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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: don't forget to tune in to fox business' "property man" at 8:00 p.m. charles fain with making money* is next. charles: fears are mounting that north korea could detonate its 6th nuclear bomb test as the country says a big event is coming. a north korean official warned they are ready to launch preemptive strikes if the united states shows any signs of aggression. the u.s. sent nuke sniffer planes about two weeks ago. but the implication seems to
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have mushrooms, no pun intented, in the last 48 hours. >> it appears we have all the assets in place from detection device to fire power which will give the broad rank of response potential. the chinese have been weighing in on this. i would like to read you something that comes from a chinese rag. it's the global times published by communist parties, people's daily it says as soon as core there are come please with china's advice and suspends nuclear activities, china will work to protect the security a denuclearized regime.
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china is saying we are talking to the north koreans and we are going to say we'll extend our umbrella of protection over them if they denuclearize just like the united states has with teethe obligations with japan and others. charles: it's not the defensive posture that gives them sway. if they did not have nuclear weapons it would be a blight on the map that no one cared about. quick jong-un, what advantage would he have by giving up these nukes. he would have negotiating power how to extract from the west and the chinese. if he continues down this path the chinese have a lot at stake,
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too. they thought they would push south into the china sea and before anybody knows it we will have expands our role and range down into the south china scene. now here is north korea drag the their cans back in there with forcstructure. if we renuclearize the south and re-enforce the fad position and put fad in japan, this will undo a lot of the work the chinese have been patiently doing the last 10 years. charles: captain nash, stay with us. david, everyone has got a lot at stake right now. and again it's tough for me to fathom north korea blinking too much because this is what they export. this is how they flex their
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muscle. for someone who is a third generation dictator to say be a regular citizen of the world when you have nothing else to offer, i'm not sure it many going to work. >> i agree with you. the main leverage north korea has is its nuclear weapons program. the conversation you just had was fascinating with respect to focusing on china and whether china can play a leadership role in resolving this crisis. we shared strong words from the chinese president. but he also seems to be saying, i'll play a role in this in trying to resolve this dispute. that's absolutely crucial and necessary. china may be the only country in a position to stop what looks to be a confrontation between the u.s. and north korea. of course, we'll ultimately win. >> i do agree with you, it's
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china that can make this happen. what president obama is doing is absolutely right and should have been done 20 years ago by president bill clinton. north korea is months away from putting if a nuclear weapon on an icb china has a problem of its own where people are moving from the country into the cities. they don't want north korea refugees. what donald trump is doing is not to provoke north korea. but sending mike pence to south korea and making all these moves with afghanistan and the missile strikes in syria. he's telling the chinese, we are serious. we are not taking our foot off the peddle. >> i don't know why you are yelling because i pretty much agree with most of the pinpoints. charles: ford likes to talk loud. but i want to get back to captain nash.
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he's passionate. here is the thing. you brought up the man made islands that have been militarized. we know china has enormous plans if not for global domination, certainly for asian domination. part of that is the oil they see in the south china sea. they want it, they claimed it, and i think they will snatch it no matter what. do they build up brownie points if we have something averted this weekend so we don't come back to them and say now it's time to displants many those islands? >> i think what's going to happen is there is a comprehensive thing going on between president trump and president xi jinping. they talked twice since their meeting a at mar-a-lago. i think part of this is an understanding that the united
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states will come to some he come days with china, but we together, both countries, have to solve this issue. the united states has a tremendous amount at stake as do the chinese. and right now the thorn in both of our sides is that guy in north korea. this has to get solved. i'm certain president trump backed up his statement, if you can't fix this, we'll. i think the chinese are take that very seriously. charles: in syria we are being asked to help with regime change. getting back to the main key, the unpredictability of kim jong-un? >> in sirrate would be great if russia supported -- in syria it would be great if russia supported it.
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in north korea regime change should be everybody's goal. but i don't think that's china's goal. i think china's goal is to avert this effort. to provide security assurances to north korea might be enough. i don't think china is pushing for the leader of north korea to step down. >> president trump is pushing for regime change. he wants denuclearization. north korea is going to saber rattle no bathmatter what. we just don't want them to saber rat with a big stick, and that's a nuclear icbm. charles: coming up. president trump touting tremendous progress with president xi. but is china more friend or foe.
