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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  April 24, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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peter, i think it is about the french election. >> paris in the spring. a lot of people are very excited what it means for france. a lot of peoplwatching on wednesday. my opinion on tax it may be smaller, you gotta believe. stuart: we'll take that. thank you very much, peter. connell mcshane it is yours. >> we do have breaking news on "cavuto: coast to coast." good to be with you in for neil. the stocks are rallying on optimism that the centrist candidate in france, emanuel macron will be the next president of the france. he is headed for a runoff against marine le pen on 7th of may. investors love the idea how it is playing out.
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you wonder people getting out ahead of themselves, and maybe the outcome on the 7th of may is not the out come that happens. that said, we're up almost 1% today. we have gary kaltbaum for insight. good to see you, gary k. what do you think happens in france and what does it mean for us? >> i think the market was concerned about le pen having a good chance of winning. it doesn't look that way at this point in time. you have to realize she wants out of the eu if france goes out on top of uk, things could tumble down and all heck breaks loose. there is a 20-point lead. i know trump was supposeddedly down six still won. defend is a lot. i suspect she will lose and go to the guy they call a centrist. i'm not so sure he is a centrist. connell: center-left. he t wantso stay with the e.u. which is the bottom line. i will use your term all heck breaks loose what you mean by
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that? we heard something along those lines before. whether it would be "brexit" is and donald trump elected president of the united states. is it different this time in france or? >> well, look, there is a word called uncertainty. if france ends up leaves, uncertainty starts bubbling to the top on who's next. you hear the next country and the next country and the incomes country. if that happens, financial system there, who knows what happens. markets start acting first and doing talking later and that's what you have got to worry about. that is what you've seen in the markets today, a big sigh of relief. we'll see if it lasts i'm not so sure. connell: we'll see if it lasts throughout the week. we were wrapping up statement, the white house pushing quote, unquote, bold agenda. by the end of the week in the united states, we'll know whether or not for example, the government gets shut down. if there is another push for
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health care.ortantly for the market what is going on with taxes and maybe what this wednesday announcement will have in store for us from the president. take out today's announcement with france what do you make of the market with everything is happening in domestic politics? >> i think tax reform will be very important. what has me a little bit worried mnuchin is out saying nothing until august, and then friday donald trump comes out wednesday. i'm worried cobbling it together quickly. they were worried about the markets, as long as they come with something specific, i think markets will be okay. when it comes to government shutdown, that is another story. anything is possible with markets but let me add a couple things here on the good sign. you have had plunging oil prices. you have mortgage rates back under 4%, earnings not so bad. actually a you few things are pretty decent. i think we're okay. i don't think the markets lift off to start rolling. i think they're in good stead.
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i like financials held up pretty well and held support, started rallying. i hope that continues. financials are up and down since the election. connell: they're pushing us higher today, you're right about that, the financial stocks. thank you, gary kaltbaum starting us off on "cavuto: coast to coast." as we move on to the story of the day for the white house, we're waiting as the white house is pushing forward what i described a few minutes ago, a bold agenda ahead of the president's 100th day. this week is huge week. tax plan on wednesday. health care vote could happen. something could be thrown together this week on that, even though speaker ryan saying no, make sure the government is up and running to avoid the friday deadline. it all could come together is the point in one week. there is a lot of pushback from the other side, on the last item in the bullet points, the border wall, gets to be part of the conversation about friday's budget deadline.
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we have katie fritz from "the daily caller." the president has been meeting ambassadors, ambassadors from the u.n. security council nations. if we get video, we may show it to you, and we'll talk about it, katie what do you he think the headline will be, i don't know, this time next week or even as we get into saturday morning as we get through the items we spoke about? >> we know what the mainstream media is saying trump is a lame duck. he proved that by doing nothing in his first 100 days, which is false. they will make a hoopla. the white house correspondents dinner they will make fun because he is not there. you can guess a lot of mainstream headlines, get something done, avoid a government shutdown, that is huge. if they get obama repeal and replace that tuesday group and freedom caucus like and paul ryan can whip people into doing that is a huge news. i don't think first 100 days
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means a lot. he has four years. what is the first 100 good for, the mainstream media still attacking him? connell: in fairness, if anybody was pushing that 100 day narrative until the last, maybe 48 hours or so it was president trump himself, he would get more done than anything else, that kind of thing. to your point about the mainstream media pushing back he hasn't accomplished much, what would you point to as his big accomplishment? gorsuch? what else? >> there is gorsuch. even though they don't have the obamacare repeal weakened mandate. people will breathe a sigh of relief with tax day. with syria, with with the moab d afghanistan. he has been making russia nervous. hears been doing a lot in the first 100 days. connell: katie, thank you very much.
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katie frates from "the daily caller." check in with president trump. we're supposed to get a tape placed back to us, with members of the security council and their ambassadors. here it is. >> this is powerful group of people. it is really wonderful to have you with us. i have to say welcome to the white house. it's a privilege to have all the ambassadors and their spouses. they were going to leave out the spouses. i said you must bring your spouses. i heard there were a lot of very angry spouses this is the first time to the white house. great honor for those of you who brought your -- [inaudible]. as you know the united states holds the presidency of the security council this month. i'm glad we are continuing the tradition of hosting the council's ambassadors in our nation's capitol. it is a great honor believe me. i want to thank ambassador nikki haley for her outstanding leadership and acting as my
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personal envoy on the security council. she is doing a great job. does everybody like nicky? otherwise she could easily be replaced. we won't do that i promise, we won't do that. she is doing a fantastic job. everyone took pictures before, the friendship you developed all of you together, that is a fantastic thing. the mission of the united nations and u.n. security council is to maintain international peace and security. these are important aims and shared interests but was we look around the world it is clear there is much work for you to achieve. you're going to be very busy people i suspect over the coming months and years. our nation faces serious and growing threats and many of them stem from problems that have been unaddressed for far too long. in fact the united nations doesn't like taking on certain problems. i have a feeling the people in
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this room, and i know for a fact that nicky feels very, very strongly about taking on problems, that people steered away from. i encouraged the security council to come together to take action to counterall of these many threats. on syria, the council failed again this month to respond to syria's use of chemical weapons, a great disappointment. i was very disappointed by that. the status quo in north korea is also unacceptable. and the council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on north korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs. this is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. north korea is a big world problem. it is a problem we have to finally solve. people have put blindfolds on for decades, and now it is time to solve the problem. for the united nations to play an effective role solving these and other security challenges
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big reforms will be required. in addition we must also take a close look at the u.n. budget. costs have been absolutely gone out of control, but i will say this, if we do a great job, i care much less about the budget, you're talking about peanuts compared to the important work r doing, you really are. you're talking about the most important things ever. and i must say i'm a budget person. you see the way i'm talking about nato the same thing, but if you do a great job at the united nations i feel much differently about it because we're talking pennies compared to the kind of lives and money that you will be saving. the united states is one of 193 countries in the u.n., pays for 22% of the budget and almost 30% of the united newses peacekeepers which is unfair.
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we need member-states to come together to eliminate inefficiency and bloat, to insure no one nation shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden militarily or financially. this is only fair our taxpayers. i look forward to a productive discussion about our shared role in keeping the peace, advancing reforms, and getting everyone to do their fair share. i also want to say to you that i have long felt the united nations is an underperformer but has tremendous potential. there are those people that think it is an underperformer and never perform. i think, i think especially, i'm so happy with the job nikki is doing and our representatives, but nikki and the group, i see the relationship she has already developed, i think that the united nations has tremendous potential, tremendous potential, far greater than what i would say any other candidate in the last 30 years would have even thought to say.
