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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 24, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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consistent about two things. one, that he has had a heart. he wants to make sure that he does this in the interest of children, in particular. but secondly, i think the president's priorities, he took office have been very clear that the focus would be on public safety, and that's what it has been. and that's where it continues to be. and i think he is someone who understands the issue and the priorities that need to get laid out by this country. so everything that he has done has been consistent with what he has said from the get-go. jonathan. >> i understand that criminals lead first. but last august, he said daca divide federal law and was illegal. >> i understand. and the comments that he made last week that he understands that in a lot of cases this involves families and small children who have been here, and he has a heart, and we're going to work through the immigration -- i understand. what i'm going to do is answer the question that i think the president wants to make sure that he addresses the issue of illegal immigration and all of
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its components, in terms of visa reform, border security, the wall, all of these things in a system of priorities. and right now, the priority is to make sure that folks who present a public safety concern to the united states are dealt with first, and that's what happened. he is also very pleased through his action and his vision for how he wants to move forward on this see a huge drop of illegal border crossing. that is a big accomplishment for this presidency, and something we're obviously very proud of. i understand. i've just walked through the question. jonathan. >> sean, how consistent are you that there will not be a shutdown? can you guarantee there will not be a government shut down? >> i can't guarantee. but i think that the work that director and others have made in these negotiations has been very positive. they feel very confident that
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that won't happen. >> so he won't insist his priorities get funded on the border wall, increased security -- >> that's not what i said. i said that i think -- >> willing to shut down the government -- >> no. it's not -- look, they're currently negotiating. we feel very confident that they understand the president's priorities, and it will come to an agreement by the end of friday. >> and on the 100 days, if i can just follow up, the contract with the american voters that the president pieces of legislation. right now, he's o for 10, only one of those has been introduced. >> right. and we'll continue to work with congress. as he says in that document, i will work with congress to achieve these. we're going to continue to work with congress to achieve them. >> but why haven't -- >> i think when you look at what he has done in terms of supreme court justice, executive orders, the number of legislation, there's a lot that has gotten done. i remember very clearly the first few weeks and still to some extent the comments that got made about the pace that
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we were keeping, and we have kept. the president has been extremely busy, and i think when you recognize the amount of issues that he tackled and the amount of progress that he has mad, it is very significant, and we will continue to present all of that throughout the week. but, again, as i said, i think you can look at a few of these areas and nitpick a couple of them. but i think overall, he assigned a record number of ecutive orders, he has rolled back regulatory reform. i undersndhat but -- right. but i don't think there's any question that the president has done a significant amount for the american people on the issues that he has put forward during the campaign. >> jim. jim. i am not. neither -- no, those pieces are not small. but i'm saying in terms of overall what he has accomplished has been believably significant. when you talk about all the other areas, the regulatory relief, the efforts that he has made on immigration, on
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trade, all of those issues. and, again, what i'm trying to say is when you look at everything that he has done in the amount that he has accomplished in these first 100 days, i think you can go back and find an area one or two and say. okay. well, he didn't do this, but i think you have to look at it in totality of what he actually did get done. >> why has there been discussion of shut down of the government over paying for the wall. isn't mexico supposed to pay for the wall? >> we need to get the funding going, and there has to be several mechanisms and that will happen in due time. >> that is a promise that the president made during the campaign. >> right. and he also -- >> now we're having a discussion that the government might shut down over the wall. who's going to pay for it? >> so a couple thing. as i pointed out to jonathan, we feel very confident the government's not going to shut down. number two as i think the president has been very clear in the past about the fact- and this is not a new thing. he talked about this that in order to get theall rolling on border security and the wall that he was going to have
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to use the current appropriations process, but he would make sure that that promise would be kept as far as the payment of it. >> just a real quick follow-up. >> if border crossings are down, and that's a talking point that the white house uses time and again. is the wall even necessary? >> absolutely. >> how can the border crossings be down and, oh, we're having all of these drugs flowing in. >> just because you have a couple good months in a year i think you want to make sure you take prudent long-term steps. so the government is going to fulfill and frankly, it's a promise that he made to the american people. if you're coming in from the southern border, he had taken a lot of steps so far that has deterred border crossing. but this is a permanent step that will extend beyond his presidency. eight years from now, the next president will have that wall in place to make sure that it doesn't continue. >> mexico's going to pay for it? >> that's right. thank you. alexis. [question off mic]
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on wednesday when you see the outline that secretary mnuchin was describing, will the president toward his decision about whether the border adjustment tax is the right idea and also related to that whether the pay for the wall that might be of interest to lawmakers will become evidence as far as the outline of what you would like to do. >> right. well, i don't mean to evade that, but i think there's a reason -- we're waiting until wednesday to have the details that he wants to share out. not going to -- we have a couple days before that happens, so i'm going to have to ask you to wait 48 hours. >> saying whether we will have a general -- >> i can tell you -- >> generally betteidea -- >> i think you will have a better idea of where the president stands on tax reform and what he wants to accomplish, yes. >> john. >> wait. i have one follow-up. >> okay. >> when just describing secretary mnuchin was describing achieving economic
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growth, slightly lower than what the president talked about in the campaign, which was very ambitious goal of 4%. i'm just trying to figure out, what is the timeline for that? is the president thinking he would like to achieve 3% or higher in his first term because of the headwinds that were, you know, obviously united states and broad? that's a very ambitious goal still. 3%. >> and i think he has taken a lot of steps not just on the tax side but the regulatory side as well that i think are clearly already paying dividends in terms of your seeing, manufacturing coming back and jobs coming back, and i think there's going to be a renewed commitment of many manufacturers, american companies to bring back jobs, to grow, to hire, to expand here in the united states. and so i think that that growth will proceed the president's actions both on the tax front and on the regulatory side. john. >> as you know, this first go around placing obamacare was not successful.
