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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> i've learned about product for short hair because my hair fell out. neil: it looks great. i love this. >> i'm copying you because i have a widows peak too. neil: is that what they call this? >> reporter: yes. neil: you look great, kiddo. so good. you've been a great example for a lot of people. trish, i think you'd agree with that. trish: you both look great, but really, gerri, you look fantastic, you really do. i was saying that before neil said it to the producers, anyway, thank you to you both. >> reporter: thank you. trish: we got a lot going on, breaking right now. live pictures from wisconsin where in just a few minutes, we're going to be seeing air force one and president trump, he's touching down in the manufacturing ate to make a big announcement designed to help american workers. all of this as we watch the sell-off on wall street down 118 off the lows of the session but triple-digit losses right there. the markets giving back some of what we saw in terms of gains with the dow. i'm trish regan, welcome everyone, to "the intelligence
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report". president trump is about to sign an executive order designed to encourage companies to hire and buy american. the order will also crack down on work visa abuse. why are companies allowed to bring low scale tech workers to our country? and treasury secretary steve mnuchin walking back his deadline for tax reform. if not august then when? plus notice how the liberal media is with president trump and possible ties to russia? where were the critics when hillary clinton had the cozy ties with the kremlin? hire american buy american, tell us what it's all about, jeff? >> reporter: h1-b visas, going to cross-country down on them.
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the program admits 85,000 immigrants to the u.s. each year to work. he says that's being abused and taking jobs away from american workers. here's what the executive orders are going to say. one, make that a merit-based system. right now 80% of those people that come into the country get paid less than the median wage in that field, so clearly they're bringing in cheap workers from overseas, taking jobs away from u.s. workers. also, there are laws on the books about buying american for the government? well, those laws he says are not being followed and needs to crack down on that and eliminate the waivers. of course, the goal is jobs, more jobs right here in wisconsin. lot of people like that. on the way the h1-b visa system works currently, according to the white house, outsourcing firms from overseas will apply for a very large number of visas, quoting the white house now. they apply for more than they get by putting extra tickets in the lottery.
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the lottery system right now, and then they get the lion's share of those visas, and white house took the unusual step i would say, trish of naming names of companies that do this. he named cognizant based in new jersey and two india-based companies, infosys, shocking to call out specific companies. i leave with you perhaps a six month chart with snap-on tools. the president will be here shortly. a very successful u.s. company, they make all their tools in the u.s. and they're really good tools. nasa use them, nascar, defense department. this is top of the line stuff made in the usa. trh? trish: all right, jeff flock, thank you so much. we'll continue watching for president trump there, expected to speak any minute now. the president wants to crack down on companies abusing the
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h1-b visa program, intended to hire foreign nationals with special skills. they're using the company to hire foreigner and pay them less. president trump plans to make this a merit-based system. you need a real skill if you come here on one of these h1-b visas, it cannot be a lottery system. joining me steve cortes and democratic strategist john raleigh, good have you both here. steve, makes sense to me, we want to attract the best possible people here and part of that means we've got to have expectations in terms of who gets to use it? >> right, i think the policy makes sense and the place makes sense as a veteran of the campaign. i'm glad he's going back to wisconsin, a state we worked really, really hard to win. it was a surprise to the rest of the world but not to us, in terms of the policy, this is trump at his very best, he promised throughout the campaign, his inaugural address
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his policies would evolve putting the american worker first, at last. the h1-b program, while it was set up with many good intentions, supposed to be finding highly, highly skilled people who we couldn't find in the united states. physicists, neuroscientists, surgeons, it's become a subsidy for very big companies where low skilled or unskilled workers are brought here to compete against american workers. it's a terrible policy and needs to end. trish: disney was so upset that so many i.t. workers brought in to replace the american workers, the disney workers had to train the workers and train their replacements. hey, this isn't fair, disney was using this as a way to get cheaper labor. >> trish, a similar example of
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the hypocrisy is giant american banks are now using h1-b visa people to replace american workers. the very workers who saved the banks, saved wall street's butt are now being replaced by unskilled or low skilled h1-b visas, it has to stop. trish: john raleigh, i'm all for having the best possible workers. i really do believe that. if we don't have someone that can fit a job description and we have the ability to get them from another country, sure, bring them here, but what disney did or he's accused of other companies of doing here, that's not where we should be heading or where the program was intend to be. how do we fix it? >> i think any program that needs to be re-evaluated if there's abuse, this makes a lot of sense. hopefully the president won't do the few times when i've agreed with him and i agree --
