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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 26, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> not true. david: quickly, is it going to supreme court? >> i don't think so. i think 9th circuit will up hold it. >> charles is back tomorrow night to put order who this, lou dobbs is next, thank you for watching. lou: good ev evening. president trump taking lead on tax reform, proposing a massive overhaul that would slash rates for nearly all americans and stimulate economic growth. treasury secretary steve mnuchin and gary cohn . introduce the plan to the media. taking tax brackets from seven to three. and proposes cutting corporate
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rate from 35% to 15. plan would exempt first $24,000 of income from taxation. repeal the estate tax, alternative minimum tax. eliminate deductions for state and local taxes, and administration officials say that plan is a broad brush outline ap at this stage. details unknown. but it will be substantial. mnuchin and cohn saying that plan will pay for itself with results higher economic growth. >> this package is go growing the economy, creating jobs. president looks at that seriously, as a tax on capital spend to stimulate economy growth. we're tieing to get rid of that -- try be to get rid of that. capital back in to the economy creating more jobs.
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the economic plan under trump will grow the economy and will create massive amounts of revenues. lou: massive amounts of revenues, president working on economic growth issues more new executive orders, first one directioning entir interior secretary, designation of monuments to lands. >> i have spoken with many state and local leaders, a number here today who care about preserve our land. and who are gravely concerned about this massive federal land grab. it has gotten worse and worse and worse. and now we're going to free it up. which is what should have happened in the first place. this should never have happened. lou: before the president
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obama left office, he infuriated utah citizens by creating the bears ears national monument. taking more than a million acres of land from the state. critics say that move jeopardized jobs, economic growth. president trump signed an order, for education secretary to diseu study whether federal government has overstepped its authority from k-12 schools, parts of president trump's effort to shift power from washington d.c. back to states and local communities invisioned by the constitution, that would be the proper thing to do. no wonder it has not been fulfilled by edution department, not by cenal planners and stattous th status to the left. keep faith that america will be made great again.
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>> here to discuss president trump's accomplishments, joining me tonight, this the 97 day, kellyanne conway, great to have you with us. >> my pleasure. lou: fascinating to see the issues that president is taking on. reclaiming land taken by the obama administration from the states. and under the most specious of circumstances, calling it designated it under monument regulation. it is just pro prepostous what that to be taken on by trump administration because of passivity and aggressiveness of the obama administration. >> well, you see with something azam bishous as tax
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reform and release plan, this is a historic moment here for the country. whether it is illegal border crossing down to 17 year low, 553 ho thousand jobs created since he has been sworn in. the numbers tell the tale of ople feeling confident, and sat die satisfied with the economy. a woman came up to me, a week ago monday, said, i live in louisiana, i hope you are focusing on the expiration of the antiquity factor. people are paying attention, this is a huge country. people are rooting for you. supporters are praying for you, and doing a great job,
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you are making good on promises and making down payments on the rest of the agenda. president obama took 16 months to get his obamacare passed. they are making great progress on repeals and replacing obamacare, putting something else in there more equitable to more americans. lou: i have to say, obama as standard for trump -- i know you are making a simple comparison on presidential processer, but there is no comparison to look at the energy, that president bridges to the white house to the oval office, these issues, and compare that to the passivity of the obama administration, passivity, utter confusion there is no comparison what so ever. i think we'll have to go back to fdr to look at a perhaps
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jack kennedy, in some measure, to find parallels for the way you all have begun. >> we have been researching the historic nature of 100 days. it is clear that president trump has enacted more executive orders and legislation than any president in 50 years. some measures are historic. these congressional review acting, i can't think of a measure he has taken more than regulatory role back of unnecessary instructions into the liberties, that plus congressional review. president trump has done 13 of them. 'george w. bush did one in his first 100 days, president obama a big fat zero, even something like that such a diversity on them. he is taking action, say instead of saying well let's study it, get a commission.
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people notice, but look, we -- he likes to say he inherited a mess a bit. but even a part from that.. lou: no doubt about that. >> and look at border could and factories, and safety and security. we all know enhancement of border with money there invested. for local communities, law enforcement, first responders, they know that he supports them in a way that people are -- feel like he has invested in community safety as well as border security. and 16 bilateral meetings, have you world leaders from very different places in the globe. who are coming here open to the new president commander in chief. lou: you know, you are right. we could keep that list going, this president began his presidency on november 9. as you well know.