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since then, are you any closer to getting 218 votes in the house to pass a replacement for the affordable care act? >> yes. >> and -- [laughter] can you elaborate a little bit more than "yes"? >> first of all, we only need 216. making it a little bit tougher on us right now. but i do think we have seen progress with numbers in terms of some of the changes that have been made to make it a stronger bill. we're getting close and as i mentioned at the outset when i think the president feels confident that when the leadership of the house tells them that they feel confident have the votes, then i'm sure they'll call a vote. but that's up to them to decide. >> separate one, obviously a different topic and that's the election over the weekend in france, any comments on the result that came out of france overweight weekend. would the president be
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satisfied with either alternative? >> yeah. obviously it's up to the people of france to decide who their next leader, and we respect their -- the decision that they make in may. so our job is to work with whomever the french people choose. anita. >> two questions. one on the budget spending plan, what is the president doing? i understand ms. mulvaney and others -- is he calling members? i don't see anything on his schedule this week or are members coming over? >> he'll be involved, i think the legislative team has been giving him updates and, you know, as he's needed -- he has talked to members -- of course, i just mentioned senator mccain and senator graham. he has had lots of discussions with members although various times. we're not at a position now where he is actively engaging the way he was with health care. as his team tells him that
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needshone calls, but he i continually -- >> his priorities. >> i think his priorities have been crystal clear. remember, starting in the first week of march, director mulvaney engaged with appropriators on the house side, and i'm not sure when he started with -- so this has been an ongoing discussion now for almost eight weeks with the senior team here and appropriators in the house in particular. >> and second on the 100 days, someone mentioned the president tweeted that it was ridiculous timetable or wh why is the white house doing so much this week? you have indicated that all of this activity this week from hearing from different people are because of the 100 days. why do this 100 day push if it's ridiculous? >> i think we've gotten a fairly decent amount of inquiries from you and your colleagues. so in order to answer those inquiries -- yeah, well, we're givers.
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we -- but i don't think anyone in this ram that hasn't lodged a request to say we're writing a story on the 100-day mark. we're doing this on the 100-day mark. so we want to make sure that we answer your questions as truthfully as possible and as thoroughly and comprehensively. so we will have to fulfill all of these requests coming in from you and your colleagues. but i also think that we are very proud and the president is very proud of what he has been able to accomplish in the first 100 days. and as we sprint toward the final 100 days, there's two things. one because of the inquiries we've had, we want to make sure we've had an opportunity to make sure people understand how much he has done in all the different areas, but we also want to start talking about the next 100 days and what else is left to be done and how much -- how we're going to continue to work hard to get all of that done. but there's a lot that has been accomplished, and i think there's appropriate -- it's appropriate to comment and to share with the american people all of the things that he has
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done to fulfill the pledges he made to the american people. >> just to clarify. are we going to hear prior t the rally on saturday, are we going to hear directly from him? there was some talk of a press conference. >> yeah. i'll have further updates on the schedule going forward on -- i will have -- we're working out some scheduling issues for the rest of the week. i'll make sure i give you an update as we move forward. >> thank you, sean. i just want to triple back on health care for the first 100 days replacing obamacare. do the republicans expect to see a vote on health care? >> look, he would love to do it. if the speaker and the majority leader come and tell him that he's got -- they've got the votes, then we would love to do it. i think his goal isn't to fit it into a finite timetable. as he mentioned on friday, if it happens this week, that's great. if it happens next week, that's great too. the goal is to get it done and get it done right and so we're not going to jam it through just for the sake of it.