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i don't think it is lived up, i know it hasn't lived up to the potential. i see a day where there is conflict, with the united nations you get together to solve the conflict. you just don't see the united nations solving conflicts. i think that will start happening now. i can see it. the united nations will get together and solve conflicts t won't be two countries. it will be the united nations meeting or arbitrating with those countries. i see fantastic potential and fantastic things ahead for the united nations. i have to say it's a tremendous honor to know you and meet you and nicky is giving me a little briefing on each and everyone of you, i will tell you, i'm a very blunt person, if she didn't like you she would tell you right now. she gets along with everybody and respects everybody in this room. i will end by saying unless you would rather not do it, we have an office in the white house, you may have heard of it, called the oval office. i thought we would go down as a
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group, take pictures in the oval office. i know you have ever seen it. nobody seems to get to see the oval office very much. so we'll show you the oval office. we'll go down and take pictures with the oval office and we'll have a good luncheon and the united nations and talk about peace. thank you very much for being here. it's a great honor. i'm glad you brought your spouses. [applause] connell: president trump with remarks moments ago in the white house, played for us, sitting next to his own ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, our ambassador to the united nations and a group of ambassadors from u.n. security council nations talking about among other things, north korea, we'll talk about in detail in a few minutes. stay tuned for that. now we get pack to the rally with the dow up 210 points. we talked earlier how the french elections, that certainly looks like it has something to do with it. we talked about the tax cuts and tax reform package the president
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is expected to unveil on wednesday. now we have that something to do with it. now here in the studio, charlie gasparino, he has told me there is a third factor you think something to do with it. >> markets trade off headlines. connell: yeah. >> they're very short-term oriented. you take it with a grain of salt in terms of your long term investment outlook. you have a net positive on, for the markets on le pen looking like she is not going to win it and a centrist investment banker, kind of quasi, a liberal -- globalist winning. markets like that. remember they traded off on "brexit." connell: pro-europe as gary was saying. >> they traded off on "brexit," but trading up on not another "brexit" happening. number two, trump will come out with the tax plan on wednesday. that is a net positive. the fact he is back on message with tax cuts which is something the markets were freaking out about since i would say recall march. look at the dow since early
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march, it has been marginally down. and then the third thing i think it is announced, but still a net positive for the market, that is mike pence playing a bigger role in affairs. one of the things that scares investors about the trump white house is lack of continuity. a management structure where everybody is equal, nobody is taking charge. looks like one guy to fill that void -- connell: wall street. >> even though conserve tea party. connell: just because i have a hard break because of trump, give me 30 seconds on pence? >> he has continuity. he is a guy that instills confidence. donald trump does not instill a lot of confidence in the markets. his tax plan does. the guy that tweets and personal things and goes crazy town -- connell: not kidding around. >> i'm not the president.
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that is different. connell: i know. talk to you in a little while, charlie. tired for cutting that short. we played back with the president's comments. we'll talk about the french election coming up. maybe instead of macron-le pen it is obama versus trump? what? that is ahead. don't go away. ways wins.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. connell: we're back with more coverage of this stock market rally thanks in large part we're told of election resultsver the weekend in france. the dow is up 211 points, the current president of france, francois hollande is urging voters to back the moderate candidate as described, emanuel macron, who is favored to be the next president of france, however, france has become, we've seen this in recent years, more of an open border country, stronger welfare state. it has the migrant crisis it and rest of europe is dealing with. no shortage of issues, some of that led to the rise of marine le pen, strength in the election and two will face each other in the runoff. katie hopkins from the "daily mail" online to talk about this race.
12:21 pm
katie, there is a bit of a delay when i speak, you hear me. i will be as polite as possible. ask you a question, give you a time to answer. most obvious questions to ask off the bat, how much of a chance to you give marine le pee france? >> i think her opportunity for winning is looking very small. i don't see it as highly likely she will get through, but there are some pundits out there saying if voter turnout amongst all of the rest is very low, her turnout is high, then there is a chance she could get through by about 50.25% of the vote. i think one of the important things to it remember here, is when you vote in the first round of the french elections, you vote for the person you love. in the second round, people typically vote for the people they fear the most. i think people would imagine they fear marine le pen. i think they have got it all wrong. if you think about it the person
12:22 pm
who you need to fear is macron. who you would hate to be stuck in elevator the most? macron, would bore you into a coma in two minutes. he is married effectively his mother. she is 24 years older than him. he had to make up his own political party because nobody wanted to play with him. he has no friends. he is ex-investment banker. the establishment love i am had i think he is the one we need to fear the most. i think if he wins he will be divisive and disappointing. i think we'll see a resurgent marine le pen in 2022. connell: follow up to that, that is an interesting answer. most of us have read about macron's personal life which became a big issue in the election, married a older woman who is apparently his teacher years ago. that being said, what else should people be afraid off? right now financial markets seem to love the idea he will be the next president? is there an economic reason people should fear macron being
12:23 pm
president? >> absolutely, the markets have rallied. you can tell markets feel a sense of relief they have a pro-business candidate, somebody who is pro-the eu, what we need to remember, look at all the voters turned out in the first round, over 50% of voters were anti-eu. they voted for two leaders looking to have a "frexit" or suggest leaving the eu 50% of the french voters out there are anti-the eu in terms of markets stablizing i think that risk is something they need to price in going forwards. i think we have to remember people don't particularly like being told what to do. the migrant problem is an issue. you had two terrorist attacks in the last week or some i think a few more terror attacks in paris, in france, we may see a different result. connell: katie hopkins, we'll leave it from "the daily mail" online columnist. doesn't sound like a big mack crone man to me.
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we'll cover the french election as we move along. almost 100 days into the trump presidency, we'll continue to cover that as well. the media is jumping over or jumping on approval numbers, they are quite low and they came out over the weaken and one thing many are missing. we'll tell you about it right after this.
