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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to the upside tomorrow. >> i think so, liz. small and mid-sized companies are surely excited. great to see both of you. jan von he can, and tom lydon. [closing bell rings. the dow ending up 216 points. it's a record for the nasdaq. david and melissa. melissa: we'll take it. if you were in stocks you were making money today. the dow soaring in the final minutes of trading, ending the day up, 200 points. all the favorite averagesclosings up a percent with nasdaq setting a new record. i'm melissa francis. >> i'm david asman. good to see you back. we have you covered on "after the bell" with all the big market movers. a whirlwind week for the white houses a the president's first 100 days come to an end. president trump putting pressure on congress to tackle health care. of course we're getting brand new details on his tax plan that comes out on wednesday.
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meanwhile north korea is issuing another threat ahead of their military celebration tomorrow. the fight is heating up whether to include the border wall in the budget, a battle that could lead to a government shutdown on friday but is it all bluff? the latest details on all of this and more. melissa: the relief rally is on. stocks surging in the close. the dow ending up more than 200 points in results to response from resultsf first round of frenchlections. brand new detas on the presidt'taplan. wells wills on floor of new york stock exchange for -- gerri willis on floor of new york stock exchange where we have some of today's winners. gerri. reporter: we're up 216 point as you've been saying, all about the french election, a consensus -- centrist candidate, emanuel macron, one trader told us that is what traders wanted. jpmorgan jpmorgan up, up, up. this is a vote for the middle ground, not blowing up the eu but making serious questions about it.
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the nasdaq as you said, hitting all-time high. look at couple of stocks doing very well indeed. google and microsoft getting their all-time highs today. microsoft, according to linkedin has 500 million registered users and 200 companies on the platform. that is very big news indeed. of course we'll have t-mobile earnings after the bell here. we're just waiting for that to come in. i want to mention before i go the vix doing unbelievably well. the fear index down 25%. that is the biggest move in six years. people really paying attention to that on this day, the day after the french election. melissa, back to you. >> that is very interesting, that last part, gerri, thank you for that. david. david: while stocks are popping oil and gold are dropping. oil sliding further below $50 a barrel, ending at 49.25. driven by low combination of worries about production and whether opec can extend production cuts.
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the fear gauge comes down, gold, the fear hedge comes down with it, off by more than 11 bucks an ounce to 127.50 as investors -- 1277.50, assuming france will stay in the european union. melissa: dow is driving back towards 21,000. we have liz peek, the fest call sometimes, spokesman for the spanish 100, fox news contribute tomorrow steve cortes. liz, why do you think markets are reacting like this, what does it tell you what happens with the real he election and final phase in may? >> there was obviously in retrospect there was a lot of fear that a really strong showing by marine le pen and possibility she might win in june, that is not off the table to thely but numbers look pretty good for macron, but would spell the end of the eu it was really that stark. she was running on getting france out of the eu it was
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thought that might taint the outcome in germany come this fall. so, i think that there was really a tremendous amount riding on this election. people were afraid of it. we have the prospect, macron by the way is not a leftist. i think a economy or somebody was talking about his liberal economic policies. they really aren't. his policies are to reform the workforce, cut the size of government, all kinds of things businesses might applaud. that possibly also adds to the jubilation. melissa: but, steve, i, you know the market was going to tank on "brexit." there was all this concern. then it came back. trump was going to tank the market. of course it went way down and came right bk. so i don't know. i struggle how it would spell doom for markets and economy? >> melissa, i'm very sympathetic to your view there. on election night i was lucky to be at trump to youer in new york
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and at the party at the hilton and stocks initially overnight, stock futures got destroyed that night. melissa: right. >> they came all the way back by the morning and have done nothing but soared since. many, stocks are soared to highs today. i'm sympathetic to your view, consternation about nationalism means economic retrenchment. that is not necessarily true. i would have to say markets are a little bit correct i would disagree with a trump partisan i would disagree with a lot of my trump people. i don't think le pen is a european trump. i think there are a lot of key differences. i think what matters to your audience, generally to the audience on stock, american investors have had a fantastic run since trump won and i think there is more to come. melissa: it is true. we have breaking results. t-mobile has fourth quarter results. gerri willis has the numbers. reporter: that is right.
