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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 24, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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what happened with the mkets rallying. good morning, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell and for maria bartiromo. monday, april 24th at top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. congress back in session as the president approaches its 100 day in office. he is ramping up efforts on health care, tax reform and a void in a government shutdown. >> will have an agreement at the end of the day today. if the house can get its ducks in a row to vote this week on health care they could do that as well. >> i would like to have a vote this week that the leadership knows that they got a vote this week. >> a closer look straight ahead. second round of the french election is set. marine le pen is going head-to-head with emanuel macron and the next vote. radical leftist taking to the street to use tear gas. we have the very latest there.
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results from the french election sparked in a market rally. pricing that if it very. the centrist candidate. we know how the pricing and the polls have gone with brexit and donald trump when the presidency. teachers across the board 198-point gain on the futures right now. take a look at europe. the euro hitting a five-month high against the dollar. so they plans on keeping france if he wins in the e.u. and the euro as well. in a show, let's take a look at how your asian markets could overnight. the shanghai lower down 1.4%. investors keeping a close eye on earning ahead of the opinion. halliburton, and u.s. drilling dignity. a horrifying moment caught on tape.
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a 4-year-old little girl falls out of the back of a moving bus. a firefighter took the video and immediately came to her rescue. check your pantry. a massive recall. not one involving golf balls, but one by frito-lay over salmonella concerns. turbulence to the airline industry will look at the latest incident but it is not all bad news. kenny g holding an impromptu concert with the delta flight. buy some are calling it an awesome moment. some are not being this kind. all of that and so much more. cheryl casone is here to bring you everything you need to know. is professor of business and economics brand renberg and wife of american sniper, chris kyle. good to see you. you fly a lot. >> idea. i would've loved to been on that
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flight. something about kenny g, just as general president is very soothing. cheryl: there's a lot going on. none of the real good. somebody should talk about in terms of the market reaction. >> markets pop after this election. the question is does it relate that likely macron will win or are we underestimating possibility for change. >> again, definitely more protectionist. she wants to jettison the euro, one set of the european union. >> setting up like the brexit, the election. dagen: breaking down the administration's neck. as a doing too much in the next five days or so? >> this is so jampacked. the question is if any of this stuff getting done?
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dagen: above the fold, donald trump, donald trumps bush reporter while sending his budget talks. let's dig into that. coming up this morning, defense and economic minister under angela merkel in germany, kitty sue bird or tennessee congresswoman marsha bought her an this here. fox's senior judicial is judge andrew napolitano and former cia director james woolsey. you don't want to miss a minute of it. they shut down showdown after a two-week recess the senate will reconvene in the house of representatives tomorrow, leaving four days to get legislation passed before federal funding expires on friday. congress this week, president trump in the gop race into a per call health care and push tax reform. budget director mitch mulvaney and david schweiker weighed in on that timeline yesterday. >> we don't think there's been a structural reason the house and senate cannot do both
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infinitely. if we can have an agreement that will get done this week. if the house at least can get its ducks in a row, they can do that as well. >> trying to make the numbers work on something that's not just a tax cut or tax adjustment for pushing numbers around, there's something almost revolutionary. the fixation is what you do to maximize economic growth. what do you do to make fair and simple for the individual taxpayer? >> independent women's by ceo and president heather higgins. donald trump told the associated press to expect a big announcement on tax reform on wednesday. massive tax-cut was the word he used. >> donald trump never gives the announcements. but it is a very big deal. there's this artificial polish. fdr as innocuous page talks about the 100 days and everybody
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forgets that was just believed in. if you don't give me what i want to enlist him dictatorial powers. maybe donald trump will read the rest of his speech and say give me what i wanted this will not be a happy outcome for you. we are in this problem because we have the senate that has a filibuster that prevents anything from getting even debated on this one is putatively the most delivered his body in the world. ditto delivery and so you get to this er crunch constantly. either they'll file at this before we look at a short-term one week to extend it. everybody wants to win. we are in a very different place. >> on the spending but also health care bill. it's very likely we will see a health care bill this week. he's had a big shift. remember when the first bill me through, a lot of conservatives out there were not coming even though there has been discussions for some people, they felt they didn't
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know what was going on and it didn't include the most important part which were regulatory reforms to drive down costs. and i got different universe for a lot of the same people who were agitating to not post for the bill are running against moderates if they don't vote for the bill. the freedom caucus is now in a place where they want to rent. it's not going to be perfect. >> why did paul frank talk about that on saturday? he's basically avoided the issue. fox news reported that he did not cannot and say there is going to be moving on health care. he put back to the side. paul ryan is the one that has to bring the party up in redmond this week. >> arafat to do a win and they don't get it this week, then he's going to have some explaining to do. >> whereas if he will play for and something happens, that's when it's going to talk about it.
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>> what is it that's changed here? we've heard the talk of giving states the ability to extend debt of essential mandates. is that the only thing that's changed here and bring moderates on board? they are so concerned about the medicaid cuts. not enough subsidies for low-income individuals. has that changed at all? >> a change from what i've said. i know more pretty than a lot of members of congress still waiting to hear the details. dagen: i bet the draft from last week, but it's like not even a page. >> it's all very subject to change. it looks like flexibility for states to opt-out. that means the moderate democrats were from states that were high cost insurance states to begin with. they don't even have to worry about whether anybody is going to be not covered because their states are going to opt-out.
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for those who have their insurance premiums go sky high and the rest of it because of obamacare regulations as i understand what is being discussed presently, as long as they are providing at least some plans that would be compliant, they can create function in insurance markets for everybody else. >> i have a question. republicans have been saying they can't wait to appeal obamacare and i wonder if they're more concerned about the media coming after them and pulling back from states that want their constituents to have it for their concerned about constituents who asked him all along. >> you know, they have done interesting work as well as others unwed human beings focus on. tragedies are human beings, by the way. >> and and a psychologist is everyone in economics nobel. one of the things he points out as people tend to focus on
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what's being taught about. the rises in your perception of urgency. a great piece discussing how the democrats talked about preexisting conditions as though this was the great crisis for a country in november obama talking about 129 million people. only 114,000 people admitted and hope that the preexisting conditions. that's all they talk about. there's much less concern for the average trump voter who's worried about being uninsured for the cost of their premiums than there is for the preexisting condition. that's going to get solved in this field with going to have been when you come back to the senate peace, that's when the rest of this will come in. dagen: with the tax reform that president trump is promising will be announced, it's just a framework. my understanding is this just a framework. do this and the one that would
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move? >> my understanding is they're trying to move this quite quickly. we will see. but then it becomes a whole different hollow? but there's talk of doing it this week. i'm dubious that this deal will get done in time for anything substantive to have been on the tax side. dagen: you do think because the lead story in "the wall street journal" today is the push for broader well-funded vermont at the trumpet and assertion is to use the journals were, muddied the budget talks. >> they may call it ibm, but trump is the deal guy. you get your deals by asking for more than you expect to get. he is loading up his asks so you can then have something to pull back from and defending the move towards border protection. but you'll get the yield is something his al qaeda
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negotiated. >> they asked earlier this year in the supplemental bill to congress only 2 billion a half dollars for well-funded group recently we have the homeland security secretary talk in about his biggest, the next terror attack could be committed by somebody coming across the southern border. >> he said last week and his biggest fear keeps them up at night is the southern border. that goes to the argument for a while. this is a physical law% there's. dagen: do think the respondent or partial funding for the wall? >> even nick mulvaney with sagging it might be something other than a physical wall. he just had the power outages in three cities simultaneously. that is going to reawaken concerns about the fact we have a very unsecured electrical grid whether it is through solar, emt, sanford. this is a very big deal if you
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are concerned about our security and well-being in functioning of the country. dagen: thank you so much for being here this morning. we'll see how much they get done. heather higgins. coming up, frito-lay issuing a recall with a variety of chips being pulled off of store shelves over possible salmonella contamination good but you need to know before heading to stores. recent incidents by the major airlines in the spotlight. the latest on the turbulence in the air straight ahead. ♪ ie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on, like what goes down doesn't always come back up. ♪
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[vo] quickbooks introduces and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. dagen: following breaking news out of afghanistan were defense secretary james noninflammatory surprise visit. cheryl casone has the details on that. >> a lot of miss breaking overnight. secretary madison's invention arrived unannounced to country capital of kabul on the six nation tour intended to bolster relations with america's allies. began his visit at the headquarters of operation resolute support from a nato-led
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mission to train and advise. also met with government officials. mattis is the bad old days after an attack on a northern army base left more than 100 afghan soldiers dead. meanwhile, rush provocation for north korea this morning is detained in the country. tony came who goes by his korean name came same.was retained by authorities while trying to board a flight from pyongyang international airport on saturday according to the university where he taught accounting. a spokesman for science and technology is confirming after he was teaching in the country for several weeks. two other american citizens currently being held by north korea including 21-year-old university of virginia student on a warm year. james langford, member of the senate intelligence committee weighed in on the latest arrest
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on "fox news sunday." listen. >> north korea is holding another american to have some bargaining chip. cheryl: because of rising tensions with north korea newspaper saying pyongyang was prepared to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier currently heading to the region. finally, a major potato chip recall to tell you about. frito-lay is recalling two of their jalapeno flavored chips over concern about salmonella and the seasoning that the recall and select jalapeno flavored potato chips and kettle cooked chips. one of the suppliers recently recalled a seasoning of the blood it can and salmonella. it has been found in the frito-lay seasoning. become is acting out of an abundance of caution right now. wickedness in earnings this morning before the bell.