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connell: breaking news. details to a sad story broke in the last few days. autopsy came out former happy days, erin moran, likely died of cancer. those results were just released. story we're covering 100 days in. president trump's overall approval rating is quite low, 42%. but 94% of his voters theyti approve. 7%, they approve -- 73% approve
12:29 pm
of his effort to keep u.s. jobs here. only 2% of people who voted for the president regret their vote. lee carter, pollster, joins us now on, fairly loyal base, right? what does it tell you that somebody has relatively low approval ratings overall but his base almost, exclusively has stuck with him? >> it's true and i think that the bottom line here is not much has changed since he was elected in november. he was a very polarizing candidate. nobody expected him to win. he had very, very low approval ratings going into the election and he is exactly where he was. the thing people are forgetting right now, his base is loyal, his base is there because they believe in him, willing to give him benefit of the doubt through negative press, through all kinds of things. what we're seeing they're staying loyal. the other foilings, some of the independents who voted for him anyway, even though they weren't
12:30 pm
exactly sure, are waiting to see what he is going to do on tax reform and health care. i don't think a whole lot has changed. there is news this is most negative, least favorable president ever in first 100 days. this is exactly what the man we elected. connell: he was unpopular on relative basis coming in, or at least polarized nation coming in which elecd him. i wonder what this allows the president to do, to have a base be as loyal as his basis? you mentioned taxes as an example. health care is another. does it give him more leeway or time that has a base that would stick with him no matter what? >> i think it gives him more time with his base. again his base is certain percentage of the population. he needs to get the things done in order to get the markets confident and people to his side that weren't there. connell: right. >> the thing i'm encouraged by these numbers, people are more comfortable with his temperment. people are comfortable with
12:31 pm
things i think were really huge problems in consumer confidence and other kinds of things like that. i think people are looking at him, saying he has tempered, he is acting more like a president than they expected him to. the biggest problem he is having he has not had any big wins up until this point. he had executive orders. yes he got gorsuch in. that is a very, very big win for him. people want to see other things that will really impact the daily lives, like tax reform and health care reform. connell: i wonder with this base of supporters who we're talking about been so loyal to the president because there have been a bunch of stories out there he is supposedly moving to the center and gary cohn has more power in the white house than jared kushner, you know the narrative, logically maybe that hurts him with some people supporting him that he is changing but that doesn't seem to be case. what would it take for them to leave? >> i don't think people voted for donald trump because he was
12:32 pm
far right or conservative. people voted for him because he would represent something different. that he would represent them. he would fight for them in a way that establishment hasn't. so i think they're going to be loyal as long as ty fe he is loyal to his ideals, principles, to the idea that he will fight the establishment. the other thing really important to notice, support for democrats has also gone down. connell: right. >> at the same time what we're seeing people are frustrated with the establishment with government in general. it is not just donald trump. i think people are saying, you know what? i have had it. i want stuff to get done. i want compromise. i voted for donald trump because i believe he will do something different. ii want to see that. i think his base stays loyal no matter what. as long as he doesn't sell himself out to become traditional establishment. connell: very good test of all that this week. lee, thank you very much for coming on. what we mean by that, you have the white house pushing almost 1 1/2 billion dollars in funding
12:33 pm
as part of a bill to avoid a government shutdown for the border wall. it is part of what is a very, very big weak in washington newswise. the democrats have been criticizing that. we want to bring in republican congressman out of texas joe barton to talk a little bit more about this week. good to see you, congressman. how important is the border wall funding? does that need to be in the agreement to get through on friday or should the president need to give on that in order to keep the government operating? >> i think the president should stand his ground. he campaigned on boarder security along the southern border. he is trying to deliver on his promise. the house and senate voted for this before back about 10 years ago. we voted to build almost 700 miles of border fencing that is now in place. so, i would say he is practicing what he preached in the campaign and we ought to back him up. connell: if we do get to friday,
12:34 pm
hypothetical, democrats are say you know what, mr. president, or speaker ryan, there will be not a dollar for funding the wall in this particular resolution, and we'll go all the way partially shut down the government. is it worth the political price for the president and republicans in congress, if we don't have a functioning government come saturday morning? >> i think we'll pass either a long-term spending bill or a, what is called a cr, a short term. we'll do one or the other, with -- connell: short-term is only a week, right? >> with republican senate and republican president, we'll not shut the government down. we'll find a way. connell: how do you find a way -- speaking of finding a way, the democrats could put something in there you guys can't stand, if you have want to keep it going, you have to put x, y, or z in there? they have that leverage at minority in their favor knowing you guys would pay the price for it? >> they have zero leverage right
12:35 pm
now, they are not for anything. they are against anything. i don't know why they ran for office if they are against everything. if they want to be for something, then perhaps the president and house and republican leadership would sit down and talk to them. but so far they have been no. connell: how do you think this week plays out then? do you think it's a short term resolution that we talked about a minute ago on the government? doss more get done wednesday? health care being spoken about again? >> well i believe that we will, in the next two to three weeks, maybe the next month, get a health care bill through the house. we don't have the specifics, in terms it of legislative language on a tax bill. so i'm not going to predict anything on that. on the funding the government, again, the republicans control the house, senate and the presidency. surely we can find a way to fund the government since we're in the majority in all three institutions. i think we'll get it done. connell: you would hope so. otherwise, like i said, you certainly get blamed for that,
12:36 pm
if you don't, but to your point there is really no reason not to. i guess we'll watch and wait all week long. on the health care thing, even on taxes so much is made about time tables. how important are they? or is it the bottom line getting it done? or the point some people say you don't make it by x, y, and z, by the end of the year it is tough to do so in a election year? >> we need to get it done. the president campaigned on it. the house republicans have been saying for seven years we wanted to repeal obamacare. it's a law that's failed. it had good intentions but just has not worked. we should change it. we're real close. there are probably 10 or 15 votes in the house undecided. lots of negotiations going on. i believe that we'll get it done. now when we'll get it done, obviously want to do it sooner rather than later.
12:37 pm
connell: 10, 15 short, you thin >> that's my guess. now i'm a part of the whip organization. i'm also part of the freedom caucus who is involved in the negotiations with the leadership in the white house and tuesday group. so we have good faith and, we're going to try to make it happen. connell: okay, congressman. thank you very much. joining us on a monday. we'll see how things look toward the end of the week. congressman joe barton. >> thank you. connell: we were talking about polls a few minutes ago. there is a new one out, that president trump would beat hillary clinton if the race were held again today. is mrs. clinton looking ahead and thinking, believe it or not, 2020? well, that's next.
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connell: seeing surge in the stock market. more than 200 points on the dow. the surge is in large part to the financials.
12:42 pm
goldman sachs leading market higher. jpmorgan up by three bucks and goldman up by 7.50, thereabouts. the chart shows they're up to 5978. that is an all-time high. whether french, taxes, combination of all those type of things, it is a very good day for stocks at least so far. hillary clinton making a surprise appearance at tribeca film festival had a lot of people talking. right now this appearance we're tracking in chicago with president obama, his first since leaving office, at university of chicago. involved in quote, unquote conversation. we'll be monitoring that throughout the program today. bringing newsworthy he had headlines. new poll shows 67% of the voters think the democratic party is out of touch with americans concerns. a big jump from 48% said same
12:43 pm
thing three years ago a new book hit the shelves, has a lot of people talked, "shattered" inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. one of the authors of that book joins usightow good to see you, amy >> good to see you. connell: the idea that the democrats are a party that people think is out of touch, is kind of interesting i think. you talk to so many people surrounding hillary clinton's campaign, do they feel that, do they feel like we had flawed candidate, we didn't execute or blaming other people for way things went? >> a lot of people were thinking they had a flawed candidate. of course secretary clinton was able to cap turn three million of the popular vote but also wasn't able to bring home a lot of bernie supporters. my coauthor and i talked to some of those people who felt like she never really spoke for them. they couldn't relate to her. some of them voted for her reluctantly but didn't really support her wholeheartedly.
12:44 pm
so i think we're seeing a lot of that in this recent poll. connell: so that poll about couldn't relate, i just started reading the book. so i don't think i'm far enough in to know the conclusions being made. there is one thing in introduction of your book, you talked about the title which is "shattered," people who don't like hillary clinton may come away with some sense of sympathy. they may figure she is sympathetic figure but people who like her may feel shattered the title of book. why do people come away from reading this book and her campaign feel sympathetic? >> on human level, you see her especially the night of, here was a moment she thought would could the other way, as her and i had to make a call to come terms with it. on a human level people can relate to the feeling she had to basically say what she never thought she would say. congratulations donald.
12:45 pm
connell: right. >> in the final, you know, final scene in our book, so i think you need to, you node to read between the lines a little bit. i think everyone, this book has something for everyone. that is why it is making waves like it has. connell: oh, it certainly is making waves. some is the famous phone call you mentioned, some of the comments say about the former vice president, joe biden which are interesting. we put a poll up before that if there was a hypothetical rematch between donald trump and hillary clinton, that mr. trump would win again. there it is again, 43-40. i don't know what that tells you, maybe one thing, if somebody else ran instead of her they might have had a better chance. did you find that would be true in your reporting whether biden or anyone else? >> there were a lot of bernie sanders supporters, one this morning i got email saying i still think we could have won had it been bernie sanders and donald trump this person pointed to what is going on in france actually. said these two outside
12:46 pm
candidates are the leading contenders. that would have been really interesting had it played out her a sanders-trump race. a lot of people are still feeling that way. particularly as they look around see other elections in other countries. connell: that is interesting. i don't think as much about bernie sanders even though he was her main opponent in this as i do about vice president biden. >> here was a guy who really as we detail in the book was put off by the fact he had to deal with the tragic death of his son and make a decision, felt he was boxed in and cornered at the very end by the clinton folks. he wasn't given breathing room he needed to make a decision on his own time. he felt the clock ticking. connell: by the clinton campaign folks putting pressure on him. >> exactly. connell: he regrets it doesn't he, big time? >> i think he does. there are rumblings considering whether or not to run in 2020. he had to down play it.