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we're hearing we're a penny over on earnings per share. this is beat by t-mobile, by one penny. stilts 35 cents a share. they got 36. we're getting details in right now. the stock is halted. we're not really sure why. it could be the press release on earnings. could be more news coming out. we're waiting to see, an important number you need to hear. 1.1 million net customer additions. remember last week verizon reported a loss of customers, 289,000. as you know, john john legere, working hard with t-mobile, cut prices, get rid of contracts, get people on board. today he has been tweeting something about verhizon. they are failing to dump taxes and fees. we have the tweet itself. but, john leg gear on fire with these earnings.
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send it back to you guys. melissa: he is really good at that. david. david: hectic, very busy week for president trump as he pushes for an outline on tax reform he approaches 100 day mark. adam shapiro with very latest what we might expect. adam? reporter: we heard last week it would be a unified approach to tax reform from gary cohn. we heard from different members of the administration what will be revealed on wednesday would be broad principles that will formulate legislation. we got a step closer what that would look like. there were trial balloons on doing away with different kind of deductions. we actually asked the treasury secretary what would middle class tax reform would look like if you do get rid of some of the deduction. here is what he said. >> we've been clear what the president's objectives are for tax reform.
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middle income tax cut, a priority of the president. simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large postcard. business tax reform. we need to make business taxes competitive. we expect to bring back trillions of dollars offshore. >> now the president on the campaign trail last summer, in the fall was talking about cutting business taxes to a rate of roughly 15%. there is headline in the "wall street journal" which you've been talking about, which says he instructed his staff, that is what he wants. he wants to negotiate with congress. congress might have a different idea, house ways and means committee. the chairman put out his blueprint for tax reform. so they will have to make all of this mesh and come together. we'll get broad principles on wednesday. one thing that may trump, no pun intended everything we're talking about, are negotiations funding the u.s. government. we're still being told that the likelihood that we will hit the
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debt ceiling and that they won't have a compromise is very low. we're getting up against the deadline. here is what sean spicer said about two hours ago about it. >> i can't guarranty but i, i think, that the, the work that director mulvaney and others have made in this, these negotiations has been very positive. they feel very confident that that won't happen. reporter: one of the issues, the white house offered democrats roughly $7 billion in the continuing resolution, spending bill to help subsidize health insurance for low income individuals in exchange for roughly $1.5 billion to help begin the process of building the border wall but chuck schumer, over in the senate, the democrat, has said that the president with that proposal perhaps, has thrown a monkey wrench into the negotiations. so we head towards friday with no deal just yet. back to you. david: what is really interesting to me is the whole tax issue. adam, thank you very much.
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back to the panel. i want to get back to the tax issue but we heard treasury secretary steve mnuchin talk about the postcard. i cut it out. i made a version. i will hang it on my wall. only 14 lines. all of us taxpayers got through dealing with our possible tax code this would be very popular, would it not be steve? >> gosh, dave, could you imagine. i think sometimes halloween should not be october 31st but april 15th. it is scariest day of the year. >> how can you tell? >> it is insame what we have to deal with, not just onerous confiscatory taxation but on top of it, the complexity, even incredibly savvy professional people can't do it on their own. that tells you something is systematically wrong. the president ran on this promise. i believe he is going to deliver. france, as far as the stock market goes, france passed off
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the baton with a nice lead in relay race today. david: yes. >> i think president and white house then took it into the lead. david: this alone, would be bumper sticker for a campaign i think it would win. liz, we have the question what kind of tax cuts we're going to hear, see and hear about. omb director mulvaney over the weekend on "fox news sunday," talked about the kind of in general tax cuts they're looking at. let's play the sound. i want to get your reaction. >> it is balancing act. there is small tax cut is permanent. a large tax cut that is short term. i don't think we decided yet. you will learn more on wednesday. david: nothing is permanent inside the beltway. i'm not for something long term that would be reduced. i'm for doing something big right now. what about you? >> that is what trump came out on, today and yesterday. signals by the way are mixed. my head is spinning trying to keep up with all this stuff. david: by the way, we got the signal, adam talked about it, about a 15% corporate rate.
