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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 21, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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tom: presen bre peyton and nick, thank you very much. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: have conservative and moderate republicans struck a deal on healthcare? house speaker paul ryan says yes. hillary clinton reportedly livid over the new book on her campaign collapse. richard fowler has more on the hunt for the leakers. grab a spoon. it's time to feast. there is a noticeable difference in the way people feel and talk about marijuana. even if you don't smoke pot or agree with legalization. hear me out with the economics of all of this.
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it used to be a damn hickey stoner drug is being viewed with a more rational acceptance. 27% of adults live in a state with legal their juana. last move -- legal marijuana. 53% of people gave it thumbs up to medical or recreational use. the green tide has turned and there are plenty of miraculous stories of young children with various seizure disorders being helped with cannabis oil. but the real story on this day is the overwhelming economic impact weed is having. by conservative estimates the $5 billion a year industry will con pound by 17% by year.
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by 2025 it could be a $24 billion endeavor. there could be new jobs growing, cultivating, lighting and manufacturing, and the edibles industry. if you are just fine with craft beer and small batch whiskey, don't turn up your snobby noles at people who are trying. attorney general jeff sessions made it all too clear he hates the mj. hopefully he won't stand in the way of progress and he can puff past the savings to entrepreneurs to by getting the justice department to focus object real issues. the only crime here is turning back the clock on an industry that has seen the green future.
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i'm kennedy. should the feds recognize the direction the smoky winds are blowing county country tore try to put -- blowing the countrier try to put out the weed. we were supposed to have the co-founder of dcmj, the group that helped legalize marijuana in washington, d.c. but he was arrested at a pot rally today on capitol hill. he spearheaded an effort to hand out 1,000 joints. instead his hands are in little silver cuffs. let's talk about the issue. i think there are a lot of people hop watch the show who
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are with those 60%. i don't smoke marijuana, i don't partake in any sort of h sd. but i do d any sort of thd. but i do see friends and relative who have been helped by medical marijuana. >> the poll said 49% for legalization. but the tide has been turning and i'm not going to doubt that. medical marijuana if it's for cancer pain and six months to live. i don't care if they want to use heroin, meth. if it comforts our last few nos we don't want anyone to be suffering. the average medical marijuana holder is a 32-year-old with back pain fan anxiety an wants to smoke marijuana. kennedy: i disagree with the effects of some of the drugs on the market.
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it doesn't mean they should be illegal. just because you are passing judgment. maybe they don't like being hung over. maybe they do have an anxiety disorder and find their symptoms are leave yaitd. >> i don't care if adults smoke a join in the privacy of their own home. if you want to decriminalize it for adults, whatever. i don't think it feds have gone after anybody smoking a joint. the issue is not an adult's right to use. the issue is do we want a new industry with the commercialization and dla glamourization that's gone on. this is about making a small number of people very rich. kennedy: there are places that teach people -- you laugh condescendingly, but there are
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parts of this legislation written in places like colorado and california that allow for people to cultivate and grow themselves, so they can have control over the strains they partake in, and they can participate in the economy just like someone could if they started driving for uber or lift. >> it should stop there. but it's turned into a massive industry. kennedy: there are billions of dollars pulling into taken economy. what's wrong with that. >> it's a huge problem. if we are going to compete with india and china. they are laughing at us that we think it's good for our workforce. kennedy: i didn't realize yaind was morally superior to us or china somehow because they are laughing at tour freedom. >> not a bert system. but other countries aren't
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promoting a lack of ambition drugs. and this is a about a lack of ambition and especially for developing brains before age 30. college age and high school, that's extremely harmful. kennedy: high school use of marijuana has gone down in colorado since marijuana has been legalized there. >> that's a bad study. >> it's not a bad study. >> the on representative survey in colorado found they are the number one state in the country for marijuana use. the driving issue as well. i think this is an interesting point, and i respect your points. but you talk about, we are going to dwell aught this money and jobs. that's like looking at a business and saying look at all the revenue we have gotten without looking at the other side of the balance sheets which is the costs.