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content is among companies reporting today. halliburton said last month his prophet but likely miss the estimate due to higher costs. hasbro to their latest reporters at the big boost from demand for "star wars" action figures and disney princess last year to post profits of dirty cents per share. >> thank you. we made some video. cheryl: café. anything attached to disney and "star wars". money, profit, boom. dagen: being a mama to know that. >> my favorite part of storm troopers is when they play the music and it comes down. dagen: it really doesn't get much better than that. protests followed the french election radical leftists
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bursting riot police used tear gas. we have the latest there. rough times flying in the sky. recent incidents putting major airlines under scrutiny. but kenny g makes it all okay. his impromptu concert on delta max. ♪ think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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april 30th on disney channel. tree until barret skies for airlines. american airlines and in a flight attendant following an altercation with a man allegedly gained a stroller from a woman holding two children. video following the incident shows that the flight attendant getting into a heated argument
6:24 am
with other passengers on the plane, particularly this gentleman come and see us back here. this is coming weeks after the united v. aska appeared i watched this video and i know the flight attendants union is cautioning people to tell people you don't see the whole video. you don't know what happened in this particular. cheryl: we can't rush to judge. as a former flight attendant when an purpose of a passenger. now, i'd be fired. is that the association. this is their statement that the company nor the public should rush to judgment. it appears another passenger may threaten another attendant with violence which is a violation of federal law and no small matter. if any flight attendant on any aircraft feels they are threat, you deal with the passenger right then and there and you do it on the ground. that's kind of the back story of what happened with the united
6:25 am
incident. once the plane gets in the air, if you've got a violent passenger that can be a threat to crew safety or passenger safety, you want to do with it on the ground. dagen: i do want to point out that the ceo after the united incident, oscar munoz will not become chairman is playing next year. i was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend and he and his husband have two small children. they were fine to mexico. i'm united they were bumped off their flight, sat in the airport for 12 hours and not even put on the plane that day. i had to go home and they oversold the flight. they bought the tickets were for months in the head and is oversold and they bought them. this is to airlines managing the problem better. shouldn't they have told them that they had is that there is no shop is family of four was going to get on the airplane? shouldn't united have called an
6:26 am
then we are going to reap a few sunday? >> you show up at the airport in all the airport in all the sudden you find out your travel plans are going to change. that is difficult when you have it be somewhere, made plans for an advance. that's the issue that united. they just did manage the fallout as well. i don't get is surprising that oscar munoz is being denied chairmanship. true to airlines are notorious for overbooking fly spirit to your point, why did they get 24 hours in advance. dagen: they got to $800 vouchers which delta is a little more generous. >> the limit is 1400 change. i'm pulling that figure. at the same time, you don't know until the flight departure time or at least an hour prior because people misplace all the time. so the airlines have been playing a gamble for decades. now it's coming back to bite
6:27 am
them from a pr standpoint. dagen: my prediction is and that's why so much that a lot of the problems you encounter a passenger related. people are irritated. they come loaded for bear. not literally, but figuratively when they get on that plane. what will happen is they'll say okay iwe can sete down, the whole flight is canceled or everybody off. rather than getting into an altercation with somebody. >> as soon as he told me if it involved a stroller and two kids. she's already stressed. you and i fly all the time so we know time so we know how to save your show, we look on what happens. most people are angry, and mistreated. the airlines have taken for granted they have customers. they'll charge them for every thing under the sun on the plane. dagen: tried to soothe the savage base, delta fliers get an improv to concert from kenny g.
6:28 am
♪ kenny g hanging out a little tune here and there are passengers on the flight raised $2000 for charity. he's getting a little bit of criticism on mine. how can you be critical of that? you're raising money for charity, sudan but probably irritated passengers. >> people pay for anything. somebody's going to hate on him. >> look at the one with the blanket. he's just saying i want to get out of here. dagen: that faxes loud if it's read by your head. right in your ear. cheryl: have never seen somebody working in the indus two for nine years, i've never seen the industry this tormented and
6:29 am
unhappy on both sides. dagen: a lot of bad behavior on behalf of passengers. i get into my head was somebody's carry-on luggage at least twice a flight. markets jumping in reaction to the fren election. the first-round results of the worldwide rally. what it means for the future of europe and your money. outpacing the competition. date of the seriously its new films in the dust in the 1 billion bucks at the box office. the recount that had. the recap i had. and it's not you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday april 24th f. top stories 6:30 a.m. eastern time. president trump will speak with german chaellor angela merkel on the phone this morning. commander in chief touting his relationship with the european leader calling it one of the best chemistries he's had. the calls come amid changing ties in europe. the results from the french election sparking a market rally overnight, but leading to protests in the streets of france. white house chief of staff reince priebus weighing in on president trump's reaction to the election. >> he is going to support whoever the winner is, we have a long-term relationship that's
6:33 am
historical with the french people and the french government no senator who wins, that relationship is going to continue. daipg daig markets are pricing a victory for the centrist victory macron who led marine la pen in the first point. 210-point gain on the dow futures right now. up 200 points overnight that. would be a premarket high for the futures. in europe, you've got gains across the board. look at the french market up 4 and a half percent. again, we should point that macron wants to keep france in the euro zone, wants to keep in the european union, rather, you are seeing the euro rally a five-month high against the dollar. in asia overnights markets mixed. terrifying moment caught on camera, a 4-year-old falling out of a moving bus, details on her condition ahead. investors keeping an eye on
6:34 am
earnings among the names reporting. the oil giant will provide some insight on u.s. drilling activity. and panera is baking up changes, howie: can you track the food from the moment you order it to when it arrives at your door. details as the movie gets closer to topping the 1 billion-dollar mark in global box office. top story this half hour, french election setting stage between showdown between outsiders, populist la pen and centralist emmanuel macron, macron taking 24% of the vote to la pen 21.4%, protestors set cars on fire as a result of the election came out. officers using tear gas
6:35 am
using the crowd under control. meantime the markets like what they say, the europe is up it's at 5-month high and joining us now former defense and economic minister under german chancellor angela merkel kt, what -- again, if macron does win as the markets are predicting, as the polls think to suggest, he will meet -- he plans to reform labor laws, cut thousands of government jobs, cut corporate taxes but also keep france in the european union and the euro zone. >> quite a task for a 39-year-old, isn't it? [laughter] i actually breath a sigh of relief across the atlantic, europe seems to be happy with the result. having said that, it's a first-round result, we do have a second round. a lot of things can happen if i
6:36 am
had to predict it today, i will say he will make it. we are talking about someone who has not a lot of political experience, we are talking about someone who doesn't have a party base behind him, we are talking about someone who has to have also support in the assembly national, the french government which also will be reelected this year and there's a lot of ambitious goals and to combine all of the things, it's something i say we see impressive market reactions, but these are reactions of today and -- and combini that with what we see ifrance right now and what we will see in the future, is something which will play out a little differently. brian: we have seen the story time and again, underdog populist hanging on. markets assume there's no way that person can win, we are in the same bout here in france,
6:37 am
are investors underestimating la pen's chance, do you think she has a chance? >> i actually think macron more likely to win out of one simple reason. we heard the first reaction yesterday from the party that is lost and le not forget who actually lost, the traditional parties have been evaporated. there's nothing left. the socialist down to 7-8%, fillon, mained candidate from right ken industries, nothing left as well. dagen: not unlike what happened here in the united states even though donald trump ran as a republican, he came out of nowhere to get the nomination. >> exactly. we see that in a lot of different countries across the so-called west and it's a trend and so combined with the sigh of relief i've just described at the very beginning, you also see elements of anxiety and amongst other european member states, amongst governments and member states, it's such a young guy can pop out of nowhere more or
6:38 am
less and run the whole system. cheryl: a woman said, i don't feel french anymore. i don't recognize my own country. a big part of that, obviously is illegal immigration and the migrant crisis, the immigrant crisis in syria. they are under attack. we had a terrorist attack. in the middle of -- dagen: some people thought that that would help la pen more. >> that's what a lot of people said, of course, you can say that actually was the reason she made it in the second round. melenchon would be the bernie sanders of france. he was quite successful for what the expectations were at the very beginning. one thing we have to see, yes, you do have this kind of fear and an -- anxiety in france towards migration, antinational
6:39 am
developments, but it is actually macron who stands for european union, reforming the european union, staying in the european union and, yes, he played a national card as well, but he is quite a counterelement to la pen. there was an interesting poll yesterday, why the people actually elected him and why they elected her and they elected her for, yes, migration issues, for antiterrorism issues. dagen: she believes in abandoning the euro. >> exactly. they actually voted for him, those who voted for him voted because he's proeurope and other things. dagen: right, the wall street journal characterizes it that they represent different visions and macron in the next couple of weeks would have to offer a credible vision and program for an economically prosperous and confident france that's no listeninger the sick man of europe, it's what they write. i want to move onto angela
6:40 am
merkel since you worked for the chancellor, president trump is schedule today speak with angela merkel today on the phone. he shed some light on his relationship with the german leader during interview with the associated press on friday. president trump said this, yeah, it's funny, one of the best chemistries i had with german chancellor angela merkel. when asked whether he expects to get along, no, because i'm at odds on, you know, the nato payments and i'm at odds with immigration, we had unbelievable chemistry. kt, how critical is this -- dagen: does she dislike him? >> no, i don't think so, she comes from a very different planet and they had i'd say interesting meeting. whether there was a handshake, another one, yes or no, they
6:41 am
have to get along with each other. a good signal with is she invited ivanka, his daughter to g-20. cheryl: she's going too. >> she invited her to a panel where she is together with two of the most prominent elected world leaders, it's angela merkel herself and also kristin lagard. cheryl: women's empowerment issues. dagen: this is where the press gets things wrong or reads too much into things. when angela merkel was here she was seated, german business leaders seated next to ivanka trump and people took still photographs of chancellor merkel's face saying she's rolling eyes and looks uncomfortable. you can't say that and look at those -- ivanka trump was roundly mocked by many in the
6:42 am
press because she was seated next to chancellor merkel. >> i wouldn't mock her, maybe her father because it was out of protocol. as a leader, sometimes situations that are less political driven. i saw her face. she was quite pleased with the lady sitting next to her. dagen: my point is -- >> so much about chemistry. [laughter] >> you remember the situations in life where you meet somebody that you really expect that you're not going to like and when you do have some common ground and you do meet in the middle somewhere, you feel it's a lot better because you expected it to be so bad. i know what you're saying. it's not like tun believable chemistry but to him it's unbelievable in his mind that it went as good as it did. >> she's not one going into meetings with already carved in
6:43 am
stone expectations, she's professional, extremely well prepared and pleasantly surprised that thicks went better than expected and it's a good ground to build on. dagen: great to see you, so much to discuss. >> thank you. dagen: sandwiches and salad straight to you, pa nerra bread is planning to bring orders right to your doorstep and a heart-stopping moment in arkansas, a little girl falls on a busy highway. a firefighter comes to her rescue. shocking video next.
