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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  April 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i think the title of the book is "the big agenda." i'm just guessing at that. thanks for being with us. we appreciate you both being with us. joining us a country in june 2 breaking news this morning. president donald trump kept up attacks acts telling me to come with the plan to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% down to 15%. we will have the details and some reaction. good morning. i'm nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti did the president willing to hold up funding also in a zany 20 tariffs on canadian lumber. canadian lumber. we will have those details. nicole: yesterday's monster rally. 200-point in the french presidential election. earnings from five dow
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components. let's take a likely u.s. stock market futures. upper is continued. dow futures authority. s&p futures up three. train through the nikkei up another 1% in china. the shanghai composite continues to move lower. down 1% today. nicole: french voters chose outsiders to run for president. we will ask fox news contributor from the nigel farage about the future of friends. lauren: albertsons may be looking to buy a whole foods. the latest on that story. nicole: golden state warriors have a monster for the a monster fourth-quarter electricity for the portland trail blazers and the atlanta hawks. dig deep to even their series. we'll have highlights for you. lauren: thank you for joining us. five of 1:00 a.m. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. train to president trump wants
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to slash 35% and 15% and that means his tax and could increase the federal deficit. the president said to unveil his tax proposal tomorrow. treasury secretary steve mnuchin x-men and the object did. >> middle income tax cut, a priority of the president simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large postcard. business tax reform. we need to make business taxes competitive and we expect with doing that we will prevent trillions of dollars from offshore. lauren: meanwhile, the congressional committee says a 15% output lower revenue by $2 trillion over a decade that the treasury secretary mnuchin said the tax can plan would pay for itself.
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true to president chen may be up and disseminate government spending bill that does not include funding for the porter ball with mexico as negotiations continue between republicans and democrats over the partial government shutdown at the end of this week. white house press secretary sean spicer showing some confidence. >> obviously the money for military and order security part of the request and that is something the president's priority heading in the first ment helping. we feel very confident where we are headed. nicole: congress must pass a spending bill by the end of friday to avert a government shutdown. transit account administration to impose 20% tariffs on imports of canadian lumber. commerce secretary wilbur ross is a preliminary decision was made because provinces have been allowing loggers to cut down trees are produced rates and sell them at low prices. lumber is used to build homes that the u.s. imports more than
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$5 billion worth of lumber from its northern neighbor every year. canada says will protect litigation. secretary wilbur russell beale lou dobbs tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. train to welcome the canada man shot fired the first shot in a trade work. u.s. dairy has artificially lower to keep not imported from united to that of the country. 75 farmers in wisconsin receiving with the milk buyers dumping them because it is losing millions of dollars. jeff flock asked when dairy farmer what is going to do with cows that produce the milk year-round whether there's a market for it or not. >> we have until friday to find a home because saturday and sunday nothing gets done. the government needs to get involved very quickly. trade to farmers could be forced out of business.
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donald trump says canada is violating existing trade agreement. transfer the white house will do rare briefing for the entire u.s. senate on the situation in north korea. the reason will be conducted by secretary of state rex teller sin, jim mattis, dan coats and general joseph dunford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as tensions continue to rise over north korea's nuclear and missile tests with north korea reportedly holding nature like just about the anniversary of the military. a u.s. marine has also talked in south korea. trade to shedding light on the nuclear deal with iran. some of the iranian prisoners to sweeten the deal reportedly threat to national security. this is how president obama characterized them at that time. >> individuals are not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses. in one time gestures to a man given the unique opportunity in
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larger circumstances at play. >> reporting at least five actively helping the iranian military. one link to roadside bombs that killed hundreds of american troops in iraq. another accused of aiding 14 other international fugitives also dropped as part of the deal. lauren: to more death row prisoners have been executed in arkansas. check jones and marcel williams put to death within three hours of one another last night. in the first double execution estate has performed in 17 years. arkansas has carried out three executions in the span of five days all part of a last-ditch effort to execute prisoners for a drug used in the legal injection process fires 34th in minnesota to die this week. nicole: after global stock surge yesterday command that continues today. i'll appear as a nation the
