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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 20, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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potus on messaging and stop backing away from promises we voted for. be with us tomorrow. governor mike huckabee among our guests. good night from new york. kennedy: democrats eke out a victory kind of in georgia's special election. but are republicans the ones who should be cheering before the runoff? a new study shows how bias the media is against the new white house. a new book on hillary clinton's humiliating defeat. cabinet bagger jon ossoff nearly failed the victory. he had 8.3 million reasons to think the rumble in the judge
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was labor pains giving birth to a progressive movement. though he almost made it into the end zone as the darling democratic figurine. he came up short to karen hael. he needed 50% of the vote to win outright. and at one point he was confident had sweet talked enough georgia voters. he became so enamored with his newfound attention he started using the royal we. >> no matter what the outcome is tonight, whether we take it all or whether we fight on, we have defied the odds, we have shattered expectations. kennedy: what a wind bag. and he sounds like a u.s.c. trojan.
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we are going to fight on. the pretty boy is not going to change the world. he captain win the big game when it really mattered. democrats were desperate for this victory. hating the president won't be enough to reshape a fractured party that bernie sanders disavowed. republicans were divide and asleep at the wheel unable to get behind an ordinary establishment candidate who hardly inspires royalty. this was supposed to reinspire wounded democrats. now the june 20 finale shows it's anyone's game. you are the big winner and i am kennedy.
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final runoff is two months away. glenn is here to talk about that georgia race. how important was this victory for the democrats? >> it depend on who you ask. on the democratic side they almost took what was considered a safe republican seat. but on the republican side they didn't cross the 50% bench park. 48%, that's pretty close. kennedy: how different would this be if he had won the 50% and the seat outright? >> game over in that district. and also momentum.
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they failed to get the moan men actual in kansas when an open seat was up for grabs. they are saying we have the wind at our backs, the anti-trump sentiment is working for us. $8 million went into jon ossoff's campaign that might have brought money out for the next round. kennedy: he railed against what he called special interests and pac money that came in for karen handel at the last minute, but that $8 about 3 million didn't come from georgia. >> it didn't come from that district at all. but that money we should keep our focus on. that's what brought him to that point. it would it might have been a different breakdown. kennedy: democrats are looking for new blood, they are look for fresh candidates. they are look for the next barack obama who inspires people
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and coalesces them so they can re-energize themselves. but they haven't quite found that secret formula. >> they have been in largely republican districts to make that point. but what you are seeing is that anger they are trying to channel has not been quite enough to turn nip of these open seats yet. kennedy: we still have contests coming up were four house seats. two governorships particularly new jersey coming up in the fall. so what happens for democrats and republicans, what do they do to their bases to keep them engaged at this level until the races come to be. >> especially on the republican side, if you look at the turnout in this race in georgia, it was much higher for the democrats than the republicans. so they really needed to bring out the votes. and i think there might have been a sense we are a safe
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republican district it's not that critical until the last minute when they start to see the steamroll coming in. i think channeling the advertising that was out there. but when you get down to the june election this runoff. it will be a single republican against a single democrat. i think it many hard to imagine a true upset. i think the best thing we had was upsetting. running a victory campaign is going to be a tall order. >> it's a totally different race. they knew that going in. thank you so much. well, we are now just a week and a half away from the *'s first 100-day milestone. there have obviously been a few hiccups. and allegations about ties to
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russia keep popping up. but according to mike pence ultimately the american people look back at the first 100 days as a success. >> i think the american people will conclude what i have conclude. president trump is off to a great start and the best is yet to come. kennedy: let's go to my air-conditioned party panel. the managing editor at olympic media and senior editor at the daily caller. and tom shillue, fox news contributor. let's talk about this. has it been a me nominal successful 100 days for this administration? >> the press is going to talk down everything he does. you look.
