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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 10, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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about his meeting with mr. lavrov. there is a lot of things obviously to discuss. the overall fight on isis. with respect to syria if particular, we need to remind them of commitment they made and commitment syria made. reporter: [inaudible] >> first and foremost we need to make sure we all understand what the situation is on the ground. there is no question who acted in this case and what syria did. and i think that we need to make sure that russia fully understands the actions that assad took, the commitments that syria has made, and russia as equally agreed to those same understanding. so getting them back on the same page first and foremost would seem the logical step but secondly and i guess equally as important to make sure that the areas we can find commitment to it defeat isis is something we share. major? reporter: so what the president wants the secretary of state to put the threat of sanctions on the table to get russia's
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attention in this matter? because the secretary of state said russia is either complicit or incompetent. what does the president believe russia actually is in this matter? >> we'll have plenty of time to discuss how those talks go. i want to, one thing president is very clear on from the get-go he doesn't like to telegraph all the cards he has. he wants to see how that conversation goes with secretary tillerson. if we get them to agree to commit to action on defeating isis -- reporter: [inaudible] >> they will have a listen to that discussion. what goes beyond rhetoric and where the talks start. what they are willing to commit to action. it is important to get ahead of this before they meet is not something i want to do. i want secretary tiller an meet with lavrov and have the conversation and report back. reporter: quickly about the white house itself. what is the president's perspective on the ability, the current ability of seniors advisors to reself idealogical
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differences, resolve their personality differences and work as a team? >> he is very confident in that. reporter: why? >> this is the same group with the same ideologies, with the same strengths that came together for a common purpose to win a campaign. there is unbelievely talented team at the senior level, midlevel, frankly all the way down to the bottom level of this administration that is committed to the president's agenda. i said this multiple times throughout the transition. everybody that came into this administration while they might have a personal view or an action on an issue, they understand and understood and understand the president's vision and agenda and their goal of coming into this was to understand first and foremost it is the president who made pledges and promises to the american people about the direction he would take this country and actions he's taken and he is doing that. i just read off a series in terms of judges that he appointed. the congressional review act pieces of legislation that he signed. the executive orders. when you look at actions that he
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has taken and the results that he is getting 60% down can on the border, nobody would dispute the fact that immigration was a hot topic during this campaign. and the president's actions are seeing results. i think you're seeing both on the market and national security front. so he understands that we have some pretty smart, talented individus whare opinion 8:00 on a lot of subjects. but that are battles and policy differences need to behind closed doors. we need to focus and come out committed to advance the president's agenda but he is completely aware of the talent that he has and that is part of the reason he brought this team together because the talent and successes and accomplishment they have had on a variety of backgrounds and fully believes they will continue to push forward to advance his agenda. reporter: led him to have or order this meeting on friday where the two principals, bannon and jared kushner were essentially told by the
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president cool this, get along and get on the same page? >> look, i think a lot of stuff was overblown about this, that makes it out into media sometimes and gets a little bit more sensational than it truly is but i think the president obviously very pleased with the last week that he had and accomplishments especially on the foreign policy front. i think we had unbelievably helpful and productive meeting with the chinese. his meeting with king abdullah was unbelievable and he continued to have very strong foreign policy wins in terms of the relationships that we're making with other heads of state. the attack on syria, not just bipartisan praise here at home but world praise and i think that he recognizes that sometimes some of this spills over, these policy differences and discussions. he made sure that the focus stays on advancing the agenda. reporter: if you're saying one of the priorities is to see a regime change in syria, how far is the preside willing to go
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to see bashar al-assad out of power there. >> so, just to be clear i can't, i don't think it -- you can't a stable and peaceful syria with assad in charge. i don't think that is a scenario that is possible but i think the first step is in that is to make sure the region, syria in particular, are stable. you can't have isis marching through syria and then worry mostly about who is in charge right now. we've got to make sure first and foremost in terms of our national security, i think it was brian's question at the beginning, ours national security is the first and foremost reason we have to act and as isis is proliferating and chemicals of mass destruction are on the rise there, we have to contain that. once that is done we can apply political, economic and diplomatic pressure for regime change. they can work in tandem. i'm not trying to -- but the