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this president has bound less energy, and talking with ceos, and does this president in your judgment right now, as he takes on most important issue, hard to say, that but one of the most important issues in tax reform, does he have paul ryan, speaker of the house, who has been a obstacle throughout? does he have this man under control. >> president works with speaker ryan closely, and leader mcconnell on a number of issues. but on tax reform it is clear, president put forward his vision today through his top lieutenants in cabinet. secretary mnuchin and mr. cohn, this is important, you want to go bold. you want to go very
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courageous. people if beginning said, we think that president trump may enact largest tax cut since reagan. this is bigger than that. the tax -- we spend billions of hours and dollars a year trying to comply with that tax code. lou: i have not heard a single person said that president did not go big enough. at the same time, i heard from just about everyone, great concern about the leadership of the house of representatives, none what so ever about mitch mcconnell. but, focusing again, will paul ryan be paul ryan one more time and everybody saying, it better not happen. it just better not happen. >> we hope we have the speaker support and all committee chairman, we would love
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democratic support, john kennedy cut taxes, what happened to that part of the democratic party? we had boll weevil democrats, fiscally conservative democrats, where are they. this party has pulled very far to the left. wowe would love democratic and you are on the. otherwise they go home, their spits wil constituents will benefit anyway, remember president obama said i will be president of all americans even those who did not vote for me. lou: that would have included paul ryan. with republicans controlling the house and senate, it is time for the republican party, not just the president who leads it, but republican party show the voters of this country who put their faith in each one of these congressmen and senators, and this president, that it matters who is running the nation. and they better show respect
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to this president and follow his lead. >> this is a fair statement, he is the man leading, president trump is the man leads on tax reform, his package, his idea, he needs to work w with kong. congress. >> george w. bush got tax reform passed in june his first term. we're hopeful. old saying, go gol bold or go home hase resonance. you go bold on tax reform, you are able to go home, because you have a great story to tell, go to those town halls, face your voters and tell them, we went from seven brackets to three, and we got rid of loopholes for the middle class. lou: you are to be commended we do for doing so.
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and but don't go home, just too much work to do. >> i'm here for the long haul. lou: thank you kellyanne conway. >> thank you. lou: we're coming back, there is a lot more to cover, we're over our alotted time. stay with us, we'll pick up the pace. >> the white house unveils president trump's tax reform plan to slash taxes and boost economic growth. >> it frees up capital for research, development for expansion for wage increases. that is how you get to the president's goal of jobs, jobs, jobs. >> congressman marcia brack burblackburn will join me next. >> and president trump's blasting latest ruling against him and his sanctuary city crackdown. when will this, what president call a messy system of partisan politics in the courtroom, end.
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stay with us, a lot more coming up next, we'll be right back. with xfinity x1...
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featuring rdma host jordan fisher. and the ardy goes to... watch disney channel presents the 2017 rdmas. april 30th on disney channel. lou: our next guest said there will not be a government shut down. and applauding president trump's framework. joining us now, congress
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member marcia blac blackburn, no shut down? >> i don't think we'll see a shut down. i think there is one person looking for this, it is chuck schumer. i think we should call it the schumer shut down. because he wants the drama, he wants made for tv drama about how to shut down the federal government. but nobody else does, people are working to find a way to make certain that thing are funded. probably more funding than you or i would want, but keep government open, allow president trump to get to his budget on his terms. lou: let me quote what the president has tweeted out, democrats he said are trying to bailout insurance companies from disastrous obamacare and puerto rico with your tax dollars, sad. paul ryan saying there will be
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any spending bill will not include obamacare payments, not necessarily what we're hearing. what do you hear? what do you know? >> i think that we're going to have to make certain that we do not fund the insurance payments, we had a lawsuit that resolved that issue. any money that isi is extended needs too come -- to come from an appropriation process in the house. i think that is where you will pretty much find people in the house landing there the thing is, remembers of -- members of house and senate on republican side, say let's get the job done. let's get something signed, sealed, delivered. you have got senator schumer, and some of the democrat who are trying to blow up the process, that is why you would call it a schumer shut down. lou: also, perhaps a ryan
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revolt, that happened with health care in first instance, where is he now? he said today, quoting him. >> a long the same lines what house wants, as if that matters a hick of a lot, he keeps insinuating himself into a position superior to that or, certainly prior to the president, i mean this man is getting hard me me to tankly -- for me to explain his conduct, his values. and his allegiance to the republican party to our audience. you can help us? >> i would say, i think that speaker ryan wants to make certain that the house gets to a yes. when it comes to a continuing resolution. when it comes to health care, when it comes to the tax reform, we have a president
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who is laying forward a bold vision, working out details of what he proposes. he will propose, it's up to the house to dispose of those ideas, make legislation and get it across the finish line. send -- lou: is he going to deliver? >> i fully believe he will. lou: all right, with that. congressman great to have you with us. >> good to be with you, thank you. lou: we wish you a lot of luck. >> thank you. lou: marcia blackburn. >> vote in our poll, do you believe that 9th circuit court of appeals, most reversed appellate court should have its judges replaced by responsible jurists who were defend our constitution and enforce our laws? on woot woo wall street dow fell 21.