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that is what the "wall street journal" saying. what do you think? >> that is a pretty shocking number and that is what trump ran on. he is acting like steve jobs, sort of sayingo his, employees, his staff, t it done. don't bother me with the details. but having him come out and make that his top priority, a really drastic lower rate and corporate taxes, that was very helpful to the market today. that is what he would like. whether or not he would get it done we'll see. i think it will be a volatile week a lot of showmanship and brinksmanship about the budget and taxes. melissa: yeah. >> if the announcement wednesday is not what people hoped to hear the market will sell off a little bit. stay tuned. melissa: that is exactly what we want to talk about, what will happen during the whirlwind week. steve, i will go to you, liz kind of answered it. what should we expect going forward? we have the tax thing on wednesday. we have a lot of back and forth. what do you see?
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>> no, agree particularly for the market. this is fulcrum week. we have massive amount of corporate earnings. corporate earnings by the way are, accelerating, that is great news to start with. if we put on top of that with serious tax reform i think american economy will absolutely explode. the american economy is like a swimmer thrown in the pool wearing a snow suit of government regulation and taxation. we take the snow suit off, guess what, we're going to flily the water. i truly believe that. it's a big week. no doubt about it. melissa: great analogy, steve and liz. thank you. >> thank you. david: president trump reaches the 100th day milestone a new poll is out shedding a little light where his supporters right now. melissa: white house labeling north korea a threat to the world. calling senate to a full briefing as the rogue nation gets set to celebrate another holiday with potential show of force. senator steve daines on the
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homeland security committee. he just returned from the reon. he will be at the meeting with the president and he joins us next. david: that big battle over the border wall. why the white house is pushing so hard for it to be included in the budget despite the threat after government shutdown. is it real or is this the bluff before a deal? >> they have got to do this. this is a battle. it will be a tough fight. it does look like. i'm amazed we're seeing some of the resistance we are. but the president is determined. the american people need to speak out. we've got to get this done. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something...
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david: breaking news. good news about president george h.w. bush. he will remain at houston methodist hospital for couple more days of observation. he continues to be in good
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spirits according to the hospital. his team hospitals to discharge. melissa: concerns over north korea. white house officials plan to address the threat of asian country and all 100 u.s. senators were asked to attend. steve danes is one of them. senate appropriations committee. he joins me now. what do you think will happen at meeting? how did you hear about it? what do you expect. >> i plan so be there on wednesday. 25 years ago i worked for proctor & gamble. president clinton signed a nuclear non-proliferation treaty with kim jong-un's grandfather. where are we at now, 23 years later? we saw that from vice president pence sending a message from
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korea last week that the era of strategic patience is over. this strategy is not working. the north koreans are very close to have ability to place a nuclear warhead on top of a ballistic missile. melissa: flip side of that, go ahead. >> i was in beijing the week before easter, visited beijing and tokyo. i met with the premier lee and i shared our concern about north korea. we need china to help us. 90% of the trade with north korea, comes from china. they can impose strict banking sanctions. they can put sanctions on oil, coal, other resources of north korea and really turn heat up. melissa: okay. >> that is a necessary part i think of the equation to solve this problem. melissa: what was the response? that is a lot of questions people are asking right now. very clear when president trump sat down with the president of china and talked to him about the specific issue.
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he and at same time unloaded tomahawk missiles elsewhere. the message is clear. what is the response. what are you hearing? >> president trump is decisive. he saw decisive action with tomahawk missiles. missiles work better than red crayons, with red lines with the obama administration. did it in afghanistan with the moab. strong message from vice president pence with north korea. keeping all options on the table going back to the reagan doctrine of peace through strength is working. when i was in tokyo, the relationship between japan and united states has never been better. they're grateful we have leadership in the world from the united states. that is a way towards resolving this conflict. we're dealing with a madman. kill jong unis mad mann. he is irrational. you don't deal with mad men through diplomatic means. melissa: absolutely. that is the response you got. do you have a read what china's
4:21 pm
response is truly is? they pulled back on coal shipments. those are small steps in that direction. we need a lot of help. president. >> president trump was clear with president xi xinping in mar-a-lago. i be a companied with tort members of congress we meet with the premier of china. weeed their help. this needs to be done with china's help. we'll see. i di't get a definitive response but they certainly heard our request. i know president trump continuing to have these dialogues right now with chinese leadership. melissa: we know he had a call late last night. we don't know what happened. i don't want to let you go without asking but the border wall because that is the other fight heating up right now. what is the temperature on that? what is your read? >> what i sense here, we have a congress that wants to support the president. we all believe we need a stronger, more secure border. the good news is this.