12:47 pm
this is always on his mind or back of his mind. connell: do you think he might do that? he might actually do that? they're both into their 70s. do you think hillary clinton or joe biden would run for president? >> i don't think secretary clinton would run. she basically says. this is my last race. this is up to someone else to make the case going forward. i wonder about vice president biden, former vice president biden whether or not he will run. connell: real quick, because we have to go. former president speaking out in chicago. what is their relationship like? >> the relationship between? connell: yeah. >> i think they really respect one another. they continue to talk. i think there was some sense, you know, as we report in the book, president obama and his team were kind of pushing her to, it the race very quickly and concede very smoothly that night. there was a little bit of tension there. relationship.hing a strong connell: okay. i won't say good luck with the book. it is doing great.
12:48 pm
you don't need that. good for coming on. thank you, aimee. >> thank you, connell. connell: the doomed campaign of hillary clinton as the book tells that story it. she wrote the along with jonathan allen. north korea, she said it could attack the uss carl vinson. so what do we do? is there any reaction to that type of statement? we'll be back in just a moment.
12:49 pm
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>> council must be prepared to impose additional, stronger sanctions on north korean nuclear, ballistic missile programs. this is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about the or not. north korea is a big world problem. connell: president trump and some remarks at white house we played back to you earlier this hour, saying yes, new sanctions against north korea may be a way to go as that country has been threatening, among other things, to sink the uss carl vinson strike group. detain ad third american over there, a college professor. so with all of that going on, these new comment in from the president, we bring in former national security advisor to vice president cheney john hannah. what do you think, is that the proper response, mr. hannah, more sanctions? >> well, certainly more sanctions could help.
12:53 pm
we've got some in reserve that could be very, very painful to the north croon -- north korean economy, if we got chinese cooperation we could push the regime to collapse. that is the one thing the young dictator in north korea really cares about. the key is the chinese. less the u.n., but getting the guys in beijing to really finally crack down. connell: the president made a big deal about his relationship on a personal level with the chinese president, xi xinping. he says they're working well together. they spoke again on the phone yesterday our time, on monday chinese time. >> yeah. connell: do you reallyhink they are cooperating or is this public talk for now? >> listen, i understand why people are completely cynical about the chinese. u.s. presidents have been trying more than two decades to get them to step up and take responsibility for this north korean problem, they haven't done it. but i think hope springs eternal.
12:54 pm
the fact is that, what the president has done in demonstrating he is now prepared to go to the brink, to go to the brink of war with north korea. i think we have reached an inflection point. i think it is certainly out these chinese string, what they're now prepared to do, in response to this combination of u.s. threats and u.s. inducement, to help the chinese on our trade relations if they finally do what's necessary. connell: what has been held out a the per trade deal for the chinese if they do cooperate. what does cooperation look like? what do we specifically want them to do? >> listen, there are still chinese banks that are servicing the north korean economy and north korean companies. those banks need to stop the activity immediately. we need to cut north korea entirely from the global financial system. then there is obviously also the question of energy. chinese have stopped taking north korean coal which accounts
12:55 pm
for up to 40% of the north's revenue. now the chinese have to stop exporting oil to north korea or at least hold out that as a real possible threat because north korea is entirely dependent on chinese oil for powering their economy. connell: if they do that real quick, before we go what does north korea do in response? one thing in response, kim jong-un is not giving up nuclear weapons for anything? he saw happened to gadhafi in libya. >> gadhafi finally gave up his nukes when he was under threat, his economy was under threat of crumbling. connell: we know how he ended up. we know how he ended up. so does mr. kim. >> this is high-stakes game of chicken. that north korean regime will do nothing unless it is in favor of real collapse and regime change. connell: we'll keep watching. real good insight, john hannah with us from washington today.
12:56 pm
the other thing we'll keep watching the stock market. the surge continues on wall street today. a lot of green on the market scan. financials talking about jpm. a lot of big names at all-time highs today. we'll tell you about some of them. look at goldman up seven becomes in today's trading when we come back. don't go away. ♪
12:57 pm
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connell: it is a market rally as we welcome you back to "cavuto: coast-to-coast." this is our number to apar connell mcshane filling in for neil cavuto. we have a global rally in the markets there's a really doubt they the markets. similarly tout therapeutic as they like the idea that the centrist candidate is the favorite in france in the election there. the runoff between macron and le pen. macron seems to be the favorite and all is right with the world. european markets up a time today. france middle of the backup and 4%. u.s. markets are pretty good game as well. nicole petallides joins us from the new york stock exchange. pretty good day. >> that's right indeed. it raises any losses for april. the nasdaq had a high was macron leading the way. 68% according to the latest polls. the runoff now means other than
1:01 pm
the idea as they say of the european union everything goes as planned and listed the upside abroad in right here at home. we see so many sectors to the upside good looking that some of the names and i doubt that our hitting some all-time highs come including mcdonald's, home depot and united health, the two will be reporting tomorrow on their quarterly report. 190 companies in the s&p 500 this week. in the thick of earnings season here. the nasdaq hitting an all-time high is exciting. 15% gain since the election. dirty record closes in the election and with the move today come it will be the 31st record close. people loved up for their 401(k) and ira. google come out for that, microsoft, t-mobile and facebook. the key to much for earning some bears day. how nervous are people feeling? are they doing some great pullout on the contrary?
1:02 pm
down 13% for one month. most money managers we talked to basically say stay the course right here. they like the idea is if we will see more later this week. we will see. drink you are right, nicole. the presidents agenda pushing not out to round up the first 100 days in office. there is some question about whether he and speaker paul ryan are on the same page. adam shapiro at the white house joins us now with the latest. reporter: hi, come all. you might call it a try fact that as they had three big issues was going to be the tax reform outline on wednesday. there are continuing negotiations on capitol hill regarding health care, although congress is handling that and it doesn't seem as if it's going to be an imminent announcement that you never know. of course, friday funding the government before it hits the debt ceiling and funding would dry up.
1:03 pm
in regards to finding the government does all of health care, the president over the weekend treated that obama cures is serious otherwise it dies far sooner than anyone would've thought. keep in mind that the white house has offered democrats as they negotiate on the spending resolution as well as health care about $7 million to subsidize the purchase of insurance through the affordable care act in exchange for 1.5 billion to keep president trump's promise to building the border wall with mexico appeared right now the democrats are holding hard. chuck schumer said that is a nonstarter in the president threw a monkey wrench into the negotiations over funding the government because of the border wall. in regards to shutting down the government and getting them kind of compromise, here's what joe barton said recently on your program. >> the president should stand his ground.
