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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 19, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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sheer the man, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, polls have just closed in state of georgia where voters are looking to fill the vacant house seat of health and human services secretary tom price. this is the second of four special elections necessary to replace republican congressmen named to the trump administration. it is a crowded field, 6 congressional district of georgia, 18 candidates, 11 of them republican. 5 of democrats and two independents, the winner must win 50% of the vote to avoid a run off in june. democrats investing heavily in
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their effort to pull off an upset and win the seat, in what has been historically a safe republican district. but the dems may also be facing something of a backlash as well. with money flooding in from outside of the state, in support of leading democratic candidate, 30-year-old jon ossoff, in a most recent poll former secretary of state, kairnkaren handle, polled in second, president trump stepped in the race slammings on ofs whossoff who does not even live in the district. tweeting, democrat jon ossoff would be a disaster in congress, weak on crime, and illegal immigration. bad for jobs and wants higher taxes, say no. race considered a big test for republicans and the president's agenda. and agenda that he was pushing in wisconsin today. president trump touring
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headquarters of toolmaker snap on. mr. trump's order calls for a review of policies to ensure federal agencies maximize their use of american goods as well as a review of the h-1b visa program. >> this election, the american people voted to end the theft of american prosperity. they voted to bring back their jobs and to bring back their dreams into our country. with this action, we are sending a powerful signal to the world, we're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally put america first. >> woo! [cheers and applause] lou: my first guest here is discuss critical special election in georgia, latest
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effort of republican party to push forward president trump's agenda, joining us, republican national committee chairwoman, rona mcdaniel, we appreciate you joining us on this special election night. i guess we should begin with what you are expecting the results to be in georgia? >> well, i expect we'll go to a run off it is a very close race in georgia, the democrats have put all their effort and support behind ossoff, we have a great republican field, vying for that run off spot for the june general election. lou: latest polling shows that former secretary of state, karen handle leading amongst the republicans. all 11 of them. i mean, do you not have any control over how many folks are going to run in one of these elections.
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the republican party did what the democrats wanted you to do. >> party condition put the thumb on the scale -- can't put thumb on scale for primaries, with democrat party are ramifications of what they did in their presidential primary contest, favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders, when do you that, you lose your base, the voters will decide, pick the best candidate to face jon ossoff in the general, that candidate will be tested and better prepared. that is the why the proprayer -- priz primary process works. lou: i was being defe shetious. is there any irony you could exploit in georgia knowing that jon ossoff does in the live in the 6th district. >> this is the most amazing
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race, have you ossoff who has received 97% of his donations from outside of the district. who is flying in hollywood celebrities to campaign for him in the district. i can't think of anybody less qualified to represent the 6th district of georgia, than jon ossoff. lou: in south carolina. mulvaney, and south carolina -- those two seats coming up. are you confident of success in retaining those. >> we're working in those seats, the rnc is focused on the ground gain, and identifying our likely voters putting staff on the ground to turn them out and communicate to the voters, the democrats are energized, they are coalescing around being part of obstruct, of resist, of no,
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there no message. lou: resist and no, don't appeal to you for a mantra for a political party. >> i don't know about you, but i would like my government leaders to get things done and work for me, when they are paid by my taxpayers dollars, but democrats are on strike, every case they are fighting the president, and actually fighting good policies that will help american people. lou: speaking of fighting the president, no one is doing more of that than house speaker paul ryan. he has blown t repeal and replace of obamacare, he has said, flat out, he will not seek funding for the president's wall, he is defying the president. on tax reform, pushing his own border adjustment tax. there are two questions that come to mind with the issue is paul ryan. who does he think he is? and what is he thinking when it comes to pushing his agenda rather than that of the duly
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elected president of the united states. >> the president has said he has a good relationship with speaker ryan, and majority leader mcconnell. but you are right, we have to work together to keep the cam ain't promises that were made in the past elect, voters will keep us acoin able, people are hurting. lou: how did we put up this paul ryan his attitude, he has a foreign policy overseases right now, while the president is in wisconsin pushing buy american, and hire american, america first. and make america great again. what is going on at the top of the leadership and the house of representatives. >> i can tell them, is that we're talking to the voters, i have traveledded 15 states, and traveled 55,000 miles since this role as chair, they
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the voters want to see us deliver on the campaign promises, we need to repeal and replace obamacare, and tackle tax reform and immigration, and all of the things. >> the president's agenda, you will push forward? in the house? >> we need to continue to push forward on the president's agenda. lou: rona it great to have you with us. i like the fact that you are working so hard that bodes well for the party you now lead. >> thank you. lou: rona mcdaniel. >> thank y. lou: vice president mike pence reassuring our allies in asia, and stepping up threats to nuclear north korea. >> we'll not rift and we'll not relent until we achieve the objective of a denuclearized korean peninsula. lou: we take that up with joan general jack keane.