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dagen: welcome back, everybody, we have a major market rally on our hands. dow up 207 points right now. you can credit those election results in part over in europe, massive rally in european stocks with macron coming out slightly
6:47 am
ahead of marine la pen. he has reform agenda in store if he win it is french election next month. we are looking at a few stocks on the move as well. merger monday for two medical supply companies, cr for $24 billion vowing bard. comes on the heels of consolidation to improve product offering and gain market share, shares of c.r. bard up 12%. apailer retailer bebe to close all stores by the end of the month of may, just a month after announcing it was exploring strategic alternatives, shares of bebe down 33% over the last year. they are trading almost at zero because the company is basically going out of business. president trump hosting lunch with embassadors from the united nations security council countries today, cheryl casone has the details on that. cheryl. cheryl: president trump is going to have lunch with diplomats
6:48 am
from the un security council member at the white house today. the embassador include russia and china, the u.s. largest financial contributor to the un but the president's budget with deep cuts on that contribution. saudi arabia elected to un commission on the status of women. strongly criticizing the election which occurred in a secret vote during the un economic and social council. well, this video we have already showed you, a volunteered firefighter in arkansas coming to the rescue when look what happens, a 4-year-old girl falls out of the back of the bus as it was moving, all of it captured on the firefighter's dash cam last week. you see though that back door of the bus flying open, the little girl is trying to hang on but obviously she fell to the road, the bus kept going, the firefighter who was an emt, he
6:49 am
picks her up and took her to nearby parking lot, administers first aid and did need surgery but due to be released from the hospital today. well, panera bread planning to deliver in a big way, panera said it's going to be adding 10,000 in-coffee worker and delivery drivers, panera has more than 2,000 witch and salad shops already. that's the owner of krispy kreme. the expanded delivery service can affect 35 to 40% of total locations and the end of last year, we should say, panera had delivery about 15,000 of 15% of the locations. pane is going to introduce an app that will let you track your delivery and even send a picture of the driver. that'll be interesting. stock up more than 53% so far this year. >> london, abidabi, cuba, our
6:50 am
paths have crossed before dawn and you just didn't know it. i think i need to remind you while you chose to be here. >> i've got no choice. cheryl: still peddle to the metal, number one spot, 38 million over the weekend. t closing in on the 1 billion mark worldwide. boss baby has a tight grip on number two spot with beauty and the beast returning at third place with 10 million, taken fourth a new animal documentary born in china, featuring a very cute pandas nearly beat fifth place winner going in style. both bringing in $5 million each. the new thriller unforgettable turned out to be the opposite landing in seventh place. not a good thing. dagen, those are your headlines, back to you. dagen: thank you, cryl. world war ii bomber, you don't
6:51 am
want to miss it. ♪ whether you're after supreme performance... ...advanced intelligence... ...or breathtaking style... ...there's a c-class just for you. decisions, decisions, decisions. lease the c300 sedan for $389 a month mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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6:54 am
dagen: you're looking at an amage -- image from the hit show, strange inheritance, a bomber that was built to fight in world war ii, joining us now strange inheritance host. we can talk about this show forever. we were talking in the commercial break about how dedicate yowd are to it, how hard the work it is but how much you get out of it. >> and how much fun. dagen: yes. >> on a 5-dollar ballroom bet,
6:55 am
second episode over 70 now that we've done, we are in season 3 and we are shooting season 4. on a 5-dollar bet, he's going to buy the b-17 bomber after the war, he pays a small price for it and puts it over gas station, if you're going to get gas, you will check out the military flying fortress as it was known. i don't think the family knew that the pilot from the calling foundation in massachusetts who takes veterans on these flights would put me at the controls and i didn't know either, you know, the plane goes in the wrong direction down until i realized that i need to pull back. i flew a plane. cheryl, you were a flight attendant. would you have flown my flight? cheryl: no. >> i don't think so. they want the veterans to know how dedicated they were and they are to recognizing them. they the inherited b.17 bomber, you can't make it up.
6:56 am
dagen: this is what the show does, as you sit and talk about the program, the one episode, you can't help of you smiling behind the controls of this bomber. >> sorry mom, i wore my seat belt. dagen: it's just -- some of the stories are sad but for the most part they are so uplifting and it just reminds you of the strength of the human spirit. >> this is about families and art lacey had a dream and his daughter says she's not going to leave this earth until she fly it is plane. you will learn a lot of histy also but we have two episodes tonight. this is the last of our premiers of season 3, if you miss it tonight, because you're watching, you know, something else, you can tape it or it's on wednesday. dagen: uvr it, hello. >> you member mr. blackwell? dagen: of course. >> they help us look magnificent but designer richard blackwell,
6:57 am
he made his first name mr., this gentleman who was his publicist, i love this guy so much, because what a strange inheritance for a guy to inherit a hundred designed, joins me in this episode and we outfit some of the stars for the academy awards and the emmy awards and i got to try on a few things myself. it's a strange inheritance but he called demidiva of disclosure. madonna the bare bottom of baralon. dagen: jamie colby. watch always. we will be right back whoa, this thing is crazy. i just had to push one button to join. it's like i'm in the office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality.
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern time. countdown of 100 days of trump's presidency. the congress getting the work. the white house never took vacation, by the way, but congress did. focusing on health care, keeping the government open, the president also tweeting that he will announce big tax reform and tax reduction wednesday. but administration officials are edging a little bit. >> what you will see on wednesday is specific governing principles, guidance, also some indication of what the rates are going to be.