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bottom line is still the containment of isis and conflict that is occurring. >> is the red line, to clarify, is the red line for this white house chemical warfare? is conventional warfare enough to get the president to go further there than this white house has gone before? >> look i think the president has been very clear there are a number of lines that were crossed last week. he is not going to sit down -- we saw that in the lasted a administration it. they drew these red lines. then the red lines were run over. i don't think you will see the same play. not just syria but the world saw last week is a president that will act desist civilly and proportionally and with justification when it comes to actions like that. i will tell you, the answer is if you gas a baby, if you put a barrel bomb in to innocent people i think you will see a response from this president. that is unacceptable, and i think the -- reporter: [inaudible] >> one of the things i don't
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want to start doing, if you do, this is the reaction you're going to get. the president made very clear throughout his time in the campaign, through the transition and now as president he will not telegraph a response to every corresponding action because that tells the opposition or the enemy what you're going to do and whether or not that response is worth taking. the president will be very clear that he will keep his cards close to the vest but make no mistake he will act. john? reporter: thanks a lot, sean. i wanted to ask but the reaction that the president took in terms of military involvement on sweden. you said in your statement that all 59 of those cruise missiles hit their intended target yet we're seeing report that military in airbase in syria continues to be used by syrian military. >> yeah. reporter: given that how can you consider that particular mission a success? >> i think from what you're hearing, taken two prefueled
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planes taken off. that is a pr stunt. their fueling capability was taken out. radar capabilias takenut and 20% of fixed-wing aircraft from the entire air force was taken out. their ability to operate successfully out of that airbase is gone. like i said, as a pr stunt, they took prefueled planes, pushed them over to make it look like -- make no mistake about it. radar capability is gone. fueling capability is gone. a good chunk of their aircraft is gone. that is huge success. john. reporter: one question following up what major garrett asked. these reports of a shake-up at the white house. there have been various reports that the deputy national security advisor kt mcfarland is stepping down from that post. she will take on the post of u.s. ambassador to singapore. can you confirm that? what is behind that particular move if indeed that is the case? >> i appreciate it. look i have said many times before that we're not going to
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get into personnel announcements until they're ready to announce. i would say that two points on that. one, when general mcmaster was announced it was pretty clear, we said it at time, you all asked the question whether or not he would have the ability to shape the national security council in his liking with president's concurrence. i think you have pretty much seen that was an accurate statement at the time and continues to be now. and general mcmaster has the president's confidence to insure that our national security council is shaped in a manner that best serves the president of the united states in every way, shape and form. secondly to your point, staff said over weekend i will reiterate, only thing shaken up in washington right now, is shaken up is washington. i think this president continues to show that he is going to be disruptor and do things differently and bring real change to washington. john. reporter: thank u, sean. two questions. the previous administration was
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in touch with with the assad opposition and gathered conclaves of different groups including the free syrian army. is this administration in touch with the same anti-assad forces, political and military? >> i'm not going into details what we're doing and who we're talking to. i think that is obviously, didn't prove to successful last cycle, lasted a administration in terms of regime change. i will not get into telegraphing what we're doing and how we're doing it. reporter: on the domestic front congressman ron desantis wrote the president last week to call in very strong language for him by executive order to end what he calls the opm rule of 2013. that was an executive order of course, that undercut the affordable care act's amendment saying that members of congress and their staff could not get health care and special
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subsidies unlike any other american. and he said as soon as that is eliminated, congress will move faster because they and their staff will not have special treatment. is the president going to use his pen and get rid of the opm order? >> i will have to look at that secretary price is dealing with -- i know that is opm order. secretary price has been reviewing all of the necessary implementation documents and orders with respect to obamacare. i know he is working with the director mulvaney. director mulvaney i anticipate will be here with you guys at some point tomorrow to talk about he reorganizing of government. that mig be apopriate time to talk to him specifically about that. dave? reporter: thank you, sean. the list of judges that the president put out last year saying these are the people i will -- nominee you referred to earlier, in the end democrats still tried to filibuster judge gorsuch. >> right.
