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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 21, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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lauren: we are going to say happy friday morning to maria bartiromo. maria: hi, there ladies, thanks so much. good morning, everybody, thanks for being here. it is friday april 21st, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump looks to roll back more regulation today. he will be signing three executive actions including one targeting dodd-frank. treasury secretary steven nuif addressing the administration's priorities on financial regulation just yesterday. >> we believe in proper regulation. this isn't about having no regulation but as it relates as reform, making sure that our banks can lend and that this doesn't put our taxpayers at risk. maria: this coming as the house can vote on repealing and replacing obamacare next week. a lot of talk that they are close at this point. we have all the details coming up this morning.
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earning season, two big ones today. investors are expecting update on cost-cutting plans. the stock at 30.27 a shares. ge's results could drive the dow today. a dow component. take a look at the broader averages. dow jones industrial average is expected to open better on the session, up 3 points. nasdaq also firmer with a gain of about 10 points right now n. europe markets are a little changed. take a look at the indices, the dax index higher by a fraction. in asia overnight markets closed mostly higher with the exception of hong kong. the nikkei average best performer in japan up better than 1%. to the latest developments out of paris, a terrorist attack yesterday striking the heart of the city, a police officer shot dead and it comes just days before the first vote in the presidential election in france, how that could affect the vote coming up? plus intense moments on the california highway to tell you about. a car drags a car look at this
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picture for 4 miles without the driver noticing that there's a car attached. there's a person in that car, by the way. more of this unbelievable video coming this morning. slow demand for motorcycles forcing layoffs at harley davidson, could be affected, could have the news this morning and your credit card gets smart. master card showing with fingerprint sensor, all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, mitch rochelle is here and maslansky + partners lee carter. i think there's going to be a bigger week this upcoming week because once again, we are talking about health care and the tax package but it really does seem that the freedom caucus and tuesday group are coming together. >> they have to. we have to do something and move the country forward and there has to be middle ground that people can agree on.
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maria: are you surprised? dagen: no, there's a lot of pressure particularly coming out of the white house to get something legislatively done before the 100th day mark is hit, april 29th, potential government shutdown we have to worry about it. i'm always worried when things get rushed in washington. they don't dot their i's and cross their t's. it's seen as a victory if the house can push something out. maria: big victory. joining conversation former michigan congressman, oklahoma congressman tom coal is -- cole is here. first, though, president trump will sign three executive actions to advance administration's agenda in rolling back regulation that is will happen this afternoon. the president's latest executive order will unleash to identify and reduce tax burdens, he will also sign a presidential memo
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asking for review of dodd-frank and another memo is asking for assessment of financial stability of oversight council. president trump addressed regulationed in our interview just last week. >> we've done an amazing job on regulations. we have freed it up. we have freed up this country so much. the miners, the agency, we have freed up so much and we are getting great, great credit for it. we have done so much for so many people i don't think that there's a presidential period of time in the first 100 days where anyone has done nearly what we have been able to do. maria: so what about that? let's talk about that, mitch. during the president's campaign he vow toddies mantle dodd-frank and roll back regulations s this another step to achieving promises or do we see the impact? >> mnuchin obviously understands all of this, the too big to fail, some of the regulations,
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but they really should do what is easier focusing on small e institutions as opposed to smaller institutions, the local banks are the ones that can put capital in small towns across the country that jump-starts the economy. maria: that area has really been squeezed because of the regulatory burden. >> big money center bank that has the right balance sheet and right staff can comply with the rules of dodd-frank, small institutions just can't, what they do they don't make kinds of loans that they'll have problems complying with and those need immediate regulatory relief. i will go low as oppose to go high. dagen: one is related by the crack-down of the obama treasury -- the attempted trackdown of u.s. companies merging with
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overseas entities to try and lower their tax bills, but the way that they tried to change the tax law on all corporations through this action under the obama white house was burdensome for virtually every u.s. company and the way that they manged their cash, not to get too complicated, but they really started mucking with decades of tax law trying to prevent these companies from merging with entities overseas. this will be a huge relief if they can back -- if the trump white house can back off of this. maria: you can't have the same rule for a gigantic bank that you would for a smaller bank. dagen: right. maria: one size fits all and, in fact, that doesn't happen. lee: that's right. one of the big problems that we are seeing right now, i'm excite that had the regulations are being rolled back right now but i do think that the trump white house has not figured out messaging, they haven't been able to tell a story about what we are expecting just to say that we are having three more executive orderers or rolling back regulation, whoever tells the story is going to own the story and this is giving the democrats an opportunity to change the narrative here and make it sound like whatever it is that they want to and so i
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think they really need to do much better job in selling these things. dagen: instead all we see this morning in the news media is the photo of sarah palin and kid rock and ted nygen in the white house. they've been able to accomplish quite a bit internationally and even in the u.s. without these big tax -- like the tax and healthcare reform but they need -- they need to message that rather than who is visiting the white house. maria: yesterday steven mnuchin made a comment at the conference that he was at basically saying tax reform is happening soon and with that the market completely took off. when he does mention that and start messaging that, markets react. >> well, the market wants specificity so they get a more information and they react, the taxpayers want specificity and businesses want specificity and right now sort of a big wash of generalities.
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maria: listen, that i have been working. obviously something is coming together on health care. president trump expressed optimism in terms of replacing obamacare during a joint news conference when he was with the ial ape prime minister yesterday. he predict that had new legislation would come soon. listen to this. >> it was never a give-up. the press sort of reported that it was like a give-up, there's no give-up. we started, it took obamacare 17 months. i've really been negotiated this for two months, maybe even less than that because we had a 30-day period where we did lots of other things, the first 30 days. it is a continuation and the plan gets better and better and it's gotten really, really good and a lot of people are liking it a lot. we have a good chance of getting it soon. i would like to say next week. maria: next week could be critical. the negotiations are coming as lawmakers are trying to avoid a government shutdown next week. what about that? do americans look at the
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potential for government shutdown and also equate that to this uncertainty over health care, lee? lee: i would like to this that it's going to happen next week. i think the two-week recess has people saying what is happening. they are talking about having a conference call this weekend, hopefully we will know more on monday. if we end up in a shutdown situation it'll be interesting to see who is going to get blamed for that and is that going to look at republican ineffectiveness and really again this has got to be about who is telling the story and i really think that the republicans have to do a better job owning a story and really getting out in front of what's going on right now. maria: how do they do that? lee: they need to start talking more and get behind talking points. we have seen when everybody gets together on the same page and talking about the same thing over and over again, make america great again, america first.
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>> that was the case of tax reform. >> they were not doing that in health care at all. maria: they were not aligned. dagen: kellyanne conway is extremely strong on talking about health care. it was her idea and her foresight that it would be the premium increases and insurers dropping people off of health plans in october that would give trump a huge bump leading into the election last year. she saw that coming and knew how to message that. not enough people from the administration out there talking about all of these different initiatives and explaining them in a way. our focus is on sean spicer and the daily white house briefing every day to see if there's -- it's got to go beyond that. lee: has to go well beyond that and really beyond the white house. we have to get ryan, the freedom caucus, we have to get everybody on the same page because we are seeing that even support for repealing obamacare is falling and they are losing this messaging more. they need to get it back. dagen: that was one of the things that the democrats have
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try today hang their hat on, the support for keeping obamacare in place was picking up in the beginning to have year. >> one of the challenges with the government shutdown, they will need some votes from democrats around some topics which means they may be trading some of the points with repeal and replace. maria: good luck with that. they continue to say that they can't find a democratic vote. dagen: some of the democrats still want to make an issue of president trump's tax returns to hold up the spending bill. okay. maria: yeah. lee: who are the working for? dagen: i'm word free except for explicative. [laughter] maria: what the terrorism means for the presidential election, round one sunday night. why the motorcycle maker planning layoffs, we will tell
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you about it next think again.
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to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn. maria: welcome back, arkansas has executed first inmate since 2005. cheryl casone with the details, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria. ladel lee was pronounced dead right before midnight, four minutes before death warrant was due to expire.