7:01 am
i don't think you're going to see something and i don't think anybody expects us to roll out bill language on wednesday. dagen: closer look coming up. plus, the second round in the french election is set. marine la pen going head to head with emmanuel macron, the results had radical leftists to the street forcing police to use tear gas, we have the latest from france. the market reaction, the results from the french election sparking global market rally. look at the dow go. you have a 4 and a half percent gain in france on the markets there. the markets are pricing in a victory for the more centrist macron, he does want to cut corporate taxes in france, does that sound familiar? you take a look at the european market rally there and the euro hitting a five-month high against the dollar, macron wants the keep the euro and stay in the european union. so investors seem to like the status quo rather than a frexit,
7:02 am
if you will. in asia overnight, markets were mixed. the shanghai composite is the only one that was lower, more than 1% there. and samsung's new s8 already needs fixing, the company launching software update after owners were seeing red. a mass i have recall that could impact your breakfast, frozen hash browns sold at, i believe, harris across the south are being recalled and you won't believe what could be in the bags? investors keeping eye, first-quarter profit and revenue beating wall street expectations, result helped by a strong demand for transformers. target gets a new cart, shopping cart, they're getting a mario cart makeover but no racing in the aisles. maybe there's a little bit of racing. all that and so much more in the next hour, next couple of hours. fox business cheryl casone, the king's college professor of business and economic brian br
7:03 am
networks -- brenberg and taya. >> on american they are amazing. they are. i understand, people get a little bit upset. it's stressful specially if they don't fly a lot for. dagen: it's the people who don't fly a lot. >> when things didn't go according to plan, you say nothing ever goes according to plan. >> expectations are very low. >> i recommend it highly. cheryl: not an easy job. i have a lot of friends that are flight attendants and pilots. it's tough. >> there's not a lot of freedom. dagen: when in doubt, behave, everyone. >> be nice. dagen: exactly. coming up this morning fox news
7:04 am
judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano and the ceo and president of the vermont teddy bear company william, the ceo, you don't want to miss any of those fine gentlemen and congress is back in session. president trump and gop looking to reform health care and the tax code, cut your taxes, maybe, also dealing with a possible shutdown over plans for border wall funding. watch this. were shut down is not a desired end, it's not a tool, it's not something that we want to have. we want our priorities funded and one of the biggest priorities during the campaign was border security, keeping americans safe and part of that was a border wall and we still don't understand why the democrats are so wholeheartedly against it. >> i can't imagine the democrats
7:05 am
will shut down a government over objection that can end the lawlessness. i believe congress will eventually deliver. dagen: this coming as democrats demand on obamacare overhaul in funding. democrats want to subsidies payments to the insurers which has been up in the air, so maybe that's your bargaining chip if you're a democrat. the president took to twitter, obamacare is in serious trouble. the dems need big money to keep it going otherwise it dies far sooner than anyone would have taught. joining us tennessee congressman marcia blackburn, the deadline to avoid shutdown is saturday, president trump's 100 days in office, do you think -- it seems such small potatoes to shut down government for border wall, does that come down, really? >> no, it's a process through the week. we will arrive and there will be some money to start security on
7:06 am
the border because that's what the american people want to see. the interesting thing, dagen, is this used to be an argument about people that were interesting the country illegally. now, it's about drugs, it's about the opioid crisis, it is about human slavery and the groups that are bringing people in and things across the border illegally, so it's all about illegal entry and that's what people want to stop. stop the labor trafficking, the sex trafficking, the drug trafficking, the opioid crisis, get a handle on this and i think that there's agreement between -- cheryl: this is where the bargaining is going to start. yeah, we will give you funding for the wall but in exchange when the health care bill comes back for debate, obamacare comes back for repeal and replace, they want you to say, we will continue subsidies for hundred, that's going to be on the
7:07 am
republicans. >> the cost-sharing reduction funds are what you're talking about, we will have to look at is how do you keep the insurance market, the obamacare insurance marketplace from imploding for the 9 million people that are in that marketplace, 7 million of which get subsidies because the product is too expensive to buy without the subsidy, so that is why the focus has been on how do you get the cost of insurance down and get government out of that business. dagen: with the gop healthcare reform plan that is back on the front burner. >> sure. dagen: the leadership in touch with you, where do you think it goes? >> dagen, i talked to so many of my cleagues over the last couple of weeks and what people want to make certain that we do is a few things, get rid of the individual employer mandate, let the states handle those
7:08 am
essential benefits, give them the flexibility to do that, allow some wavering through process with medicaid and the 1115 waiver program. give the states flexibility there. allow them to utilize innovation funds to deliver in a better way the services that the people in their states need. brian: is there going to be reform in subsidies, this isn't enough for low-income individuals, if it doesn't change, it doesn't seem you will get moderate republicans on board, do you think that will change in. >> you're talking about the age-rating bands that are there. brian: that's part of it, right. >> if you allow flexibility for the state then what you're doing is allowing states that want to do more to do more. those that want to adjust, you give them the flexibility to adjust.
7:09 am
but you can do that through a waiver system and i have a program that looks more like what maine has as opposed to having standard traditional medicaid or having an insurance marketplace that is federal government run, open it back up, this is where we will eventually get to state line. dagen: do you want to put odds on it? do you think it comes up for a vote this week in the house? [laughter] >> i cannot bet you a beer on this, dagen, we are going to have to -- but what i think you're going to see is members of the house from each group in the republican conference come together and say, let's get this across the line. i do think and i do know that there are democrats who fear what will happen if the obamacare marketplace implodes and they're very concerned about that and they're saying, let's
7:10 am
get something done so that does not happen. >> essentially what they did is work like a drug dealer does. we will give a a free sample and once you are addicted, you will need it. the federal government said, we will pay for some of it for three years and then you're on your own. they took the freebie from the dealer and you say you can't do without it. that's brilliant for obamacare. i want to ask you a question. so everybody in this country is now on national medicine and i equate that to if medicine was well controlled by the government then the va would be doing great. the government doesn't do well -- >> that's exactly right. dagen: va is true national health care, the true is socialized medicine because the government runs -- the government runs all hospitals, right. >> we see what a disaster it is but continually as we had the
7:11 am
debates on obamacare as we were going through committee in 2009, 2010, i would repeatedly say, show me a system where you have delivered a better product at a lower cost when it's been done by the government, nobody could. there's not one that exist. >> yes. >> look at what happened in tennessee, my state when they try ten care. a decade after it went on books, that's why a government, a democrat governor went in and reshaped and pulled it all down through 1115 program and reset it. >> obamacare, hillarycare. >> legacy. dagen: they are trying to force political ownership on president trump trump even though they haven't done anything to it yet. turning to the french election, congressman, protestors clashing
7:12 am
after far-right la pen and centrist macron. the euro hitting a five-month high. we know how accurate polls have been. british exit from the european union and also president trump's win there, are you hopeful looking at at least the change in europe and how that that might impact the united states for the better? >> i am very hopeful. this populist attitude, this national pride almost, look what happened with brexit, look what is happening now in france and people are saying, no, we love our country and i think that is good for democracy, i think it is good for freedom and i think it is good for national prize.
7:13 am
dagen: one real quick thing. president trump promised massive tax cut, tax reform on wednesday, do you expect there would be a border adjustment tax in it? we talked about that. >> i do -- i do not. i have to tell you. my constituent companies, tractor supply, auto zone, all of these are very concerned. i was at tractor supply last week visiting with them and you look at what it would do to the impact -- that gets passed to the consumer. dagen: yeah. >> same thing with my suppliers that supply gm and nissan in my district. those small business manufacturers. they are talking to me about what they bring in, where they bring it in from and the costs that it is going to have in that component part that goes into that automobile. dagen: let's see if the white house is listening. i'm anxiously awaiting to see what they come up with and how much detail is in there. congresswoman, great to see you. we don't envy you, we admire
7:14 am
you. [laughter] >> take care. thank you for being here. coming up, samsung hope to
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
dagen: samsung tractions action dealing with problem dealing with new galaxy s7 phones. cheryl: it didn't take long here, guys, good morning, everybody, just days after samsung said there's nothing wrong with galaxy s8 phones the company is promising to fix a red tent problem on the screen. you can see it there if you really look. the discovery made by some buyers in south korea who had preordered the flagship phone. samsung says it's going to upgrade the software. if that doesn't work they are telling media outlet they will replace with a new hand set, that won't cost anything. all right, golf balls and hash browns don't go mixfor breakfast, mccain's food usa recalling frozen hash browns from stores in nine states tbaus potatoes may have pieces of golf balls in them. golf balls per harvested along with the potatoes and chopped
7:18 am
up. dagen: that's hilarious. it was near a driving range or golf course, this potato field. no reports of injuries, it's a choking hazard, obviously. okay, best buy, you may see long lines today. retailer is bringing back the nintendo nes classic, the big hit last year. console comes with reto controller, graphics, 30 preinstalled classic games, pac man, donkey kong, one per customer andirst-come, first-serve basis. you're a gamer.
