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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: united airlines said it will testify about consumer issues before congress. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: we have breaking news. escalating tensions with iran. secretary of state rex tillerson dropping the hammer on the rogue regime. afirming an approach that keeps the country in check to avoid another core * disaster. >> iran has the potential to travel the same path pass north korea and take the world with it. the mphense iranolicy requires we address all the threats posed by iran, and it is clear there are many.
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charles: captain nash, i have got to start with you. this is a direct in your face indictment of iran and not just for what they have done recently, but a checklist of how they remain a rogue actor saying that the deal that the obama administration cut with them comes far short from stopping them from becoming a nuclear threat in the meantime they are a threat to the world anyway. >> the north korean and the iranian programs have coupled. this an opportunity for the united states and the trump administration to reach out to potential adversaries, i.e., china and russia to work on these issues. so there may be an opening here. but the other thing is the
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administration is tired of kicking the can down the road and hoping things will get bert. hope is not a plan. they have to make sure these two nations do not get the capability to have true intercontinental ballistic missile delivery period and they won't allow this to happen. these guys are stepping up and saying no, really, truly, it's not going to happen. charles: do you believe the nuclear deal was a de facto countdown to iran getting the bomb? >> it was kicking the can down the road because they hated confrontation. remember lines in the sands. same thing with the nuclear deal it was a way of pretending they were doing something when they were just passing it on to the next administration. charles: tillerson laying out
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the assassination attempts iran has fund, state sponsored terrorism, funding hamas and others. the nuclear weapons aside, they are such a bad actor and threat to the world, some form of action has to be taken. >> absolutely. when i was in iraq, a lot of the stuff we were going after was counter iranian intelligence. they were a massive presence. issue is, they have said openly, we are going to nuke israel if we get a nuclear weapon. charles: but the key now is the things that happened, for instance, the wh hoot houthis.
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>> rex tillerson is saying we are going after. we are laying out a kay for you for the next step we take which will probably be action. he dropped a 20,000 bomb because he can. he want to let people know i'm done playing around with stupid games. i'm going to stop taking action. if you have a problem with it, come back to the table, if you don't, game on. charles: are they listening? it isn't just a feckless obama administration. it was all of d.c., both parties didn't seem eager to solve this problem. >> you are right about that. from a political angle they say never get caught in a two-front war. right now the trump administration decided to focus
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it might on foursing china's hand. china wants to you lose focus and get caught with russia. right now basically what rex tillerson is doing look for ways to cripple iran, it's certifying this no good nuclear terrible deal. we are locked into north korea forcing china's hand on that. charles: it feels like this is two dual competing theaters. you brought up russia and china, negotiating with them, trying to get them to play some role in this. russia said america cannot take unilateral actions against north korea. but it feels like they are
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playing all their cards as well. how can we induce them to the table to do the quote-unquote right thing? >> there is going to be a diplomatic as well as a financial and military aspect to this strategy to deal with these countries. the bottom line is russia has a lot invested in iran. china is the major trading partner with korea. both of em are uneasy with thr ally andould like to see thing on a more stable basis. if they don't get involved, it's like the president said. if china doesn't solvele korea problem, we will. he can mirror that statement and say if russia doesn't assist, they have supported their nuclear program, by the way, then we'll. either way it's going to get done. the buck stops here. that's what he's saying. >> we are hopeful there will be some form of diplomatic solution
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to avoid serious conflict. but you have been an advocate of let's unleash america's might. let's remind the world who we are. what about folks in this country who say the november elect was about america first and focused on this country rather than boots on the ground in other countries. let them do what they have to do. is it political appetite for the any aggressive action against either of these countries? >> with america first, peace is our highest aspiration. these people if they stop their threats and stop the preemptive war. we have been walked on. we had such a weak foreign policy for so long. now any action seems like a multitude of actions. we have to stand up at some point and say, you push that red line back 8 years. it stops now. don't cross the line and nothing will happen. you cross the line, game on.
