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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> let's get back to the breaking news. isis is claiming responsibility for the shooting which killed one police officer and injured two more. the suspect was previously flagged. thank you very much. we do have major breaking news tonight. fox news now confirming just moments ago that the islamic state claiming responsibility for the deadly shooting of a police officer with a war weapon in paris. the gunmen wounded in fact two other officers before he was shot and killed this just three days before france's presidential election. andrew, i'm reading reports help me clarify something. was it alone perpetrator or do you know if there is another suspect out there.
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>> even the french state television channel has reported that there was just one suspect but multiple witnesses claim there was more than one shooter. it's possible that there's multiple people. it's also possible that shooting happens in two locations. they didn't quite get it right. overseas and here at home as well. this particular terrorist we can call him that now. moments ago they take credit. did he arrive today from belgium. >> that is what it looks like. particularly the network angle is very important because there's also reporting that he used automatic weapons which are part of a roddick -- radical islamic network. the fact that it was used with
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that ak-47 reportedly and the suspect may come from belgium is certainly indicates that there is a more involved attack then the driver who ran over people near london's parliament last month. what he make up the fact that the terrorists would attack a police officer rather than go into a crowded mall or something that would've have a higher body count is is a new tactic do you think developing here. see mac i think it speaks to two things. secondly, the police union and the police on the streets have been very supportive of right wing candidate. that's where a lot of her support comes from. it might have been a political statement ahead of the french elections that are going to be coming up in three days here. were going to talk about the elections later in the show. it does seem odd to me that
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they would happen to both her the antiterrorist candidate. you mentioned that they might have felt more emboldened. where police officers were attacked many times they were not armed. even abandoning their own police cars. what is the situation with respect to the police over there. >> i think the police have to tread a pretty fine line in france. the country has a strong tradition of multiculturalism they are wary even though it's a secular nation officially of taking strong arm tactics in public or aggressive policing against immigrant communities. so yeah i think frankly you see a lot of police tiptoeing around particularly violent and muslim areas.
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anything you can glean out of the fact that it's the most traffic it'd added part of paris of course. i think clearly there is a strong symbolic element here. it's the main drag of paris the capital of france. i think also there is a chance that the two police they shot were sitting at the top of a subway station that is often used by tourists. it may have been that they wanted to create a bigger propaganda event not just be shooting the police but by getting down to the subway inching up scores of civilians down there. >> hold on. the former representative. what are your initial thoughts on this.
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other muslim terrorists groups and put out a world -- world wide call to go after and kill men and women in uniform. in america and europe and all over the world. and we have seen case after case of this happening. people in uniforms are targeted. they had been calling for this. certainly we could've driven up a sidewalk and got a higher body count. do you think the idea is to be in your face to even go after these folks who are protecting us to prove that we can't be protected? >> absolutely. this is to send a message this is to scare the civilian population that these police officers are helpless. that's why again the muslim
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groups have put out the call because when you can gun down men and women in uniform so cavalierly that frightens the civilian population. we are to keep the audience updated on this. enter, thinks thanks a lot. the big news for here in america and for the market was treasury secretary steve mnuchin who made a very bold a promise earlier today saying that there will be major tax reform by the end of this year regardless of the healthcare outcome. >> we will get tax reform done it will be sweeping. it will create a lot of economic growth. >> so what's next for the trump economic agenda. here to help discuss is my team.
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mark, let me start with you. a lot of conversations today a lot of renewed hope and optimism that a lot of amazing things that have not been able to happen so far it will happen. let's start with tax reform. how likely is it that we are to get the amazing tax reform that steve talked about it included a dynamic scoring in a lot of things that had so far been roadblocks or speed bumps. >> a watched pot never boils. in the financial progress is dying to see some boil. i wanted to simmer for a long time. steve mnuchin they take your time. it's better to get it right the to get it done right now.