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the costs are the drunk driving costs, mental illness issues. more kids are arrested for pot because they are bringing it to school. you have a black market thriving in colorado. kennedy: i forgot the cure for a black market is to make everything illegal. >> the black market is un plenty of people don't want to pay 30% tax on their weed. they will go to their friends who grows it in their backyard. the mexican cartels have grown since legalization. kennedy: kevin, thank you very much for your time, i appreciate. let's go to our freshly varnished party panel, kristen haglund.
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and democratic pollster jess tatar love. what a d tarlov. what a night. the house of representatives will likely vote on a new healthcare plan next wednesday. they are still on break. so they can't vote right now because they are having so much fun on vai kay. the last plan failed spectacularly when they couldn't get the votes. angry voters have been giving the got what for. earfuls at town halls, and we don't have any details on his marvelous new plan, but we are told it's the first thing on the agenda next week and the vote could happen then. kennedy: can republicans get 'er done next week?
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how confident are you they will come together to head off embarrassment? >> not much confidence tonight but we don't have that's details to go on right now. there are a lot of republicans who said this is something we can't take away from people. they have gotten that under obamacare. we won't have a cbo score, i presume. a lot of people screaming, a new healthcare plan that takes away insurance for 20 million people is not what we want. >> the house speaker reached out to freedom caucus and the tuesday group which is the more moderate republicans from state where hillary clinton actually won. so there tend to be more moderate voters in those states. what kind of compromise -- is it possible to have a bridge between these two groups? >> it might have been if they had done this before, the first one.
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but they let the air out of their balloon and some people won't want to be seen anne as compromising. they had their opportunity, they had complete republican domination, and first 100 days of the trump administration and paul ryan being the policy wonk. but necessity blew it and i -- but they blew it. kennedy: the people caucus wants state wafers. -- state waivers. is that the most important? is that the line in the sand? >> yes, they want to bring down premiums. if you get rid of the mandates for preexisting conditions, that will bring premiums down. but premiums will skyrocket for people who have gotten used to
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having these conditions covered. even though premiums are high, if you tell them you will take away the services they had. it's politically poisonous. i don't think republicans have a lot of options and this is just the latest. unless they get off the messages of repealing and replacing and figure out how to tackle other economic areas and innovations they can add into the sean here. they are stuck in a bad messaging spiral and they are not going to get success. they need to move off of it. kennedy: the white house and republican leaders said to be hard at work on tax reform during the break. president trump has been pushing to cut corporate and personal taxes. a big 1-2 punch for the economy. steve mnuchin said it's unlikely to happen before august. regardless, a number of fiscally
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conservative groups are pressing the white house. so. >> the political hot potato, tax reform really complicated. there are a number of conservative economists who are telling the president, why don't you combine corporate tax reform with an infrastructure bill and tackle the individual stuff. >> that's a good idea. i would hope conservative groups would be pressuring the administration to deal with spending as well. how many republican presidents come in and say we'll stimulate the economy with tax cuts. and it wouldn't goes so far if you increase spending. we did this with the bush administration and we did this with the first bush administration. i was hoping a republican congress and republican
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congress -- kennedy: even when you do, george w. bush was awful. he never vetoed legislation. tax cuts do some time late the economy. democrats don't like to hear that. >> tax cut are good for the economy as well. there are ways to do this. what i'm worried about if democrats are too excited about what happened with the healthcare failure then we'll not deal at all. i think we need to deliverables in 2018 and 20 to take back the house and senate. kennedy: they are so obsessed with the house and the senate, they forget about people working hard who don't have much to show for it. >> they say you slash that right to 15%, it will drive investment
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and economic growth. but then house and senate members are look at what deliverables can i take back to my district. if you do cut that corporate rate and have a bill that's not necessarily revenue neutral. no one has been able to agree on the tax. so settle for simple and get a legislative win on the calendar. >> they both need to show a great economy. they need to show economic growth. the bottom line is the bottom line. secretary of state rex tillerson says it's just a matter of time before iran goes nuclear. lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins me with reaction next.
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kennedy: the trump administration warning that islamic republic of iran may be getting its hand on a obama.