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charles: ford, it's refreshing to see them take a stand after we have shown we are willing to take action. it's not an empty threat. the 59 missiles to syria and the moab. those aren't empty threats, and it feels that the clock is ticking. >> i don't think we want to get bogged down with red lines. we want to follow proportional action the american public don't want to see us get caught up in a middle east even tinglement. china has a lot more on the line. and if we can be successful there we can flip around and turn this on russia and iran. here is the deal. vladimir putin wants to keep the middle east and recreate the soviet empire. we are final with that as long
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as it's stable and a non-nuclear threat. charles: coming up, democrats falling short and starting an anti-trump revolution in georgia. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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charles: the state of play, hollywood liberals and mainstream media failed in a major attempt to push jon ossoff over the finish line in georgia. jason chaffetz announced he will not seek reelection to congress or any other office in 2018.
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here to discuss, roland martin and tammy bruce. let's start with the georgia election. a lot of money. $9 million, 90% of it from outside the state. jane fonda got involved. six tweets, robocalls. tammy: the good news is while he did have a pretty nice margin, it was only a point more than hillary got before it was not a major change by any means when it comes to the mentality and the attitude. the re winner w thathere is a runoff is the state of georgia because of all the money that will be pouring in. he spent about $100 per vote. karen handel spent $12 per vote. so obviously you also have with all the republicans combined over 50% of the vote.
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but this is not a sure thing either. but what you have got, you can have more people coming in. more democrats coming in. the republicans have to take it seriously. >> how did the white house win? charles: it was tides as a referendum on trump. ossoff did not win more than 50% of the vote. now there is a good chance he will lose despite the evident and money that was poured into this campaign. you look at the "new york times" map. her concentration of precincts. he literally won more precincts throughout the district. it's called breaking count numbers. he was an unknown.
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she was a state official. now he has a name i.d. now the next two months the question is who actually drives get out the vote efforts? tammy: the other big question is e move into the district? that would be nice. >> the constitution requires you to move into the district. you don't have to live there by election day. tammy: i think people like having the person representing them to live there. >> the question will be how is the issue now framed. charles: this is something of a disappointment. we saw the faces of his supporters. everyone looked like he lost. >> everybody wants to win. charles: chaffetz won't be running in 2018. this is where they are going to
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have to find a way to recoup all the losses lost under obama's term it's been a mighty, big, big decline in government representation. how do you feel about it? >> i was critical of president trump when he removed howard dean as dnc chair in 2008. that was a bad decision. i was critical of obama for america. tom perez wants to focus on rebuilding your bench. the women's march, 13,000 women say they are going to be running for office. democrats realize you have to be bottom up. but that's going to take time. so everything is not all pushed on 2018. charles: i want to bring in steve cortes, a major donald trump backer. a lot has been made about the trump evolution.
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you have been to trump tower and seen him up close. people are saying we are not seeing someone who is idea logical. he's a businessman who wants to win. but some are saying he's shift to something akin to a globalist, mirroring his closest advisors. >> i understand the sufficient suspicions. and i hear a lot of it from my fellow veterans of the campaign. and i would points out his trip to wisconsin as the counter argument to that. he went to wisconsin, a state he defied all predictions by winning. what did he do? he delivered on a campaign promise by promising to reform the h-1b visa program. which by the way is a poster child for cronyism and globalism. it was met with good intentions
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but has been incredibly abused to the detriment of the american worker. charles: on the campaign candidate trump said he would get rid of h-1b. sow there has been evolution to some of the proismses he made on the campaign trail. tammy: i never expected his entire agenda to be completed in the first 100 days. there this is a learning curve for him. there are steps you take legislatively. he remains the outsider. so i expect this still to happen. >> i love the word "evolution." we used to call it flip-flop. he says the wind is blowing a different way, i'll change my position. charles: democrats should be concerned about the waive he shifted his position. he's taking away the arguments about why he wasn't presidential
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to begin with. >> it hurts him most when it comes to the white working class voters who say you said this, now you are saying this. charles: we may be looking at a guy who has a core group supporters who will never leave him. tammy: he's also taking actions that will help that core group of people every day. charles: the mainstream media under fire for its coverage of the express know shooting rampage. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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charles: new accusations of media bias. it involves the fresno shooting rampage.
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when it was happening they say the suspect shouted allahu akbar. but that's not way the associated press covered it. they said he told them he hates white people and shouted "god is great" before killing. the a.p. made no mention that the shooting suspected said god great in ea arabic. they said they failed to note that it was said in arabic. cnn did not even cost attack in prime time, believe it or not. three people murdered in the streets of america. steve, you seem to take extraordinary exception to this. taking issues, and being politically correct.
