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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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>> stay here, lou dobbs is next. >> the trump administration stepping up its war on violent gangs and drug cartels, attorney general jeff sessions and dhs secretary set to visit the southern border tomorrow, this marks session's second trip to border in as many weeks, session in a interview saying, violent street gang m, 1ms13 could be labeled a terrorist organization. >> there is no doubt, the open border, lawlessness we have is a factor of americas 13.
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>> many of them without not be here. lou: department of homeland security secretary john kelly saying that gangs like ms13 among the biggest threat to country, blaming them for their role in over 52,000 drug overdose in 2015 alone. >> i in a single we're we latest nearly as men americans to drug overdoses as we lost in world war i. almost as many as we lost in 12 years of fighting in vietnam. lou: kelly and sessions also are expected to discuss the border wall, attorney general today called for progress to move rapidly. secretary kelly two weeks ago did not seem overily committed to the wall. >> it is unlikely that we will build a wall or physical barrier from sea to shining sea. lou: it sounds like it getting
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more likely, and speaker ryan also working against the president's agenda. he says that he will delay funding for the wail, citing a pragmatic choice, whatever that means, here to discuss trump administration focus on border security, the president's america first agenda, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, republican strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: this is quite a journey for general john kelly, somewhat a ambiguous about his support of the wall two weeks ago, now emphatic that we need to defend that southern border against drug traffics, and national gangs and cartels. >> it is wonderful general kelly has learned a great deal. i think he has learned a lot. jeff sessions to me is one of
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the real stars in this administration. i think they realize what the american public wants is the gang stopped, they don't care about illegal waiter or waitress or the nanny in the suburb, they care about the gangs and the criminals that are coming in if they can stop them, chase them out and put them in prison as they deserve, i think public will be more tolerant of how long it takes to build the wall. lou: intolerance of how long paul ryan would like to delay the wall. this is suggestion you can bring people into this country, unskilled and not have an impact on cost of welfare, and not have an impact on opportunities for middle class americans to have a living wage for themselves and a family that the drug cartels can have unrestrict
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access to the u.s. and everyone be damned. i the guy i give credit to is president trump, he said point blank, he is taking on the cartels, there has not been a single president, a single homeland security secretary standing up saying, we're taking on the drug cartels. >> there has been a war on the border the last decade. it is astonishing numbers, to a certain extent they should be applauded. you are right, president did focus on this in the campaign. lou: think about cowardice of so many in the country, sneering at just say sno no slogan of nancy reagan, we have watched lives devastated.
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because of the transport of those drugs majority of methamphetamine, marijuana, and and cocaine across the border. >> it has to stop. and however long it takes stop it, to fight that congress to make it happen is i'll applaud him and fight forever him. lou: and fighting this president is engaged in a bunch of potential fights. whether it be russia, china, north korea or iran. this president is right now facing as general kelly himself pointed out yesterday, this administration is facing a extraordinary range of threats in foreign policy against our national security, it is unprecedented absent war. >> the most important thing is we have a fighter in the white house, i believe that president is willing to make
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the fight, he should not have 52 hifight his son side, own side. this is president we need to stand up and follow. i think that critical thing is a lot of money wasted in this government, a lot of priorities that need to be reset, he will try that. lou: democrat, stree 48.5% of vote in sixths district in georgia came very close to winning that race last night. if the republicans don't understand they have to deliver on their president's agenda to avoid a devastating result next year. >> she did a wonderful job. i think that key thing is she been a state chairman, and a mechanic, she understands mechanics of day-to-day
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politics, the thing is that the democrat came close to winning, i don't think he will win, only way he will win in next two months then the republicans stall, then the democrats is make the challenge that trump and the republicans are not moving forward, the big challenge is quit fighting amongst yourself come back with an agenda. lou: how do you do that, if you are president trump, with the speaker of the house that opposes you at every level, and every turn whether tax reform or whether it is build a wall or whether it is repeal and replacement of obamacare. >> i would call him out every chance i got, i would say mr. speaker this is what i want done, you tell me why you can't do it, you tell me that members that won't support n me and i'll go to those members myself, but i don't' you being the one opposing me, that is the way it looks, i would put that spotlight right on the speaker, what is his alternative?