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>> so he's concerned about potentially rushing it through. >> no. no. >> let me ask you about tax reform. i know you don't get ahead of the announcement on wednesday. >> thank you. >> but it's more realistic to pursue tax cuts as opposed to raw tax reform. will we on wednesday see a proposal targeted toward tax cuts? >> as you stated in your question, i'll let the president and the team speak on wednesday with respect to what they're going to outline, but i'm not going to -- >> does the president think that it's realistic to do broad tax reform without having -- >> right. i think that the president said he's going to -- there's a lot of things that are possible. but let's let the president, you know, he made a commitment to get it out on wednesday, so let's be patient and wait until wednesday. >> just one more. >> of course. >> is there plan for interest of infrastructure reform in the works? will we get that? >> that's another thing that's on the list, but i think we seem to have our hands full
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right now with health care and tax reform. obviously still committed to seeing infrastructure. something he has talked about a lot in terms of roads and bridges and rebuilding things. but let's get these first two things moving. but i think you're going to see a continued commitment to infrastructure as well. >> potentially have -- >> is there an urgency to get? >> either we're doing too much or we're not doing enough. i think -- look, he has made it very clear that that is a priority of his. as you point out, it's something that i think both sides of the aisle and both chambers probably agree on. there's a public private partnership that could really benefit our infrastructure in terms of the financing piece of this. we'll have further details on that moving forward, though. thank you, guys, very much. i'll see you tomorrow. have a great monday. . >> all right. that's sean spicer. he's singing trump praises. 100 days we're coming up on it and the white house wants to show everything they've got for it. let's take a quick peak at
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this market because we have a lot of upside. in the green to reaction what we saw overseas in france this weekend and of course talk that we will be getting a tax plan from president trump this week. you can see the dow up 222 points right now. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. joining me right now to dissect what we just heard from sean spicer and also treasury secretary steve mnuchin, senior director research and evan, the author of gop. i want to start first with gold that this administration is outlining. steve mnuchin saying 3% economic growth. >> i think it's greedy. tom talked originally about 4%. now it seems to be managing expectations because they kind of screwed this one up on health care; right? they made everybody think that they could get health care reform done fast. it's taking longer than anybody anticipated. same thing with tax reform.
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now when you talk about economic growth, it's part of this managing expectations. >> yeah. you don't want to overpromise and underdeliver. so you would rather go out and tell the people, you know, we might get 3% or tax reform. we might get it done. we think we'll get it done by the end of the year. so if you indeed that, it's only a bonus, even though u know you're going to exceed that. it's a strategy in terms of messaging. trish: he's talking about a middle class tax cut. it's going to be really, really good for the middle class. as i pointed out over and over again, you have to give the tax cut to the people who pay it and roughly half of americans pay no federal income tax at all. so when you talk about the middle class tax cut, you want to give it to them. but you also have to be realistic here and you have to give it to the people who are actually paying taxes in the first place. >> yeah. but i think it's very smart taking language out of the bernie sanders playbook here, which is to always talk about the middle class and the lower classes. wealthy people who are also going to get a huge tax break here know that.