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>> the the things you got done. i think pence is right. he said and the best is yet to come. kennedy: that's very reaganesque. it's morning in the trump administration. there is folgers in our cup. are they going rebound from the somehow fix healthcare, pass a bill, get it signed, then move on to tax reform so the economy can grow? >> there is nothing to suggest they know how to approach legislation. any have to do obamacare within it off yustlesly failed. whether they are doing obamacare 2.0 first. kennedy: paul ryan says tino what they are doing in the house, they know what they are doing in the senate.
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we don't know who in the trump administration is the point man trying to whip behinds on capitol hill. we have a least people focusing on tax reform for decades. until you have -- kennedy: paul ryan should know better when it comes to policy issues. that's his area of expertise in policy. you think it's been a pretty good start? >> neil gorsuch, they have placed someone on the supreme court for how many decades? that's huge. obama said he was going to close get mow. gitmo is still off and the terrorists are got out are still terrorists. when the press says he's beenal
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lame duck for the first 100 days, they should look at the president they like more. kennedy: are you confident they will do that? >> in terms 69r of the individual mandate, the irs is not going to go after anyone on their taxes in 2017. kennedy: as far as setting rates for next year, there could be another round of massive rate hikes. all of healthcare, the existing law and solutions are unpopular. >> if we can't repeal and replace obamacare allegedly as trump said and paul ryan said. it will implode. so if you go off that technical think we'll pass something at some point because obamacare will collapse. >> i don't know why they can't do the repeal. why can't we do senate. >> you can browf beat the preem caucus.
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repeal and then you can work on this other stuff later. >> i think he's going to take a more conservative solution as opposed to rolling the dice upon moderates. because democrats will be so obstructionist and in lock step, especially the centrists, they will not get on board with anything. they will wait until it goes into its quivering death spiral. the media 89% has been negative on trump. is this proof an overwhelming bias. matt, do you think this is confirmation bias from the media research center or has trump's attack on the press backfired? >> i don't think it backfired. it's a symbiotic relationship.
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it's up to us to say there are other things going on in the country. they are getting great ratings from it. kennedy: do you believe the numbers? >> i believe it's 89%. i just wish that's what it was under obama. we should be cheering this because i want power to be checked. kennedy: they have given into the notion that journalism is on a pendulum. when it swings against the person you don't like, you swing it pinata who is president. >> they are not aiming at an audience that's central. they are going for far left wing extreme socialist communist. people who love bernie sanders, not people who love hillary clinton. they are going for the audience that screams the loudest.
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while that might be a smaller group, they are playing to that base and failing to take over the party. look at ossoff. they are playing to that base and ratings reflect that maybe it's not wisest choice in the world. but you are right, trump gives the and they give back it's like that couple want to break up. kennedy: trump claims it's fake news. we are doing an amazing job, and the press is saying he's the worst president ever, he needs to be impeached. >> the problem with all of the press, just campaigns for democrats all the time. it bothers me to think, here is the objectivity.
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it's like they are work for the democrat campaign. kennedy: it's like john harwood. >> when there is a survey of donations from people who work for media companies, it's more than 89%, 95% tilted towards democrat. that's the basic water in which journalism is swimming in. kennedy: the panel returns a little bit later. vice president pence says the u.s. is ready for a showdown with north korea. with north korea. ambassador john bolton and
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kennedy: the u.s. is ready for a showdown with north korea. our military is ready for anything kim jong-un decide to throw our way. >> the youth of america will always seek peace. but under president trump the shield stand guard and the sword stand ready. kennedy: where is the sword exactly. you recall the administration
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said t u.s.s. rl vinson is on its way to the watters off south corp ria. it's 3,500 miles from the commie nation doing naval exercises with the australians. should we be worried about our naval readiness? ambassador bolton, i will start with you. you have written about denuclearizing the north korean peninsula. it seems things have re torically heated up. are we out of diplomatic options? >> i think we are very limited
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for 25 years trying to talk the korean regime out of its nuclear weapons program, something they were never going to do, because they see it synonymous with regime survival. the north has simply continued to make progress to the point where i think all knowledgeable observers believe it's only a short time before they can deliver a nuclear weapon on target in the youth. that's why the talk of military across is all around us. we i think have been talking to the wrong party for 25 years. the issue is china and what china needs to be convinced of is a reunited korean peninsula is in their interests. kennedy: i agree. if there is a diplomatic road to solving this crisis which seems to be getting worse by the week and by the day, it's through
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china. brian, is this the kind of thing where the youth continues to thwart missile attempts or do we wait for a first strike? >> the north koreans would consider anything a provocation at this point. we have been kiting these checks for 25 years. and they come due 59 this point. the bill is a pretty steep one. the openings of kinetically interdicting their missiles. they would take that as a provocation. the north koreans have been prepared for 50 years to recommence a large ground assault and it wouldn't end until they occupied the entire peninsula and you would see one of the world's most vibrant economies disappear within days. it's hard to see a non-kinetic way out of this.
