours. first to that strike on syria. a russian warship entered the eastern mediterranean sea and is heading towards the two navy destroyers that launched the airstrike last night. reporter: the top administration officials in florida are describing this as a methodical operation. we heard from the secretary of state rex tillerson in which he described the operation as a quote, overwhelming success. however, the secretary of state would not outline what the next
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potential steps might be saying that will be determined by syria and russia. what happens on the ground inside of syria. at this point he says if the future will be guide by how we see their reaction. the white house press secretary sean spice were was asked how the president felt about that strike. he said president trump was very pleased. >> we are very proud of our military, especially the if united states navy. he couldn't be more proud of the men and women who served in the military. secondly, he's pleads we sent a clear and decisive justified proportional response around the world. reporter: we also heard from the treasury secretary steve mnuchin and rex tillerson. mnuchin saying additional sanctions when it comes to syria could be coming.
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he goes on to say we view sanctions as a very important tool. mnuchin not giving an exact time frame when those sanctions could be coming. only saying it could be happening relatively soon. over at the united nations there was a remarkable scene as nikki haley put syria and russia on notice. she says quote the united states took a very measured step last night. we are prepared to do more, but we hope that will not be necessary. the message from nikki haley, the message from rex tillerson on this day is this as it relates to syria. the ball is in your court. whatever you do next, they say the united states will take it from there. reporter: blake, thank you very much. for more on the u.s.'s strike on
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syria. john bolton saying the airstrikes were exactly the right thing to do. >> whenever the united states faces a violation of a treaty meant to stop weapons of the mass destruction, the president has the thowrnltd the commander-in-chief clause. he made a limited strike for a limited and precise reason. i think last night the obama era in american foreign policy ended. cheryl: joining me, general mcinerney. what's your impression of how the trump administration handled this operation overall? >> brilliantly. it couldn't have gone better. the president was briefed and four hours later those missiles
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were on the way. i was involved with the major exercise in 1986 when we attacked qaddafi when president reagan did it, and it took six days. cheryl: russia was warned about this. is that normal protocol and is that the right decision by the president? >> they were only given an hour. they didn't have enough time to do enough things except get their people out of the way. these targets were all facilities on the air base. ammunition dumps, maintenance facilities, hangars where they store the airplanes. they got about 22 airplanes they say. they wanted to make sure there was as much as possible that there were no ssians killed in it.
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cheryl: weavgone through this and the overnight headlines showed support for president trump's move. the new york post cover read "pres fired missiles at syria's butcher." even the u.s. news. "retaliation for barbaric attack by gas." a headline in the jerusalem post says quote the americans are back. and this of course after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said president trump sent strong and clear message. what do you think about global reaction to the president's move? >> i think it will be very, very good and here's why. they see a leader when he's given heinous acts using chemical weapons against women and children, he's going to react.
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he does it in a positive way. he doesn't agonize on it, he takes action, and i think it will spill over into our own marketplace and healthcare and medical reform and taxes. people will start understanding on the hill that we have a decisive president. it will let kim jong-un and president xi who was there at the time that this president means business. it will spill over into the middle east against isis. i'm very optimistic about what this will do for the marketplace, let alone international confidence. cheryl: should we be expecting more news out of russia? more reaction out of russia? with this carship moving in towards the two of our navy ships, that set off alarms today. are you concerned about russian response? it would seem to me they don't want to go down this road
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against the u.s. that's my opinion. but what do you say? >> you have got a good opinion. this is kabuki. they have to react like this. it will' a tattle tale. it will let people know. the fact is, if they are just responding now, they are not making things happen. they were complicit in this. the russians were complicit. i used to have a chemical wing underneath me. when you go in chemical and nuclear weapons you've elaborate command and control procedures. these things will become evident as people go through the daily intelligence take. the russians got their hand caught in the cookie jar. what people will see is people will get back to normal. and the other naval ship, russian naival ship coming out, that's a symbol but it won't be a threat.
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we are not going to war with russia. cheryl: that's good news and we trust your opinion. should we expect retaliation or escalation? i want to bring in former assistant secretary of state and author of "red line." p.j. crowley is here. with your experience at the state department, i'm excited to have you on the show tonight. let's talk about president obama. should we have waited and done more damage considering we let this happen, these atrocities in syria for six years. >> i think he did the right thing. but he still faces the same complexities going forward that barack obama did. i agree with general mcinerney that it's unlikely we are going to go to war with russia.
