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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 21, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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dagen: do both and explain them well, in five bullet points each. it ain't that hard. maria: it can't be, especially they've had seven years on health care. great show. thank you, dagen, lee carter, i'll see you this weekend on wall street week and sunday morning futures. here is stu. stuart: thank you, maria. the french election, watch out, your money, your dollar, yes, that's at stake and the vote has just been hit by terror. good friday morning. the man arrested for the shooting in paris was known to the authorities, picked up two months ago for assaulting a police officer and let go for lack of evidence. he was one of 20,000 being watched. security forces just can't cope that one man shut down central paris, france shocked again by terror. marine le pen calls for
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expulsion of terror suspects, that's radical and it's new. she's in a virtual dead heat. the markets predicts a selloff, but they were wrong on brexit and wrong on donald trump. former president trump on the phone with manuel, mr. obama advised against brexit. how come the dow is holding at a high level? hope for a tax cut coming this year, says the treasury secretary. hope for a health care plan, maybe next week, says the president. hope for good profits, true for visa and american express, okay for general electric. the friday edition of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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another deadly terror attack in france and the authorities new about the suspect beforehand. liz: he was making threats over a social media called telegram. he was convicted in 2005 for shooting and wounding two police officers in 2001 and wounding a third. he was serving a 20-year prison sentence and he was released. so, he's been out there on the extremist watch list for some time. he had-- reports he had a pump action shotgun and knives and isis taking responsibility. he appears to be a lone wolf and has been known to authorities in france for some time. stuart: they didn't have enough evidence to hold him and can't surveil 20,000. liz: that's why marine le pen says kick out all terror suspects. stuart: she says she wants to
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expel terror suspects, we suspect you, you're out. >> there could be tens of thousands on a terror watch list. she wants all of them to be taken to the border and bye-bye. any other terror suspects as well. it's radical, it's unen-french, but look, francois hollande has 4% approval rating and blamed for terror attacks. the appetite now for something that's traditionally un-french, closing the border, expelling foreign terror suspects. stuart: i'm not surprised. 21 attacks against charlie hebdo and 240 dead. liz: it's a tight race in the french election this weekend. stuart: let's get to the markets here at home. charles payne is with us this friday morning. that's a good thing. charles, why are stocks staying at such high levels, because the earnings are pretty good? >> the earnings have been phenomenal so far, and i think
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we talk politics and ignoring the fact that the economic needle has moved in part because the businesses have been hibernating for eight years. csx, one of the largest rail companies. looking at data. auto sales are down from a record last year. housing on the rebound, coal shipments were up 3%, but the revenues were up 30% pricing in coal. then you have steel dynamics. i know president trump with the executive order, that helped, bye operating margins up from a year ago and the ceo says, don't worry, this is going to be a great year, the ceo of the company giving us forward projection. american express underscoring both sides of the atlantic are doing well and some people are beginning to spend again. sna snap-en 0 tools. the president was there, and
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the economy is moving, no more demonization, no more road blocks. the war against prosperity and business success is over. stuart: how about the french election? why shouldn't i sell today because i don't know what's happening on sunday. >> we're in a global candidate who wants to get out of the euro-- wants to rip up the constitution and that's not le pen, that's the communist candidate, okay? you want to talk about pins and needle. you've got four in the 20's. and two candidates say this'll completely turn france upsidedown and together almost at 50%. so, yeah, we're a little anxious about it. stuart: got it. let's move on to individual stocks, how they're doing premarket. we've got general electric. first of all, dow futures dead flat this morning and general electric is going to go up a little bit. their revenue came in better than wall street had expected. i hate to use these expectations because i think it's rigged, but
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nonetheless,that's what's happening with ge. visa's profits, doing very well in europe and visa is up 2% when the opening bell rings. different with the toy maker mattel. they've been hurt by poor demand for barbie dolls and for the fisher price unit. hurt by big discounts, trying to move the stuff that didn't sell at christmas. that stock is going to be down about 6% this morning. how about this one, tesla discovers a possible issue with parking brakes. oh, recall. liz: electricity problems possibly made by a third party supplier, locks the car in place and a recall of 53,000 model s to model x cars manufactured between february and october of 2016. so this recall came on the day after a really negative lawsuit that tesla was smacked with. now, tesla is again in the bullseye right now.
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stuart: let me bring in the lawyer, i know you don't want to be called a lawyer, but once a lawyer always a lawyer, gregg jarrett. they're suing over the software, saying not functional, creates safety issues, is that an accurate. >> that's a problem for them. it wasn't ready for prime time, this software autopilot thing. they made all kinds of representations, apparently their salesmen did, what it could do, what it will do in the future. there will be additional enhancements, none of it's happened. these owners are saying, look, it's not only not functioning, it's dangerous and look, 47,000 tesla owners have this component in it. and they paid $5,000 for it. so, you've got a potential class action lawsuit here and tesla may end up refunding 5,000 if they're lucky. these three plaintiffs want a full refund on their what,
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80,000 to $100,000 teslas they paid for. liz: quickly to gregg's point, why is tesla treating us like beta testers of their half high pressu pressure-- half-baked software. stuart: what charles buy it at-- >> no. >> he would buy it at $20. >> yes, i did buy it, sold it and bought it. stuart: you brought us the retail ice age story and that's bebe. i guess that's the pronunciation, women's clothing store closed. >> ironically they the paid a consultant that not making money. it was once a high-flying stock, a brand 20 years ago. stuart: on this program, i know you know this, but i'm going to repeat for viewers, the former ceo of goldman--
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what it's saks fifth avenue, mixed them up, it's going to be 8,000 store closings this calendar year and that may be a conservative estimate. >> we'll have so many more stores than anyone else. give you a stat, what they call growth leasable. 20% more than canada, and 500% more than u.k. and ten times more than germany and outpaced the growth of population, we way too many. liz: overbuilt. stuart: they will close, all right. >> they will. stuart: move on to facebook, it's out with a new plan to bring snnt to everyone. i'm told they want to install devices to cities that beam to your phones and computers like lamp posts. that's 143, premarket. update on a story we brought you yesterday, uc berkeley, they'll let ann coulter speak at the school. berkeley had canceled the
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speech after liberals complained. however, she's not happy with the date they've rearranged the speech for, she's going to speak when she wants to speak. president trump says the terror attack on france will have an effect on this weekend's elections. we're on that story big time. more varney after this. or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. knowing that the most important goals are yours. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> a russian journalist, who was a critic of vladimir putin, has died after being beaten up by strangers, his death suspicion, question mark. liz: he was a known opponent of putin, the owner of the newspaper called new petersburg. he's been in a medically induced coma since march 9th. jumped and attacked beaten near his home in petersburg. he had covered human rights and corruption in the putin regime
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and jailed for defamation to the regime. now this civil rights light is dead. stuart: one more journalist, murdered, beaten to death or whatever the cause, dead. liz: that's correct. stuart: got it. president trump is tweeting about the presidential election in france this sunday. here is what he said. another terrorist attack in paris, the people of france will not take much more than this, will have a big effect on the presidential election. john fund is with us from the national review. what effect on the election from this terror attack? what do you think, john? >> i was in france last month and what's very clear is isis and islamist terrorists actually wouldn't mind marine le pen doing well in the presidential election. they're all about a clash of civilizations and they want a confrontation between the west and between their forces, so, they hope, i think, by doing this, to encourage people who want to crack down on immigration, increase tensions in france between the immigrant
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population and the french people in general. stuart: well, i'm sure you've heard the news this morning. marine le pen, the nationalist candidate, we had her on the screen a moment ago, she said she would like to expel all terror suspects. we've been saying earlier on the program, that's a very big deal, that's a radical plan. what do you make of it? >> well, that's in line with what she's been saying in the campaign. na would set up the clash, the division, divisiveness that the terrorists want. obviously, there has to be security. obviously, this is the sixth attack in three years. the french have done until now a miserable job integrating their immigrant population and done a mediocre job on security until recently. this is precisely what the terrorists want to do. they want to affect the election, basically. stuart: john, is it going to push voters to marine le pen? >> it didn't happen in the netherlands and there was a lot
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of controversy with the turks, accusing the dutch of racism and injecting themselves in the campaign in april there. it didn't work there. i think the average voter tends not to operate glanduly, or last minute events. they don't want to be pushed into something by outsiders, that's what this is. stuart: i'm surprised to hear you say that because france has had 21 attacks in the last two years and there are 230 dead. french people live in fear on a daily basis. i think they've had it up to here and this latest attack, i think it will propel voters toward marine le pen. would you disagree with that? >> yes, because there's an alternative if you want security. francois filan is a former minister le pen is not the only answer to french who feel unsecure.
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she has no real experience in government, no real experience in security policy. she's a great talker, but a good doer? i think a lot will vote for the conservative fan of margaret thatcher, that should be a candidate you should be looking at. stuart: i would approve, yes, but given the terror situation, i can only imagine how they must feel. >> the former prime minister-- >> go on. >> as a former prime minister, filan presided, it was only after he left office, the terrorist attacks began. i'm not saying they're linked, but he has a good report on security and economics and marine le pen is a statist. stuart: god forbid if we have marine le pen against the communist. >> all rich people leave the country. stuart: and a lot of other people, too, and the dollar goes straight up and the euro goes straight down and europe is finished.
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if that were the runoff election, a couple of months from now, all hell breaks loose. do you agr with that? >> well, that's why there sh you had be an option of none of the above in such races. stuart: you're right. thanks very much for joining us, john. we'll see you next week and see what happens on sunday. thank you. here is, this is a statistic, so to speak, nearly one third of all millennials, 18 to 34-year-olds live at home with their parents. we've got a lot to say about that in one minute. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes.
