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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 25, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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i think the title of the book is "the big agenda." i'm just guessing at that. thanks for being with us. we appreciate you both being with us. joining us tomorrow, wilbur ross and kimberly guilfoyle. good night from new york. kennedy: a week of reckoning for republicans. will the white house and gop cop out on top? a major california university accused of trying to silence a conservative professor. and it's not that university. it's my beloved ucla and the professor is here to explain. is google a monopoly? if so should the government step in or let the market work pout the problem. hey, lawmakers, how was your dumb two-week vacation. if congress were a fire
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department, they just dropped the hose and walked away from a house fire. the children on capitol hill return to figure out the looming government shutdown further complicated by border wall spending. the wall was the centerpiece and now that it's thrust into spending legislation to fulfill a campaign promise, the president is in a damnd if you do, damned if you don't pickle. if he caves and takes it out, he's telling his supporters it was just a bunch of political clap trap. abandoning it is an act of betrayal. but democrats hate the wall and all it symbolizes. there is no way they will vote for anything other than sitting on their hands in protest. so how do you sweeten the deal? bribery.
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mick mulvaney wants to throw big money down a deep and hungry well by trading obamacare subsidies. >> we would offer $1 of csr payment for $1 of ll payment. kennedy: it's a bad offer. obamacare sucks and maintaining the subsidies won't get that corpse to rise and dance its paths off. the president knows the subsidized system needs to be flushed. so propping up a bad system is ransom to a politically toxic and expensive wall somehow makes it right? with the 100th day looming, the president has to pull off a miracle to keep at wall running. if he can pull it off it would be the most successful
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presidency in modern history. all the socialized medicine in america may not be enough to heal him. i'm kennedy. president trump and republicans have a lot on their plates. will the president have his first big legislative victory in tim carney is visiting fellow at the american enterprise institute. let's talk about this spending plan to head off the big government shutdown. what do you think the likelihood is there is wall money in that legislation? >> it's an indication of what i warned during campaign. trump is going to take on the lobbyists because it's such a
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deal maker is actually going to go ahead and give them what they want. here he's giving the insurance lobby and democrats what they want to get what he wants. but when you look at the history of government shutdowns, where they settled was normally the deal that had the fewest side deals. in the end what they agree to is something that doesn't have a special rider on shutting down obamacare. in this case the wall funding is an add-on, it's a tack-on that white house wants to put there. so it makes it a tough climb. they would like to settle on a cleaner bill. so the deck is stacked against the white house. >> does the president fake wall funding out and say have mexico pay for it? this is something marco rubio suggested.
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it off now and tack tell it in 2018 when they have healthcare, tax reform and the shutdown all figured out. or democrats say we love subjects does and big government and we hate the idea of stopping government for any reason, especially when we can spend more money, so who today it late? >> the democrats don't fear government shutdown. it's always sort of blamed on republicans for one reason or another. you can say media bias. or people are more sceptical of republicans. but they have the white house, the senate and the congress. sow it will be difficult to convince peopled the democrats failed. if you read your copy of "the
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art of the deal," it says you have to be willing to walk away from the table. kennedy: nancy pelosi said they have all the expose our, we have all the leverage. republicans need democrats. what do you think the chances are they pass legislation making mexico pay for the wall. >> i don't think mexico is going to pay for the wall, i don't think government is going to shut down. then we play this great game in a month or six weeks. kennedy: let's talk about healthcare. there is talk the two sides of the freedom caucus and the tuesday group, that they have come together and figured out some of the provisions in the healthcare bill. what are its chances in the next week or two? >> they have broad framework.