7:19 am
the promotion marks it launch of mario kart8 deluxe. target its turning shopping carts into super mario karts. shares of target we should say down more than 33% from a year ago. when i first met you, you were talking about being a gamer, you always have enjoyed that as a hobby. i'm curious what you think about the nintendo thing? dagen: i dig it, i think the shopping carts are pretty sturdy. brian: there's no way you can keep kids from raising. >> they have starbucks in every target. you get a work out, coffee, bam. [laughter] dagen: smell of icees and
7:20 am
popcorn. even like old like gc murphy always smells like icee. anything makes me want to run. thanks, taya. why campbells is pulling off chicken soup from shelves. short-lived social media announcement straight ahead. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders
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switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. dagen: russell westbrook monster night couldn't fuel the thunder past the rockets. jared max with sports, jell-o,
7:24 am
jared. jared: the only player in nba history to record triple doubles in three playoff games. fame four, fourth quarter, james harden extend lead to 5 points, but watch what russell westbrook will do off of a missed free throw of adams. long-distance 3-point shot to cut the houston lead to 1. 10 seconds left. houston has the ball, they will slowly get it inbounds and work it down court without getting fouled where trevor will find nene. the rockets win up 4 and they are up 3 games to 1. westbrook who got rest, interrupted a reporter's question for teammate after thunder loses clap -- >> i'm not trying to split you up. when you guys have gone to the
7:25 am
bench, i'm trying to figure out. >> don't say when russell goes out the team don't play well. it doesn't matter, we are in this together. jared: game four in chicago, the bulls won the first two in boston, celtics trying to get even. jimmy butler of the bulls, the celtics stood ground in the windy city. a big game for thomas, 33 points. celtics even the series. cavaliers complete a sweep of the pacers. steve kerr will not coach the team against the trailblazers, symptoms relate today back surgeries, intense nash -- nausea, don't let anybody get in there.
7:26 am
words of steve kerr. looking to sell a noncontrolling interest in the brooklyn nets as well as their home arena. said to be a 49% interest in the team as well as berkeley center in brookn ne york. rbes valued the nets at $1.8 billion. dagen: why, why does he want to sell it? jared: he's been looking to sell for a couple of years. seems like a flavor of the day deal. the russians are coming in and buying the team, move the team to brooklyn and pretty much -- dagen: the stadium is amazing, though. jared: the stadium is amazing, concerts, the whole deal. dagen: outstanding. i want to ask you about this. talk about having a chip on your shoulder, anthony brown showing a tattoo of a potato chip and the caption been playing with a chip on my shoulder all of my life. wait, can we see it. it's a chip. potato chip.
7:27 am
it has his number underneath it, 189. 189th overall pick. jared: that's the whole point. dagen: it was captured by bleach. you have a better sense of humor than that. jared: inspiration to him, he was a sixth round pick, 189th overall. he wants it to be a regular reminder, i have a chip of my shoulder, look at what i did last year as a stater and here i go. cheryl: the whole team is rookies. we can still bfriends. that whole team, everything that that happened last year with the cowboys was because it was all the players that weren't supposed to be there. dagen: i'm going to troll our stage manager on live television because you know what, that's a
7:28 am
bad tattoo but nothing is as bad as nat's tattoo. it's not even blue. i will take a photo of it and put it on twitter and instagram on my account, how about that? [laughter] cheryl: i'm not coming in. dagen: they didn't race at bristol. they got rained out. they don't ride in the rain in nascar. jared: you make fun of baseball players. dagen: it's because of the tires, you can't drive in the rain on a track like that. jared max, sports reports on fox news, 24/, siriusxm 115. the justice department's plan to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities an celebrating differences, how the vermont teddy bear is embracing our nation's heros.
7:29 am
and do not forget this, the fox news channel all new prime time kickoff tonight tucker carlson, 8:00 p.m., the five moves to 9:00. you do not want to miss it. more ahead if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, and you're taking warfarin, you have the choice of a different kind of blood thinner. pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart, forming a clot which can cause a stroke in the brain. in a clinical study, pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk.
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7:31 am
.. welcome back. it's monday april 24. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. the board while taking center
7:32 am
stage yet again president trump pushing the border wall funding is the budget deadline looms. the president saint mexico will pay for the proposed project no matter how long it takes. the ball comes as the debate over sanctuary cities heats up. it is nothing reckless or extreme about saying if someone comes to our country unlawfully and commits a crime another crime in the country that they should be deported. the latest on that debate ahead. our needs again in focus again. the earnings-per-share and revenue topping expectations. shares up more than 1% in premarket trading. the global market rally. they are pricing in victory. why would he when there and
7:33 am
help the markets here at home. he wants w wants fors to sit in the european union. he also wants to cut corporate taxes. up afford half% gain. the index up 3%. the euro hitting a five month high against the dollar. of the other three in japan the labeling mistake that's causing them to recall 400 pounds of soup. as is a change from mcdonald's. the fashion faux pas one astronaut goes to infinity and
7:34 am
beyond. an upcoming call with the president. honoring our heroes. the vermont teddy bear company is embracing physical differences. back to an illegal immigration and funding for those cities that harbor illegal immigrants. the justice department is ripping up efforts to combat illegal immigration by threatening to cut federal funding to something tri-cities. has been out of compliance. attorney general jeff sessions addressed the measures yesterday. it is nothing reckless or extreme about saying if someone comes to come to our country unlawfully and commits a crime another crime and the cotry th they should be deported. that's what the law says. you shall be deported.
7:35 am
it also said it stayed in local governments cannot bar their officers from sharing information from the federal government. great to see you. talk about the legality of cutting this funding. it is clear under the supreme court ruling that they cannot force, states and local police to work for them. you can't say you will enforce federal law at your ex beds. they can't take over the state police of new jersey or the nypd for a limited. of time but the feds can give the locals money and in return for those monies attack strings. and they can be almost
7:36 am
anything the recipient of the donor want to put in there. one of the strings is you will tell us where illegals are and you hold them you will detain them in your facilities until ice can show up. none of those conditions that presently -- presently exists. they were not made as part of the recipient of the funds. they're not asking here for the 48 hours of detention they're simply saying there simply saying you can't impede local officials. they're not talking about detaining. they're just talking about information. if a person is arrested for a crime. a crime that attorney general
7:37 am
sessions is talking about is almost always not a federal crime is a local crime. a person is arrested they look the person up and they realize this person is not here legally. then i have an obligation to call the feds. they have an obligation to keep them until the feds arrive. if the feds do find out that something was aested do they have the obligation to detain that person. donald trump well eventually get his way. by the next budgetary year where those monies are given and the strings will be part of them. the cities of new york can simply not afford could not for to say no and the federal government. these have a very important thing. the police department of the
7:38 am
city of new york requires that federal dollars to fill in budget gaps. that's can gonna raise local taxes. if you fight excepting those federal dollars. i think that's probably what general sessions was talking about. ultimately there will be harm in the cities that do not cooperate with the feds when they tried to arrest those here unlawfully who have committed a crime and seek to deport them.
7:39 am
it's okay if you as a mayor not work with federal immigrations. let's talk and move on to the border wall. eventually but at a later date so we can get started early mexico will be paid in some form for the badly needed border wall. the president has been pretty straightforward and now it through the desire and the need for a border wall. i expect he will be insistent on the funding. the barrier is going to be
7:40 am
essential and well save us billions of dollars. were going to get it paid for one way or the other. >> judge do you think the legislation goes through before that. >> were at an impasse. the borrowing limit ends on friday and the government needs to borrow more money to stay in existence or at least to perform its nonessential functions so they have to have an agreement. that agreement will include inch infrastructure. their sin over our dead body. but we don't want to be responsible for shutting down the government. i don't know how this compromise ends. even if the money is there that was second we started tomorrow there are thousands and thousands of people -- pieces of real estate that need to be required here. if they don't want the feds to
7:41 am
take it it's there. there is resistance in texas. a lot of the counties in the house members andhose mayors are all against the wall. i'm curious what's happening down there. we are not hearing from them has the actual owners that are literally on the border they're not seen the mother and children that were seen on the news. they are seen the drug dealers the cartels coming through. it's not people living on the border. are they willing to voluntarily to sell it to the federal government are they cannot force the feds to take it. >> i think it depends on who they are. they need protection.
7:42 am
right now they're being overrun on their personal ranges. it's a great description from living there at second happen overnight. he may have a victory in that it will be in the legislation. again, it comes back to be there. you end up with over a thousand jury trials. i think that's why this is happening. they testify about that. accountants and actuaries.
7:43 am
i made you laugh. again, why do you watch mia bartiromo. judge, great to see. an american astronaut that setting a record out of this world. a big map of trolls. welcome to the online world of hate. nobody likes anything. straight ahead. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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7:46 am
dagan: and a report finding cases of anti-semitism increased last year. cheryl has the details on that. this is disturbing.
7:47 am
according to the anti- defamation league there was more than 1200 cases of anti- semitism. 34 percent from the prior year. and the first three months of this year with more than 540 incidents. they were made against jewish community centers and schools. thirty-four cases last year were linked to the presidential election. in other headlines this morning it turns out that some cans of campbell soup were not exactly what they thought they were. you see behind me they were actually getting italian style spinach and meatballs in chicken broth. a completely different suit. about 4,000 pounds of chicken soup to be exact. it has milk by the way. which is a known allergen. this is now a class one recall
7:48 am
from the government. nasa astronaut has a set a space at record today. she will get a very high level call to mark the celebration. the most cumulative days in space. his daughter banca from the oval office. she's been in the space station since november 19 of 2016. it will be streamed on their website. all about going down 10:00 a.m. eastern time. mcdonald's unveiling some new uniforms. they tapped fashion designer. the first time that mcdonald's is teaming up with that notable designer.