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there's no and steve mnuchin were the going to be can you get a break for their buds. that is happening. trish: but, again, i would say the 1% and the top 15%, a lot of them by far the most -- >> right. and they will get their tax breaks. donald trump did make that clear, steve mnuchin has made that clear if you look at at least the early plans. we don't know what it's going to look like in the final form. but this is a very smart messaging move because donald trump is making interested in making sure that the playing field is leveled for the middle class. trish: that i think that this is a big part of why he succeeded. why he was able to go in and take the rust belt states because there's a lot of middle class americans that feel hillary clinton and the democratic party no longer represented their interest. another thing that he brought up, simplification of the tax code. this haseen a big thing fo donald trump, and it's crazy. doing our taxes, my husband and i recently, and we're filling them out, and it's insane; right? and, you know -- >> well, if you want to be
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smart about it, it's insane. if you want to -- if you're -- trish: no, it's insane for anyone. i think that the people that have profited most off of this ridiculous tax system with all of these various deductions, et cetera, et cetera h&r block; right? the accounting companies that have really made the most off of this. so donald trump talks about wanting to put those guys out of business by simplifying the tax code. yet, let's not forget, you have the slump there that makes it a little bit harder to do that. >> i think if you printed out the tax code and dropped it on somebody, it would be considered assault with a deadly weapon. that's how big it is. it's so confusing. >> where do you come up with these? i feel like every show, you have one. >> if you read the tax code, you can't make heads or tails of it. it's thousands and thousands of pages of gobbledegook, and i think we need to simplify it because not everyone american can afford even an h&r block, they need to be able to tell the federal government. >> or do it on turbo tax and
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know that they're getting all the deductions that they're entitled to. trish: i think you can get some joint partisanship here. i think you get $2 trillion sitting overseas right now working for everybody else's economy, not working for ours. we need to bring that money back onshore. that's something he's intending to do and make our economy more competitive. how is it right we have when you factor in local and state taxes, we have the highest tax rate in the world for corporations. how are you going to inspire new businesses to be here with that kind of tax code? >> well, you use the tax revenue you get from overtaxing people to ads look how great it is to have a business. you have to drop it on small business owners and president trump on the campaign trail absolutely talked about doing that, dropping it almost 20% on small business owners, and that will really stimulate not only every small business owner but every millennial. trish: let me ask you your
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thought on that because you look at sort of thhardef of the party right now. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, they're not going to like this. they're not going to like a corporate tax -- they would rather just take everything they can from corporations, somehow they do forget that corporations actually employ americans. but how is that going to ply fly with them? >> well, i don't know how 15% is ever going to fly because i think that's donald trump's number right now. i think where the real issue will be the tax rate on that repatrioted money. so what we tax when we before i can it back in. so if we can find a way to make that a palatable number, we know if clinton was in office, she would have done the same thing. she would have cut corporate rate once she got there. so i think that if you can make that number palatable for the left, then you can do this, and i think it's a smart move, especially if we're going to be emphasizing policies like buy american, hire american, if it's really an american first policy. trish: let's make it easy to do business. let's make everyone want to do
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business here in the united states of america. evan, good to see you. jessica, thank you so much. don't go anywhere. i'll see you guys in a little bit. treasury secretary steve mnuchin saying a short time ago that he is working closely with the president to cut taxes and grow our economy. let's go to adam shapiro who has all the details in the room asking the questions. hey, adam. >> yes, we are expecting the broad outlines of the president's tax reform plan, more specifics we will get on wednesday. but the secretary's already giving us a hint of where this plan is headed. it's not only designed to give a tax break to small business owners as well as large business owners so that they can then hire more americans, but they are sticking to the promise of a middle class tax break, and here's what the secretary said when we asked him what that would look like. >> clear what the president's objectives are for tax reform. middle income tax cut, a priority for the president.
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simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large postcard. business taxrer form. we need to make business taxes competitive, and we expect with doing that, we will bring back trillions of dollars from offshore. . >> and one thing, trish, people may not see in the newspapers or on tv is that the secretary and his staff have been working on tax reform since the administration came into power, as well as working with congress. now, they're going to be a back-and-forth with congress once the president has outlined his proposal, but it's going to set the ball rolling, and we will find out more specifics come wednesday. trish. liz: an exciting week; right? >> it is an exciting week. a business week. trish: you're going to be giz biz down there. thank you so much, adam shapiro. i want to point out busy week here. fox is debuting its brand-new prime time lineup. tucker carlson moved to 8:00 p.m. eastern time followed by the five at 9:00 p.m. and
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hannity at the usual time spot. so do make sure you tune in. while the markets may be rallying right now on this belief that will win the french election, the polls, they've been kind of wrong in terms of capturing public sentiment and capturing the winner; right? they didn't predict trump, they didn't predict brexit. but regardless of who ultimately wins over in france, you know, i'll tell you this election was very much a clear rejection, some might even say humiliation of the global elites. what that means for trump, what it means for the united states of america, and what it means for the world, i'll see you right here in two. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that
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transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight.
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trish: breaking right now with stocks moving higher up 235 points. this admin news that donald trump is coming forward with the tax plan as soon as wednesday. and of course the news out of france.
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macron on top of the first round of the presidential election. people think macron is going to get it and sending the markets to an all-time high. their sentiment the new york stock exchange. good heavy both here. nice to see this upside is it about france or taxes or everything right now. especially what happened in france overnight. this is exactly what the markets wanted to see. you can tell by looking at stocks there higher today. even american express doing better here. and that's because they think it is the same as the economic policy. we see a guy who is right in the middle and the markets are loving that. trish: one of the terms they're throwing around his
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brexit. she seems very sympathetic to that. that has led to a lot of strikes. a lot of trouble. and then from economic perspective clearly the socialism model clearly has not worked. couldn't she do better than people perhaps are protecting right now. could she wind up as the next president of france. she is considered on the very far right. if you want to look at the original number of candidates. you also have extremes on thefa. one who said we don't want anybody to make more than $400,000 a year. we will take every penny of it. that would have been something that would been very
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detrimental. if i may, i think france could actually take up play out of the always pretty may have to get people a voice. i'm so proud to be an american. i'm proud of the growth that we see. we have full employment. they are generating record earnings and i'm proud of the fact that is market is making new highs. i do get time france takes a look at what happening here in the u.s. capitalism you will take it for weeks of vacation. in the idea that nobody should make more than anybody else. if you do let's be honest this was starting to take root here with extreme left.