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nikkei in japan up 1%. hong kong hang seng up 1.3%. shanghai composite index in china pales in comparison one 10th of 1%. korea's kospi up a full percentage point. lauren simonetti yesterday to trim six cac quarante ) under points. dax and germany has enough era. in the great nonetheless. featuring two durable goods on thursday, gdp on friday and 200-point game yesterday for the dow positive for april for stocks and dow futures this morning a 45 s&p futures at three. trade to oil is trading higher but below $50 a barrel. gold down $5. 12.71 at tryouts. nicole: a weak u.s. dollar against the euro and the like. the euro and you keep on stronger this morning while the
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canadian dollar, mexican peso japanese yen weaker against the greenback. over the operates in shopping list that the "financial times" reports a privately held u.s. supermarket company has held preliminary talks at baker's senate senate bid for whole foods. the news comes weeks after hedge fund took a nearly 9% stake in the high-end grocer and pushed it to consider possible sale among other management changes. the stock is up 18% so far this year. lauren: the company's initial offering is likely worth at least $5 billion less than previously suggested. officials working on the deal under scenario worth more than 1.5 trillion. the ipo is the centerpiece of a
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plan to diversify the economy away from oil. nicole: yahoo! ceo marissa mayer is not going to be part of the company's future. almost $4.5 billion. it is day to announce the leadership team today. melissa mayer and most of yahoo!'s top executives will not be included. meyer hardly leaves yahoo! empty-handed after five years. worth a total of $186 million. shares of yahoo! this past year of more than 28%. lauren: apple turning to some space engineers to help with this self driving car. a permit issued by the state of california shows that apple had
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nasa robotics experts among six apple employees will be in the front seat during testing of three suvs equipped self driving to elegy. the testing is crucial as it tries to catch up in the race to develop autonomous vehicles. apple shares at 36% in the past year. nicole: amazon involved in driverless technology pit the company has created a team to navigate its role in a shakeup of transportation. amazon quietly formed a team of a dozen workers more than a year ago as part of its broader ambition to transport more of its good. amazon apparently does not intend to build vehicles at this point but instead is looking how to leverage that. the project could help the company overcome a major hurdle delivering packages quickly. three m. is one of the stocks we're watching today. first quarter earnings continues. 77% or then expect it.
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free on the maker of scotch tape and post-it notes to report higher earnings from a year ago at higher revenue. one of five stocks set to report this morning. also year from dupont. asset sales required for the company to win approval to require chemical and caterpillar expected to report lower results by sluggish demand of the construction and energy industry. the company under pressure since march following a federal datalink to its overseas subsidiaries and its tax practices. nicole: coming up, president donald trump wants to slash the corporate tax rate to 15%. >> we need to make business tax is competitive and we expect to mean that we will bring back trillions of dollars from offshore. nicole: can a growing economy contain growing economy contain the deficit? economics professor brian brandenberg is with us. fox news contributor nigel
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farage cometh the man who led the charge from the european union a dow futures were to five points. s&p futures up to. nasdaq futures at seven. gold pulling back but we do have is the earnings to watch today. three m., caterpillar, dupont and pepsi technologies and valium. durable goods and also gdp. in some home sales. keep it right here on "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. lauren: good morning, everybody. 515 and many are great details attacks that are starting to emerge. he wants to slash the corporate tax rate all the way back to 15% return told staff he wants a massive tax cut side of the american people in the less important the plan loses revenue. the president set to unveil its text of our proposal tomorrow. sure may not tie funding to its border wallpaper "wall street journal" says the president is open to wait until next year. white house officials say it could clear the way for
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lawmakers to strike a deal to avoid government shutdown friday at midnight. the masters today may go shopping for shares of whole foods. the times is reporting the operator albertson is exploring a takeover of whole foods. the news comes weeks after hedge fund down for a 9% taken whole foods and is urging to look at a possible sale. the market after tremendous rally yesterday to not back to new heights. dow futures at 216-point game yesterday. teachers at 45. nicole: another record likely today. president donald trump has ordered his aides to draft a tax plan that flashes the corporate tax rate to 15% from 35% even if it adds to the federal deficit. joining us now to talk about this, professor brennenberg in business and finance at the kings college in manhattan. thank you for joining us.
