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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 25, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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.. watch disney channel presents the 2017 rdmas. april 30th on disney channel. i appreciate your support, here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, let's get the week underway. democrats tonight threatening to shut down the government rather than approve funding for president trump's border wall and a government spending bill. lawmakers have until friday night to pass funding legislation that would keep the government open. attorney general jeff sessions today made his case for the wall saying that if democrats blocked funds voters should blame the dims for the resulting government shut down. >> the system works that whenever the government is shut down, people blame the republicans. let me tell you, if will be
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the democrats that shut this government down to block the fun funding of the wall. lou: on fox news sunday, mick mulvaney called on democrats to compromise. >> we're asking for our priorities, and personally we're offer -- importan personally wore offering their priorities as well. we have offered to open the discussion to give democrats something they want to get something we want. lou: sounds reason able. but democrats refuse to fun the wall, and have made it clear they prefer to leave the border with mexico wide open, no matter how many deadly drugs are smuggled across that board, and no matter how many americans are killed. to discuss the president's request for $1.5 billion to fund the wall, threats from democratic leaders to shut down the government.
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congressman louie gohmert, a member of house. >house judiciary committee. let' start with this warm embrace on part of mick mul mulvaney. in whatever that i want to trade for that is a nice approach. does not seem to be anything that we're used to over past administration. >> we were not used to it with past administration. two administrations ago, the bush administration. he would enjoy anything that bush would be hospitable and provide, and walk out to the microphone call bush everything in the books. a lot of democrats do that i don't expect to see anything
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different from what people did democrats did. lou: congressman, i know you well. you are not a cynical person. you are a man, a big heart, big mind. we have big things to get done. >> we do. lou: and republicans come together on this. what do you think? $1.5 billion for a little -- we'll call this a barrier, some sort of obstacle, if not a wall. >> we can compromise -- we can finesse that. obama would take money that was geared for one thing and use it for something else. i don't advocate doing that. but there so much money in the budget that can be used, we have to make sure he has what he needs, he said, that we would build a wall, and mexico would pay for it. some people say, why does he need money, he didn't say when. like the bible god said if you
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ask for wisdom i'll give it, but he never said when. i have been asking since i was 6 years old, some things take time. i think that is the way with the wall, we'll build it and i can for antiyou trump will -- i can ga guarantee. trump will keep his word. listen there are 10 democrats in the senate that are straining because they are pulled one direction by schumer but pulled another by wanting to keep their seat. lou: we know how that pull works out. let me if you, we're talking about the physics for being a congressman. the house is controlled by the republican party. , so i hear. >> is it? lou: senate controlled by republicans. i believe it now that neil
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gorsuch has been confirmed. why should we have to worry about the government being shut down, why not just pass legislation. get it moving? straight away? >> i'm hoping that is what we'll do. i do think it is nice to reach out to offer an olive branch. i don't think that obama had the right approach, he and henry waxman saying. >> woe, you and i -- >> what? lou: i get a kick out of you. >> i think the world at you. lou: right back at you, but you go back to henry waxman. >> a contrast. that is the way they did it. we didn't need your votes, we don't want your vote, we don't care what your input is. this is not the way it should be. i am grateful mick and others
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are reaching out, let's reason together. that is the way we ought to do it. it is good to have a discussion, good to come together. some are accusing us on obamacare was not willing to come together. i could tell you we would have a deal already if leadership would not keep running in saying, no, no, the moderates and conservatives condition reaccan't reach an agreement. lou: what is your speaker doing? paul ryan is nose diving in the polls. the american people don't think much of him. what are you doing with this speaker? he has betrayed this president, defied the agenda, the american and voters who put him in the white house. he is acting irrationaly. >> he thinks, apparently, this bill obamacare so-called repeal, was a good bill.
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but the trouble is, it's not. it's not near as good as the one we did two years ago. i don't know why we didn't go back there. lou: i don't want to litigate it. but i want to know what you are doing with a speaker who defies president. and makes conference that republican conference look like you folks lost your minds to put up with him, and call him a leader. he is the american people are telling you in poll after poll. there it is, he is viewed negatively. he has been nose diving, american people are not as dumb as he thinks they are. >> i hope we'll be able to be allowed to come to an agreement on obamacare. it is not going to be a repeal.