1:04 pm
he campaigned on border security along the southern border. he is trying to deliver on his promise. i would say he is practicing what he preached he campaigned. connell: they' alsgoing to be later this week several executive orders the president is going to sign. one is an executive order improving essentially accountability over the va whistleblowers because we all know what happened in phoenix a few years back. they want to prevent the situations. an executive order looking at designation of national parks under a law that dates back to 1906, the antiquities act and whether that's an overreach, looking back to 1996 in an executive order among two others regarding offshore drilling and mining. connell: we like to save the biggest week since this or that, but this may be the biggest week of this presidency. >> it could be a try fact to among anything you see at
1:05 pm
highlight. connell: president jump on wednesday will make the announcement among the items saddam is talking about. he suspected a layout mostly broad principles when he does that. we hear border adjustment taxes not expect it to be mentioned explicitly. we have a republican senator with us now, mike rounds of south dakota. what do you think, senator? it's brought okay with you for now? would you like more specifics from the white house? >> i would rather get it done in an appropriate fashion. we don't have to hurry. i would like to see done correctly. let's take our time, do it right. they would love to see a tax reduction. that would help stimulate the economy. i would like to see some simplification, but let take it and move it through an appropriate fashion that we can do it correctly. but not hurry and make mistakes. i like the idea that the border adjustment taxes not been included. that is a move in the right
1:06 pm
direction. until we know what the real impact on the economy would be in the retaliation that may occur, that is a move in the right direction to not include that in anything. i want to do something about repatriating dollars overseas right now. i would be helpful particularly in terms of the long-term dollars for the infrastructure projects that will be coming at this year as well. connell: getting it done right in not rushing through some of these items, do you think a piecemeal approach we do one at a time and it is repatriation one day or one week and then it's corporate taxes and macs, infrastructure separately is the way to go or do you like to see things put together is a broader reform. >> the piecemeal approach would work better. when you start trying to add everything up, things get stuck in a sometimes people would like. there are surprises good rather than 2000 page bills, let's break it up so we can measure our successes. the american public want to see
1:07 pm
as stable long-term approach to building the economy. taxes clearly have to be addressed. we were talking about even just making a simple reduction of 2%. if europe 15, but a 13 peer to peer at 20 go to 23. as you move forward, just though they're not back into the economy itself would help with growth. what we need, we've got to have growth in the economy. if we don't have growth we will never start paying our bills. connell: one way maybe we look at this too much on a day-to-day basis. today it more about france. you talk about lowering taxes and stocks go up and he talked about measuring successes and maybe that is putting wings on the board. as all of this contingent on getting health care repealed and replaced or can it be done utterly? why not go taxes are things you are talking about first? >> would have to do something. we have to make it work.
1:08 pm
>> to billion dollars in savings or in other words they have to work together or you're just talking separately as an ideological issue. >> you have to find a way to finance health care. american people have to have health care. if you have a private sector basically been taken out at the insurance market right now, the financing of health care care plan government subsidies. if you rely on government subsidies the taxpayer will buy the bill we can afford the bills right now the way it is. we've got to get more and more people and actively invoed in creating new ideas about how to innovatively fund health care. it is not working under obamacare. it really is than a death spiral. putting more money into it would not fix the problem. i really believe with a lot of expertise, particularly in the senate and house, i look at omar alexander who's the former
1:09 pm
governor, once he's been turned loose and he can take a look at what the house till looks like on the go find will be able to come up with a very good strategy to repeal and replace obamacare. one double long-term stability and health care market. connell: to be clear, are you saying there's nothing that can be done on taxes of health care is not done for us? >> absolutely not. they are separate. when you combine them, that's when you have problems. they are separate. you can try to combine them, but if you do come here looking for problems. >> why not go with tax items that they are simple when if you can get it done this year, why not go and work on health care in the background. to your point earlier, but the motherboard so to speak. >> as far as i'm concerned, that would work as well. we can't simply forget about health care. we've got a lot of groups right now of her grandmother are
1:10 pm
grandfathered in there will be coming out of the grandfather clause. we have to protecthose thousands of groups out there fothe huge incases. talk about a nightmare for folks on the individual plan. look what happens when the grandfathered groups are forced to go into the new programs because they've been grandfathered in for a period of time and they haven't had the huge increases the individual health market has had. connell: i get it now. you can do both searchable and the economy will be interesting to watch when they get a chance to watch the potential government shutdown. senator, thank you here to watch it all week long. senator mike rounds from south dakota. talking about france, there's this thinking up there today that marine le pen cannot win this runoff when she goes against macron. but remember, it was said about scott brown when he was running for the senate. remember that for ted kennedy sold in massachusetts?
1:11 pm
we'll talk about that coming up. tonight, friends of the fox news channel are watching a primetime lineup. tucker carlson moves to 8:00 p.m. eastern. moving to 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss that beginning tonight over the fox news channel here on fox business. "cavuto: coast-to-coast" continues in just a minute. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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drain to back you at this rally in the stock market and tinkering with a 1% of the dow up 222 points. french presidential vote has a lot to do if they to do a david sanchez says he's been identified, emanuel macron is the favored to win on the seventh of may. we are told to also noount out marine le pen running against him. if you're looking for proof, look no further than former senator scott brown of massachusetts. the one senator kennedy's seat against all odds. we are calling you the marine le pen of massachusetts at his feet, senator brown. i should point out is going to be nominated u.s. ambassador to new zealand, which i contact you about in a few minutes they would he think of france in this is a big deal for the markets. should we counter out? >> of course not. it not over until it over.
1:16 pm
41 points, 15 week before. president tried the same thing. there's no way he's going to win. i love people when they say it's a short name. i know the markets are responding to not good. they win with either candidate. the reels tories a mainstream candidate are not in the picture. the people of france are tired of their nationalistic pride being challenged in the terrorism taken over in that beautiful, beautiful city in paris and that great country. connell: neither president, sarkozy, or the current president, neither one represented. of the two that are, say you are le pen in a similar position. you're down that much in the polls. what he do? change what you're doing or stick with it day by d and hope it catches on? >> you can't leave any vote uncounted.
1:17 pm
you need to drag everybody out obviously. just have to find them in the special of the nationalistic pride. france first which is something we say america first. the european union and the way the open border policy and immigration issues are moderately affecting the lovely historic nature of france in paris in particular. she's got a pretty good message. she's got to point out the differences and weaknesses of her opponent. let the games begin. connell: let me ask you about that. obviously the big story is how populism has been more popular or nationalism as you talk about but the borders in europe and certainly donald trump running for president here. you are about to take the role in the world stage of a diplomat in your new position once you are confirmed to that position. is that all good? is that all right the borders are shut down and people maybe are less likely to engage in
1:18 pm
free trade than in the past? does some part of you worry about turning where perfection is to the world? >> i don't think we are free trade and state. fair trade is the issue. if we get taxed 23% or 24% and make attacks 3%, i don't look at that is good trade or fair trade. i wanted to be fair and open and that was a bust of the president wants as well. when it comes to vetting people, i want a check and balance to make sure people coming and represent the country's values but more importantly, they will not pose a threat through criminal or terrorist element. that's fair and appropriate. i care where you are in the world. >> a phone call president trump had earlier today with the german chancellor angela merkel. we just received from a color readout saying the two of them talked about the area, yemen and
1:19 pm
north korea. i think president trump has a good relationship and was good relationship in a surprise to have one but angela merkel. the two met in the oval office and a lot was made of the cool body language and lack of handshake and how important was germany? >> obviously not only through currency, but she is the de facto leader of the european union regardless of what happens with the so-called leaders here choose the one that sets the bar and trend. it's a little bit refreshing dealing with somebody as direct as trump. she knows where he stands and they can help each other in a symbiotic relationship that only economically, but when it comes to our world and national security for both countries, supported to reestablish the type make us stronger. connell: you are right. she's symbolic of that nation and would be pro-europe.
1:20 pm
is it in our interest to be pro-europe were somewhat say that marine le pen is the opposite of that in one of your point you mark france's first dislike america first. is it in our interest to be pro-europe and keep your together? >> well, i'm not sure if i agree with that. i think what they've done has taken the gloves off and enabled them to do things they wanted to do for decades. has some trade opportunities that because of their membership in the e.u.'s the e.u. is not only militarily, trade, everything they do you have to get permission from the powers that be. that's not independence. that's not fairness. maybe there's a latest take the tentacles of the european union individual clamping down on this individual come as an allowed him to have more flexibility and that will strengthen not only europe at the european union. we will see what happens in that regard. connell: senator brown committed
1:21 pm
a televised threat box and patriot games in new zealand? >> time delayed, but you can count on it. season-ticket holder. love tom brady. connell: are you looking forward to it? still going through confirmation process or have too. >> well, of course. i'm looking forward to the process the the process of chairman and ranking ranking member scheduling at their leisure. i served in the military for 35 years in 30 years in public service. helping the president and representing his interest in the country's interest is to reference what's happening in china, north korea and the whole region but dramatic security issues are that's why they are down the having the meetings. i'm not sure folks understand, but a lot of the launches for space x go out of the land. retrieved another opportunities for those countries. connell: that his interest in senator brown, soon-to-be
1:22 pm
ambassador brown. good to talk to you. talk to you soon. we will go to the white house and its almost brooding time for sean spicer at the podium which has become so famous. i don't know if anyone thought this morning about sean spicer or a tribute to the president. i'm not firing sean spicer. he gets great ratings. new details on the tax reform. we will see if sean spicer talks taxes. we're coming right back.
