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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 17, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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we toss it right over to mornings with her rear. good morning with her rear. good morning to you, maria bartiromo. trained maria bartiromo. maria: hey there, ladies. happy easter monday to you. i am maria bartiromo. happy you're kicking off a new week with us. monday, april 17. fixing a.m. on the east coast. the battle between taxes and health care could renew focus on repealing of placing obama cared if you tax overhaul strategies are complicated. a closer look right now. the rising threat from north korea, vice president mike pence making a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone over the weekend. also one in era of strategic pieces over. the manhunt for the facebook murder suspect is asked and in this morning. authorities searching for steve stevens as allegedly killed an elderly man and posted the video and face the cleveland police warning residents on high alert after stevens claims he killed at least a dozen other people. >> so far there is nothing else
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that connects him with any other incident that happened in the city today. still, we are encouraging people if you know something tennessee that vehicle for steve himself, definitely give us a call. call 9-1-1. don't approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. maria: very latest developments this morning. united airlines changed it seating policy. how is now looking to protect passengers after boarded our flight coming up. a busy week, earnings calendar is going to be a very busy one. one third of the s&p 500 sank the s&p 500 sank two inverse earnings this week. the rest of the big banks and technology giants including netflix today and ibm. a full preview of what to expect. mark is back open today after the good friday holiday features creating a fractional trading. dow industrials open about 16 points. european markets closed this morning for easter monday. in asia overnight, mixed
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performances as geopolitical tensions are rising. china reported its fastest economic growth in two years. 6.9%. how about clear? a look at the caffeine fix taken the internet i.c.e. storm. vice presidents had with us this morning. we can t. the investment officer kevin kelley and business and economics. great to see you. >> last week picking it up wednesday with president trump that moved markets because he was like we are going to get health care done first. maria: that was a surprise. >> everyone is like what? it is one of those things the whole market was like hold on. maria: 900 alien and savings.
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that will move to the tax plan. >> you don't need to do health care first and think about this. 2001-2003 there is no health care dialogue. the push to turn got it done. they can do it again this time. >> a big week in earnings. the big technology names, netflix, ibm. >> the regional banks over the bigger banks. >> coming up this morning, former presidential candidate and arkansas governor mike huckabee. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here from u.s. ambassador to china and your secretary of commerce will join us as well. chairman and ceo also former member of the homeland security district council plus actor and co-author of p. no cost at an party's now makes an appearance this morning. don't miss a moment today. stay with us.
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gop health care is getting another shot at life as the president signaled renewed focus to replace obama cared. will this slow down the timeline for tax reform? here's what president trump and americans for tax reform president over norquist told me during last week's interviews. >> obama cared is a total mass. we are saving tremendous amounts of money on health care when we get this done number one. most importantly will have great health care and all of the savings goes into the tax. if you don't do that, you can put any savings into the tax cuts and tax reform. >> by holding things up for two weeks they may have killed reforming health care. they could permanently damage. >> why do you think this tax reform getting harder?
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once you appear to place carried back $900 billion to just overturn in terms of taxes for tax cuts. whether or not tax reform takes a real back seat here. it is confusing. it's not clear whether or not they would go into tax reform bill. what is clear is the one thing they can't screw up. it's one reason and repeal and replace and i think it's smart to repay that henry changed the entire lawmakers on their heels as a wise man once said if you don't like was beset, change the conversation. that's a president trump is doing and it just makes sense. >> you wonder how much tougher it becomes in terms of repeal and replace. but if they can't come to an
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agreement? >> headset attached apartment getting a quicker win, you can probably get a quicker when it taxes. come back to help care. it seems like the administration is something to jumpstart policy agenda. we did that again to health care. why not just go for tax refund, get something done, get the american public behind you and come back as a trickier issue of health care reform. >> i guess why not do it. as i said earlier, so many people specifically repealing replace obama cared. >> allowing the republican plan to fail, switching gears keeps everyone on their heels. that's what he said he is >> the answer is you don't need to do tax reform first. do something --
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maria: you just want tax cuts. >> you can go back for her. get this giant of ui. help carries 20% of total compensation costs for employers. give them a reason to hire people. bring them on their payrolls. that can help cover. get the economy going, then you can contribute. >> he did say that in the interview. he is going to follow the sword if he has to. >> which you can do later. get the economy going. i don't care that people keep saying he ran on obama cared repeal and replace. he ran on economic growth. >> the markets want to see tax reform regardless of the health care reform is passed or not. that's more important in the financial markets.
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stock markets the all-time highs up in anticipation of this legislation being passed. >> yesterday we had a member of the freedom caucus on a "sunday morning futures" program. he was optimistic something would get done. this is ron desantis. what do you think? what strategy with the white house did it take to get the republican majority behind the health care overhaul? >> i think that it is important. i don't know, to the point that was said earlier as to why we doing this, where pages focusing on tax care, why are we repaired again? this isn't what the market wants. i would totally disagree. it's very clear this is a voters want. i not see the harm in being able to do that. >> one of the things the congressman said as he wants to make sure premiums come down. we all know premiums are up in the double and triple digits in 2017. 116%. he was talking about budget.
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i watched the interview. we didn't even get the cbo numbers that came out. they came out with her health care plan. they had no idea how much it was going to cost them at the savings are going to be and they tried rushing it through. if you can't just get elected and in 100 days come out with a great plan that will work for everybody because the democrats are going to get behind you. they are looking for anything to attack iran. in 24 million people lose their health care coverage, what are you going to do? >> usc premium increases for obama cared. that is is really rolling out june, july, august of this year. they censor my strategic respective why not come back to that conversation later in the year with the tailwind of bad news than in the meantime work on tax reform. at the end of the day what americans want his job creation more than anything else. tax reform is what gets you there.
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maria: the journalists questioning whether or not the path is rocky right now. good to see you. experian match. when we come back, come back on the place ramping up manhunt for the alleged killer who is believed to a broadcasting murder of an elderly man faced the period that it is family obviously are devastated. chilling details coming next big changes in the air for united airlines. the policy shift in the aftermath of the average after a passenger is forcibly dragged off the plane. straight ahead. back in a moment. predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts.
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maria: welcome back please simply been searching for an alleged killer this morning are broadcasting murder and faced the pitcher up to some of the details now. reporter: good morning, maria. put on a thirtysomething for a suspect they believe shot and killed a 74-year-old man. there is a picture. posted the murder and face the good investigators say the suspect posted the video yesterday afternoon with the caption quote easter day slaughter. we will show you part of the video. watch. >> i snapped. dog, i just now. i killed 13 people and i'm about to keep killing until they catch
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me. >> will not show you the actual killing but despite the video, cleveland police say the suspect is not connected to any other murders. they say he is considered armed and dangerous. the fbi assisting investigation. any details as we get them. moving on united airlines, change in our company policy after video of a passenger being pulled off a flight to make room for a crew member. of course if i were last week. the company no longer can displace paying customers already on board airplanes. crewmembers must make looking to lease 60 minute prior to their departure. a spokesperson for united in the changes are to make sure last week's incident does not happen again. meanwhile, delta is giving customers an incentive to give up their seats on other book sites. passengers to give up their seats can get $10,000.
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that's almost sen times higher than delta's previous limits. 10,000 bucks to fly. give up the seat, folks. compensation may not be in cash, they'll take the credit as they give you a gift card or voucher. finally, the first family is set to host their first white house easter egg roll today. this come in after yesterday in palm beach. the president and first lady joined by their son bear in a trend setter tiffany as well as the first lady's parents. an estimated 21,000 guests descending upon the white house south lawn for the annual egg roll. 40,000 eggs ordered for the white house historical association. here's a picture of the eggs. they will roll -- the role will feature games, characters and costumes and look, gold eggs, maria. maria: of course there is.
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maria: welcome back to the secluded futures after a long holiday weekend. market that can actually lower. a busy week for days. first-quarter earnings in full swing this week it 65 companies
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or 13% of the s&p 500 report results for the first quarter this week. blue-chip financials take center stage at netflix to report "after the bell" tonight. bank of america goldman sachs tomorrow. i know you've been watching the technology names in particular we'll check in netflix media type in what you're expecting? >> he really trades on new subscriber additions. they reached maturation here in the united states said that's when we are following earnings seasons. a couple things need to focus on. how to stop trading on what metrics. netflix, new additions as well as you need to see what they are doing with their pricing, whetr they increase guidance goingorward. content costs are coming down or they're going on. pressing down or up in addition. the new look of the regional banks which also report tomorrow morning. they are trading at a high price to book. we need to see their guidance on earnings going forward.