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>> so what difference from that perspective did the list, putting out that list make in the end? >> that's a great question. it showed first and foremost the president kept his word. the president put out a list of people and campaigned on it. said if you elect me, these are the type of justices i will choose from. and they are originalists. they are going to read and interpret the constitution as it was written and meant to be. i think the american people in a lot of cases, if you look at exit polling voted for him in a lot of cases because of that. i think it shows that again whether or not you disagree or agree with the president sometimes philosophically he gets high marks for keeping his word. i think that means a lot. he went out on a number of topics including the type of justice that he would appoint. put it before the american people, allowed them to vote up or down at the ballot box. its affirmation of the kind of justice that he wants but its also a continuation to know that the president is going to be someone who make as pledge to the american people and keeps it. neil: he will obviously have
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other federal judges to nominee. >> i hope so. reporter: what else did this process teach him, anything? >> i think from the political side it was pretty obvious. you can disagree with judge gorsuch's judicial philosophy, but i think by every standard, he was a very highly-equaled justice. the american bar association rated him their highest, people worked for him in the past, his judicial record in terms of number of cases where he was in the mainstream and democratic appointees sided with him. and i think it basically showed the president trying to work with senate democrats wasn't really, was somewhat of a futile task. these people made up their mind by and large who the person was and would vote it down. that is probably the biggest lesson. but it also shows when you have the right individual, you have
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got someone eminently qualified we'll succeed in getting him done. blake. reporter: turn your attention to tax reform and there is a report out there that says the president has basically gone back to the drawing board as it relates to taxes. >> yeah. reporter: is that accurate? >> no. reporter: what he put out there on the campaign trail is that still the backbone what he to get done? >> that is the backbone. what you're seeing us going through this process of his economic team, everyone from secretary mnuchin, secretary ross, to gary cohen, and others sitting down internally beginning process meeting with groups that have been advocating for tax reform since 1986, got ink on that one dry, start to meet with outside groups, industry groups, individuals, members of congress to get their input. this will be a major under talking and i think we want to make sure we listen, have their
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ideas and their input as we move forward. this is the beginning phases of that process. reporter: mentioned gary cohn. he said on friday that there had been this august deadline that steve mnuchin others talked about. friday gary cohn suggested that august might not be the deadline. is this timeline getting pushed at this point? >> it is not getting pushed, it is getting -- obviously at that would be a great opportunity before they leave for august recess. we'll make sure we do this right and do it with the input of all the individual groups and members of congress had a long time interest in doing this. and it is a big deal, right? you've got the ability for our businesses and industries to be more competitive in the global market. you want to make sure you're providing middle income tax relief that creates economic growth throughout the country. reporter: americans filling out tax reforms for 2016. this time next year they will fill it out 2017. will they have have a tax cut next year?
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>> i hope middle income americans have a tax cut by then. jeff? sorry. reporter: [inaudible] >> i know. >> can go next. >> careful with that. [laughter] reporter: then candidate trump was pretty critical, excuse me was pretty complimentary of president putin. seeing how russia is reacted in syria, what is your view of president putin now? >> it always been the same respectfully, if we can get a deal, we have a shared particular any in interest the of isis. if we can he defeat them and work with them on a plan to defeat them we'll do it. he also said, also people cut off part of the quote, if we can't work with them, okay. but the president came into office to really focus on two fronts, keeping our country safe and growing our economy and putting people back-to-back to work. if russia or any other country can help us achieve the goals through market access and
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additional product and services of the united states into a bigger marketplace and keep our combined countries safe against isissers specially in country like syria where they're playing so prominently we'll work with them. if we can't get the a deal with them the president will not be disappointed but he would like to do what he can to work with the individuals to make it happen. jim. reporter: would you describe him the same way he did several months ago as a leader who he would be -- president obama. >> we'll wait and see where everyone weighs in. i think secretary tillerson will have a lot of information after meets with foreign secretary lavrov. reporter: one other question on trade. you mentioned 100 days. >> yeah. reporter: that the president and president of china agreed on. did china offer to give the u.s. some concessions on beef exports and financial investments as part of that? >> yeah, look. this is an initial working plan that they're going to try to hammer out what that 100 day looks like.