7:49 am
they are slamming it. they don't like it. one twitter user said the uniforms look like something out of a 1970s dystopia. that was just one comment. i will hold the west. nobody ever has anything nice to say on twitter. you have mayonnaise stains on your dirty t-shirt. thank you. and kudos to all those people who work there. you to deal with angry folks who are not only critical of your job or formants in your food but also what you're wearing.
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they live with limb loss. except in your body after undergoing imputation could be very difficult in dramatic. tortoiseshell is a ceo and president bill the fourth. how did this come about. thank you for hang me on. it was really quite remarkable to be honest with you. we come from the great state of vermont which is known for its innovation. and it's a big part of that history. we also had great response. and we started to think about and we said we've we gotta do this really well. we worked on building the prototypes. there are several of these limb loss bears. it is here.
7:55 am
and sitting in front of as a military bear. i love the fact that you can customize these bears. i have a question about this also. why is that military bear more expensive. >> in all seriousness it cost more to make is a full uniform in the crutches and as a result of that we have a charge more for it. can you order these bears and have them sent as a gift somewhere. can they be sent overseas as well? with great customer service and we can make these up and in the outfit that you want. i do give the soccer bear there.
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is all about teaching acceptance. every time my daughter gets it. i have to go into my woodshop. and i have to remove the limb. in those and those stories are being told over and over again. which is part of the fact that we've taken on a pretty sensitive subject. we give a bear and we give love. dagan: thank you so much. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, april 4, your top stories 8:00 a.m. he eastern time, crunch time for the white house. the administration, ramping up efforts on health care, tax reform, the budget the president 100th at a in office st approaches. >> if we can have an agreement by the end of the day today keeping the government open get done this week, if house at least, can -- get -- on health care they can do that as well. >> i would like to have a o vote this week i think the leadership knows that we would like to have a vote this week. >> we take a closer look, straight ahead. the second round in french
8:01 am
election is set, marine le pen goes head-to-head with emanuel macron riot police used tear gas the latest from france, also the market reaction. the french election sparking a global market rally yep that is right macron we like to see green -- >> -- no -- how you say it markets pricing in victory for macron centrist candidate what is in favor of rolling back regulations -- corporate tax cuts sound familiar futures 210 point gain near highs of the morning nasdaq set to open at a record high, as well. in europe strong begins a across the board, the cac quarante france up 4 1/2%, dax in germany gained 3% today. again, macron leads, he
8:02 am
believes keeping france in the eurozone in the european union status quo, markets like that. change? maybe not. in asia overnight, markets were mixed shanghai composite the one market that was lower. and with the risk on trade this morning we are seeing a sell-off in gold gold down 1 1/2% pap hallibuon a wine on wall streeteporting fst year-over-year revenue increases 2014, results above analysts' expectations. a dairy dispute wisconsin farmers fighting a trade wall from canada we take you to america's heart landed dairy country, this hour from the farm to your feet, how reebok is looking to take a step up against the competition, with us new sneaker, all that so much more coming up next hour "mornings with maria", fox cheryl casone is here,
8:03 am
business and economics with king college, chris kyle is here -- >> i love the bear from v. a teddy bear. >> they are strong capable of amazing things cool to have that normalized with the bear. dagen: this morning siruhan. >> don't miss that, a showdown we are going to talk about quickly, after a two week recess, senate will reconvene house of representatives back tomorrow, leaving for you days to get legislation passed before federal funding expires friday, congress back this week president trump gop are racing to overhaul health care, and then tax reform is going to get -- a blueprint on wednesday, budget director mulvaney congressman weighed
8:04 am
in on the timeline yesterday. >> we don't think there is structural reason that house will say it cannot do both in a week if we have agreement by end of the day today keeping government open can get done this week, if the house at least, can get folks -- to vote on health ce can do that as well. >> trying to make the numbers work, on something that is not just a tax cut or adjustment pushing numbers something almost revolutionary how do you maximize economic growth make fair and simple toward the individual taxpayer. >> what do you think this week looks like? >> well, anybody one, they've got to avert government shutdown if republicans cannot do that they lose i think lose any scenario a government shutdown that is number one, i am looking to congressman talk about revolutionary tax cuts changing system i think most say let's just get a tax cut
8:05 am
get one thing done, and then we can talk revolutionary changes if republicans can't do that they will bear the brunt of the criticism, and they will be viewed as party that cannot govern. >> we kind of have idea donald trump campaigned on, now president trump we know going to be a corporate tax cut, maybe 20% may be 25% see where they land we know they want to make tax cuts available for smaller businesses, economic growth 101, this isn't rocket science, tax reform can be easy, but politicized unfortunately. dagen: . >> i am going to jump in government shutdown, i disagree because it is a bug bullying from dramatics come back get back pay sit home it is not really a real threat. >> has been my predictions all along that a border-adjustment tax is not in plan pushed will not fly.
8:06 am
>> you i think health care reform fight bad moneying republicans you heard what blackburn was her constituents do not want that, she says that is why they've got to do health care he reform first we have heard that from the president as well, but newt gingrich last week said on outnumbered don't tie hecht reform to tax cuts he said or he tax reform he said reform health care to make health care better don't link it to -- reforming tax -- >> this is politics, that is the problem, this is washington, and they are going to muck it up somehow. >> something to talk about coming weeks, the fight against about domestic i terrorism secretary of homeland security john kelly s smoke about most common threat facing the united stes. >> obviously the homegrown terrorists i don't know how to stop that i don't know how to detect that if you see something say something when a parenta sibling e-mom.
8:07 am
>> joining me former cia director james woolsey your thoughts on what the secretary of homeland security was saying but i will bring in what has happened just recently over in europe. where you have the suspect in the terror attack on champs-elysées had been in prison interviewed by authorities earlier this year, the berlin terror attack, he was that was man who was under surveillance here at home we have struggled with same thing look at orlando. >> it doesn't do the job a necessary step but this is not something that is going to be solved, in that way. >> what will solve it? >> well there will not be a single solution people will have to start to get very worried before willing to take some of the steps that are going to be necessary to list
8:08 am
only one thing. probably 40, 50 maybe 60 institutions around the world terrorist groups radical states so forth scud missiles scuds simple can get something into orbit, quite simply, and easily, terrorist group yemen shoots scuds -- if you can put something in orbit you can put a nuclear weapon in orbit if you have one, now that might be iran, very short period of time might be somebody pakistan sells nuclear weapons to, it might be north korea, when has nuclear weapons put one in orbit you can detonate it at any of the number of times, like say when it crosses the united states, and middle of the country. you detonate when in orbit up 40, 50, 60 miles. you can about being no out
8:09 am
electric grid we depended on about electric grid for practicable everything 16 or so critical infrastructure food, water, communications transportation, all depend on electricity so if electric grid goes down not just hours today the way it does in a thunderstorm, but months, weeks to mths, arek in a very primiti 19th century existence terrorist groups close to being able to pull off. >> not knowing what to do with homegrown terrorists even if you prevent people from coming into the country to radicalize people here you can't stop the information the propaganda youtube, is there really a way to deal with this from immigration perspective, speaker -- a solution here? >> you can pay a lot of attention to it new york
8:10 am
police department i think, back under kelly, and rudy giuliani several years ago aggressive but very effective job of so-called broken window syndrome don't even allow broken windows introduce you criticism for that but very effective step to getting control of crime. in new york. you can do things like that, with respect to terrorist, and if not terrorists, people who come into united states, committed a crime some time in the past, if you are quite vigorous you will probably pick some people up that were about to do something. for sure, no. would it be more intrusive than what we're doing now? yes. but those keep us of things can have a rather substantial impact on whether a terrorist can pull off something like san bernardino. dagen: i want to shift gears reports regarding clinton
8:11 am
e-mail probe caused big rift between comey and former attorney general loretta lynch "new york times" reporting comey did not trust speculated she would downplay probe provide political cover to clinton, he used is go it alone strategy your thoughts on this report and the fact that comey is still running fbi does that hurt his clout? >> two minds about mr. comey, one is extraordinary able man very fine reputation, and successful career the other is that he took the fbi several times here off into somewhat unchartered territory a federal bureau of investigation not federal bureau of inare forming the public almost all what they do has to be secret or would be the work you can't run investigation most of the time when where you are out there saying now let me tell you
8:12 am
what progress i have made last week. and so i'm -- two minds about him because he was -- taking things public that it was really extraordinary for fbi director to be taking public but reputation is sterling, and one of those choices in public life stipends -- >> has done a good job in your opinion? >> he has done a good job i think, on the traditional bureau interests and activities. i think one could legitimately say starting last fall going public too much. but on the other hand, he is sitting in that chair i am not. ive -- tried lawsuits but sometimes in criminal areas but i have not been an fbi director. >> he does like like the microphone come by soon political outsiders heading into round two of french he elect thun marine will hemen emanuel macron face off, a
8:13 am
prediction of a macron win what a le pen upset could mean for the market -- planning to make earth friendly biodegradable shoes out of corn. ♪ ♪ i am totally blind. and for years i've struggled with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can turn my sleep cycles upside down. it kept me from doing the things i truly love to do. sometimes i'd show up early; sometimes i was too late. and sometimes, even though i was there... i didn't really feel..."there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more.