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i think this endangers people's lives. >> political correctness isn't just dumb, it can be deadly. in this case, what a horrific story. two of the three then were fathers. they leave behind children who won't kiss dad good night tonight. they have a preordained conclusion, then report a narrative that supports their conclusion. he didn't say god is great, he said allahu akbar. he's a terrorist and racist. the mainstream media by ignoring those facts does a disservice to the public. charles: when a guy is running around with a gun killing people, we should know what he or she looks like to a t.
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>> cnn is the first to make it about politics or race it's the other way around. they are always trying to make it that trump supporters are racist. this shows a lack of homework. if they want to prove wasn't a member of the muslim faith. they should quote muslim leaders who will denounce this. what they do is try to play with head lines or ignore the story all together, which is a disservice to the american public. charles: how can you ignore the story when two of the fathers with children are slaughtered in the streets america. how can you ignore that in a prime time newscast? >> there was an election going on, but this is a big story. and it was a big story online. ignoring something like this is not only bad for journalism, it's bad for ratings.
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because of their political motivation, not because of their news judgment, they decided to leave this story out. it's shame on them for not vying to have a real discussion about these issues. >> this dovetails into the idea of fake news or really fake news. do you think it will get bert and these guys will have an epiphany? sort of the first rule of thumb to the occupation should include not editorializing things that pose an imminent threat to the public. >> here is -- i do think american journalism is in crisis. i believe that. it's come nateed by ideology rather than fact finding. often it's darkest before dawn. i think things in general are starting to get better. almost anyone can be an investigative journalist.
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i think there is a better future ahead. so many people are so tired of political correctness that i think it's going to get better finally. charles: new details on the first dreamer deported under president trump. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face whene reti. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could klove. prudential. bring your challenges.
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charles: breaking news, new
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detail on first dreamer deported during trump administration, department of homeland security disblowsing that the -- disclosing the dreamer lost his daca status. here is discuss liz peak, hugo gordon and robert roof, hugo, very complicated. this gentleman received his daca status in 2014, it was to expire in 2018, however without alerting authorities he did go to mexico. when he came back he was arrested. where do you think this goes from here? he has since been sent back to mexico, february 20. where is the violation on part of trump administration? >> his lawyers say it is not the first time high was picked up by -- he was picked up by federal authority, they said first was 17th, and deported then.
6:32 pm
then he was climbing back across the fence. the dhs said this is only one encounter when this young man. the 17th is a myth. he said he was deported, climbing back and deported again. they say, no, he left the country without gaining what is called advance parole, which you have to get if you are a daca-eligible person. he went to mects mex mexico, and then lost his daca state us, so therefore his deportation was appropriate. charles: i know he spoke spanish in one of the interviews, and his lawyer later spoke english. this feels like he made a mistake by leaving, now they are extrapolating that to something bigger, saying that trump administration is going back on a defacto promise.
6:33 pm
>> that is the issue. trump promised too keep daca people against deportation, but there are 700,000 of them, guess what, there will be mistakes and misunderstandings, people without their credentials with them, could be mistaken for someone who has done something illegal. what is unfair in a sense, is an administration trying to enact and impose the rule of law, following through on the law that governs our immigration policies. guess what, obama did a lot of the same, there is a lot of hysteria about people being deported for minor offenses, "new york times" reported on basis of 2 million deportation under obama, only 20% were serious crimes, the narrative it is a new policy is wrong. charles: robert. >> well, we -- i think we all agree we need comprehensive immigration reform, it is not
6:34 pm
about a wall. that said, this is not about worrying about the dreamers, they are not the ones that we should be spending all of this government money and survey len surveillance on. charles: when border patrol sees someone climbing a fence, the first start is not perhaps that it is a dreamer who somehow left and came back, they will think this is someone who came in illegally. >> there is no case, this case -- no question this case is a tougher one. we don't e know why he left or came back, we know his daca permit is good until 2018, with that said, we have near a million of dreamers, we need to make sure they are not those who are looked at as the problem with respect to immigration. charles: i don't think they are, but there another case, i think a woman who'll be deported tomorrow.