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they call them like waystations. what are those stops between 100 days and now? that would be things that both sides would be looking at. i think obviously beef exports and additional market access in china, intellectual property. ability to have foreign ownership especially services industry is something that is a big prize of u.s. exporters. and industry for a long time. but it is something being hammered out as we to forward. so that's, the plan was to put together a plan and there is a lot of pieces both sides would like to see in there and these benchmarks between now and those 100 days but that plan is something they talked about putting together during just over the day that they met together and while, and it is something that the counterparts are now going to continue to flesh out. there is a lot of topics that to the put on the table. we'll see how that works. jim? reporter: thank you, sean. what is the status of, multipart
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question, what is the status of renegotiation of nafta and what is the white house doing to tweak nafta and u.s. interests? is there concern about getting it done before the mexican elections heat up at the end of the year? >> first thing with respect to trade we need the senate to approve robert lighthiser as the next u.s. trade representative. ustr drives that. and so, our focus is getting that done and will be ready to go. we still have official 90-day notification we have to give congress. once we get ambassador lighthiser confirmed we'll be ready to announce a better work plan on that but as of right now that is not there. jeff. reporter: thank you. 2013 mr. trump as private citizen had a lot to say about syria. one of the things he said then president obama needs to seek congressional approval. members of congress believe he should as well. what is his plan to explain his strategy in a broader sense and
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why does he not need congressional approval? >> article 2 of the constitution is pretty clear when it is in the national interests of the country the president has the full authority to act. he did that. he and his team spoke extensively to congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle that night to describe the action being taken forward. so i think we have fully fulfill every obligation with the power invested in article ii is very clear with the president's ability to act. >> in terms of things happening here at the white house hine the scenes with his staff members, obviously there were some idealogical and policy differences on this particular military action last week. does the president believe, or you believe this has been smoothed over in the short term? or is there is long-term solution to the fighting between steve bannon, jared kushner and others. >> talking about specifically syria or? >> specifically with syria, there was disagreement. is this a short-term fix to this problem, or do you believe, does
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the president believe there is a longer-term fix to infighting really plagued the administration? >> i would say a couple things, jeff. one is, a lot of this is frankly overblown. but number two, the reason the president brought the team together to offer a diverse set of opinions. he doesn't want a mon legitimate call kind of thought process going through the white house of the mon legitimatical he has people give him variety of options and plans. he went back and forth over that our period where he wanted additional optionsa additional explanations and questions answered. that is how he is going to deal. whether it is this, health care, tax reform, trade, he has got a divergent set of opinions here of experts. the idea isn't to have one set of thought and policy flowing through there it is to gift president the best advice possible. once the president make as decision the team is on board 100%, make sure what we do is in
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the bests interest of the country panned fulfill the agenda he laid out. i think the i think the president wants to have a series of ideas and thoughts put forward to him. that is how he makes the best opinion, best decision possible for this country. >> it must have crossed the line he said to work it out? >> i will not get into what happens internally, sometimes things might spill out into the public more than other things but there will always be a healthy debate internally on variety of policy issues among the cabinet, among the staff, to make sure the president sees every option available, every opinion that he should weigh and counter before he makes a final decision. sometimes those discussions may make them out a little more publicly than they do, as i noted at beginning i thought there was a lot of overblown coverage how it actually happened and went down. reporter: steve bannon -- >> he is very confident in the team he has. there is unbelievable at of
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knowledge and he enjoys the consul they all bring to the table. thank you, guys, very much. tee you tomorrow. >> one more question. trish: sean spicer, press secretary of white house speaking to the media, defending the united states action against syria. i check the markets. we're up 45 points on the dow after having been down earlier on the session. people taking a lot of news in stride rite now including as our blake burman asked, news of a potential later timetable shall we say for a tax cut. we'll get to all of it. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." joining me with analysis what we saw, former cia officer, buck sexton, ford o'connell and chris hahn. great to see all of you. ford, starting with you. what do you think really will transpire here? we have made the call for the world to be on board in our
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fight against syria but the question is, how far are we really willing to take it? >> i'm not sure about that. right now the trump administration is trying to basically play a cat-and-mouse game with the russians. look, the idea was here to keep it limited and surgical to chemical weapons but the idea to springboard the russians to actually take part in this. if you are going to be successful in syria we have to find a way to basically separate the russians from the iranians, that way we can defeat isis and potentially have regime change. we need to make clear to the russians, whoever comes about in e regi change, they make the call because they're concerned about their interest as well. trish: we heard, buck, through various channels that the russians are not upset at least in diplomatic circles. they're making a lot of noise perhaps in their own media, putin needs to do that for show, but when they're speaking diplomatically to us, do they kind of get it? you know, bashar al-assad is
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crossed that line a few too many times? >> well certainly the case the russians are appreciative of the fact whether they say so or not we coordinated with them before the strike. that was obviously the right thing to do but this is the first step in a very long process. people keep saying it was one strike, shut down the airfield for 24 hours whatever it was. planes were flying soon thereafter. it changes calculation for bashar going forward. there may be even stronger consequences. this was precision strike. there could be more widespread strikes. there could be air campaign. could be real consequences for his transgressions. russia in all of this will not back off. they have played a major hand with the assad regime. they're not about to walk away with one strike. they understand our domestic politics and need to show strength. it will factor how much more of an investment they will make than they already have in russia. they may be more constructive down the line.