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show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. charles: president trump backing away from labeling china a currency manipulator. but china is more a rival than ally when it comes to the economy and national security issues. you wrote that china is more a rival than a partner. but is the gap closing? >> i don't believe it is. i think north korea is a confluence of interest. the chinese have a significant interest in not having all those
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koreans come across the border. the security umbrella the united states has provided since world war ii for the countries in that region. china is offering itself as an alternative. it stands for everything we don't. and it's offering its model of capitalism to that part of the world. we are in a competitive situation with china and we should not lose sight of that. charles: even those currency manipulation thing has gone away. there are a lot of members in the trump administration who are eager to go to economic war with china beginning with low-hanging fruit on the tariffs. i would suspect we have to see more things change. the i.s. approach to china. >> the's hope the u.s. stands this down. china was never a currency
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manipulator. charles: i wouldn't say never. >> i don't know how they got $3 trillion in reserve. >> countries around the world. more broadly implicit in this conversation is trade is somehow war. trade and work is about getting what you don't have. charles: there should be rules in trade. is there such a thing as unclear trade? is that truly fair trade? >> yes, it is. how does that hurt the american people if someone around the world decides to give them an even better deal? it's about getting a we don't have. the fact that's the chinese are prospering means every day they get up and go to work, americans get a raise.
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why would the government get in the way, particularly the voters who were hur economically. charles: it feels like china's prosperity has gone significantly higher as ours has plateaued. >> we lost manufacturing jobs to thtrade deficit. we see cities and towns throughout the nest that are in a considerable state of decay. it's easy for people that live in washington and new york and involved in industries that don't compete with china say i like getting a $20 toaster. but those benefits are far outweighed by the cost of having people unemployed. the whole purpose of free trade
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is so we can export what we do best. but the basic problem is that china exports more, they block you are exports. try to sell an american-made car over there and so many other products. to deny those administrative barriers exist and they have an impact on wages and employment in america is to be blind to facts and deaf to reason. >> that's absurd. based on the professor's commentary we should get rid of silicon valley all together because it's destroying human jobs. we know this because walmart thrives in the united states. does that mean americans are harmed by walmart that presence in chinese goods? that's why we get up and go to work. we produce so we can get what we don't have.
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>> it's great if you have a job to get up and go to. charles: there are some key figures in the trump administration who disree and they would like toorforeign policy based on this. appreciate both your inputs. increasing signs we may in the midst of an economic slowdown and that puts extra pressure on washington. we'll be right back. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost index funds in the industry with no minimums. i bet they're calling about the schwab news. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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charles: the market was closed. but today we learned that sales for retailers fell for fourth month in a row. right now things are not looking really well. the stock market closed at a two-month low, and 10-year treasury notes are hinting at a
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recession. is it time to start worrying? it's the property man himself. bob, welcome to the show. >> thank you, buddy. charles: we saw bank earnings the past couple days. main street is not getting love from these banks and it feels like something is wrong.t deregulating that, too? the question is, is that good tore bad for home building and
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people who want to buy? if they deregulate too much, it could be bad. charles: the lending. we are seeing a lot of reluctance to lend or auto loans. student loans are $1.3 trillion. in the meantime retail sales ugly. the jobs report was disappointing. could we be overlooking because of paul the enthusiasm some ugly underpinnings? >> i think so. you think about the trump administration's beginning from the moment he was elected. we have seen market enthusiasm like crazy and it has begun to slow down. that is happening in the context of foreign policy issues which always create economic uncertainty.
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so in that context, we are going to see when uncertainty arises we get scared in the market. >> we have seen to your point, vegas and phoenix and other areas that were booming. they are coming back like these phoenixes. did you see a direct correlation between overall enthusiasm after the election because around the country that's what we have seen in every area. you have such a contrast of personalities between the previous administration and trump. the contrast is 180 degrees. it's just so extreme on both ends. attitude, i think, obviously can be encouraging. when he first got in, a lot of energy, a lot of things happened. there is a learning curve on this job. i always believed, and i represent a lot of businesses in vegas.
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they want to be optimistic. some of this foreign stuff, they want to see some tax things happen. attitude -- they are very important in order to make it grow. but i think there is a little concern. >> to that point, vince, for president trump, he has been a chief excitement officer. we need some legislative wins on the board. >> and economic stability is going to come especially if he moves on tax reform. if that becomes clear, i think you will see a real economic result coming out of it. people will say there is confidence now taxes are changing. reason things have slipped a little is things have gotten shaky. charles: i have got a special program alert for you. the new season of bob's show "property man" premiered tonight
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>> in just 84 days president trump replaced divisiveness with. when he says he's going to obliterate isis literally. when he says i'm going to wipe the islamic state off the face of the earth it's not empty rhetoric. charles: that was top trump aide sebastian gorka. provocations would have gone unchallenged under the last administration. here to talk about the military fallout. captain chuck nash. because this is the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used. those were sort of the final blow to a stubborn enemy.
6:30 pm
we have got a long way to go. >> we have been fighting this with one hand tied behind our back because of the last administration's rules of engagement. now we are breaking out the tools doing things. to use your analogy of outjar weapons at the end of world war ii, we were facing an invasion of the main islands of japan which would have cost a lot of people their lives. instead president trump used the nukes -- president truman used the nukes. but this moab was a perfect weapon pairing. you had all combatants in caves in the bowl of a valley. we could have gone there with troops and maybe tripped over lands mines and blown off legs and got our people shot up.