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
>> a lot of bernie sanders supporters who one this morning i got email from one who said i still think we could have won had it been bernie sanders and donald trump. and this person pointed to what is going on in france actually, said these two outside candidates are the leading contenders. that would have been really
1:27 pm
interesting had it played out here. had it been a sanders-trump race. connell: that is kind of interesting, right? we'll talk about the democrats for a few minutes. a lot of people say they're struggling to find their way still. you have the midterms next year. headlines surrounding the new dnc chair tom perez last few days, ranting and raving, cursing at a rally here a few days ago. listen to him. >> he doesn't give a [bleep] about health care when we have the skinny budget of this president. he calls it a skinny budget. i call sitting else that begins with s. my mama taught me you shouldn't do potty talk but i hope you don't mind. this is [bleep] budget. connell: no potty talk. a.b. stoddard. i don't know this is the way to go. i thought aime's comments
1:28 pm
interesting. vice president biden had a chance to win. sanders people think they could win. >> there is definitely no leader in this party. you could say tom perez heads up the democratic national committee. most democrats don't know who he is. they don't know who he is a year from now. i don't think he will be consequential. a placeholder. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, they're both around the same age. known as unfriendly to banks. they fire up liberals but they're not realistic candidate for 2020 to go up against donald trump then you think who is? hillary clinton is a failed candidate. she should not be the big face of the party going forward. if warren and sanders help them with fund-raising and excite young people and do online motivating, at kind of thing that is fine. they are dependent on good candidates.
1:29 pm
if trump continues to lose the country, lose independents, ultimately lose republicans because he can't full his promises by 2018, they are p.e.t. well-positioned. you but they have to have good candidates. connell: you see the podium, for sean spicer coming out for the daily press briefing. a white house source telling fox news passing a health care bill this week is very, very unlikely. congresswoman what do you say to that ahead of this sean spicer briefing? >> i agree, connell. unfortunately it is very difficult to craft a bill that can pass with 51 votes in the senate without sweeping reforms. we're left with a mechanism that leaves moderates answerable to their districts. they feel they will leave a lot of people behind with the current set of solutions. those who are most fiscally
1:30 pm
conservative, the freedom caucus folks have to go back to their districts, yes, we'll have to settle a lot less in terms of fiscal responsibility. that is what paul ryan is dealing with. that is what the president is dealing with. very tough to reconcile. connell: put it all together, charlie gasparino joins us ahead of mr. spicer's briefing, just about to start. talking to senator rounds earlier, why not do some of the taxes first? get points on the board? >> the president seemed to suggest he was going to do that last week. i don't know. i mean i don't think they, listen, there is a problem with this white house. its message. they don't have a clear, coherent message. it is personnel. they don't have all third ducks in order. you're getting confusion what they should do first, second or why. they were initially under the impression you had to do health care first. connell: billion dollars. >> now we hear that is not the case. i don't kn. connell: ab, you know a lot about this. the idea of not -- i mean is it, does it make sense to you at
1:31 pm
least put wins on the board with some sort of a tax bill? maybe it is corporate taxes something else, infrastructure, forget about taxes and let health care be in the background for now or will that not happen? >> they made it clear after the failure on march 24th, the president said i'm walking away with this. after a few weeks he decided not walking away with it. this is really a cudgel over them. the market will continue to spiral out of control. the president and republican leadership are right. they need to do something. will they shore it up the existing program and support obamacare or will they repeal it and start over? the conservative proposals congressman hayworth talking about threaten to renege on trump's -- connell: interrupt you, secretary mnuchin and nikki haley. let's go there live. >> when she is done she will join a meeting in progress. secretary mnuchin has comments he would like to make.
1:32 pm
questions from him, resume the briefing, without further adieu, the ambassador of the united nations, nikki haley. >> thank you, sean. we've had an exciting day in d.c. we're hosting the members of the security council. when you think of that this is the moss powerful group that decides sanctions relief of any sort of conflict that comes up, this is the group. so the idea they were able to come to d.c. is overwhelming for them. they are extremely pleased. we started the morning at the blair house with senators graham and cardin as well as congressman smith and congresswoman bass. so they had a lot of interaction, probably an hour 1/2, talking about issues from budget all the way to peacekeeping issues as well as conflicts in north korea and syria and with the problems in iran. it was a verhealthy discussion. from there we came over tohe white house and the president greeted all of the members. had his picture taken with them and we all sat down for lunch.
1:33 pm
it was an open dialogue, very much members wanting to hear from the president what his plans are, what he is going to continue to do on syria, or not continue to do, north korea, all issues are certainly at the forefront. the idea he would have the dialogue with them is tremendously helpful to me whereas in the security council we need them to really engage. we need them to know how we are about action. what we've tried to bring in the u.n. is reform. reform in the way we spend. reform in the peacekeeping operation but also reform in the resolutions that are passed what we pass actually means something and there is accountability in what we pass. so i think they heard that loud and clear today from the president. i think that they are thrilled with the engagement that they had. i think it shows that the president's very engaged on foreign policy they see that. the idea he would sit down and want to talk to them about each of their countries and the security council collectively is massive for a president to be able to do this. it was certainly helpful for the united states.