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trish: chris i will get to you. why can't we say, al-assad, you're using chemical weapons against your own people, you're done, you're out, we're putting someone else new in? i think the world would join news that chorus, buck. why can't we just do that? why do we actually have to launch all the airstrikes? >> why not topple assad? >> yeah. >> iraq and afghanistan loom very large in ban fan still. don't want to be charge of a couny witho many factions, st powerful faction other than is saud is still on the ground, islamic state, because they are increasingly losing territory because of our alliance with the kurds. you could topple assad that may not be hard, who picks up pieces? who insures elections. who walks the streets of aleppo? trish: chris hahn, we leave this guy in here? shouldn't we think who is next in line and shouldn't we work aggressively to put him in and get him out? >> that is the big question, here, trish, what comes next both for our foreign policy and
2:27 pm
syria should assad be toppled. for years people on both sides of the aisle and all around the world understood this man is using desperate means against his people, things that we find unconscionable. the question is, do we really want to own it? i think you're right, when you say russians need to own what comes incomes there. they need to be responsible for that. i mean to have somebody who behaves the way the world expects leaders to behave. trish: this has been historically -- we take that leadership position, ford. we get out in front of these things. that is what comes being the biggest hedgemonnic power in the world there. is certain responsibility that goes alongside and you can't really sit back. obama tried that. and it didn't work. it gave rice to isis all kinds of bad things. >> foreign policy of appeasement leading from behind didn't work. that is basically the message donald trump was sending thiis not just confined to syria. this is about our allies and enemies around the world to what buck is saying and chris is
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saying to some extent, legacy of iraq and legacy of egypt is still strong on everyone's minds. the group that can help us best is russians because they are agnostic. we want to put their chemical disaster on them because of the the 30 agreement. they only care about their bases and their fire of control. when rex tillerson meets with lavrov it will be incumbent upon him, you own this i have to be frank with you, we want you to quarterback the effort to get rid of assad and isis. >> we shouldn't overstrength the what russia has anything propping up assad regime. if the russians pulled out tomorrow, no more naval bases or anything, we would have messy civil war with lots of factions, overt jihadists on the ground murdering people engaged in atrocities against their own people. you need a ground force to separate combatants.
2:29 pm
if russia said tomorrow we'll be constructive partner if the world which they will not. it might mean assad's days are quickly numbered. trish: go ahead, chris. >> it is up to the deal maker in chief to make a deal with the russians to divvy up the rule in syria. if he uses additional military force there he will need to go to congress to do that beyond what he has just done to be more effective. i think it is up to them to come to a diplomatic solution with the russians and other allies in the region to chop that country up and get rid of assad. trish: thanks soh, buck, ford, see you guys in a little bit. another story we're following right now, sean spicer saying a short i'm ago tax reform is on the way and all options on the table. what does that mean? go to blake burman, the guy who asked the question that got news started by spicer about tax reform. blake, sounds like he is kind of trying to hedge his bets here? reporter: you had steve mnuchin
2:30 pm
early this year, trish, absolutely was the word he used. that tax reform would get wrapped up, signed by august. you're getting different to infrom sean spicer, at this point last year, talking 2018, will americans have a 2017 tax cut and his answer to me was quote, i hope. when you work through the mechanics of how it would have to get to that point, you would need some legislation in this year. so, you've got mnuchin earlier this year saying absolutely. now spicer saying, i hope. i asked him whether or not the timeline of all of this is being pushed back and spicer kind of pushed back on that a little bit saying look, they're still working through some things. the origin of all of this, why i asked the question, trish, there was a report out this morning saying that, or yesterday, rather, that the president has quote, scrapped his tax plan. basically they're back to the drawing board.