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we have to bring down premiums. lou: not a repeal? wait a minute. wait a minute. president campaigned on repealing it. people can't vote on them. >> they come up with, whoever it -- it wasn't trump's idea to have three buckets, he was told this is best way to get it through congress. lou: folks don't know what you are talking about, there were 3 phases to come to a sensible conclusion on obamacare, which is exploding. >> all we had to do is do what we did two years ago, and let free markets work. from antitrust laws. you have one monopoly. lou: we have such find small
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pickings talking about good themes that hav things that have been done with obamacare. >> i think we'll get a deal done, and we are going to get a deal done on taxes. lou: i hear you, i hear you. i appreciate it. >> i think we will. lou: but i just, i am not getting excited yet. >> it will happen. lou: you got it, great to have you. >> great to be with you. lou: we're coming right back with much more stray wit stay with us. >> industr treasury secretary mnuchin said that the tax plan will help middle america and business. >> president's agenda.
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first 10 100 days at ridiculous. before saturday president is planning on signing four more executive orders, president trump already signed 25 executive orders compared to 19 for president obama, 11 for george w. bush, 12 for bill clinton. and president trump is signed 28 laws compared to 14 for obama. 7 for bush, 22 for clinton. that about stacks it up for us on th on the01 hyundai thing -- 100 day thing. we'll find out when treasury secretary mnuchin said that administration is focusing on three major priorities.
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>> middle income tax cut, a priority of the president's. simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large post card. business tax reform, we need to makings taxes competitive, and we're expecting with doing that we'll bring back trillions of dollars from offshore. lou: sounds like a plan, but not good enough yet. joining me to discuss the busy week ahead for this president and congress, mollie heming way, and michael goodwin. mollie, i can only imagine your, excitement at 11in at learning more about tax reform plan. >> i am really excited. it is a big reason why our economy has been sluggish for obama's 8 year term.
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this is a big part of the trump agenda to get the economy moving, growth above 3%. i am surprised that he is including a middle class tax cut, that could be a big deficit buster. lou: surprised? >> there should be broad bipartisan consensus on corporate tax rate, i think you will see a lot of resistants for democrats, maybe it is an opening bid. lou: i think that middle class ought to go ballistic if there is no tax cut. it has been shrinking, if president in focusing on middle class, those jobs and those wages have been sta stagnant. >> i think that is a part of it. i think also has to be part of
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a package to get buy in for the corporate tax, which democrats will resist. i think it is going to be a long slog. they are doing it wednesday. but i don't think they will give us more than he said. lou: i think mollie may have outlined it every bid as well as secretary might aspire to do. it could be largest tax cut in personal income rates you know, ever. i just have a hard time understanding how with 20 trillion dollar national debt, have a billion trade deficits,
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we know we're going above that in budget deficits over next 5 years. this is a tough time to say i want my 15% corporate tax cut, of which i respect. but it will be tough in terms of fiscal policy in achieve. >> it is very important that people understand our high corporate tax rates are globally unhappened they are corps. >> they can just pick up and go elsewhere that helped all voters, all people who are beneficiaries of a thriving economy, our economy has been slow sluggish. i don't think that people care that much about deficits as much as i do. but a middle class tax cut would be explosive to deficit.
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lou: michael is nodding his head in animated agreement. i am reserving mine. >> i think that the elephant in the room is congress. mnuchin has said, he doesn't believe anything will get through congress this year. but lou, just, i think that trump has a lot to point to. but the failure to repeal obamacare. i agree with you on failure of paul ryan's leadership. does not bode well for anything that president is pushing. >> if they don't replace this speaker. for one of a better word, they will be in real trouble. they have enough without having to put up with a speaker who is -- has gone rogue. and suffering from delusions of grandure.
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>> he is also mia where has he been. lou: he has been pursuing his foreign policy, in europe straightening things out. whatever his aspirations are or realized will be set in place, the man has lost it, no question. mollie, something not discussed in terms of corporate tax rate often is the effective tax rate, it is about 17%. i think that administration is running a huge risk of over selling the impact of a cut even to 15% i in tact cut and has -- tax cut and has to be i would hope they be careful here, they are not going to be able to make much headway for reasons and you and michael have outlined. i see all sorts of trouble created in the house where they are not ready to lineup.