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trish: this is one of the few times. >> exactly. but i -- hopefully they won't fumble the ball when he's making a couple somewhat solid moves going to wisconsin. hopefully stay out of the way this week. trish: steve cortes says it makes sense, workers feel pretty upset the way the economy is treating them. is wisconsin an area politically speaking and economically speaking he needs to the continue focusing on? john? >> yeah, absolutely. i think -- i'm surprised he hasn't gone back sooner than this. most people agree if there is federal contracts and money, keep it in the united states. i can amen a lot of what he's talking about, whether he's going to get distracted on a side issue or he or a member of his team fumbles the ball, any time he's made positive moves the last few months. see if that happens. trish: you know the media is
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ready to pounce if that does happen. we have a minute left. this is a tough question to throw at you, steve. we're dealing with a situation as the economy changes and globalization is the reality that we're confronting. you are seeing basically capital, people with capital, companies with capital being rewarded in a disproportionate way to labor. in other words, the worker nowadays doesn't have as much leverage because the companies find another way to do it, they find a cheaper labor source. how do we start to get all this back in line? i'm not talking about through a bunch of regulations but create the right incentive so workers have more power and not all distributed among those with capital? >> great question, and the heart of this trump movement that swept him into the oval office. you mentioned regulation, that's a big part of it. one reason we've had such a cronyist system and so little
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dynamism is stifling regulation which makes it so hard for the little guy to rise up and challenge the big players. one of the first times more businesses closing than opening in america. we have to reverse that. the president started to, regulation rollback commenced and going to accelerate from there. that will allow far more dynamism and entrepreneurs to flourish. trish: we need it. steve, john, see you in a little bit. don't go anywhere. want to turn to another big story we're following right now -- oh, here we go, air force one arriving in milwaukee, wisconsin. the president on board, going to the factory which makes american products. he's going to push his agenda, buy american, hire american. this is something that really caught on, on the campaign trail. the economy was the number one issue that drove voters to the voting booth and they were concerned about their economic future. he today is enacting an executive order to buy american
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hire american and change the way we go about our h1-b visa program. h1-b visas are given to companies in a lottery-type system and the companies are able to bring in people from overseas for jobs that many feel would otherwise go americans. the whole idea behind the h1-b visa program is that it's supposed to be a job that couldn't go to americans but companies he alleges have abused that process and he wants to fix it. so president trump just touching ground there in milwaukee, wisconsin where he is going to sign this executive order hire american, buy american, a big theme for him. we'll continue to watch to see if the president comes out and maybe bring you the live picture as soon as we get it. another big story we're following is what's going to help on the tax front. treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying tax reform by august is highly unlikely and
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the comments are certainly different from what he told neil cavuto in march. watch steve mnuchin here. >> our objective is to pass tax reform by the august recess. and i think that's a very aggressive timetable, but realistic, and something that the president and i are very committed to doing. neil: so by august, voted, done, agreed. >> and signed. trish: and last week president trump told our own maria bartiromo he wants to repeal and replace obamacare before tackling tax reform. you got to wonder when is tax reform actually going to happen? joining me right now with a sense of the timing of all of it, byron york, good to have you here, byron, i want to remind our viewers, we're looking at air force one touched down in milwaukee, wisconsin. donald trump will be speaking to workers at that factory and he will be talking about his platform of buy american, hire american and how we need to
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change the h1-b visa program. but byron, as we watch all this unfold and i want to get your thoughts on that as well, let me ask but taxes. a lot of people say this economy is dependent on this lower tax policy actually getting enacted. but now it seems it may take longer than people thought. >> not going to happen for a while. i think the treasury secretary is acknowledging reality. i checked the house calendar today, there were 47 days in session between now and the august recess. that is not a lot of time to get anything done. even on march 1st when the treasury second told neil he expected tax reform by the august recess, it was really, really tight. trish: yeah, we were all surprised at the time. the markets went way up and everybody said wow, if they could get this done by august, that would be tremendous, but you know, this is the dose of reality in hearing that congress is not going to meet o
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done. >> we're in the middle of a two-week easter recess right now. how many people leave for two weeks for easter? the administration has never really gotten it together on the question of whether it absolutely has to do obamacare repeal and replacement first before tax reform or whether tax reform can just come on its own. remember, when they were working toward obamacare, the president, speaker of the house said you got to do this, changes the tax code, et cetera, et ceter when the obamacare project blew up, the president said i'm moving on, we're going to do tax reform. now a lot of republicans talking again about having to do obamacare first. so even if tax reform were a completely stand alone project, it's a really huge one. it wouldn't get done by august. trish: quickly, i gotta run,
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but what's the eta? you think it's going to get done? when? >> mnuchin says it's going to get done in 2018. they need to push because 2018 is an election year. trish: let's hope it gets done, fingers crossed, 2017. byron york eeveryone. markets selling off as investors react to news that tax reform is not going to happen as soon as they thought. they're taking it in stride. glass half full. bank stocks led by goldman drags the markets lower. we have the information how the market is going to interpret all of the policy changes. see you here.