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>> always good to be with you. nicole: let's talk about the tax plan the likelihood of this happening. >> we don't have the new tax plan yet. we will get some details on that tomorrow. we got from the president and saying i was 15% corporate tax rate. they cover 35% rate right now. more importantly he said i don't care about the deficit. that's important because it's basically a signal to house republicans say knock it off at the border adjustment tax. i don't want to raise taxes on anybody. this would be a clean, simple tax code. that will move it ahead even as it raises questions. >> this is something stephen mnuchin has said that the growth triggered by taxes will make up for the last revenue. what kind of growth are we looking at? >> you would need massive growth. this will cause the economy to
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grow faster and blunt the effects. it could be half a percent, maybe more than that. you need almost a percentage point more growth every single year for 10 years to pay for the tax cut. that is a very big deal. you would need something, unprecedented to make that happen. it is going to be less because of growth but this is not going to pay for itself. i'm okay with that. people do go back to work here we will deal with that in the backend. nicole: some of the voters might like that. people like that idea. but about the white house and the congressional republicans in particular? do you think they'll go along with these cuts? nobody wants higher taxes. >> well, the incentives are very strong to pass a tax cut now into its consequences later. they do think they are going to go through. they did something similar with george bush in 2001.
5:19 am
i don't see why they wouldn't do that again. they are going to grouse about it a little bit and they might moderate the personal income tax gave so you might see high income earners could have lower tax good year. at the end of the day they want the economy to grow, people to go back to work. they are going to prioritize that of the deficits because that's a short-term political win for them. >> is part of the campaign. brian brennenberg, chair of the program that business and finance at kings college here in new york here thanks for joining us. lauren: thanks for being with us. and monster first-quarter lead to a sweep of the portland trail blazers. the atlanta hawks dig deep to their serious. we will have those highlights of entertainment news. elton john canceling upcoming concerts. we are going to tell you why. 5:19 in the east. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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♪ lauren: love that song. in his own words and i'll tend john to be standing after brush with a rare and potentially deadly bacteria infection he contracted on tour in south
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america. the senior rushed back to the u.k. where he spent two days in intensive care resulted in the cancellation of bad performances scheduled to take place in las vegas and california the next two weeks. i'll tend john to make a full recovery is scheduled to be back on tour at the beginning of june. we wish them well. nicole: timeout for sports. both newspapers have done this to be without their head coach steve kerr has been out nursing the back. last night they stormed ahead with the fourth quarter and the portland trail blazers could not can check. kevin durant returned to the lineup after missing two games with a calf injury. first quarter he reject at the red and that leads to victory from south korea. the warriors 45 points in the first quarter ties the record and a playoff game. your brand drills a three pointer. the warriors to win there.
5:25 am
the blazers had to the western conference. they have been a hot string to the dairy theories fourth quarter paul millsaps sidestepped into the top layer to drop and also docile as well. add managed to go with the offensive rebound and get that because down. a win in the series is tied at two. box of raptors game five. verse quarter gets to steal. tivo software for the layout. use for 25-point p. is still in the first and leads his way to the basket for the easy dunk of easy dunk of the raptors were the raptors win one-day team-93. they take this seriously. turning to baseball, the brewers making a career out of the cincinnati reds. with eight homeruns and only 20 games so far.
5:26 am
a mere ninth of the year brewers played 1-0. he had another off. a two run shot. he has hit seven home runs this season. the brewers when it do that in-7. nicole: president trump for government funding of a border wall. >> director mulvaney has been deep in those discussions and i expect to be in taking son off the table with respect to what the president may or may not do. lauren: after outsiders get that for a runoff election in france. what is the future for the country? we will ask nigel farage cometh a ask nigel farage cometh a man who read the charge -- led the charge for the british union next day. the dow futures higher this morning udell 43, nasdaq futures that they feared you were
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wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit lauren: breaking news this morning. president donald trump tells aides to come up with a plan to slash the corporate tax trip from 35% to 15%. details and reaction. good morning, everybody. i am lauren simonetti. nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. holding up a border wall to avert a government shutdown by imposing a 20% tariff. we'll have the details. lauren: two-day weekend earnings of five dow components. seven looking at the nasdaq. in japan the nikkei up another
5:31 am
1%. in china the shanghai composite index edged higher. lauren: data your political outsiders just ran for president, we'll ask fox news contributor nigel farage about the future of friends. nicole: albers and may be looking to buy whole foods. we will have the latest on that story. lauren: the atlanta hawks dig deep even out there. nicole: good morning to you. 5:31 a.m. in new york. tuesday, april 25th. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: president trump wants to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% and 15%. it could increase the reform proposal. treasury secretary steve mnuchin
5:32 am
explaining his plan. >> simplification. the average american should be able to do their taxes on a large postcard. business tax reform. we need to make business taxes competitive and we expect with doing that will bring back trillions of dollars from offshore. nicole: meanwhile, the estimate a 20-point cut in the tax rate would lower federal revenue by $2 trillion for a decade. the treasury secretary has said the tax plan could favor of price stimulating economic growth. lauren: white house officials say president trump may be up into a government spending bill that does not include funding with mexico. negotiations continue between republicans and democrats to avoid a shutdown at the end of the week. white house press secretary sean spicer showing some confidence.