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>> i do think that we'll see news on healthcare, and fact that paul ryan has been quiet may be a good sign, given how poorly he handled that first rom out. lou: do you think that this man learns anything. >> i hope so. lou: we can join in hope. i'm told we have to wrap. >> president trump has made it clear he would like health care taking care of before they deal with tax roll out, it is important to get those savings, then we can pay forward on these corporate tax rates. marginal tax rates are still cartoo karicar -- high. >> word. lou: shy i she is right about corporate rate. >> i think that president will have a hard time getting anything through congress that
4:22 am
makes a difference to middle class that will be the rub, and so, i predict. lou: he got elected building a wall, elected saying america first and elected saying that american worker will no longer be the for forgotten man. i don't care about tax reform or any other part of that agenda, as long as he focus ons that he will be here 8 years and much more. that is the beauty of it, mollie heming way. and michael goodwin thank you. >> vote in our poll, if dems refuse to under the wall would you blame them in government shuts down as a result? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs or follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram. on wall street stocks soaring after so-called centrist, in europe that would be a communist, emmanuel macron pulled in highest number of
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votes in first round of french presidential elected. by 2 percent. dow up 216 on all of that. if you believe so-called analyst. sis&p up 25, volume on big board 3 .5 billion shares. european stocks surged. listen to my reports three time a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, the fight to build the border wall, subject of my commentary. attorney general sessions calling on state officials to complete with national immigration laws. >> there is nothing extreme or unreasonable, i urge our mayors and politicians to listen to our law offices, let's work together and cooperate, and remove
4:24 am
dangerous criminals from america. >> hell of an idea, isn't it? follow the law. what in the world? his no idea that jeff sessions would make such a radical attorney general. did you? many states are refusing to follow the law. follow the law. we'll have a full report on
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lou: a heated standoff between the nation's top law enforcement official and the attorney general of the state of california. attorney general jeff sessions acueding him of jeopardizing public safety with his sanctuary city policies. william lajeunesse with our report. reporter: los angeles, ground zero in the war over cities that refuse to hand over criminal aliens. >> you said years ago you would see 100 people a night on a
4:29 am
friday from l.a. county jail, now what do you see? >> 5-75 for an entire work. >> this detention facility processed thousands of illegal aliens for deportation. but now according to i.c.e. most get released to the streets instead. >> here is a criminal alien, someone we can use our unique authorities to remove them from the community and ultimately remove them from the country. and again there are law enforcement agencies that are just letting them go. >> it's nothing extreme will saying if someone comes to our country unlawfully and commits a crime, another crime in the country, that they should be deported. reporter: sanctuary yours decks say immigration is not their problem. >> they have the responsibility
4:30 am
to enforce immigration law. we are not in the business of deportation, they are. reporter: jeff sessions said when they accepted federal grant money they agreed to follow federal law. >> state and local government cannot bar their police and law enforcement officers from sharing information from the federal government. reporter: that sharing occurs when inmates get booked into jail. finger print are transported to i.c.e. >> we can move anywhere we need to whether court of public opinion or court of law that we are protecting our people. reporter: sessions has given california and state able wary cities a june deadline to prove they are not in violation of federal law. lou: protect our people, he said.
4:31 am
an odd choice of words. the youth is no longer a sanctuary nation, not one the bush and obama administrations tried to create. president trump's executive orders and policies have been influential in cutting illegal immigration by 70% the past two months. now the trump administration is making prelip nary funding for the border wall a stop budget priority. mr. trump tweeted this saying the wall is a very important tool in stopping drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and many others. if the wall is not built, which it will be, the drug situation will never be solved the way it should be. jeff sessions point together economic benefits of a secure border. >> it will save us billions of dollars. the numbers of people coming will be reduced dramatically.