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>> russia flying two of its nuclear capable bombers near the state of alaska. that wasn't friendly, was it? what impact will this have?
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lou: two russian nuclear capable bombers flying off of the coast of alaska last night, russian bombers came as close as 100 miles from kodiak island, the air force scrambles two stealth fighter jets and warning aircraft to intercept the bombers, they reversed course within 12 minutes of arriv arca arrival of the jet fighters. the bear bomber is well used, tuo tu -95 entered production in 1956. dhs secretary john kelly
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disclosed that fbi has what he called open terrorist investigation in all 50 states, kelly in a speech at george washington university said there were at least 37 islamic state plots to attack the united states since 2013. joining me now to discuss the latest provocations from russia, north korea and president trump's foreign policy offensive in the world, retired four-star general fox news military analyst, general jack keane. good to have you with us. first, yr reaction to again close approach by the tu-95s. >> i think it is a worsening relationship that we have with russia. i believe they had a rough to weeks, backing assad with his heinous act and chemical weapons, the world condemnation just poured down on russia and assad. then tillerson in moscow,
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calling out russia for supporting assad and for not pulling that separatist forces and military capabilities out of ukraine. and meddling in u.s. election, john kerry's days of coddles lavrov were over. i think they have to be smarting from it and recover their prestige with the bombing flights. lou: turning to north korea, north korea promising a missile launch a week. the bellicosity continues, you get a sense there is lack of balance in part of north koreans, their voices neither uniform or directed as it often is, suggesting a strategy in what it doesn't from united states and western powers. >> yeah that is the case, you know jim hil -- kim jong-un
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has advanced development of ballistic missiles, he is racing toward a development of medium range ballistic missiles and fired a submarine launched ballistic missile. and thing that concerns us most, she working on intercontinental ballistic missiles. this at a much accelerated paceand at the same time threatening to use them. i am encouraged because i think what is happened, that obama administration never put the military option on the table. and koreans made all of this advance during this time frame. and now, president trump has put it on the table. as distaste ful distasteful as that it is, now chinese, 20
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plus years of no action from them, saying to our administration, that they will move in a direction of coercing north korea to start standing down its program. i don't think if they are gaming -- i don't know if they are gaming us or not, but this first time we had them step forward to try to diffuse the crisis it remains to be seen. lou: that is the big question. and it is correct, of you to put on record it is 20 plus years of the united states not responding as we should have at any one point from the administration of president clinton through president bush through president obama. president trump is generous, he usually history of what has to be corrected. but it has been going on for a long time.
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i want to turn, to general kelly. secretary of homeland security today. let's put up something that the secretary said that i found -- i think most americans will, disturbing, he said today, in his speech at georgetown university, terrorists in united states are plotting attacks every day. i tell you, without exaggeration they try to carry out this mission, each and every single day, and no one can tell you thousand stop -- tell you how to stop it, no one, secretary kelly talking tough. and very directly to the american people. a week ago he was talking with some ambutionty about the wall there is no ambiguity about the threat. whether terrorist or gang
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members or human smugglers. >> this is so prefreshing, a characteristic of the obama administration that troubled me so much, they had a 1 a tendency on minimize the threat, we have the secretary, he knows he sees intelligence reports, he knows how disturbing this is, he said, you have a right to know what i know, these are your lives your children. you have a right to know, you are adults, and we're going to -- we're working against this thread. 36 isis like plots in 18 states he identified, i am not sure we knew that. i am glad he is putting it out there, with that refreshing honesty i think goes trust and confidence, we'll give him he will do something about it. lou: absolutely. general to be commended for his straight talk, and as you
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say, she talking to adults and his words will be received by adults in this country. as they should be with concern and also support for the job our department of homeland security and defense have to do for us all. general thank you we appreciate it. >> good talking to you. lou: je rally -- general jack keane. do you believe that president ump is resring faith in the american dream? we would like your sense, cast our vote on twitter, follow me on twitter. like me on facebook, follow he on instagram. on wall street today, stocks closed lower, dow down 114. s&p and nasdaq down 7 on the day. volume picking up 3.3 billion shares, goldman sachs shares fell 5% after a rare earnings miss on part of goldman, unitedhealth with an earns
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beat slashing participation in obamacare exchanges. and doing very well as a result. >> verizon shares, up 1%, after the ceo said he is open to merger talks with, are you ready in comcast, disney or cbs. and a reminder to listen to my report 3 time a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, president trump signs his 24th executive order. america first. putting american workers first again. >> american workers have long called for reformsen to these visa abuses. and today their calls are being answered for the first time. lou: those visas, subject of my commentary. >> president promising to take care of healthcare as republicans face hostility at town halls, what is that about? we'll take it up with gayle trotter and charlie her hurt
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lou: congress remains in recess for one more week, but lawmakers face hostile town hall crowds and left wing demonstrators and activists after they failed to get the votes to repeal and replace obamacare. reporter: congress may begun for recess, but conversations continue trying to secure 216 votes to ps healthare reform in the house. some suggesting that there is pressure for house to act. >> you know this is probably a 50-40 possibility we get it done. reporter: texas republican serves on energy and commerce committee. >> my opinion, the bill, is close.