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i think what were tennessee is a much better package and a comprehensive package. president trump knows the solution to all of our problems in america reside in growth. it is about growth in the best way we get there it sounds like an amazing wish list. from the perspective of main street. we have to pay for even with dynamic scoring. there is stock -- talk still lingering. and then there was also the idea that if it fails again is going to take the hit for it. we saw the markets react.
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they want to see this happen. the corporate tax benefits. they're talking about economic growth reform. once you understand the whole of it it's good to make it more important. i too am surprised about the border adjustment tax. i know a lot of folks out there who question it with a lot of companies who talked about how much more is can cost for a camry. i think the individual tax reform is what's most important. >> joe, to lisa point we have the market that reacts positively. he has a certain way about him. however that as a broad wish list of things to happen remember they might have bit off more than he could chew
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should they give us something that is passable rather than a wish list of things that could get shot down. >> i'm the wrong guy to have on your panel. we are 91 days in the trump administration why in gods god's name that we cut taxes already. we're talking tax reform till i'm blue in the face. why do we not had a corporate tax cut 50 days ago. and why is anybody charles talking about republicans. and revenue neutrality. i don't want them to get bogged down into the big complicated tax reform program just cut my taxes. i think we all agree on that last part. the latest with president trump's americas agenda. the big news there is next. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that.
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charles: trump on this one. historic day for american still. they launch a big league investigation targeting chinese and other foreign-made president trump met with industry heavyweights earlier today. >> in a fight for american workers and american-made steel is beginning immediately. for decades america has lost our jobs and our factories to unfair foreign trade and one steel mill after another has been shut down abandoned and we are going to reverse that. other countries have made a living taking advantage of the united states and some new ways.
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nan, lenny start with you. the first thing i saw this money when i woke up was an article saying that the agenda is bound to fail. and yet they're looking for some interesting ways to make it work including going back to the trade expansion act to find ways to force this agenda and force of the other nations of the world to play fair. i would submit to you i think it's reasonable for the trump administration to pursue a vigorous stance it says were not canola america and our industries be taken advantage of my entity throughout the world and other countries that may be tempted to dump steel. as a global marketplace for steel there is a lot of steel production across the world.
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i think the best way in the healthiest way to approach growing our steel industry is to do what you are talking about in the last segment. had tax reform that grows our businesses. make it possible to hire american workers again at the it's reasonable to have steel in the industry and the antidumping provisions but that's not the whole story at all. >> the administration is looking for creative ways to overcome amazing obstacles. to look at all of that different the different cases brought against china. something happens that is litigated. and nothing truly changes. i took a different view on this. if i want to buy a steel it steel for some in china.
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in the u.s. price as is maybe 900 let's say. as long as it's not radioactive advocates really between me and that person. i don't think it's dumping. even if china's government. how can the capitalistic company compete against that because we saw a lot of them go out of business. i think that's something we have to hammer them on. i want to see us get to the point where we have a 5% uniform tariff across the board. verbally focusing on sticks. we should be focused on the carrots. you can lower their taxes. deregulation and making low-cost energy readily
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available. i like to see more of a focus on the. i think this administration is can it try every tool in the toolbox. we know that they said the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of under -- other people's money. it always ends in violence and bloodshed. that's coming up next. here. [wife] hi [dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [chancellor] adam baily. [chancellor] adam baily.
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we are back with the breaking news out of paris one police officer has been killed and asis has claimed responsibility. enter, give us an update on what's happening there. i know it's pretty hectic and there is still a lot of concern about what may or may not be happening. >> it looks like there has been one attacker that was killed and involved in the attack. they haven't raided his home in the eastern part of paris. the most thing right now is
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get within his network and get ahead of its reaction cycle so that in belgium were perhaps he came from they can start digging into his networks, his contacts and add those people those accomplishments accomplishment before they can flee. witnesses said it looked like a collision. does that tell you anything additionally. clearly evidence that isis had upright -- a high degree of probability that they were involved. the do not exist in terrorist attacks in the united states. the central paris is on lockdown. pictures of absolute chaos. inside government protesters clashing.