4:32 am
the number of drugs entering our country will be reduced. we are going to get fee out of the country to these cub tries that aren't taking them back. it's going to save us hundreds of millions, billions of dollars. lou: each year mexican drug cartels rake in $64 billion in prove fits from sale of drugs. latin american drug cartels blamed for the 52,000 plus deaths from drution drug overdoses in 2015 alone. the trump administration appears to designate ms-13 as a
4:33 am
terrorist organization. the white house wants $1.5 billion in the new spending bill for the wall. attorney general sessions says we can pay for that wallaby eliminating $4 billion a year in inappropriate and sometimes fraudulent tax credits going to illegal immigrants. $4 billion a year. the cost of open borders has reached outrageous proportions and it would be rising even further if americans hadn't elected donald trump. and if the dems are willing to shut down the government and leave our borders open to the smuggling of illegal aliens, drugs and terrorists unimpede, then the dems are doomed to
4:34 am
perpetual irrelevance in my opinion and the shame for leaving our great nation defenseless. the quotation of the evening comes from jeff sessions. donald trump is right. we need to end the cycle of hostility putting our country at risk. the wall is a multiplier in my judgment of force and the most efficient protection for our country, that barrier along the border with mexico. it's time to build it. we are coming right back. president trump calls on our allies to help stop the rising north korea environment nuclear threat. we take all of that up with ambassador john bone on.
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lou: joining me now, former ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor. ambassador john bolton. let's put up the map of the carl vinson attack strike force that is now in the philippine sea as a result of the provocations
4:39 am
moving -- the president moving this strike group into position in this we understand it now there will be in position to execute whatever their orders are from the * within a matter of days. your thoughts first on all of the saber rattling. i know that's a trite way to say the north koreans are trying to do something with their nuclear base. john: people speculated about a 6th nuclear test. that could be coming up in the next few days. their ballistic missile tests have been aggressive. our top military analysts believe they are close to being able to put a miniaturized war head on a missile that can hit the united states. low. lou: all 100 senators asked to
4:40 am
be at the briefing at the white house wednesday. what are we to make of that? john: one thing you can say about the way trump is approaching this. he's trying to explain to people how serious this is. for 8 years obama's strategic patience doctrine meant he barely talked about the korean threat. i think whatever north korea has, iran can buy. though the ned challenge is on the korean peninsula, it has broader implications. this regime in north korea is not rational in our terms. they have done things before like landing commandoes on the shores of south korea. think do things a rational government would thought do. lou: the military option is practicable and successful, assured of success.
4:41 am
john: if we were concerned about a potential missile lifting off to hit the united states, the president would have no choice but to take it out. but the budget cuts put a heavy burden on us and the south koreans. lou: it's not the ideal time for the united states. john: that's why the pressure on china is important. lou: we keep talking about what we are doing with another country, putting pressure on them to do this or that. in the real world, pressure doesn't work. alignment of interest does work. you can incentivize a country like china, but you are not going to put pressure on them. the idea of sanctions that we are expanding, in syria, this is
4:42 am
getting preposterous. economic sanctions do not work. i am saying that baldly, fully to anyone's face who wants to continue to talk. we are listen together treasury secretary say they are impactful. they are not impactful. they haven't changed the coarse of history anywhere. john: they may or may not have. lou: no. john: i think you can say what they did in the iraq we are, the first persian gulf war, they demonstrated iraq was never going to withdraw from kuwait. lou: they demonstrate you need a military solution. john: on china the point you made earlier is important. china's interest here does lie have similar to ours in
4:43 am
reuniting the peninsula in a sensible fashion that eliminates north korea and eliminates its nuclear capability. that's being for diplomatic solutions as i always am, that's what i would shoot for. lou: please roll the video. a paddle boarder, there you see what he sees. getting the surprise of his life off the coast of malibu, california. face to back with a great whale. the whale so close his feet touched the head of the 40-on animal. f.b.i. director james comey set to testify on alleged russian interference in our election. chris farrell says the unmasking
4:44 am
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lou: joining us now for the latest on the obama spy scandal. chris, bring us up to date where you are with the lawsuit against the state department. the $5 million between u.s. aid within george soros' open society. let me say the word macedonia to make it intriguing for everyone. >> for some strange reason the state department decided george sorrow' open so spite foundation needed $5 million of around tax money, yours and mine and many others to basically use saul alinsky tactics to knock out the duly elected center-right government in macedonia.