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they have weak comparables, the jpmorgan masri came out. they did so because of their trading volume so as not going to impact from a bank of america tomorrow morning? you need to figure out how stocks will trade. maria: in other markets are waiting on policy out of washington. even without policy double-digit earnings growth expert nations were 17. first quarter 7% on earnings, 6% of revenue. >> revenue growth is a big fuss to see the markets right now. we haven't seen that for a long time. we were beating earnings expectations across the board at the bar was set very low. i think that's a positive. marcus trading on the fact the potential tax reform as well as earnings. not geopolitical tensions and risks although we near all-time highs in a tight range right now. a 2% selloff is hardly a big pullback that we've had.
6:22 am
>> 13% or 12%. >> this is a point where earnings are so important, with the geopolitical two of the good earnings report remained consistently 10% growth. the market is dependent on not to on not too great about bottom here. good result this weekend to the next couple weeks. in part for a at the insurgency. >> it's comparable to last year's weak first-quarter. one of the reasons why is the second-largest sect duracell as commodities. a big overhang. oil had calmed down. so energy is going to lead earnings this season higher. >> branches may have run out of steam. a tremendous run-up after the rally and the so-called trunk traded structure investors and finches may have run out of since. i do want to see leadership out of others that are sent the energy said there appeared >> the dollar is down again this
6:23 am
morning and the president last week saying that the dollar is too strong. that's going to be some in the earnings can watch for. and then, "wall street journal" this morning reported the fed is moving forward with its plans to wind down securities portfolio in an effort to shrink the balance sheet. how does this affect markets? >> hopefully it doesn't rain much because they do this slowly about the bonds mature. the idea here is this runs in the back, nobody notices. >> markets may not expect that. they are expect in two or increase as but if you are unwinding the balance sheet, the markets -- that may be -- >> i see them baking this then. they will pause when they start to go bonds.
6:24 am
i think in the long term this is in a huge effect on orcas. maybe the short-term action here. >> i disagree. i think it's a bit worried because of not necessarily how they do it. it's when they do it in how they telegraph it. and ben bernanke was talking about cutting back quantitative demands. one of the biggest problems is when you can lend your balance sheet, that's equivalent to a rate hike. when they can't find these things, and it brought prices -- it brought deals done. especially mortgage-backed securities. maria: that his stocks. >> is a huge problem. it goes in the cost of capital and small businesses will effect them immensely. small businesses use personal funds. >> this is why they are signaling that so far ahead. i don't think the move in any
6:25 am
significant way. they want everybody prepared for this and they want rates prepared to when they start selling if it causes problems they can bring rates back down. they're trying to do this in a way that minimizes marketed at. >> you never know though. maria: a trillion dollars balance sheet is a big deal. >> mortgage back securities in there. if inflation starts ticking up in the starting line and, inflation is picking up. wages are going up as well as commodity prices. the pc is faster than anticipated. they started whining faster. watch out below. maria: then they switch gears. price waterhouse cooper at the center of a class-action lawsuit which claims the firm engages in employment discrimination of middle-aged employees. two of the plaintiff ages 53 of only seven were rejected from entry-level positions despite years of bookkeeping and accounting experience. he confirms a bit less aggressive with their pursuit of
6:26 am
younger workers to some is pushing back and say i have a better experience than the person you just let the younger person and pay them less. are they going to think twice about that? >> it's very dangerouso star reaching into these waters. they had to do a good job thing we're looking for talented all levels and whose account we want. but keeping talent is equivalent to what firms bought. that may not be the case. they may look for other skills that besides temple but keeping it. is. i don't like the tenor of this whole conversation here. it's about experience. >> hiring the best person for the job regardless of age, race. >> you'd hope that is the case. we will take a sharp break. administration cracks down. but vice president has says it's over. a fast rise to the top of the box office. the new installment of the fasted. theories at home and abroad. back in a moment.
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.. .. thank you so much for being here. it is monday april 17. the top stories right now vice
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president mike pence said the country should not test president trump. we met this morning's publication from the north is just the latest reminder of the risks each one of you face every day and the defense and the freedom of the people of south korea and the defense of america. maria: were taking a closer look at the rising tensions of the north. turkey's president erdogan declares victory in a referendum . police on the hunt for a woman they say wrapped five right -- robbed five banks while wearing pajamas. general motors makes a major change in this chevy volt. it will come without a navigation system. how you can get your caffeine
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fix with clear coffee. we will bring it to you. u.s. markets open this morning after a holiday onri futures indicating a lower average. it's expected to be done about 16 points per day. in asia overnight china reporting the fastest economic growth in nearly two years. gdp out of china 6.9 percent. as you see the markets were down there. a record-breaking weekend at the box office. it brings in more than half a billion dollars fast and furious. what drove the music -- the movie. our top stories is half hour vice president mike pence visiting the demilitarized zone during his visit to the region he delivered a strong message to the regina in the north. >> for more than two decades denied states and our allies have worked to peacefully dismantle north korea's
6:32 am
nuclear program and alleviate the suffering of their people but every step of the way north korea answered our overtures with willful deceptions and broken promises and nuclear and missile test. the era air of strategic patience is over. joining us right now is a senior fellow. policy research. the provocations coming from north korea now. >> i would call it strategic neglect over the last 20 years. this is something that has been neglected by both sides. we've seen at the north korea's develop dangerous into our allies in our world for the past 20 years and we've done virtually nothing. what we see here now is a complete and clear choose a policy saying that you
6:33 am
provocations and the development of the capabilities and nuclear weapons is not acceptable. we have to remember the other thing that's going on here is that the obama white house helped add to this issued by issue by both the neglect of the north korea issue but also funding the iranians. we note behind the scenes the path last year has gone to help fund the program. we have to understand this is a huge problem that finally someone is going to deal with. maria: the president told me last week that the u.s. sent in armada incredibly powerful submarines just sitting there right close to the korean peninsula. as a enough? we had been very clear in announcing without giving away capability the intent to use something to diminish the ability by the way this is
6:34 am
another reason you saw secretary of defense matus his first trip was to defend allies. we have to reassure our allies we don't want them to go nuclear. we don't want that to happen. we want to maintain an assurance and we have to make the north koreans understand that there will be consequences for bad behavior. and this is something new to them. >> we've seen the time for negotiations is dead. we can't keep giving money to north korea because guess what they're doing their doubling their info structure and they're just not listening. if a dictator th assassinated his older brother. i don't understand why we can even continue what we've done in the past.
6:35 am
if we can do sanctions because they haven't been working if we can do giving the money because they're not giving it to the people to feed. what can we do is it just solely working with the chinese to actually get something done and relying on cyber warfare is what else is there. there are more severe capabilities. >> we do have other options. it is a political will to use them. we've have these things for 15 or 20 years. a leader like a president has authorized to do it. live to work with the chinese no doubt. they can literally turn the lights out in north korea. it's not an interested to see the north koreans behave badly i think they understand that. this weekend we were joined on sunday morning futures them launching another missile.
6:36 am
it was not a success. there are some reports that the u.s. may have hacked this missile. what you know about this. this lisa will asking the question. >> this is not the obama white house. we don't give our playbook away. that's very bad strategy. they are responsible for some of the most amazing cyber work but when i can tell people what we do so people need to draw their conclusions but understand the use of the moab these things send a clear message. maria: what do you think colonel, did they go on offense to try to take the missile down. i would guess probably yes. and the comment was something completely clear.
6:37 am
that dropping of the bomb using what we call a penetrator was more about sending a signal to the north koreans. it killed a lot of isis folks. i know the people that designed the weapon. it is for taking out bunkers that contain nuclear weapons. this is where the signaling by the trump administration is being crystal clear. the north koreans must be taking notice because again the capabilities are back on the table. to send these messages. that mother of all bombs it was there on the table for use and we've never in we've never used it. a close friend of mine is that ceo of the company that developed it. this has been a political the ps not there to use the full spectrum of capabilities we
6:38 am
have there to us. we have seen the north koreans develop all of these hideous and other capabilities that we have to deal with. >> to the american people have to get comfortable with the level of military involvement that we haven't seen before our people ready to deal with that sort of thing? >> the north korean issue has never been resolved. that's why we have the demilitarized zone. in many ways we are simply moving forward with the logical consequences of north korean bad behavior. we have to now move forward with reinvigorating our own deterrence. there was an article over the weekend regarding the b61 not
6:39 am
wanting to use it but willing to use it if we are provoked to do it. very tough not giving anything away in terms of what we have but reiterating the fact that we've got the most technologically advanced and powerful because of raising rising tensions around the world are obvious. the u.s. has conducted test over the new version of a nuclear bomb. they said they've run successful test flights involving upgraded version of the bomb. will present trump to become a war president. >> i hope not. we have to be able to show that we are building effective nuclear weapons. we head on the table a few years ago called the reliable replacement warhead. it was thrown away by the
6:40 am
british 43 white house. it was critical to our ability to show the strength to keep our allies with us and has not been updated. that's a level of technology we currently had. thank you so much. an automaker going in and direction literally. the new electric car that's hitting the road without a navigation system. [music] it started with a whisper. but when family members forget,
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new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at maria: welcome back futures
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indicating and lower average. were coming off of a long holiday weekend. markets were closed on friday. take a look at the names we were watching. general motors is dropping the gps from the chevy volt. users well had to use their own devices for navigation. gm does not plan to remove navigation from its other vehicle lines shares are up about 9% from last year. facebook is set to address the spread of big news at its general shareholders meeting today. a new proposal asked the company to create a report detailing of the threat it's reputation it's facing. it's up better than 20% in 2017. the president after he won a narrow victory at the polls yesterday. the main opposition party once a recount. cheryl, there's a lot of talk about corruption and that in fact it was way too narrow of a win.