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>> when that market opens in eight minutes' time, we will be pretty much dead flat, right around the 25,000 mark, i'm sorry, 20,500 mark. i misspoke. the census bureau that's a reliable source, they say that more 18 to 34-year-olds now live with their parents than with a spouse. that was as of last year. 31% lived in their parents' home, 27% lived with their spouse. how about that? charles payne still with us, sticking it out this morning. look, i say they're not lazy, they're not entitled, i think that they are economically stressed, that's why they're doing this. >> it's a combination of all of
9:23 am
those things, to be sure, but there's some other elements to this and what i find really frightening of this group, 35% of the men live at home. only 29% of the women. something is going wrong with our young men and their ability to get out there and tough it out. stuart: really? >> yes, there's something extraordinarily wrong, a red flag has to go up and what the hell is going on? i don't give a damn if you've got a degree in biology, go out and drive a cab. and the first day you don't get a gold watch. stuart: during the break we were talking with charles payne, the statistic, what's redwing with men, 40% of them are not interested in-- >> the grass eaters of japan. liz: why are they called grass eaters. >> some protesters came up with that, they don't want to hurt
9:24 am
anyone and they don't want to be hurt. so they're grass eaters. and this is a phenomena that started ten years ago in japan and so bad. 40% of them reportedly don't want to have sex at all. liz: wow, all right. i think maybe it's the stress and the-- maybe it's the stress and the $1 trillion in college debt they're struggling under and also obamacare said if you're 26 you can be on your parents-- sorry on your parents health care, this is really the chickens coming home to roost. >> i blame parents, making it too easy, kumbayah. you can stay here. my parents said the minute you finish school, don't think about coming home and that instilled a work ethic in me, i knew i would have to be on my own and i'd have to make sacrifices, make a living and work hard. liz: look where you are now. >> kids have it too easy. stuart: so we don't particularly like the proportion of youngsters lives at home with mom and dad. we can explain it, but we don't
9:25 am
think it's a good cultural trend. >> top three states are economically tough to move out. new jersey, connecticut, new york. they're also in the top ten, state taxes. liz: high tax states. >> tough to get any traction in the high tax states. stuart: i want to say when i was that age, way back, okay, it was the tradition in england, you're 18, you're out of the house, plus, i had the extraordinary good fortune to go to a good school and have the governor pay me a grant to go to that school. it wasn't a loan so i emerged from a very good college with no debt at all period. >> e-mack makes a great point. they are so riddled with debt now days it's hard to get out from under it and sometimes the only option is mom and dad's basement. stuart: there is more student debt than car loan debt and mortgage debt. >> 1.3 trillion and 900 billion of that is on our shoulders, the taxpayers. stuart: but it's 1.3 trillion total. extraordinary. >> through the roof. stuart: that was a good
9:26 am
discussion of morality, okay. we're going to open this market down a fraction. futures pointing down 2 or 3 points, that's it. we'll open the market in a couple of minutes. join us, please.
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>> almost there, 15 seconds to go and the market will have the final session of the week. let's see, we closed yesterday at 25-- 20,578. that's still way up there, is it not? still up 10, 11% since the election. we've had no significant pullback since the election of donald trump. we're off, we're running, it is friday morning, i'm seeing a mixed market to get things doing, not that much movement. up, down, side ways, it's a complete mixed picture when you look at all 30 of the dow stocks. some green, some red, some unchanged. now we're up 16 points, just shy of 20,600. that's where we are. a couple of individual stocks, let's have a look at them. ge, revenue coming in pretty good. the market keeping that stock flat, but it is at $30 a share. a lot of people own ge from way back when. do you own ge, gregg? >> i did and finally dumped it, it's been flat for 20 years.
9:31 am
has anybody made money on ge other than the ceo, the chairman? [laughter] >> never recovered from the if financial crisis of nearly what, eight or nine years ago, didn't recover. visa, more money coming in, especially in the european operations and the market likes that, up a buck. up 1.3%. how about tesla. since the election, that stock is up 55%. how about that? so there's news on tesla this morning, let's see how that stock moves this morning. joining us gregg jarrett, elizabeth mcdonald, charles payne, jeff sica, that's a full screen, ladies and gentlemen. i'm going to play the role of market bear. why shouldn't investors sell today? you've got the french election coming on sunday. why not get out while the going is good, jeff sica. >> i think it's primarily a market based on psychology and based on momentum, so, i agree with you in saying that investors should consider parring back on some of their gains.
9:32 am
we haven't had a correction in a long time and at this point, investors have to begin to look at a market that's priced to perfection in a lot of ways, and begin to take some money off the table. stuart: because you might be disappointed. >> you have tax cuts, you have the uncertainty and might be disappointed. stuart: scott shellady, you're the trading kind of guy, wouldn't you be selling on this friday because of worries over the weekend? >> oh, i'd be selling on this friday if i thought we're not going to get anything done from congress. congress right now, i think, is our only hope, we've got great unanswerables you talked about, the kids living at home, although we've got 4 1/2% unemployment. we've got seven years of zero interest rates. i'm starting to get angry and new meaning to the phrase mad cow. we've got to start see something done by people we know can do something. that's what the market needs. we've tried everything else,
9:33 am
they need something done. stuart: yesterday, treasury secretary steve mnuchin said tax reform would be soon, this year, with or without the repeal of obamacare. is that part of your scenario, scott shellady. >> look what the market did after he said that. i could blame it on a few other things, but the markets need that, the markets want that and the people want it so we need to get the legislators in line with their constituents, tax cuts is what we need. we've tried everything else and we still have the kids living at home. explain that. it's unexplainable. that's the problem. we've got to get the congress involved. stuart: charles we keep talking about it, tax cut, tax cut, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, hoping and praying it's going to happen soon. >> it will happen. the 100 day are the a-- artificial time line. they'll have to do it piecemeal. reform is different than tax cuts.
9:34 am
liz: don't do tax reform, it's too much. that's what they're trying to do obamacare reform. just do the tax cuts and ditch that border tax, it flips the business lobby who could be supporters of tax reform. stuart: the other day we were talking about focusing on a corporate tax rate cut, do you think it would work for the market? >> what everybody is saying is true. you have a scenario where there's too many people who have many too agendas trying to determine what the best plan of action is. i think at this point, it makes sense to just get the tax reform, get the tax cuts instituted and not worry about the entire reform. stuart: scott shellady is in london, i can hear him laughing all this way. what have you got to say, scott? >> i'm exasperated. these guys are trying to make the tax cut thing a huge deal because when they solve it it makes them better solving a huge deal. just get the tax cuts, you
9:35 am
don't have to look better than you are. >> so right, cut the corporate rate, the individual rate. it doesn't have to be a mass all encompassing deal. worry about the other stuff later. liz: it will be tough to do with budget reconciliation, you have of to the deficit? rates. stuart: you're bringing us down, lids. [buzzer] . stuart: you got the buzzer on that one. have a nice weekend. liz: you, do. stuart: and the women's retailer bebe, they're going to close all stores by the end of next month. >> i thought it was the end of 2017, but they're going to be all closed and they've been in trouble. and just telling a minute ago talking about holding winners. there are distinct winners and bebe. if you've got a company that's killing it you don't have sell
9:36 am
because the french election wasn't change fundamentals. from shipping, to retail, to on-line and mobile. stuart: is there a single bricks and mortar retailer you would buy? >> i've been saying the controversial thing about j.c. penney. i'm a fan of amazon, it killed bebe, killed sears and killing companies, but j.c. penney made some very, very drastic cuts in store closings. i believe they will be able to pull it out and rebuild. i know that's controversial, but i think they're doing the right thing. stuart: j.c. penney at $5 a share, you like it at 7? >> i don't know about that. >> 6.50? you own amazon. >> no, i don't own amazon. stuart: what do you say, scott? >> i like jeff. you can only lose $5, but why not? >> whatever you say. i've got to get to tesla, that's a high flying stock or certainly has been. it's facing a recall. and they've got a lawsuit on
9:37 am
their hands. the stock is near an all-time high. charles, you used to be an elon musk fan. are you still? >> i still am. let me tell you how aamazing elon musk is. he's been in the meetings at the white house. and one the richest guys in silicon valley, the founder-- the fundraiser for hillary clinton held at his house. elon musk, he's going to get the trump administration to back a project with the biggest anti-trump guy running it. how good he is. liz: if they're bigger than gm, why do they still get government subsidies. >> that's how good elon musk is. >> they're innovators, if they lower the price to something they can afford, most people. they'll control the marketplace. liz: it's about the big battery. stuart: last word on tesla. >> look at recalls though,
9:38 am
these are serious thing. they're making the news, but they're making the news on recalls. this is a parking brake recall which will not hold the car steady if the parking brake fails. these are not to be taken lightly. liz: and the lawsuit is about autopilot and robotic cars and people are driving them through garage walls. >> they're going to take a hit, no question about it. because there are a lot of greedy plaintiffs lawyers out there and i used to go up against many of them. stuart: where are we? we're eight minutes into the session on a friday morning and we're up all of six points, 20,585. always remember that level. 20,585. the saudi energy minister says opec is likely to extend the production cut deal. nobody believes it. the price of oil is down to $50 a barrel. it was 53 earlier this week and saudis say we'll extend the production cuts. it's not working, $50 a barrel on oil. the toy maker mattel has cut its forecast.
9:39 am
sales of barbie dolls down 13%. and american girl dolls are also on the downside, 8% lower for the stock, charles. >> there's good news they decided not to have amy schumer not to play barbie in the movie. liz: very funny. >> that wouldn't have revived the brand in my mind. stuart: you're not serious. >> she was scheduled to play barbie in a movie and i think they rescinded that. barbara millicent roberts was created in an inge an america wanted to get back to in 1950's, if they could rekindle that, they would-- >>. >> why don't you ask a woman about barbie. stuart: what about barbie. liz: amy schumer is fine, she's love her. >> a resurgence in ken doll. [laughter] >> quiet on the set. >> i modeled my entire wardrobe after him. stuart: you're not serious, there has not been a resurgence of a ken doll.