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>> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea. the jcpoa fails to achieve an objective of a non-nuclear iran. kennedy: does iran posing a great a nuclear threat as north korea? here to discuss is lieutenant colonel ralph peters. welcome back. let us talk about this. was the objective of this deal ever to have a non-nuclear iran? >> the objective of the iran nuke deal known as the joint coordinated plan of action was to give john kerry and president trump a huge foreign policy triumph. that was the purpose. the secondary purpose was to delay iran's development of
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nuclear weapons. it started out to end negotiations. but to use a mundane comparison, basically iranians are great negotiators. the persians invented chess, for heavens sake. kerry and obama walked into that automobile sales showroom and told the salesman i have to have that vehicle. kennedy: the sanctions were lifted and most of what was owed was paid on implementation day. is there any undoing of this deal in your mind? >> yes, there is. first let's remember, they not on got money and some of the sanctioned lifted. they also got a free hand to rampage across the east in
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because obama was afraid to oppose him. we bullied the europeans into approving this. but now the europeans are doing business with iran and so is the u.s. long range missile sanctions can be broadened and expand. sanctions aren't a perfect silver bullet, but they help, and they punish. at the end of the day iran was hurting before obama sold the farm. let's go back to one of your favorite philosophers, cindy lauper. money changes everything. kennedy: it seems there is a difference between iran's comportment and that of north korea.
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do you fear if iran achiefs the same nuclear capability as north korea, that they will go equally. >> it's like asking would you rather have smallpox or cholera. both are bad. but seriously, north korea is the greatest threat because they have got nukes now, and they have -- the leader of north korea seems to be maladjusted. he's a whack job. kennedy: and that haircut. >> iran has regional ambitions. it's very, very dangerous. dangerous to our interests, it will be dangerous to israel. but first of all --
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kennedy: we are running out of time and i have one last question. who is going to be responsible for blowing up the world? >> vladimir putin. hopefully it won't get that far. but the likeliest possibility of a nuclear exchange is with north korea. years down the road, it's a crazy world. kennedy: thank you very much for your time. coming up, hillary clinton is apparently not happy about the embarrassing details on her campaign. she reportedly is on a witch hunt about who leaked the info. online u.s. equity trades... ♪ realize the smartest investing idea, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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kennedy: hillary clinton is on the war path and reportedly furious about a new book on her doomed campaign and wants to know who leaked all the stories to the authors. last night we had the authors on the show where they told us how president trump had to get involved after her election night disaster. >> president obama said you have to concede. whether it was time to concede. kennedy: according to the book clinton later called president obama and said in a sheepish voice, i'm sorry. but now her inner circle
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launched a witch hunt to find out who leaked the juicy details of her historic collapse. should she and her fellow democrats just move on? so this was not entirely surprising to learn some of the details from the campaign that hillary clinton was very indecisive and speech writers were sitting down in 2015 trying to cast her vision and had a tough time doing it because she couldn't decide what her personal vision was for the future and one of the speech writers went on record to talk about how difficult it was. when you lose the campaign don't the rats judge' off the ship and go to the island of journalism? >> you have the tell-all books. this is par for the course.
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somebody has to make some money so people will start leaking like an ocean. i think it's time for the democrats to move on and the folks on the hillary clinton campaign, focus on outlining what the new democratic party looks like. kennedy: there are some problems on the horizon. shouldn't they be more concerned about finding the next generation of leaders together. a lot of people think it was huma abedin that sold out her old boss. >> i have no idea whether it's huma or not. what's most important is the georgia special election and the montana special election. those are big deals for democrats. and our focus should be resisting donald trump and south lining what our vision of america is.