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so from that stand point, it not going to require a great deal of additional time on the house side. reporter: paul ryan is traveling overseas this week, but senior republican aides say that leadership is evac valuating -- evaluating proposed adjustment, at a town hall last night, jeff denim of california. >> i have expressed to leaderships i am a no on healthcare vote until it is response testify m responsive to my community. reporter: california democrat, feinstein took heat from her base in san francisco. >> how are you going to help support single payer healthcare, thank you. >> if single payer healthcare is going to mean takeover by the government, of all healthcare, i am not there. reporter: not likely with
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republicans in the white house, and in the majority on capitol hill. vice president pence has been engaged in trying to get enough support to pass the republican health care package. >> certainly, there was a week or two where i saw more of mike pence as vice president than when he was our conference chair. he was everywhere at every meeting of republican members whether it was moderates or conservatives, vice president of the front and center. reporter: several sources close to the top say they are cautiously optimistic, i am told congress will likely need aress funding first, some suggest that a health care vote in the house could happen in the first week of may. lou: all right. thank you, mike emmanuel. >> a few thoughts to president trump, cracking down on long abused h-1b visa program that feedsville convalley, and technology companies this the
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country. american workers, have been losing jobs to foreigners on the visas for years, are you ready for a number you don't hear when people talk about job hiel held by foreigners, as many as 1 million jobs in this country, are now held by foreigners on h-1b visas according to a goldman sachs bac study, some american workers are forced by american employers to first train their foreign, lower paid replacement as a condition of getting their severance pay. it happened at disney, intel, cisco, bank of america, best buy, pfizer. and others. a lot of others. technology company lobbyists claim there is a talent shortage among americans and industry needs more work visas, that is false. it is clear that they are looking to hire cheap foreign labor. even though h-1b visa workers are supposed to be paid the
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same as americans 80% are paid less than the median wage in their field, worker brought in below market rates to replace american, often middle class, workers, it has been going on for almost two decade. >> a respect detailed that -- report detailed that job avail bile tie in computer science field would be up by 11%, and that wages would be 5% higher without the h1 b visa sim system. president trump gave priority to the issue of outsourcing, offshoring in abuses that of worker visa programs, in the president's campaign. president trump's buy american, hire american message is finally being heard. h1 b visa applications that fallen, 199,000 this year. 85 thousand, a steep decline
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from 236 house las,000 last year. >> numbers are still too high. president trump is following through on his campaign promises. he is putting american workers first once again. putting america first. our quote of the evening from kevin brady, who chairs house, ways and means committee, said, at the end of the day republican driven tax reform is not only going to be good for the economy and growth, it is going to be good for middle class america, hopefully every policy the entire agenda of president trump will be enacted with that goal in mind. america first. we're coming right back. >> president trump promises a new era of prosperity for all american workers. >> policy of our government is
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to aggressively promote and use american-made goods. and to ensure that american labor is hired. to do the job. >> america first. >> we'll talk up the president's executive order with leading republican randy evans. >> fear the bird, that police officer meeting a very unhappy goose outside of police headquarters, next in the video. we're coming right back with
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lou: homeland security secretary john kelly telling critics to shut up and let immigration enforcement agents do their job. law enforcement officials do not get th the -- respect they deserve for protecting americans. >> we're charged to enforce and sworn to enforce, they should have courage and skill to change those laws. otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the frontlines. lou: you have to admire the way that general talks. joining me now to discuss trump administration's effort to strengthen our border and georgia special elect, polls closed about 36 minutes , we'll have the results, as they come in. rnc national committee man, rmhaman of republican
4:37 am
lawyers association, randy evans with us. great to you with us. >> thank you. lou: hugh i how is this elect going to go. >> i think we're headed to a run off with 11 republican candidates, you heard about that. they will divide up the vote, and to run off in june it won't be close, i think that republicans will come together. i had lunch today with governor onboard, speaker newt gingrich is georgia, you will -- i talked with two candidates, everyone will support the republican nominee. lou: yes. speaker gingrich for whom you worked for many ayear, that was his seat, 6th district in georgia, he has a personal pride in the outcome i would suppose. >> it is a district full of history, speaker gingrich, and isaac son, and tom price. trust me the people of that district understand how