4:22 pm
as member of the homeland security committee, we had general kelly, secretary kelly, homeland security before us two weeks ago. they told us illegal border crossings in the month of march decreased 64% versus a year ago. and i asked the question why? this is a dramatic decrease in illegal crossings? the answer is because they're hearing now from president trump and this new administration they will enforce the law. it has taken away incentive, these coyotes in mexico, taking families across the desert to the united states. so by starting to let the world know we'll enforce the law, that by itself is having dramatic increase in illegal crossings. melissa: senator, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. david: defense secretary james mattis is wrapping up his middle east tour with surprise visit to kabul, afghanistan as you can see meeting with afghan officials. as recent attacks killed over 100 afghan military personnel. raising questions whether he
4:23 pm
will recommend putting more u.s. troops on the ground. currently more than eight thousand u.s. personnel serving in afghanistan. melissa: violence erupting in france. protesters pouring into the streets after the first round of french presidential elections. why the future of the european union is at stake. plus the presidentaking a long distance call to space. why president trump has been congratulating one nasa astronaut. ♪ >> who's ready to go to mars up there? >> we are absolutely ready to go to mars. it will be a fantastic journey getting there.ard. ♪ ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard. what's next, no minimums? minimums. schwab has lowered the cost of investing again. introducing the lowest cost
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david: it was pretty mucclear the french election sent stocks soaring. response to the results for the first round of voting. far right candidate marine le pen, well, center candidate
4:27 pm
emanuel macron will face off in round two. investors optimistic it the centrist candidate will be the next president of france. will the rally continue? john fund, they said left-center guy, yes he worked for a socialist government, the guy has come out with a platform of lowering, lowering government, number of employees in government and lowering taxes and number of regulations that prevent businesses from prospering. that doesn't sound left any way be shape or form? >> the sad part of this, long history of france have a long history of not keeping promise. we don't know what macron or le pen will do. they feared le pen and because her stated positions are in favor of protectionism, higher benefits, social benefits for bankrupt country is not the way to go.
4:28 pm
shutting down almost all immigration which would be a mistake for a economy not at all growing, but ultimately leaving the european union or almost leaving the european union. this indicates to anyone in the investment community, france will stay in the european union, almost assuredly. david: you pointed out before we went on air, we have only two weeks. if marine le pen will dissuade all the people coming out for macron. she has only two weeks to do it in. >> last time we had local elections in france, two rounds, the national front, her party, got 28% in the first round. in second round they slipped back to 21%. i don't think le pen will slip back but i think her seal something at most 40%. that is what all the polls show. david: let me bring you back domestically. "wall street journal" is coming out with information that part of the trump plan is lowering corporate tax rate, one of the
4:29 pm
highest in the world down to 15% would put it at lower end, only ireland at 15%. if he sticks to his guns and we get a 15% corporate rate, i think we'll see the market rally again, don't you? >> trump also talked about middle class tax cut. what form that would take. even though corporate tax rates ultimately are borne by consumers and purchasers of good. the image is these are fat cat tax cuts. the political mix is important as economic mix what he announces. david: if you get a 15% corporate tax rate, earned deductions, a lot of corporations out there pay nothing because they have all these deductions but that would -- >> our current rates cause investment to leave this country. they cause corporate ceo headquarters to leave this country. they make it difficult for mergers and acquisitions. all the other countries in the
4:30 pm
world have advantages in doing business our companies do not because of high rates. david: hold your hat. i think we'll have another rally if they come out with that. john fund. pleasure to see you. melissa. melissa: u.s. and iran preparing to meet face-to-face. representatives from both nations meeting for the first time under the trump administration, president trump's 100th day in office quickly approaching and you will not believe how many of his supporters say they are sticking with him. wait until you hear that number. it is next. >> what folks don't realize we signed more legislation into law in the first 100 days than anybody in the last 50 years. we put out more executive orders than any previous administration in the last 50 years. ♪ things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial.