5:33 am
>> obviously, that money for our military and our border security have been part of that request and that is something that the president's prayer beheading in the first back to keeping the government out then. we feel confident where we are headed. lauren: congress must have a spending up to a british government shutdown. nicole: the tribe administration to impose tariffs on canadian softwood lumber. commerce secretary wilbur ross is a preliminary decision was made because canadian provinces have been allowing loggers to cut down trees have reduced rate and sell them. typically used to build homes. the u.s. imports more than $5 billion for a slumber from its northern neighbor each year. canada says it will protect its lumber industry through litigation. for more on mask of the secretary wilbur ross will be on lou dobbs tonight in an p.m. eastern time right here on the
5:34 am
fox business network. to outsiders to face at that event to be the next president of france. the future of the countries from the u.k. independence party leader and fox news contributor is a plan to lead the charge for the british at it from the european union. nigel farage cometh thank you for joining us. pollsters say in the runoff, so they will win. the same posters, even the market into the british exit from the european union. they didn't have a donald trump or the u.s. my question is does marine le pen stand a chance? >> well, it's completely unknown and untested. he's never been elected to anything before. the socialist administration then i listen to his victory speech the other evening. two weeks in the heat of the
5:35 am
head-to-head contest is a long time. my theory is that they will be found wanting. he clearly doesn't have a firm local ideology other than just supporting the e.u. and the status quo. it is not going to be a 20-point win for macron. trained you don't think a 60% less spam% for her. we will see. the difference about the populist movement of the united kingdom and the united states for that matter. >> well, in many ways they're very similar. the difference in france is the history of this is the french national plan. this has led by marine le pen's father for many years. there were some unsavory aspects to that. in his leg in the 70s and
5:36 am
80s for people who deny the holocaust. it seemed to be a very chauvinistic political party. that is why last night romantically with marine le pen did was stand down effect delay to fight this presidential election for the next two weeks as an independent. the difficulty with populism in france is the vicinity or someone savory. >> she needs a wider range of voters here. where is the support coming from exactly and who does she need to exactly and who does she need to come to reside now? >> well, she's already picked up a lattice work from the left. just look at the map. northern france, eastern france in southern france to support her. she is doing well in areas where in the past the socialist party did well and that is linked to jobs. to win over the course of the next couple weeks, she's got to
5:37 am
get 20% of people who voted for the conservative to vote for her. instinctively, many of those conservatives will be nervous about the rise of terrorism. concerned about the powers of the european project and that is where macron is weak or she has to those conservatives. nicole: that's right. whether novice or not they have to choose between the two. your view of over the next couple of years. the royal back when they're nervous about the union and leaving the european union and yesterday they celebrate everything status quo. what happens to the european union. >> there's been a huge extended told them brackets.
5:38 am
the markets have an idea of rationality. they say the status quo with the european union and the onset of banks tell me what is the european union. single market and single currency for growth. just as we saw the same analyst to the stock market is that 21% higher in london and will be voted to leave. the same people said they trump victory would leave for the u.s. market going down. >> nothing but be certainty for the markets. it hasn't formally have been. that remains a little bit uncertain. lauren. lauren: let me ask you, how is great britain doing now that they've made steps to move the european union? it would take two years.