6:45 am
>> is such a contact -- contested election. the margin of victory just over 51 percent on the boat with the election grading -- greatly expanding the powers of erdogan. system of government instead of the parliamentary system that's a big point here. president erdogan will write in office until at least 200029. the main opposition party said they will be in opposition party. it has bitterly divided this country of turkey. a woman in utah robbed a bunch of banks in her prop pajamas. that's pretty good. five of six banks were robbed in less than 24 hours by this one. of course she is wearing pajama bottoms. a bank note and demands money
6:46 am
and five of the six banks she actually got cash from. she never displayed a weapon. listen to this. she feels like she can get away with it. a lot of the agency's around are on guard right now watching their banks and looking out. there she is again. she is a 5-foot white female she is a notice of them all under right. love coffee but hate the fact that it may stain your teeth? the first clear coffee is made from coffee beans two brothers in the uk our behind this one. and it's meant to drug -- be drunk cold. it is only available in the uk for now. you might just had to settle for red bull until it comes to the u.s.
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the competitors in the rear view mirror. , you only got one chance to make this family whole again. it's one thing i can guarantee no one is ready for this. the eighth installment earned a whopping $100 million also as a set a new record for the biggest global box office glow putting ever. -- box office opening ever. boss baby but and $15.5 million pd and the beast is still hanging onto third place. rounding out the top five's those are your headlights. i'm not wearing my pajamas today. incredible really.
6:48 am
what a story. brian did you go to the movies. where all of the blockbusters we used to have. it's the eighth on the installment of that series. give her some credit. she rubbed five banks. the competition for the new product. [music]
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maria: welcome back. some are just around the corner. one of the guests spirit consumptions of the year. still he vodka releasing a fresh premium option perfect for the beach or the backyard. still the group usa. we are talking about this. about gluten-free vodka on the set right now because you brought this new product. it is from the brand-new innovation. last year we have just launched the first expression of stoli vodka that was gluten-free. it was made of corn and buckwheat. one of the big trends we see today is the consumers looking
6:53 am
for more expression. we expanded into the real fruit juice vodka which were launching in the u.s. maria: is gluten-free just like that you want have a gluten-free diet? >> you had consumers as we know when you suffer from celiac disease and what they want to do have a gluten-free products. the fascinating aspect as i look at this is it still has the normal alcohol content that you would expect. so continuously mean the same
6:54 am
alcohol content. i think the vodka was created in 1938 and the reason why the brand has been there for so long as we never compromise on quality. what we decided to do was look take a great gluten-free vodka and add real fruit juice. >> as it is it hitting up a particular demographic? >> everybody's going for the millenials and so are we but the reality is it makes the spectrum of consumers wider and it's almost ready to drink product. put it over ice with club soda and it's ready to drink. people are already drinking that . you are coming out with this as another option for them?
6:55 am
>> yes. the traditional flavors that we have are much more into the mixable word in terms of the bartenders. >> what kind of response are you getting. right now it's very positive. all of our distributors were very positive. i was say we did some consumer test before launching and was very positive. howard gluten-free sales going? >> what are we seen it from the gluten-free vodka sales. >> we launched last year it last year it have a very good response and we really thought i is gonna be much more driven
6:56 am
by retail but we saw in the restaurant and bars we saw more and more free c coming in. we've seen all restaurants now used with gluten-free only. it's incredible how many places have begin or gluten-free. it's really taken off. thank you so much for being on the program. that is in the next hour. mornings with maria will be right back. [music]
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maria: good monday morning on this easter monday. have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us. it's monday april 17. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. with some turning violet. we want to see donald trump's taxes to prove that he doesn't had conflicts of interest.
7:00 am
donald trump said the american public doesn't care about that. just showing solidarity with everybody else. submission look at who is paying for the rally. with the very latest this morning on this battle. supreme court justice neil gorsuch kicks off his duties today. the boston marathon gets underway in the next hour. the city remembers the fourth anniversary at the marathon bombing over the weekend. today marks the 88 of the trumper presidency. were taking a look at what investors are keeping an eye on. markets right now are fractionally lower.
7:01 am
the markers were markets were closed on friday for the good friday holiday. on this the kickoff really to a very big week their first quarter this week. mix performance is that political tensions are rising. china reporting the fastest economic growth in two years. star wars fans rejoicing dizzy revealing new images it set to open and does a in disney world in 200019. april the giraffe finally gave birth over the weekend. there is a contest going on. we have a look at some of the most popular names for the baby giraffe coming up this morning. journey me to talk all about it.
7:02 am
i thought it was going to be a quiet day. easter monday and all. there's a lot happening given the foreign policy situation. we have cheryl back from cuba happy to have you back. judge andrew napolitano is here. he is also the former member of the security council. an actor and co- author. paul savino makes a appearance. the president's critics are still looking for the release of his tax returns.
7:03 am
in major cities including chicago, new york washington dc at least 20 people were arrested in berkeley california. the president tweeted in response same this was his tweet. joining us right now is the former presidential candidate and arkansas governor mike huckabee. great to be with you. for me i feel like more people care about their own tax returns than donald trump's tax returns. they were hot topic on the campaign trail but what he make of these protests now when everybody is just trying to understand better the tax agenda coming out of this administration.
7:04 am
>> they can get more information about donald trump's finances if they that they look at the statement of financial interests both as a candidate as a president. i can understand donald trump's tax returns. he has hundreds of llcs all over the place. probably several feet high. it's one of the reason that it needs to be scrapped. all you can have is that hernia. you're bringing up a great point. i was surprised to see it happen. that was more than bernie sanders has paid as well as some of their demagogues that they put out. do to think the narrative is just slowly die out given the fact that he's paid his first chair. >> i think it's died out
7:05 am
already. some people just can't leave the funeral. they're basically a small group of people it is the sound of a collective yacht they care about their tax returns. they're just looking to make sure. when summit someone linked the tax returns. >> is this an opportunity for the president to go out and sell his tax plan a little bit. it seems to me this might be a chance to come out and say here's what we want to do our taxes we want to make it better for everybody in this country.
7:06 am
not just for people like me. i was hoping he would do the tax reform right off the bat. he could've have the votes in the house and the senate for the reduction of the corporate tax rate down to 15%. he would've been able to explain the middle-class benefits simply because corporations don't ultimately pay taxes they pass it on to the end user. were you surprised in my interview this week that he said we all knew that he want to get health care .-dot but to hear him say specifically that the is still knee-deep in the healthcare argument is not what the butter wants.
7:07 am
>> i heard him say that as well. i don't agree with the president on that. he's been convinced by some people around him that he has to do the healthcare because there are tax pieces in it but he can independently do the tax reform because one of the things of significant cut in the tax will do is to open up markets for job creation could you imagine what happens in countries and businesses all over the globe know that they can come to america for 15% tax rate. we've chased capital out of the u.s. why not suck it back in. which we would do. he said as high as it. what is the impact on markets in small businesses all that money coming back from
7:08 am
overseas. >> that i think he's gonna do. he will encourage companies to bring that money back. maria: he recognizes the importance of this. >> i think he does. he has the votes and he needs to do it now. he has a house the senate and the white house. at the senate and the house can't house can't get this done they might all need to get this done. this is not located. is that the heavy lifting and that the healthcare bill is. this is a simple transaction. they are arguing over deductions. whether it's do you eliminate the deduction on state income. but on foreign policy saturday night live poked fun with part
7:09 am
of my exclusive interview. >> an exclusive interview to foxbusiness. >> we had finished dinner when i have a desert. dessert. we have the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake we'd ever seen. >> first of all you don't know what cake i have seen. and second, maybe you should take it easy on the cake. you arty have a butt like an atlanta stripper. eventually they got back on track and gave the important details. we just launched the missiles heading to iraq.
7:10 am
are you sure bro. cassette parts kind of important. were asking about missile strikes. saturday night live also spoofing administration. watch this. president trump recently bombed syria while eating the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake america has ever laid eyes on. it's incredible. one thing we can always be assured of is that saturday night live will never be a source of accurate and fair and balanced political reporting. it's a comedy show. you should be flattered that
7:11 am
you took the interview and made fun of it because it's the ultimate compliment to be spent on saturday night live. how could you laugh when you're talking about strikes against syria. i was really laughing over the chocolate cake. it was funny. it gave clues into how he's actually running and dictated his policy especially when it comes to foreign policy where everybody talks about leading from behind. you know what he really stressed he said we want to make sure that the president of china felt respected. we work in a let him sit there and then go back home and then find out later that we sent 59 tomahawk missiles to syria.