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david: stocks getting a huge boost from abroad with the major averages ending up more than 1%, well over 1%. no surprises from the first round of the french elections but that fueled a relief rally that pushed the dow to end up more than 200 point and the nasdaq to a brand new record close. look at that. melissa: all right. choosing to back the president again. 9% -- 96% of americans who supported president trump supported elections would support him today. erick erickson, sure gent editor christie setzer, new heights communications president.
4:35 pm
thank you both for joining us. christie, this to me isn't a flight of fancy, of people who voted for him and said oops. i regret it. >> no, they are sticking by him. pundits and pollsters said, trump hit the ceiling now. this core base of people support him but he will never grow it. that, was actually true but, that core base of people has stuck by him through thick and thin. he famously said shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and not lose votes and apparently that is true. melissa: erick, looks like he understood the marketing at that point basically saying that was annalgy for, i can, people who support me will stick by me. they are still doing that. does it make a difference how the economy performs over the long run, for example? would that impact this group that supports him so emphatically? >> well, i think so, if he has
4:36 pm
trouble delivering promises over time people could get dissatisfied with him as some democrats with barack obama. it will take a longlot of time fascinating number not getting enough attention, were the election held today, according to "washington post" poll he would win the popular vote and election. melissa: christie, that was interesting. it was buried in the end of the article. it wasn't in the article. he would still win head-to-head today. is that surprising to you? >> no. here is why not. that is phenomenon that is sort of interesting. when you go back after an election, six months later, the person who actually won the election tends to get a bump in polling in terms of people who actually said that they voted for him. maybe they. won with 48% of the vote, 52% of the people will tell you they voted for that person. do they miss remember or lying to voters not particularly uncommon to trump.
4:37 pm
melissa: that is interesting. i can see that point. get your take on this. 67% of americans say democratic party shut of trump with according to same people. this is according to "washington post/abc news poll." even bernie sanders thinks the party needs change. >> anyone who looks where the model of the democratic party is today, the model of the democratic party is failing. clearly the model of the democratic party needs to change. melissa: he is socialist. he is not actually in the party. i don't know about him criticizing them, what do you think? >> look at this fight over the mayor of omaha, nebraska, where there is a very populist democratic young guy running against someone. he unfortunately for the democrats isn't? sport of abortion rights. democrats want nothing to do with him overwhelming popular with bernie sanders constituency. even nancy pelosi had to rebuke the dnc chair saying there is no place for pro-lifers in the democratic party.