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one of several inmates that arkansas plans to ce cute before a lethal drug expires on april 30th, brutal murder of neighbor back in 1993, arkansas originally scheduled eight executions over 11-day period, the most of any state since 1976, the first three were canceled because the court decision, two more inmates were said to be executed on monday. meanwhile an egyptian-american prisoner has returned to the u.s. after the trump administration quietly negotiated her release. ia jihassi and egyptian husband were imprisoned in 2014 after working in cairo at a a rehabilitation center for children. couple along with four other coworkers were charged with child abuse and trafficking charges which u.s. officials dismissed as false. the trump administration reportedly worked for several weeks with egyptian president to secure their freedom, this comes after obama administration fail
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today press sisi. well, harley davidson announcing plans to layoff a hundred workers and move those jobs to kansas city, missouri, it told employees of the plan of shift production back in november 2014 but this is coming after the company reported at 25.6% drop in quarterly profit citing a drop in shipments, earnings for share falling to a buck 5 cents, a drop of 31 cents from the previous year, guys, we are keeping an eye on big names. all right, general electric due out this morning. estimates putting earnings at 17 cents, revenue estimated to come in at 26.41 billion and then you have honeywell also reporting this morning with estimate 1.62,
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estimated 9.3 billion. a lot of numbers coming out again. maria: and they are dow components, that will set the market for sure. coming up iphones could be gearing up for makeover. what leaked images of iphone 8. frightening moments at california highway. a car was dragged by a truck for miles. there's a driver, by the way. stay with us [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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maria: welcome back, apple shares off to a strong start this year climbing better than 20%. take a look at that chart.
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samsung galaxy s8 is being released to date. no date of release of apple device but rumors claims apple will move the touch id to the back of the phones. joining us right now the editor of mashable, lance good to see you. >> thanks for having me. maria: not everybody is loving the idea. >> no, no, the idea that you want off screen. this is -- just to backup a little bit. apple rumors about iphone 8 has been going on since the iphone 7 released. it's been a more than a year of rumors so you have to take this with a grain of salt. a so-called leak from china, there's always stuff coming out of there, apple does a bunch of different designs but they might want to move the fingerprint reader to the back because they want all screen. samsung galaxy 8 plus. brand-new, infinity display.
6:22 am
there's no fiscal button on the front of here. they put the fingerprint reader on the back. apple wants to put their lowers, a terrible spot for the finger sprint reader. maria: thumb or index finger? >> i'm putting it over the camera so it drives me a little crazy. here is the problem -- maria: i think i like it here. >> we are used to it here. >> apple would really like to put it there but the problem is they can't figure out yet how to integrate the technology underneath the screen. this is why it's not here right now. that's why they weren't able to do it for samsung and supposedly apple has run into the exact same problem. maybe because if they didn't run into that problem you would actually have a hidden underneath here. there's a vibration under here but there's no fingerprint reader. it's a frustrating thing because this is apple's ten-year anniversary for the iphone, we want it to be special, we wan it
6:23 am
to look different. we want them to push the envelope but we don't want them to annoy us. maria: wow. i can see why that's annoying. dagen: what are some of the most annoying, complained about things in the 7 that -- that apple might try to fix? >> well, obviously with the 7 they took away the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. dagen: it's annoying because you can't use the headphones and charge the phone at the same time. maria: and you can't get the headphone that is you have. >> with every single iphone 7, they ship the dongle with it. they knew they were getting ahead of people a little bit. you can still use your old headphones, but it is something that people are concerned about using. i would say that's the biggest complaint but you know apple
6:24 am
sold tens of millions of these iphones and in particular the iphone 7 plus was the big seller, it didn't slow them down at all. there was no sort of aquilis heel. maria: what do you expect from samsung today? >> it needed to come back from the debacle, it is beautiful, it feels good. this one is actually 6.2-inch screen. s85.8-inch screen, it's also sort of a more narrow phone so the edges are curved and doesn't feel too big. the infinity display is gorgeous and everything looks brilliant on it. it's super fast. people are very excited about this phone. i think that samsung, which by the way is the leader on the android side will do well with it. lee: one of my questions is how
6:25 am
is that used with a case? is that more likely to break? >> so it's glass on both side. there are drop tests. >> give them to anybody in my family and we will drop them. >> i carried with a case as well, a beautiful case for it but i like to go case free because it's nice and thin and i want to make it thicker, i don't drop things too much. dagen: i slammed mics phone in the door and didn't crack, it dent but they replaced it but it didn't even crack. >> smartphone prices and i say the full price. we never use today say that because people use today carried it out through carrier and they had contracts and switch when they were allowed to. now, you still pay on a monthly basis but they've telling you the full price of the phone, the smaller one is like 750 and
6:26 am
pretty much in line with iphone. they start at 64 gigabyte of memory. dagen: if apple changes the iphone and the face of it, it's going to look like every other phone. >> it's very difficult to innovate in the smartphone space and stand out because they are all becoming the beautiful slabs of glass. maria: and they're all smart. >> they're all smart and fast. it's really a battle to do something that sets out. in the iphone 7 plus, for example, you have the two cameras, you have something called the portrait mode. that's actually a real stand-out feature. dagen: they need to add to smaller phones. >> it's 12 megapixels. that may make difference. that's all people care about. [laughter] >> excuse me, i have to get one right now. [laughter] maria: lance, great stuff.
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maria: earnings the story on wall street, general electric results to drive the dow and investors look for an update on the cost-cutting plans. activist investor nelson powell at $30.32 a share, ge has been pretty stable over the last year. markets are mixed, down industrial slip into negative territory, the s&p and nasdaq up 8 points was markets are little changed. the big movers the cac quarante in paris down 1/2%, the other average fractionally moving. in asia markets mostly high with the nikkei average the best
6:31 am
performer better than one person was another terrorist attack strikes paris yesterday. isis has claimed responsibility for this strike which left one police officer dead, three other people injured, the attack ahead of a highly contested election in france, mike pence weighed in on the escalating war on terror. >> we will not relent in our fight against terrorism and i pledge continued cooperation against terrorism. maria: the comments coming as the world faces escalating threat in north korea. they are promising a super mighty preemptive strike against the united states. the latest on the rising tension ahead. shocking moment on a california highway, a truck dragged another car four miles before the driver of the truck noticed what was happening. the unbelievable moment as the car dragged with a person in it was one car coming off the road, the tesla model-lapse, the
6:32 am
company recalling thousands of model x vehicles over problems with the parking brake is what you need to know. put a finger on spending, we are looking at the new fingerprint sensor. earnings, the company beating revenue and earnings this morning, earnings coming it $.17 a share, revenue better than expected coming and above wall street analysts, watching for a move in the stock, better than the estimate which cause revenue of 26.$1 billion, ge coming up on expectations, stock is up 3 quarters of 1%, impacting the broader market. your thoughts on ge and the overall earnings period. >> we expect it to be strong, a couple surprises.