7:12 am
so we gave him the respect to tell him beforehand. >> and he gave them the piece of the very finest chocolate cake that ever has been served on a plate. no question about it. governor, you are already's -- always a sport. thanks for being here. in a galaxy far far away the first look at the star wars theme park next.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: welcome back. navy training jets are and their investigation. >> the planes were grounded recently after an exclusive fox news report showed that
7:16 am
the pilots were refusing to fly them because they say there is poison and oxygen system. instructors and students will wear modified oxygen masks. the aircraft is used it future fighter pilots. fires continue to bird over thousands of acres in florida. a hundred and ten active fires were still burning in that state. it was coming about 20,000 acres. the been burning all the way down to miami-dade county. a state of emergency remains in a fleck for florida. amazon may be interested. considering it as an acquisition target. it has given up on an initial public offering because the great concern over the retail sector they had 213 warehouse clubs.
7:17 am
they head about $200 million per year from membership fees. all right. moving on. disney releasing a new video about the star wars theme park. one of the things i'm most excited about is inviting our guests into that star wars experience. star wars land is still scheduled to open at disneyland in california and disney's hollywood studios in 2019. please maria can i go for the show. whether it is steam -- park or the films you will see a huge story around the about the success of the park. people are crazy about it.
7:18 am
cheryl you have to toss out your trip to cuba. talk about a giant infrastructure project for american companies they could use an american touch on that. encourage everybody to check it out. the people are very friendly and very happy to have us there. i've have friends that have gone and they had loved it. it's very 1950s. they will not go until the entire bloodline has passed. they're very happy that raul castro is now a little bit more open to that. fidel was so oppressive of the people.
7:19 am
and he's actually encouraging for an election next year. we will see. markets on the move after president trump selection. how you should be putting money to work after the first 100 days. an internet star finally gives birth. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision,
7:20 am
or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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7:22 am
president trump's first 100 days nearly over. at state 88 right now. investors are betting on the administration's policy ideas moving growth but what happens next is a more geopolitical risks come to the forefront.
7:23 am
paul christopher wells fargo institute have. we note the markets are waiting on tax reform and we know where we stand the president said he has to do healthcare first and then move onto tax reform. do you think there is a threat that these markets that nothing gets done. and what will this mean for the market. i think the markets are already starting to discount the probability. if they begin to see the forms in the contours markets could begin discounting in the second half of this year. you think that the markets well have this. we still have to see what those details are going to look like and we have to see what the complications will be with healthcare reform coming first. and that's where the markets are right now. struggling to stay at the level they won't be at. we are in that neighborhood
7:24 am
right now it's a great opportunity for investors to start rebalancing and taking some profits here. but where the were looking for some future discounting again and if those plans for corporate taxes fall into place later in the year. i think that as an is an important note to take because we haven't seen a 5% correction since the end of june last year. it's pretty significant that we keep having this rise up. we've seen technology rise over the last quarter and one of the reasons why is it was growing top line revenue as well as bottom-line revenue expecting around 14% rise in technology. they are seeing a growing market share of ad spend when you look at facebook, microsoft and google. my question to paul is what sectors are you advising your clients to go to because there are worrisome pockets.
7:25 am
are there places that your clients can seek refuge in this market? >> we selected cyclical sectors. consumer discretionary. we really like the financials here. on some of this disappointment. some additional upside in the long end of the curve. we still like financials here. other than the yield curve what do you see helping to pop prop the financials up. they sustained new highs that we haven't seen since 2008 most of the big banks and growth seems to be slowing a little bit. could be running out of steam in the financials and do we need participation from other sectors. we are seeing some of the
7:26 am
expectations come down. we also seen as some encouraging trends. they had been using a lot of long-term debt. and with a solid economy we are expecting more fundamentally driven strains. it doesn't seem to be translated into consumer spending. where do you see that going. where's -- what's a paradox there. and maybe some folks who thought to the economy was a little bit stronger than it really is. we will start to see a more solid second and third fourth quarter.
7:27 am
the first quarter having been weak just as it's been the last several years is affecting some of the numbers that we are seeing right now. beyond the end of this year. we saw sell upward trajectory to this market. we think consumers will continue to take on more debt. corporations will as well. with markets at these levels. it's a great time to take some profits and look for values. it's the first week it could put him at the center of a landmark case. a little bit of lighthearted hazing. how they plan to expand into self driving technology. back in a moment. [music] i've got my game on.inge this gonna be one hell of a
7:28 am
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[he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. moneygram. ole is monday, april 17 your stop stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. historic day for sproement today justice neil gorsuch joins high court he may have to recuse himself on first case find out why coming up a day of celebration for the city of bonn today marathon day the city police commissioner giving a sense of the stopped up security. >> we will have a large police presence, outside out there with green vests on you will
7:31 am
see us we also have undercover officers embedded in the crowd a multilayered approach you want to ask people to go through checkpoints i want to stress i spoke with intelligence people who speak with fbi, there is no threats to they say race i want everyone to feel comfortable coming in. . >> very latest on patriots day the ultimately sign of patriotism the american flag one sports wreiter the out outrage coming up deadline day tax day tomorrow find out which pay the most to uncle sam get tathdz done we will have you apple hitting the road giant securing a permit to test self driving cars, latest on the push coming up, markets back open today after a long weekend, of course, markets closed on friday for good friday leading up to easter a fractional move europe is closed for easter
7:32 am
monday, but the dow industrials nasdaq s&p a hundred fractionally weaker a holiday in europe in asia overnight mixed geopolitical tensions rising china reporting fastest economic growth nearly two years, chinese gdp 6.9% compare to u.s. 2%, april, the gentrify avenue gave birth contest to pick name taking a internet by storm. >> we will tell you about, plus the president's race at national game violent thanks to easter bunny video coming up this morning stay with us on that, first, to the supreme court we go today justice neil gorsuch to hear first time oral arguments as member of the nation's top court petitions on docket include a a gun rights case out of california, and a gay rights case out of colorado. a brewing battle over the separation of church and state in missouri, could position gorsuch as the tie-breaking vote on first week on bench judge andrew napolitano fox
7:33 am
news senior judicial analyst good to see you our report justice gorsuch may have to recuse himself. >> i don't know about recusal no provision for supreme court justices to recuse themselves so if i am trying a case as a trial court judge and i have a financial interest in the outcome of the case, k i can't be the judge, but if i am a supreme court justice, i have some interest in the outcome of the case there is no provision to remove me no option for the other eight to move him, the justices often recuse themselves for the integrity of the court because if you have an interest in the outcome it doesn't look good, doesn't appear justice just better for history the way court is perceived you not be involved. >> freedom of rm case out of missouri has an amendment to its constitution, at prohibits any financial aid to any religious institution even
7:34 am
secular a school bus or play grounded missouri issues money for playgrounds for every playground in the state owned by any school except that the school is owned by religious organization, they sue the state of missouri, they lose in lower court before the supreme court, three days before the case is to be heard, on friday, the new governor of missouri says i am going to change my mind, i think this school is entitled to their money. now the supreme court can only hear cases that are live real cases. if there is a settlement on this up steps into the courthouse the supreme court s losses jurisdiction, so it may very well decide between today, and wednesday, given -- if get the money no case not going to hear. >> it why should neil gorsuch not be part of this case. >> no reason he should not be part this have case he has written extensively on religious freedom traditionalists applauded his
7:35 am
nomination looking forward to his weighing in may never get a chance not because of personal recusal but because court probably would be the hear it if it is resolved before wednesday. there have been cases, that were oral argument has been made on the way out of the courthouse two lawyers settled the case, what happens to the case in the supreme court? it is gone. the supreme court losses jurisdiction because constitution says the federal courts can only hear real cases in controversies not ones that have just been settled. >> isn't this case supposed to be sort of an entry way into a larger conversation about school choice, and state funding for -- schools outside of state schools a bigger story there, you might loss if case isn't heard. >> great observation there is often a bigger story because if this case went say they hear the could is not sold it goes in favor of the school state gives money to everybody that can't exempt schools, there is likely to be language
7:36 am
in that opinion, can be extrapolated into similar situations entities can knock on door as long as doesn't go to refugees part of the entity but -- state part. >> going to be subject to junior justice duty? as newest member of the court, kagan saying her time as junior justice literally if a being no on odor i don't hear it there will not be a signing other person will move all stare at me i guess somebody knocked at door this is not worst of it. >> not the worst, but in thinking about this. >> justice scalia came on 1986 i can't imagine him answering the knock at the door getting coffee for his colleagues i know he installed espresso machine, so justice gorsuch when the nine of them are in a room there is literally nobody else there. there.