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. trish: all right, everyone, take a look at market right now. you can see we're climbing back here. we were down more. now just down 98 points, but still a sell-off. investors were getting concerned about delay in tax reform. you heard byron york say it's not going to happen and mnuchin communicating via the financial times it's not going to happen as well. you got bank stocks weighing on the market. just report out of goldman contributing to things. bank of america seeing upside, that's barely any upside right now. for more on where this market's heading and what happens if we don't actually get tax reform soon. we have bull's-eye brief founder and lori rothman from the new york stock exchange. good to see both you guys. people wanted it, thought they were getting it. steve mnuchin told our very own
2:19 pm
neil cavuto going to be signed, sealed, delivered by august. they're walking that back. i see the market is taking it in stride. what's your reaction? >> reporter: trish, you're hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the broad problem here. we have seen a total reversal. banks taking off right after the election, along with small caps and the infrastructure stocks on the expectation that trump's policies would engender economic growth. getting back to the reversal is strength in technologies. big cap names that have a tendency in strong track record even in times of econoc slowdown that's why we see technology with all the losses going a bit stronger sector. so you have that, and then another geopolitical risks out there as well. north korea, theresa may calling for the general election, that's not helping the bulls very much. trish: the other geopolitical
2:20 pm
risks out there. adam, you got to give the market credit for taking some of this in stride. it's north korea, it's syria, it's russia, it's china, it's tax policy. i mean, you name it, we're looking at a market that hasn't stumbled that much. >> well, it's real simple. the two e's, earnings and employment. earnings growth of 7 to 8%. u.s. corporations are showing strong earnings growth. also on the top line of sales growth. have you full employment at 4.5% so people are working. this is a very strong fundamental story. the tax thing, yeah, guess what? we saw that one coming. if they couldn't get health care done, no way they can get tax reform done. even donald trump -- donald trump. even ronald reagan needed two years to get tax reform done. the market is taking it stride, you are right. trish: you still think it
2:21 pm
happens? >> it will happen, it's a question of degree. washington is not wall street. i mean think of all the different groups want that to try to get their hand in the pot and different incentives. look at the way the market responded. we saw bank of america up two cents. bank of america put up good earnings and hiring for the first time since 2010. great american story. by contrast, look at u.s. steel, one of the shorts that i've had my bull's-eye brief readers make money on. shorted that up 40 bucks, it's up 28. looks like infrastructure was going to slow down and the same with tax reform. the market decided some of the stuff that we thought was going to happen and got excited about in november is taking a long time. trish: here's the president, he's just disembarking from air force one in milwaukee, wisconsin. he is introducing his buy american, hire american policy, an executive order that will
2:22 pm
affect h1-b visas. he wants to revamp how it is put in place. his criticism being that too often companies via the lottery system take in workers from overseas at the expense of american workers and these are not workers that are truly deserving of the job. you know, h1-b visas, something that the tech community relies heavily on, and yet that said, adam johnson, not a ton of visas, roughly 60,000 that we're giving it. >> yeah, 60,000 and upped it to 85,000. and one quarter they put in a temporary measure to get it up to 120,000. they basically doubled it. trish: my goodness. look at the baby! look at the baby! that is precious. and even got a kiss. >> he is the president and media personality and understands those things. there is nothing wrong with kissing babies.
2:23 pm
this is quite the story. we are witnessing the man on a steep learning curve who is figuring it out. pivoted on china. realized we need china, especially with what's happening in north korea, as jamie dimon said we're learning how the sausage gets made. watching donald trump navigate very new waters. trish: it ain't always pretty but you got feel your way and do what's right for the country, do what's right for our economy, do what's right for our security. >> he's getting there, figuring it out. trish: that's good. the market taking all of the news, tax cuts pushed off in stride as we watch a market down 107 points. donald trump is going to get into the vehicle. he will make his way to the plant in milwaukee where he will talk about the buy american, hire american policy that resonated on the campaign trail and resonates in wisconsin. i want to thank adam and lori for all your insight into the markets.