9:40 am
>> alexa's rival, google home can now distinguish between different voices within any household. my production team told me in the meeting this morning, this is a big deal and i believe that. this means that voice recognition technology is really advanced, gregg jarrett. >> it is, forensic experts will tell you that voice, voices are like a fingerprint. they are unique. it's very hard to fool, especially with high technology, artificial intelligence now so sophisticated, so, this is-- this is the future. stuart: i like that kind of thing. liz: amazon's alexa cannot now distinguish between voice. google could beat amazon on price and price this cheaper and google is really pushing for the connected home, operated via that device. stuart: scott shellady go. >> i'm going to put on my tin
9:41 am
foil cap, anybody who is afraid to put a credit card on-line, let's worry about the russian hacking and you've bought something you put in your house and can record everything you say, and knows the difference about what you say against somebody else says, that's going to be kind of scary to some people, i think. stuart: that's very, very interesting. liz: good point. stuart: well done. even though you're in london, you make good points. here is another one, facebook, they want the intern to be everywhere so they plan to get rid of internet dead zones, apparently this is just around the corner, and am i right they're talking about putting receivers on lamp posts. liz: who beam wirelessly. and right now the u.s. stacks up on the level of thailand in terms of broadband capability. the number one country in the world, south korea for broadband.
9:42 am
stuart: 143, 144 on facebook, an all-time record high. you still like it, don't you? >> yeah, i think this is the next initiative for them. they've had so much innovation and still places that you can't go on-line, and interact, it needs to be-- it needs to be corrected. stuart: i want it everywhere very much indeed. thank you jeff, thank you scott, thank you charles for being with us. if you want more of charles payne, 6:00 every night, weekday nights, "making money", it's a hit. >> beating the competition seven months in a row. stuart: and who is the competition? >> i forgot his name. stuart: good. [laughter] >> you're terrible, you really are. come back soon. >> you've got it. stuart: a victory for free speech. berkeley says that ann coulter will be allowed to speak at the school. she is not happy. we'll explain why in a moment.
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>> all right. it happened just one second ago. the dow hit 20,600 a gain of just over 20 points right there. 20,600 on the dow as of this friday morning. berkeley reverses its decision to cancel ann coulter's speech. now they say she can come speak, but, gregg, she's having none of it. >> that's right, she wanted to speak and it was scheduled for the 27th of this month. now berkeley is trying to pull a fast one, oh, we're going to let you speak after all, it will be may 2nd. guess what? students are preparing for final exams about to happen before the end of the school year, so, you know, berkeley knows that it will be poorly attended because of that. coulter's too smart to try to fool and she's going to win out on this thing. stuart: they're backed off a
9:46 am
little bit and maybe have to back off a whole lot. we shall see. get back to your money directly. quick check of the big board, a 12 point gain. look who is here. bob doll, we call him the trillion dollar guy with nuveen asset management. welcome back to the program, good to see you again. >> same, stuart, happy friday. stuart: merrill lynch fund managers, i'm sorry, merrill lynch did a survey, 83% of fund managers say that stocks right now are overvalued. what says bob doll? >> yeah, i don't think so. fully valued, maybe. i guess what i'd say, is we need continued decent fundamentals for stocks to go higher. but, i don't see a whole lot of risk. big risk to the down side, stuart, typically comes when we have an earnings problem and we sure don't have that at the moment so i think that stocks are just fine, thank you. stuart: so you wouldn't be a seller today in advance of the french election on sunday, and maybe repercussions on monday
9:47 am
morning? >> no, i wouldn't. i'd hold my nose on through it. we've had the episodes before. i think of the brexit vote and, yeah, it wasn't fun. the italian constitutional referendum, but quickly the market said, oh, let's move on, the economy is getting better, earnings are going up, let's go higher. stuart: i want to bring this to your attention, maria on the fox business network earlier today sat down with blackrock's larry fink, i believe he manages $5 trillion. here is what he had to say about the markets, roll tape. >> in the short rupp, let's see what earnings season brings to us. if earnings continue to be what ge announced and blackstone announced and blackrock, maybe the stock market is fairly priced, but to have the next leg, the next leg up, we have to have some of the performance out of washington. stuart: right, okay. of the next leg up, he says, bob, you've got to have that performance out of washington,
9:48 am
which means health care and tax cuts. do you agree with that? >> i don't know that we need to get both. we just need to see we're going to get something. over the last couple of months, i think we've gone from the probability of health care and probability of tax reform, is, you know, some bigger number than it is today. we can't keep moving in that direction for the health of the market. the good news is despite that walkback of those probabilities, stacks have hung in there just stein and comes back to earnings. i would put earnings first and seconds and washington third, if you will, in terms of what's going to move this market. stuart: now, most of the earnings report, the big companies really start next week, but of the earnings reports so far that we've seen, i'm told they're pretty good. what say you? >> yes, they are, they're better than expected. it hasn't been uniform and never is, but, stuart, we have the first chance for a double digit earnings quarter in quite a few years. and for the bears out there,
9:49 am
the revenue growth is going to be reasonably good. we're guessing maybe as much as 7% revenue growth and 10 to 12 earnings per share, that's pretty good news. stuart: sure is, that's a change. bob doll, thanks for joining us as always, have a good weekend, sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: check the dow 30, give you a sense of the market here, we're up to 7 points for the dow industrials, we've got about just more than half the dow 30 on the downside, not that much green at this point friday morning. this is an outrageous story. a federal air marshal in hot water after leaving her loaded gun in an airplane bathroom. can't make it up, can you? we'll be back with the story. why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places...
9:50 am
...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. leave complicated behind. what's in your wallet?
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won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> visa is doing well, making money, especially in europe and that stock hit a record high, a few moments ago, 92.80 with are it was a few moments ago. 21st century fox the parent company of this program, ordering "x-files."
9:54 am
liz: surprising response, not-- let me clarify myself overwhelming response. when they revived the episodes last year, revived the "x-files," that's a lot of viewers, 16 million so they have a clear fan following here for a long time. now they've ordered up ten episodes of the "x-files," a big hit with a lot of fans. stuart: the stock is at $30 per share. a story that takes some believing. an air marshal loses her loaded gun on a flight. take me through it. liz: apparently, a new hire. an april 6th flight from manchester, england to jfk in new york city, gets up from the seat, leaves a loaded gun in the bathroom and passenger then goes into the bathroom, finds the loaded gun and gives it to a flight attendant who returns it to the air marshal. you don't want someone taking that gun, of course, on a flight, but the tsa, it's
9:55 am
unclear ether they reprimanded her because shwas reassigned to another flight within days. so, this is clearly a security lapse. stuart: gregg jarrett, recovering lawyer, why wasn't she fired? >> she should be fired, it's rank incompetence and maybe shows the incompetence of our government and tsa in failing to fire. look, the problem is that air marshals, they really don't do any good. they're only on 5% of the flights, cost a billion dollars a year, 10% of the tsa budget. the money could be better spent elsewhere. stuart: that's a billion dollar a year for air marshals. >> yes. stuart: you don't think it works? >> no, i mean, look, terrorists in more than a decade haven't boarded flights to america, there's no empirical evidence that demonstrate that air marshals made a material difference here. the money could be spent better elsewhere within the tsa budget. stuart: this lady was not fired. i find that extraordinary, okay.
9:56 am
france, yeah, hit by terror again. just a couple of days, three days, literally, before a pivotal vote. remember, please, there have been 21 terror attacks in france in the last two years with more than 230 dead. i'll have my take an editorial at the top of the hour on that subject. i want to give you a programming alert. the new lineup coming on the fox news channel next week. tucker carlson tonight, full name of the show, tucker carlson tonight goes to 8 p.m. eastern, "the five" will follow at 9:00 eastern. think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income.
9:57 am
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9:59 am
stuart: three days before the
10:00 am
vote terrorism hits paris again. marine le pen is making hay out of this. there have been 22 attacks last two years and more than 230 deaths. president trump says it never ends. with that phrase he captured the mood of anger and despair. it is terror that will destroy the open borders policy of the european. it is terror that has overwhelmed the police. in france alone there are 20,000 people on watch lists. they simply can not be watched. they can't watch that mon. last night's attack took place on the champs-elysees, the main street of the main city in france. it shut it down. it took place right before the first round of voting in the presidential election. it will surely affect the outcome the nationalist candidate poundings the table, bring backboarders says marine le pen, ominously expel terror suspects before they have a chance to kill. last night's suspect was released by police two months ago after assaulting a policeman.
10:01 am
last night he killed a policeman. what would america do if the same series of attacks and killings had happened here? safe to say we would be as angry as the french are now. so watch that election over there on sunday. your politics and your money will be affected. neither europeans nor americans are prepared to just get used to it. terror has its consequences. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> our condolences from our country to the people of france. again it's happening it seems. i just saw it as i was walking in. so that is a terrible thing. that is a very, very terrible thing that is going on in the world today but it looks like another terrorist attack and, what can you say? just never ends.