7:37 am
aren't clerks in that room this is when deciding whether or not to take cases, and how to resolve cases they have agreed to take. somebody next at door could be a clerk -- the president- the junior justice -- >> is chief justice sxement when 2005 when justice roberts if you are chief justice, jr., member with you the one -- >> chief justice never junior member always -- >>, of course, writes everything down this is -- just tradition. >> very cute. >> pleasure. >> thank you so much andrew napolitano there coming up it is time to pay up over 24 hours levity ft to get taxes do we've got the list coming up speaking of taxing the giraffe finally gives birth after 15 month regular nancy what will we call the bund of joy
7:38 am
popular names for the baby, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ oh -- i love you, i love you ♪ britai
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7:40 am
7:41 am
harry says he did not fully process the brief from mother's death, until about four years ago cheryl casone with details. cheryl: maria good morning, this interview was fascinating, the prince talked to the pel -- telegraph on verge of punching someone numerous occasions said he went to mental health counseling took up box to go cope with loss of mother she died in 1997. he said he didn't take time to grieve until about 28. that he and brother kind of
7:42 am
bond over the experience william helping him out, by the way, two are going to be marking the 20th anniversary of their mother's death with a statute and award ceremony coming up later this year. well as americans scrambled to meet tomorrow's federal tax filing deadline we are lafrng people in district of columbia paid most per person to uncle sam district paid 35,000 dollars per person, in federal income payroll estate taxes why you ask? a lot of people live in d.c., i guess making a lot of money, no the decision -- the next was, by the way, delaware 16,000 next door, it is west virginia residents paid list per person congratulations. >> apple joining the race for self driving cars late but getting in there ka department of motor vehicles awarded a
7:43 am
permit to test stefl driving car technology on roads 29 countries have received testing perlts just in the state of california, you mentioned long wait finally over april giraffe gave birth to healthy male calf saturday, the privately owned animal adventure park upstate new york audience more than a million people 1.2 watched live birth streaming, 129 pounds 5 feet 9 inches tall one other thing we can talk to you about don't want to let this go maria. maria: . >> what are we going to name the calf? >> there is contest april has her web site even apparel line april the giraffe. >> love it so decide holding a contest to see what we should name people can submit, you know their options, intoebt having a lot of fun with it.
7:44 am
maria: it is a lot of names weighing being weighed, so one -- big push to name giraffe herande or the -- >> what do you think. >> i sort of like hurambe. >> marma >>. >> maris what i am thinking one aspect was apple late to the game to taking from it the private track, of testing vehicles going by project titan one thing in the space because of the software they need software, in, so they need to a start testing it sought before they release it to try to testing it with tesla. >> google other -- other autonomous vehicles. >> not going with the car
7:45 am
production they are putting a platform that can be used with a wide variety of vehicles, i mean it is interesting because apple always had combined hardware-software approach seems opposite here. >> i would hope so did you see what it looks like hardly a -- >> they need -- >> i mean it looks awful! >> they need software they don't -- >> that is what it -- >> you are not going to drive that this will, of course, you are not going to be spending a lot of money on car no one is going to drive. >> giraffe can't fit in there -- [laughter] >> maris can't even fit in there. >> mark an decreeson believes car companies uber tesla google, that is it. >> they need a manufacturing arm, i don't know that -- >> auto makers just other who is making the cars pat.
7:46 am
>> i will tell you big inspect one of the reasons he said that people are buying cars based on what the car can offer them the amenities things it is not based off the clunky parts, it is what can the car do for you. >> self driving. >> because they own software they own data information, i test drove a tesla did i tell auto pilot smarter every time on the road. >> you trust it? hands off electric car. >> -- constant learning evolving on roads once they own that data information, they own the roads. >> in the vision here for your car to become an asset to you as well so you go to work, you are at work your car is on the road, actually taking moving people around you are earning income. >> uber? >> yeah so basically. >> you don't want to waste resources you want to know most important -- >> insurance prices will go down, if you start to have a
7:47 am
smarter car they can rely on your car seeing an accident, two cars up, as which you can't see, and that is tesla technology. maria: a lot of space insurance companies right now, you can have -- you can have a smell detector so they know weren't smoking cigarettes was there alcohol in the car all dictates insurance rates quite interesting. >> that is for sure, going to happen sna greet point when we come back election season is over one president under attack why easter bunny had a bone to pick with our president, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
7:48 am
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>> the 1 1st boston marathon today, at city realms the attack during the race four days ago "patriots day" massachusetts and main the anniversary first twakz american revolutionary war first running boston marathon since april 15, 2013 remembrances observed saturday april 15 called one boston day, today more than 30,000 runners go 26.2 miles to copley square four years ago three killed over 260 injured, after two bombs planned near finish play on exploded after the race marks fiem boston marathon for 42-year-old who one year after attack became first american in three decades to win boston marathon race begins 9:00 a.m. eastern two his or before red sox at
7:52 am
fenway against tampa bay rays nba players of under way big time blowout sunday in houston, didn't start this way, at the oklahoma city thunder led by 4 after one quarter russell west good for 22 points, 11 rebounds also nine turnovers almost a pad kind of triple-double second quarter james harden catches fire, scored 37, 9 assists seven rebounds hoovn humbled oklahoma city 119 to 86 warriors bolts won openers, speak softly carry a big stick but wash out for the the easter bunny, the washington about nationalize game the president's race, teddy roosevelt appeared destined for victory until easter bunny jufrnz out of the crowd you know what that easter bunny said? >> happy easter. >> no, he said i am a rough rider. >> i thought you are going to say he doesn't think teddy
7:53 am
roosevelt speaks settle off carries a big speak like how about this big stick. >> let me show you conservation policy. >> yeah the conservation. >> totally unfair. >> bunny takes it -- >> short end. >> how about this, the lead baseball writer for nbc sports claiming american undergo is political got to get into this give me a break he tweeted out a picture of the flag, before yesterday's game in atlanta said, will you keep politics out of sports, please, we like sports to be politics free, twitter exploded with outrage. >> any time maria i think we see somebody showing form of pride holed up flag of sorts somebody else on owed may say why does it have to be political? he made it political, people holding the flag not who is the issue political to it is for him, so -- >> anthem in the nfl there
7:54 am
standing up -- >> kaepernick. >> earn a flag politicized we didn't have a problem before till they started making it political. >> when did nationalism become faux pas. >> when did -- >> or being -- >> when did a flag that represents liberty for people to engage in the -- >> sports that we're playing coverage of sports the flag creates the space for everybody to do it including this guy, so to say politicized is crazy. >> they have defended rights and freedom so kick participate and live life liberty purchase suit of happiness honoring those a lot of times doing this that is why we have national anthem unfortunate when you try to take that away from people that have given so much for this country. >> stilly. >> this is a lead baseball writer for nbc sports not like it is --
7:55 am
>> that is true. >> you say what? >> not a rookie. >> awesome guy sitting in underwear, typing out, weird tweets. >> if you don't support it that is okay but let others partake show their pride and appreciation for what this country was founded on, and if you don't want to support that, then you are also free to move! we don't have borders up saying you can't get out -- feel free works leave! just leave. >> good stuff thanks so much jared max on fox news headlines 24-7 or siriusxm 115. >> recipes from new italian cookbook to know pasta and parties "mornings with maria" appall sorvino is here ♪ -- you know -- oh, ♪ kevin
7:56 am
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good monday morning ichl maria bartiromo it is monday april 17, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast the rising threat to north korea vice president mike pence making a surprise visit, to the demilitarized zone over the weekend says that era of strategic peace is over. the administration, says all options on the table now, dealing with the hermentit kingdom. >> the president made very clear he is not in the business of announcing in advance exactly what he is
7:59 am
going to do the president is clearly comfortable making tough decisions, and -- >> military option still on the table? >> all options are on the table. >>. maria: more on tensions ahead the manhunt for the facebook murder suspect expands this morning, authorities are searching this morning for steve stephens allegedly killed elder man pofd video on facebook. cleveland police warning residents to be on high alert he is armed and dangerous united airlines looking to protect passengers after they burrowed it had flight coming up americans facing, a trillion-dollar problem, how rising interest rates driving credit card debt to historic levels netflix ahead of first quarterly report after the bell, as you see stock up two-thirds of a percent ahead of numbers markets open today after that long holiday weekend the markets closed on friday good friday holiday,
8:00 am
right now we've got a birch up in markets 20 minutes moving into equities take a look dow industrials expected to be open about 30 points on dow industrials european markets closed for east money no influence there, tir asian markets mixed as you see there mixed action as geopolitical tensions are rising also china reported fastest economic growth in nearly two years, coming in 6.9% on gdp, out of china shanghai composite down 3/4 of a percent bunnies on south lane preppings for white house easter egg roll latest on celebration by trey family gold eggs as well all coming up this morning joining me to talk all about it vice president heather with us kevin kelly is here kings college professor business and economics brian great to see everybody. >> happy monday. >> has been a great monday with a lot of information congress coming out of north
8:01 am
korea erdogan -- surprising about north korea haven't heard from them since failed missile launch quiet cricket. >> you wonder if a cyberoffense going on, with the u.s. or was it china as you discussed earlier. >> absolutely. >> somehow with somebody he also involved in missile failing out of north korea. >> symbolic being a one thing you can do disrupt act loss mum trying to send signals with moab a pr world. >> don't have china in their corner anymore. >> feels like president trump appeal to president of china in good way all the above former u.s. ambassador to china former u.s. second can have customers gary locke with us we will talk with mr. locke coming up former ubis the painewebber ceo joe grano joins us author cothor of "pinot, pasta, parties" paul
8:02 am
sorvino in house big hour don't miss a moment. stay with us, as we kick it off with top stories, vice president mike pence making a surprise visit, to the korean demilitarized zone, that is the kdz rising tensions between u.s. and pyongyang adam shapiro with the latest. reporter: there are festivities under way at white mows business of state is front and center headlines out of south korea preponderance president rephrased to the treats and relationship between south korea united states as ironclad and immutable warned kim jong-un not to test president trump. here is what he said. >> just in the past two weeks, the world witness it had strength and resolve of our new president. in actions taken in syria, in you afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve.