2:24 pm
a lot more coming up as we watch donald trump. also we're talking about brexit. might it not happen? theresa may's bombshell announcement, next. use as we li. and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. gave us the power to turn this enemy into an ally? microsoft and its partners are
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. trish: we've been talking about u.s. markets lower. european markets closed lower as investors reacted to news that uk prime minister theresa may calling for early election as she tries to garner and gain support behind britain's exit from the european union known as brexit. there are fears that the divisions within the british government will hurt the country's ability to strike a successful deal with the eu. watch this. >> division in westminster will risk our ability to make a success of brexit and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country, so we need a general election and we need one now. trish: big surprise that she
2:28 pm
did this today. joining me ashley webster along with mark stein, good to have you both here. ashley, you're nodding your head. people thought she would just go through the motions here and all of a sudden call father special election. what does this signify? >> it's a power grab, the main leader called to step down numerous, numerous times. he's hung in there, refused to do it. they have a slim majority, the conservatives, about 17 seats. one projection if it goes the way all likin the general election, th cou end up with majority of 140 seats which would make the negotiating process go a lot smoother and, you know, enable theresa may to negotiate with the eu in a fashion she won't get as much opposition as she might now. trish: mark, if that's the case, it's a united front.
2:29 pm
people are saying we're done with the eu, we want out, and there's really no room for debate at that point. >> no, and i think she just wants the seal on that. she's got a great advantage as ashley was saying. basically a regionally fractured opposition, the scottish nationalists in scotland and the pro-european union types will vote for the democrats. interests that with trump, for example, the fear of trump populist supporters is the populist policies are scuttled by elements in the administration who are deeply opposed to them. in britain, brexit, the populist policy of brexit, is actually going to be put through by theresa may who was someone who was not an ideological brexiteer, she has understand that here prime ministership depends on putting
2:30 pm
through a firm, clear, hard brexit and that this, in a sense, is what this election is well. trish: are you worried what it means for the economy? do you think it's going to be a rough road for folks in the uk? >> no, i don't think it is. i think actually the -- being tied to -- the european union is basically a 1970s solution to 1940s problem, and it's nothing to do with where the global economy is in the second decade of the 21st century. britain is not a continental power. it's an ordward looking maritime power that trades around the globe and had one hand tied behind its back for 40 years. >> something that is interesting, to mark's point. when theresa may made the announcement outside of no. 10 downing street. sterling went down. they were concerned she was
2:31 pm
going to resign. the economy is going to boom and sterling took off. trish: amazing, such dramatic changes. your prediction, mark? >> my prediction is increased majority. and i know conservative parties here and elsewhere always screw things up in the course of the campaign, even she can't blow this one and the only question is how bad the british labour party does. this is the real interesting question. how bad they they're damaged in this campaign. trish: ashley, thank you so much. mark, thank you so much. good to have you all the way from the uk. high drama in georgia as voters head to the polls in a special election over here to select a representative to replace tom price. the democrats are pulling all the stops out in this reliably republican district. spending all kinds of money and say they want to, quote, make
2:32 pm
trump furious. a democratic win here would certainly be a shot across the bough. is this going to turn into a referendum on donald trump or not? we got the intel for you. see you here next. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. nenew lower taxes.dly environment. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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. trish: a lot of news breaking today, as i speak. the search for the man who shot and killed a stranger live on facebook is over. cleveland police found him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot
2:36 pm
wound. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg addressing the controversy moments ago. watch. >> we have a lot more to do here. and we're reminded of this, this week by the tragedy in cleveland. and our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin, senior, and we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. trish: facebook has been plagued by a string of violent incidents posted on its site and gone under fire for not getting the content removed sooner. shares down a touch. shares of netflix tanking over the investors abilityo retract and retrain new user, heading for worst session in five months. stock is significantly lower. we'll get that up for you in a
2:37 pm
minute. president trump in wisconsin touring a snap-on tools manufacturing center. he's expected to sign the "buy american, hire american" executive order in just about an hour from now. and that will reform our h1-b immigration system. we will bring that to you live as soon as he comes to the stage. also today, republicans are working to prevent a major upset in conservative georgia. democrats in the region are fired up in opposition to president trump and rallying behind one candidate in today's jungle-style primary which lumps all 18 candidates on one bachlt kind of feels like the republican primary. spreading the republican vote among 11 other people. democrat is expected to win this thing but could fall short of the 50% mark needing to the june election.