10:02 am
stuart: i think that summed it up better than anybody else's comment. what can you say, it just never ends. he got it right. that was the president at the press conference with italy's prime minister. we'll get back to that in just a moment. i have breaking numbers for you. very important for realtors, existing home sales, liz. liz: 5.71 million. hit a 10-year high. it hit a 10-year high in february as well this is the march number coming in. it is a really powerful number. it is an indication that we could start to see the homebuilders turn around. they are not right now. i'll tell you something, inventory of homes very low, four-months supply versus balanced market of six. mortgage rates dropping, breaking below 4%. stuart: you have a 10-year high in existing home sales of 5.7 million. that is annualized basis. liz: better than expected. stuart: strong number. it had no effect on the overall stock market, realtors like to
10:03 am
know the numbers, that's for sure. let's have a look at the biggs-name technology companies. we call them the fabulous five. most of them are down today. the lone exception i'm pleased to say is microsoft. i own some of that stock. the rest down fractionally. big industrial company honwell is making money. it raised its forecast for the future. nays gain for a industrial stock, honeywell. here is a tweet from the president. another terrorist attack in paris. the people of france will not take much more of this. it will have a big effect of the presidential election. joining me, lawrence jones, host of "the blaze." good to see you, sir. let me bring up one more item of news from marine le pen, the nationalist candidate in the election. she said this morning because of this terror attack just
10:04 am
yesterday she would expel terror suspects. now that tells me how far france has gone towards the road, we've had it, we've got to do something. go ahead? >> i think it goes how far she's gone. stuart: yeah. >> she is connected with the public. she is the donald trump of france. i think people are underestimating her. she is connected with the people. people are afraid. it has been over 22 attacks. think think i think they should take her seriously. they have to do something. 22 attacks no. response. still open borders. she is the only one responding. stuart: she is responding with two things. forget this open borders thing. reimpose the borders. there was the suspects, if you're a suspect, you're out of here. you're right, lawrence, she has clearly gone further down that road. i just wonder what would happen in america, what would the response be if in the last two
10:05 am
years we had more than 20 separate attacks and more than 230 were killed? what do you think we would do here, lawrence? >> i think the american public would be mad as hell, and i'm not going to say america had as many, but we had a former president that didn't take this issue seriously. he continued say isis was the jv team. he continued to play politics when it came to national security. i'm not saying he didn't have a great heart, but he wanted to be a diplomat. we need ad president that was going to secure the border and secure america. that is why you have president trump that just took a bomb to isis. that's what france needs. they need that type of leader. i'm sure you're seeing that in marine le pen. stuart: well, let's see. there is this big runoff on sunday. the two leading candidates go forward to the final election shortly thereafter. >> correct. stuart: there is a possibility, well there is no possibility, if
10:06 am
marine le pen wins the presidency, europe is finished, the european union is done. it is finished. say good-bye to to it. are you with me on this. >> i'm with you. stuart: do you want it to happen? >> of course i do want it to happen because it is good for the people. i think as i continue to say, the media, the press there is much like the american press. they're not connected with the people. the people are fed up. they're tired of the eu they're tired ever being not protected, not being protected and they need this type of leader. you're seeing the donald trump of france, i can't say that enough. the media underestimated donald trump. they're underestimating le pen. watch, i guarranty you there will be a change in the polls real soon. stuart: this is fascinating. lawrence jones, we love your fire. you come on back soon, brother. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: gotcha. thanks very much. after a two-week recess congress is getting ready to head back to the hill to tackle health care and tax reform, maybe. will they get it done?
10:07 am
tammy bruce, fox news contributor. is with us now. i'm skeptical. how about you? >> i am too. some early assessment some people referring on twitter like weekend at bernie's a warmed over thing that was the same as before. they're propping it up. there was fallout when it came to the failure. this will come out to donald trump tweeting they have got to do. he wants a vote. stuart: he thinks we'll get it next week. he thinks we'll get a health care measure in front of him and people next week. >> the same people telling him that would happen last time, are still there and still apparently telling him that. i think it will be troubling because while there is some issues that have been adjusted, efforts to get the premiums down, giving more leeway to states to opt out of certain obamacare provisions, the, the firewall if you will at stake with those with preexisting conditions and that kind of money that can go in, that
10:08 am
helped the freedom caucus in some ways, but there is it still not a lot for people that wanted it to be repealed. same with a little bit of tweaking. it will be enough for people who expect the next other two steps happen but that is one of fights earlier. stuart: can they get 216 votes, that is the question. can they get 216 votes. >> for some reason president trump thinks that he can. stuart: i thought this messing around by the republican party would hurt them, but you have given me some numbers on fund-raising. is this for the republican party in the first quarter of the year? liz: 41.5 million in first three months of 2017. stuart: first quarter, republican national committee raised, that is a very large -- >> best ever following a presidential race reportedly. >> keep in mind, congress's approval rating doubled when president trump was elected some this very much can be the coattails of president trump, with the expectation that even with the fighting, that this is still the best option and then of course, it is contradiction
10:09 am
to what the democrats are doing which is frightening americans even more. liz: that's true. >> it is kind of a perfect storm when it comes to fund-raising. stuart: i am surprised, $41.5 million in 12 weeks. ain't bad at all. choosing parent over a spouse. we're back to that. worthy of a discussion. more millenials opted living with mom and dad rather than getting married and living on their own. 31% of are 18 to 31-year-olds live with mom and dad. that is the key number. we discussed this in the early part of the show, liz and tammy. i will not condemn the younger generation. they have a very hard time. liz: what are the trend? reasons why, student debt. one trillion in student debt. these student, also, rather millenials, they live in high-tech states. in other words where preponderance living at home, "wayne's world" meets the golden barrels, they are living in --
10:10 am
"the golden girls," the california, new york, connecticut. this is the chickens coming home to roost. is it obamacare? stay on your parents health reform, excuse me, health insurance until age 26. there are big societal trends here. when we were young, we were, our parents said get out of the house, go get a job, work. but i think that student debt is crushing. stuart: that is the big deal to me. tammy, do you condemn millenials for living at home? do you say you're lazy, you have a sense of entitlement. get off your backside. >> numbers belie that. more young men falling to the bottom of the income ladder. in 197525% of the men made incomes less than 30,000 collars a year. that is up to 41%. men from ages 25 to 34. you're looking income levels below $30,000, 41%. they literally can't get out of the house because they don't
10:11 am
have the jobs or income to do so. that is the legacy of the last eight years. liz: is that the obama economy? >> this is the obama economy still here and this is trump's challenge and new administration challenge. once they get money they will leave. who wants to live in the basement? none of us do. stuart: that is extraordinary, 41% of young men make less than 30% a year. millenials? >> ages 25 to 34. stuart: 25 to 30 four, less than 30 grand. >> in '75, 25% of those ages had less than income of 30,000. those rose to 41%. they should have families homes, a professional job. that is why they're in the basement. they don't want to be there. last eight years put them there. stuart: thank you for that. that is revelatory. thank you, tammy. attorney general jeff sessions will tour the border today. he is in san diego, this is budget director mick mulvaney the budget must have funds for the wall.
10:12 am
yes, we're on that one. france hit by a terror attack. the sixth attack on the french capital this year. the nation heads to the polls this weekend. surely it will influence the vote. ann coulter gets the green light. yes, she can speak at berkeley. we'll tell you the full story in a moment. ♪ i joined the army in july of '98. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. on your big day the only tears you ...not allergies.from joy... flonase allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. it's an allergy nasal spray that works beyond the nose.
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♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. stuart: people might be worried what happens with the french election. ted flat. with preponderance of red. more executive orders today. the president is aiming to sign three of them aiming at
10:16 am
financial regulation. very technical and weed did i stuff but will sign three of them on financial regulation today. trying to get something done on financial regulation before the 100 day term ask up. going to the border, attorney general jeff sessions and homeland security secretary john kelly, going to california-mexico border. they want to get tough on boarder security, and on the wall. we have a national border patrol council guy. i think you're definitely approved of the building the wall, sir? >> definitely. something that is much-needed. stuart: what you do you want to hear from secretary kelly and the attorney agenda? >> a lot of it, more than just the wall. obviously there is more equipment than we need. there is ways to retain, we need more agents, but you need to retain experienced agents already there working, putting their lives on the line for quite some time.
10:17 am
i think it is refreshing to have an administration that is ahead of the game and they really want to push border security. i think that is a big deal. i know a lot is made out of the price of the wall and how much will get spent but the reality is, that you know border security is not cheap. and keeping americans safe is, shouldn't be playing the cheap game on something like that. stuart: what about the criticism that, okay, you build your wall. people will bureau underneath it birrow underneath it or take a ladder under it and will not be as effective as it made out to be. what say you? >> the big issue is that. we're not asking for just a wall. there is other things that you need to put together in order pour that to work. you know, i, easiest way i tell people, at home you still lock your doors at night. they can still break in your home but you still lock your doors for that security. you can't put a price on security.
10:18 am
back during the 9/11 attacks there were $3.3 trillion spent after that attack. that is not even putting cost of lives that died, the lives that were wounded, and when you really look how much was spent on planning that attack by these individuals that are trying to harm americans, it was less than 500,000. so, do you really want to put a price on a wall? it is security. and it is just not the wall. it is everything else around it. stuart: white house budget director mick mulvaney, he says the border wall, needs to be, must be included in the spending bill. in other words you have to have money in that budget to build that wall. he is very much on your side. >> no, i mean, that is refreshing. we need that. there is a lot of things that are needed down here on the southern border that have got ignored for a long, long time. now we have an administration coming out here. we have attorney general sessions. secretary kelly that is talking to the people. they're coming down here. speaking to the boots on the ground.
10:19 am
a lot is ignored for many, many years. people need to realize things coming through the southern border, people trying to harm our country, they're not staying on the southern border, they're moving further into the united states, moving into regular homes. stuart: we're told that the number of people crossing the border illegally is way, way down, down like0, 65%, from your knowledge is that true? >> the numbers are down. we can't deny that, but what's scary is, sometimes we look at this honeymoon period we like to call it, where a lot of these individuals, they have slowed down but there are still individuals crossing, that is what you need to understand. the ones that are crossing are still desperate to come through. what we have seen, more aggression against border patrol agents on the southern border of these individuals that don't want to be detected. stuart: art, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we will see you later on. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: violent protest racking
10:20 am
venezuela, firebombs, mass demonstrations that is real craziness in caracas, venezuela, that is the reality of socialism as that banner puts it right there. next week republicans getting on the phone this weekend. they're trying to hammer out final details of a health care bill with conference calls. will it work this time? you're watching "varney & company." ♪
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
stuart: price the gold retreated from $1300 an ounce. not that much. 1282 from right now. you know this story, first of all, berkeley said no to a speech by ann coulter. they reversed themselves. now they say yes to the speech by ann coulter. she says no, not happy about it. she wants to speak when she wants to speak, not the date that berkeley has given her. >> do you know why? stuart: tell me. >> dead week at berkeley. may 2nd. stuart: may 2nd. >> may 2nd, series of days where you're allowed to leave campus to study for your exams. there are no classes. everybody generally leaves. three days later is the last day of instruction. so they arranged she will be on site when no one will be there. i did a speech at uc-davis where
10:25 am
the professors arranged freshman class to be in mandatory class so they couldn't attend my speech. this happens all the time. it is a typical tactic. this is why she says no. i will be there on the 27th because more people will be on campus. stuart: good for her. liz: why does ann coulter need a safe space? we're supposed to be sharpening our young minds to live in the real world not liberal fantasy bubble? stuart: spineless college administrators. she will speak. we'll protect her. if you do something we'll expel her. >> debate it. stuart: if you try to silence free speech on this campus, you're out, forever. >> you know what auburn university did in alabama? said take the masks off. that is the law. you're not supposed to be wearing masks at these riots. stuart: where are the police? where are the police? >> robert reich, as we know former treasury secretary, he is a professor there. stuart: labor secretary. >> labor secretary. he went on facebook. this is outrageous.