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china, in spite of what people think. china is not prepared for the kind of losses they would take in a ground conflict with the north koreans. they want to choke off the purse strings. kennedy: they share a bored and responsible for so much of what is left of the economy for north korea. ambassador, you have been party to the 6-party talks and various administrations who tried and failed to diplomatically engage north korea. now you are saying it's down to two parties. when is this going to meet the crisis level that say the cuban missile crisis did? >> china has to understand given how close north korea is to being able to harm the united states and probably already able to inflict substantial damage on japan that they are going to be
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faced with the problem of one way other other doing this hard way other easy way. easy way is to cooperate on merging the two koreas to reunite the peninsula. the hard way is if the united states is forced to use military force against the north korea nuclear program. fit could well precipitation the collapse of the nuclear program and all kinds of other. kennedy: are south korea and china repaired for refugees if there is a liberation of political prisoners and others rounded up in that country? >> they are not. a gentle collapse of the regime is the best scenario and some rogue field marshal taking krfl their nukes. the chinese don't want to see
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them crossing the yalu. and the south koreans won't want to see them coming south. kennedy: president clinton says he's the reason year in this conundrum. >> that's where the mistake started believing you could talk north korea out of its nuclear program it was wrong in the clinton administration, it was wrong in the bush administration, it was wrong in the obama administration. you would think after 25 years we would get the message. kennedy: hell was breaking loose behind the scenes in a hillary clinton hotel room. authors of "shattered." join me next.
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new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at kennedy: how did hillary clinton handle the reality that she just lost to donald trump. it's called "shattered." she did not take it well. the books takes it to the excruciating election loss. and her phone call to barack obama and apologizing for
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letting him down and destroying his legacy forever. so good to have you. the election night i think everyone was in shock. and then we thought that she was going to come out and at least address the supporters who were there assembled at javits center. we heard they applied for permits to have fireworks on barges to celebrate the night. why didn't she come out that night? >> they got john podesta to come out at 2:00 in the morning. she didn't come out because they were deciding what to do with her speech. there were certain people who wanted her to go out there and continue to blast trump the way she had done on the campaign trail. they kind of expected her to. the other side of the camp wanted her to be more conciliatory and respectful and talk about big picture and not
12:30 am
shattering the glass ceiling but wait meant historically. it was actually one of her better speeches. kennedy: i think she should have given it that night. i heard she was throwing stuff. was she even ghaingd a temper tantrum. >> we didn't finds any evidence of that. i think you agree with the white house on the timing of her concession that it was too late. president trump called her and said you have need to concede while they are still having this debate about not just what she would say about the concession. but whether it was time to concede. there were people who thought neighbor wisconsin would turn around. kennedy: and arizona didn't come in for a long time. they are so stunned, they are trying to figure out what to do. she is not ready to do it. obama called her and says you
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have need to concede. e calls john podesta. he just went out to say we are going to wait for the morning. he called podesta. he said this can't go on. we need a smooth transition of power. kennedy: that's what she was claiming throughout the debate. bernie sanders gave her a hard time. they were worried up until july. so at what point does bernie sanders say i think i'll challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination? >> he thought she wasn't good enough and the party needed him to jump in there. kennedy: she was a centrist and transnationallist. >> a lot of hillary people were upset he hung tawrp for so long. he ran a good race right up until the very ends. when it was time to endorse are,
12:32 am
we have a scene in the book where he's not quite there. he's taping a campaign video. they have a script for him and th her. he said i can't say that. this is so phoney. that was a revealing moment behind the scenes that spoke to where he was. he had to support her publicly. kennedy: how was she as a leader in her campaign? you write a lot about the feud between robbie mook and john podesta. john podesta and robbie mook, and that was something that i don't think was widely reported during the race. >> all this internal turmoil she preside over. she wanted to be the only one that saw the entire operation. she had people who clashed with each other stylistically.