4:38 am
important a district it is. they will keep it in republican hands. >> let's turn to republican party right now. paul ryan is overseas doing what, i don't know. i guess pursuing his foreign policy, he will be first speaker with a foreign policy, he is defeating the president's agenda. not being able to move through the repeal and replacement of obamacare. i talked with rona mcdaniel about this earlier, here is the speaker declaring that there will be no funding for the wall. and you know that his tax reform plan differs from that of the president. what is the republican party going to grab the speaker by the neck, and say, behave? >> well, i think the caucus will start to take control, right now, speaker has been like a running back who keeps fumbling the ball, we can't get any momentum. whether it deals with health
4:39 am
care legislation or with the stopping funding shortfall. lou: he is deterring himself in this, he makes it clear he opposes the president. and people are walking around like sort of like, they hushing one another for fear the speaker will hear they say that the man is out of control and has not got a clue of what he is doing, he has been speaker for what? two years now, and he has not done anything productive. >> he will either get on the same page or he will get out of the way, it is what -- no matter what you may hear from members, having been in the offeroffice for 16 years, i can tell you, individual members of caucus will not come home and take the beating they have taken these two weeks for not having gotten anything done in first 8 weeks there are presidency, they have to start to deliver, and
4:40 am
if they don't, they will look to leader and say either you get us to the goal line or get out of way. lou: i don't know why anyone would want to even oppose that ultimate -- to pose that ultimatum, the man-made them all look like fools, he is being a destructive force. unmatched in history of speakers, it has to stop now. >> we would have to reach way back to find a speaker who did not ledid -- not deliver, we could go back to polk but he ended up at president. the fact is that -- >> you can believe paul rain has been reading up on polk every evening i'm sure. randy evans good too you have us with. >> thank you.
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lou: thank you. roll video, a goose in indiana. highlighted here -- "lou dobbs tonight," there you see why, that is a police officer just outside of the police station showing no respect for the law, the goose attacking the man, sergeant detective ray hall of clarksville, it to fight off this aggressive canada goose, he kept ramming into him with his wings out, talk about better part of valor, i think that dekeyer sergeant did the right thing, woe. get out -- probably should not have turned his back on that. that was extraordinary, he made a successful escape, and all is well. up next, president trump ordering a review of visas for foreign workers, economist ron is joining us, he says that the president's order is not
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lou: hire american, president trump today orders agents to look at tightens the visa program. >> right now widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing american workers of
4:46 am
all backgrounds to be replace by workers brought in from other countries to fill the same job for sometes less pa this will stop. >> this will stop, joining me now to discuss president's buy american hire american. an overhaul of h-1b foreign workers visa system. professor howard good to see you, we have known each other and worked together on this issue for 15 or 20 years. this is a president really making a difference. he is ordering the right things in my opinion, putting the american worker first. we know that h 1 b visa problem, president trump understated corruption that surrounds it programs have
4:47 am
been abused by corporate america and technology companies for everier it seems -- ever it seems. >> typical use of the program is for cheaper. top users are off shower outsourcing firms most based in india, you are actually shipping jobs overseas with the visa program, this is a scam and a scandal we've known about this for years. >> we put up the top three if you will, outsourcers, em. indian companies a you point out. but there many in america raised this to a new level, of i did -- decen deception. h1 b visas are supposed to be skilled positions, we know
4:48 am
-- are not. this is got to stop. and i believe that president is sounded the alarm this is terrific. what else does he need. >> remember that there is a huge swamp here in washington. and there are tens of billions of dollars at stake, he needs to be forceful there will be opposition within his own party and his own administration. to making the changes. and changes he is laid out this -- executive order which is great but the devil in the details and follow-up of the agents, this is where lobbyists make their money, writing their regulations and compliance, lobbying it up, writing complex language for loopholes that is my concern. is will he be at this to keep
4:49 am