12:31 am
as newt gingrich says our contract with america. we need the brain power from the hillary clinton team to help us with that. kennedy: these are not partisan hacks. these were journalists who covered her race from the hill and other publications who really had been hearing stories for a long time and were able to do some reporting and researching. i even asked one of the writers she she was drunk and throwing stuff on election tonight. he said they had nothing to back up that story. >> let me tell you this. you could have the smartest wor. what make its campaign great is the candidate. what made obama so great wasn't that he had an amazing campaign team. he had a goos good message and
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knew how to engage people. i don't know if donald trump was the best candidate. but what americans were stuck with was the battle between two worsts. kennedy: u.c. berkeley putting the muzzle on a conservative speaker. this time it's ann coulter. how much of your tax dollars does u.c. berkeley receive annually? ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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kennedy: welcome back. before the break i asked how much federal funding does u.c. berkeley receive annually. the answer is $370 million in party cash. most of which goes towards repairing broken windows after a conservative speaker shows up on campus. it's a situation they were trying to avoid when they canceled ann coulter last week. they were forced to punt. coulter is the third conservative speak tore get shut down this year. but she is vowing to go anyway, and tweeted that no school
12:37 am
accepting federal funds can began free speech. does she have a point? anthony, you are right about peach -- you write about speech extensively. is this an example of a coddled snowflake university like berkeley deciding what to expose their students to? >> it's both and it's worse than that. this is the hecklers' veto. you see u.c. berkeley going against the constitution in violation of the things attached to the federal funds saying people are going to act badly if you come here so we need to listen to them. that's the wrong message to send it's a cowardly thing.
12:38 am
kennedy: it's a form fascism. what better type of message to expose yourself to in college than one you completely disagree with. ann coulter is the latest in this. >> they are defining fascism by saying all these ideas are beyond the pale. >> to hide behind the security threat. you can make places secure for the president to come. there is a way. >> by canceling her spiecht incentivizes that behavior in the future. it shows it works. kennedy: like giving a kid a cookie during a tantrum.
12:39 am
>> this our next generation. there is a marked difference between when we were in school versus the kids who are there now. i call them kids because they are still in adolescence. and she is going to sell more books. they think this will hut her down. >> how many speakers did you have to sit through at college. if you only knew you had to threaten violence to get out of hearing them -- kennedy: we all did. >> i loved the marxists. kennedy: trey radel hopes to be part of the solution to the dysfunctional system. but he had a fall from grace. the former florida congressman
12:40 am
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kennedy: trey radel made national headlines when he was
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arrested buying cocaine in washington, d.c. he had only arrived in washington, d.c. earlier that year vowing to shake some sense into his fellow lawmakers. he has since gotten his life back together. an has written a book. he says his front-page screwup has given him insight into how bad the government dysfunction is. there is your book. when did you get all hopped up on the bolivian bugger sugar. i'm the first to poke fun at
12:45 am
myself and i do throughout the book. by the was a very dark time in life. after my bust i went through a dark period. with anything in life all of us have our ups and downs. i'm happy to be here. kennedy: are you completely sober? >> i joan a beer here and there. for a year i stopped drinking. i weren't to aa. i worked the steps. it just wasn't for me. kennedy: do you regret resigning. >> no, i do not. there was a lot more behind the scenes, investigation, death threats. but there is a certain freedom that you have when you resign and you are no longer in office and you can speak freely about what happened in washington, d.c. the good, the bad and the ugly. kennedy: it can be really ugly. the nice thing is there is a
12:46 am
newish wave of libertarian-leaning republicans like you who decided they are not going to be bullied around by anyone. and they make life difficult for the establishment leadership. do you have a desire to get back into politics? >> never. >> it's not on my shoulders any more. i loved serving. even fit was romantically naive. i loved meeting with people and trying to do good things for the country. kennedy: what are you doing now? >> the business i started does media training. kennedy: you were a newscaster before you were a horrible sold to bribe congressman. >> i have been a journalist and politician. one of the things i do is i help people through crisis situations
12:47 am
and it's fulfilling. kennedy: when you look at this new presidency and you look at sean spicer do you think he's doing a good job managing the crises given to him? >> he's doing the best he can. the news cycle for the past year and a half is unlike anything i have ever seen. it's totally insane. it's nuts. but what makes it so nuts for the republican party is now republicans are learning just how difficult it is to govern. it's easy to raise a certain middle finger at the white house for 8 years and say i am not going to do that. go back to constituent and say look what i did, i said no. but now paul ryan has the task of gathering -- herding cats. people who are ideologically divided. kennedy: but there are angry
12:48 am
tomcats ready to mate. will he lose his speakership if he fails on healthcare? >> i don't think anybody want the job. who would want that job? republicans are seeing how difficult it is to bring together moderate and conservatives. president trump says you know what? i'm tired of this people caucus. i'm going to get enough democrats on board and govern with a coalition made up of moderate or democrats and institutional republicans. given i'm a conservative and libertarian one. kennedy: would you be a freedom caucusser. >> i hate the boxes, you are an alcoholic, democrat, liberal, conservative. people are complicated. all of us. i hate the boxes and caucuses. i worked extensively with
12:49 am
democrats on many issues. and the war on drugs and criminal justice reform. we need more people willing to step out of the box. thank you have for being here. nice to see you. coming up, it's fashion week in maine. we'll tell you what they are ♪ say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state.
