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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  April 21, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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big to fail and encourage risky behavior. we're taking steps to make our economy more fair and prosperous for all. as part of our broader financial strategy, we're working to open up lending to small businesses and entrepreneurs, including our incredible women entrepreneurs who are doing better and better and better. we want opportunity for everyone and in every single part of our country. secretary mnuchin and my entire administration are working around the clock to help struggling americans achieve their financial dreams. earn a great paycheck, have a job that they love going to every single day, and have real confidence in the future. together, we will restore prosperity to this nation, a nation that we so dearly love,
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and to bring people who call this home into a great, great way of living and a great way of life. they're going to be thrilled. we're going to be thrilled and you're going to be seeing some very, very major changes. you've already seen them. i don't know if anybody's looked recently, but you looked at optimism indexes that are just coming out. manufacturing in particular where, it's up to the highest point it's ever been, 93%. it was a 27% increase over the last one. so i just want to thank everybody for being here. this is such a privilege for me to sign. this is really the beginning of a whole new way of life that this country hasn't seen in many, many years. i want to thank you, and i want to god bless america. thank you, thank you, everybody. liz: president trump signing one executive order and two
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memorandums, together they promise to vaporize regulations that specifically impose undue financial burden and complexity on taxpayers. president is about to put pen to paper on that. the memorandums are very interesting. they will apparently start to look at whether enhanced bankruptcy authority, that sort of the organization put together post financial crisis, is really helpful when it comes to getting rid of too big to fail by resolving failing financial companies. perhaps the president after the study along with steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary will come up with something that is a little bit better. we will know soon enough if it is another bailout in sheep's clothing or get rid of too big to bail. there he goes, signing that executive order and some of them have 180 days before we see the results. results will come as soon as june.
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all of this with quite an incredible backdrop that started developing an hour and two minutes ago. it hit the tape. president told the associated press and we confirmed it at fox news, expect a tax reform plan to be revealed next week. immediately the markets started turning around. and what did we see? the dow erasing more than 70 points of losses. punched into the green by nine points. right now down 7 points. there's a questionable disbelief. will we see it next week? will we not? are we going to adam shapiro? adam is standing by right now. do i believe -- alicia, do we want to go to adam? you are in front of the camera. this is making huge news, specifically we're looking at what happened with the tax reform comments just an hour ago. >> reporter: start with the tax reform comments because there's
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been a little bit of back and forth between the administration and what's being reported by ap. here's what's everyone is excited about is the ap reported after interview with the president that the tax reform plan would be revealed next week. but then there was kind of an addendum to what the president said, if not next week, soon. there's the out for if it doesn't come next week, it will come soon. and administration officials have been telling us it will come soon, perhaps in june. what is the president saying to ap next week, the information is next week or soon after. so that's one thing that's going on. and the other thing, you heard the cameras and the video of the president signing three executive actions. one is the executive order which is ordering a review of tax regulation and tax policy put in place at the end of the obama administration, 2016. it's everything from 2016, but
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what you and i would pay attention to are tax inversions, regulations put in place to keep businesses from moving offshore to take advantage of better tax deals offshore but getting a break in the united states by not paying taxes. that's part of what's under review. burdensome bungling that goes on when you and i fill out taxes. the referendum, an attack on dodd-frank whether or not the federal reserve should have the regulatory authority to take down a mega bank that is failing. remember wachovia, we had to bail out citibank to the tune of 80+ billion. might be hard to lose that one. liz: adam, thank you very much. not all bankers are really believing this. we've got a chairman of a midsized bank, scott shea is the head of signature bank, vice chair of coalition of america 2. what you can see of this is
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broad strokes but do you see fine print that you could live with that you like or just help the big banks? >> so far everything that's been done to date has helped the big banks. since the financial crisis, the six big banks have grown market share tremendously, they are up to 60% of total assets. so we as a midsized bank and the coalition is certainly hoping that the scales will be to compete. liz: okay, so this sort of reworking how we deal with banks, big banks and financials that run into trouble, and folks we remember the financial crisis. you and i and ever taxpayer had to bail out banks who had taken crazy risks. people didn't think that was fair. you've got two bankers from goldman sachs in the cabinet. gary cohn and steven mnuchin. are they really the people to figure out the best way to make sure that you and i don't bail out when a big financial
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company gets into trouble? >> well, goldman sachs started out not being a bank, it was during the crisis it became a bank. liz: they had to, they were forced to. >> the federal reserve says yes. one of the proposals that the house republicans put forward is to get rid of the so-called hotel california provision of dodd-frank, which would allow the current banks, goldman, morgan and others to go out of the framework. in which case theoretically, taxpayers have no responsibility whatsoever, and then you're left with jpmorgan, citi, bank of america, wells fargo. liz: does going what the president just talked about give any relief to small and midsized banks? >> not so far. let's not forget, dodd-frank is law. so until something passes, the house, the senate and is signed by the president. we're operating under those very, very burdensome roles.
