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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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his spokesperson says he is in good spirits. we wish our 41st president a speedy and good recovery. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: big earnings from big companies. president trump signing an executive order in wisconsin. not long ago titled "buy american, hire american." president trump starting the push by ordering federal agencies to overhaul t h-1b visarogram. >> american workers have long called for reforms to end these visa abuses. and today sthir calls are being answered for the first time. that includes taking the step to set in motion a long overdue
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reform of h-1b visas. right now h-1b visas award in a totally random lottery, and that's wrong. charles: tammy, some are saying it's not a truly random lottery. that the silicon valley companies flood the systems. and 80% of these folks get paid less than a median wage. 80%. tammy: not only from the companies on our ends game it. 80% of them go to indian companies. they filed for these visas in a blanket way. it's not for individuals. it was moved from the need for high talented well educated people have specific talents we
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couldn't get here to this flood for people who need individual training and will be paid for the process. in disney and other companies where their can workers were training their foreign counterparts who knew of nothing but would take their job for less. this is a campaign promise by the president, he's keeping his promise. charles: the system was hijacked and this is being done to correct it. i wonder if we should take our eye off the ball with respect to the enormous opportunities there. sometimes a yellow flag on us not being prepared as a nation not just with stem jobs but others as well. >> this was meant to be for highly skilled labor. the system is being game to bring in lower-level skilled workers to have lower-level i.t. jobs to displace american
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workers. facebook in 2016. 15% of its workforce were on h-1b visas, facebook alone. when donald trump said i'm for the american worker, i want to defend the american worker, i want to defend american jobs. some of the people at the rally today said this is demonstrating trump is for the middle class, the poor and the american worker. where are the democrats going to go when people understand trump is defending the middle class. what a novel idea. we are going to use american taxpayer dollars to fund and used to fund structure products and use american workers. what a novel idea. is this a precursor to immigration reform that will be more merit and skill based?
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charles: i think that's a foregone conclusion. i worry about tom cotton's bill. just so the audience knows. i think cato likes the current h-1b system the way it is. >> there are a lot of problems with it. if you think it's too small and restrains american firms too much. the president wants to move toward a merit-based immigration syst. hutting the h-1b visas is a heck of a way to do that. you need to increase the number of workers coming in on these types of visas. charles: you are saying bring in more foreign workers to help americans. >> absolutely. we are talking about highly skilled workers that allow
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american companies to grow. american firms are not allowed to hire these folks. they will outsource these jobs to other countries where they are less productive and we get less bang for our buck. tammy: here is the problem with you a the visa system was game. we were not using it to bring in the highly skilled. the president want to get it out of the swamp of individuals who are not skilled and coming in for lower wages, and it's not -- it's bringing in -- bringing it back to its original intent and it's allowing more individuals. charles: let's keep it civil, alex.
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we are going to exchange ideas and thoughts, but not put each other down. tammy: don't lie to people. charles: enough americans who have these skills contacted me. one of the architects of this, bruce, i think it's cooper, a congressman out of connecticut. he said the system was hijacked. this is a progressive who put this together. he says silicon valley florida manipulated the system. when you. you've in 240,000 people for 50,000 jobs, you are gaming the system. >> the point of this is reform the h-1b visa program to do what it was intended to do, not what's actually being done right now. you talked about the lottery system. it's been a lottery system, not merit based. this is trying to get it back to where it should be, bringing
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highly skilled labor. charles: are you suggesting america needs to bring in foreign talent to start businesses here and educate us here even though most of this technology emanates from this country? i'm trying to understand what your rationale is for saying more foreign workers is good for the american worker. >> they are complementary to american workers. they don'tisplace them. they are also more likely once they get their green card, to start american firms and file patents at more than twice the rate americans do. i want to say, this executive order does nothing. all it does is call for more study to preform the visa program. charles: 220 days to look into
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this. we understand that president trump does want to take this from a lottery system. you can imagine a lotto with 1-10. there are 20 because that have 10. you do the lottery. it's a 10. whoa! it's somebody from india. they are gaming the system, ned. >> they are gaming the system. congress will have to take this up again for real reforms to take place. the point being highly skilled labor. i will say this, charles. at the end of the day, i think this is something we need to look at and reexamine. what does our education look like? how are we preparing for the future. tammy: this has to begin at a certain point.