6:35 pm
it is all within the framework and parameters, the big argument, is she has children, and she has been here for a long time. this will reverberate. it will be in "new york times." this makes it tough to get the comp hence comprehensive reform that robert says when we can't get them en force thes that are already on the book. >> on twitter, build the wall is trending. charles: you think that everify is a better program? >> i do, if you can't come here and get a job, people are not going to come here. charles: why aren 't businesses being punished. >> you know, there are all kinds of excuses, they don't have the right information. but everify is accurate, and free where it has been employed, it works, that is
6:36 pm
the way to spem th stem the please flows. more than half of people -- >> you, agree that the wall will be built. >> i don't think we'll build a wall, i don't think it is part of the budget. i think what the president has done with military spending, cutting taxes, building a infrastructure plan all these things are not therefore going to get passed what he really wanted to get passed. charles: i think ryan promised that somehow that money would be appropriated. >> he promised healthcare. charles: to liz a pain, #build a wall trending 24 hours new, thank you for joining us. protests turn deadly in venezuela, we have details for you, coming up. when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
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charles: you may have heard, there are major changes coming to programming lineup at fox news channel, bill oh, reall o'reilly is leaving after today. after our parent company. the decision was announced this afternoon by rupert james and lock land murdoch. howard curts is here with details. >> good evening, bill o'reilly biggest star in 20 year history of fox news is leaves the network in allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct.
6:41 pm
after thorough and careful review of the allegations, company and o'reilly have agreed he will not be returning could o'reilly top rated hose in cable news is known for his combative style. a cordial relationship with president trump, but the climate shifted after an april 1 "new york times" respect that o'reilly or fox paid $13 million over the years to settle five cases alleging sexual or other harassment on his part, more than 50 companies pulled their advertising from his show. met with pope francis today on vacation, and said it is disheartening we part ways due to completely unfounded claims, that is unfortunate reality that many of us in the public eye must live with
6:42 pm
today. rupert murdoch and his sons, have emphasized that change in the company's culture any form of harassment is considered unacceptable. and pressure escalate escalate once the company asked law firm to examine the allegation, it means changes on monday, at nfc, turk -- fnc. on tur tucker carlson will be in oh o'reilly's tom slot. whoa, this thing is crazy.
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charles: a couple of days ago
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i was thrilled reading a story about the boy's latin charter school in west philadelphia, they are required to learn the language of latin, saying that learning language is like boot camp at paris island for marines, later that day i was reminded that bigotry of slow expectations is still the rule when it comes to educating black people in the country. there is a push to bring back ebondics because -- ebon ebonix because english is too hard to learn. and they should not be punished if they show up late for class because it is quote, a cultural thing. let's start with this education of young black people in this country, and expectations, in particularly from school systems they can't grapple with tough curriculums.
6:47 pm
>> first. the research she talked to three people. that was it. she talked to you, me, and anotheanother black person, that research is irrelevant to me. we know that people do learn differently. i think about harriet ball, the black woman who served as a basis for the curriculum at kip, she was a teacher in houston, teaching with rhythms and rhymes, the guy said that these kids are learning, that is how the charter school kip has been created. it is important for us to use different ways to teach kids. not assume only one way a child can learn. charles: okay, are we also assuming that there are ways
6:48 pm
that children can't learn? can a black kid sit in a classroom with white kids and learn when they are learning by any form taught or are they somehow inferior. >> my, myself wife and i raised 6 of my nieces, one is auditory learner, the other learns by reading, there are different styles, the problem with education is not giving teachers leeway with how they educate a child, that nonsense shong up late. is nonsense. if this kid can learn a certain way and get it and this kid learns a different way, there are multiple ways. charles: do you accept that left leans education system has under estimated black people in the way that we've been taught lesser tests the
6:49 pm
lower expectations. had a negative impact on blacks, particularly as they enter adulthoods and not prepared. >> this has nothing to to with left leap leaning, and right leaning. charles: it has to did -- >> no, the education system has to be educating our children. if you look at education of blacks in the south, by james d anderson, you realize that african-americans have always been saying, education system has done a disservice to our children. i believe again, what is required for us not to have one waive thinking there are mull -- one way of thinking, multiple ways we're not a one size fits all in america, that has failed our children. charles: if political correctness was around in 20, 30s and 40s and 50 we would never had a civil right movement. >> that is nonsense.