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but there have been lots of broad framework agreement. and every time the rubber meets the road there has been a big problem. enough of these moderate democrats don't want to reveal obamacare. and they will under mine any deal that comes their way. any agleement african falls apart as soon as it's put on paper. kennedy: tino my dress is blending into the background. in the meantime a pair of polls out suggest president trump is the least popular president at the 100-day mark of any since the 1930s. his approval hovering in the low 40s. he has been battling low poll
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nuers since day e anhe don't care. but this little chestnut. if the election were held today. the president would still beat hillary clinton 43-40%. that's important because clinton beat trump in the popular vote. why is it voters still shade hillary clinton. author of "american life." get her book today. robbie and michael malice. welcome back, everyone. great to have you. so robbie, hillary clinton is still losing. here is someone who has gone away. she hiked her own trail in rhode island which is difficult to do, she is wearing handsome caftans,
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and you would think time away from the public would sweeten the appetite of voters. >> she is losing support. but how do we know. maybe they are just waiting for chelsea. kennedy: then people have given up and they assume we are not going to be here in six months. >> katy perry just came out with a line of pumps inspired by her. she is deplorable and disgusting. the fact that they are trying to prop up this mummy's daughter. hearing things come out of chelsea's mouth is like eating oatmeal with a toenail clipping in it. >> a lot of americans fall in this middle grounds that's
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confuse together media. the media things everyone either hates trump or has drunk the kool-aid. a lot of people don't like a lot of it but he's bert than the alternative. than that doesn't compute for a lot of the media. kennedy: he may be an unpopular president. but only 2% of the people who voted for him have remorse about that vote. it's not about him. it's not about a political personality as much as people are desperate and they are hoping this guy has a solution to some of their problems. >> i think that's true and and lot of people are missing that. people aren't that simple. a lot of us have varying degrees of support with whoever is in office. we can stop trusting the follows with the election. we use them make the news, not report the news.
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you can find polls that are supportive of it and not supportive of it. it's interesting to look at it. kennedy: maybe polls don't mean anything because every single one was wrong. the showdown with north korea getting worse by the hour and the day. the from spoke with the leaders of china and japan amid word the communist nation is looking to make a splash by testing another nuclear weapon. north korea has reportedly arrested an american professor. north korea is now holding three american citizens who are hostages of this rogue regime. michael malice one spent time in this country and i know you do a lot of reading and talk with colleagues you met with over there. how does the united states go about getting back the three citizens.
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>> they are hostages. wet laura ling was there, president clinton had to get on his knee and kiss kim jong-il's ring. they boast about their techniques. >> i don't believe was serving hard labor. the kid who stress passed and stole a portrait. everyone who has gone the out of north korea and had been detained has talked about how well they have been treated. and the guards use them for a source of information about the outside world. kennedy: let's talk about the nuclear showdown. this is a different situation we have seen in the middle east because north korea is being
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very provocative in word and action. is the united states justified in talking about defense? too i'll make a correction to what you said in the opening. they no loer identify as communist. they are a military first country. they think the only way they survive is through the military. as we are escalating, this is a brinksmanship we haven't seen since the bay of pigs under the kennedy administration. here it' the u.s. and the other continent super power china against the little country with the nukes. kennedy: cuba is crazy, though. >> the fact that north korea has been around longer than the soviet union shows they are stable. they are making everyone else crazy and dance to the tune of their drum. this is unprecedented. we have never seen anything like
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this escalate in north korea's history. i'm freaking. >> economic sanctions, military might, or diplomacy. and it's obvious the only one of those we want to engage in is diplomacy. i'm sceptical economic sanctions would help a situation where most of the people are starving anyway. so what do sanctions accomplish there. we should talk to the regime and try to get our hostages home preferably on a plane flight that is not united. kennedy: what message should we be sending through the swedes. >> the first thing, talk about brinksmanship, that is north korea. they will continue to push the line until we fight back. it seems reasonable to me they throw up this failed missile attack. i could be wrong, but it seems like for somebody who is trying