12:33 am
at one point there is a meeting in june of the senior staff leadership. and podesta stands up and says robbie is passive aggressive, and i'm just aggressive. that it a point on it. it was difficult for people to get decisions made. she shuffled the lineup internally without change people's job titles. none of this stuff got reported at the time. but there was a lot of dysfunction on this campaign. kennedy: it's a fascinating read. we are only going to learn more and more about the fallout from this race that still required context. but great reporting. thank you both. the panel returns next. but first it's time for trivia. which of these countries is trying to pass a plan to limit
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overtime so people don't work themselves to death. mexico, japan, sweden or greece? the answer coming up in moments. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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does it look like i'm done?yet? shouldn't you be at work?
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[ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer in the country. -wait. you have a real motorcycle? anarcade game:awipeout! with 24-hour customer support. oh! well... i retire as champion. game hog! champion. kennedy: before the break i asked which of these countries is trying to stliment overtime
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hours so people don't work themselves to death. the answer is, b, japan. lawmakers have proposed a cap of 100 hours a move o.t. overwork and job stress has reportedly caused a recent spate of seuf sides among young employees. in sweden folks are experimenting with how little they can work. in one city they finished a trial run of 6-hour work days. and as a result the company saved money on healthcare costs. should we be working more or less? shillue, i will start with you. i have always been fascinated by the japanese work culture, having spent time in japan and
12:39 am
seeing men out with their bosses so drunk and covered with their own fluids in the middle of the night. that's a big thing in japan. there is something for death by overwork. >> that's all of your time. kennedy: 100 a month. so that's 25 extra hours a week. they already work 60 hours a week. >> crimes always picking on the swedes. and all of the europeans for their lackadaisical ways and short hours. but i'm willing to go with a six-hour day if you cut out lunch. 9-3, that's the way to do it. kennedy: a power bear is all you need.
12:40 am
an 8 are hour day -- i think people take too much time -- then you get tired off lunch, it's no good. kennedy: so many people on the left tend to overidealize scandinavia and particularly sweden. this study extracts the point that it appeals to lazy people in other countries. >> when sweden tried to be like bernie sanders they taked. and they stopped doing crap like this. this is just an experiment at a nursing home. kennedy: one nursing home in one city. and they didn't finish the study. >> this is like the french 35-hour workweek. you can meet french people who
12:41 am
spent 35 days vacation. i have to take 180 days of vacation. i can't work. that's great for people kind of who have the jobs. but it's not great for the people who don't. sweden has a great work ethic. kennedy: katie, do you wonder for nurses if this is a good thing. if you are trying to keep people alive hours a day you are going to pay attention and not hate your job? >> i never understood the whole doctor in residence thing. kennedy: you can't work like that. and older generations of doctors, how are they going to learn what we learned because we had to cram our brains through so much to get through surgical residency.
12:42 am
>> sweden is never going to be america or japan in terms of gdp. if you are france, 35-hour week and you spend four or five months on vacation. kennedy: we are moving into a prong-based economy. where sometimes you work more than others. there are some weeks and some months you have concentrated dedication. penning your stories about marijuana and what not. >> i don't penn anything anymore. >> you use whiteout. stop letting those french people in your apartment. that's the problem. if you see them and you saw what kind of bottles they brought, you would have the idea. when you don't eat lunch, everything is there.
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kennedy: coming up,. john stossel is celebrating another way.