pushing it forward. lou: i hope so, i think they have a number of people who can deliver for the president. i do know that k street owns so much of the congressional leadership, that he will not have willing partners as we have seen demonstrated, particularly with the speaker of the house. even before the president was sworn in he brought in the top ceos, he has a bully pulpit, he can affect a lot of change, can't he? >> he can make a lot of change, but both in terms of agencies but even on capitol hill. he could push his legislative agenda use the bully pulpit, it is interesting coalition, this is a kind of executive order and legislation that bernie sanders would support, and dick du from illinois, this is america first
4:50 am
coalition. acssoth parties. lou: you got it, well, it would be nice to see had work that way, democrats have not shown a great enthusiasm for rational support of important public policy to this juncture. ron hirarc we'lrra we will have you back. >> thank you. lou: roll video, nasa today honors late astronaut john glenn with latest resupply mission to international space station, a cigna spacecraft renamed in honor of john glenn took off atop an atlas 5 rocket carrying cargo to the space station, laure launch had been planned for last month but was delayed. there you are. all systems go. >> up next. democrats may have had enough of their new national committee chair, tom perez, he
4:51 am
kicked off a so call unity tour. it was not so much unity or it was not so much unity or classy, we discuss it next. well, thomas, you've got prediabetes.
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lou: updating our on-line poll, do you bieve china
4:55 am
will -- pressure, hillary clinton had stronger together? remember. democrats' to come together now, they want to come together and fight back. a play on that. dnc rolling out new slogan in maine. bernie sanders chairman tom perez there, they met with very different reactions from the crowd when they were introduced. >> bernie. bernie. bernie. bernie. >> we have two minutes left, all right, come on, maybe you came though because you are curious about new dnc chairman and future of democratic policies. -- >> well bernie wins that one, joining us now. political analyst, tapper gayle trotter, washington time
4:56 am
opinion editor, charlie hurt. let's start charlie with you, and that awful reception for perez, such a classy terrific kind of positive guy. i was shocked. >> is a cold hard reality for democrats, it should come as no surprise, this is a party that used their arcane rules to rig the last primary, last year to steal the nomination away from bernie sanders. bernie sanders absolutely would have won the nomination, if they did not get involved. and rigged it for hillary clinton. and so, you know that party is this broken and disunited should come as no surprise, anyone that thinks party hit rock bottom, i don't think they are considering how much worse it can get before it gets better. lou: things appear to be getting better. at least in terms of
4:57 am
attracting money to 6th district of georgia, over 8 million dollars come to john ossoff. we're told, is we know he is polling first. there he is. he can't vote for himself, because he does not live in the 6th disif district, how do you sell that? >> that is right, democrats are trying to make this a referendum on their reis a stance to president trump -- resistance to president trump and his very successful agenda, that is why you see well is so much money pouring into this little district in georgia, where they are trying to get a win. and when you think about perez, whether bernie sanders declined to endorse perez for the dnc chair, you can see why perez is trying anything to possibly do to make the
4:58 am
democratic party come together and have some chance at electoral victory. lou: let's turn to john kelly. the secretary of homeland the necessity to defend our borders. and he demand for his border patrol customs, immigration, custom enforcement, the respect of all americans, particularly lawmakers who need to quit complaining. if they don't like what's going pass new laws. charlie: president trump has a lot of problems trying to wrangle republicans along. but on things like the border, he has the backing of
4:59 am
the haven't seen on anything else. this exact message from john kelly talking about the border, and it's so true. congress wants to complain about the laws being enforced, make new laws. they won't touch it because they know if they weaken the laws they will get punished at the polls, and they are afraid to do what a majority of the voters want them to do which is close the damage border. lou: paul ryan telling the president he won't fund the wall. he has a 29% approval rating. where is he headed? >> he missed the memo. he's not responding to what the american people want. it comes down to respect for national sovereignty and the rule of law.
5:00 am
that's it for us tonight. we hope you will join us tomorrow evening. we promise to make it worth your trend do breaking news this morning. despite $9 million at the candidate come the democrats alternate teahouse tristan florida with the gop runoff in june. we will have that story and reaction. good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. >> ironman for nicole petallides. mark zuckerberg makes his first comments and says his is responsible for holding on the site. but can they do it? lauren: investors pull back from i.t. investments and in the dow down 113 points led lower by the


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