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liz: remember cody willard, he used to be on the show, used to be on the network. he flapped up the doors on the 18th floor. people got frustrated. stop the bailouts. didn't want to see big banks bailed out. if tomorrow, and it's a hypothetical, large financial constitution got into trouble, whether it's a london wales type of problem, recession, what would happen? >> we bail them out. there would be no illusion, they would be bailed out. when you have banks $2 trillion in size that where there's no glass-steagall. so you have the speculative part of the banking system together with the bread and butter payment system, you'd have to bail them out. liz: now look at the dow industrials, i'm going have you pivot. the president revealed as you heard adam shapiro say, a tax
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plan revealed and will have a massive tax cut for both corporations and individuals. call me a cynic too, but i don't think this market believes it right now. they need to really actually see it now because there have been too many times where such a report was revealed, markets jumped up and then we got nothing, now folks if you are driving and listening on xm 113, the dow is down 18 points. so we're not seeing the punchup in the green and holding that. why? >> i think what we really need and the most important priority is corporate tax reform. that's where the demand for jobs comes from. when corporations are taxed in a way that doesn't encourage them to go abroad, doesn't encourage them to overly automate but hire people, and advantages, creation of jobs, it's possible to put together corporate tax reform that will be extremely positive for employment, and that helps everybody. i co-authored an article with
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michael davis how to do corporate tax reform in the right kind of way. liz: there is a lot of red on the screen, cycle through what the laggards are, you saw the financials, doesn't appear they're getting debunked from this. getting rid of regulation is absolutely something that is welcomed, and i wrote this down, i thought this was interesting, steven mnuchin said we believe in regulation, but we don't believe in regulations for their own sake. he said, quote, billions of hours, lot of hours, billions of hours and dollars have been wasted on that. >> there's no doubt we are now complying with regulations that have no cost benefit or very, very limited cost benefit, and we've got to get rid of those. we should get the big picture right. our problem in the financial economy is we don't have the big picture right. we wouldn't need the devilishly complex regulation at every
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step of the way. liz: scott shay, signature banks, thank you so much. >> thank you. liz: off the earlier lows, but with the closing bell ringing 50 minutes away, does not look like the nasdaq will regain another record-high close like it did yesterday. nasdaq down 11. big tech on the lead for the dow jones 30 heat map. microsoft and ups, united technologies hitting new highs. geking doctoring and verizon slumping for a second day after disappointing earnings reports. this was the scene yesterday in paris during this very hour. remember, we broke into the show? isis claiming responsibility for the shooting that claimed the life of one police officer. voters in france heading to the polls in 48 hours, already seeing a rise in the polls this past week. could this tragic event purr
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district, the champs-elysees, killed a police officer and injured two others. isis has since claimed responsibility for this, but also for the many other deadly attacks in france over the last two years, from the bataclan club, to nice, as they get ready to elect a new candidate. marie le pen responding to the attacks by calling all terror suspects or anybody looked at as a suspect to be expelled fromthe country. le pen stressed the importance of france maintaining strong borders to the point it should exit the european union. let me bring in richard etief, the founder of associates founder. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. liz: you are a french man and watching this with a bitter heart, no doubt? >> it's really a disaster, but unfortunately, unfortunately,