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it's the agenda of the administration, telling agencies to make the changes and get the ball rolling. this will be the end result. his intention is to make it merit based as will be perhaps the entire immigration system as well which will help those who want to come here so america is stronger and it does help the american people. we are going to have to start in this fashion and it's the president's intent and that's what he has done today. >> it doesn't make it merit based it does the opposite. charles: they are saying make it merit based, not the so-called luck of the draw when the deck is stacked against the american workers. >> lottery is a terrible way to assign these workers. charles: is it great if we have equally skilled americans being under cut on price.
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the american says i'll do it for $100,000, and someone from another country says i'll do it for $50,000. >> the minimum wage for an h-1b worker is $60,000. charles: is it fair and a great thing to have foreign workers who will do the jobs for far less than americans. >> the research shows when they have identical skills they typically manage those foreign workers coming in and get paid more because of that. americans have the communication and management skills a lot of these foreign workers don't have. charles: although we must also say on the other hand you talked about how many businesses these foreign tech workers are opening up. it's hard to believe they are lower-level workers.
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they seem to have pretty good access to capital. it's a good thing. i like the idea. president trump just now landing at joint base andrews. he had a very, very busy day and successful trip out to wisconsin. this is the president that never sleeps and never stops. he's on the go all the time. let's leave it there. we'll discuss other parts of this, by the way. other parts of this plan that's the america first plan. 86% of america's biggest cities reported gang activity. today president trump took steps to fight back.
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>> under president trump the justice department has zero tolerance for gang violence. ms-13 represents one of the greatest threats to our american safety. charles: attorney general jeff sessions planning a crackdown on vie excellent gangs, especially ms-13. the announced new steps to dismantle violent gangs like ms-13. i promised to get tough, and we are. charles: this gang activity which has become a blight on american society, just so the audience knows, we have 1.2
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million gang members. ms-13 is so violent and ruthless and they are from coast to coast. >> over the past 6 to 8 years they have made significant headway in the united states. i believe from a law enforcement perspective that occurs because of failed obama administration policies. they never focused on gang activities. now with the new administration under president trump's leadership and a.g. sessions. they made it clear they have a zero col transpolicy and they are doing everything they can to keep tour neighborhoods safe. >> i think people are pleased all the neighborhoods they are in. texas, california, that's it. but they are the foot print across the entire nation. >> yes, they are. the violence and destabilization they do to our so sight is
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systemic. just outside of washington, d.c., they found a burial yard where they were killing people and burying their gang opponents. this is something i applaud the president on and applaud the attorney general. for so long rule of law has not nenlts the rule of law around the country for the last 8 years. when the president says he's going to put an end to this scourge of gang vier lightning, he's doing with r his best -- he's doing his best with his attorney general to do that. charles: 90% of boys in prison have gang affiliations. >> it's really out of control. just so the viewers know. the other speaker was talking about the burial grounds right here in the d.c. area.
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he's referencingmon referencingy county. these gangs are ruthless. they are dangerous. and we have to address them head-on. a crazed gunman went on a shooting spree in fresno, california willing three people in the city. he told people he hates white people an was showght allahu akbar. >> this incident happened at 10:45 a. pacific time. i have been following this case. this individual randomly selected individuals there in fresno. he was looking for white individuals. and that's what he did.
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thankfully the express know police department swooped in on shim pretty quickly. but by the time they got there he emptied his gun three times and killed four people. he killed one last thursday and three more today. charles: i didn't see a lot about this in mainstream media. but these are the incidents that have to be highlighted. >> the associated press said the gunman was shouting god is great. we need to address the terrorism that is around us. we need top address how it iser. traight these acts of crime. the media covering this up does no great service to the nation. charles: it reminds me of the cleveland killer. cnn described him as anything -- did not use the color of his skin. but all kinds of other descriptions out there.