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dagen: defense secretary mattis taking unannounced visit, to afghanistan, today cheryl casone has details. cheryl: dagen good moing, the visit by matter toys kabul days after attack on northern army base left more than 100 afghan soldiers dead or wounded taliban claimed responsibility mattis meeting with government officials including the afghan -- afghan army chief of staff resigned hours before mattis arrived, before coming to afghanistan mattis had meetings saudi arabia egypt, israel adequate djibouti. >> new publications from north korea as a third american is detained thereswedish embassy official confirming he was
8:17 am
prevented from leaving pyongyang airport on saturday in 50s taught you a counting at pong popping university science and technology we don't know why kim is being held but did he tension at time of heightened tensions between united states, and north korea. senator james lankford member of senate intelligence committee weighing in on fox news sunday. >> north korea for no reason holding another american as some sort of bargaining chip show what international player they are. >> talking about need for a new policy on how to deal with the americans being held by north korea. president trump has made separate calls to the leaders of japan and hina. to discuss concerns about north korea. well earnings season rolling on guys investors like the latest quartering results from hasbro a preview earlier second largest are u.s. toy maker better-than-expected
8:18 am
earnings per share helped by demand for digital gaming stock more than 4%, in the premarket actually on -- almost 6% 101.50 halliburton up nearly 2% results from the extraordinary edging past expectations revenue posting first year-over-year quarterly spree of we have seen since late 2014. all right, that stock up more than 2 1/4 percent here we go, with this one, dagen i know you are going to love this reebok has unveiled an environmentally friendly sneaker targeting teens and young adults upper section name of organic cotton, it is sole from industrial corn corn adidas has sum interests concurrently most shoes made by oil based plastics petroleum products the thought kids want something more friendly to earth.
8:19 am
>> there you go. >> we will see. >> thank you. >> got to pay for them. >> french election sending stocks soaring, with markets predicts emmanuel macron will triumph over marine le pen investors seem to believe macron is stronger than le pen, more about status quo, former president obama ready to reenter limelight in time for the 100 day mark for president trump, but unusual timing of his first post presidency speech. next. ♪ ♪ .
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> breaking news, president trump tweeting the two fake news poles released yesterday abc, nbc, containing some very positive info totally wrong, in in the general election, watch. market around the world rallying this morning after the first round of voting in the french presidential race france's stock market hitting nine-year high after centrist emmanuel macron pulled in largest number of votes trailed by far right candidate marine le pen two heading for runoff two weeks joining us now, to weigh in, is barry ceo, good to see you, what are investors expecting on may 7th? >> well, dagen good morning good morning, everybody. very happy with results that came in, they were actually many of the pollsters talking about this match if you will on may 7.
8:24 am
if you look at polls again if you listen to french people, the expectation is really for macron winning by significantly margin 15 to 20% some say up to 3%. >> market reaction has been -- astonishing to some for lack of a better word. is it because regardless of who -- particularly if macron wins there is some very progrowth policies plus still status quo keeping france in the eu, and eurozone. >> absolutely, and look at the -- cac 40, 60% derived from companies in europe french bonds look at them 65% -- 60% are owned by foreign investors this is very important in terms of what will happen in france, as well as in your zone this was a defact -- referendum whether to stay in the eu or not racking positive
8:25 am
in macron progrowthadamant on tackle labor market ridge tees so there is some kind of hope, and, anticipation that economy is going to improve in france under macron leadership dagen: is its possible the polls are wrong the polls were wrong about the british exit from eu, wrong about president trump getting elected is it possible marine le pen has a much better chance of winning and what does that mean for markets. >> let me start with second question it would be terrible for the markets, if le pen won, at the core, that france is still pro european like europe a survey showed 34% french voters would like more power transferred to the eu from national government that
8:26 am
was highest in european union, polls can be wrong we have seen it we have seen it quite a lot this year, last year as well. but, again,, just because of this european outlook french people i don't think they got it wrong the margins can change, exogenous factors come in if we see tactics in two weeks margins will change we don't belief enough for le pen to win presidency. >> how much do you think a change in french economy if macron did win also what do you make portfolio changes ahead of this election next month? >> well, he is going to hit on labor market rigidity. >> french economy is ailing, 10% unemployment, youth unemployment far more than that, corporate tags high
8:27 am
indices are high unemployment measures are not it is very generous to be honest, sometimes pays off for people to not work in france, so he is going to tackle this, but going to be very difficult look remember, it was socialist government this governmental now 7% popularity that started doing this, french people as pro european as they are about protective when it comes to labor market. >> great to see you. thank you so much being here making sense of this a terrific we take it democrats in disarray senator bernie sanders says the party model is failing what analysts expect from t-mobile ahead of its i report. >> an 8:00 pm eastern time "the five" moves to 9:00 you don't want to miss it stay with us. the comfort in knowing where things are headed.
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dagen: welcome back, i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, april 24, your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern time president obama making his comeback the former commander in chief will deliver first post presidency speech today in chicago. can his return put president trump between barock and hard place?
8:31 am
>> a blobl market rally market pricing victory for emmanuel macron centrist does want to cut corporate taxes keep france in the eu and futures gains across the board 219-point gain on you do nasdaq to accept at record high in europe strong gains as well the cac quarante france up 4 1/2%, and euro hitting a 5 month high against the dollar. in asia overnight, markets a little bit mixed shapg seaning lower 1.4%, investors also keeping eye on earnings, hasbro beating wall street expectations results held by strong demand for transformers halliburton hitting the tape earnings per share revenue topping estimates gaining in both stocks hasbro halliburton, hasbro 5% big gain early on m&a top story medical device company beck
8:32 am
don dickerson to acquire bard for 4 million dollars, billion dollars i believe, bard shares up almost 20%, president trump star on hollywood walk of fame, defaced the disrespect message that was left, you will see that ahead, and things could be spotty between u.s. and canada over what president trump has called a very unfair nuke policy. >> i think the president and white house behind this looking at -- you can't just dump there is a shelf life, and there is a real danger that if we get to the drop dead point don't have resolutions they have to get out of farming that is unacceptable. >> major concerns facing our nation's dairy farmers ahead. top story this half hour former president barack obama delivering first's presidency speech in chicago the president will reportedly
8:33 am
discuss civic engagement community organizations, this coming days before president trump 100th day in office. joining me now is conservative columnist, great to see you as always president obama reemergeing as gop looks to reform obamare. he might not mention president trump by name but that will certainly be hanging over the speech what do you make of the timing? >> this is a presidential -- narcissistic leanings that we have seen, since moment he merged on public scene going to go and try and accomplish two things, one, he wants to paint president trump as unsuccessful first 100 days reality is when you hold up what president trump has done in job creation in terms of -- accomplished at this point a massively expensive similar lsu no comparison the other thing he wants to do is to try to continue to motive that base to o assure that they
8:34 am
will have victories in 2018 if they keep behaving balancedly i doubt. >> it how explicit do you think he is going to be about some of what you are saying that seems that message out there, seems as though sort dipping a toe in the water or part of bigger push active in speaking in days weeks months ahead? >> i don't think he can stand being out of the limelight for one moment. i don't believe that i think he will be out there as much as he can be out there, i think he will be propping up those around him for powerful positions because i also think he is very addicted to the power but missing major component he wants to make i want to as if this resist movement is similar to tea party it isn't similar to tea party that did usher in donald trump here is why tea party, was trying to fix its own party, these resist people who knows what protesting if anything just a partisan as anyone ever only want to kill
8:35 am
free speech no comparison between tea party and resistance he might try to make parallels. dagen: i know it is important for president obama to raise money for his foundation, that is setting up. but i think about president bush. bush 43rd president stayed off the national stage, who never weighed in on president obama's presidency the entire time he was in office. why can't he take a page from president bush? >> i don't know if it is just him just simply not having the dignity and self respect to do so or more to do dagen honestly with not respecting the american people, the way he should you have to give president a chance to thrive, in their elected position for him not to do that is not -- it doesn't result in him not expecting this president it results in him not respecting the will of the american people.