5:39 am
the biggest growth in exports for 10 years. the best foreign direct investment into britain. there is a slight slowing of retail sales, but nothing out of the ordinary. it is in good shape and i will say this. much better shape than our neighbors in the eurozone. >> you know, there's been a lot of focus here on some of the other elements that come into play. what you think are the elements of everybody else is focusing on. >> the big conversation as i read going to have tariff free access of reciprocity with the european single market? economic logic says given that the.k. is the biggest export market in the world, and make sense for them to have a
5:40 am
terrorist free trade deal with us. whether economic logic or veils or politically they decide they would rather be seen to punish britain for daring to leave the club. i remain as seen. america tries to tear up in the u.k. a trade deal. china trades about a trade deal. ultimately trade deals can help, but ultimately business is about user product for the right price and reliability and if it is, people will buy it. train for the french elite going back to rent support macron. they say marine le pen would endanger france. what do you say to that? imac look, it isn't just the french elite that back sunday. mrs. merkel, president obama, public will believe that macron because they believe in supranational government for countries like france give away key decision-making powers to
5:41 am
the european union and elsewhere. i would say as much as i think that a le pen's policies would be very bad for france, she believes. what is to be scared of what that. lauren: for a translated interview can you think the market and posters as they've gotten it wrong in the u.s. and u.k. have got france run as well. marine le pen sends a very good chance of reshaping the american union as we know it? >> i'm not going to call it. i am going to say i did call it for trump last year and people thought i was mad. but i think there's going to be a real contest over the next two weeks whether she wins or not, she will have shifted the center of gravity of the european debate in france forever. >> the runoff will be closer
5:42 am
than we think. nigel farage, fox news contributor, thank you for your time with us. lauren: thank you or nicole: coming up, and the commit asia in particular. 1% into the nikkei, hong kong, shanghai composite index of one 10th of 1%. lauren: the french stock market cac quarante at a nine-year high of 16-point this morning. the ftse in london to attend. dax in germany up 100. we'll watch for that today. some trump wants to slash the corporate tax rates at 15%. we'll have the very latest. it looks like it's going to be brought and rainy. meteorologist janice in the hunger for cats. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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nicole: 5:45 a.m. let's get you caught up with what's happening now. details of president trump's tax plan starting to emerge anyone to slash the corporate tax rate from 35% and 15% according to sources, trump told staff he wants a massive tax guide to the american people and that is less important to him at to him that the play loses revenue. the president set to unveil his tax reform proposal tomorrow. meanwhile, trump in a tight funding for his border wall to the federal budget. "the wall street journal" says
5:46 am
the president is open to wait until later this year to secure funding for the wall. white house officials say the shift could clear the way for lawmakers to strike a deal to avoid a government shutdown on saturday. investors may be going shopping for shares of whole foods or the "financial times" reports this supermarket operator albertson's is exploring a takeover of whole foods. the news comes weeks after the hedge fund got a 9% stake in whole foods and was urging it to look for a possible sale. check out the u.s. senate to appear to record and the nasdaq. now with 200 points and stocks higher. s&p up three, nasdaq futures that day. that is what is happening now. trent did the trump administration retaliated by moving to boast a 20% tariff on canadian lumber. trade is a big issue. join us to talk about it, professor brent had to come mature business and finance of
5:47 am
the king's college in manhattan. good to see you again. there is a difference between free trade and fair trade. what are we seeing? donald trump is pushing her fair trade. >> what we see right now is the president responding to complaints by american lumber producers say they have been on her advantage. they cut down trees at a cheaper rate on canadian land and we do and that is unfair to last. this is a big issue because it doesn't affect the lumber industry. you have to remember in the united states for every one worker you have a solemn else, when the price of the lumber goes up, that is going to hit home builders. the cost of building a home rise by $1,082,000, which is a big deal for u.s. home buyers. lauren: they are already expensive. nicole: that's right. good example of unfair trade that the administration has complained about with the canadian government subsidizing the canadian lumber exports.