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there are a lot of people in the united states of america to have have looked at this disparity between capital and labor and said the answer is not to allow more entrepreneurship the answer is to actually restrict it and make sure that the government is there with a handout to redistribute. you think you built build that business you did it. we did because you're part of a government that looks after you. i've never been so angry in my life from a u.s. president while now we have the polar opposite. we are giving money back to corporations. its american businesses. sometimes as corporations. it comes from small business owners. one and two people at a time. you look at the strength of the small business and the backbone really if you want and what is the american onomy and shout we be doing everything we possibly
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can rit now to ease regulations and the tax burden and make it easier for these small business owners and corporations alike. that is can be the key to our success. >> from what i've read most of the growth so that you absolutely need to relieve those bureaucratic burdens and also you need to take a look at taxes. something is to be done with the individual tax rate. they are part and parcel of the whole tax system. we need to support them every bit as much. giving people more incentive to go out and build business. that's what keeps it alive. it will allow businesses to grow. the stable accounting
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framework. that is something to get excited about. i think that is why stocks are making new highs. >> from the financial fallout. what it means for us right here in the u.s. we can continue the discussion here in terms of gauging what happens next. do not forget nobody thought brexit was possible. nobody thought it was possible and nobody quite thinks she can get in france but is she the next one we have the intel for you next. ♪
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we have some breaking news here from the wall street journal reported that president trump has indeed ordered white house aides to accelerate effort to draft a tax plan that would/tax rates right on 15%. also prioritizing tax cut race -- rates. he would rather see the economy grow via less in the way of taxes and deal with a headache that the headache that you would get at least temporarily of the money that you owe. this is what we thought it was going to do. this is what he promised on
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the campaign trail. with the highest tax rate in the world i'm factoring at local and state. he wants to take it to 15%. this is what he promised its aggressive you don't think he's can have a lot of success with that because it's too low hey, if you get rid of all of these deductions and you say guess what company out there your desk disk and pay the flat 15% you have a lot of very happy companies. and everybody benefits from this. i think the 15% might actually be the end number. to start somewhere. the president is looking for something more in the low to mid 20s as a realistic expectation may have to begin as a negotiating point. they are not paying the 35% because they've all of these deductions that they're able to take.
2:38 pm
why not simplify things and put the accountants to the sideline and say okay. they are 15%. let's get all tse crazy deductions. i think ase en all through the campaign and over the last few decades everything is messaging. it's what you're going after and same. the american public response to what they're hearing. i want individuals who are making billions of dollars a year go down to a 25% tax rate. it doesn't sound so good to the masses who overwhelmingly feel like the wealthy don't pay their fair share. if you can find someone to message it better donald trump one and he sat what i've been so interested in. this is a republican not
2:39 pm
necessarily a conservative i know you have those issues with him early on. i can stick up for the middle class and guess what, things like lower taxes those will benefit the middle and lower classes. let's not forget. to me it's econ 101. we are seeing this in every policy position. we have seen him go out and be able to fight for the middle class and cross party lines and blur them as well. we have seen that the president has come out on healthcare. he talked about something liberals love. he talked about something liberals love. he is his own party.
2:40 pm
maybe in four years from now we can still go back. if you look at the nuts and bolts of it as a that is a policy that will hurt the average american. >> you are talking about roughly $3 million that the administration is seeking to find this wall and there is some criticism coming from the left. what is going on did you guys say mexico was going to fund this wall.
2:41 pm
do you think it is going to be a sticking point. what we see a government shutdown over the wall. in the end it results in what i think it will. there is a lot of conservatives that say that. i think it would be a good thing in the sense that a lot of people that are looking at what happened it is such a big deal. when they think of that. it would continue to function.
2:42 pm
the way the media would portray it and the impact that that would have on politics and even that. i am here there. you don't want the democrats been anywhere near a shutdown. given by they are talking about border walls. republicans are going to get lamed for a shutdown. as you pointed out i want to shut down. and i think it's good for
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