8:03 am
or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region. . >> vice president also talked about the hopes of the trump administration, that china will use its influence and pressure on the north korean regime to get them to did he militarize denuclear relies the pennsylvania, the leader of south korea called the situation, dire, and the trump administration, has said it is prepared to act all options on the table if china is unsuccessful the vice president pointing out as you said earlier maria era of strategic patience is over and again, all options are on the table, over the weekend the north koreans had military show of force in honor of the birthday of one of their former leaders the founder of north korean a come on outist dictatorship vice president
8:04 am
laid down the law saying the relationship with our friends in south korea ironclad and i am i am mutable. >> -- we will be watching that, thank you adam shapiro at the white house there we bring in former u.s. ambassador to china getting back to tens with north korea former u.s. ambassador to china gary locke with us this morning ambassador good to have you owe at any program thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. maria: what is your reaction to president trump's meeting with president xi what can china do? do you think willing to help u.s.? >> i was very pleased with meeting between two presidents really had an opportunity to get to know each other understand the priorities, and concerns of each country. certainly president trump indicated that north korea was a major issue, for america. and it has been really great to see that china, over the last several years starting under president obama has
8:05 am
supported tough u.n. sanctions against north korea, everything, north korea has to be brought to the table has to stop its nuclear development, and china quite frankly has to do even more than what it has done before. it is gratifying to see within last week or so china has turned back, cargo ships coming from north korea, are where it would be selling coal to china. so i think that china is beginning to -- understand just how dire the situation is, and is in fact putting even more pressure on north korea. china holds the key to negotiations ensuring north korea stops developing nuclear weapons. >> president trump tweeted said why would i call china a currency manipulator when working with us on north korean o problem. we will see what happens john mccain senator john mccain responded watch what he said sir. >> this maybe the first test
8:06 am
of this presidency, china can shut them down, and we should be -- whether currency man up lateors or not we should expect them to act to prevent what could be a cataclysmic event. >> do you think china or u.s. somehow was about behind failure of that missile launch in north korea over the weekend. >> probably classified who knows whether or not china or united states in any way helped bring about the failure of the missile test but the reality is that many of the tests in nor nor have failed they have not always been successful. and they have announced showcased a lot of weapons but never tested some of them or taken several years to test so their record of developing these high stakes weapons has been very spotty. but what is problematic is that there is still moving forward, in developing these
8:07 am
missiles some that hopefully some day, in their minds would reach the united states, that is why it is so dangerous and, of course, they have been testing underground nuclear weapons they are now trying to develop capability to deliver nukes weapons we have to make sure should he top china has been helping we need them to help even more to apply even more economic sanctions but primarily diplomatic efforts, because even u.s. military, top military have said that the military option is not the best one, we've got to do this diplomatically. >> one of the interesting aspects you alluded to earlier china stepping up he efforts whether putting soldiers at board turning down coal from north korea have a a has been emit's to make movements on this is it because, they are not being about labeled currency manipulator weren't back in last administration in october, said weren't manipulateing because we are tenning back from would be
8:08 am
china policy tournament trump alluded to or just they don't want to see the region be destabilized they want to be big player to be stable what is making them do all moves for us? >> the first of all, they have not been manipulateing currency for the last several years they have not been did he pressing value of currency as they used to introoe exports they have been propping up their currency. and to keep chinese money from leaving the country. they are more motivated by the fact they don't want to destabilized peninsula don't want north korea have to clean ups because of military action or because of -- other thing that have happened, because they don't want democratic peninsula they don't want a democracy on their borders they don't want to see all these american missiles defenses, in south korea don't want to see japan or south korea develop a nuclear weapon in response to what north
8:09 am
korea is doing so they are motivated to make sure that north korea says communist country that not developing arsenals that could possibly be used against china, so they understand just how fraught this situation is, and they know, that they have got to really pressure north korea to come to the bargain table now in the past, united states has taken this position, that we're not going to sit down and talk with north korea until they first stop developing their nuclear weapons well that hasn't worked, so perhaps we need have to bring them to the table, hear what they want to say, and because we've got to dry a different approach is it. maria: that is what president trump is trying to do. >> ambassador to currency for a second, trade with china, was one of the premier issues in the campaign trail it seems like north korea is taking that off the table can be expect far less, in the president was talking about when it comes to changing
8:10 am
trade relationship with china? >> well, the trade relationship with china, has really benefited millions of jobs in america, because in fact, for instance china is america's number one exexport destination for all agriculture goods we saw so many highly -- high-tech or advanced manufactured items to china whether boeing airplanes, to locomotives to diesel powered electrical generators china wants more with growing middle class people of china love american made products american brands. maria: right. >> i think you are going to see more exports of american made goods and services the we really is to make sure, that china is open to even more products that they open up their markets they open their sectors, that there is a level-playing field for u.s. made goods, and servicers, and that they stop discriminating in favor of their chinese brands. maria: so do you see that
8:11 am
evidence the chinese have actually done actual solid moves made solid moves to help the u.s. rein in north korea do you think they are solid evidence to show -- >> obviously, over last several ulteriors they have voted in favor of the u.n. sanctions against north korea some chinese companies are flouting that china has to be aggressive enforcing it ingest can't be united states putting penalties -- >> you see evidence? >> just within the last week or so they turned back shipments, of coal from north korea which is a major source of the income for north korea, really helps -- that is a significant step and, of course, we need them to continue that to do more. maria: ambassador good to see you thanks for weighing? >> thank you. maria: gary locke joining is changes 30,000 feet united airlines making a major policy
8:12 am
shift, following last week's pr nightmare what you need to know before you. >> kfk new chicken were sandwich to heat things up at drive-through this summer pm back in a minute. # ♪ ♪ i will be running away -- ♪ ♪ he will never be -- even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. call now and see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage. business grade. people friendly.
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. maria: we'll back search continues this morning for a suspect who allegedly shot and killed an elderly man in cleveland, then posted the killing, on facebook, cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: it was a disturbing story police issued al vaitd murder arrest warrant for stevens there is is officials believe shot an killed 74-year-old robert goodwin sr., yesterday afternoon video on facebook three hours before taken down cleveland mayor had a message for him. >> we're saying to him, that he need not do any more harm to anybody. innocent people and that whatever concerns or problems that he is having, we are here to have a conversation with him. cheryl: well in another video stevens claimed to have
8:16 am
committed at least 13 other murders, police say he is not linked to any other murders in the area. >> united airlines announcing crew members will no longer be able to sake seats of paying passengers who booked overbooked flights under policy crew members must make bookings at least 60 minutes before departure of a plane, the change coming as airline faces massive criticism and large drop in market cap video of a bloody man dragged off the flute because he wouldn't give up seat for united crew member a huge uproar around the country, delta says passengers volunteer to give up seats overbooked flights can get nearly 10,000 dollars supervisors can offer up to 9950 dollars in compensation for those on overbooked flight if willing to leave later not cash but credit towards future flight, or flights, plural, actually federal reserve
8:17 am
saying americans now owe a stung one trillion dollars on credit cards that is 8-year high up more than 6% from last year, part of the reason rising interest rates consumers who don't pay off bills each month carry average balance 9600 dollars. and finally this this morning, kfc chicken sandwich make thating its way to the u.s. available in restaurants april 24 for limited time only originally tested charlotte st. louis popular overseas we have it here on set the early debut on television, of the kentucky fried chick. >> the batter made spicy, than fried -- salt up about lettuce to mato mayo. >> 3.99, spicy zinger goodness giving it a shot. >> get with fryes for 5.99.