2:38 pm
turnout is steady. we'll take a quick look at polling room. this is remarkable for a special election with only one race on the ballot. both parties investing intense national attention on this race. democrats are rallying around john osof, 30-year-old documentary filmmaker and congressional aide. with the field split among 11 candidates, democrats are hoping to win outright and avoid the june runoff. >> the runoff will be a challenge, and i think everything has been leading us up to not just to end on what it comes, too. >> right now the energy is with the democratic party week understand that. that being said i think this is a republic district. thing is a district we can win. when it does get to a nine week runoff hopefully on tuesday
2:39 pm
evening, i like our chances in a one-on-one race. >> georgia's sixth congressional district favors establishment republicans. donald trump carried it by less than 2%. republicans are trying to leverage the presidency to get out the vote as in the robo-call that went out yesterday. listen. >> this is president donald trump, liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your republican congressional seat away from you. don't let them do it. >> reporter: democrats are trying to appeal to moderate voters in the district. voters who may not be 100% on board with the trump administration, trish? trish: all right, watching it. thank you very much, jonathan serrie everyone. the president is taking to twitter to fight back against the democrat ossoff, it would be a disaster in congress. he sent another tweet urging republicans to get out and vote
2:40 pm
and blasted the superliberal democrat who, quote, wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes. he responded by calling trump, quote, misinformed but glad the president is interested in the race. steve cortes and john are back with me. steve, if the republicans don't win this, if the democrat takes the seat, it might be a very, very big wake-up call. in other words, we're looking at a republican party that hasn't been able to get a lot done. look at freedom caucus holding up health care reform. is this the wake-up call that some kind of need? >> it could be. though i would point that in f it happens far more capitol hill than at the white house. elections turnout can be low. i expect this. while the district narrowly went for trump. it's not a deep red district by any stretch, they think they're
2:41 pm
going to reject ossoff and reject the outside influence. reporter mentioned $8 million raised. a huge amount raised for one district. 30% out of state. and among the out-of-state donors were rosie o'donnell and jane fonda. when i see those donors, the devil went down to georgia. trish: he is a filmmaker. john raleigh, the democrats like this, it's up for grabs, if they get this guy network it's sending a message. they want it to be a referendum on trump. but as steve says, not as if these are everyday folks being influenced or pouring money into the campaign. you've got big hollywood. you've got other members of the democratic party that are trying influence this monetarily? >> 8 or $9 million coming in, a couple thousand or couple hundred bucks apiece is from all over the country.
2:42 pm
the only question for democrats, is it great news or amazing news? just that it's competitive is a big thing. romney and mccain got 6% of the district. in the past overwhelming republican. there is going to be pointing fingers afterwards, probably capitol hill and trump, no matter what happens -- trish: i don't know if it's trump. >> it's big. trish: capitol hill here, steve, the freedom caucus have been no friend to the president, and the concern is this will continue until they get a wake-up call. he wants to get stuff done. americans want to see stuff get done, if, in fact, republicans lose this seat, it will start to force the hand as some of the holdouts? >> it might, trish, i tell you this as a trump partisan, i'm so mad at a lot of republicans on capitol hill. american people handed republicans the keys to a car, to a bentley, they gave us the
2:43 pm
house, the senate and the white house. they haven't done that largely because of house republicans. i'm irate they took a two-week break. what do they need a vacation from? being so exhausted for doing nothing? >> for health care. >> they didn't get it done. speaker ryan said we are not going to recess again until we get health care and taxes done for the american people. trish: it's infuriating and people are hopeful it can be different this time. trump's got to get the holdouts on board and maybe this is the wake-up call they'll need. steve, john, good to have you here today. today is tax day! and do you know where your tax dollars are going? for every 100 bucks you send to uncle sam, how many dollars do you think go to national defense? food stamps? national parks? obamacare? we're tracking your money for you. i'll see you here next. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons.
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[phi anne.g] so those financial regulations being talked about? they could affect your accounts, so let's get together and talk, and make sure everything's clear. yeah, that would be great. being proactive... it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. trish: all right. it's tax day, and every time right around this time of year, millions of americans say gosh, i'm forking over a lot of money. where do your tax dollars go? we've been crunching the numbers for you and our own gerri willis is here to share the pain. gerri, okay, so if i got 100 bucks they hand over to uncle sam, where does all that go to? >> fortunately, we had help for folks at the committee for a responsible federal budget crunch the numbers for us, and far and away the biggest consumer are entitlement programs, those programs consume nearly half, and it's rising in the last five years, share of spending for social security, medicare, medicaid have risen more than 15%, that's mostly due to the aging of the population.