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we know that this will continue to happen. france is under attack like many countries, and i'm afraid this has nothing to do with closing or not the borders. this is my personal conviction. i think it will end only when we will eradicate isis, there is no other solution because all potential candidates recruited by isis are already in these countries, including in france. liz: well, the person who carried this particular attack out yesterday in this very hour in paris was born in france. >> absolutely. absolutely. liz: you couldn't really find somebody like that, but he was in the hands of the police. he served jail time. prison time for attacking another policeman. so you know -- >> this is why we need definitely to change totally the rules of what is happening. the way you are and the laws should be reinforced and applied. this is what i think is missing
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and one of the key topic which will be discussed between all these candidates now. liz: sunday, round one of the french presidential elections, marie le pen, extreme right, and she is sort have been gaining in the polls, leading up to the attack. french poll are quite on point. we're waiting to the latest poll that might have happened after this. she is the law and order candidate, richard. how will last night's murder by the horrific terrorist affect the outcome of the election. >> the most predictable french election in history, even before the terrible attack, have you 11 candidates, four of them as you know are really, i would say separated by less than two, three points, which is nothing, because it is the margin of mistake, which could happen for polls, everything is possible on sunday evening.
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liz: does the center left candidate emmanuel macron who has the lead by a whisker, does he maintain that lead? >> i think he has a real chance to win. why? because many people do not want anymore to trust the political elite. marie le pen, francois fillon and others are elite. he is a candidate, he is to be honest, a market theme candidate because he's able to gather around him people coming from the center, from the right and from the left, which is quite unique. liz: two of the people on the screen, jean-luc melenchon and francois fillon would like france to exit the european union. >> we want to make france great again, but in a total different
3:20 pm
way. two of them, le pen and melenchon want to make friends by exiting from the european union, isolating france, and two others francois fillon and emmanuel macron wants to give the voice to france, they should play not only in foreign policy and globalization. you know what we should not forget, especially here in america, france is a huge reservoir of fantastic talents, not just a country of wine or fashion industry, you know france very well. it is very creativity. a lot of innovators in france, and we hope that the next president will give the new face, a new brand and will have to reinforce the brand of france. liz: you have to regain chanel and all of this. >> not only chanel, you know? have you many tech companies. liz: the taxes are too high, richard.
3:21 pm
>> i cannot agree more with you. definitely taxes are very high. definitely, you have a lot of entrepreneur. we need to get access to financing, we should not say to people that only hope is to work 32 hours a week. it is a joke. this is not possible in the world where we are living. liz: richard for president. >> no, never. liz: thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. liz: richard attias, thank you, appreciate it. when we come back, the dow can't stay in the green. down about 19 points even as president trump puts an actual day next week on the calendar when he says we will get tax reform. stay tuned. you know who likes to be
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>> how will you accomplish all that. >> it will be great. >> going to do health care as a package? >> we'll see what happens. no particular rush. we'll see what happens. health care is coming along well. government is coming along really well.
3:26 pm
a lot of good things are happening. thank you, folks. >> get health care bill next week? liz: now we're getting conflicting signals from president who just said, no particular rush, when it comes to health care. of course just yesterday, charlie gasparino breaking the news that there was a plan that might squeeze through the house now, that would gather more votes. he was leaving treasury don't. reporters were able to grab him. the president has a lot on his plate. perhaps the most pressing might be this. since the korean war back in the '50s we haven't seen this ramming up of military moves in the region of the world, that is the korean peninsula. russia is moving troops to the border of north korea. china is doing the same. south korea on high alert.