6:31 pm
or just drop the moab. you have got 36 dead bad guys. all you have to do is take the pictures and walk on. charles: we sent a message in sir jar and afghanistan. we are sending a message at this moment in north korea as well. a show of strength and the willingness to use that strength. where does it take us? >> it gives those who are our adversaries pause to reflect. this is have much like ronald reagan's presidency. the professional actors on the ower side, the soviet union, were very unsure about how reagan would react to things. now the chinese, the iranians, the north koreans, everyone is looking at trump and trying to figure out how he's going to react, and he's not an easy read. charles: i want to bring in a panel. of course, president trump and his critics are not happy with
6:32 pm
these international crises. rebecca, moab, the retaliatory tomahawk strikes in syria, in your minds does this tell the world we have a new administration willing and ready to act and things will be substantially different and if so, how does that change the dynamic? >> this is memo to north korea, memo to iran, memo to anyone with our allies, u.s. air power can do things to your target set that you never even thought of. so whether it's a very light precise tomahawk strike, or the moab. we have the ability to take out targets and we are ready to use it. charles: there is no way isis could have modeled for this.
6:33 pm
what why was the previous administration reluctant to use it? >> there was a lot of theater around the use of this moab. it killed only come wantant, isis combatants. there were no civilians killed tonight. it was used to take out tunnels. and it had a great result in terms of killing a lot of isis fighters. i don't know how many other times there were examples like that in afghanistan where we could have used it, probably there were and maybe we'll use it again. but in afghanistan the much more important question is what are we going to do next? afghanistan is in a quagmire. we have 8,500 troops on the ground. we have to focus on the training efforts for the afghan national army.
6:34 pm
that has not gone so well. trump has done a huge strike and there is a lot of press around it. but the more important questions are what is the plan for pacifying afghanistan for defeating the taliban and isis, and strengthening the afghan national army so they can do the security and do this battle. charles: captain nash, there is scuttlebutt going around that the national security council requesting that we putt more boots on the ground. there were some military experts that said the use of the moab was amazing and it might have been better if we had fold it up with offensive aggression rather than playing defense. is it time for america to play offense even if it puts american troops in harm's way? >> there has to be a strict political goal in minds before we do that. taking out these isis clowns in an eastern province of
6:35 pm
afghanistan is one thing. negotiating with the taliban is a horse of a different color. so what's going to have to happen in the ends, in the end it's going to be the afghan national government as we know it now, and the taliban coming to some kind of agreement on the future governance of that country. and if not it will be a perpetual state of war. each of these countries in questions will have to be strange bed fellows if we are going to get out of there. >> we are on the offensive in afghanistan. we flew 203 close air support sorties. we have a strong coalition of 40 nations or more there. we'll keep working that problem. mattis on the ground in afghanistan years ago. he really knows that territory. soe will be thinking about the strategy of what happens next. >> with all due respect, can we
6:36 pm
do this with air power alone? >> no one is doing this with air power alone. the moab strike is a combination of air tour and special operations forces. but it gives surveillance to develop that target. no ground troop is ever without air power it's always overhead and on call. charles: the decisive decision making out of this white house. and it's got everyone on notice. thank you very much. really appreciate it. coming up, knowledge is power when investing. i have got a payne 101 so you can enjoy long-term wealth creation. [♪]
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charles: the trump administration announce all visitor logs to the white house will remain private for at least five years after trump is out of office. ♪ ♪ welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! ♪ ♪
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charles: a shock report of mass migration of immigrants into libya where they are being sold into modern-day slave markets.
6:47 pm
it's so brazen it occurs in open spaces. arab slave trading which superseded the west has never really gone away. the global slavery index says the practice is actually still in existence in 167 countries. but 58% of those slaves are held in just five countries. now, there is no doubt that trad cal islamic group would love to inslave all the infidels they couldn't kill. in my opinion this should add even more urgency to stop their advance and erase their existence. expwrilian, what -- gillian, what are your thoughts on this? >> inraq i met a yazidi woman
6:48 pm
who escaped from islamic sexual slavery. it really moves me. they don't get talked a lot about. the yazidi women. it's a major revenue source for the islamic state, and it's a growing problem. charles: giano, what do you make of the number being so big around the world? >> it's unfortunate. there are about 40 million sex slaves out there globally. we look at what isis has done, they created in some cases pam flets for their jihadists to take and give out the individuals to know what they can and can't do with sex slaves. including selling women and
6:49 pm
children for $25 and passion them out to their friends. if they gone into a village they take the wives and children and demoralize and they want to make money off these individuals. i finds that to be traumatic. in los angeles operation white lace happened. there was russian soviets that came in and enslaved some women and sold them for about 22 months and earned $8 million in high-end prostitution in beverly hills. this is an issue we all should be aware of and we should be look out for our sisters and daughters around the world. charles: yet in america the so-called feminist movement, their greatest thing is donald trump does not share their political ideology.