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and just today general motors announced that they shut down altogether after the authorities seized the only factor that they have. you been an advocate of socialism. it's been a great example. i am a big critic of socialism. and it's so sad when things are going on in venezuela right now. people are starving and venezuela. he has been doing really well. he's protected by armed guards. and the citizens are purchasing in the street. this is what we see with socialism. the elite are protected. the middle class in the port suffer. in the saddest part about the example these people really
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thought things would get better for 40 years. this is the failed promise of socialism. and taking freedom and liberty and money away. and to the point. 75% of lost lost 19 pounds on average during this crisis. for an ideology that spreads the wall. it never seems to happen. it looks like we've done this extraordinarily ugly. and i think a lot of it has to do with a drop in oil prices. venezuela can't really do much without oil. let's be honest. when oil was soaring they were so cocky and arrogant that they still for many western nations and the ones they did it feel from.
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low oil may have exasperated what was going on now. even when crude oil was at a hundred dollars per barrel. the demands the protesters are making they coalesce around three points. free and fair elections, the release of political prisoners, and to get rid of supreme court justices. that basically tries to neuter the congress last week. there's no doubt that corruptions at the root. to that point is there any chance of democracy now because i read reports where maduro was arming civilians the problem is not necessary the problem is that government is too big and too powerful in
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venezuela. forget oil prices. if government is this big and continue to take peter -- freedom and liberties away from people and you don't have the balance between free enterprise and government ownership they will do whatever they want. we have a lot of breaking news it will cut this one short. we will come back and talk about this in the future. in the meantime gop healthcare hail mary could be in the works. it still might not had enough votes to get past. this might be the linchpin to everything
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so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: as the party verges on the boy that called wolf, representative tom mcarthur working with the freedom caucus, particularly member mark meadows on a compromise that had president trump sounding very confident today. the goal is to pick up as many members of the freedom caucus. thanks for joining us. the mcarthur amendment, it seems -- it takes issues central to the concerns of the freedom
6:31 pm
caucus and kind of kicks them to the states. have you polled your members, you yourself, is this okay with you? >> i have not polled members, i have been making calls trying to find out what's going on. we are dealing with bullet points and ideas. and tentative agreements, and we have to see the language. and i will say that's everybody is working real hard to give president trump a victory. they want to do everything they to be deliver on this short of repealing obamacare. that's what's causing all the problem. we -- charles: you have come to grips with that, though. you have come to grips with the fact that this will not be a repeal, it will be some form of compromise short of repeal. so you have given up a big chunk
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of what drove your passion. what else are you willing to give up? >> i don't know that i'm willing to give a straight repeal. but what is the amendment going to look like? and odds are it's not going to be at least for me personally since i promised repeal, i don't know how you can go back on your promise to repeal. charles: representative mark meadows has been involved in this, he's look out for his caucus colleagues. so he wouldn't sell you down the river, per se, he would try to cobble together something that can squeak through and they think they can get 20 members of your caucus. >> you have to understand most of the people in our caucus. we would like to get to a yes on something. but we haven't taken an official
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position. we have been trying to work through and mark has worked very hard, and they are trying to get something done. but at the same token some of us say the easiest thing to do would be to repeal this. then we can work on the other aspects of it. so it gets back to the central benefits being kicked to the states. preexisting conditions being astates option. i'm not sure where you are with the subsidies and some of the other things in there. but there has to be more other than not just going for full repeal that the freedom cue discuss is willing to give and accept. >> i think there are many people whimming to do these things. the things that drive costs down
6:34 pm
are the repeal of the community ratings and moving to the high-risk pools to a separate pool. people are talking about that. that's what they are willing to work on. and that's what we are hearing. but it still becomes another lever for the federal bureaucrat, in this instance, tom price or in the next administration after two terms. they get to determine for that waiver. this is a 10-year bill. charles: i think the white house will put everyone on the spot next week. hopefully over the weekend everyone can figure this out. for more on this gop healthcare hail mary i want to bring in our panel. john, you have been privy to this, you have seen how some of the pieces moved together.