3:27 pm
north korea troops for military celebration in the coming days. even with higher levels of amassed military in the region and continued threats from north korean leader kim jong-un, defense secretary james mattis said the threats are empty and not proven to be honest. keith alexander who used head the national security agency said to me last friday when i pushed him on a potential issue after strike on north korea? do you believe kim jong-un who says he will do a preemptive strike? >> hard to say, to be honest. liz: you're not saying i don't believe him? he could do it? >> he could do it. liz: okay. which side is right? which opinion is correct? we bring in fox news strategic analyst, retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters. colonel, you get to be the tiebreaker here. will north korea, could it possibly launch a preemptive strike? >> liz, actually, both general
3:28 pm
mattis and general alexander are correct. they're saying different things. general mattis was saying that the threats against our homeland that kim jong-un will envelope the united states in hell fire, that is not true. he can't do that. what general alexander was talking about preemptive strike own our bases in south korea and perhaps even japan. on south korea itself. so the unpredictability of north koreans means that certainly, kim jong-un, not on a moment's notice, it requires some preparation. we would see indicators, but he could move to do something very rash but he can't yet hurt the united states of america. liz: the answer to this question might be completely different perhaps than the answer you might have given a week ago, but what keeps you up at night, russia or north korea? >> i sleep well every single night.
3:29 pm
liz, i don't, i don't engage in hyperbole. i think we're in good hands. i really trust general mattis and it appears, he has a reputation being president's favorite among the cabinet members and we hope that's so. general mattis is very cool-headed. if he sees indications building there may be an imminent strike by north korea on our bases in south korea, he will do his best to hit first, preemptively and hit very, very hard. he would prefer i'm sure to give china one last chance to live up to their promises to help us with north korea. liz, as for russians, they're not even in the game. they're trying to show they're still players. as for the chinese, reports of their mobilization of some of their forces well, if there is a war they want to secure their own country. they want to be ready for all eventualities. there are three players, us, north korea, south korea. liz: we had a french national,
3:30 pm
now lives in america, richard tyus, he said we have to crush isis. france has been a incredible target that ripped apart that country that is trying hard to stay together before the elections. let's not forget the middle east. secretary of defense mattis is in israel and met with yatsenyuk with him this morning. did, benjamin netanyahu. they're building strategy, any indications that the new administration doesn't have a strategy yet. there is one clearly forming. it is build on rye storing ties with egypt. renewing and refreshing ties with israel. working against isis. calling out iran. i see real coherence.
3:31 pm
i'm perfectly willing to criticize president trump when he deserves it, given obama did not have a strategy after eight years, the fact it is not fully mature after three months, it is not fair to charge him. as for your french guest, he is wrong about one thing. we do have to destroy isis, of course we do. that will not stop islamist terror. islamist terror, the middle east is so, civilizationly degenerate -- liz: old as time. really is. >> we're going to be in our graves before this bogeyman of islamist terri goes away. liz: true. hate to say it. ralph peters, thank you very much. >> thank you, liz. liz: closing bell, we're 20 mine minutes away. dow jones industrials down 15 point. president trump, speaker ryan, freedom caucus signaled detente coming to health care. just in the last couple minutes president trump told reporters
3:32 pm
he doesn't mind if it doesn't get done when congress reconvenes on monday. there is no rush, quote. has that taxes come to the top of the priority spot? we have democratic strategist christie setzer assesses the president's plan. recall comes at inon port tune time for tesla. gerri willis has the story table. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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♪ >> i'm wills wills on the floor of the -- gerri willis on the floor of the new york stock exchange with a fox business brief. tesla issues recall for 530,002,016 mod dealt s and model x vehicles for a potentially faulty parking break. tesla plans to increase the price for the s and x.
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shares of tesla are up on the news. tesla is not the only car company in the spotlight. volkswagen has been ordered by a federal judge to pay a criminal fine on government emissions tests. victim of the latest retail ice age bebe. they are closing all 168 stores by the end of may. it plans to liquidate all its assets. more on "countdown to the closing bell" right away. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today.