8:18 am
>> value deal. >> mayo is on there already. >> you have a zinger toward tend just comes back, it is good. >> who doesn't like spicy chicken. >> love spicy chicken. >> fun to eat on television. [laughter] that point -- >> the way to celebrate, this is a way to celebrate united getting act to go good grief! >> give up seat for 10 grand. >> so -- i could handle this. >> we will take a break when we come back americans not only ones waiting for tax reform president trump's plan could have major impact across the globe imf fund chief lagarde weighs in ahead of the imf meeting a crackdowndown south the latest as
8:19 am
administration goes all un to true and correct our southern border back in a second right here "mornings with maria." >> -- whoa ♪ ♪
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8:23 am
tax code ahead of ims spring report spring meetings on world academies joining us with a preview, is countdown closing bell host, concongrats on interview. >> so interesting you on show all shows have said importance of tax reform is crucial for growth, now you have the imf fund chief lagarde saying same thing to fox business in exclusive i found that so interesting, she was so bullish on what we need to do here in the u.s., and how we're doing it but said that is a question mark would like to see that to up growth of it. maria: i feel things are getting better do you have a sense of whether or not she is going to increase expectations, global economy -- >> a year ago at this time, spring report she said 2.5%, next year, would be 2017 then in january they down graded it to 2.3%, i pushed her she doesn't want to step on her lines, on the report, but she
8:24 am
felt that 2.5% was a little high. and maybe 2. % -- 2.3% i heard might be low could be 2.3555 percent or 2.4% she agrees -- >> she is a most bullish we have interviewed her, since the financial crisis optimum momentum times. >> we are highest in the wrld 39%, right when you look across the seas over in britain 20% talking about going to 17%. maria: ireland 12%. >> so that is one of the biggest problems we have here because small businesses are getting taxed through nose whether through health care -- >> she sees you are right sees all of that she wants to have that part of the unknown with president trump's world make sure known. >> that unknown is she concerned about execution here she likes the ideas they need
8:25 am
to happen, the question is can they happen, about those when are will they happen what is concern there. >> it is exactly what all of us have been waiting for, and she is concerned so she named that named a bunch of issues like infrastructure would love to see infrastructure -- >> what about strength of the dollar you asked about dollar. >> i did let me get to that she zpreez with president trump on trade absolutely, but i asked her about dollar, too here is what she said. >> president trump told the "the wall street journal" the dollar is getting too firm, and i look at that i say, what is wrong with a muscular dollar with a stronger greenback as you see it? >> the first thing that happens when u.s. dollar is strong, those u.s. companies that export to the rest of the world are quoting prices that are suddenly much more
8:26 am
expensive to meet for those countries and those corporates plying u.s. goods. >> point being, that she is with the president, that we do need to see a slightly weaker dollar, she said that is if she wants u.s. goods cheaper for people overseas so that a, people overseas poorer countries can use our goods, b, that u.s. can then, of course, sell more goods. >> every administration wants a lower dollar they just don't say it donald trump just says it. >> you want a strong dollar strong economy one of the biggest issues i take effect with weaker dollar purchasing power abroad, as well as we're services economy 66% economy is that why worrying about exports i think focus o let dollar do what dollar should do free market, any time we become interventionists misallocating capital. >> try telling to any multinational big u.s. company dying to fill goods but -- >> since recession, from 2009,
8:27 am
to now, they are the ones that benefited from multiple expansion doing buybacks now time for middle class ims saw back last summer is that it is -- time for bifr smaller dollar will help as well as tax policy. >> what could make dollar stronger i asked about european union electionsless than two weeks away pm eastern here what she said if a candidate wants france up as member of eu for referendum like brexit so i understand alarm well. >> not with he conservatives there then? >> will hen penn not necessarily conservative a socialist believes they should be out of european union. >> good stuff we will watching your interview thank you so much, with that exclusive, christine lagarde window president trump promise too much a new poll thinks he may have been the candidate that cried wolf some feel he is no longer keeping his word
8:28 am
defending the president in tinseltown paul sorvino why standing shoulder-to-shoulder with commander in chief and hollywood outrage, back in a moment. i am totally blind. and i live with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the people, places, and things i love. the people i love have always been there for me. and now, i'm there for them, too.
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and her new mobile wedding business.tte at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and-ta-dah-paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. i am maria bartiromo it is monday, april 17, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, ramping up security at border as administration looks at designs for the wall, john kelly explained the tough talk
8:31 am
on immigration, has already had an impact. >> you really do have to secure the border the border. >> first and foremost but very, very, very good news is for a lot of different rnz number of illegal aliens moving up from the south has dropped off presip towsley we are down 65, 07% last two months. maria: how the administration is clamping down on illegal grants who have committed crimes that is coming up, plus, testing the technology rally to report earnings after close kicking off sen for sector a preview coming up stock on fire, rest of the markets, open today, after the long holiday weekend futures indicating, the markets will open higher we were looking at weakness but things completely reversed course, 30 minutes ago we are looking at gain 30 points on dow industrials, this morning, european markets closed for easter monday, no takes a look asian markets saws mixed nikkei fractionally up shanghai composite was
8:32 am
down 3/4 of a percent geopolitical tensions rising in asia, of course, but china reported fastest economic growth in nearly two gdp china 6.9%, white house cracking down on illegal cambridges homeland security kelly backed president trump's commitment to make united states border more secure. >> -- go forward if you are here illegally you should leave, or you should be deported, put through system, but there are 11 million people very k complicated people came as children, people here who came illegally many years ago have married local men and women had children very complicated problem, but the law is the law. and given but i don't have up limited capacity to execute. >> secretary kelly had previously called for hiring 5,000 border agents 10,000 more immigration costumes enforcement officers trump
8:33 am
administration looking it is a border wall proposals former a children ceo ubs painewebber chairman ceo right 9b holds joe grano with us we are happy you are here thanks for joining us i also served as former chairman cht homeland security advisory council what we want to tap into on this conversation what is your take in terms of border patrol agents talked about how we are, securing the borders. >> well, first of all, it is all about law enforcement. unfortunately, retroactive law enforcement is difficult to execute so i think we need to draw a line in the stand prospectively enforce law tougher controls on border at all. and from retroactive practicality focus on core felons the rest some type of amnesty in my opinion.
8:34 am
>> you have to be impressed what we have seen with all the talk about don't -- o come to the border if you committed a crime borders are closed, people trying to even come in are down big the numbers. >> secretary -- kelly talked about a report 16600 turned away in march that is a 64% improvement over a year ago. and i think that that perception what could happen at border is causing that fear, component. so whatever it takes i think good i think we are doingo to enforce lace homeland security has three objectives immigration is right now very hot topic cybersecurity number two, and number three terrorism, those are three mandates keep them busy. >> cybersecurity is that next biggest threat in the world because war is fought differently nowadays we don't have boots on the ground, in terms of using drones nukes,
8:35 am
massive casualties so hopefully we don't escalate geopolitical he tensions as quick as we might have before so cybersecurity next biggest threat. >> i think it is a biggest threat facing america today, many of our major corporations are -- government -- find themselves very vulnerable. all fire walls serve a purpose not enough you need to engage mano a mano my and then a does that we have 25 best 35 -- developed in the nation what you need toing garred i think number one threat. >> also goes back to hb 1 visas we need to develop cairo techniques that we can deploy against adversaries as well as protect ourselves. >> i don't think -- i do think that is a rigorous that we should not overlook, but
8:36 am
frankly we have enough talent in this country we train, my cto -- ubs never trained in cyber, cyberexamine command wants to train 9,000 additional operators. most of the best of the best have come out of nsa, in terms of homegrown cyberspecialists, and very good. >> how much should consumers be concerned about these issues when it comes to biggest companies that we're doing business with over there seems in headlines always hearing yahoo! amazon somebody being hacked information being loss is the situation actually worse than headlines or is it better and we are seeing the worst case scenarios here. >> what you see what you are getting right now probably a good -- medium it is a very vulnerable point, but as we move transition to more mobile payment systems with the phone, that is going to make us more vulnerable big concern this your money from bank because of your mobile device how you access it so i
8:37 am
think -- part of our cybersecurity protection has to be focused on identity theft and vulnerabilities of mobile payment systems. >> secretary kelly doubling down dpornt illegal immigrants as you mentioned who committed crimes in the past listen to what secretary kelly said yesterday i want to get your reaction. >> well someone as example multiple duis even a single dui depending on other aspects, and would get you into the system. maria: so a driving under influence crime would get you into the system what is your take on this. >> i think that is from postponed aluminum swings a little bit to a far illegal act to say deportable -- dip images a stretch. again, it is about law enforcement, and that individual speaking of already broke the law coming here illegally the question is does that become a priority? in terms of deportation? i would think not in my opinion.