6:33 am
this is in line with everything else, we still had last quarter, a sharp reversal after five consecutive quarters of down earnings so the momentum of confidence is high and some of the companies reported today in the infrastructure space and how those companies perform. dagen: we talked about this yesterday. looking at the stock market, better signs showing up not just in the stock market but the bond market with a drop in yield, the yield went up yesterday with the rally in the stock market, you have seen copper and iron ore prices tumbling in the wall street journal today, leadership swinging away from the hot stocks like the financials back to the safety of utility real estate companies which you know well so there is concern if you look beneath or in the broad financial markets. maria: when you look at something like that, an
6:34 am
important metal to look at, building homes and cars, it is an economic indicator. to see iron or take the dive it has tells you about the economy. dagen: copper is used in building homes, building cars. >> of lightning yield curve and selloff out of these, an indicator of slow down. dagen: first quarter looks good. maria: honeywell beating expectations, $1.71 versus $1.62 so honeywell and ge better-than-expected this morning, putting a firmer tone to the market, we will see if these other indicators whether it is tax receipts or metals, we watch the economy. another terrorist attack in paris. isis claiming responsibility for the shooting that killed one police officer and wounded three other people, officers shot and killed the 39-year-old gunman
6:35 am
who remains unnamed. officials said he was detained in february for threatening police, then he was freed. investigators are combing through a home in a paris suburb, donald trump condemned the attack yesterday. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france, this happening, i saw it as i was walking in, a terrible thing, terrible thing going on in the world today and like another terrorist attack is what can you say? it never ends. we have to be strong and vigilant. maria: the president tweet toed this will have an impact on the french election. this is happening days before the first round of france's election, could push voters to favor the populace candidate, during an interview on a radio show this morning she called in state french borders saying, quote, it is time to stop being
6:36 am
naïve. donald trump tweeted the attack in france will have an impact on the election was around one of the french election happens sunday night and the second round to choose the next president is may 7th. joining us is navy seal, author of enemies foreign and domestic, good to see you, thanks for joining us. important book. i want to ask your thoughts of what is going on in paris. >> the sixth attack in three years and yet they have this terrorist watchlist that is different, a definition of how you get on a terrorist watchlist, and a lot of them, 70% are not even is was what are they still doing their? get the mouse his friends is not been proactive about stopping this. maria: they don't have a plan for borders, don't know who is
6:37 am
in or out. >> there plan is accommodation and appeasement, not interested in taking the head on, they continue to believe if you allow them to exist and are nice to them, and integrate to your society, it is not the case and if they can't understand this what will it take? >> there are people saying this is the indicator of the same thing happening, last night we were having a conversation, they had a totally different security issue, a different way of dealing with it. is this something we should be concerned about? >> absolutely. this is the path of the refugee crisis. moving through europe, it started to come over here, not to the degree it is in france but the fundamental difference that sets america apart from france is we are not as soft a target was we have the second amendment, people carry their guns, if you catch me any given day in connecticut i am carrying
6:38 am
a gun, a bad day if they tried to shoot me. >> more than borders in france was there are areas where there are no go areas because even cops don't to go. certain people come to the country, don't assimilate. dagen: something impossible at this point for friends or other countries struggling with it you have a similar problem in britain for example. the government sanctioned all the culturalism with groups of people, large muslim communities where they live together and they are not assimilated into the rest of the culture and something they will continue to struggle with from a broad national perspective and security standpoint. >> the other income a large part of the muslim communities moving into these areas they are not doing anything illegal. it is a takeover, they are moving in, building these
6:39 am
communities, people not of their culture leave so you are left with things like michigan or france with no go zones. >> if they are practicing sharia law which is no respect for women, that is illegal. >> it is not being enforced. nobody is policing get. dagen: the brussels terrorist in brussels came out of muslim communities outside brussels. it is a breeding ground. maria: let me ask about north korea. there are concerns north korea is preparing for another nuclear test, the leadership said it, south korea is on heightened alert as kim jong-il and's regime prepares to mark the anniversary of the korean people's army, china putting bombers on high alert ahead of the anniversary and james matus spoke about it last night. >> there word is not proven
6:40 am
honest, provocative, have not lived up to any statements they made in the past. the same value we have always given, not to trust them. maria: north korea state media, this is what the media is saying, super mighty preemptive strike, will reduce the us to ashes. any weights to these comments out of state media? 's change they can't be brushed off but secretary matus said they don't -- they have a 700,000 person standing army but that is the majority of their resources of their economy going to that. i don't inc. they can launch a full-scale attack but they have potential to launch a pearl harbor style attack. we face the same threat in north korea as japan during world or 2 remake and it needs to be taken briefly because if we are purely defensive we will end up with
6:41 am
another pearl harbor. >> china will be an ally of some sort? >> they have to. we are not going to go in and occupy and rebuild the nation like we tried to do in iraq, south korea and china have to absorb economy if that leadership falls. they have to play a huge part in it. maria: we are watching, thanks for your insight. coming up next a close call for a driver in a california the way. a truck dragged his car from miles as he tried to get the truck's attention to tell him you are being dragged and i'm in the car blessed trouble on the road for tesla, the flaw in its parking brake said you recall, thousands of tesla cars, back in a moment. dave: because as we live longe. and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial.
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6:44 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. maria: futures indicate next market, down industrial is fractionally lower, fractionally
6:45 am
higher, both above expectations. and top expectations reporting earnings of $.80 a share. about's expected $.79 a share. revenue $4.8 billion better than expected for -- results driven by strong growth in transaction. mattel, one name to watch is earnings missed expectations posting a loss of $.32 a share. mattel reporting a sharper decline in revenue than expected. stock slammed cutting sales forecast, stock is down 20% over here. police arresting six people during the meeting in flint, michigan with cheryl casone your details. cheryl: good morning and good morning, everyone. police say six were arrested for disorderly conduct during a town
6:46 am
hall meeting at a church over the city's water crisis. the meeting came after the mayor of flint reversed course recommending the city get it drinking water from a detroit area system and revenue pipeline. another headlines, tesla announced its biggest recall ever saying 53,000 model-plaps and model x vehicles may have a problem with the parking brake, they were built from february through october 2016 and may contain a small gear that could have been made improperly. the parking brake may lot release. 5% of their vehicles being recalled may have that effect the total production for 2016, 84,000 vehicles. take a look and stocks, tesla shares up 41% so far this year, unchanged in the premarket despite the news on the recall. mastercard rolling out a new credit card with a feature aimed
6:47 am
at fraud and it is pretty interesting as this is being tested in south africa with a sensor that allows customers to approve their purchase with their fingerprint instead of a pin code or signature. mastercard said is the biometric card working on existing pen readers, the stock a strong performer, there is mastercard and there is this is a driver on a southern california highway reported pretty crazy video and of course we have it was a big truck dragging a car down the highway, the tractor-trailer merging in another lane when it struck a maxima. the car became stuck the truck, the truck doesn't stop, somebody is filming it and they said ahead of the vehicles of the truck driver had no idea what was going on behind at all. he was physically for but happy
6:48 am
to get his kids to safety. what a shock. >> how do you not know there is a car attached to you. there you go. coming up, unforgettable box office weekend, the new thriller is going to stack up against the fate of the furious powerhouse next. with advanced technology, so we can make sure oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. so what else is new? humm..she's doing good. she needs more care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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i thought we were on the road to getting back together.
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>> high. she is adjusting too. >> that was the from unforgettable. good to see you. what did you expect. it will be very forgettable come monday. it is too being a global colossus, taking number one for the second week in a row. we are in a holding pattern this weekend xt weekn termof box office kicks off with guardians of the galaxy volume 2 which kicked off things in the next couple months. maria: a whole new season. >> cheryl and is in it, a big box fan.
6:53 am
she is really good in this. maria: this is a drama that follows christian bale's character, a love triangle during the armenian genocide, this cost $100 million. >> it was completely financed by the latest investor businessman, the role is not to make money, who knew? produces want to raise awareness of the genocide. the turkish government is against it, they tried to block it, a distributor for it and postings go to nonprofits. maria: they are not looking to make money, spend $100 to do it, they want to send a message out. chris evans's character struggles to raise his brainy knees, you spoke to the stars of the film. >> a different role for chris evans, put aside his superhero tights, playing a different
6:54 am
role. i sat down with him, talked about the making of this. ♪ >> don't make me go. you keep homeschooling me. >> no more argument we discussed this at nausea. >> what is that not in? >> someone needs school. firs chris evans. how great is he? >> we have not seen him like this ever on film and i love that put aside superhero -- he is superhero to this little girl which most dads our. >> such a good rapport. she is very gregarious, she is ready to connect. >> i always imagined it would be nice but way nicer than i
6:55 am
imagined. >> really struck that alan is not only was her acting phenomenal but she had a life about her where she was in touch with her inner child but seemingly more mature than i was. >> why do you say anything? >> not supposed to crack older people. >> conventional family but all about traditional love and a beautifully crafted movie. >> that looks good. >> finally a movie for adults. maria: an interesting cast. >> she is so hot right now. this is one of 3 projects this year, this elevates everything. maria: disney world sending a survey to guests to gauge their interest in a star wars themed luxury results, the resort would
6:56 am
allegedly look like a starship with attractions, life performances, robot butlers. >> sign me up. i can't wait for this. they are opening the star wars world the 19 and this is a resort that will accompany that so you can stay overnight at the this is a testament to the power of the star wars brand and they're going all over the investment. maria: they are so strong, look at rod way way lapse, lion king, there is all the products, we know how to capitalize on them. the experience between merchandising and altering product and the whole thing. maria: any idea when that park might start? >> it opens up in 2019 so in and around that date.
6:57 am
day to, can't wait which is the big business of vinyl hitting new records. "mornings with maria" back here.
6:58 am
6:59 am
.. maria: welcome back. it is friday april 21. your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. east coast. president trump present trump looks to rollback more regulations. including one targeting the
7:00 am
dodd frank financial legislation. >> we've already made incredible progress to reduce illegal immigration in america. for those who still choose to violate our laws and enter the country illegally let me very clear. don't come. will we see a health healthcare bill this upcoming week. earnings season rolls on. take a look. revenue was hurt by lower sales. looks like that is what investors are reacting to. these results rang on the dow industrial. probably largely due to ge off
7:01 am
the hi there. the dax index is up a fraction. in asia overnight markets mostly higher. better than 1%. a warning for parents. children under 12 should not be given certain types of cough syrup it can kill them the details coming up there. venezuela locked by deli protest. companies are looking to pull out of the country. several had artie done so. it's hollywood to blame for the situation. the device can now understand different voices. one of time magazine's most influential people. the protest should be celebrated. all of that coming up this morning.
7:02 am
callan -- colin kapnick influential quacks. >> healthcare is that what we could we could see next week. i could predict it. if we get a bill out of the house next week it would be surprised. the treasury secretary indicated that they are doing something. in the short run it has to be about keeping the government open. just in the last day or so between the white house and the democrats and what the white house wants in terms of the border wall of funding. they are still moaning about the tax return.