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liz: about an hour 1/2 ago, massive tax cuts are on the way in five days? president trump saying this afternoon he will roll out his tax reform plan next week, as soon as wednesday, or shortly thereafter.
3:38 pm
it is part of a full-court press that lawmakers can expect when they return from recess next week. the administration also still pushing for some type of deal on health care although moments ago, the president said quote, there is no rush. all as we count down to his 100th day in office. an ambitious agenda, can it happen? we have christie setzer and matt kelan. i don't know which one to tackle first. he said tax reform. shortly after the inauguration. it will be sooner than that. >> i think tax reform will be the most important thing he can do. liz: wednesday, we know it is important. we're the business network who has been saying it is important. will it happen on wednesday? >> i think he will make announcement on wednesday. he will have to go through the legislative process putting sausage together with the house and senate republicans and hopefully democrats in both bodies. putting money back in people's pockets and growing the economy
3:39 pm
what he was elected to do. liz: believe me, we can't wait. we're very excited. >> me too. liz: i'm not sure the market believes it. there have been a lot of shifting sands. some people call them flip-flops. one minute, it is happening, the next it is not. now very specifically articulated wednesday. the markets are still down in the red. >> i think president trump is very aware that he is coming up on his 100 days. despite the fact he might be tweeting that's not important, in fact i think he knows that it is. i think that he is looking at the fact he has had very scant legislative accomplishment, if any up to this point. so he -- liz: sorry to interrupt you, intraday showing, as soon as he said it right during neil cavuto's hour, he said it to the associated press, fox confirmed it. look at that we were at market lows. boom, we went back up again. >> huge. >> if you have to look back over the last 90, whatever days.
3:40 pm
one has to be skeptical. look the way health care played out. it seems he is a little schizophrenic, what is his real priority and how much he wants to expend energy to make it happen. liz: well, i thought, matt, that we were really seeing movement from the house when it comes to health care possibly next week? what are you hearing? >> i still think there will be movement on health care sometime within the next month. it is much stickier issue. remember took obama and the democrats almost two years to get it done. and one of the things that the democrats will not acknowledge that obamacare is essentially a dead law walking right now. it is not working. costs are -- >> not to millions of americans who have benefits. >> so costs are going sky-high, access is going way down. a lot of people are looking for relief from obamacare. liz: christie? >> that is absolutely not true. obamacare is more popular than ever which is the irony. >> if it weren't true, than trump wouldn't have got elected. liz: there are real problems
3:41 pm
with rising premiums, which by the wa my viewers know this, the insurance companies e going to raise premiums matter what is in place. >> of course they are. obamacare was an effort to actually rein in some of these things that insurance companies do like raise premiums. but the problem is, that what republicans are proposing is, would do nothing of the sort. what it says right now, there has been any sort of change in plan, over the last few weeks it has been to offer states the ability to, to not offer essential benefits if they don't want to. they can get a waiver for it. that is the very core of insurance, right? is providing things like coverage for prescription drugs, for maternity benefits. if you don't have that, why in the the world do you have health insurance in the first place? putting that forward, they are not moving ball forward. they will lose republican moderates and obviously democrats. liz: health care, you just said a month, matt. we had thought it would be next
3:42 pm
week, but, dagen mcdowell this morning pushed a republican congressman, listen in. i will have you react. >> okay. >> will you get a vote on health care next week? that seems to be very aggressive timetable. >> i don't know. it is very aggressive timetable so i don't know. liz: matt, i don't know, i don't know either. >> the fact is we have a very aggressive president who is not a politician. he is a businessman by trade. he wants to get things done. liz: doesn't he have to reach out to democrats in some way, shape or form? >> he would love to talk to the democrats about these issues they're unwilling toe talk to him about anything. quite frankly they have no ideas liz: we must run, because of all the tax and health care breaking news, what is going on with the french elections which are about 48 hours away. thank you, christie, matt. >> thank you. down. not by much. we had been down more than 60 points.