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we all fight back against racism and prejudice. but some of thistles stuff is as as -- makers it more dangerous for other people >>hey have need to be off the streets. we need to get them off the street regardless of what race they are. charles: coming up, tensions with north korea are escalating the rogue regime continues to ramp up the threats against the united states. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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charles: president trump keeping quiet on his north korean strategy. our evenings with the re jeep
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has gone to a point where north korean officials are threating a thermal nuclear war. it could be due in part by a policy of what they call america's interference with them. joining me now to discuss, jim hanson and adam goodman. i guess round one feels like it went to america. but north korea still belligerent. >> the problem is we are dealing with the craziest in a line of crazy kills. this guy is proper -- crazy kills. it was important to note he didn't conduct a nuclear test on his grandfather's birthday.
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instead he tried a rocket and their new rocket fizzled. that embarrassment is potentially more dangerous because he lost face. so now he has to posture to regain that. charles: president trump spoke with ainsley earhardt, he said the trade and currency manipulation weren't as important as getting north korea stable. i found that to be pretty amazing. this was a main platform, the $360 billion deficit we have with china. is this situation with north korea so dangerous president trump can put that on the shelf? >> these are the moments when presidents are measured and gained. i think you see a president starting to mature before our eyes in office. when you have someone in north kowho teans theorldw
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thinking he has immunity. the trump doctrine will be grounded in fairness, fortified in strength and backed by some of the best people in the business. mattis, kelly, matheson. the days when america would apologize and hide behind hollow rhetoric, i think the time has come when we have to say enough is enough. i think the new trump doctrine says to all of us, we mean it. more and more we are getting china and the rest of the world behind us. charles: this is not about imparting democracy, enforcing our will in that respect. it's about somehow quelling the world's worst and most dangerous bad actor out there.
6:27 pm
you have a great sense of all of this. even though we are dealing with a wildcard, how far do you think it can go? >> i served in a special forces group. the korean peninsula was part of our operations group. north korea can reign hellfire on the south korean capital of seoul. it's hard to do anything definitive to the north korean regime especially given we don't know where the rest of their nuclear devices are. we have pressure we can put on them. i hope what donald trump was signaling, he talked with the chinese, and between the two of us we can put enough pressure on them to put him in check. if he cuts it loose, it's bad for everybody.
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charles: you wonder if he's not already there. is there a back channel where they are offering money or food and things they have done in the past s he lives off his reputation, doesn't he? >> between us and the chinese, when the sabres rattle too hard and it gets too crazy, we give him cash, food and energy, just enough to keep alive and to stop them from pushing that special button. and. that's the real deal. charles: coming up, with the trump economic agenda can the gop civil war crush it? i joined the army in july of '98. i did active duty 11 years.
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charles: yesterday treasury secretary steve mnuchin across knowledged its previously declared august timeline for tax reform is not realistic at this point. now we have to wonder if it happens at all, especially with all the factions going on the attack against fellow party members.
6:33 pm
pro trump first priorities is rewarding house republicans. how can the president win with this kind of a donnybrook. katrina, your organization, $3 million, more atta boy thing for those who backed trump. but i read you are keeping all options open. how are you going to win when conservative groups are spending money to attack each other? >> the narrative seems to be something that you reiterated as either/or. we have not done that. many of these members had no position on this bill or did not take a position at all. we are supporting those republicans who have in the past and are currently supporting the president's agenda which happens to include repealing and replacing obamacare.
6:34 pm
charles: the club for growth, you are spending, millions of dollars for moderate who support bored adjustment tax. your organization is spending millions of dollars and you are going after fellow republicans. if that's the case, how does your party ever get behind the president to get things done? >> the club for growth is not a republican organization. we are not partisan. what we believe in is good policy. whenever we see people pushing bad policy regardless of party affiliation we want to educate the voters about that. but on healthcare we should avoid what happened on the healthcare debate when it comes to tax reform. if we can get rid of this border adjustment tax we can lock arms and push a pro growth agenda. charles: are you saying that'
6:35 pm
the only issue stopping healthcare from being done? >> you mean tax reform. charles: president trump and your organization says if we do the healthcare first and get that trillion dollars as a baseline savings, then we can apply it to deeper more significant tax reform. isn't that the logic you are trying to promote? >> absolutely. you have individuals holding their party accountable which is something you haven't seen on the left until recently. it's important to get this done not just because it's going to happen when we get to tax reform. this was the number one republican agenda for the last six years. they all made this promise to repeal and replace obamacare. now they are going to come back to the table and try to get it done. that's why these members who have been supportive of the president's agenda.