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to show power, now they need to do something else. we have never negotiated with terrorists. i don't think that's the way we need to handle north korea. they are like the little kid or bully on the playground. then we teach them, if you amp it up enough, eventually you get a response from us. kennedy: the panel returns. first ann coulter gets an unlikely ally. i'll talk about the assault on are you done yet? does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer
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kennedy: the battle over free speech on campus has gone the so out of hand that even bernie sanders is defending ann coulter. she was supposed to speak at berkeley this thursday and the university canceled it citing security concerns, now it's been rescheduled. bernie sanders is slamming berkeley saying coulter has a right to speak her mind. at my beloved alma matre a battle over free speech has
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erupted between the school and one of its most popular professors. he claims the university is block students from enrolling in his class. why is the administration targeting you? >> because i'm a right-leaning person. i teach my classes in a balanced format, which means if we are talking about the concept of trigger warnings, i don't use trigger warnings. i will ex klain to my students i believe they are antithetical to the notion of academic freedom. on a topic like that which the liberal administration, some people call them social justice warriors as the sims symptoms did in a spoof of what we are discussing, these balance
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discussions which don't tow the liberal orthodoxy aggravate and infuriate the administration. kennedy: now they are targeting you with a very specific review. from what i am gathering, they contacted some of your detractors and left out some of your supporters. and the literature they are comprising to get a portrait of why or why not you should continue on campus. are you worried for your job? >> my actual job is being a lawyer. so if you are asking am i worried about teaching at ucla, no. it's already rigged. i expect in a week or two they will throw me out of ucla. i don't worry about it. i can only control the situation so much. i can only expose the situation
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that's happening. i'm doing this because i believe firmly in students right to prespeech and other teachers rights to free speech. back to your comment. what's happening to me. the whole public should be june set including bernie sanders. this is not a left or right issue. students and teachers are entitled to free speech and basic due process. of the 8,000 students i taught at ucla i would guest 7,990 think highly of me. kennedy: the 10 tude they allowed to railroad you because you don't fall in lock step with this lefty fascism. i graduated from ucla10 years ago, and it wasn't like this. w can you stophirt of environment from connuing? what can be done so these institutions which are supposed
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to expose student to alternative points of view, how can they regain some of their rationale? >> i'm much older than you are and you are correct, when i was a student i watched hoagie carmichael speak on campus. that's why i'm fighting so strongly with these principles. unfortunately with ucla you can do very little. there are 100,000 students that try to get into ucla he year. the brightest student will come to ucla no matter what. donors can cry out, student can up and support me. students can stand up and support me. but there is very * little that can be done to pressure ucla. kennedy: do it through the alumnae association. for those of you who graduated
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from schools that are now giving in to what the professor calls this foment of docky. feel free to with hold your money and see if that changes the system at all. it absolutely should. maybe there is something to be said to withholding federal funding from places that do not honor and allow students to be exposed to free speech. professor fink, thank you very much. appreciate it. kennedy: new dnc chair tom perez says all democrats must be pro-choice. but some big names on the left don't agree.
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you. kennedy: more about bernie, leave it to bernie sanders to cause infighting among democrats. the vermont senator is backing the democratic candidate for mayor in omaha, nebraska? what's the problem? the candidate as you see there happens to be pro-life. dnc chairman tom perez is having none of it, saying all democrats should be pro-choice. but when house minority leader nancy pelosi was asked about it, she says should democrats be worried that they didn't get on the same page over an issue so close to their hearts?
12:29 am
joining me now, katie pavlich. what's up? welcome back. let's talk about this a little bit. normally these abortion missteps are the realm of republicans. it's rare for democrat to fall out of line with each other on one of their favorite issues. katie: nancy pelosi is lying when she says democrats can be pro-choice and still remain in the party. it's not just that they are pro-choice. they are viciously pro abortion. they can't even detail any reasons why there should be restrictions on abortions. they argued in their party platform repeatedly that women are entitled to an abortion until they walk out of the hospital with their kid. the majority of americans believe there should be restrictions on abortions after 20 weeks.