3:43 pm
dow jones industrials down at this very second by 10 points. s&p and nasdaq in the red as well. here is my question. has the market turns cynic when it comes to promises tax reform is around the corner? closing bell just 17 minutes away, president trump said next week. a few weeks ago he said it was -- charlie deciphers it all. speaking of deciphererring the real truth about charlie's accusation i threatened him two days ago, forced him to drink the starbucks unicorn frappuccino. i will report the details. then you decide. "countdown" coming right back. online u.s. equity trades...
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david: see the new starbucks that changes colors? >> i was forced. >> this is living proof. there you go. you were with liz claman. and then -- >> liz claman put a gun to my head and made me drink that. liz: ha. ha. charlie gasparino yesterday talking smack about me and our unicorn frappuccino taste test. a gun to his head? seriously? let me go to the tape to show you all what really happened on wednesday. charlie gasparino and i are going to taste these. are you ready, charlie? >> eh. liz: this straw is a bum straw. give me that. i didn't see no gun, charlie. i didn't hear any threatening -- >> starting to look old. liz: see that is diversionary tactic. you're diverting. >> that movie with de niro, ""bad grandpa""? i was at a party in vegas.
3:49 pm
very attractive young lady said you remind me of de niro in ""bad grandpa"." liz: that is diversion. >> what the audience doesn't know the threats that you hurled at me beforehand and, you know the way you treated me before, the way you generally treat me in general. liz: you showed no sympathy when i had a straw malfunction. >> i didn't notice pause i so terrified what you would do to me. liz: okay. i never threatened him. in all seriousness, talk president trump's executive order, memorandums about the banking system. but also this promise that just came out in the last couple hours tax reform wednesday. >> i don't think the trump white house do a service when they give conflicting signals on timing of tax cuts. the markets are incredibly
3:50 pm
correlated to the tax plan. particularly corporate tax cuts, like it big as possible. something in the 20% range. he ran on 15. if he gives them 20, that's great. to come out, reason markets are selling off since reached high on march 1 when neil cavuto did the interview with mnuchin where he initially said, hey we'll do an august deadline because of uncertainty of timing and size, everything else. now what we have even the president comes out, first he says, we're going to do it by wednesday or sometime next week. the then the white house says, that is a target. now they're coming out saying, maybe it is wednesday, but it will just be a proposal. by the way the proposal was already given during the campaign. we know what that is, 15% corporate tax cut in that area. liz: he said massive. >> massive. 15%. the proposal is out there since the campaign. larry kudlow, economist larry kudlow, art laffer, strategist, economist, steve moore, our good friend works at heritage foundation.
3:51 pm
liz: we know the promise. >> corporate tax rate from 35 to 20. take seven brackets. squeeze into three. upper eight down, for upper income people down from 39.6, i believe to 32, 31. that is the plan. tax cuts in between. that's it. what is he going to do? liz: give some credit, we were scrutinizing intraday charts. we had seen the market plummeted around 1:00. it was already down but 1:00 p.m. eastern. hit lows of the session. president trump comes out, says that in interview with the associated press. >> right. liz: you see the move back up. then regains -- >> it has been down again. liz: but not by 70 points. >> what is difference between0 and 10? i don't mean it like that. liz: i know that. >> the difference between 70 and 10 in a dow 21,000 market. we he see the market whipsawing on uncertainty. it would be nice if one voice came out and spoke.