7:03 am
there is no one it seems that really wants to work together. that's been going on the last eight years. there always seems to be a couple that are on the fringe. i don't know anybody moving across the aisle. i understand why these people don't understand that this election is saying were tired of not getting things done. it's going to hurt them all. there is an election this weekend in france. round two is may 7. and of course there was a terrorist attack in paris again. we've a lot to talk about this morning.
7:04 am
first though our top story right now. an aggressive timeline out for both healthcare and tax reform. president trump just tweeted this. it has been a lot including supreme court the media will kill. the homeland security secretary said the construction of the border wall could be sooner than he previously thought. you make a hundred companies from across the nation have shown interest in their prototypes my expectation of course contracted is pretty complicated business in the federal government but i think
7:05 am
by late spring early summer well have some prototypes and then we will be able to move forward into the summer. >> these negotiations coming. lawmakers are trying to avoid a government shutdown of course. congressman, good to see you. thanks for joining us. what you make of this new tone in conversation about the aggressive timeline. first next week we could see a bill out of the house on healthcare and we know that the president has said once healthcare is complete they are all in on tax reform. do you believe it. >> i don't know if they will pass the legislation or not. i'm not at all surprised that you are starting to see the aggressive tone coming out of the trump administration. it took so long. he didn't call on congress to cancel the recess. and work on these issues to
7:06 am
get them done the only surprise to me as it took so long. i think this is not to be the tone for the next three to six months. a lot of people criticize that they went on vacation. were back day one. with other colleagues dealing with nato issues. it does seem to be the white house putting pressure on the republicans in congress to get a vote next week and it just seems so unlikely. it gives them essentially one day when there's no legislative texts in place. it doesn't seem likely. if the white house versus the
7:07 am
republicans in congress. there is a problem with messaging here. and present trump uses twitter very effectively but they need to have a central communication plan coming out of the white house. >> they need to have a central talking point. if they have a lot in election next week do you think it's at all realistic to think that next week this is can happen quacks. >> i think it's can be difficult. the points that you're making are exactly right. this is a problem they taught with healthcare all along. they're talking about healthcare reform. does of us that are no longer in the process how's it going to benefit me in my family.
7:08 am
they've not done a very good job of articulating what is in the health care plan and why it's good for america and why it's better than what it hasn't replaced. what it is that they want to see changed. the university of alaska refusing to remove a graphic of a decapitated president trump. holding the president's severed had. what is your reaction to this graphic quacks. >> it's despicable. it's disappointing. a total lack of disrespect not only for donald trump but for the office of the president and at the same time we had universities going out and refusing the right for
7:09 am
conservative speakers to speak on campus. it's disappointing for all americans. it's absolutely outrageous. >> and surprise at the university of alaska well not remove the graphic. are you quacks. >> do you think chris evans okayed that quacks? he should say something this is not okay. and we can have this kind of an image where we can be this discriminatory towards conservatives and that's okay. if it were president obama it would be taken down immediately.
7:10 am
i would like isis to attack president trumps property. so again it's no problem when it is said about the sitting president. and then if it was president obama. it is despicable. how about this. president trump invited some rocking guests to the white house. in a slick post sarah palin think the president and shared photos of the visit. what do you make of this meeting quacks --? we have great people here. kid rock and ted nugent had
7:11 am
been involved in politics for an extended. of time i'm glad that donald trump is talking to them. during the campaign ted nugent was in michigan we were together at a lot of the rallies ted have a lot of suggestions in terms of to help donald trump and to help our governor to bring michigan back and get s on the road to recovery. you may see one of these folks running for the u.s. senate. it would be a very interesting and exciting race. some of those pictures were goofy. >> that's my only issue. can you take your hats off when you're in the oval office.
7:12 am
i really don't appreciate them making a joke ceiling by hillary clinton. i don't think that's appropriate. that's what the new york times is writing about today. the white house are is pushing a progrowth economic agenda. that's what were talking about. keep focusing on michigan we have an economy that's coming back. moved to michigan it's a great place. congressman, thank you sir. move it to michigan you heard the man. the strong new warning for parents. cough syrup can kill.
7:13 am
7:14 am
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welcome back. a big election in france this weekend. marine le pen calling on the government to restore the borders immediately. so much to talk about. she also says that france should expel foreigners who are on the watch list. champs-elysees. yesterday a gunman opened fire killing one officer and wounding three people before police shot and killed him. isis has claimed responsibility for that shooting. the french police have taken into custody at three family members of the government and they also searches home overnight. it came just three days before the countries presidential election which is sunday. >> at the food and drug
7:17 am
administration sounding the alarm. kids under the age of 12. the painkillers can slow breathing which could be fatal. the agency is saying that codeine and message. he is still hospitalized. my have a mike had a very nice visit yesterday from his son george w bush. he was pleased to see his son at the hospital. george w. bush tweeted about his father pleased to report that 41 as strong and ready to come home soon. we certainly hope to see him
7:18 am
out of the hospital. they can now recognize specific voices. the users can be response is tailored just for them. it puts at one up at least on the devices for now. i have seen them. they're very popular. i don't even know what they do. all of these companies had series type devices. i don't like when we say a word in my phone starts
7:19 am
talking to me. tell alexa. i would constantly we run out of charging cables in my house on a daily basis. we all had that problem. a quick break and then keeping tabs on diet soda. oil under pressure this morning. what is driving crude to one of the largest weekly declines in months. back in a moment.
7:20 am
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now only $1399 - save $500. only at a sleep number store or back in a moment. oil prices under pressure this morning. the largest weekly decline in a month. and rising u.s. production. investors are also waiting to see if opec will extend the reduction cuts. always a pleasure to have you on the program. good morning to you. we know the supply is one of the issues is that what is keeping oil and a limit quacks. >> there is a problem here up until about a week ago the market was behaving the way you would expect. that is to say that in february and march we have a big tank in the market.
7:24 am
is it refiners came out of the season and they are buying a lot more oil than they were. over the last eight weeks we had added $1.6 million of demand back to the market. the problem here is if you look at the term structure oil is in the greatest demand when you look at the pricing of oil for june, july relative to when you go to the meeting season and the fall the prices this summer a month ago were at parity. so that is a problem when you have a price for a commodity in the peak demand trading below the price. that is a clearest tail for you. if your opec you're in the
7:25 am
situation here. is that only it's not only the prices of north american crude oil. they're now treating competitively. this is a problem because opec is pulling them off the market area. the price of crude oil. it is not competitive with oil being sold in asia. we are looking at market that is extremely well supplied here in north america over in asia this is a potential serious situation .
7:26 am
a question around venezuela and the unrest in venezuela and what impact if any could have an oil prices and supply in general. right now venezuela is now in the same category as nigeria. we are really not counting on at this point. they export tar. the export assembly coming crude oil which is really cheap. that oil is very expensive. relative to the oil we are exporting right now. we are looking at a market that is going to be well supplied.
7:27 am
i'm in the same right here we are right around $50 on imax. demand will continue to rise. what is going to happen to price when we get into july august and september. we all want to talk too. u.s. production is great again. and according to the eia we will add another 200 by the end of the year.
7:28 am
violent protests breaking out. they could partly be to blame here. he is on time magazine's list of most influential people. the outrage coming next.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> good friday morning everyone. it is friday april 21. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the big names reporting. the stock is moving with the flatline. largely speaking it was a good report. the markets will open fractionally better this morning. the nasdaq up about ten points. both components. markets are little change this morning. there up a fraction. about a quarter of a% lower. the best performer in japan. better than 1%. million's millions take it to the streets. does actually bear some
7:32 am
responsibility for the chaos in the country. aaron hernandez brain to be released for research. it was officially ruled a suicide. the details coming up this morning. what you need to know before you crack up in open that next can. before the embattled colin kaepernick. he was laced -- place on the most influential people list. the love of god in everything that is good. don't get the unicorn frappuccino. his magical meltdown over the mega- success with the unicorn frappuccino is taken the internet by storm. there was a lot of
7:33 am
conversation about it this morning. more protests are planned again today. as we've reported we reported again yesterday. they had seats -- seized sees the factory there. it will laugh nearly 3,000 workers. gm quitting venezuela after that procedure. they have all pulled back in recent years. to talk about the crisis in venezuela is james pearson. what is your take on was taking place. when you have economic crisis like this it leads to humanitarian crisis. we have a country that has a 1600% inflation rate and negative growth rate.