6:36 pm
charles: it's interesting, we have that vote going on today in georgia. club for growth backs bob gray. even though you are saying you guys aren't a republican organization, you do tend to run in conservative circles, and ultimately you backed president trump for the white house. do you see where this is all going? >> i hope it goes in a good direction. like katrina said, there is a lot of hope left in the healthcare reform bill. if we can get on the same team, let's move to tax reform. let's have some unity before the bill is released rather than after so we can lock horns and push forward a bill before we have the debate. >> everything has to be done before.
6:37 pm
there are so many factions for many many years. that's why it's important to have unity at the top so it can trickle down to the bottom. charles: the clock is ticking. the major averages ended the day in the red. but also session lows. there are a couple stories going on beneath the surface. my market commentary is next.
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6:39 pm
charles: british prime minister theresa may calling for a snap general election. she wants to push through brexit.
6:40 pm
charles: sometimes tough
6:41 pm
messages can mask the market while anxiety was reflected in the third triple digit session in a row. the dow coming off the session low. the dow could not overcome major loss at goldman action and o'johnson and johnson. after the close ibm saw its revenues decline for the 20th straight square. it's the fourth most impactful name so dow could be under more pressure tomorrow. i want to shift also to what happened today, that was america first. president trump's buy mayor can-hire american executive orders information h-1b programs. it has been more generous to foreign firms pore no curement for $837 billion. u.s. firms $381 billion.
6:42 pm
then protecting the american still workers making sure the they are using steel that is made and poured in america. americans will have to be trained for these new collar jobs. they have high-tech skills. they are as important as stem jobs. i think there was a reason snap on tools was cho they have a technical training program initiative for the country. it helps the russell 2000 eke out a small gain today. while resolve is great. the stock mark set bias has
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shift to the down side. stocks can get right on bad news. you don't want to allow the last three months of wall street's knee jerk reaction for closing out a great stock at a loss. if the margins are growing, those stocks could be buys on tips. a new follow finds that paul ryan's job approval numbers are tanking. what that means for his agenda as house speaker. and what it means for his agenda next. [♪]
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charles: breaking poll numbers just stout raising new questions about paul ryan's future as house speaker. a pew polls finds only 24% of america aprove of his job. lou dobbs said it's time for ryan to go. lou: no one at the white house can explain why president trump and his advisors have put up with ryan. ryan is the leader of the opposition. republicans have a lot to answer for and far more if they don't throw paul ryan out of the speakers office and get on with the work in front of the entire nation. charles: joining me now to
6:48 pm
discuss, tammy bruce. you like paul ryan, right? >> yes, i like paul. when i was cutting my teeth on capitol hill, i worked with him. bill clinton was president then and newt gingrich got 70% of the legislation through. paul needs to go back to his roots. he needs to go back to the grassroots. united we standing, divide we fall. we have a republican congress and republican congress. why can't we get our act together. charles: even john boehner had a 36% approval rating. >> nobody in their what today likes anything going on in washington. so if you are paul ryan you start off with no democrats saying they like the job you are doing.
6:49 pm
then and lot of republicans say i don't like anything that's happening in d.c. it's fascinating that you had paul ryan and donald trump standing arm in arm on the healthcare bill that failed. the republican conference in the house, there are a lot of members who feel it unless their interest to stand up and take shots at paul ryan. >> that's not good for our party. >> i think it's a big problem and why you will see congress struggle. they have a budgetoming up they have tax reform on the table. a lot ofhings that will be a challenge to get through. charles: president trump gave paul right backing to get this healthcare bill through. you for one think he's been ineffective and it's time for him to go.