10:26 am
this is a mistake to cancel her. this is about free speech. he was even on the right side. stuart: robert reich? he is way out on the left. >> he gets it. there is segment, this is berkeley, the heart of free speech, you understood the problem with this. but that is the conversation that has to happen at internally, at every other campus. liz: liberal professors are self-infan at thattized and parent are being gouged with high costs. stuart: i have never heard of that. liz: i made it up. >> they got hurt with all the scene about safe spaces. alumni and parents and everybody has to say enough is enough. stuart: trouble most alumni at berkeley, i'm not going to say anything. >> maybe not now with this couple generations, a couple generations before they have good people that can stand up. stuart: well-said. president obama inserting into another foreign election, he called the french candidate to wish him good luck.
10:27 am
please, remember, president obama opposed "brexit" and got involved in that vote. >> president trump getting an american released from an egyptian prison. we have details on a very good story.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: the pause in investing before the french election. that may be what is going on now, we're up four point, 20,582. president obama inserting himself into the french election. held a phone call conversation with a french presidential candidate, eiaea manuel macron.
10:31 am
we have greg stapleton. good for being with us. >> thank you have toking me on. stuart: the news we have marine le pen is taking advantage of the latest terrorist attack. she is suggesting that she wants france to expel terror suspects. not somebody convicted of a crime but terrorist suspects. i put it to you, mr. ambassador, this is how far france has come with this kind of threat hanging over them all the time. >> another incident in paris on the champs-elysees where a policeman is apparently killed right in the heart of paris on franklin roosevelt. there is a clear message, not only for the french but also for the world, that the terrorists are at large. it has been a huge problem in france last couple years and it persists. stuart: do you think it will push more votes towards marine le pen? >> this is very complicated election.
10:32 am
it is incredibly diverse, and there is the possibility of strategic voting. le pen is certainly the law and order candidate. so that is, i think if terrorism is a threat that will push votes toward le pen. it is anticipated she will make it into the second round. the biggest issue, who will be her opponent in the second round. stuart: would you handicap it for us? you have obviously real knowledge of french politics. >> it is incredibly complicated. there are four candidates remaining, all polling higher than 15%. if you get into the low 20s, you have a chance to win. it is very close, because even the two top candidates won't get, may not get to 50%. so all four remaining candidates have a candidate, including now a far left candidate and two more centrist candidates, fion and macron. stuart: all the experts are saying marine le pen can't win,
10:33 am
in the final analysis, when push comes to shove she can't win. what do you say?ns and gets in e final, if you're in the finals, you can win. stuart: give us handicap? is it probability? >> it is a probability she will get in the second round. i don't think it's a probability she will win but it is not, i would say say, as a the about man i would say she is about two or three to one to be president. stuart: okay. would you agree with this? if she is the next president of france, all hell breaks loose, european union finished, europe, gone, do you agree with that? >> it is more complicated than that. the french parliament will be wither had. so it will be very confusing for considerable amount of time. and she hasn't had to take policy positions. she has been able to take positions. so governing is nothing she has planned for. stuart: i would like to get your take on president trump. weighed in on the paris attack yesterday.
10:34 am
he tweeted this morning. here it is. another terrorist attack in paris. the people of france will not takep much more of this. it will have a big effect on the presidential election. he said yesterday on tape, it just never ends. i think it summed up the mood in france. >> a lot of attacks. they haven't been coordinated. there have been so many, between five and 10 serious attacks. worse with "charlie hebdo," being terrible, but one offs, they take terrorism very seriously, in france. and i think they actually do pretty good job of controlling it, albeit, shown vulnerabilities. but one off vulnerabilities. but, they're certainly working on it. the hollande government worked on it. the sarkozy government worked on
10:35 am
it. there is huge vulnerability in the u.s. stuart: mr. ambassador, craig stapleton. we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: yes, sir. violence, really continues in venezuela, anti-government protest, flooding the streets of caracas. it is not over. they plan to keep the protests going for the next couple days. joining me now is doug schoen, former clinton pollster and a democrat. welcome to the show. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i will hold it up. >> please. stuart: you wrote this book 10 years ago, for the benefit of our viewers. >> yes. stuart: hugo chavez, the first socialist dictator of venezuela. the war against america, the threat closer to home. you took it seriously 10 years ago. >> i did. stuart: what should we do now? venezuela is clearly falling to pieces. what should america do? >> we have to offer leadership. that mines working with the oas, latin american nations, to work to reconcile the opposition in the government to make sure there are early elections.
10:36 am
to make sure that the cycle of violence is broken if at all possible. stuart: we can make no, we can't make sure there are early elections. they would just say no, they're not going to do it. >> you heard what i said, if you work with the latin american nations all of whom have spoken out against the violence, to focus them on the democratic process, we have a chance, a very good chance because there is a long democratic tradition in venezuela, to bring the people together and avoid this cycle of violence. stuart: should we send in the marines? >> no. stuart: should we send food? >> absolutely we should sinned food. stuart: deliver it to whom? >> pretty tough to do under these circumstances. >> yeah. >> certainly there are existing relief organizations now working on the ground there. there is not enough food in the stores to service the population. i think we are always been humanitarian nation with a special relationship with vennels venz. stuart: but the last thing we want to do is deliver food which
10:37 am
keeps the maduro government going. we don't want that, do we? >> stuart there, is so little support for maduro, nobody will mistake food stuffs from florida with homegrown maize or other foodstuffs. stuart: you don't think venezuela is socialist society? >> totally authoritarian state now run by the cubans. so i see it effectively a dictatorship there. is nothing to share. there is nothing -- in fact they're nationalizing businesses like gm. so i see this really a failed state where we can play a central and demonstrative role in bringing the country back together. stuart: do you think that american leftists should have second thoughts about using the word socialist for themselves? >> they have shame all over them today because they have been saying that the chavez government, now the maduro government was socialist. these were corrupt, vicious, pro-authoritarian governments
10:38 am
that tyrannized their people. stuart: give me what you think might be the endgame here? i think it is close. >> early elections. a coalition government, from them and indeed perhaps if the military gets involved, the big if, we will have an interim government of national unity. stuart: why don't we have the cia have a few quiet words with venezuela's generals, don't you dare shoot your own people? here is a passport. come to america first. >> part of the problem the generals are narcotics traffickers. we have indicted some of them. some of them we let off. but the venezuelan military is accomplice wit drug trafficking. i don't think it is necessarily as easy all that. stuart: you were prescient writing that. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: 10 years ago, to write a book like that. >> thank you. stuart: well-done, doug.
10:39 am
still a democrat but not a socialist. >> not at all. stuart: not in the bernie sanders wing of the party? >> never. stuart: keith ellison? >> i'm a capitalist, proud. stuart: whoa, don't see many of them these days. dow shown, you're all right, son president trump helps the release of a egyptian-american worker released in prison in cairo, egypt, lizzie liz liz liz: her family personally crediting president trump for stepping in personally to help release them. now president obama tried to get them released but blocked el-sisi. didn't like el-sisi for his human rights violations. el-sisi visited with president trillion in a month or so. "new york times," human rights advocates, criticizing president
10:40 am
trump not stepping in to help the jailed on bogus charges humanitarian workers, they worked with children but the reporting was wrong. the president personally stepped in to the point where families are thanking him and crediting him for doing that. stuart: chalk that up for a win for president trump. certainly a win for the young lady. france, you know the story, hit by another terror attack. i believe it is the sixth attack on the french capital in three years. the nation heads to the polls this weekend. you know, you got to believe that that terror attack has some influence on the vote, does the not? we're on it. amazon, up x-percentage points since the election. it has gone straight up. one finance expert said it would reach a trillion dollars in market capitalization. amazon worth a trillion in two short years. there is a story for you. we'll be right back. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
liz: bob doll, the trillion dollar man, markets don't care what is happening in washington, d.c. it is about corporate profits. roll tape. >> we don't need to see both. we need to see we'll get
10:43 am
something. over last couple months probability of health care and probability of tax reform is some bigger number than it is today. we can't keep moving in that market. good news despite walk back of those probabilities, stocks hung in there just fine. it comes back to earnings. earnings first, second and washington third if you will in terms of what is going to move this market. ♪ ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned.
10:44 am
see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
10:45 am
stuart: watch this stock, mattel. sales of barbie dolls are down as well as american girls dolls down as well. volkswagen, the fine is $2.8 billion, the criminal pen senate for the diesel emissions scandal. the stock is back to $30 a share. not that much of an impact. bad news for tesla. it is recalling 53,000 cars. a parking brake issue. is that all to be said. liz: that is all to be said. stuart: there is a lawsuit. liz: there is a lawsuit, that is the dangerous one, about the auto pilot. cars they said were flying into walls. they couldn't basically drive
10:46 am
these cars. apparently, tesla is getting hit with two negative headlines right now. stuart: the stock is up. holding above $300 a share. the stock is up. go figure, 303. up a buck 17. terror threat in france, a couple days right before the election. come on in please, katie hopkins, "daily mail" columnist joining us as usual from london. katie, i think the the french people have had it up to here. they're not going to take this nonsense any longer. i think the terror attack will be a big factor in the election on sunday. what say you? >> i say exactly the same as you, which is always useful. i believe people have had enough. we had macron saying terror is a part of everyday life. we have to accept terror in france as part and parcel of living in france. i can tell you that is not what french people want to hear.