7:34 am
you of starvation violence oppression reportedly people are eating pets and birds because of food is so scarce this is the fruit this is the outcome of full-blown socialist policies. the same principles that progresses in the far left support. and that's why as you mentioned in your lead up to have a great deal to think about because they had lavish praise and support he is now the dictator who is perpetuated these policies that has taken a country that was the wealthiest country in south america thriving democracy and push it over the abyss were now it's a country that is in chaos that seems capable of falling into
7:35 am
anarchy or civil war. >> one of the things that just doesn't make sense i get the left support but what's going on in venezuela is just other -- utter chaos. why would people that have a brand like a celebrity why would they want to associate themselves with the regime that is presiding over chaos. >> were talking about big names. just a host of people naomi campbell and these people do have a brand from a business standpoint from the point of view of a talent agent. if i can move. it is not well-informed. because of the fact that they've invested so much particularly sean penn who
7:36 am
endorsed each of these men maybe they feel like they're so invested that somehow if they were able to completely turn around and change their opinion that that would damage their brand more. as you see the terrible crisis now and how it's affecting people it is strange to see the wealthy pampered celebrities basically supporting everything that a regime that goes against everything that they stand for. including of course the free expression. that's what we see on college campuses to this day. your speech is only free and protected if i agree with what you're saying.
7:37 am
than almost any ruler certainly in the last many decades. but that does it doesn't matter to the left. that includes the far left wing. they support the same principles and it is true that the allies of the far left had abandoned the idea of the actual free speech. in venezuela he shut down the television stations and radio stations and media outlets just because he didn't like their content. that is a series -- a serious censorship and how someone like him who champions free
7:38 am
speech for him to do that is kind of cognitive distance that is truly today you only find on the far left and you do find it unfortunately on campuses that are support the bastion of free exchange of ideas. james, good to see you sir. diet soda can be increasing your chance of serious health problems. and then starbucks new unicorn frappuccino. we are back in a minute. [music] we found love in a hopeless place. s the new new yo. we are building new airports all across the state. s the new new yo.
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welcome back. authorities are investigating the death of the former nfl star aaron hernandez. >> it is is hitting this week and a medical examiner does say that the cause of death was a fixed yet by hanging. authorities previously said he have not let a suicide note and have not been on suicide watch. they have donated the brain to boston university to test it for signs of a disease that affects football players. a new study finding that drinking diet soda can lead to some serious health problems. the school of medicine say people who drink diet soda every day had three times the risk of dementia in stroke compared to people who get once a week or less.
7:43 am
one researcher involved in the study is that people should be pretty cautious about their consumption of diet soda as well. it is a pretty fascinating list. president trump is on the list for second time this year. by his daughter and her husband are on this year's list. they also said colin kaepernick. one user said i'm never heard of him playing a sport just promoting hate towards cops. real americans stand up for the constitutional rights. the internet weighed in on that decision by the editors of time.
7:44 am
and you remember this well. they debuted a new unicorn frappuccino. a lot of fanfare. not everybody is thrilled about it. it has very powder they say on it. they have a viral meltdown on social media about the stickiness of the drink and how much it was stressing him out. people were coming in left and right. so for the love of god in everything that has good don't get the unicorn frappuccino. a couple of days ago. we were having our frappuccino's. the mexican reach out to him.
7:45 am
everywhere i go i have seen those pink drinks and they're all over instagram. i'm not can the lie. i didn't taste because i begin. select them in a change my answer i actually liked it. i have do think about it for a while. and then i start it and then i took another drink and it was sour. i said this is from. like a party drink without alcohol. you know, we should do that next.
7:46 am
>> the gluten-free vodka onset. i said how much sugar is that. he said is under 60. just in the world anything that color that unicorn of that unicorn frappuccino it can't be healthy for you. did anybody like vinyl albums. they had gained popularity. it's all straight ahead.
7:47 am
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>> welcome back tomorrow's national record store day. vinyl sales in the united states hit a record 13 million back in 2016. increasing for the 11th consecutive year. actually sales are rising. joe, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. one new record and then of course to old ones.
7:51 am
so this is a new record. it's not a brand-new record. they are producing so many vinyl records that they could not keep up with demand. when vinyl took off ten years ago they could not keep up. we should also point out that when your goat just because we wanted to mention it. but many current artists releasing final versions of their album. record players.
7:52 am
one of the biggest vinyl retailers in a place where you can find a small portable record player like this there's something nostalgic about it. it's by no means the biggest part of the music industry. but for years was the biggest growing part of the industry. and by far it is the biggest part of the recorded music industry. it accounts for about $390 million. i don't know the average price. i would say anywhere from 15 to $30 depending on what you're buying in the markup on that because downloads are cheaper if you're still by recorded music per unit sales i get a make more. princes new album has been
7:53 am
pulled from itunes. they are set to be released today. do you think well ever hear the songs. we might hear the songs. it was in i'd think. it seemed to be they made a rather substantial deal. we have heard an awful lot of prince move it.
7:54 am
we could hear a lot of this music. it was servicing. if you want to hear it i don't recommend going to youtube and breaking the law but i've done it. they're not as hot. if you want to record store day tomorrow from a young up-and-coming group. plenty of people put out a special vital releases for a lot of the major labels. there are people who love them. it is a great way to treasure the music. but for a lot of kids who actually had to be told how to work a record player.
7:55 am
this is a whole new thing. president trump set to sign three executive orders. .
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
maria: welcome back happy friday good morning, everyone to you i am maria bartiromo. it is friday april 21 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast president trump looks to roll back more regulation will find sign three actions one targeting dodd-frank administration seeking aggressive timeline on key agenda issues, including health care, tax reform. >> when going to see. >> soon. >> very soon. >> what is -- >> just to be clear, we hope this won't take till the end of the year. >> we're doing very well in health care we'll see what happens would i like to say next week but it will be i believe we will get it, and whether next week or he shortly thereafter. maria: earnings season rolls on general electric better than expected first-quarter results this morning stock now, up about half a percent, futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages ge dow component helping up 10 points you would have expected bigger move up we see limits in the gains so
7:59 am
far dow industrials, nasdaq both higher in europe markets little changed indices this morning in eurozone ft 100 redaction index higher cac quarante fractionally lower in asia overnight markets mostly higher best was in japan, nikkei average up better than 1% on to latest developments out of paris another terrorist attack striking the city, police officer shot dead, comes just days before the first round of voting in the presidential election in france, how that could affect the vote coming up, plus the super card is dead apparently company promised to put credit cards in one place now defunct backers crying foul we've got details a wedding forever, right just in case it isn't --, [laughter] -- we have a look at booming business of wedding insurance! and -- [laughter], children's hospital philadelphia to tell you about, how thank you power ranges lifted spirits of kids
8:00 am
in the hoept joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, tw.c partner, and lee carter. >> that is -- >>. dagen: i understand, it is wedding insurance covers like -- if you are having outdoor wedding it covers, something goes awry gets canceled, yeah memorials of a wedding forever because you look back at photos, after you are divorced say i can't believe it -- on that grass -- >> my gosh. >> a family member makes a fool of himself. >> fun part. joining the conversation this morning a lot to talk about oklahoma congressman tom with us chairman ceo larry fink policies and market don't miss a momentum stay with us a big hour donald trump, signs
8:01 am
executive actions more actions today focused on rolling back regulation this afternoon adam shapiro with details good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you maria we are talking about two presidential memos one executive order partially this will target part of the dodd-frank regulation. it is a review, it is instructing about treasury seek steve mnuchin roux orderly clicks process in framework the wind down failing mega-- part of dodd-frank part of the presidential memos again just review this doesn't take place or become part of the regulations today, but the review will be in place. and he has roughly 17 o days to complete that another part is a review of regulations which allow the regulation of nonbanks with financial institutions when might pose a systemic risk to the financial institutions of the nation. but finally, there is going to
8:02 am
be an executive order which is a review of tax policy put in place by the obama administration. in 2016 to address tax inversion we were a lot of people covering the story of companies which would with move overseas to avoid paying taxes in united states there is a great deal of outrage on capitol hill from republicans and democrats about this, it will be a review of that regulation, that is signed to prohibit that, here is what the treasury secretary said about it yesterday. >> we don't want that to be used to support too big to fail, on the other hand there are inspects bankruptcy right now that do not work, for a financial institution that is in a crisis. we are going to need to fix that. reporter: treasury secretary there is talking about the orderly liquidation process this executive order calling for roux of nation tax rules on tax inversion, that could
8:03 am
eventually lead to the repeal of what the obama administration put in place last year. maria. maria: thanks so much we will watch that adam shapiro live at the white house this morning joining us right now oklahoma republican congressman tom cole good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> hey maria, thanks for having me. >> how important is this today the president rolling back three executive orders? >> they are extraordinarily important frankly part of a largerr pattern congress wstsdz -- passed through house congressional review acts to undo executive orders rules in past administration that is a record by far, and, of course, this is the action presidents take in individually, so in many ways most successful part of the agenda in opening 70, 80 has days been lifting the burden of regulation from american business. maria: right that has been probably the headlined in terms of what the president has been able to accomplish so far. that and, of course, the neil
8:04 am