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s&p down 1, nasdaq off a fraction. not much movement. volume on the big board over 4 billion shares. twitter shares surging. reporting first decline in revenue. but it beat estimates. >> trudg trump administration calling for one time tax held overseas, and companies holding $1.3 trillion in cash overseas, apple, microsoft, and cisco, they are cash rich, estimated cash held from profits overseas, by corporate america, $3 trillion. listen to my report three time a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, border line anarchy in california. the subject of my commentary.
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>> mexico, they have got some clever people. mexico's got a few clever people in government, they came up with a bright idea how to retaliate for the border wall. we'll have a report for you here next. stay with us. four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy. get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed. when you book direct at book now.
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lou: mexican officials are weighing a form of retaliation against u.s., because of president trump's border wall. but the mexico proposal may do more harm than good for mexico. fox news correspondent william, with our report. reporter: almost 30 million americans visit mexico each year, foreign minister said he wanted to punish american tourists by posing an entry
7:28 pm
free. >> president maed played made it clear, there will be a wall built. reporter: going forward, a former rival may help provide a new source of catch. >> chapo's assets. reporter: opponents have not stopped trying to undermine the president's plan. >> walls do not work. reporter: a bill in california would prohibit the state for doing any business with any company that does work on the wall, last night san diego school borde, endorsed the legislation judge we're not opposed to border security. reporter: 100 democrats voted to fund a 700 mile pence t fence to secure the border.
7:29 pm
only half was built. >> not a cookie cutter solution. reporter: whether fence or wall or barrier, purpose is the same, deterring people and drugs from crossing the border. >> it does depend on topography, demographics and geographics and climate. reporter: president insists on using the term wall. on the border, agents' results, and they say walls you can see through work. but right now officials are evacuating 20 different barrier prototypes. >> at least in washington. i love climate might affect according to that expert
7:30 pm
witness, the wall. -- a few thoughts on all but perfect laboratory for left wing deep state subversion. firs vert i'll -- for the fo fertile ven -- ven you on watch. many californian are acting as if they have left the union, they want california to be nation's first sanctuary state. if they can't secede. transan francisco is home of 9th circuit court. most reverse court in all of the land.
7:31 pm
a federal district court in san francisco has been activist and more than a touch mad, this time, blocking president trump's executive order to cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities, judge william orrick is his name. a obama appointee and a big fundraiser for obama's 2008 campaign. have you notes notice they almost never recuse themselves . california is testing boundaries of anarchy and absurdity. an audit finding university of california system hid $175 million in budget reserve funds, and at same time telling state it needed more money, what kind of crooks are in california university system?
7:32 pm
well, system is run by former dhs secretary janet napolitano. and the damning report after uc berkeley canceled an ann coulter speech. the latest incident at berkeley making a mockery of the institution. the state of california is infused with left wing, disregard for law and order. for many of us who are products of the '60s, hard to admit what a sorry condition, california's condition is in. the quotation of the evening, now that it appears president has speaker of the house under some syste balance of control. much more to go much more to do. our quotation from will rogers said.