10:47 am
they want france to be back for the french. and i also sick of hearing that marine le pen is to the far right. you know, i always think she is not far right. she is simply right. she came straight out after the terror attack, she said, time to close the borders. time to deport everyone on that terror watch list. stuart: yes. >> i think that is the message that is going to resonate. what we have from macron saying the first job of the president is to protect his people. he could not fight his way out of a paper bag, that boy. he is an ex-investment bank ir. he is is married to his teacher, 22 years his senior. had to make his own party up because no one wanted to play with him. i think marine le pen got this. i think she is going to win. stuart: katie, i never ever want to cross katie hopkins. >> never do that, varney. that would be a bad move for you. stuart: believe me. i do want to pick up on what marine le pen said today.
10:48 am
she wants to expel terror suspects. that is a very big deal. there are 20,000 terror suspects in france. what will she do? expel them without a court order, jury trial, all the rest of it? >> there is sort of a process she would have to work out how to do that. if you think about that message across europe, it really resonates. i can't tell you, just here at this bridge where we had our terror attack just a couple weeks ago, we came out and we said, we'll carry on as normal. we don't do anything. we ignored we have a terror list of people being watched. i can tell you we are sick of being told the attacker was known to the authorities. so what? if they knew about him, do something about it. this guy was in jail and they released him early. these people being known to the authorities, it is a narrative we're tired of. just like we're fed up with hearing his wife didn't know anything about it, the imam said he was a lovely guy down at the
10:49 am
mosque. his ex-teacher said he was aspiring footballer. we don't care. we want these people out of our country. that is in london, that is in france and that is in sweden as well where there are three thousand people on the watch list, saks lit the same as the guy drove truck into small children in the pedestrian zone. i think marine le pen has this nailed down. i'm excited as well. i'm a little bit tired of hearing far right, when people don't talk about the hard left. remember the guy on the hard left is talking about 100% tax rates for people that try to work hard and earn money. also raising the minimum wage for everyone else who didn't get qualification and can't work and can't earn money same way. stuart: europe has gone a long he way. you started off welcoming refugees. you then started to question who are they, why are they here. and it looks to me like you're now at the point where you're saying, get out of here. that is a very big change in a
10:50 am
very short period of time. last 30 seconds to you, katie. >> you have to understand. i'm quite a lonely voice in that messages. i speak with people in the rest of the uk. here in london, liberal elites love migrant still coming. we had 8,000 cross from libya in italy one week. 33,000 this year so far. so i am fighting the good fight. we have had enough of migrants. we do need to turn back the boats. we also need to deport the individuals that are here that have been watched because clearly being watched is not enough. stuart: all right, katie hopkins, who i will never ever disagree with or cross in any way, shape or form. >> no, you will not, varney. stuart: i'm not crazy. katie, come back soon. come back next week when we have the sunday results. thank you very much, katie. >> of course i will. stuart: twenty-first century fox is the parent company of this network. they have ordered up a whole new slew of episodes of, "the x-files." why is that a big deal?
10:51 am
liz: 10 episodes they ordered up. last year they dusted off "the x-files" after years being on the shelf. 16 million viewers watched a half dozen episodes. that fan base is still there, still a big hit. stuart: okay. check the big board. friday morning. 10:50 eastern we're up, no we're down three points. i will say we're going nowhere thus far today. varney will continue after this. ♪
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. stuart: on this program yesterday we took bruce springsteen to task because he had come up with an anti-trump song. okay, we got some input from that. here we have tim, writing with this. another multimillionaire leftist protesting a president that champions blue-collar working class folk that he claims to champ pan as well. one more, this one from sylvia. another idiot singer, that is a little strong, sylvia, we don't really like that, but you said it, another idiot sipping are trying to get attention. we the american people love our president, so get over it. liz? liz: we talked yesterday about free speech right for entertainers.
10:56 am
you made the point you can separate out their points of view from their art, enjoy their art. that was a good point. however bruce springsteen is feeling increasingly preachchy. this comes after he spent vacation time with president obama on a yacht. there is photographs of that out there. so he is coming across as this preachchy faux working man who is basically reworking his old melodies, this is devils in dust, that he, that is the melody in this new anti-trump song. it gets tiresome. people like it's imposition. they don't want politics seeping into everything, including their down time. stuart: somebody either wrote a book or article entitled, "shut up and sing." liz: that was about the dixie chicks. stuart: what we want your artistry, your ability as musician, actor or whatever, we don't want your politics, please. liz: when ashley was here he was making fun of me, i brought up
10:57 am
liberace along with the rolling stones. both groups said no to politics in entertainment. they said it is alienating. stuart: i prefer that. lizzie, you're all right. liz: i hope so. stuart: everyone good stuff. we'll be back.
10:58 am
10:59 am
. . .
11:00 am
stuart: listen to this. one-third of young adults 18 to 34 year's of age live at home. this is a much higher proportion of stay-at homes than previous generation and there's a tend tendency to condemn the youngsters. hold an a minute. things were very different back in the day. here we go, varney drones on about himself, just bare with me for a second. i left home just before my 18th birthday, i was fortunate enough to be accepted in britain's peace corps and i spent time in
11:01 am
east africa and got grant for college, not a loan, a tbrant, i sold my -- a grant. i was not in debt and opportunity staired me in the face. today's youngsters do not have it so good. student debt is a chronic problem. so are very limited job opportunities and then there are house prices and the difficulty of getting a mortgage. those kids living at home should have encourage and make their own way, i got that, let's be reasonable, things have changed since my day and not always for the better. one more point, you should see the work ethic of the youngsters who work here at fox business, the millennials i see are anything but lazy. third hour of varney a. company is about to begin. ♪
11:02 am
♪ ♪ stuart: let's kick it off friday morning with your money. we are virtually going nowhere in the market, down 10 points, that's it. price of oil, same thing, we dropped below $50 a barrel. got it. 49.96. look at general electric. revenue down, that's begin to go hurt the stock and it has dropped below $30 a share. great deal more money coming in at visa. that's a good sign, the stock is dead flat, 91. look at amazon, we will tell you about it every day and our next guest says amazon is the dominant company worldwide. okay, just dropped below 900 bucks a share bustill up there. this is the guy, bryan brimberg. make your case. >> is there any sector that
11:03 am
these guys can't move into? time they have proven they can move into a space. they figure how people buy and they figure out how they can make it and ship it and they are doing it, online retailer, they are moving to auto parts, cargo freight. there's no section that they're not getting into here. investors say there's no upside, no limit for upside of growth of that. stuart: you say that amazon can be worth a trillion dollars in a couple of years, 428 billion now. that stock price has got to double and then some. >> they have to grow by the same rate they grew over the last 12 months for the next two years and if they do that they get close to a trillion dollars. i think that's aggressive but in question in my mind that within a decade you see them at a trillion dollar mark, probably sooner than that. stuart: that's extraordinary. brian: they have a model to do that but they're getting great competition. you will see the googles of the
11:04 am
world, teslas of the world, elon musk, it's going harder. when they see the model works, they copy it. stuart: it's the company worldwide -- brian: 53% of online sales growth. most of the growth that's happening it's going to amazon. you tell me why that train is going to slow down? i do not see it slowing down. they execute and ship products faster than anybody else. they made oscar-winning films faster than anybody else in online streaming. they're not afraid to move to any space where they see an opportunity. stuart: before i move onto millennials living with mom and dad, do you own any amazon stocks? >> i don't have a stock. [laughter] stuart: what kind of business professional are you? [laughter] stuart: we were talking about millennials living at home. the source for this information,
11:05 am
the census bureau that more americans 18 to 34 year's old live with their parents than live with a spouse. this year -- sorry, 2016, 31% of 18 to 34-year-old's live with mom and dad, 37% live with their spouse. that's an extraordinary cultural shift. i say it's because of student, studenloans and a lousy job maet, what do you say? brian: i think you were very kind to millennials and i feel in an odd spot putting more pressure on them. they are delaying the life choices that sort of force you to get out there and achieve financial independence, they have getting married much, much later and having children much, much later. i'm not saying those are the right moves for everybody, when you're not doing those things, you simply don't feel the pressure to get out of mom and dad's house. stuart: you think the pressure should be applied? >> people don't make changes until they feel pressure, readiness and necessity and the readiness happens when you feel the necessity.
11:06 am
parents, what are parents doing with millennial children, are they encouraging them to get out or saying you have a space here, stay here, be here, you don't need to achieve financial independence, we are not getting that story, how do participants think about that? liz: how are they doing that? stuart: let me ask you a question, the baby boomer generation, my generation, we set out to be friends with our children and not mom and dad authority. liz: so bad. stuart: i have no comment on my own performance whatsoever. stay there, brian. i do need to update the situation in venezuela, ongoing collapsing society which is going to have an impact on the latest, liz. liz: nine people dead over a month of unrest, what happened was basically maduro government took over the parliament and the opposition is taking to the streets, they are planning a saturday protest, a sit-in on
11:07 am
highways, on highways on monday. what happened last night, light-armored vehicles were plowing through the neighborhoods of caracas. they were shooting so much tear gas people had to hide in industrial refrigerators in restaurants, that's how bad it was. they hit a hospital where mothers and newborns had to be evacuated because of the tear gas. so many people being jailed. they are holding them in government office buildings and also they have hundreds have been injured, so this is going -- we continue to say it's going from bad to worse, it sounds like cliché right now. for perfect example of the failure of socialist. stuart: the failure of socialism. are you going to argue with that in. brian: venezuela should be the richest economy in latin america, economy shrunk18% from last year.