6:50 pm
what held black folks back was bigotry that has been baked into our constitution. charles: how is that baked in? >> a y serus. arles: yes. >> it was based -- whether or not we continue ise of slavery, you read the book dark bargain, you see how -- >> america has evolved, several -- has been added to the othe constitution, is that not a crutch? >> no, how can you ask. we're still ba battling, last year a county in mississippi agreed on that desegregation order. charles: i find it interesting, you saying newe you say -- ignore that woman who only spoke to 3 people, yet you pick that tiny -- >> no, you call christian clark. you will see, numerous cases where there are badly -- of
6:51 pm
education,. charles: the way i see it, and i'm a school choice supporters, that constitution and evolution of american has been toward a more perfect nation. and i think we've been able to ride that crest to where we are right now, which is the best place that we've been, it is not perfect, if anything you have to applaud the constitution for allowing this to happen. >> no, actually, actually, i will applaud dr. king and others who said america we're going to make you live live up to the ideals you wrote on sheets of paper, thank goodness for civil rights leaders forcing people. charles: they were educated in a system they could never have become civil rights leaders or had that mind set had they gone in kindergarten in 1980
6:52 pm
on their curriculum would have been watered-down, i say thank goodness, i am glad they went to school before political correctness. >> a whole bunch of civil right leaders who are still fighting the system, i am not letting erica off e hook, i don't want a more perfect union, i want black folks on have same fundament rally rights as any other righ white child in america. >> all right. , we'll leave it there. >> dow taking it on the chin. i'll tell you what to expects, an area you might not have been thinking about invests is getting hot, that is next.
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charles: many are asking what happened to the trump rally to set all-time records for first
6:56 pm
couple months after the election, first 100 day sees trump rally struggling to say in top 10 of all-time, now, i don't think that rally itself is over, but white house and republicans are being sent a message about scoring more legislative victories, here is the thing, business. qualcomm, could be biggest of them all. united rentals, one of my favorite names circumstance down, it might reflect that stalled trump agenda, curious action in the market, dow jones could never offset the weight of freefalling shares of ibm, vestor flock to technology names, computer chipmakers, oddity was money-seeking, shelter and brick and mortar names and
6:57 pm
dumping widows and orphan safe haven and utility. on that note s&p 500 consumer discretionary index eked out a small gain. maybe the demise of auto rally is over hyped, still, why did best buy go up. i am a fan of good that comes out of so-called creative destruction, that is the hallmark of capitalism, it has been critiqued, i believe something will evolve from malls and will be able to live side by side in a internet age, hundreds of retail stores have been shutting down but the demise of this over hyped. 3.3 billion dollar acquisition of by petsmart.
6:58 pm
a brilliant move, i think it will be template for brick and mortar names, i have a special respect i am working on brick and mortar survives and how to invest in your pets, right now we bring in shawn to discuss. are you worried about this market? you are upbeat last i saw you, how about now? >> it has taken a shot. more like a depressant than a stimulant. the economy was looking forward to stimulus and tax cuts and everything that the policy prescriptions of president promised, we have gotten none of that, the market back selling, whether or not it is sustain itself and find a bid is whether or not anything comes out this congress. charles: your mind, market is going to live and dubai next 100 day -- live and die, by the next 100 days of trump administration.
6:59 pm
>> not so much that but by earnings. until we see movement there it back and to earnings. but this point i think that political push, the time being is probably over. charles: 15% of names out we have mixed results, one thing that we know is when a company misits pays a huge price. this say dangerous time for investor, i said don't let 3 months determine whether you hold a stock or not, how are you asking people to navigate the earnings season? >> it is ahead of us, people are attending to this passive investing movement. but certainly taking you know, become forefront of everyone's mind, a very difficult market for stock pictures. a easer to buy index and follow market that way. charles: fine, but what about someone who wants to outperform the market with those strategy you buyhe best own the worst, almost self defeating.
7:00 pm
>> true, but we had stocks bricks and mortar that shocked me they had big moves today that is surprising. you know i it takes a lot of guts to to go. charles: stay the course. >> stay here, lou dobbs is next. >> the trump administration stepping up its war on violent gangs and drug cartels, attorney general jeff sessions and dhs secretary set to visit the southern border tomorrow, this marks session's second trip to border in as many weeks, session in a interview saying, violent street gang m, 1ms13 could be labeled a terrorist organization. >> there is no doubt, the open border, lawlessness we have is a factor


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