7:33 pm
>> the crime of taxation is not in the taking it, it's in the way that it is spent. the good news is president trump is working on both aspects of the crime, and we're grateful, and we're coming right back. stay with us. >> president trump said he will build the wall along the southern border. >> the wall is going to get built, folks. and it will stop drugs, it will stop a lot of people from coming in that should not be here. lou: president of national border patrol council, brandon judd will join me next. >> here is your chance to witness future of flying, at least part of this future, we'll show you the remarkable video of the amazing one of a kind ride, straight ahead, we'll be right back with that and much more, stay with us.
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why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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or adempasĀ® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. lou: the * says he's lock at break up the 9th circuit coast appeals. he made that announcement of a district judge blocked his executive order on sanctuary cities. brandon, how does it feel to have a president who cares about sovereignty, the importance of that border and stopping drugs
7:38 pm
and smuggling across that border. >> border patrol agents are very happy. we finally have a president who has the polite cool will to do what it takes to secure the border and we are he can stati e ecstatic to get behind him. lou: i'm impressed with ted cruz to come up with the idea to take the drug assets of el chapo drug wing pin and turn them over to -- kingpin and turn them over to build the wall. >> the wall is going to get built. before fences were built, it was out of control. when we started to build fences we were able to get more control because we got to dictate where illegal immigration would take place, which made us more
7:39 pm
effective. a maul in strategic locations is absolutely necessary. lou: as i listen to your answer. does it boggle your mind that you have to explain to people that a wall on the border will stop the majority of methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin that enters this country every year, the heroin leading to 52,000 deaths in 2015 alone. does that boggle your mind? >> it's upsetting. it more than boggles my mind. whether you are left, right or in the middle. if you want border security you have to give us the resources necessary to secure the border. a wall is a resource that will help us. to get back to your earlier question about senator cruz. he's a senator who is
7:40 pm
intelligent and conscientious. any money made through criminal enterprise is subject to government forfeiture. his idea to use that money to build the wall is an amazing idea. i don't know how anybody can say the many illegal and why not use the money to build a wall that way. lou: it's not illegal if they pass a law saying it is the law. overall very quickly, what is the morale of the border patrol, the folks defending our southern borderers? >> knowing that we have the most powerful in the world behind us back our job and what we do, it make us very happy. it make us excited to go do our job again. last 8 years was the worst 8 years of my career. it's nice to know we have someone who is behind us. lou: it's nice to have the
7:41 pm
border patrol and all the agents represented by you and your organization defending us and our sovereignty. brandon judd. please roll the video. this is remarkable. some call it a flying car. some call it a hovercraft. but the idea is it will one day be a flying car. it's equipped with pontoons, reaching speed of 25 miles per hour. the flying craft backed by google's co-founder set to be available for consumers later this year. now want one of those things. maybe two. up next, the head of u.s. pacific command has issue offed a startling new warning to north korea. >> the weapons that north korea would put against the strike force easily testified.
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lou: the minuteman 3 launched today from vandenberg air force base in california. it traveled 4,000 miles in 30 minutes and hit its target 4,000 miles away in the south pacific. the u.s.s. karl vinson strike group is within strike range of north korea. an ohio class subject marine, we talked with the navy and confirmed the michigan has 154 tomahawk missiles aboard and 48 torpedoes. but the navy not disclosing how many.