3:52 pm
whether it is president or mnuchin, treasury secretary, whether it is gary cohn, head of nec. liz: wall street believes it is wednesday? >> no. listen, if they believed. it was a huge tax cut, by the way it may be great. i don't know. i'm not in the white house but if wall street really believed this was a great tax cut, something along the lines what he campaigned on, the market would be up dramatically today. they don't. so i think, listen, part of this comes across as not having your ducks in order on a major piece of legislation. they already failed that one thing, which is health care. let's hope this one runs better. dow 21, or where we are, right now, 21 1/2, 20 1/2, almost 21,000 is predicated on tax cuts, particularly corporate tax cuts. again, speak with one voice. i can only tell you, i don't know washington. i do know wall street. they don't like the uncertainty. liz: i really liked how you
3:53 pm
tried to say, oh, i looked like de niro, when i said i didn't threaten you to drink the starbucks frappuccino. >> you associate italian-americans with de niro and threats with italian-americans. i get the -- liz: you said i threatened you. i'm jewish. >> you said something about threats now and de niro. liz: what 457s when you get a jew an and italian on the set together. >> murder incorporated. liz: charlie grass. you want to keep it here on fox business. all new episode of "wall street week," 8:00 p.m. eastern. maria joined by special guest larry fink of blackrock. new episode of "the property man," bob massive. one of my favorite shows here at 8:30 eastern. dow is down seven. minutes before the closings bell ring out the week. infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can
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thithis is the new new york.e? think again. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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liz: you heard adage, sell in may, go away. this summer all bets are off if we get the tax reform. president trump saying a big announcement on tax reform will be released wednesday. look, no word on whether it will be a proposal or actual legislation, but it does appear this summer is heating up already. portfolio manager mark spellman on that. what dowhat do you think peopled be doing with their portfolio knowing we could get a nice bump from tax reform? >> we have gotten a nice bump from the tax. i worry a next move is disappointment move if we don't get the tax. the market has done tremendously. we filtered out all the noise and concentrated on tax reform. if there is delay. if this leaks into 2008, issue for the market. liz: there is a hearty group of viewers right now, who are waiting for a pullback. so if they got it, who cares about the reason, what should they do?
3:58 pm
>> i think they should be a buyer. they should be a buyer of stocks. what we do in the alpine rising dividend fund, we concentrate on yields growing a lot. we have reflation trade and earnings and cash flow going on. by names with great balance sheet, lots of cash flow and raising dividend 20, 25%. we have lots of stocks in the port fell. liz: give me a name. >> name down a lot, phillips6, a refiner. a lot more. it is pipeline, gas stations. 3.3% yield. double-digit dividend growth. love the stock. liz: amgen and discover rising yields. you warrant to see the dividend growing to protect you from inflation. liz: throw out a consumer stock. >> we were joking about unicorn frappuccino. we like starbucks. the stock has done well for months. liz: have you tried that. >> i have not.
3:59 pm
liz: he claimed i threatened him. he was drinking it before in the commercial break before i cued him to drink it. >> they have the opportunity to double sales in china. that is where the big opportunity is. liz: this stock has done beautifully all day, pretty much all week, because people are talking about starbucks. >> absolutely. you will see a lot more with this over the summer with them. liz: the dow is increases losses but down from the earlier lows. if something happens with the french election where there is a surprise move and marine le pen, far right candidate moves above -- >> there will be a problem. the interesting thing what we've done in our portfolio. there hasn't been a ton of volatility believe it or not. protection is very cheap. by a put in your biggest position. buy market puts and hedge yourself. right now is perfect time to protect your downside. we're optimistically bullish but we're trying to take moves to
4:00 pm
protect us from the downside. any individual investor can do the same thing. liz: mark spellman, alpine funds, great to see you. [closing bell rings] liz: ringing bells. new york cosmos, waste management. nice day for them. not for the markets. leah and david "after the bell." david: good afternoon, bill. >> dow's rocky road. we had been down more than 70. s&p 500 and nasdaq closing in the red. i'm lea gabrielle in for our melissa francis. david: first time. good to have you here. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." happy friday. we have you covered on the big market movers. first here is what else we have for you at this hour. president trump saying a massive tax plan is on the way. the president will reveal highlights of the plan. what we're hea


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