12:30 am
but in terms of the unity tour, i would say it's going pretty badly when you have democrats falling off the train on the issue that it's been solid for the democrats since the 1970s. the president of naral says democrats who are pro-life are anti-choice. they want to disallow women to be able the choose when and how they have children. katie: i think bernie sanders would disagree. i find it interesting that liberals are always accusing conservatives of focusing on social issues that don't belong in the government realm and here we are with bernie sanders back someone who dairs to fall off the thinking and the plantation of how you should think on the left about abortion with no restrictions at all. and he's getting heat for it. but they need to realize bernie sanders is one of the most popular politicians in the country, and he's the one
12:31 am
leading the democratic party, not tom perez or nancy pelosi. kennedy: or howard dean. he said hate speech is not protected by the first amendment. even bill maher had to come out and say what are you talking about? it was bernie sanders house like i may not agree with ann coulter but let her speak. and bernie is supporting a candidate for mayor who is a state senator voted for abortion restriction in his home state. katie: it comes down to money it come down to the abortion lobby spent by groups like planned parenthood which gets $500 million of your tax money every single year. she'll spend money on democrat campaigns. they have emily's list which is a liberal group that only supports women candidates who are pro-choice, who are for abortion up to 9 months.
12:32 am
they will have an issue if they start getting off of this one. this is something that held the party together. it shouldn't matter. younger generations are more pro-life based on science than their older predecessors. kennedy: the abortion rate for younger people has been going down for years. nancy pelosi has to do some backtracking. there are a lot of catholic democrats going wait a second, what are you talking about? don't tell me i have to be no choice because and your fellow fascists have couple with some creed i don't agree with. coming up. what seems to be a worldwide trend for traditional politicians were left out in the cold in the french presidential election. is president trump part of the trend?
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kennedy: american voters aren't the only ones sick of the establishment politicians. voters in france ousted both major parties during yesterday's election and set off an election between the centrist that emmanuel macron and marine le pen. one thing they both represent is a major shift from the status quo. is anti-establishmentism an electoral fad or a sign of things to come for the rest of the world. joining me is robbie soave and michael malice.
12:38 am
it's a wonderful phrase michael moynihan came up with. google scholars. everyone rise an expert. >> what should i think about the french elections? kennedy: i think a lot of people have heard of marine le pen because she is kind of the donald trump of france. she is a restrictionist, she is not a fan of immigration or free trade. what about this other guy who married his high school drama teacher? >> her coalition does compose actual marine le pen's, actual communists. where macron's is someone who is a socially liberal progressive person who left the socialist party because he's more business friendly than the rest of the left. that's something that me, a libertarian can get behind.
12:39 am
>> the hollande socialist party was doing so well in the polls. we have seen this before. kennedy: would he be a bert ally for the u.s. and le pen? >> sure. he's a globalist. we have seen this before with austria. they had the green party and the neofascist candidates. but we are seeing all over europe, the labour parties are giving way to the green party. kennedy: so if le pen pulls off an unlikely victory what does it say about the state of political affairs in the world? >> the traditional parties were upset. when you realize terrorism is a problem. it's not going anywhere. socialism is good for some people in some ways, but overall
12:40 am
it's good. you want to upturn the apple cart. you want to say i don't know the solution, i don't think any of us know the solutions. so we want somebody else. in france in particular i think emmanuel macron is going to win. >> it's funny watching everyone who got the trump-clinton election wrong saying no way marine le pen can pull it out. >> she is mind 20 points. kennedy: president obama back from his south pacific holiday with oprah and bruce springsteen and other famous commies. he met with at-risk students for an event build on a conversation on civic engagement. >> the single most important
12:41 am
they can i can do is help in any way i can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton. and to take their own crack at changing the world. kennedy: with the former president's first appearance since leaving office, and what many believe is only the beginning of a new campaign to boost his party and preserve his legacy like a jar of jam. but is it time for him to take out his jersey? i don't think so. i am sick of listening to him speak already and i only listened to four minutes of it. >> in all seriousness wouldn't you rather obama be lecturing stupid young kids than hillary clinton waging her -- wagging
12:42 am
her finger at you from the white house? >> he was president for 8 years. there were policies he could have implemented to do things for the at-risk youth of chicago. he could have taken care of the drug war. kennedy: it's ruffled you have. his former henchman rahm emanuel is in charge and he's not doing a great job. >> he had all the power to work with recall to do something. >> you can go in and talk to the youth, that's great. i think it's nice and refreshing to say he's going in to listen. i don't know that i believe it. i think he said forever his goal toys show everybody why would the democrats believe it's right which totally irritates me. it's suppose to be the people push the information touch and they represent us.