11:08 am
the government intervening in the economy, recking markets and recking prices. liz: what can americans do is the issue, rex tillerson is really weighing in putting tough statements on it. yeah, i hear what you're saying. i know. so what do you do? you support free elections? they've been down that road. there has to be a change in leadership because one alarming statistic, the average wait of the venezuelan is 15 pounds lower than what the weight should be for the people living in venezuela. stuart: i just think they should have the cia, have a quiet word with the generals and tell them to knock it off and come to america and don't shoot your own. that's just me. liz: where are you bernie sanders, sean penn? stuart: i will interrupt because we have news on tesla. they have a recall, parking brake. liz: model s and model x
11:09 am
february and october of 2016, faulty parking brakes being stuck in parking, but this basically comes right at the same time a major lawsuit about tesla's auto pilot malfunctioning, basically the lawsuit claims that it would not slow or stop when approaching other cars. stuart: the stock is up. $304 per share and worth more than general motors and with ford motor company. still there. no impact. all right, the saudi energy minister says opec is likely to extend the production what? nobody believes that. if they were believing that, the price of oil would not be going down it would be going up. fifty-three dollars a barrel to current price of 49 and it's sliding. the saudi statement not withstanding. how about mattel? sad story, poor demand for the barbie doll and american girl
11:10 am
dolls and they are down 11%. they were discounting heavily to try to get rid of invent other that they couldn't sell over the holidays. discounted it, less money coming in, the stock is down 11%. president trump pushing for house republican to vote on replacing obamacare, do you think they'll get it done? that's a good question and we are on it. next item the number of people collecting unemployment checks has hit a 17-year low, is that a bright spot for the economy? that's a fair question and we will ask andy puzder. stay with us, please. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer...
11:11 am
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stuart: andy puzder is with us. welcome back to the program. i have an interesting number and i cannot explain it. the number of people collecting unemployment checks has hit a 17-year low. i'm very surprised to hear that. you tell me what's going on? >> well, there's always the debate and really we can't resolve it here whether people are getting unemployed -- are getting unemployment benefits because they are unemployed or it's a 26-week cap on it now but the more relevant data we can talk about is the percentage of americans employed as of march hit a high, 60.1%. it hasn't been that high since february of 2009 and for working-age americans, 24 to 55 year's old it get 78.5%. it hasn't been there since september of 2008. we are seeing more people working and if you look at the household survey, establishment
11:15 am
survey that takes about jobs created that did not have a good number for march, great number for february, adp had a good number for march. the household survey that deals with unemployment rate showed 472,000 more americans working and 326,000 fewer americans unemployed. so we are seeing more part-time working -- stuart: who gets the credit? who gets the credit, is it president trump who left office on january the 20th or is it president trump who won the election in november of last year, who gets the credit? >> i would give it to president trump. there's tremendous optimism in the business community. there hasn't been that kind of optimism in eight to ten years and you saw the consumer confidence hit a high, it hasn't been at since 2009 recently so consumer confidence is up, businesses are optimistic, more people are working, more people are employed and the number of people receiving unemployment benefits has not coincidently gone down and i would say president trump's election so invigorated the business
11:16 am
community, when we knew we weren't going to have to face that onslaught of new regulation after new regulation after executive order, i think we really turned things around. we need to get tax reform done and obamacare but we are heading in the right direction. stuart: i'm sure you heard this, president trump is pushing for house republicans to vote next week on an obamacare replacement. he's very hopeful we will get something next week. we heard this before, you're on the inside of this administration to some degree. you think it's really going to happen? >> i do. look, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy are two really great guys, policy guys, we have people in the house of representatives that need to wake up. we are now the ruling party, we are the party that has to govern and you can't govern if you give up -- if you give up the good because you're trying to achieve the perfect. we don't -- republicans have a difficult time understanding that they need to move the ball down the field while they have possession.
11:17 am
the democrats get this, the republicans they don't seem to. stuart: i think you're critical of the freedom caucus. my question is, do you think the freedom caucus has understood the criticism is now to prepare to bend just enough to get something passed? >> i do think that. i think president trump handled it very well at -- when we didn't the last vote didn't go through. look, if you're not going to deal with me, i will talk to the democrats, how are you going to like that deal? that's got the wake the freedom caucus up a little bit. these guys are up for election every two years, they know if they go home and they haven't done what they promised they would do for the past eight years, which is get rid of obamacare, at least make changes in that direction, they're not going to be reelected. there could be a real problem in the house of representatives. so i think people get it, i think we've got good leadership and i think we have a president that can drive that message home so i'm very hopeful. stuart: all right, andy puzder. brian brenberg with me.
11:18 am
andy puzder just gave credit to president trump, would you give credit to president trump as well? >> i would give him some credit but also important to talk about employment being up a little bit, 18 to 54, the highest numbers since 2009, true. they're way lower than we saw in 2007, 2006 and before that, it's important to understand we have -- even though they are up, we have a long way to go. that's why, be by the way, tax reform and texas reform are so important, we still have a lot of upside potential and we are not going to get it unless we get fundamental reforms. stuart: we are running because president trump has spilled confidence in business community. >> some of it did start at the end of 2016 under obama. you to give him credit for setting the stage and trump has the opportunity to accelerate. stuart: yes, if he gets a tax cut. we heard that many times. attention all x-files fans, fox
11:19 am
parent company, 21st century fox ordering up new episodes of x-files. liz: ten new episodes. you remember the x-files debut 24 years ago. stuart: you're kidding? liz: no, i'm not kidding. stuart: before you were born. brian: i look young but that's not true. liz: you were 4 year's old. 60million people watch, it's still a pop culture phenomena so david coming back, julian anderson coming back, the producer chris carter is coming back, big hit, ten episodes, they will start filming this summer. stuart: you're obviously a fan? liz: i love it. stuart: we have update of ann coulter story, we have a reversal but on which side? good question. first the programming alert, an all-new prime time line-up on the fox news channel next week,
11:20 am
tucker carlson tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern. the five follows at 9:00 eastern
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: here is the news, berkeley has reversed its decision to cancel the speech by ann coulter. give me the full story, liz. liz: we are offering may second, but ann coulter says, wait a second, there's no classes, it's a dead zone, no one is around then, you know what, we have a contract. i'm stick to go april 27th, i'm showing up to speak at april 27th, we are already spending money on the event, that's what i'm going to do. stuart: good for her, i say good for her. i say that the berkeley authority should protect her, put her on the podium and if students try to stop her, shut her down and get her off the amp cues, arrest them, prosecute them and expel them. brian: how about a lesson in speech writes. it's so important when we have what happens in venezuela. you don't agree with somebody's opinion, you make sure they can't state it. even if you don't agree with ann coulter, she should have the opportunity to speak there.
11:25 am
she has the protection to do it. there shouldn't be any issue around that. that's what universities are about and if they don't do anything, they don't do anything. stuart: i think that they are spineless, would you care to criticize other academics? brien: this is probably administrative move. [laughter] brian: yes, i would, actually. you can't defend free speech, there's no point of having a university. liz: yeah. brian: that's not the point, you're in the classroom with people exchanging opinions. liz: debate it. brian: if you can't do that, forget about the university. stuart: debate it.when i was ind speakers that you disagreed it, we heckled them but we never shuted them down and we never said, you can't speak. liz: you never broke things or set things on fire. stuart: some people did. i didn't do that but some people did. brian: students are either how to protest or shrink away from a
11:26 am
safe space. liz: being adults. stuart: back in our good books, you can say. [laughter] stuart: where are we in where is the dow? dead flat. 1.07. we are at 20,579. we will be back with more of this.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: treasury secretary mnuchin said that tax reform will happen soon with or without repeal of obamacare. john lonsky with us. let's suppose everything works fine and dandy, tax reform this year, when do we get 4% growth? >> don't hold your breath. it's sometime coming, it may not happen until several more years. this is designed to be revenue neutral. that's telling me that although you're getting cuts in the corporate income tax rate at the same time you may be getting taxed, loss of interest, border adjustment tax, a tax of import, that's an offsetting factor. stuart: the 4% growth. >> you're moving in the right
11:31 am
direction. stuart: identify got it. wait a second. suppose they do a strip down of tax cut, a tax cut and supposing it was just narrowed to cutting the corporate tax rate, that's it, that's what you get in the floor, would that deliver some nice growth? >> let's not forget that base sales haven't been all that high and just because i get a cut in my taxes as a business leader doesn't mean that i'm going to run out and increase capital spending higher. stuart: wait, wait. >> some assurance that i'm going to have a market to sell to. that's one of the problems. stuart: quiet for a second. here is where you're totally wrong. >> tell me. stuart: part of tax reform package would be immediate expensing of all capital expenditures by business. so if i put $100 million in my business into a new computer system, for example, that $100 million is expense written off against my taxes on the day i do it.
11:32 am
>> you will go ahead and buy that computer system because it reduces your cost and makes you more competitive, on the other hand, you settle with low rates of capacity utilization. a manufacturing capacity utilization is 75%. that's putting downward pressure on product prices today. this excess capacity is a problem globally. why am i going to add to a production capacity? why take on new workers? stuart: same question. we get tax reform this year, the whole kitten, we are all delighted by this, when do we get 4% growth? >> you don't get 4% growth unless you had health care reform and regulatory reform on tax reform. these go together. you can cut tax altogether -- $1.9 trillion a year, fbi way, not going to happen. stuart: good discussion. moments ago, happened moments ago at the white house president trump met with the freed
11:33 am
american prisoner from egypt, her name is aia jihassi, president trump had a role in this, she's at the white house and we are about to get tape of the -- right there. here we go. watch this. [inaudible conversations] >> how incredible is that? [inaudible conversations] >> no questions. [inaudible conversations] >> i think we are in good shape. >> we are very happy to have ia back home and it's a great honor
11:34 am
to have her in the oval office with her brother and thank you very much. thank you. [inaudible conversations] stuart: quite clearly, the president did not want to take any questions from the media standing on the sidelines, just dade great to have iah back, wonderful to see the young lady. three years in egyptian prison, back in america and back in the white house. a fine thing to see. all right. we will were having a discussion about whether we get growth from tax reform and how much do we get and when do we get it, both economists one is a business professor and one an economist at moodies, both are saying, you can get all of this but you don't get 4% growth years down the road. brian: to go to 4% is transformative.
11:35 am
there are other parts of the economy that you have to transform. this is why you have to get tax reform now, by the way, you have to start now if you want to see 4% soon. stuart: i have to move it along here. lonski also talks about the stock market. i say -- i wouldn't be surprised that some people are selling today because of the french election on sunday which could have a result that will hurt us. >> i don't think so. this nonsense about europe hurting the united states has been around for the longest period of time, we had brexit before that, we had problems with greece and we always seem to shrug it off and keep moving forward. not that important. overplayed. stuart: so you wouldn't sell stocks now but you would hold them and not buy, is that it? >> well, the market may respond negatively so you sell today and buy at the start of next week after the election results are announced regardless of what happens, perhaps that's the reason, right now at this point, i think i would just hold.