gorsuch confirmation what about health care and tax reform congressman? the president laid out an ambitious plan, for when congress returns next week, he said he is hopefully a number of major agenda item including health care can get done, listen to what he said yesterday. >> okay. i want to get both. are you shocked to hear that? we're doing very well in health care we will see what happens, as far as keeping the government open, i think we want to keep the government open don't you agree? >> congressman where do things stand on health care bill from your perspective? >> well, first of all, i'm appreciative aggressive optimistic working extremely hard you have to make sure government stays open job number one i think we will get that done, health care, a lot depends frankly on you know what the negotiations have been between freedom caucus and one hand elements of it, and elements of the tuesday group talking we have clearly made progress clearly narrowed the difference, the president has been very actively involved in that, of course,
8:05 am
getting health care what is opens the door to tax reform, so we will see. we have you know, a discussion amongst members on saturday before we go back, getting both done in a week tall talk of if you don't try to get it done, frankly you won't, so i am glad the president setting a high bar frankly i hope my colleagues support it i certainly intend to vote for the health care bill, that is presented i certainly going to submarining sure government stays open get tax reform i think that is what sparks economic growth. >> congressman it is dagen mcdowell will you get a vote on health care next week seem very aggressive timetable? . >> it is a very aggressive timetable so i don't know, again, it is really depends on whether or not they come to -- procedurally certainly possible you have to remember we suspended the vote, in the process, of debate we literally were on floor dieting rules committee met approved amendment has to do with risk pools was actually a compromise, between two wings
8:06 am
of the party that brought them closer together there has been sorts of things if agreement procedurally we will more of rapidly no reason why people disagree. >> you side conversation on saturday before coming back tuesday? >> yeah, that is pretty normal, i mean, we have been going two weeks, so leadership will you know get the whole membership on tell them, how they see the landscape what they think will happen. frankly they want to listen to what members have seen and heard, on the out -- you know when they have been out of washington and finally, i would expect some people involved in negotiations of give a view where they see things standing very helpful seting the stage for what we hope is productive next week. >> sounds like you are just talking about basically getting a lay of the land or landscape not like actual discussion what is going to be in this legislation, do you have any idea what we should be expecting to see if there is going -- >> no.
8:07 am
-- look, i think we've got 90% of the bill right now, honestly. you have to remember, roughly 200 members willing to vote for the bill that we had. so most of the conferences already there but we've got to get 216 or 217, again, we've had you know losses on both our moderate wing and freedom question the speaker had those guys talking with one another so he you guys found a way between your differences most the rest of us are there don't need to be part of that discussion, so again, we will see. and hopefully we've made progress i know the president has been very hands-on last couple weeks i had the opportunity to visit with him, two or three days ago, and you know it is clear very heavily engaged i think his participation has been very, very productive. >> some of the what is in the -- the newest proposal draft proposal about limited waivers that states could apply to basically circumvent or opt out of obamacare standards for
8:08 am
minute benefits that are required also. >> correct about. >> a -- opt out of requirement on community rating which is the s insurers can't charge much more for people with a preexisting conditions but it is complicated but there is at least a draft proposal that is out there, in the last couple days. maria: is there a proposal that takes premiums down? right? that was the priority for the freedom caucus. dagen: that is in the proposal, that states could that states opting out of these rules would have to prove that they are doing it to reduce the premiums, and they would have to prove it benefits the people of the state. so -- i am -- i am simplifying it to great extent would have to prove it was -- >> the rest rest of the proposed bill looks like previous one? dagen: some of it not all of it. congressman? >> well, i think that is a discussion pretty much sums it
8:09 am
up, i -- high-risk pools added -- literally last day of the session, that, too would lower rates because it will remove part of the population with obviously is most in need of health care, the most expensive to take care of. from you know the baseline for most people and, again, that pushes rates down, we want to make sure those people get help there is plenty of coverage, but you know that is really pushed up the clocks for the average person, who only needs health care now and then, doesn't have chronic preexisting condition. >> it is mitch. the tax reform elements baked into a previous draft, are those still in play as well? accuse, obviously, that was the big part of the he overly tax reform scheme of the administration. >> absolutely. you know, again, a lot of this is about number one getting good health care for people, that is the first objective affordable health care you also we think we can do it in ways that save lots of money, that money helps finance tax reform.
8:10 am
>> a trillion dollars, in fact congressman let me switch to wear on terror pushing for president trump to submit a warring authorization to congress over war in syria what do you want to see at this point. >> first of all, i want to know what powers examine commander in chief thinks he needs what objectives are i think our main objective in syria is isis, when you talk to military they donate mike bones about it obviously don't like assad obviously if he uses wmd's as president showed he is prepared to act our main aim is to destroy isis. and that enemy didn't exist last time that we voted on an authorization. and we didn't expect to be fighting in syria, so a if you are fighting a new enemy new place the constitution is pretty clear war making power rests with congress we need to use it. obama about president obama frankly i think was the was the willingness of the congress said basically, cooptsdz war making power it needs to go back where accountable to the people that
8:11 am
is in congress. >> we will be waving congressman good to have you on the program thanks so much next a project credit card concept declined company goes belly-up what that means for backers investitured 9 million dollars in that project outlook for general electric we are breaking down earnings what is putting pressure on the stock the stock moved up at this point up 1 and quarter percent back in a moment. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit.
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. . maria: welcome back, big election in france far right french candidate marine le pen calling on government restore borders immediately after yesterday's terrorist attack cheryl casone with details good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria good morning, everybody. le pen also said france should and he will foreigners on the watch list following yesterday's terror attack on champs-elysées. >> independent centrists macron calling on french people not to give into fear division and intimidation a beginman killed one officer woundeded three before police
8:15 am
killed him in paris he was did he contained in february for threatening police but freed. isis has claimed responsibility for last night's shooting. french police has taken into custody three family memberst gunman they also searched his home, we should say attack three days before the country's presidential election. headlines this morning investors looking over earnings to dow component general electric roshth first-quarter results, did beat street estimate ge oil gas business continued to struggling ge obviously dow component up 1% in premarket as you mentioned maria earlier, certainly going to be something to watch today taking a look at honeywell results topping expectations about contributed to higher earnings raising low end of four year outlook up more than 2% head of opening bell 126, 60 trending up more than 2% a company offered the only credit card you will need has
8:16 am
actually sold it. plastic lauvend in 2014 promised you could have a single card, that could digestly hold 20 credit or debit cards in it, the company took nine million with preodds now planning to file for bankruptcy, shutting down, two sets of investors backed out forcing them to close off offices lay off employees customers bottom barreding with requests for refund of 155 dollars paid for preorders. >> kids at children's hospital philadelphia got quite a soundproof looking out windows greeted by mighty power rangers, window washers, they -- employees of the services actually is not first time addressed up for kids. they have done "sesame street," ninja turtles spider-man characteristics every time gracing windows of
8:17 am
the hospital over the last few years. and kids loved it. maria: are nice story thank you so much cheryl coming up next millias modifying real estate market? not how you expect skipping the experiencing when it comes into home-buying regulation rollback president trump setting sights on dodd-frank a trio of executive actions i talk with blackrock ceo larry fink about that the changes coming. ♪ with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back millennials home-buying are
8:21 am
they driving home buying americans 36 and younger make up largest share of home admirers 34% national association of realtors as fannie mae monthly home-buying index rose to highest since 2011 company cites millennials for the surge, i didn't think it was necesssary numbers as big as they are are you surprised. >> no -- millennials they have done everything digitally grew up in digital age comes to buying homes look through touch them, and legislated edge of millennials, are in the home-buying market right now, no question about it, the problem is they cannot find product to buy. >> they have the money to buy a house. >> some do some don't, down payment unfortunately if you don't have down payment you are still in rental market they are getting priced out of as well, but the interesting thing is in the home-buying market right now, in later --
8:22 am
as of last month, 3.8 months supply existing homes on market lowest in history, so there is no product to buy, it is really tough, and what is happening prices are going up, like crazy, and home buying season. >> that is the issue loan to supply very limited supply at the lowest record and problem with most home buyers buying existing home i didn't say rarely but will they are not typically buying new home 30 to 40% more expensive than existing homes, and there is a little bit more supply of new homes but really sort of awful, to want to ply a home starting a family you want to get out of the city, and nothing to buy. maria: there is a little more supply when it comes to new homes. >> yeah like 5.4 months -- the difference is, there is five million plus existing homes sold a year, there is 500,000 new homes sold a year, it is even though more supply, the
8:23 am
numbers aren't there. >> what about millennials doing projects seems to me a lot of research they do want to move in have everything already done, so the inventory out there are they willing to do work work? >> i said on shows entire stwigs network dedicating to fixing homes so forth there is a lot of that. and you see in retail sales numbers, home improvement you know dollars have been very strong driving retail sales but the fact of the matter is not for everybody, fixing up a home not for everybody generally cost considerably more than you he think what happens if you buy a home and you put your last penny into the down payment, you may not have funds for that project, for a while. >> there is the problem that millennials don't know the difference between a screwdriver and wrench either. [laughter] fying out -- >> i know, i know that channel dedicated to doing it yourself doesn't really teach you how to do it irz cons you into
8:24 am