6:35 pm
you helped with it in fact. why do you think the headline today was there is enough in there to liewrp 20 freedom caucus members over? >> because fit might. but i think they are focused on the wrong thing. they are focus on regulation. how do you prevent discrimination against people with preexisting conditions. they need to be focused on how you create a market where health plans actively try to recruit patients with problems and get good pat solving those problems. if that were the focus it would sail through the house. charles: the main issue is the idea premiums will have to continue to go through the roof, particularly in this latest version. it's tough. how do you hold back premium increases? >> what i'm saying is even if you put expensive people in a
6:36 pm
risk pool, you need to have competition and need to reward the health plan. if cancer treatment centers of america. get the market to solve your problems instead of thinking regulation is going to solve it. charles: i'm a free market guy but i think government is in this so deep, i don't know if thee can get them in. how does it get done? >> it's -- one of the reasons it's so tricky is because as representative biggs was expressing. every member of congress has a district to whom he or she is accountable. the reason there can be more toldouts is their districts
6:37 pm
demand that kind of behavior. so i think it's going to be tough to pass a bill with a reconciliation mechanism stage one bill that would stand a chance of meeting the criteria we need, and as john so lightly points out, we'll have to break the filibuster in the senate to get market reforms passed. that would be a win for everyone. charles: when president trump was putting this together, he had the same kind of obstacles. but i witnesses democrat politicians fall on their political swords to pass it through for him. why aren't republicans falling on their swords to get this through. >> because for 8 years we were
6:38 pm
screaming from the mountaintop, repeal obamacare, repeal all of it. we give the freedom caucus a bad wrap a lot. -- a bad rap a lot, but there are a lot of moderates opposed to this as well. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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charles: breaking news. fox news confirming the islamic state is claiming responsibilities for that deadly shooting of a police officer in paris.
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charles: prosecutors announcing they identified the attacker in paris but will not release his name until they assess whether he had accomplices. reporter: this is right by isis'
6:42 pm
playbook. identifying soft target and targeting security forces. they said they were going to do, they advertised it and they are executing it. charles: the use of a kalashnikov, does that add another element to it? >> it's a weapon others use. when you look at what's going on on social media you will find that they are actually promoting such as this, for weapons of choice in executing times of prongs we see here today. charles: more recently we have seen automobiles and trucks being used. folks took that as a sign isis
6:43 pm
had run out of options. the use of automatic weapons adds a new dimension to this. reporter: isis is taking a solid chapter out of the al qaeda playbook. it's all part of what they are training and building the people they are recruiting to execute attacks such as this. quite frankly we need to make sure we understand that law enforcement and security forces are going to be a primary target. they are using paris and places in europe primarily as vulnerability tests before they start ex outing this on american soil. charles: now the market. we have hard data evidence looking like the wheels of commerce are moving infaster from the financial point of
6:44 pm
view. the result from csx served as a monitor. it was coal that was amazing. involve growth but a 31% surge in revenues as well. results bode well with still dynamics. their earnings reports was remarkable. operating margins expanded 85% from a year ago. the company offered strong guidance. management said we believe the 2016 automobile consumption will be studied and there will be additional growth in the infrastructure and energy sector. on the consumer side there was american express. they posted results that underscore greater consumer spending around the world.
6:45 pm
the rest of the world was up 7%. then there are regional banks. they are having a great week. key bank, zion's. i mentioned brick and mortar retail. foot locker shook off a disappointing fourth square. this reflects consumer discretionary spending. folks are expecting to go out and eat again. chipotle made an today it was buffalo wild wings. while we would all love to have the trump economic agenda to happen overnight, this economy has picked up steam. steve mnuchin makes a promise of tax reform. my market commentary are next.