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the health care bill he pitting it was a discaster, he had -- hieltd care bill he pu -- health care bill was a disaster. there is something coming out of white house. lou: and fact that you are actually watching a speaker, who with some energy and animation opposed to the president of united states it is us ugly to watch. >> i don't know what the speaker is doing in nato this last week. lou: he was probably exploring his foreign policy at counter point to that of the president. >> he has a big domestic policy battle ahead. >> red roll -- ed rollin. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> another failure for dems this time in georgia's special
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election. >> democrats went all in on this race. they spent over $8.3 million, their goal was to win the race, they lost. lou: the 5's kimberly guilfoyle will join me next. >> and russia is stepping up its provocation for as a second strait
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lou: president trump today blasting democrats paus because they lost georgia's special election. jon ossoff, some thought mostly democratic loyalists of the highest order thought he might get more than 50% of the vote and win the seat, he did not, he came up short, but not by much, followed by karen handel, in a very crowded field. ossoff and remaining 4 democrats received 49%. it was a tight race, and a lot for everyone to think about in georgia. >> joining me now to discuss democrats failure, president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration, and the cartel,
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and much more, co-host of the five, kimberly guilfoyle. >> hello, lou. lou: looking at that special election this jon ossoff for a 30-year old, who has, i could not see what he had going for him other than 8 million. >> from some unknown distance -- he has a unknown distance relative of barack obama. media was like, hoping on fantasy island,. lou: they -- >> a wake-up call, this is a guy, very young, not much of a resume, 97% of money used to try to pump him up, from outside. he can't even vote for himself, imagine. right. lou: i have to say to the folks in 6th district, come ,
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are you serious. on other hand, it is a signal, a loud one. chairwoman, on this show last night, saying, if republicans do not understand that the trump administration has to be passed on capitol hill, then they will lose. she was plain spoken and direct. >> right. now they need to just rally behind you know handling -- handel, gets her in. get this done, the media is so desperate for some kind of faux win against president trump. the republicans have to say, let's be smart and make sure. lou: so the national left wing media is anxious for someone to oppose the president other than the media that 90% of the time is negative on trump, other than his own party, led by paul ryan on the house
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side, who is opposing the wall, posing healthcare reform, repeal and replacement of obamacare, opposing tax reform, and they are looking for a story? they are missing an incredible, historic story. >> they are burying the headline, you just highlighted it for them. this is -- well done. lou: thank you. >> have you have your own show. this is just the story that so frustrating, you look at it and you go down and check the box, you are like wait a second. president trump they should thank him, so many -- he is reason they got reelected and kept their seats, and new people that came in, pi puft put it together and achieve the agenda in the platform that the president campaigns on, it is simple. lou: the wall. >> the big beautiful wall. lou: with a door as well. >> a big door. lou: but, he is also got guts
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in unique individual unprecedented guts of any national leader of this country to say he will fight, the drug cartels of mexico. >> yes, everyone else does not want to take him oyou have president trump, saying this law will be unforced and upheld, and kelly saying, if you are not going to let us follow laws, you should have courage to make new laws or shut up. they are right, this is such -- this sun believ this is unbelieve able, they were elected to do a job, they have the president to thank for. what are they doing to make sure the agenda goes forward? big trouble for them if a don't. lou: a great big plus for this administration in attorney general sessions, he has been
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constant and elevated in his rhetoric and focused on the job at hand, that is enforcing the laws of united states. >> former prosecutor, i applaud him, and thank him for his services for hanging in there. i am behind him 100%. lou: ki kim ber -- kimberly guilfoyle. >> 9 p.m. eastern. lou: you are moving up. >> we were smart enough to not compete again you. lou: thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> kimberly guilfoyle, the 5 is at 9 beginning monday. >> our question tonight, do you give president trump credit for being the only president in history to have the guts to go after the mexican drug cartels? cast your vote on twitter.