6:50 pm
tammy: he just needs to go home. donald trump is used to having a team of people who do their job. so we expected the speak tore do his job. he was as surprised as the rest of us that after five years the guy hadn't done his homework. but here is the issue. paul ryan put out a minute video saying we have to do tax reform. i tweeted back at him. you have done video after video. you do these cute little videos. charles: president trump now arriving back to the white house. he's had a very, very long day of course promoting his america first plan with the new executive order in wisconsin. i think that was a very successful trip. but back to you, tammy and the legislative part of this thing. tammy: paul ryan is trying to attach himself to the coat tails
6:51 pm
of the president. he always says he's going to do something, but the problem is he never delivered. ideas are one thing. implementing them are another. we have to get these things done because they have to be successful legislatively, and you have got people in congress not used to having a president with whom they can work and they are not used to governing. >> let's give pail ryan a chance. he was vp candidate with romney. he has done things and passed legislation to create a great america. get your act in line and go back to your grassroots and advocacy strategy. charles: kristen, i think the day he rolled up his sleeves and used the white board is what sunk him. that didn't work. >> the job as speaker is a tough one.
6:52 pm
you have to be the communicator-in-chief and someone who gets the politics and the policy. inch paul ryan is bet -- paul ryan is better than some people at policy. i think on the politics of getting his caucus in line, that's where the biggest challenge is. >> let's go help him, okay? >> we'll do this perhaps tomorrow. i'll ask you delayedy, who would do the job if paul ryan is not doing the job. the georgia prolts going to close in a matter of minutes. democrats wants this so bad think because they think it can sink president trump. yet some cards limit where you earn
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charles: t minus less than 5 minutes until polls are closed in georgia's 6 district. democrats trying to make it a quasi referendum on trump. they are rallies berind ossoff. but, president trump he tweeted about it 4 times today. here it discuss it, amy holmes, and ned line, and katie frees, 8 million poured in. big heavyweights including jane fonda. he has to get over 50%, i would think today otherwise it is money squandered. >> right. if it is not 50% said it goes to a run off, some polls are staying to 7:55, they have had
6:57 pm
a lot of electronic problem, if he does not get this today, he is not going to win in a run off. the money is coming from places like california, not people there in georgia, it is coming from california. charles: a huge turn out. i think that problem is you have so many republican candidates, and all of the dems putting their money behind him. lmost a dozen republicans splitting the field on the right and have you a democracy dark horse. i think it interesting how democratic party is so visited in this one congressional race to try to have a victory against donald trump. charles: this was tom price's seat, newt gingrich's seat. >> i believe that president trump only won this district by a points, this was never trump terreaux, a safe --
6:58 pm
territory, to begin with. charles: in the kansas elect, democrats came up short, it was a nail-biter for 90% of after counting the votes, they use it as a rallies cry, saying we came closer than november 8. is there a moral victory that democrats can get out of this if he comes up short. >> close only counts in horse shoes and grenades. here is the thing, he is not going to break 45%, clear politic average has him 42.8%, i think that could his high mark, it would go to a june 20 run off. i don't see them breaking 50% tonight, and i don't see them winning the seat in june. interesting to me for democrats to invest so much time and money as though it would be a great moral victory, they are not getting a victory tonight, they will be sadly disappointed. >> to elaborate, maybe it was not that smart to invest so
6:59 pm
much in this candidate, if they are getting egg on their face. charles: might not be smart to keep talking about these so-calledded celebrities, all that quote star power did nothing for hillary clinton. >> right, it does nothing for anyone, no one cares what celebrities have to say about politics. sorry jane fonda, sorry katy perry. they will lose, and then the talking point? look at thisoney we ised, we failed again. >> right, the other thing that will get played up more, he doesn't live in the district. he can't vote for himself. over the next 8 weeks, they will be hammering him. that is not going to play well. charles: amy, go -- are the democrats smelling blood in the water? they are rolling dice heavily, midterms are next year. >> i think that they are grasping as straws and invests in this young man, who is 30
7:00 pm
coul, he livers a mile and a half outside of the district, in hope, highway patro hope they could sort of tar president trump. there is still a lot of hillary voters that want their voices heard. charles: thank you very much. sheer the man, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, polls have just closed in state of georgia where voters are looking to fill the vacant house seat of health and human services secretary tom price. this is the second of four special elections necessary to replace republican congressmen named to the trump administration. it is a crowded field, 6 congressional district of georgia, 18 candidates, 11 of them republican. 5 of democrats and two independents, the winner must win 50% of the vote to avoid a run off in june. democrats investing heavily in


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