8:38 am
>> do you think thep is going to really double down on threat if you break the law you are a sanctuary city we will withhold federal money from your subcommittee when you look at subcommittee like new york, new york gets seven billion dollars federal funding do you think that this administration is willing to go all the way and starve new york 7 billion dollars if they continue to say we are a sanctuary city. >> i think what you are seeing is a president that is learning on the job. and i think that he is moving to more pragmatic view on many, many issues i think he will move a bit more pragmaticly on this as well. >> -- when katie was skilled in from an bn illegal immigrant had priors, went there discuss a it was ask sanctuary city we do need to address the situation he talked about it in when he did this -- when he spoke earlier this year, on the law there are big problems that we have in k sanctuary cities do need
8:39 am
to comply, because they are causing more strife with ice as well as own law enforcement and the situation is getting harder so i see dui situation another way for them to enact the laws. >> well again, it is a matter of pragmatism home homeless mentally ill create same type of crimes talking about them? what you want to make a incriminate aus celeb overall longer term you are going to see a practicality aroac not going away i agree with you, we have to address it. >> joe good to see you thank for weighing in joe grano there breaking news the president just tweeted moments ago here is what he is saying this morning, the fake media, not real media has gotten worse since election, every story is badly slanted we have to hold them to the truth. obviously this president a tough time with media, and when you look at cnn, "new
8:40 am
york times" "washington post" so many outlets out there, really do paint his policies as negative. >> not fox business. >> no, not fox business, true. >> you kind of hit nail on head when talking to sean hannity after you interviewed this president is because their directing narrative in wrong direction democrats instead of taking responsibility they are placing blame on the russians for what they did what they did wrong and reelected even nancy pelosi that is why 2018 is such important year we do not want the power to go back in that direction, so this administration needs to start to get things done especially on the tax cuts, and then they can get into health care and then -- >> i are not sick of winning. >> not sick of winning i am not sick of it neil gorsuch you did mention that was good. >> earnings on demanded netflix to report first-quarter earnings after the bell what you you need to look at that corner stock rising this morning nasdaq up
8:41 am
almost 1% is it right move or is ggm wrong direction the details to take gop out of of whichy bolts back in a moment. ♪ ♪ what you told me -- you told -- ♪ ♪ rs even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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maria: welcome back, we are expecting higher option for stocks take a look at markets highs of the morning dow industrials expected to open up 40 points, nasdaq up about 10 points, big week for first-quarter earnings, 13% s&p 500 reports this week, gm one stock watching this morning, the company is dropping gps, from chevy, will include wi-fi touchscreen users have to use their devices for navigation "the wall street journal" reporting gm does not plan to remove inactive investigation from other lines shares of gm up 9% since last year net flick set to report first-quarter
8:45 am
earnings after close stock up almost 1% investors expecting a sharp increase in profit from a year earlier key number people are looking at is subscriber growth, that generally moves stock when report comes out we will be watching subscribers when netflix reports tonight, not only company investors are watching, first-quarter earnings in full swing this week 65 company, 13% of the s&p 500, will report first chi taking here in stage host of "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in looks like good quarter. >> feels like it you know maria had better be a good quarter you have been saying i have been saying, that first-quarter earnings should be up what, nine to 12 percent, roughly in that range but certainly, right now around double digits, i think that is what is propping up the markets, as a lot of other things could have pulled market down specifically -- o
8:46 am
no health care yet if we do not get 10% across the board overall, 10% jump in profits of the first quarter of this year, i think very bad news for the market, but i am looking at futures, looking to be up may be 40 points this morning, at opening bell, that suggests that investors believe we are going to get nine, 10, 11% growth across the board so i think they agree with you administer rea bidding the market up you turned the market maria. >> you know we always watch guidance as well stu revenue, revenue expected up 6% i wondered what the ceos managers of businesses will say about the rest of the year, i don't know about you i feel like activity has begun to get unleashed right people are taking stuff off shelves investing in things little by little, the business segment. >> i see the shot the growth coming, and the early signs are there, but you know it is
8:47 am
a show-me market, i got to see tax cuts i got to see serious deregulation, and then i think the markets may well go in for second leg up but not until we see some real action from politicians. >> see you in 10 minutes more on that i know that "varney & company" begins top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern stuart thank you join stuart varney top of the hour after "mornings with maria", coming up next one celebrity couple is going to bat for our commander in chief architect paul sorvino die of dee deempty, standing up to outrage in their industry, back in a moment. et. >>et. >> ♪ people got to do it -- got the music ♪ ♪ .
8:48 am
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8:51 am
>> i don't care where he goes. i just never thought he would go to washington. he is a bad example of this country. >> yeah. i have fought thought a lot about blowing up the white house, i am a nasty woman. [cheers and applause] i am not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in cheeto dust. i am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol. >> that was a taste of hollywood outrage after president trump took office most tinseltown has been against this president, actor paul sorvino wife dee dee vocal sports shares love food in new cookbook pinot pasta and parties joining us paul and dee dee sorvino great to have you on the program.
8:52 am
>> nice to see you again. >> thank you so much graiksz on book i want to talk about book why you got into this how tough politics part of the pook your relationship what are your hollywood buds say when you come out supportive -- >> -- he is a republican, an old friend of mine hearing you say that to her husband. >> are these people real realize i am standing here the idea. >> -- he is a republican, and said oh, can you believe it paul a republican worst thing ever he is like yeah i think that is a good thing you know, so it is -- >> president trump policies tax policy making sure that the country has borders you would think everybody could get onboard with. >> i i think studio people businesspeople -- about it, actor signs they are insane, it is rude terrible when you
8:53 am
say you like trump it is -- worse thing hit a trump -- >> robert deniro said he wanted to punch hum -- him in the face. >> has a right to say whatever he wants one of the greatest actors in the world but you know that is politics, you legal to get into that punch the president in the face? what are you talking about? >> i know him old friend. >> i thought about blog up white house? is that what you think about. >> why why wasn't she arrested? you know where are all the people who are going to canada, i have a lot of money saved, i put aside to give them tickets. [laughter] int seen anybody take it up. >> cher says moving to at planet. >> she already is on another planet. >> already there. >> so you wrote this cookbook pinot pasta parties tell us
8:54 am
about it my wife's brainchild i am her brainchild, too. >> says we're not children -- >> paul is a great cook, cooking since 12 years old for family maria i know you have the pizza empire with your family. >> yeah, i was the coat checker. >> paul made the pizza tt you make, wondl, so really about this master italian cook chef really i like to throw parties mixed drinks that is how -- >> also one of the things just to mention, book professional writers i was amount ofd man vice president creative director new york ad agency written best-selling book in 1985 very republicaned blogger pro writers not let's do a book.
8:55 am
>> you did the book writers obviously but also cooks. >> she has become a cook. >> become a cook. >> did for dinner what shed my for dinner was reservations and then -- working with me, working on a book became at least as good as i am. >> when you make your marinara saws do you put garlic and oil onion as well. >> get me in trouble here? >> garlic, and onion in marinara sauce. >> may i make the point this is vented in april only one way to make marinara means -- marinara, and it is garlic, onion, olive oil tomatoes basil salt and person that is it. do not. >> don't put onion. >> do not break onions in garlic because they cancel each other out. >> okay. >> -- turn his back on -- >> you call it sauce orography
8:56 am
marinara a sauce a gravyy is sunday -- that is the meat sauce. >> pasta, pinnot pasta and parties book extensivelies tomorrow give your favorite recipe. >> pasta --, not soup i make it is a regular pasta dish my restaurateur here 20 years ago was most particular dish 15 dollars request to have it made. >> sounds good. >> fazollah. >> a good -- >> mixing in here -- like -- anyway. >> you are a talent you dance you sing you cook -- you want to take us out into break with a song? >> ♪ ♪ [singing in italian]
8:57 am
♪ 2
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> by the way my thanks to paul and dedesorvino. fantastic singing there. >> i want to watch neil gorsuch take his seat and there are a lot of things in the background, it's slower moving, but see what affect it has. >> and hate uncertainty. we have uncertainty around health care, tax cuts, reform,
9:00 am
they need to figure it out sooner rather than later. >> earnings, unless we get a cover off the ball, i think the markets may hit resistance and run into the wall. maria: great panel this morning, thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow same time, same place, "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: thank you very much indeed and good morning everyone. new week, oh, and a fresh look at foreign policy, america no longer in retreat. maybe we're taking a fresh look at the trump rally as well. first this, vice-president pence pays a surprise visit to the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea. the trump administration no longer willing to accept the north's development of nuclear weapons and long range missiles. the president calls a halt to appeasement, the era of strategic patience is over. and he has unleashed the military, oh, yes, the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on afghanistan. that was the weekend just before the weekend.


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