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and follow me on twitter. like me on facebook. and on wall street stocks today closed mixed, dow down 119, s&p lost 4, nasdaq up 14. volume 3.5 billion shares, dow dragged lower by ibm, ibm shares plunging 5% after revenue fell for a 20th straight quarter, morgan stanley shares up 2% after a boost in bond trading, and listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, democrats in denial after failing to flip georgia's 6 congressional district. >> we have a lot of wind at our back that the progressive energy out there is palpable and volunteers are out there and we'll be knocking on doors and the dnc is all in. lou: man, talk about a string of cliches. the beginning of the problems
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of what -- that is what it looks like to me, that is the subject of myself commentary, dems looking to imminent sanctuary policy state wide, republicans fighting back, we'll tell you how that is
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lou: republicans in california are fighting back against dems who want to declare the entire state a sanctuary, the first in nation if they have their way, fox news correspondent, with our report. reporter: if you are here illegally trump administration considers you eligible for deportation, california democrats disagree, they want the right to decide as a sanctuary state who goes and who stays, including criminal aliens. >> this is my son, i miss his smile every day. reporter: victims of criminal illegal immigrants in california, are fighting back.
4:25 am
>> i do not want another family member to have to live the hell that pain and suffering that i have lived with every day. reporter: that is why tuesday republican assembly plan travis allen introduce a bill to stop california from becoming a safe haven for criminal ale yip yens. -- alien. >> it would stop state fund its go through any jury with sanctuary policies in place, it would direct california law enforcement to cooperate directly with federal immigration officials. >officials. >>. >> industr drag conan immigration policies do not use. >> child abuser, drug dealers, people guilty of sexual battery. >> we come together to launch $10 million l.a. justice fund. >> that uses taxpayer money to defined criminal aliens,
4:26 am
allen's bill would stop it. >> we'll not tolerate it, we live by one rule of law, we pay our taxes for constitution. to be covered. >> allen bill died in committee, current california sanctuary bill protects everyone but convicted violent felons, those deported in the past, those convicted of multiple prior misdemeanors, those charged with violent felonies but pled down to something lesser, they get to stay, and health law i hawaii is considering an edental bill. >> thank you. lou: a few thoughts now. left forced to recognize that resist trump is something of a lousy loser's strategy. a headline in politicoside describing what passes for intraspection. saying that democrats begin to
4:27 am
wonder when do we win. charles: laswin? >> last week they failed that capture the kansas house speak, democrats also face uphill battles in special elections in montana and south carolina, they are not expected to win either. those states, trump won by double digits, and 2018, democrats need to net 24 seats, to regain the majority in the house. up hill work. democrats unseated 4 of the 15 freshmen republican representatives they targed in 2016, dem obstructism is proving to be a destructive strategy in senate as well. all with approval ratings under 50%. the democratic party, lacking any viable plan for 2018, remains blin blindly
4:28 am
subserveient to far left elements, and tom perez, booed this week by democrats as he tried to kickoff a so-called unity tour. if perez is not far enough left for the democratic party, will the dems be forced to look to communist manifesto in perhaps, when you consider the other headliner is senator bernie sanders. sanders, the socialist, they have to sidestep to the left of his party as well, socialist sliding to the left, to the left, all that remains there is comemism, a lousy -- comidea. lousy for them. >> well now, quotation of the evening from ronald reagan, the best minds are not in government, if any were,
4:29 am
business would hire them away. we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> the department of homeland security takes on the drug cartels that are driving america's drug epidemic. >> isis homeland security investigation, and u.s. coast guard, bear witness to massive quantity of drugs these organizations traffic to united states of day with best devastating consequences. lou: we take it up with best selling author michelle malken. >> this adventure seeker going sky-high in pursuit of morad venture -- adventure, we show venture -- adventure, we show you his high stake stunts listen.
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i realize that i am not perfect but it all really started to change because you judge me for having a problem. no one is going to know that i need help--
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i need help. i know that no one is going to judge me for having a problem. i realize that i am not perfect but it all really started to change because you listen. lou: attorney general jeff sessions warned that the wall there quote drive hope the president's message. >> i think the border wall need to move rapidly. it will be the final affirmation that the illegality is over. the numbers have dropped significantly. but if we don't follow through and back up what he promised, then i think we could see these numbers rise again.