4:49 am
they translated alinsky's rules for radicals into macedonia. they are training youth to go out on the streets and protest. usaid is funding an open society foundation on a soros foundation in macedonia using our tax dollars. lou: i'm surprised the left isn't all over this. this would be interference in an election by george soros and his open society. >> the hypocrisien irony is rich. lou: what is not rich is susan rice and the spy scandal of the obama administration. he gave his first speech in which he said basically nothing. but susan rice, the obama administration, we are looking
4:50 am
at the first closed door hearing from next week for the intelligence committees. is there any prospect that we'll learn any more about the scope, the scale of what was clearly an abuse of power within the obama administration? >> let me go back to my fast it song. grand jury. that's what i want to see, a grand jury. the hearings in congress are necessary and constitutionally obligate. their oversight obligation. but behind closed door sessions are one thing, the public sessions are really publicity stunts for the congressmen and also for the people testifying. lou: we know that the former ndi james clapper, john brennan,
4:51 am
both lied about the extent of surveillance on the part of the intelligence community. >> among other things. lou: in the case of john brennan, his agency was surveilling -- to me this one of the richest moments in if the obama administration -- spying on the senate intelligence committee. got away with lying by the, and now he's going back to talk to his friends on capitol hill. >> this is a domestic information operation where these guys get in front of this open session and they try tocast the narrative. they try to get the talking heads on television, and the writers to all agree on the mutually agreed upon lie they will try to sell the american public. lou: which they have done so well for so long. thanks to you and judicial watch. they get away with fewer than
4:52 am
they might have otherwise. lou: democratic national committee chairman tom perez discusses a lot. a lot of swearing and not so much unity. >> he called it a skinny budget. i call it something else that begins with "s." my mama taught me you shouldn't do spotty talk, but i hope you don't mind. this is a [bleep] budget. lou: just awful. david horowitz and nan hayward. so powerful, that profanity. looking sharp len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is...
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lou: our online poll, are you confident congress can come together to avoid a government shutdown? and 55% voted no. with big agenda." mainstream media will be all over me for that. and dr. nan hayward. let's start with, the -- nc's unity tour, tom perez kicking off with trump doesn't give an expletive about people.
4:57 am
that he has an expletive budget. what do you make of this guy? >> taupe perez proves the poverty of idea on the democratic side. the poverty of solutions which mirrors, working families in our nation. when they resort to name calling and profanity. he's worth listening to neither in for or substance. lou: they have given us neither unity nor gracious language. >> in my book "big agenda," i describe the democratic party as a party of hate. they deal in character assassination. anybody who disagrees with them is a racist, islam folk,
4:58 am
xenophobe, racist. they are just consumed by their hatred. tom perez is way off the left deep end. the democratic party -- terrorism -- the candidate opposed to the sanders candidate, ellison lost by only 13 vote. but the democratic party is the party of bernie sanders. he would have won the nomination if the crooked children tons hadn't fixed the primary. lou: most recent poll, 2/3 of americans see the democrats out of touch. nearly half of the deputies themselves. i have never seen one that across knowledged what has been so obvious to most of us. this is amazing. it's got to be a wind at the back of the republicans who
4:59 am
desperately need the boost here. >> they should capitalize on that. break the filibuster on closure passing laws in the senate. the american people crossed party lines to vote for trump because they want him to change what that party failed to do for us and did very badly, the damage they did. lou: the republicans control this government, the house, the senate, the white house, now we are talking about the possibility of a shutdown? what in the world are the republicans thinking? >> as you know, republicans march to the tune of their own drummers. unlike the democrats who march in lock step. so they -- the republicans are obstructionist, too, for trump. >> break the filibuster. lou: david, thanks again.
5:00 am
i think the title of the book is "the big agenda." i'm just guessing at that. thanks for being with us. we appreciate you both being with us. joining us a country in june 2 breaking news this morning. president donald trump kept up attacks acts telling me to come with the plan to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 15%. we will have the details and some reaction. good morning. i'm nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti did the president willing to hold up funding also in a zany 20 tariffs on canadian lumber. canadian lumber. we will have those details. nicole: yesterday's monster rally. 200-point in the french presidential election. earnings from five dow


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