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that said, the message from the united states is that chemical weapons are out of bounds. but it leaves a lot of room for assad to do damage against the syrian opposition. and the syrian people. i'll give you one example of the ambiguity. in 2013 i think the president mismanaged the red line. but there was a significant accomplishment. there was the removal of the marity of syrian chemical weapons. we now n wasn't all of them. cheryl cheryl: the russians are the ones that president trump negotiated with to remove those. the red line that the president said he wasn't going 20 let cross got crossed multiple times even when secretary of state hillary clinton wanted action when it came to syria. that president, president obama failed to do anything.
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500,000 dead later, thousand do we judge that moment in the time of of our country and what we didn't do? >> look, president obama dee fined the u.s. national interests in syria as defeating the islamic state. i would suggest president trump defined the u.s. international interest in syria in the same way. he campaigned for office expressing great scepticism about getting deeply involved in syria. we'll see what the russian and iranian and syrian action was. even with this strike which i think was the right thing to do, what the united states is basically saying to syria and russia and iran is you can still defeat the syrian opposition, just use conventional weaponry, not chemical weapons. i don't know that this changes what's happening on the ground
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and i don't know this changes the trump foreign policy. >> this sends a clear message president trump is serious and he won't let atrocities like babies being murdered. let's go to secretary of state rex tillerson. he's set to visit moscow amid all of th tension between the u.s. and russi howe do you think these meetings will go? >> i think participating in some of these meetings, i would suspect it's going to be very, very unpleasant. vladimir putin will have a lot to say to him, and i'm not sure secretary tillerson will get many words in evenin edge wise.
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it's a worthy aspiration to build a relationship, but the areas of common interest between the united states and russia are narrowing and the areas of profound disagreement in syria and ukraine are expanding. this is a difficult relationship that the trump administration is going to have to manage deftly. but i don't think we'll see the kind of constructive relationship that certainly president trump aspired to on the campaign trail. clairl: i have a -- cheryl: i have a feeling rex tillerson knows how to have a meeting with the russians. the president is getting support from both sides of the aisle for last night's decisive action against syria. but first syrian president
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bashar al-assad calling the u.s. missile strike against his airfield reckless and irresponsible. leaders around the world are praising the strike. so you're having a party?
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australia writing, the retribution has been proportionate and we support the u.s. russia and iran aren't quite seeing it the same way. iran's government calling the move dangerous. and destructive. russia says it will not bring us closer to combating international terrorism. meantime the reaction from bashar al-assad calling the u.s. missile strike reckless and irresponsible. he said the action was based on faulty information and was short-sighted. joining us dr. zuhdi jasser. we talked so many times about
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this in regards to foreign policy. i know you applaud the president for this strike. but you also say he has to remain vigilant and remember this is not just assad, by the many russia, hezbollah. why do you add that layer of concern? zuhdi: we are at war. for those who say we need a declaration of war, we are at war. the syrian people thank god for this action, but it's only one surgical strike. i think assad will now blink. we have a president that will listen to his military who tell him inacon is much more a risk than action. the other monars and tyrants in the middle east, the sunni jihadists have been radicalizing the syrian population.
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but they also want to see assad go it's a big deal that the west, the most moral military on the planet did this. if it had been done by the saudis or egyptians it wouldn't have had the same effect because they have corrupt mills. the west will not sit back while the syrian military learned its population control of carpet bombing and desolation. that's why this is such an important turn. what's the bigger strategy? we need to wait and see. cheryl: last night on the program we had general jack keane. i pushed back a little against him. he said well if anything happens, the saudis are ready to act and do something. i thought, really?