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kennedy: thisaturday's daynd while it may seem tempting to give in to inconvenient truths and go greens. stop and ask yourself more about climate change. the theme of this year's day is the government must do more. here to tell us how he will be celebrating day is fox business network's very own john stossel. the government needs to do more, they need to spend more money combating climate change. john: it has been a great agency, the epa. when it began by a republican president, the air and water were filthy, the sewage went straight into the river and you couldn't open a window in new york city because soot would
12:48 am
come on. i can swim in the hudson river next to all these people flushing. it's great. but now it should and for enough protection already, because the rules are in place. he time someone buys a new car the air gets cleaner. they don't need to do more, but they always want to do more. kennedy: the regulations kill jobs and stunt growth, and the economy needs to grow. it's hard -- john: the economy always needs to grow. kennedy: after so many years of stagnation, you make the point if we have a bigger, booming economy when we need to take action, we can afford to take action. john: that's second part. all these rules are about real pollutants. obama tried to stint to carbon dioxide. but maybe it's increasing greenhouse gas.
12:49 am
global warming, greenhouse gases do contribute. the argument is still up there. i believe we do contribute. but can we do anything about it now? no. it's pointless what we are doing at huge cost. hurting poor people who have to pay more for gasoline. but if the economy is strong maybe down the road when we decide this is a problem, then we'll have the technology to do something. kennedy: there are people who looked at the data and they point out human beings function bert in warmer environments. john: cold kills more people than warmth. kennedy: you made the point that 98% of heat deaths since the 30s have been thwarted. john: the weather-related deaths have gone down by 98% because of
12:50 am
prosperity and technology. kennedy: insulation and gore-tex, people are able to protect themselves on the microand metro level. but 9 economy is certainly not free. and we see if you start to sacrifice it in the name of some sort of moral obligation it makes your ability to respond to real crises much more difficult. >> i don't buy it's a moral obligation. it feels like one. but air gets cleaner every time you buy a new car. we have enough rules. we have no moral obligation to have more. >> just look around. can't believe i'm saying that. but something. all right. john stossel. thank you so much. nice to see you. coming up.
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this is the "topical storm." topic number one. indiana police are calling for mandatory body cameras on geese. a detective was trying to walk into the clarksville police station, but this feisty fella wasn't having any of it. the detective had been out drinking the night before and didn't pay for all the gray goose vodka shots. after seeing him swing and miss the new york mets have signed him to bat third. the goose was rewarded with a scholarship to u.c. berkeley. the old golden bear. topic number two.
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don't you hate when your hanging on the vegas strip sean just scored some good heroin and can't find a clean syringe. but there is good news. las vegas has become the first city to install a clean needle vedged machine in an effort to cut down on infections and disease. the city plans to put the machines in areas with reputation for high drug use. meaning the entire town. then once they fill it with needles, a junky will smash the glass and remove them all and sell them so he can if buy more of the fun stuff. next they will have the clean
12:57 am
the hooker vending machines. i write it myself. they provide customer service to its drug users. parachute city, colorado has a drive-through marijuana dispensary. they got idea after attending a bernie sanders rally and reamized how many of this supports had driver's licenses. >> topic number 4. elizabeth warren has managed to do the impossible. no she didn't find a person who can sit through more than two
12:58 am
minutes of her boring speeches. she posted a tweet that has some people accuse her of plagiarizing sarah palin. she tweeted the phrase, fight like a girl. palin caught wind of it when she was sitting on her deck staring at russia. the former governor alaska told breitbart news, coming from liberals who want to fight victimization, doesn't sownl the same as when legit fighters for equality say it. topic number five. are you having a hard time herding the cattle in your
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living room? some of the guys i met on farmer's only say it's a real problem. but there is a solution. hire a beaver. watch the cattle in saskatchewan, canada follow this little beaver everywhere she goes. it doesn't make any sense. but when you look closer, you can see the 8-ball in the beemples pocket. thank you for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram. email tomorrow on the show, a man who never gelts the giggles,
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