1:34 pm
now they are embracing with general mcmaster, focusing on north korea. focusing on isis and engaging oo have other conversations as well. but as far as we go, great day for the security council. great day with the president and certainly more good to come out of the meeting. thank you very much. i have ambassadors waiting and we will talk to you soon. >> thank you, ambassador. without further adieu, secretary of the treasury steve mnuchin. >> seems like i'm becoming a regular here. nice to see all of yougain. earlier today the united states departnt of eary of foreign asset control imposed sanctions in response to the april 4th, 2017 sarin attack on innocent civilians by the regime of syrian dictator assad. opac is sanctioning 271 employees of syria's scientific
1:35 pm
studies and research center. the syrian government agency responsible for developing and producing non-conventional weapons and means to deliver them. ofac has targeted these 271 employees because they have expertise in chemistry and related fields, or have worked in support of chemical weapons programs since at least 2012. today's action, less than three weeks after the at it being on khan shun is one of the largest executed ever by ofac in a single action we're doubling individuals and entities related to syrian executives orders. these sweeping sanctions are intended to hold the assad regime and those who support it directly or indirectly accountable for their blatant violations of the chemical
1:36 pm
weapons convention and u.n. security council resolution 2118. the united states is sending a strong message with this action we will not toll rate the use of chemical weapons by any actor and we intend to hold the assad regime accountable for its unacceptable behavior. the treasury department together with the department of state and our international partners will continue to relentlessly pursue and shut down the financial networks of any individuals involved with syria's production or use of chemical weapons. i'd also comment that recently we had sanctions on north korea and iran and will also continue to add to and monitor those as appropriate. with that i would be happy to take a few questions. reporter: mr. secretary, is this the only sanctions we can expect against syria in the wake of that chemical weapons attack or
1:37 pm
are you considering more, and are you considering the possibility of sanctions against russia for not going far enough to try to dissuade assad. >> we don't comment of specifics of sanctions we are going to do in the future. again what i will do you, we tell you the sanction perhaps are very important. they're very effective. we will continue to use them to the maximum amount available by law. reporter: mr. secretary, on the budget, is the border wall a deal-breaker for the president even to the point after government shutdown? >> i will not comment on the specifics of that, but i will say i was in a meeting this morning with director mick mulvaney and other senior people. the president is working hard to keep the government open, and addressing various issues. reporter: could you tell us what these sanctions actually do? what is different today than was different yesterday before ofac moved? >> well the sanctions are enormously important. by identifying 271 additional
1:38 pm
people, these sanctions, as you know, will both freeze assets, if there is assets here and prevent u.s. entities from doing business as well as these sanctions have enormous impact with our partners around the world who work with us on, on these issues. reporter: mr. secretary -- we're not doing any business with these people. reporter: administration is trying to grapple with the paris climate agreement. where do you stand? do you support staying in paris or coming -- >> i comment that is where i will go on that. reporter: mr. secretary are you aware of any american companies that -- reporter: president said last week there would be a tax reform proposal wednesday. >> he did indeed. widely reported. reporter: a surprise to you a little bit? what can we expect? >> let me first say i've been working with the president over
1:39 pm
the last year. on his economic in regards to creating growth. the president is determined to get sustained economic growth of 3% or higher. we're working on tax reform. we're working on regulatory reform. we're working on job creation. this is something on the tax side. i'm meeting weekly with the house and senate on designing things. we'll come out as the president said with more details on wednesday. >> thank you very much. along the lines of tax reform i know the specifics of the broad details on wednesday, without getting into the specifics what does the middle class gain if simplification but a loss of deductions whatever they might be? if we lose the deductions how does that help the middle class? >> we've been clear on what the president's objectives are for tax reform. middle income tax cut, a
1:40 pm
priority of the presidents. simplification, the average american should do taxes on large postcard. business tax reform. we need to make business taxes competitive. we expect doing that we'll bring in trillions of dollars offshore. reporter: thank you, sir. i guess the question i have is, sort of bounce off what john was asking you about, this announcement on wednesday. it doesn't sound like we're going to get the finer details of what this tax reform package will entail. is it a good idea to start talking about tax reform, something that you said can't be accomplished by august, when you don't have all the details? >> well, there will be details that come out, and yes i think it is important we'll talk about it and we are going to move forward. i will take a come more. right there, yes. reporter: follow up on what major who was asking you, for those of us not completely clear
1:41 pm
about the 21 employees -- 271 employees are you suggesting by looking that there are u.s. companies or holdings in the u.s. or traveling do traveling or business we're freezing? >> i can't comment on the specifics of these sanctions beyond what we release but i condition assure you, that when the us puts out sanctions they have impacts both here and throughout the world. we wouldn't do this if we didn't think it was impactful. one more back there. reporter: mr. secretary, would you say simplification of the tax code or cuts are priority. >> both. reporter: closing gap with growth which is the -- >> on the personal side, we're about the middle income tax cut and simplification. onhe biness side we're about making them competitive. this is the last one. go ahead. reporter: you say -- [inaudible] >> again, what i have said before is, that the tax plan
1:42 pm
will pay for itself with economic growth. thank you, everybody. nice to see you. >> thank you, mr. secretary and ambassador haley. so, i just want to, kind of walk through what the rest of the day and the week. we'll get to some questions. as you know this morning the president had a call with german chancellor merkel who extend ad gracious invitation for the first daughter to, and assistant to president, ivanka trump to attend the w-20 summit. tomorrow ivanka will be in berlin at the w-20 participating in a panel, inspiring women, scaling up women's entrepreneurship. this follows the roundtable on vocationalled hecation and workforce development, issues that are central both to ivanka and the chancellors agenda that they hosted here at the white house in march. while in germany ivanka will visit a school for interactive
1:43 pm
tour and discussion with students participating in the apprentice program. in commemoration of holocaust day commodity mem race, the readout of the chancellor's call should be out already. the president spoke with dr. peggy whitson, commander of the international space station via video teleconference. as you told you last week, dr. whitson who is on her third extended stage aboard the international space station, breaks the record for most space time than any american astronaut. the president was honored to talk about the incredible achievement by dr. hitson and discuss about space exploration and science. the president signed the resolution that nasa continues recruiting women for important jobs in aerospace. the president had a working lunch with ambassador nikki
1:44 pm
haley and other ambassadors of the countries part of the u.n. security council. underthe president's leadership america has taken a leadership role on the world's stage. our global partners welcomed this renewof american diplomacy. later on president signs a proclamation of holocaust remembrance day, first held in 1979 and later established by congress our nation's commemoration of holocaust. every president since the united states holocaust memorial museum opened in 1993, president trump will participate in a days of remembrance commemoration. as he said during the video delegates toe the world jewish congress plenary assembly the trump administration is committed to stamp out prejudice and anti-semitism everywhere it is found. following the proclamation the president will host a credential ceremony for newly appointed ambassadors. he will have dinner with senator
1:45 pm
mccain and senator lindsey graham. president will return to washington finishing his time throughout the world. while in hawaii, the president will have lunch at joint pace pearl harbor and participate in arrival ceremony and pacom before riding air force 2 to return to washington. throughout the week the white house is hosting briefings and events to provide several opportunities for many folks in the press to hear directly from the administration and official what is we achieved in the first 100 days and what we're looking to continue to achieve on days 101, 102, 200, et cetera. throughout the week, president, cabinet officials senior white house staff will talk about the president's agenda on national, local media and various platforms. i want to acknowledge the distressing report american citizens coming out of the ukraine and north korea. we're deeply saddenedded by
1:46 pm
death of a paramedic and united states citizen serving in the organization for security and cooperation in europe special monitoring mission. we express your epest condolences to his family, friend and loved ones and wish his lleagues injured in the blast to a speedy recovery. we encourage all party cop rate with the monitoring mission to fully investigate this incident. tragic death after staff member undermines urgent need for all sides russian separatist forces to continue the agreements under the minsk agreements. protection of united states citizens is one of our government's highest properties. i would direct any further inquiries on this matter to the state department. on north korea, on wednesday the white house campus will play host to a briefing for all 100 u.s. senators on the subject. briefers will be secretary tillerson and mattis, director coates and general dunford this is senate briefing convened by
1:47 pm
the majority leader. not a white house briefing. we're serving as the location. for further questions i direct you to the majority leader's office and office of the four briefers. with that, glad to take a few questions. yeah. reporter: talking about the budget, how committed is -- can you talk about you how committed president is to having the border wall funded this week or having funding in that spending bill? if it is not in there will he sign it? >> again, there is negotiations continuing with house and senate leadership. obviously the money for our military and our border security and wall have been part of that request. that is something that, those are the president's priorities heading with respect to the cr and keeping the government open. i think we feel very confident where we're headed. i'm not getting ahead of negotiations where they're going. director mulvaney is very deep in those discussions.