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charles: it was another record day for the nasdaq composite. the company's blowout earnings with 28% on huge volume because in part 16% was short. lots of folks betting against this market or waiting for the crash. i keep saying make your portfolio great gun again and focus on great american companies. president trump will visit snap-on tools highlighting this is a great american business. i would be a big buyer of the
6:50 pm
stock. it's extremely oversold and i think it could double in the next few years. up 6%. 94% to go. it was a grand slam. jason, i'll start with you. the shorts are getting slaughtered. i guess we have gotten spoiled after november 8. i'm bullish, where are you? >> very, very bullish. i think we are in a stable environment. bonds yields are not rocketing higher, they are coming back down. the market is still confident lower taxes are on the horizon in a sense, and i think we'll see all this being bought in the major indices. i think investors are scared about the market is potentially
6:51 pm
overval used so you will have to look outside of the major indifficult sees. >> i will let you squeeze in one. i'm not afraid of the p.e. ratios if we get the growth. i'm saying we are seeing it before the trump agenda kicks in. >> investors say there are risks for the market. but it's troublesome when you see secretary mnuchin talk about tax reform and the market goes up. earnings are extremely important and the first quarter was extremely strong. that's encourage for investors. but you look at the geopolitical risk and things out of donald trump's control that are causing jitters. charles: we have to come back
6:52 pm
and talk about this. we'll be right back next.
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charles: fox news confirming the islamic state is claiming responsibility for that deadly shooting of a police officer with a war weapon in paris. the gunmen wounds two other officers before he was shot and killed. this is two days before the french election. paul, i want to go back to you. we had an interesting conversation on the philadelphia. you think this is sort of a beginning, a filling out process for an an assault against law enforcement. >> there is no question about that. this is the embryonic stage of what will be a much large per more tactical approach that we'll see take to the american soil.
6:56 pm
there is no question about it. these are called vulnerability testing. they are definitely targeting security forces. the french police are going to find this out when they study tape and they find the shooter who had been in this location in the days and weeks prior to this today. this is something we need to pay much closer attention to because it clearly is going to come to american soil. charles: one of the candidates in the election is calling for the election to be suspended. according to catherine herridge, the shooter is from belgium, although they were searching a residence he may have or shared in paris as well. the election, lee carter. essentially four people anywhere between 24-25%.
6:57 pm
the question mark is who will be in the runoff with le pen. she has called for an end to all immigration. she was coming across a little bit more to the center even though we know that's not what where her party was. >> her numbers are probably going to come up as a result of these events. if you look right now. it's 24-23. a lot of people think the deal is done for mccomb. people supporting le pen are really firm in their support. that will be important to know moving into this. charles: mark serrano, this feels like the u.s. elections. le pen has great crowds,
6:58 pm
flag-waving french folks. they feel like they have been forgotten by the he athletes and the military loves her. this is what's saw in america. >> we go back to the american election. it was the establishment chicken little telling us markets would crash, currencies would tank and the sun would stop shining. neither one of those things happened. she is moving herself to be on the right side of history. she is calling to deport criminal illegal aliens from that country. i have been in paris and france. all you need to do is go through the markets and see the muslim enclaves who have not been required to assimilate in their society. it's a globalist disaster.
6:59 pm
that's why her opponent is calling to have the elections delayed, because he's going to lose. charles: i find it compelling that isis continues to have these sort of attacks, helping to elect an official, a leader who would go to war with them. do they want president trump to win? do they want le pen to win? >> this is unbelievably bad strategy from isis. you have two weeks ago for the first time if the united states strike a syrian government facility and potentially entering the syrian civil war against assad. all isis had to do to survive at this point was not do anything. charles: paul, does this attack you are anticipating in america, the potential time frame? >> they are here, they have been here and they are here.
7:00 pm
there is no doubt about it. their clock is different from ours. that's why we need to be extremely diligent. tragedy in paris france, we'll continue to monitor it for you. lou dobbs is next. tom: i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs. the islamic state claiming responsibility for an attack that killed a paris police officer. a gunman with an automatic weapons opened fire on police, killing one officer, seriously wounding two others before police shot and killed him. sources say the gunman had been previously flagged as an extremist. fox news chief white house corr


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