5:48 am
>> this issue has been disputed for decades actually. but his funniest comedians often times when a dispute course when it comes to national trade. they haven't found canadians are unfair when it comes to the price they are charging producers. again, really a story of two industries. lumber producers say they can't compete with traces the u.s. consumers and home builders say we love the fact canadians basically send us cheap lumber. when they saw these trees to harvesters at a low price, that is really canadian taxpayers subsidizing purchases for u.s. home builders. we love this. we want to sell homes cheap to commuters. lumber cars in the u.s.a. this is unfair to us. it is not just one industry. the whole economy affect it. lauren: new home sales out today as well as prices and confidence.
5:49 am
>> this is a bigger issue than most people give it credit for. nicole: professor ryan brenberg, kings college professor right here in manhattan. lauren: is first come the golden state warriors have a monster first-quarter net led to a sweep of the portland trail blazers. we will have all the sports highlights with you on your first look at morning markets and breaking "fbn:am." how much would you pay for this parish dirty jeans. you wouldn't believe what nordstrom is charging. "fbn:am." oil higher, stocks are higher.
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nicole: -- lauren: golden state warriors haven't missed a beat. they stormed ahead with the record first quarter of the portland trail blazers to catch a period cap and grand return to the starting lineup after missing two games of the cap injury. this presents itself to him. that leads to the refer south korea. that's up 14. the warriors 45.10 c. and a record for the most first-quarter points in a playoff game. third quarter during with 128-103. this week the blazers and had to the western conference semi is. atlanta hawks to even their series against the wizards. fourth-quarter steps in and get the layout to drop plus a file. atlanta under five minutes to go. paul millsap gets the rebound and he falls down.
5:54 am
series tied at two. game five first-quarter environment politics five first-quarter norman powell against the steel of the way for the layout. still in the first, leaves his way and win 18 teen-93. two baseball now, the brewers eric is making a career out of playing the cincinnati reds. eight home runs in only 20 games so far. his ninth of the year, brewers lead 1-nothing. he is another effort to bradshaw. you say seven home home runs, just again this season. the brewers when not one. nicole: before it had at the door come out the door, literature tuesday forecast. meteorologist janice dean is right there. reporter: good morning, ladies. an umbrella would be a good
5:55 am
thing to carry today. you know what they say. april showers bring may flowers. is anybody listening? 50 degrees in new york city. 55 in chicago. without this brent bennett across the u.s. and the setup for severe storms especially as we head into tomorrow and this workweek. an area of low pressure bringing showers and thunderstorms from the minute you take to doing them. a little bit of snow across the northern tier of the country as well as across the west. unstable air mass here into the central plains. today and tomorrow we've got the upper-level winds from the jet streams from the west. all of this glacier unstable air from the gulf of mexico and severe eastern not only today but to mariners get into friday, more of a risk of strong tornadoes. people need to be on alert. the area of low pressure again and if you're traveling across
5:56 am
the northeast. the storm moving across the midwest and the rainfall we're not talking about four to six inches, but it's going to be a nuisance area of rain across the eastern seaboard. again you've got the bread moving across the central u.s., watch and not warm air ahead of it in the set up again as we go through the next couple days for severe storms. you need to be on alert if you have across the central u.s. that to you. nicole: thank you. coming up, fashion that makes you look like you are working hard when you're really not. you are watching "fbn:am." we will have that story coming up. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them.
5:57 am
because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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lauren: well, why work hard when you can pretend you do? first term under fire for selling his mud stained jeans. the department stores describes them as heavily distressed about what they take to my decoding the shows are not afraid to get down in dirty. the jeans are dirt cheap either. they cost $425 a pair you now available in-store and online. nicole: will be interested to see how they felt. markets are looking higher. thank you are watching "fbn:am." lauren: maria bartiromo works hard and doesn't need to prove it. maria: you pay 400 with the dirt included. ladies, thank you.
6:00 am
good morning, happy to say. i maria bartiromo. thanks for joining us. a top stories us. your cancer us. your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. taking action on taxes. president maria:/the corporate tax rate to 15% as he campaigns that the number as well. expect it tomorrow, we will dip into that and tell you what's going on. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin focusing on priorities when it comes to reform. >> the president is determined we could get to sustained economic growth to 3% or higher on the personal side for the middle income tax cut and the vacation. on the business side, we are about making them competitive. maria: a closer look ahead straight ahead this morning. imposing a 20% tariff on canadian lumber imports. canada firing back with the first air coming out of the trump


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