thinking. >> and thinking 12,000 dollars to redo kitchen i don't know where they get the prices. >> or that a 50,000 dollar kitchen magically adds 50,000 dollars to the value of your home? >> you don't think it adds to the value of the home. >> numbers don't bear out, adding a swimming pool in the backyard not that you would dig it yourselves, reduces value for some buyers parents don't want a swimming pool. >> here is what is happening the reality, you fix up home may not be worth more because you fixed it up worth more because no supply prices are going up. >> what is going to change the supply problem? is -- are there pentup sellers out there on sidelines prices are up if you think that they would step up and sell. >> here is the issue, baby boomers are empty nesters not putting homes on market. >> way millennials are house hunting changing surprising
8:25 am
when it comes to interacting with businesses this generation all about only experience, as opposed to you know -- not. when it comes to real estate. >> emtelling you they are out there beating the streets trying to find homes, what is interesting, there is so many tools apps out there, that the pictures don't do justice, so -- >> i am going to call out a company, zula. >> i love looking at real estate i love looking at homes driving around, you see a home for sale, you try to pull it ality,app, the pictures are it is hard to navigating to use a lot of these homes apps are just like that, i don't blame them they want. >> i don't know if pictures are bad on tinder too. >> 75% millennials love local agents they may go online to look at things but want a local agent to show them around. >> real estate is very, very local business extremely local they want the national association of realtors, to
8:26 am
puts it out there they are right, they you needed somebody with an help navigate you don't know where schools are where all those things, that where is realtors help. maria: leave it there coming back rolling back regulations president trump, tackle dodd-frank with another round of executive action chairman ceo blackrock larry fink with us -- teslas need to go in the shop what molds are under recall for faulty brakes, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ .
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8:29 am
maria: welcome back. good friday morning. thanks so much being with us. i'm maria bartiromo it is friday,april 21 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump, tackles regulation today commander in chief to sign three executive orders today among regulations targeted dodd-frank. mnuchin addressed the administration plans yesterday. >> we believe in proper regulation, so this isn't about having no regulation. but as it relates to regulatory reform making sure that our banks can lend, and that this doesn't put our taxpayers at risk. maria: the orders as republicans sign major push on health care reform when they
8:30 am
return to d.c. next week after the break the major shake-up in the capital coming up, earnings the story on wall street this morning again among names reporting general electric, the company reporting better-than-expected first-quarter results stock up almost 2% right now earnings and revenue, above estimates markets looking higher take a look at this at futures indicating a higher opening for broader averages fractional earnings driving the story the dow and nasdaq expected to open higher. in europe markets little changed take a look at indices in eurozone, ft 100 and dax index in germany up and the cac quarante well off lows of the morning you are seek a bit of a bid to that market in europe over the last half hour, in asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher, the nikkei average best performer in japan, off better than 1%, could apple sell a quarter billion ifons next yeeshg? the bullish call steve nicholas make forget the titan's newt take a look apple shares, purchase flatline
8:31 am
right now tesla going to the shop, the company forced to recall thousands of model s, and model x, vehicles over problems with parking brakes, what you need to know coming up, and insured the big business of wedding insurance protecting thousands from cold feet that is coming up this morning, first, this, president trump setting tone with new executive orders today, aimed at loosening regulates on financial institutions one of three executive orders will order a review of two parts of the 2010 dodd-frank wall street reform law regulations how banks can wind down in a crisis in the process used to determine if a bank is too big to fail. joining me right now to talk more about that chairman ceo blackrock larry fink larry great to see you -- >> good to see you maria. >> thank you so much joining us today i saw your earnings last week, congratulations, incredible inflows or two 2016. and the quarter. what sack story blackrock has been. >> nice run but i think we have more in front of us.
8:32 am
>> 5.4 trillion dollars, in assets under management pretty incredible what do you make of regulatory environment right now what would you expect from president trump? >> well, i think we went too far in some of the regulatory issues especially he related to banks we have more stringent standards in parts of utopia do i believe the problem we have hopefully we will address this when we have a financial crisis one of the most important things was to simplify regulation, but make it much more strident the problem was that they didn't do simplification, banking system is governed by three or four agencies, and most other countries governed by one agencies or two agencies. maria: you are right. >> there lies the problem you might have to address one issue one agency another with another so the backlog the need to be working with government alphabetizal agencies is really cumbersome, no other parts of the world
8:33 am
has what we call the provocativeel rule harmed liquidity for position of trades as a result a big problem in liquidity, i think there was you know pretty much unnecessary because as long as you have high equity standards i don't believe you need to have those type of restrictions so i believe that is going to be one thing that will be addressed, and the other thing that will be addressed beyond hopefully may be a consolidation of regulatory agencies annual review is very cumbersome, it requires hundreds of millions of dollars of legal analysis all that. there has to be a way to make these processes more foesht easier to do a component of
8:34 am
the the analysis is one quantitative easier the other qualitatively who is the judge the arbiter of qualitatively illness banks don't know how to responded get feedback six months later after they -- after they -- apply for it, and so there are many things we can do to simplify it without you know without harming and our society, and let's be clear we did have a big financial crisis, many families are still facing pain, so we need strong capital standards for our financial institutions, we need a system that is protective, but we don't need a system that harlz tfrm harms. >> they have xa will to pay
8:35 am
dividends do what they want. >> stress test -- okay -- >> stress test of you know, is a world is markets fall 40%, 50%, how are you going -- >> the situation. >> can you handle if market falls off do you remember president trump's policy forum -- let me ask you about that what would you recommend as most important to actually change now? the markets obviously have high expectations, they are waiting on tax reform, they are waiting on repeal and replace. what do you advise the president to do? >> well, i am not going to tell you exactly what i have told the president but what i have suggested overall have been very public about it, i do believe a reduction in regulation is necessary do i believe that it will unlock some money it will streamline our economy put part of the simplest thing the president can do is the really focus on infrastructure. one of the great, great problems in tragedies of
8:36 am
america losing productivity because we have not even maintained many of our bridges and roads, and airports, we are -- we have over a trillion dollars want to repeat a trillion dollars deferred maintenance, one of the structural problems state and local government financing not strong some are some are weak but, overall, because pension fund liability some states are encumbered by because of other needs, the states don't -- don't have money for the infrastructure, to even repair, so one of the things that we have been suggesting is infrastructure in to address at the deferred maintenance. financial crisis we created something called build american bonds we create another type like that 185 billion dollars raised in 18 months, we they became taxable bonds issued by municipalities partiallyly subsidized by
8:37 am
federal government federal government got money back because taxable not tax exempt if acquiesce that program right now first of all, immediate shot into the local communities would create jobs rapidly, and we would finally start breaking down this horrible path we're in having among worse infrastructure in the world i read santa maria we are 50th in world in infrastructure, number one economy in the world, cannot have that. and so i know i am very proud of this country i think we are the greatest economy greet oest country in the world, but we can't have one of the worst infrastructures in the world. maria: you don't have a place like dubai anywhere emphasis in the world singapore the airport is incredible, versus what we have here. >> true. >> this is an area i think the president can come together with democrats, because there is a bike willingness to do infrastructure, now president trump says he wants to spend 200 billion dollars over 10 years on infrastructure bank
8:38 am
is that the way to do it to get private partnerships? >> so infrastructure bank is a great he mechanism to do public/private. the reason i am suggesting this build america type bond you can do that this week. within months. the public/private partnership is going to require much more work, i mean one of the key problems in america is are permit to go get a project done is longer than almost any country in the world. of the and that is one of the real problems we need -- >> bureaucracy the stuff he is trying to roll back right the red tape. >> we have to this is hard to do, but you are not just talking federal bureaucracy this is you are talking, city bureaucracy, county bureaucracy, state, and the problem is this is not just one jurisdiction, to do infrastructure like tappan zee bridge take 15 years on the table finally -- he that was federal that was state two counties. maria: that is big victory
8:39 am
for governor cuomo. >> required army corps of engineers epa, absolutely, a public/private partnership would be fantastic, what i would say maria with all the clients that we have worldwide, i believe there is hundreds of billions of dollars available to invest in the u.s. infrastructure. maria: you would know since you are the number one shareholder in most companies, certainly out there shern s&p 500 you talked about that in annual letter to shareholders infrastructure also a priority you see biggest issue for investors that is retirement planning, you don't have enough money let me get your take on markets right here the expectations are high tax reform something on health care infrastructure big story at ishares blackrock acquiring ishores franchise seven years ago you have grown from 385 billion dollars to 1.3 trillion only etf you are to
8:40 am
up 5.4 trpdz in aum overall. >> now 1.4 million etf. >> what are you feeling about investors right now is this a vulnerable moment in time? or should we be nervous we don't see tax reform -- >> obviously every market crosscurrents a, what we talked about last year end of last year was there was a wall of money, so some of that wall of money has been put to work shirks at working she huge pools of partial pension funds on cash, we ---en saw money being put to work that was only a drop. if you compared different markets u.s. market, is probably priced for perfection versus europe and asia the at this time asian equities represent more value than u.s. does that mean a setback in market? may be, may be not. what i am pleased so far is
8:41 am
earnings like we just had ge, earnings are validating some higher evaluations, so if we continue to see during this earnings season, higher more success in terms of earnings, then maybe our evaluations are not as extreme valuations extreme with the expectations as you suggested that we were going to have tax reform, and deregulation. i believe this is going to take somewhat longer time. but we all should hope that we are going to get success out of the administration to validate the marketplace. so if somebody asked me would we see five or 10% retrenchment in equity markets over a period of time would i say absolutely i would also say bye-bye-bye. >> is it hipthdz on tax reform package people are expecting if we don't get he tax reform in 2017 would you expect a big sell-off.