4:38 pm
when democrats go in on social issues they misread the 2016 election, just need to get more of their base out. hillary clinton won the popular vote because of california. they have to worry about steel mines, steelworkers and steel mills. melissa: christie, if you look at the ehe electoral map of the last, last election, look like democrats are party of california and northeast and new england and not much else. is that, was that a function of this particular election and these go candidates or is there a bigger problem with the party. what do you think? >> it is both, right. if you look at the way the vote split, for example, working class white men, traditionally, at least splitting their vote for democrats, really, really did not want to vote for hillary clinton of the was that just because she was a woman, i'm not sure. there is a lot of factors involved. but for whatever the reason that meant that, flipped vote in number of key states
4:39 pm
traditionally part of the democratic party. looking forward does that mean that if you have someone who is not a woman, that they would do better? maybe, if you have somebody not hillary clinton would they do better? you're talking about0,000 votes in three states -- 70,000 votes in three states. there is a lot of factors there. melissa: thank you, guys, appreciate it. >> thank you. david: u.s. tension with iran coming to a i will boil just as representatives of the reps of iran and u.s. meet face-to-face in vienna, to discuss iran's agreement with the west such as it is. rich edson, standing by at the state department. it will be coldest -- i know the diplomats are well-prepared, but despite the preparation this will be a cold meeting, will it not, rich? reporter: david this, is the first meeting they will have the u.s. substantially changed position on iran nuclear agreement. the u.s. announce ad 90-day
4:40 pm
review on the iran nuclear agreement. secretary of state rex tillerson says it represent a failed approach the same failed approach u.s. took to north korea. u.s. coming out of this 90-day agreement, it is uncertain exactly what the united states will do. you have the interim period where u.s. is adhering to the iran deal. tomorrow the signatories of the deal will meet to discuss whether parties are adhering to the deal. western allies for the united states, u.s., china, russia and iran. while the administration reviewing the iran nuclear deal, state department says for now it will continue to observe it. >> once we have finalized conclusions, then we'll be ready, we believe to better pleat the challenges that -- meet the challenges iran poses to the region. until the meeting we'll adhere to the jcpoa and insure that iran is held strictly
4:41 pm
accountable to its requirements. reporter: the difference in pro, the new approach for the administration, the obama administration treated iran nuclear deal and iran's other behavior, missile tests, jailing of americans, harrassment of u.s. ships as two separate items. as the iran nuclear deal under the current administration is looking to put them all in one large camp. that is ongoing right now, 90 days. they still have to talk about in vienna, david. david: using all diplomatic skills for the meeting. this will be a tough one to pull off. rich edson, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: the crackdown on sanctuary cities. the trump administration says one state is jeopardizing the public safety. plus don't forget tonight there is a whole new lineup on fox news. david: yeah. melissa: tucker carlson moves to the new time slot, 8:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the "the five," they're sliding to 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't want to miss it. what if technology
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melissa: showdown shaping up between u.s. attorney general jeff sessions and california attorney general xavier becerra, who have drawn over the trump administration drag down on illegal immigration. fox news's william la jeunesse standing by in los angeles with details how this became a showdown between california and the feds. tell us about it. reporter: well right now, melissa it is a war of words but when the feds try to claw back 20 million in grant money this will get more intense. here is the argument. feds want help deporting immigrant aliens. sanctuary cities like in california say that is not our problem. the feds say it is, when officials agree to accept federal grant money, you have to follow federal law. you loose the money. >> there is nothing extreme or unreasonable about that i urge
4:46 pm
our mayors and politicians listen to the law officers. let's work together, let's cooperate between the federal and state authorities. let's remove dangerous criminals from america. it only makes common sense. reporter: now to california attorney general javier becerra, who says the state is under no obligation to and objected from a letter asking sanctuary cities how they're not in violation of their contract by harboring illegal immigrants. >> we have been abiding by federal law for quite some time before jeff sessions became the attorney general. we're going to continue to abide by federal law and the u.s. constitution and we're hoping the federal government will abide by the u.s. constitution which gives my state the right to decide how to do public safety. reporter: california claims it abides by federal law. that is open to debate. president obama's inspector general identified california as
4:47 pm
a sanctuary state after lawmakers here passed two bills that prohibit officials from fully cooperating with i.c.e. but remember, melissa, the trump administration inot trying to turn local police into a deportation force as some critics claim. they only want them to communicate with i.c.e. when they ask for a hold or release date somebody held or booked after local crime, not an immigration violation. back to you. melissa: that point always gets lost in the story and it's a great one. william la jeunesse. thank you for ending on that note. david. david: president trump making a very long distance call to the international space station today, congratulating astronaut peggy whitson for breaking the record for the longest total time spent in outer space by an american astronaut, 534 days and counting. i can't imagine going two years without seeing blue sky, smelling the roses, good lord.