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kennedy: legend has it 420 got it name from a group of student who smoked pot before their airport got home. in honor of all you jokers, smokers and paranoid midnight tokers, here is the "topical storm." i said everyone should be required to learn cpr because you never know when you will have to try to save a dying pigeon. a woman was walking down the street when she reportedly came across a ping on who overdosed at a flock of seagulls concert. some say the pigeon died because
12:54 am
it head slumped back at the end of the video. the good samaritan died of bird flu. topic number two. bruce springsteen is such a man of the people. and like all friends of the common man he spent the last week lounging on a yacht with president obama, tom hangs and oprah. the crew that's so spectacularly rich, they are using people as furniture. but the other boss baby took a break from punting lobsters off the cal bonnie with oprah so he could release a protest song against president trump. let's take a listen.
12:55 am
oh, god. the song is called -- he also sings don't tell me a lie and sell it as a fact. i have been down that road before and i ain't going back. apparently he was referring to obama's promise if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. that will make thing very awkward during their morning couples massage. topic number three. you have got to be careful if you heat pot brownies because all that weed can kill your ambition, then you will accomplish nothing, then the next thing you know, variety will give you a lifetime achiefment award.
12:56 am
just -- achievement award at friday's women in power luncheon. they are also honoring hillary at the people who are almost in power luncheon. chelsea has written self non-selling children's books. and she did have a few correspondent's gigs despite having no qualifications to be on air. take it from me, i know about not being qualified to be on air. i digress. it's hard to call shenanigans after seeing this. congratulations, chelsea. you really earned it.
12:57 am
topic number four. 420 would not be complete without watching a silly animal video. this one is next level cute. a maine farm released this video of tiny goats wearing little sweaters they borrowed from little marco rubio. their mother is named joanna. but she is moving on to greener pastures. he was hazy on the details. but he mentioned something about a failed drug test. over million people just watched your adorable video. no matter where life take you you have already done more for society than chelsea clinton.
12:58 am
i chink it with a straw because the bubbles hurt my teeth. topic number five. if you see smoke drifting through the air, it come remnants of snoop dogg's party. this is viewer mail. gary sparks it up with i watch the "topical storm" and find it endlessly fascinating to try to decide if all those facial ticks are entertainment or a desperate cry for help. they are your entertainment and my desperate cry for help. mark writes, young, dumb and libertarian is no way to go through life. this just in. i got a compliment in the mail. let's see what sam says.
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he says kennedynation, you are very not bad. well, i peed on the couch again. kevin has a two-part comment. you are not intelligent or intellectual so stop trying to act like the. and lose the stupid glasses and absurd hairdo. of all things, my hair is pretty straightforward. there are so many things you could pick on that is filled with absurdity. my hair is the least of which. paul puts the cap on the week with an affectionate, kennedy, you idiot. thank you for watching the show. please follow me on twitter and instagram on kennedynation.
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and email at look at that sassy purple dress. you can borrow it if you are in new york. video collection. welcome to our first show that we're doing. i'm real excited. careful, you'll smear my lipstick. (laughter) (lively music) good evening, sir. ♪ (laughter) my goodness. ♪ millions of people are demanding my return to the screen. -what's so funny? -we are. (tarzan yell) (applause) why the hell don't the two of you go on home and let me watch my tv? (goofy laugh) (tim) mrs. wiggins? hello? goodnight, thank you. (applause) well, hello. i'm carol burnett,


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