8:42 am
>> it really goes into the -- the tone on theality how certain do you think something could happen a lot of nuisance would i say short reason i see what earnings season brings us to, if earnings continue to be like ge announced, what blackstone announced other firms announced and blackrock may be stock market is fairly priced but the next leg the next leg up. we have to have some of the performance out of washington. maria: for shoor all waiting for you instituted technology within the way you operate, at blackrock, tell us about "aladdin" what you are trying to do with robotics as relates to picking stocks. >> well "aladdin" is a system started when we founded the company 29 years ago it has grown and grown. it is a risk management system it is a system that is really it is architectu of our firm
8:43 am
we offer to many investors worldwide. it is the most sought after technology that -- >> what does it do. >> well, it -- it does your it analyzes your port followo flexibility what models to use so you can determine risk to -- communicates with your -- in terms of ticket writing to custodian it can be organized to go through general allergic so you have a constant understanding of your p&l. it determines your cash every day, i mean obviously you are sitting with tax how do you invest in it, and as you move around different portfolio l you what your risk is. >> really interesting to see technology the way being used in the financial services industry. >> as i said but it is -- it is growing 12 plus percent a
8:44 am
year, many of the finest asset managers are using it many currency banks are using it. >> larry great to see you thank you very much so much larry fink chairman ceo blackrock onwrote week tonight 8 pm eastern right here on fox news network, be right back. ♪ and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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maria: welcome back, we are about 16 minutes away from the opening bell for friday expecting a higher opening for broader averages a couple names on move largely earnings, driving things, could apple shape quarter billion iphones next year a note says analysts expecting apple to ship 250 million eye phones next year possible rebound following expected release of iphone 8 shares up better than 0% year-to-date, tesla after the company nouvend biggest recall railing thousands model civility, vehicles over a possible problem with the parking brake, the vexes built between
8:48 am
february and october 2016. tesla shares unchanged 302 and one half, you have thes consensus says nearly 1/3 of millennials live with parents stuart varney has something to say about that good morning. >> i know what you are expecting -- >> you are expecting the old fuddy duddy to say oh these young cities are pathetic lazy, entitled, i am not going to say anything of the sort i think the times have changed radically not for the better. in this particular instance. let me take you back, maria. i left home just before my 18th birthday, i was luck enough to be accepted into the british peace corps i have first year out of high school taking care of then i went back to university, i got a government grant. to go to college, not a loan didn't have to pay back i got a grant, i emerged with no
8:49 am
debt a job market kind of going pretty well, hitch hiked around world ended up in america low and be holy grabbed that opportunity. a very different style of getting away from home than what it is today. today's kids saddled with student debt, 1.2 trillion dollars, spread around job market nowhere near as strong try and get a mortgage today you got to jump through hoops and then some to get it that is why, one-third of millennials live at home i am not prepared to condemn them, how about that. maria: well how can you condemn them all about debt they have got to pay back bills before actually moving out and taking on their own mortgage or take on own rent. >> can you imagine i emerged from skood school -- school zero debt. dagen: from close-knit families used to be okay to live at home with family. maria: i did a long time.
8:50 am
>> never was in england a rule 18, out. >> you had to -- run the empire -- >> 18, i am 20 beyond stuart thank you see you 10 minutes i know you have a lot more. >> i do. >> "varney & company" 9 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart top of the hour next secret to happy marriage, might just be insurance, why more couples say i do to insurance before saying i do to marriage back in a minute. ♪ all you need is love, love, love is all you need ♪ love, love, love ♪ new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new york. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment.
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maria: first love then insurance more people are getting their big day insured as costs of weddings on the rise, average cost to say i do hitting a record number of 35,000 dollars, last year according to -- joining us to talk about this trend insurance services president robert and author of the wedding planner founder ceo kelly, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having us have. >> tells us you had a client dropped ring down shaft what can you sure, obviously, insurer wedding ring obviousness you want that not a lot of people do. >> engagement resigning insured probably before you leave the store so i had a client, who didn't buy insurance left the store, opened it up to look at it in elevator doors opened it fell down shaft he couldn't go back to jewelry, he had no insurance, and i got o phone call what do i do. >> what did he do.
8:55 am
>> i said go pray that they find it. >> okay they didn't. >> didn't so he is out what that could be a lot of money. >> sure can. >> gaenlt rings average 4 to 5,000 dollars definitely want that insured. >> right away kelly you can buy insurance for actually wedding day, what am i insuring here on wedding day what kind of coverage. >> as soon as you book wedding, did he posit a lot of vendors, and if there is you know -- terrible storm prevents you from having wedding disaster you are not protected against -- a big purchase. >> what do you think about in terms of those of insuring for wedding day. >> a lot, so what if rabbi or priest don't show up you are at the venue postpone venue so you get money back, for cancellation or postponement deposits cover wedding dress
8:56 am
groom tux should it get damaged. >> mother or bride can't make it to the wedding covered. >> some people get insurance for honeymoon what tips do you have for that. >> your honeymoon average 6,000 dollars one of the most expensive trips you are going to take in your life, you are want to get that insured, and it can be against about -- covered medical illness, also if you lose your bags, the flight. >> talking about it all morning i thought some insurance for actually wedding but -- >> doesn't cover -- >> does not cover cold feet. they will provide you with counseling should there be cold feet, you need to see summon. >> i said what -- insuring wedding is going he said that is cold a prenupual agreement. >> we will be right back all-star panel today, and final thoughts stay with us.
8:57 am
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>> welcome back, final thoughts from our all-star panel. lee carter. >> i can't wait until monday, or tuesday when congress comes back, i want acts on health care and clear messaging what they're proposing. maria: yeah, baby, get it done. >> i want to see something on tax reform because that's what the market is looking for and what the economy needs and we want to see something on tax reform. maria: dagen.
9:00 am
dagen: do both and explain them well, in five bullet points each. it ain't that hard. maria: it can't be, especially they've had seven years on health care. great show. thank you, dagen, lee carter, i'll see you this weekend on wall street week and sunday morning futures. here is stu. stuart: thank you, maria. the french election, watch out, your money, your dollar, yes, that's at stake and the vote has just been hit by terror. good friday morning. the man arrested for the shooting in paris was known to the authorities, picked up two months ago for assaulting a police officer and let go for lack of evidence. he was one of 20,000 being watched. security forces just can't cope that one man shut down central paris, france shocked again by terror. marine lca


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