4:48 pm
god bless her. i'm glad somebody is willing to do it. i never -- melissa: what is it like to come back after that many? i can't imagine. can't imagine. david: pretty wobbly after a while. melissa: fox news is now learning that treasury secretary steve mnuchin council of economic advisors chief gary cohn, house speaker paul ryan, senate finance committee chairman orrin hatch and house ways and means committee chairman kevin brady will be meeting tomorrow night at the white house to talk tax reform. they're talking turkey. david: they're talking this, the little postcard, the little postcard. imagine doing your taxes on this? wouldn't it be wonderful? melissa: although my state and local tax deduction -- david: you can deduct state and local, if you live in new york. it would be tough. the aftermath of the french election. why our fox military strategic analyst says vladmir putin is biggest loser from the first round of the french result. >> north korea flexing its muscles. ambassador nikki haley
4:49 pm
responding to the latest threat from the rowing regime. lieutenant colonel ralph peters sounds off next. ♪ your insurance company
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david: north korea just warning the u.s. of a quote, super mighty preemptive strike, whatever that means. earlier threatening to blow up our carrier strike group with one, quote, mighty shot. all this leading u.n. ambassador nikki haley to say the following, take a listen. >> i think what you're seeing is, kim jong-un is starting to flex his muscles because he feels the pressure. what he said from the beginning, what i will continue to say, the united states is not looking for a fight so don't give us a reason to have one. david: lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. colonel peters, first of all
4:53 pm
they don't have the power to blow up a carrier task force, do they? >> they couldn't even find the carrier task force unless the chinese and russians gave them the intelligence. the north korean regime overall, not just kim jong-un are in something of a panic. they knew how to beat up on clinton, even bush and obama beat up on himself. now with trump, they don't know what to do. they're stunned. this guy is really sending carrier groups. b-2s are overflying. american nuclear armed submarine is docking -- david: let me give the news because i think this is brand new news. this comes from jennifer griffin from fox news. fox has confirmed with a well-placed military source, uss michigan, an ohio-class nuclear powered submarine will be in south korea. they say they're there for a hull check. they will be doing exercises
4:54 pm
with the carrier tack force, uss vinson and other destroyers. not only are we not just pulling intensifying pressure. >> you know what we're doi? we're doing something the spanish inquisition used to do. they didn't torture people immediately. they walked the people through the dungeon and showed them implements of torture, hopefully that would get them to confess right away. right now we're showing kim jong-un the implements of torture. david: but he is crazy, colonel. i am wondering if blows somed de shouldn't do in which case he would act? >> that is my concern. i say this again and again, we don't know what he doesn't know. kim jong-un may have a wildly inflated notion of his military capabilities because his generals will not say, oh, no, sir we can't do that, because they get killed. we're dealing with somebody who may be unbalanced, certainly,
4:55 pm
i'm sure he doesn't have objective view of power relationships involved. we can't, president trump to his credit knows this, we can't tolerate north korea developing a intercontinental ballistic missile whether it has a nuclear warhead or not. david: the big loser in the french election you say is actually vladmir putin. why, colonel? >> absolutely and it is wonderful. of the five, top five candidates out of len very, four were anthony american, anthony nato, antieu, pro-putin. one pro-eu, pro-u.s. capitalism and anti-putin, emanuel macron, came out as front-runner. he will defeat marine le pen in the runoff on may 7th. so putin, he poud in, even overtly, there was a loan of
4:56 pm
over $9 million to marine's national front and political party. we have no idea how much clandestine money went into the elections. putin waged a massive disinformation campaign, really was fake news. nonetheless, the one guy who stood up against putin is the guy who came out in front will be next president. by the way, david, putin after years of triumph is on a losing streak. he was shocked trump said in the cruise missiles. he couldn't do anything. we called his bluff. eu refused to lift sanctions. now you have this. could this be beginning of the end for putin? david: wouldn't be a bad thing. colonel ralph peters, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: better way to beat rush-hour traffic. how your very own flying car could be sooner than you think. ♪
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at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. >> traffic is such a handful. google cofounder larry paige's
5:00 pm
flying car project is about to be a reality. >> well, the aircraft can hit speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. is that all? as long as it's flying over water, the expected retail price is not yet available. i'm not impressed. i am not impressed. >> risk and reward starts now. [screaming] liz: harris is burning, the capitol of france in violent riots after selection sunday. mass rioters dressed in black hijacked a peaceful rally. they through stones and bottles at cops. smashed windows, set cars on fire. just like it's happening right here. remember this right after our


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