12:43 am
and life goes on. kennedy: maybe that's why bernie sanders said the democratic party is in shambles and not functioning well. coming up, the answer to a question, just google it. some critics think the search engine giant is too much of a monopoly. what percentage of americans use google for their searches? the answer. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit.
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kennedy: before the break i asked what percentage of americans used google for their searches. the answer, it's only 64%. google reportedly has an 88% market share in search advertising. an article from the "new york times" ask is it time to break up google. here to explain why google is not a monopoly and discuss his own personal search history, it's jonathan hoenig. there he is.
12:48 am
he's the founder of the capitalist pig hedge funds. >> they want to come in and break up google? they are going to have to pry this out of my cold, dead hands. i remember as a kid my parents bought an encyclopedia britain qua today for $2,000. kennedy: the new york sometimes is saying before the search engines and internet companies like to facebook, microsoft and amazon and google came to be, people actually read newspapers. now readership is down and they have had to fire journalists.
12:49 am
>> we had to fire elevator operators. we mad to fire pullman porters. remember asking jeeves? this is the nature of a come gettive free market. we should welcome monopolies. they are earned. prices go down and quality goes up. it was the same thing with standard oil. rock ferrell had 80% to 9 some% of the market. google earns it, leave them alone. kennedy: jonathan, isn't government the only thing that can create a monopoly? >> if the government wants to get into breaking up of
12:50 am
monopolies, what about amtrak? that's a government monopolies. the government month moply has lost money every year since it was created. look at uber. look what it has done to the taxi cab monopoly. the on monopoly is government. and it's by the use of force. kennedy: i think its many interesting. there is still competition out there. if you come up with a better platform and you are more capable of using technology to everyone's advantage and you can market it, you can compete with any and all of these companies. >> and have to continue to innovate. the major tech companies, facebook, amazon, google. they have had to continue to innovate. google is almost unrecognizable
12:51 am
from when it first started. it continued to innovate. that's the nature of a free market or free society. when someone suggests the government should come in to figure out the monopoly. only person hurt is the individual consumer. you want to go back to the world before google? crazy. kennedy: i don't want to go back to a world that didn't allow me to have technology at my fingertips. the whole world is here in my phone. coming up, starbucks finally found a customer who likes the unicorn frappuccino.
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there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. fixodent plus adhesives. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. kennedy: did you lose big money betting the french election? the following five stories won't get the bookie off your back. but they will give something to enjoy before you sell your flat screen at the pawnshop. topic number one. the starbucks unicorn frappuccino set the country on fire last week, upsetting the customers buying them and the art may joars making them. but a sacramento animal shelter is doing its part to take the
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reportedly stretching a jogger. now he's running people over on twitter. nugent shot back that crosby was a lost soul. now the entire internet has cat fight fever. now we have mr. tambourine man. maybe they can share a unicorn frappuccino and work out their feeling. just when you saw airline passengers couldn't suffer anymore, travelers on a delta flight got an impromptu performance from kenny g. kenny g, no relation to warren g agreed to a charity performance after passengers raised $2,000.
12:58 am
the concert lasted just over 2 minute before an american airlines flight attendant knocked him uncoous with a stroller. topic number 4. mcdonald's unveiled their new unicorn over the weekend. twitter was quick to unleash a super sized trashing with many calling it the sign of the dystopian future is upon us. the company says they were designed for comport and functionality. i agree they are not best. but if you think the uniforms are disturbing you have never seen the inside of a mcnugget. topic number 5. if you were hang out in colorado over the weekend and thought you
12:59 am
saw a dinosaur ski into a swimming pool, well, for once it wasn't just the weed. thousands of people gathered at the pond skimming contest where they eat, drink and fish drowning skiers out of the pool. he was attempting to jump across the pond. but he went out like sully sullenberger. though his pride did take a hit fromming to dress in a dinosaur costume. investigators say the man could have avoid his fate if he had only studied in high school. god rest his soul. that consider was matt damon. thank you for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram, and facebook.
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