11:36 am
i don't see any recession on the horizon. i think profits are going to continue to grow, nevertheless stocks are richly priced and when the time comes, when recession comes in view, you're going to see the market tank by at least 20% very quickly. stuart: way down the road, isn't it? >> well, it's way down the road. i can't be totally certain that we are not going to have a close call with some unpleasant news on the earnings front later this year. do you want to take the risk? stuart: no economist is ever certain. >> that's true. remember when the market is overvalued the downside for the market is greater than otherwise. it's as simple as that. it's not a bargain. stuart: okay. have a nice weekend, okay. >> you too. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. i want to bring in former florida congressman lieutenant colonel allen west. welcome to the program. >> good to be with you, stuart. >> you were a congressman and you know what it's all about, you were there when they were
11:37 am
making the sausage, do you think they can get a deal done on obamacare or taxes this year? >> well, it's a very ugly process, i will tell you that, maybe that's why i'm not up there because i spoke out against it but what it does per flex me is that in the military they teach you that you don't attack on one singular access. i mean, you can have multiple access of advance and when i continue to see a procedure instead of simultaneous procedure, why don't we have something that address it is repatriation of the trillions of dollars of capital at a lower tax rate for corporations and businesses and make it retro active to last year, that would have had a big effect on the economy right now. stuart: you could do that relatively quickly? >> absolutely. absolutely. that could have been done, you know, the day after took office. and then you continue to work on those issues obamacare is a tax
11:38 am
bill, no doubt about it, and then you also work on the tax reform because we have to do something for small businesses as well. we need to talk about spending budget reform in washington, d.c. i just got back from dc this week and right off of capitol hill there are three new residential complexes that are going up. now they're building residential complexes right off of capitol hill, that tells me something, they're expecting more people to come to washington, d.c. which means more for the american taxpayer. stuart: okay. i'm not sure what to do with that one but i think -- i've been upset with the freedom caucus because i don't know where you stand on this, alan, i was upset with them because they would not accept 80% of what they wanted, they rejected it and so we have been held up with the whole legislative process, where do you stand on this? >> the key thing, stuart, is if
11:39 am
the 20% means that the american people don't see a reduction in their insurance premiums coming forward, then that is going to be a catastrophic circumstances, that means it's bad policy but even worse bad politics and you could run the risk of losing that majority that you in the mid-term election cycles if we see all of a sudden rise in premiums that will come out in september of 2018. much the same as we saw rise in premiums that came out in october of 2016. it had a huge effect on the november 2016 elections, so i think it was important to go back and look at those -- those individual mandates, not just the tax, but those mandated coverages that were being kept and that's one of the things that causes those insurance premiums to go up and one of the things that the freedom caucus talked about and how do we leverage the high-risk pools for preexisting conditions in individuals. >> i'm not going to be rude and say that allen west is totally wrong -- >> you can be rude. you have like 2,000 miles between us.
11:40 am
[laughter] stuart: let's say i disagree. okay. allen west, employees come again soon, we would love to see you back. >> always a pleasure. stuart: attorney general jeff sessions is going to tour the border today. this time he's in san diego. budget directer mick mulvaney says must have funds for the wall. that's interesting subject. maria bartiromo sat down with black represent roques larry this morning and this guy manages $5 trillion, here is what he had to say about the tax reform, full interview tonight on "wall street week". here is a clip. >> we are a country that has the first or second highest corporate tax rate in the world. it does depress where people want to manufacture and be, now, as you -- if you extract all the abilities to deduct, we are not as bad, but we are still in the top third of the highest tax rate countries in the world.
11:41 am
if we had a tax rate that was competitive or even more competitive than most countries, it would bring businesses back here, it would bring foreign companies who want to be here because we have an advantage that most countries don't have, we have the cheapest energy of any major economy in the world.
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief, after two weeks of losses for stocks, the dow jones industrial average has up arrow of 8 points and a winning week on wall street. the trump administration work today reduce taxes and also regulations on companies. looking at some of the dow winners and losers, american express for the week, i should say, american express is the best performer this week. up 5 and a half percent just like visa is today a winner with the same concept that card members are doing more transactions. gold sax and -- goldman sachs and ibm under pressure. microsoft the real winner. samsung, the new galaxy s8 hit
11:44 am
the store shelves. incredible demand. tune in on fox business.
11:45 am
stuart: the trump administration announces a crack-down on the central american gang ms13. now listen to what congressman peter king said about that on our program yesterday, roll tape. >> what happens is they come across the border, they are held briefly by homeland security and
11:46 am
they go to health and human services, hhs and they find homes for the kids to stay in. the intelligence is showing that ms13 is getting families and communities in long island, threatening the families or paying the families to volunteer to take the kids in and hhs stendz kids into the neighborhoods. stuart: now that was one extraordinary story, was it not? unaccompanied kids, sent to live with a guardian who may be an ms13 member, joining us james lacey. ms13. i know there's a problem with that gang in los angeles. are they taking in kids coming across the border acting as their guardian, is that happening there? >> well, there's certainly smuggling them in and, yes, you can expect that some of that is happening but it's more than that. i mean, the problem of human trafficking with these gangs is
11:47 am
just as bad as they're importer illegal drugs and their gang violence. stuart, santa ana is the second largest city in orange county, it's right where disneyland is, but shootings are up 200% in the last three years and they're attributable to gang violence. liberals would like us to believe that the immigration problem isn't somehow related to the terrible rise in violent crime that's going on across the nation and in california, but the fact of the matter it is and this is what donald trump's lynchpin has been. trust been to reduce crime and to bring in some order to the border and i think his policies will be very helpful in this regard. stuart: james, james, come on. why are those policies so unpopular in california? california wants to make the entire state a sanctuary state? they rant and rave against war,
11:48 am
rant and rave against our president trump. what's going on? >> well, it's a dichotomy. californians by 60% or more believe that crime is an increasing problem according to the public policy institute of california. polls show that californians are concerned about crime and there's no question that violent crime is going up in major cities but you have the situation where liberal democrats who are right now getting ready to buy in the 2018 election for the governor position that jerry brown is turned out on are taking advantage of the political situation and we now have a new bill that would punish any business that does business with the federal government to build the wall. you know the trump administration is going to be great for california, $1 billion of federal funds are going to be injected into california to build a 28-mile border wall and refurbish it in san diego. there's going to be 100 new
11:49 am
ships built because of our depleted military and where are they going to build them in in the port of san diego, the trump administration is going to be great for economy but the liberal democrats don't care. what they care about is protest, they care about trampling constitutional rights, they care about play to go politics so they can get up the ladder to run for governor or lieutenant governor or what have you? stuart: attorney general jeff sessions is going to the border in the san diego area today along with homeland security john kelly. what is going to be their reception? they were in texas yesterday, what's the reception in california? >> i think they're going to be received very well by the border guards and, you know, what's very interesting is that attorney general sessions wants more money to hire more border-crossing judges,-oh the judges that process the illegal immigration cases and you know what, the liberal right activists love that too because
11:50 am
they want to see in this new administration, they to see that the procedures are enforced not only fairly but expeditiously. this is a situation where from year to date we have seen the 61% reduction in border crossings and it's likely just because donald trump and his attorney general and homeland security secretary are taking a strong position to enforce current laws. there can be no argument, even diane feinstein supported the border-fence law which is basically being implemented by donald trump right now because that was never funded. you know what the problem is, the problem is just politics. it's just complete politics and that's a sad commentary in california. stuart: yes, it is james lacey, you wrote the book on it. come back and see us soon. thank you, sir. president trump says the terror attack in france will have an effect on the weekend elections,
11:51 am
fox news reporter greg palko is in paris, he will give us the full report. first, listen to what president trump had to say. >> our condolences from our country to the people of france, again, it's happening it seems, i just saw it as i was walking in. that's a terrible thing and i say very thing that's going on in the world today but it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say? it just never ends e room or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. at angie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on, like what goes down doesn't always come back up. [ toilet flushes ] so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list.
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on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: greg polkok joins us live in paris right at the spot where the attack occurred. the latest, please, greg. >> exactly the spot, stuart, you can see behind me in business as normal mode for late friday afternoon but here last night anything but a guy with an ak-47, got out of the car, open up point-blank against a police, killed one police officer and seriously injured two others as well as hurting a tourist and then he fled and we were told by eyewitnesses there were round after round coming from the police, they got him down and
11:56 am
they killed him. according to police today say they the fellow's name is karim, french-born but he also has very much of a record. he spent ten years in jail on a past attempt on a police officer. the thinking is of the police -- of the security officials is that he was radicalized in prison, he was on a terror watch list and there was a letter on him handwritten phrasing isis, isis claiming responsibility for this. all of this in the eve of the first round of the french presidential elections, the debate was going on on tv during this attack, believe it or not, some of the candidates seizing the moment, marine la pen, far right, antiimmigrant candidate calling for crack-down both on terror suspects and also on the borders here. we spoke with a family who had come from kentucky, the couple was celebrating 30th anniversary.
11:57 am
they brought their three kids and found themselves right in the middle of the action. take a listen. >> well, we saw the shoot -- with -- shooter with the gun and he started shooting in the air and the police were on the street, it was a very terrifying moment. >> had he shot the policeman already. >> we saw a man go down. >> you saw a man go down? >> yes, we did. >> he did this and when he did that i could see clearly the machine gun. >> unbelievable. >> i knew it was a terrorist event. it was an attack. >> they told us, stuart, that somebody was looking down during the whole time. back to you. stuart: thanks so much, greg. there will be more varney afterb this business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com.
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we had rising tensions with north korea. rising tensions right now with iran. of course the on going syria thing. now of course the terror thing in paris. we would be up on the week through all of that to the tune of 125, 15oi


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