2:31 pm
folks that you talk to, including press secretary sean spicer pushing back on that at the white house saying look, he hasn't scrapped it but rather they are looking at certain elements as to how to go about things. binge takeaway from this, trish they are still working through this. white house officials telling me it is still a few weeks away until a plan gets put forward and sean spicer saying i hope that americans this time next year are able to fill out a tax return that involves some sort of tax -- trish: relief or break. i hope so too, blake. i hope it happens. it is tricky. they ran into this with health care. reporter: right. trish: when you set the deadlines everybody grows to expect them and you get kind of into a jam. >> paul ryan last week said, he think this is might be a little more trickier than health care, saying that the house, the senate and white house according to paul ryan not all on the same page at this point. when you break it down, the senate, some folks there don't want border adjustment.
2:32 pm
what the house wants get in this bill? does the president not include the border adjustment tax, a lot of issues. >> border adjustment tax is total can of worms. this will bog everyone down unfortunately. i think you can get a lot of bipartisan support, lowering corporate taxes, individual taxes and border tax will cause trouble. go ahead. >> the president wants to lower to 15%. house republicans saying they want to loyer to 20%. even though they agree on a lot of big things there is still room to fill in there. trish: i hope this doesn't get sacrificed. we'll talk about. blake reported that sean spicer saying all options on the table and white house will take time to right plan for all americans. we have more analysis coming up. plus, could we be seeing rift among two of trump's key advisors, steve bannon and jared kushner? there are all these rumors of infighting out there. they could be the latest attempt to undermine the trump administration. we're on it for you.
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the white house is saying that all of these new reports about president trump needed to start over on tax reform. they are actually wrong. that said the white house official is telling foxbusiness that all options are on the table. what does that mean.
2:37 pm
we were just talking to our own blake burman about all of this. and is this actually can happen. is it really happening. to which he basically got an answer like we want to make sure that we get it right. they want to make sure that they get it right. can they get it right by august. the fundamental pledge was tax reform. this opens it up for negotiation which is a good thing. zero, ten and 20% brackets. right now it's about 40%. we know his talked about limiting the death tax. these are all easy things i think to get everybody on board with.
2:38 pm
it is the voter adjustment tax where it will be a problem. we have it bad enough as it is. if you're looking at these jobs numbers you're getting a little nervous because if they are going get it because of this even harder you're going to be looking at a lot more in the way of job loss. that is a pass along text. the retailers don't. and that is where the buck will stop with the consumer. these are all really hard negotiation points. the white house is keeping an open mind especially to try to peel off some conservative democrats. that wou be an absolute homerun for the president. so timing wise i think they may have learned their lesson with healthcare you put these deadlines on that don't give
2:39 pm
you a hold of wiggle room. and then people think that somehow you failed because it doesn't go the first time around. is that in part what this is about. let's back up. that is really the dropdead point for a bill to be done. once a minute 200018. the entire house is up in the third of the senate. i do know that things are working very we'll behind the scenes. the negotiations are starting in earnest now. let's back the clock up from december. brad, thank you so much. there will be a shakeup in the white house following is that the top aides don't see eye to eye on some of the issues. different ideas and different perspectives. don't you want to surround don't you want to surround yourself with that.♪
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trish: fox news today. the division among the top advisor. maybe on the move. it was brokered by white house chief of staff. some are even calling it a truce. our these rumors been fueled by liberals who want to get rid of steve bannon and his brand basically of conservatism. the white house has this to say. with some pretty smart talented individuals who are opinionated on a lot of things. the battles and the policy differences need to be behind closed doors. we need to focus and ultimately i'll co out amended to that.
2:44 pm
it's part of the reason we bought the seam together. they are all back with me. i've been hearing it for weeks. over and over again. there was this division going on. if there is this division i don't know how one face-to-face meeting is going to do that. let me say this. what are we talking about right now. look, the problem doesn't have in the white house is a combination of growing pains and not having people having clearly defined roles. they need to keep it in house and they need to find a way to survive because this is what trump was elected to do.
2:45 pm
it's put people back to work and get things done. he is the ceo. he has to get in line. see mike when he said you guys had to work this out? it makes perfect sense. he have to give some things a shot. make adjustments as you go. it would all just fit into place. i think the media plays this stuff up. that said one of the things that they find interesting about these particular individuals is jared kushner and steve banner come from
2:46 pm
different school of thought. and why that makes it all the more intriguing. donald trump is surrounding himself with the real diversity of opinion. >> i think it is in excellent thing to surround yourself. there is deafly two definitely two or three sides to this. but when i hear the press secretary statement two weeks before they got divorced. i don't believe there is amending going on. i do believe having seen both of them work that there is definitely going to be a rift there. ultimately, it's gonna trump everything. we know your daughter has a big influence. he now has official position in the white house.