4:34 am
lou: joining me to discuss the president's policy and what's being done to stop the violent ms-13 gang members coming across the bored, michelle malkin. great to have you with us. let's start with first the president of the united states making it clear that we are going to war against the drug cartels of mexico. i don't think he gets enough credit. he's the first president to have the guts to say this and to do it. >> yes, he is, and he deserves a huge salute for explicitly calling on america to even gang the war on these drug cartels. they are causing misery for the people south of the border, and certainly spreading all of that toxic impact on community across
4:35 am
this country. and it has never been a priority for past democratic administrations and it should have been a higher priority with the bush administration as well. if there are two people in this country who can actually make progress in the war on the drug cartels, it's president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. lou: attorney general jeff sessions is doing and saying all the right things. he's standing up for the president talking about the wall. it has to be built. he will be at the border tomorrow with the department of homeland security secretary-general john kelly. john kelly two week ago was talking softly, if i may, about the border wall, talking about we won't build it sea to shining sea. it was a flippantsy i didn't
4:36 am
preferrate. but since then he was acknowledging we had more people in 2015 die of drug overdoses in this country than 12 years of war in vietnam. >> i'm glad secretary kelly got woke pass the young people would say on this issue. this is a dire need on our southern border. i wish there were more physical barriers on our northern border as well. but we have to do one thing first. secretary kelly is going after the violent drug cartels and certainly of course the biggest criminal illegal alien rack net america, ms-13. lou: ms-13, to call them a
4:37 am
terrorist organize and brand them as such is i think an innovative stroke. no one has done so much directed at ms-3. and as you point out, the attorney general has been very straightforward. we can take care of ms in 13 if we make that choice. >> even el salvador who sent ms in 13 to america almost two decade ago declared ms in 13 a terrorist organization. the issue is not just that we have murderers and machete wheelers and drug traffickers and this ebb tire criminal syndicate that has spread from los angeles all across the country. and to the other side of the coast.
4:38 am
you had ms-13 members at the target store or mall terrorizing people. but it's not just the most violent gang in america. the ways in which this criminal racket hooked up with the other most dangerous criminal syndicate in the world. isis and al qaeda makes it a particularly potent and worrisome threat to american security. the collaboration between those groups in central and south america has been well known anyone tell jones and immigration circles for upwards of two decades. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, do you give president trump credit for being the only president in history to have the guts to go after the mexican drug cartels. we would like to hear from you. please roll the video and don't look down.
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it's too late. this daredevil showing he's not afraid of heights. scaling a construction crane high above melbourne, australia. before standing at the end of -- look at this -- i don't like that. but it's a spectacular view. thank you for take your camera with you. up next, vice president pence on board a u.s. carrier in japan and issuing a new warning to north korea. >> the united states of america will always seek peace. but under president trump the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready. lou: congressman ron desantis joins me next. we'll be discussing the rising threats from north korea, and
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russia and other corners of the globe. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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lou: russia flew two more its long range bombers off the coast of alaska for the third consecutive night there they came within 36 miles of mainland alaska last night. the pair force this time didn't even scramble fighter jets for this latest incident as it did monday night. secretary of state rex timer on today saying -- rex tillerson will conduct whate calls apcom prehencive review of the iran deal.
4:45 am
>> iran is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining u.s. interests in syria, iraq and lebanon and continuing to support attacks against israel. an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. lou: joining me to discuss the administration's review of the iran deal, the latest provocations by russia and north korea. congressman ron desantis, a number of key important committees. he's also a member of the freedom caucus. let's start if we may with secretary tiller stop, his warning to iran. it looks as though almost every day wore hearing this administration issuing a warning and raising the spectre of conflict.
4:46 am
this is getting to be almost a daily occurrence, isn't it? >> i think what they have to do, to be fair to them, they have to clean up for a lot of the mess the past 8 years. the iran deal is a great example of that. we were told if we give iran sanctions relief up front it will help iran become a productive nation. i think they are doing the right thing to send a message to iran that all this stuff is up for grabs. they will look for imposing sanctions. iran is a threat to our security. and it's important for the fight against isis. when the gulf states like saudi arabia see us, instead of leaning towards iran. that makes the fight against isis more robust and likely to be successful. lou: i are was not criticizing
4:47 am
the trump administration for doing what it is doing. but finding it necessary to issue a warning and draw lines and assure national security interests that have been ignored the previous state 8 years under the obama administration it's an extraordinary display of conflicts and potential threats. it's an array that's almost incalculable in foreign policy and geomilitary terms. >> president trump saide inherited a mess internationally. a mess with iran. you mentioned north korea. they have been acting out for years and years, and this is coming to a head. you look at how the obama administration didn't cultivate a key ally like the he jinx president el-sisi like this administration macedon.