1:48 pm
i expect there to be announcement. i'm not going to start to take things on and off the table with respect to what the president may or may not do. phil. reporter: sundoubleing up about the question aned cr debate, would he expect funding for border wall or border security measures be enough to satisfy the president and how do you differentiate between the two? for example, what could be funded in the cr that you could say is part of the wall even if it is not explicitly -- >> there is a lot of components to that. you have fencing and drones. i don't want to get ahead of those negotiations. they're ongoing but the president's priorities have been very clear from the beginning. reporter: sounds, sean, just to follow up, are we backing off from the wall, are we saying it is on the table? >> no, president is saying he made it very clear, he has two priorities in continuing resolution. number one, increase in funding
1:49 pm
for u.s. military and number two, funding for homeland security and wall. i will not get into -- we were having a negotiation with the house and senate leadership, to from judge where it ends up would not be prudent. trey? reporter: i have two questions for you. on syrian economic sanctions how will the administration determine how effective they are? >> there will be a lot of ways, but first and foremost to send a clear signal to make sure that they understand that we don't take their actions lightly. the and that we, we want to do everything we can to have stability in the region. so i think there is going to be a lot of ways in terms of their behavior going forward we'll know whether they're working. but i think as the president made clear and secretary mnuchin just did we have a lot of tools at our disposal to achieve an out come that brings stability to that region. reporter: second one on north korea, the fact a third u.s. citizen is detained by the regime in pongyang, does this
1:50 pm
make it more difficult for president to negotiate through china to denuclearize north korea? >> no. we noted it before, ambassador haley noted it before in several interviews this morning, china has been very helpful in this process and continues to be. we hope to see a change in behavior. but it's a very positive sign the level of engagement china has has enacted. reporter: is the trump administration calling for the release of this, this u.s. citizen currently being detained? >> absolutely. we want to make sure all of our citizens and protected and returned home. the state department is the lead on that. ayman. reporter: quite a concern about republicans on capitol hill about the federal deficit. when you roll out the tax plan, will you include pay fors, those things that raise revenues and tax cuts so conservatives can be confident this won't blow a hole in the deficit? >> we'll have further details. i will not get ahead of the president's rollout you but i'm
1:51 pm
not going to, the level of specificity in terms of the pay-fors and cost we'll have to see how comfortable the president is. jennifer. reporter: sean, can you tell us if the president is aware of the american pastor jailed in turkey? did he raise that with president erdogan when he called him on monday to congratulate him? >> i will not get into the specifics of president's conversation. we're obviously aware of that action and we're going to continue to work through the state department on that. jordan? reporter: thank you, sean. can you explain why president trump didn't use the word genocide to refer to killing of 1.5 armenians? >> the statement that was put out is consistent with the statements that have been put out for, at least several of the past administrations. so, i think if you look back through the language president obama, president bush, et cetera, have used the president language used is consistent with all of that. katie? reporter: sean, two questions about [inaudible]. first the border wall. secretary kellseems toxpect
1:52 pm
construction to start this summer. there are still a few ranchers in texas and arizona who welcome security but are skeptical of giving up family-owned land they held in their families for generations. what is the white house message to them directly? what can you guarranty they will be compensated? >> i think we will do everything in accordance with the law.thisn several times. that issued has been raised over the last several decades, excuse me, last several years so we have, we will do everything in accordance with the law with respect to the land that is needed for that. but again, the homeland security secretary understands what is going to be needed and we'll do surveys and appropriate planning to make sure that we minimize that to the extent possible. reporter: then the next question, on different topic. fbi and justice department last week arrested two doctors in michigan for allegedly performing genital mutilation on
1:53 pm
little girls younger than 6 years old. first case in the united states. what is the white house reaction? >> we talked before about pending investigations. we don't comment on any pending investigations or actions by the justice department. major? reporter: is 100 days as president said on twitter a ridiculous benchmark or important one? >> well i think obviously in the context of an entire administration, there is a lot that i think we feel very proud that we've gotten off, gotten down and taken care of. when you look at immigration piece in particular, border crossings way down, number of executive orders and pieces of legislation the president signed, we feel we are very proud to accomplish and promises he made to the american people but it has to be kept in context. there is sort of this artificial number that gets thrown out. so, on one -- reporter: what context? >> the context is 100 days four years in your first term, and you know eight years pour
1:54 pm
two terms that i think -- reporter: introduced a contract with the american voter over 100 days. >> so again, when you look at the number of pieces of legislation, the executive orders, business confidence, the place the u.s.'s role in the world, there is a lot that we feel that, a lot of accomplishments that have occurred, we feel very good about what we've done as we head up to this first 100 days. but i think you continue to see a lot of action and a lot of results going into the second 100 days, 3100 days. reporter: first 100 days no explicit funding for the wall or health care reform or repeal of obamacare. would the president consider and invite his supporters to be failure based on promises he made during the campaign? >> look at totality what we accomplished on jobs immigration and trade, this is unbelievable what he has been able to do. and so it is not, you can cherry-pick any couple of things
1:55 pm
and say okay, what about this or that, when you look at it overall, it terms of the drop in border crossings, if you look at consumer confidence and relationships we've developed around the globe and accomplishments of this president had on protect the country, bringing back jobs and starting, those have been unbelievably significant. and so to minimize that or to look and pick out two or three things, look, we're boeing to continue to push for health care reform. we feel very good about the direction it is going in. it has been very positive. i think construction of a wall will continue to be a area that moves forward but all of that stuff is happening just as the president asked for and commit todd doing. some of it has been a little slower working through congress and getting things done but when you think about what he started, he will move forward on tax reform, health care, immigration, on trade, it has been a hugely successful first 100 days. reporter: without the president necessarily describing it as
1:56 pm
failure or not would he say he learned something about the process and how longs things take he didn't at a candidate? maybe he overpromised on speed he to achieve these things? >> with all due respect and look at these things and various areas he has been able to do, he has been very pleased. reporter: talking about conspicuous campaign promises rally after rally -- >> right. on health care. >> does he have difficult aware ness how difficult those things are than he did as candidate. >> he is aware of the progress we've made and see health care get done and get done right. in particular is something that we'll continue to work at. we can't make people vote. but weade significant progress and moved the legislation forward and improved grely. i think we are going to see progress on that. zeke. reporter: two topics. another question on the budget is the president willing to sign
1:57 pm
a continuing resolution that is not deficit neutral or deficit reducing? >> not a continuing resolution? >> continuing resolution that would increase the deficit? >> i have not seen a score on anything that has come out. we'll have to wait and see what the final -- reporter: you're not -- >> not at this point. reporter: following behind jordan's question, the president talked a lot about, not shy about criticizing his predecessors missteps of both parties. also made a point -- why not take this moment to label the billion 1/2 a minians genocide? >> i think again as i noted statement president put out is consistent with the lasted a administration. i understand that. it is perfectly in keeping with the language been used over and over again. john? >> reporter: i -- >> you had your hand up. reporter: would you agree with
1:58 pm
the assessment some in the administration say a vote on health care this week is very, very unlikely? >> i think the vote will get scheduled when speaker ryan and leader mccarthy and scalise determine they have the votes. i'm not, we've been very clear, president made it clear on friday walking back over from the treasury department if it happens, we have the votes this week, great. if it is next week or the week after. we want to make sure we have got the votes and headed in the right direction before putting some artificial deadline. reporter: would you think this week is unlikely? >> i think whenever the speaker and leadership over in the house tell us they feel confident they have the votes we would encourage them to move forward. i hate, not trying to not answer the question i think that is the answer. comes down when they feel they have the commitments to push the bill forward. >> there was a push to try to get something on the legislative scoreboard by the 100th day. does the look like that now will happen? >> as i said i don't -- we've been very clear, i think the president has been very clear,
1:59 pm
in his comments that, that our goal is to get it done and get it done right and get it done to make sure we have the votes. i read some background quotes and urabout when -- we've been very clear publicly when we want to get that done. kelly. reporter: the president has been very clear that judge gorsuch, now justice gorsuch is big part of his first 100 days accomplishments. white house said first rollout would be dinner with the president and all justices of the supreme court. is that off the list. is the dinner not happening or not publicly talking about because wrapped up in the politics? and meeting with the supreme court at some point would be a great idea, and something that we hope to have on the schedule at some point soon. caitlyn. >> can you explain the president change of thought on daca.
2:00 pm
>> i think he's been consistent about two things. one, that he has had a heart. he wants to make sure that he does this in the interest of children, in particular. but secondly, i think the president's priorities, he took office have been very clear that the focus would be on public safety, and that's what it has been. and that's where it continues to be. and i think he is someone who understands the issue and the priorities that need to get laid out by this country. so everything that he has done has been consistent with what he has said from the get-go. jonathan. >> i understand that criminals lead first. but last august, he said daca divide federal law and was illegal. >> i understand. and the comments that he made last week that he understands that in a lot of cases this involves families and small children who have been here, and he has a heart, and we're going to work through the immigration -- i understand. what i'm going to do is answer the question that i think the president wants to make sure that he addresses the issue of


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