2:47 pm
i think it's an unwinnable battle. in terms of trying to get people back to work and getting things done. >> i think he does need bannon. remember he was elected to be president of the republican party. he was elected to put people back to work and get things done. >> just to elaborate on that. people were critical of him early on because he didn't represent traditional conservatism. it's a guy that's really not party restricted in any way. and as what that is what is a little confusing for some. see mike i think the biggest concern is that the only thread of republican ideology
2:48 pm
or is it represented very will is actually a true additional conservative one. then you have jared kushner who is a technocrat. the point you're being you know have very good conservative representation here. trump is having to herd cats in a sense. it's can become look at it. and so far he's doing a pretty admirable job. if they want to expand the popularity he does not need bannon. there's no traditional conservatism in a broad sense. then there is everything else. and everything that is not trump is a despises bannon. it's minute. it's just a question of when. the republican party is now party is now the party of donald john trump. there is no question that he's going to get it to the side door. and how he likes to shake it up he likes to have strong
2:49 pm
opinions to all areas of the spectrum. what the media gets wrong they focus on something we all have the same ideological. let's be clear here. trump was not rigid ideologue. >> is a big tent after all. but, thank you so much. churchgoers are bound and isis. egypt is declaring a state of emergency but what is being done to keep christians safe in the middle east we more on that story for you next after this break. [ engine revs ]
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trish: i want to check on the markets right now. we are seeing some upside. investors are all looking ahead to a very big week. j.p. morgan you have city, wells fargo releasing their quarterly earnings on thursd. you can see kind of mixed bag. they're basically all pretty much flat at this point. we will get some insight into how the banking sector is doing of course all of those stocks have run up considerably since donald trump was announced as president and the question is are they really seen releasing a fundamental change in their growth oil meanwhile we are watching that one too. the heightened tensions in the middle east. $53.8 a barrel. part of the reason he very
2:54 pm
sadly they are burying the dead today after a pair of bombings killed at least 45 people. isis has claimed responsibility. the attack has promoted rather prompted israel to close its borders. i want to go right now to the israel border to our very own reporter. in jerusalem with the latest. fear and uncertainty right now. after the deadly blasts. the first one taking place outside of the cathedral. surveilled video caught those pictures. the pictures are disturbing. a man was trying to get into the main gate and then an explosion a few seconds later after he was turned away.
2:55 pm
that was a second attack a few hours earlier. there is another one at the saint georges' church. they claim responsibility for both attacks. they wanted it more than hundred. egypt has had a state of emergency in place for years now issuing another one in response to yesterday's attack on the christian community during palm sunday. his about to crack down on extremism is starting to really anger the christian community which helps him obtain power back in 2013. they were expecting a much bigger and security system there. the economic situation there is not improving. there are a lot of problems right now that are part and parcel to terrorism. there is a lot of that. just in the united states. they are praised by president
2:56 pm
trump. but clearly a lot more needs to be done. and as you pointed out. the chaos they're really spreading over to israel just a few hours ago the government announces that they were closing the borders after fear of an intimate attack was possible. one rocket was actually fired from the cyanide desert into israel. there is a lot of fear. trish: incorporation you so much for all of your reporting. we will be right back. are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. atry new onase sensimistu back? instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergyrelit you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology,
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trish: just want to check on the markets once again. investors are not that worried about the reports out there that suggested that tax reform is going to be pushed up and up for whatever reason and they still think it's getting it done. you would not see the market continued to trade higher now. in the space of threatening
3:00 pm
reports about tax cuts be postponed. the issue over the border tax is going to be a sticky one and you are going to watch that play out over the next several weeks and months. tell me what you thought of today show. i love hearing from you. liz: the wall street journal said nothing to fear except lack of fear. in the markets are showing no fear even as they face off in the global and physical tension. foxbusiness just asked john spicer if reports are true the president trump has scrapped his plan for it tax cut his response is they gave a timetable if you are listening closely as to when the middle class might see a tax cut and it might not i may not be what you wanted to hear.


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