2:48 pm
the next biggest category at 20% is defense and veterans, totaling $19.82 out of each $100 of taxpayer dollars. spending however is on the decline down 22% since 2011 because it reduced federal spending, and we spend a puny 8 pennies out of $100 on the national parks. and 3 pennies on congressional salaries. hmm. one line item that is lower, the additional amount per $100 of taxes needed to cover the deficit. that amount was $35.70, way back in 2011 and $15.24 in 2016. the reason for that? we were coming out of the great recession and the government spending big on stimulus while tax receipts were lower. health care, social securi are big consumers of the
2:49 pm
federal tax dollar. that's a fact congress might want to think about as it reviews obamacare, trish. trish: that's where the money's going, thank you so much, gerri willis, good to have you here. liberals and the mainstream media obsessed with the idea that the russians and the trump team rigged the u.s. elections. they're obsessed with the idea there's a grand conspiracy out there. but where were the same critics when bill and hillary clinton's cozy relationship with the russians resulted in very troubling deals that actually benefitted russia. we've got the intel. we're on it, next.
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
. trish: all those anti-trump lefties who insist for blaming everyone for their loss in november pointed the finger at russia for interfering in our
2:53 pm
leck ifavor of donald trump. in other words, donald trump won because vladimir putin put him there. that's how the conspiracy theory goes. why is the news media ignoring the cozy relationship bill and hillary clinton themselves had with russia over the years? hillary reset relations with the communist nation and a year later said our goal is to help strengthen russia. deroy murdock joins me with more. deroy, set, that's one thing, people should be focusing on the shady uranium deal. fill us in. people need to hear the details of that one again, especially when there's all the accusations that putin put it out there? >> the idea is that president trump is vladimir putin's puppet and investigate this. no one wants to look at the
2:54 pm
clinton's dealings with russia. uranium one is a company that is canadian based, in steps the company which is the russian government atomic energy company, and they step into buy a majority stake in the company. hillary clinton as secretary of state had say about this. she was part of a committee supposed to look into foreign asset sales that have national security repercussions and this did because we're dealing with uranium. three weeks after the company said it wanted to buy uranium, bill clinton flies to moscow and gives a talk, gets paid $500,000 while his wife is deciding this. trish: they represent transcapital? >> correct. about the same time this is going on, people invested in uranium one gave money to the clinton foundation before and after this decision. $145 million. it's a tremendous amount money,
2:55 pm
and sure enough, despite the complaints of people like congressman ileana ros-lehtinen, congressman peter king and others, this deal was approved, approved very quickly and vladimir putin controls 20% of uranium capacity and the clintons were able to take $145 million into the foundation. trish: i can remember being at cgi events in chicago, and there were sketchy people there, right? billionaires from countries that you never heard of, had donated, in that case gained legitimacy from the stamp of the clinton foundation. i know it did good here and there, but you look at the ratios even as a charity and their expense structure was enormous compared to what you expect from many other charities. trish: i think the actual amount of money in grants is
2:56 pm
something like 4, 5, 6, 7, 8% compared to a legitimate charities which give 30, 40, 50, 60% of their funds. they put lot of money into administrative expenses and other deals. one with a high-tech city that the russians put together outside moscow. they took 22 venture capitalists, the secretary of state was very much in favor of this. of the big donors, 17 gave money to the clinton foundation. about two-thirds of them. all the connections between russians and money going to the clintons and no one wants to talk about this, but focused on illusory -- trish: check out the article at "national review". we'll be right back.
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>> all right. we are waiting on donald trump, the president is going to be touring snap-on tools in wisconsin before making remarks about his new executive order.
3:00 pm
you're looking at a live picture of the stage there, the executive order being buy american, hire american. he's also taking aim at our h1b visa program, so expect some revamping there. follow me on twitter, let me know what you thought of today's trish. now we're heading straight to liz. hey, liz. liz: hey, trish did you see the flag at the podium made out of tools? how neat is that? >> very neat. liz: yay, snap-on tools. we do have our eye on the clock. first, there it is the podium where the president will take the stage at any moment and of course, our eye is on the enclose clock for all of you procrastinators, you have eight hours and 59 minutes to get it done and in just minutes as i said, what president trump will do is first take a tour of the snap on manufacturing facility in wisconsin comes as the markets take profits after yesterday's triple digit rally.


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