8:36 am
and i think that is sort of how he governed i sort of think that is how he will probably go down in history. >> i sort of look back at object's presidency i think of the things that he has said traditional has always said that they need to educate the people they need to tell the people kind of his narrative that they need to get out right now saying, organize the public, about his ideas. but i find interesting about that we are a democracy supposed to be representative of what the people want, it is supposed to be the people, sending the message up it seems like he historically says no, no, no no i have the answers i need to push message down so that you understand why my message is right do you feel that is kind of more of the same for him he just don't you want to give up because they have convinced people their plan is correct. >> great point i think so true this is about with would
8:37 am
embossings of his party up and wn every issue people believe both signs in our party,nd we tolerate that well, people like president obama tolerate zero you must believe exactly what they believe, from economic perspective,from absorb issues perspective no dissent tolerated until they catch on to that keep losing exactly the way in 2016 working for republicans but not working so well for them. >> talk about that former presidential candidate bernie sanders says his party jeopardy. >> what is clear to anyone looks at democratic party today the model is failing, clearly the democratic party has got to change in my view what it has got to become is a grassroots party, a party which makes decisions from the bottom on up the party more dependent on small donations
8:38 am
than large donations, when we do that you are going to see voter turnout as well, you are going to see people coming in running for office, you are going to see democrats regain control of the united states congress. >> this coming as vermont senator bernie sanders joined dnc chair to many perez on unity tour across country to invigorate democratically voters having bernie sanders more in touch with grassroots than tom ees part of the obama administration, is the democratic party in can it fix its identity crisis? >> well, i don't know when the person that they paraded out there dagen as face of the party won't even call himself a democrat! let's not for got that rebukeing the party saying that it is a top-down elitist party it is, it has become party of division, the party of ntolerance the party of antifree speech -- soak that
8:39 am
in ask how in the world they expect to sell this to american people who have demonstrated again and again they love freedom they love free markets, i just don't think this al about a -- albatross is going to fail bernie is right it does need to be a bottom-up organization, but until somebody like bernie is willing to stand up to establishment dagen say you know you tweeted me out of a primary, until he is willing to stand up i don't think you can say expect grassroots to have much power to do much. >> your take on president trump's star on walk of fame, vandalized again this time expletive with magic marker, down on hollywood boulevard a photoo of you we're showing there, again -- your reaction to this? >> -- they parade around, go
8:40 am
around, defacing land marks they want respect? they want votes in ballot woks there is a fraerm or businessperson, sitting out there, somewhere in middle america thinking that is not party i identify with, these radicals have at an over democratic party not going to be able to -- to sell this, to the hetland anywhere except ast real not going to treni will say this i have visited the trump star a couple times, done broadcasting from there tremendously popular people from all over world stopping to see president trump per sonphize everything old world wants to believe american, donald trump can do what he did in hollywood do what he did in business he can become president and change the complex of our international revolutions that is a lot to accomplish first 100 days. >> listening to you talk about
8:41 am
bernie sanders i couldn't -- is bernie sanders the right person to be talking for democrats can't they find any other person maybe elizabeth warren anybody else that didn't divide democratic party that is what he did part of the reason so much anger he is part of the reason hillary clinton lost in my opinion. >> yeah, they are hurting you are absolutely right about that, but here is the problem, they would be the tolerate any dissident like it within washington, d.c., this is the same problem i believe i don't believe problem only happens to democrats, we have seen this on the republican side of the aisle, but difference is the rank-and-file republicans will not tolerate that level of elitism when rank-and-file republicans saw that the elite were controlling everything in washington, d.c., they said no more, they rallied around the country it it wasn't fnded by
8:42 am
george soros, it was real legitimate that is why that movement ultimately brought about the change it did that we see manifesting thank you for being here. >> great to be with you all. >> see you soon the titans of technology classroom premarket apple facebook microsoft all expected to open at new highlies stuart varney willaway in, a dispute over dairy between united states and canada, it could turn into an all-out trade war, about our neighbor blocking o milk imports from wisconsin. ♪ ♪ think again. w york. we are building new airports all across the state.ork.
8:43 am
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and stop them in their tracks. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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. . dagen: welcome back, 45
8:46 am
minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, look at markets go. mernler monday for two medical supply companies becton-dickinson to acquire bard 24 million dollars valuing 317 dollars a share, deal on the heels of consolidation to increase product offerings gain market share cr bard up on this 19% -- in premarket action. t-mobile to report first-quarter results after bell investors watching wireless carrier growing as it tries lure examine consumers from verizon and at&t analysts estimate that earnings of 35 cents a share is what the company will report, revenue 9.6 billion dollars. the results of the french election driving markets up around the world, the nasdaq set to open at a record high. 215 point gain, on the dow
8:47 am
futures, record nasdaq with that apple facebook microsoft all set to open at new highs. here to weigh in stuart varney. >> amazing, is just three companies that youust picked on there, the three of what we call wt kayou will the fabulous five apple facebook microsoft just apple and microsoft together have over 300 billion dollars in cash. sitting on sidelines that cash from just two of those companies, those three on the screen taken together a market value about 1.6, 1.7 trillion dollars. they just keep going up. i can only explain it in the sense that american computer companies dominate the computerization of all other industries all around the world that is why these companies are worth so much and that is why i call them again, the fabulous five, that is why they keep going up, i
8:48 am
am astonished by it i i don't know about you -- >> great american companies. >> yep, absolutely, and this is nothing to do nothing like the dot com bubble of 1990's obviously, these five companies five american technology companies solid report profits a balance sheet, this is not 1999. this is 2017. and america absolutely dominates the computer business. period! they do. it is great. dagen: you know what does smell like 99 a little bit tesla ey make things. >> but you know, that stock up 55%, since the election. that is a real surprise to me. tesla exists on the base of tax credits i we haven't have thought trump administration would be that keen extending tax credits to green companies but lo and behold, that stock
8:49 am
up 55% i am not going to argue with 309 dollars a share. >> fancy car. >> have you got one yet. >> no. >> are you going to get one. >> no. >> i love that expression on your face stuart varney 9:00 a.m. eastern monday through friday, stuart coming up 11 minutes mr. varney "varney & company" at 9:00, trade war over milk souring reepgs with canada president trump weighing in on growing dispute threatening to put american dairy farmers out of business. ♪ ♪ you always pay
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dagen: trade sensations over milk canada bold stance blocking milk imports from united states, could be putting american dairy farmers out of business, and president trump is vowing to fight back. jeff flock is in wisconsin with more on this story hey jeff. reporter: dagen -- thought president trump starting trade carr looks like canada may have fired first shot if six days if something doesn't happen on this farm and across the nation they will be forced to dump milk that is because, canada has undercut prices of certain kinds of milk in our country impossible for u.s. producers to sell it no place to go with milk, president trump talked about this twice
8:54 am
in the last week, i am going to talk to tony the man who runs this farm in a moment first i want to let you hear what the president said, this past week. listen to the president. >> what has happened to you is very, very unfair. it is another typically one-sided deal against a united states not going to be happening for long. >> we have to get to negotiating table, with canada. very, very quickly. again, just to tell you, this is another disaster not going to let it continue on this. -- >> what can president do tony the next week to help you?. >> uh -- >> i don't know about the uncertainty of help in six days from the federal government i am hoping that he can -- he can interact in something the pressure, to find a home for us. >> that is big deal you have you and other farmers have no other place to go with your
8:55 am
milk you will be dumping this in the field if nothing happens. >> that is correct, yes, we will be dumping it first dump it, and that is not getting paid for it. >> dagen look at numbers on this, dairy farmers in this country have it tough if you look at price for milk take a look at it price that you got for what they call 100 weight of milk in 200 , 19.13 on average, in 2017 it is less now. how do you even make it? >> we're living off equity that we've saved through progression a lot of that equity is gone a lot of us forced to alternative of going out of business we have nothing left to survive on. >> if you look at tony's numbers, dairy farmers don't like to share numbers with us, but you did. you got if feed costs alone feed may be dagen may be you see this this is feed, that has got corn soybeans all sort
8:56 am
of stuff cost 16 to 18,000 dollars, a month, and 40,000 total cost what is message you want to send to washington right now. >> we need immediate help, i don't believe that looking at canada to correct this problem at this time is going to be ther, we're looking. >> get it done fast. >> we have today and four other business days to find a home, and we need fast -- fast action. >> all -- all day long today, dagen on fox business network going to be telling this study trying to perhaps get some help for 40, or 50 family farms make up the dairy industry in america that are in serious hurt right zblu when we talk trade wars this is where it hits home you are on the ground reporting on this story. reporter: hits the road exactly. dagen: i can't wait to see what you have coming up jeff flock in wisconsin for us final thoughts from our all-star panel. #
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
we have breaking news. you're looking at a podium in afghanistan and james mattis is set to speak there, making a surprise trip as he wraps up a six-country tour of the middle east. secretary mattis set to speak with afghanistan's president as well. quick final thoughts to our all-star panel. teya to you, the widow of chr chris. >> and i think that terrorism
9:00 am
is out of control, but i think we were talking with the cia director we get complacent until we get hit and this may bring it to the forefront. >> thank you. >> next time, brian, you get it and cheryl as well. and now it's mr. varney, "varney & company," go. stuart: i'll take it, dagen, give me a shock there. the macron will win in france and there are reasons your money is doing well. the dow will open with a big gain, 200 points, probably. this monday morning, as you can the trump rally appears to be back on track. >> macron 23%, le pen 21%.


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