6:50 pm
is there a lost opportunity for women to address this issue, and i'm wondering why it doesn't rest knight nate with noles so-called -- why it doesn't resonate with those feminist groups. >> it is a bipartisan issue and it does resonate with them. charles: i saw them protest in 20 states and they are going crazy over president obama and what he may or may not do and was in office a day. why aren't they upset about this? >> i think they are. it's unfair to say they are not. if you look at what the islamic state has done. we are seeing their publication put out a detailed justification for that. they are make a moral case for slavery and that's something we haven't seen in a long time. it's deeply disturbing. these 2,000 why zuhdi women who are at -- these yazidi women who
6:51 pm
are not at risk for terrorism should come to the united states. >> they can go out and have the bombs attached to them. i know you like to talk about solutions. there is an organization called the second world congress against sexual exploitation of women and girls who put together a coalition of 30 countries which includes women who have been sold into slavery that may be something your viewers may want to check out. charles: the war on christianity taking its toll on the faithful. in egypt the cop particulars won't be celebrating easter this weekend. we'll be right back. has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight...
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♪ ♪ it's your trade. e*trade. start trading today at charles: the war on christians running rampant into the easter weekend. coptic christians canceling
6:55 pm
their easter celebrations after the attacks last sunday. gina, it's heartbreak that they will not able to celebrate easter this weekend. we note optics have been under a tremendous amount of pressure and attacked throughout their existence in the egypt. >> it is heartbreak. i hope they can take encouragement through the fact that we have veteran strategists now in the pentagon, that we have somebody who demonstrated himself to be fearless in the white house, and their god is still on the throne. i hope that gives them some comfort. charles: more and more light is coming to this. a lot of people are shocked when they find out christianity is
6:56 pm
the religion under siege more than any other around the world. you would not know that if you casually listened to mainstream media. do you think with more public attention we'll finds way to the help the situation? >> you are right. finally, the mainstream media slowly, not as quickly as we would like. the new yorker ran a huge article about the fact that this is the ancient homeland of christianity and they are leaving that part of the world in record numbers. egypt has one of the largest minorities and they only make up 10% of the population. the fact that these two major world religions can't get along in their birthplace speaks to the tremendous damage that's being done to religious freedom and tolerance in this world. i agree with gina, our prayers are with the egyptian christians and they can know there are tons of ministry and christian organizations on the grounds
6:57 pm
working with these people. they are not in the public eye so much because they are after he frayed of being persecuted. charles: we should put it in perspective. egypt has 91 million. so you are talking about.9 million people. that's not a small amount of people to be under this amount of pressure and this sort of attack. how should that help shape policy here. there is an outcry that we should be allowing more christian refugees in this country. we think they can assimilate and don't pose a threat. they are the definition of why there are refugee perhaps to begin with. >> one of the things that guides our refugee policy is the constitution. charles: they are being targeted. don't we help the people being targeted most? >> we should. and the coptic christians what
6:58 pm
happened in alexandria this year and years prior is devastating. i looked at those pictures and thought, there are the stations of the cross. there are things tino as i christian living here. i think that we talk about this and we talk about where should refugees go. there are a lot of christians who left syria and iraq and went to lebanon. that's why we are seeing fewer applications to the united states. it isn't that america is favoring muslims. but there is a disparity in the application. charles: these guys don't have time to fill out a form of a wish list. do you think it's time to have greater wide open arms for the christians being slaughtered around the world and acknowledge it by bringing them here to america? >> i think we do have a lot of problems at home and we have to be careful constitutionally. this is the thing about refugees.
6:59 pm
we are so capable of helping refugees abroad and helping them their homelands. we heard a lot of talk about the fact that a lot offings are don't want to come to america. i think balancing all those factors while it's tricky, is somethg we are going to have to lk at doing as weontinue to proceed forward and think about balancing the different factors that play into it. charles: this slaughter has intensified. it won't get any easier. i think the christian world, the western world will have to figure out some way to help these people. i'm not sure any other way except to help gem threat all of those places. >> political situation, the secretary of defense jim mattis is going to he equip next week. so we can exert political pressure that this government
7:00 pm
needs to protect christians and religious liberty. christian pastors speak out is the most important thing they can do this easter weekend. charles: all right, folks. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. a defiant north korea issuing more threats against the united states as gee no political experts -- geopolitical experts warn the rogue nation is primed and ready to conduct what would be its sixth nuclear test. that test could come as early as tomorrow. celebrating the 105th birthday of kim jong un's grandfather. the rhetoric from pyongyang has risen exponentially over the past week. a north korean official today warning of a preemptive strike against the united states if america takes what it called reckless military action. the north korean vice minister


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