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where have they been through this. what about the wealthy nations of the middle east? what about qatar, what about the u.a.e.? why don't they step in to stabilize the region? zuhdi: the jihadist coin has two sides to it. sunni and shiia. the shiia are the assad, iranian, hezbollah, 20,000, 30,000 fighters. both sides are an evil coin. they don't want to send their own troops in, they want to radicalize to keep fighting. that's why it needs to be contained to a real civil war and demanding russia and iran pull out. when the red line was crossed
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president obama missed a real opportunity. we felt this star -- arted in sa when the russians started flying over there in 20134. -- in 2013. cheryl: your parents are syrian. i know you have family in the region. zuhdi: my mom is in america, but my cousins and aunts are in aleppo. we have some in damascus. but there is no end with assad in power. anything that decreases his assets and contains him and helps the opposition and at least have areas of no fly zones to see a light at the end of the tunnel is a brighter day for them. they saw the force of good come and theyt they thank god for
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what happened last night chair* we did have breaking news out of europe today. one person is in custody after a truck driver plowed into a department store in stockholm, sweden. the prime minister is calling it a terror attack. it's another attack that involves a vehicle. and this tactic shows desperation on behalf of terrorists, outer's an unsophisticated lone wolf action. ways your initial thoughts on today's attack in sweden? >> it's a vehicular jihad. the israelis have been dealing with this for decades it's an unstoppable act unless you look at the precursor ideology. political correctness has prevented the us from doing. whether it was in nice *, belgium, the recent aacross at
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the u.k. parliament. it's an unstoppable crime unless people site of and step aside. we have to start look at precursor ideology. sweden as a problem. they have more isis people per capita than almost any other eu country. we are at war and one of those fronts is syria, sweden, france, and the united states. cheryl: it was nice having you on. thank you. president trump's staunchest critics are saying his response to syria was the right thing to do. we'll debate a lot more coming up. president obama drew a red line in the sand for syria, but president obama is enforcing it.
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allen west will weigh in. >> when you kill innocent children, innocent babies, that crosses many, many lines. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. [v quickbooks introduces and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> this president reacted to events that were so horrific that it required american action. the significant nail it sent to the world from the * was as important. cheryl: after a week of rtisan squabbling over president obama's supreme court pick, even some of his fiercest critics are praising his actions. senator schumer said this, make assad know that when he commits
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atrocities, he will pay a price and it's the right thing to do. i'm joined by eric shipper. a former trump executive committee member. and tammy bruce. welcome to all of you. for the most part. president trump's actions have been seen as appropriate, well thought out, his speech, his comments were strong. how do you feel about president obama's handling of this. tammy: i don't know if i have a right to be proud of him but i am. the left is stuck because they don't want him to do well. but they have to face the fact that he has done the right thing. we know wants to get rid of isis. but he's pragmatic. he surround himself with obviously generals. there was a question about why
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so many generals. it's clear the world is in a certain condition that requires them. nikki haley, my goodness, what a star. remarkable performance at the u.n. cheryl: she has been incredible. today at the united nations. she hands it to those guys. there are still a few trump critics warning the president about taking action without approval from congress. elizabeth warren said expanded military intervention in syria requires action by congress. he owes the american people an explanation. really? do you agree with elizabeth warren? do you think she has a point? it was one strike. >> i don't think she has a point. the strike was done after a couple of days of huddling with the national security team in
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the white house state department and defense it was thought through carefully. i would put it this way. it was responsibly unpredictable. you know president trump talked about being unpredictable in military policy and how important that is in dealing with adversaries. this is the first sain using that approach. more significantly, i think you are right, so many democrats are on board with this limited strike against assad's air base because it's a human rights and humanitarian issue. i find it significant and interesting that the first major military strike of the trump administration is on a humanitarian issue of using chemical weapons against children and innocents. that suggests to those who say he's not committed to the state
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department and u.s.a.i.d., he took it seriously and said it unless our national into the protect those who can't protect themselves. cheryl: he kept saying babies. russia condemned the airstrikes. but does this bring an end to the democrats' narrative that president trump's campaign was in cahoots in russia? nothing that happened last night was cahooty. we just lost him fam. tammy: i'm going to blame the russians. nikki haley's attitude clearly shows this an independent administration. and it send a message to putin that we are not to be messed with, and also with the chinese premiere dealing with north korea. the nature of how we are going to behave on the field and the arguments that wield bend over
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for russia, this eliminated that concern. cheryl: eric, you ju ce back. i promise we'll get questions out to you. president trump meeting with the chinese president. the latest next. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz.
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