4:48 am
you are right, it's been very busy. by the many encouraging to see what's been done dip naictally and also the swift action the president mass taken to authorize the military to go all out? afghanistan and the decisive strike against assad. lou: within this hemisphere, the trump administration is showing interest in what is happening in a significant way with ma dur -h maduro in venezuela, the further influence of russia in nicaragua and our hemisphere. leaving open the question of the obama administration and secretary john kerry dismissed the monroe doctrine. will the trump administration in your judgment resurrect it and your judgment on whether it will be wise to do so, put on warning
4:49 am
every nation in the world month would intrude into the affairs of this hemisphere? >> do we want russia parked and cube tal, fo -- and cuba? clearly we do not want that. i think it administration has a chance to be on the side of angels in some of these fights. if you look at venezuela and cuba. the obama administration had soft spot for the midwestist dictators. in cuba it was a disaster. i think they have the chance to be strong and give these people some hope. i think they can move on and have a system of government that would not want russia meddling in their affairs. lou: a new study uncovers how far the left in-wing national
4:50 am
media has gone in carrying out its war against president trump and his administration.
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good news for the trump administration. 94% of you have say yes, the president is beginning to restore faith in the american dream. the trump administration, however, receiving mostly hostile press treatment, more than any other new american president. 89% of the coverage by the three broadcast networks has been negative according to the media research center. obama wiretapping claims one of the topics dominating their rundown. by comparison coverage of president trump at this point in this administration, 53% positive. you see you the difference. joining me now to discuss the latest on the obama spying scandal and the deep state efforts to subvert this president and his administration, john sullivan. i want to get your reaction to the media research center's reporting.
4:55 am
that's staggering, suffocating negativity on the part of the national left-wing media directed at this administration. >> it reflects something i talk about when i go to journalism schools. too much picking sides and trying to create outcomes. i think that study is a reflection of a larger cancer in our profession. we are more interested in the outcome. we picked half an audience and i don't think that's good in the world we live in today. lou: it's a strange era we entered. we have gone from the biased left-wing media to a committed complicit left-wing media, and it's a breathtaking difference in that evolution. >> all sides of the political equation have their favorite media. the audience used to be we the american people.
4:56 am
now some of us here, some of us there fighting. what happens is facts get distorted in that a environment. the truth gets distorted by political agendas. i don't think it's good. if there is a reason why the media is less popular than congress. lou: let's turn to the obama spying scandal. and of course terrific reporting. susan rice and the others involved in this, where -- what do you see is the next step as the two intelligence committees are expanding their investigation. but we don't have from the committees a clear statement as to how they are expanding it and what direction.
4:57 am
>> my reporting indicates the real question will come down to how often have american names been unmasked in the last five years since barack obama changed the rules. why did he change the rules. were they necessary? we went from an er a of it was such a rare moment if an american's name was unmasked. it's common place now. lawmakers once a month on capitol hill get unmasked by the executive branch. is it really necessary and do we need to do more oversight? lou: we are watching now obviously a russia that is piqued and responding to the charges made against them. putin is making it clear he's not pleased. at the same time the leaks are persisting and they seem to be
4:58 am
growing in both number and if you will, the quality and content of those leaks which are devastating to our secret services to our intelligence community. >> i think one of the true itches of the obama era is the amount of leaking that occurred and the amount of damage leaks caused to the national security apparatus clearly grew. there is a culture of not appreciating classified information or leaks like we saw with nsa mike flynn. the russian ambassador had no idea until that leak occurred that we were on his phone and could descramble his phone. what a loss of intelligence for some political point to be made in a newspaper. are we doing good by america with all these leaks? lou: as you documented and just read to, relaxing fisa * laws in
4:59 am
2011 and 2013. where are 9 committees? >> was congress complicit by not doing enough oversight? have they sold off all our privacy right. it's a much larger issue than donald trump and you and rice. do we have the protections our founding fathers intended? time for a few quick comments. finally a president and a first one to give the u.s. military the chance to be and do what should it should have done a long time ago. troy treated this. trump staff needs to display their capability to align with potus on messaging and stop
5:00 am
backing away from promises we voted for. be with us tomorrow. nicole: breaking news this morning. house speaker potter and pushes back on the time and for tax reform. our voters as impatience? good morning to you. i am lauren: good morning. i'm training for pure earnings disappointments of suicide at the features pointing higher. california paid nasdaq -- the shanghai composite index up fractionally. lauren: oil prices down three days in a row.


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