7:47 pm
there are 18 of these ohio-class subject marines serving the navy around the world. joining me lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. let's start with that icbm test out of vandenberg. if north korea's entire elite ruling order is not impressed by an icbm that can travel 4,000 miles in 30 minute and hit its target dead on, i don't know what it would take. >> we clearly wanted to show our missiles do work and don't blow up on launch pad. but let's remember one of the issues here, we want to make clear to the chinese as well that we are serious. if military action happens. if there is something that
7:48 pm
happens in north korea, we can turn pyongyang into a big bowl of glass and it wouldn't take that much. all at weaponry we just went through, they can do it on short order. guess who would be left holding the bag in the chinese. the real remnants they would have to deal with will have to be dealt with by the chinese. lou: the amazing number of warheads on board each, we can tell the chinese, the russians, whomever, they not, but we have 450 of those minuteman icbms at the ready, any day, any moment, it's got some serve some pause that we aren't interested in land war. >> that's the point. we have to understand, lou,
7:49 pm
north korea, it's all about regime survival. i don't consider un i ar irrati. i consider him a madman. he's always been a master of brinksmanship. this is the first time this regime and the north korean country since 1992 has been challenges in any clear way. i think we are clearly saying, this provocation, these provocations will not continue to be accepted, and there will be consequences. those consequences are something in trump has been quiet about the specifics of. but clearly the demonstrated moving of force and using this minute man 3 shows we'll use military force if necessary. that message has to be completely clear to the north korean leadership. lou: now the bad missile is being deployed in south korea
7:50 pm
along with the aegis defense system on the seas. but this is an extraordinary now we are getting to an extraordinary amount of surface-to-air and surface to missile * fire power that could be very successfully protective of seoul and all of south korea. off japan and the united states. we are not going to shoot at any missile that comes off the north korean peninsula. but we'll know the trajectory and where it's going. we'll take action and drop any missile, any missile that's going to a target that we are trying to protect. let me say this to be very clear. this is part of the problem with the obama administration. our allies in the region lost faith we would defend the
7:51 pm
japanese and south koreans based on our treaty obligations. we are living up to our teethe obligations -- treaty obligations and people need to know that. lou: the mayor of berkeley being questioned about his ties to an extremist group that has been inciting violence across the country. medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price? nope, badda book. badda boom. have you ever stayed with choice hotels? like at a comfort inn? yep. free waffles, can't go wrong. i like it. promote that guy.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked you do you believe the deep state judiciary is putting lives at risk for partisan politics in protecting stink wary cities and 9% said you do -- 96% said yes. the mayor of berkeley is a member of a facebook group inciting violence nationwide. he sat and watched while demonstrators and protesters attacked others viciously on the streets of berkeley. officers failed to intervene during bloody brawls during a trump rally. randy evans and veteran of 10 cd
7:56 pm
rollins. , great to have you here. let's start with the executive order. how are we -- how are we being benefited by what is happening in these executive orders and directly on tax reform? >> i think the president has taken the lead to make sure we return the focus back to businesses. my favorite is for every regulation you have to deduct two. but revisiting the mom outs which obama used as a cloak to take public lands and take them out of the marketplace, revisiting that, making public lands available for leasing mineral interests. all of these were designed to get the economy growing in a reaganesque way. lou: it's important to every one of us to have those resources
7:57 pm
available. it was land grab as the president said. we could always add that to some of his more clever attempts. ed: in the early days of the trump presidency they are being undone. as i said on this show many times. donald trump will never have big approval numbers. he's got a significant numbers on leadership. now it's reversed on leadership. he's going to be like a harry truman. he may not always be popular because a polarized group will be against him. but he will do the things that need to be done. and as we sit here we need a strong leader and over time that will be the most significant factor at all. lou: i take your point. i think there is a likelihood he will be popular, moving through
7:58 pm
tax reform. people like nothing more than keeping money washington likes to take out of their wallets and bank accounts and paychecks. i think he's securing the nation. he is enforcing the right values. he's moving the country forward and we are day 97. >> reince priebus over the weekend, this whole fixation with how many bills have you passed? he had 27 pieces of legislation signed. this idea that it's quantitative. the part that can't be measures which you and i feel is the quantitative balance in the country. the optimism that things are getting better, that we are standing up and leading the world again. those are the intangibles you can't measure.
7:59 pm
lou: i got a kick out of business networks talking about the market's unease by the trump tax plan. these people are getting silly. this audience is highly sophisticated. watching these fools who can't believe what they are watching. >> i agree with trump the 100 days doesn't matter except it has been a strong start. lou: i think the genius is, we are talking about this being day 97. it's really day 150. the man went to work and that made all the difference in the world. thanks for being in the big town.
8:00 pm
thank you for being with us. tomorrow treasury department assistant secretary tony sayegh, and ambassador john bolton. kennedy: the white house unveiled the big tax reform proposal. but what does that mean for you and your wallet? republican congressman thomas massie is here. should the military use its secret mission to topple the regime in north korea? grab your gear, we are going in. we are on the straightaway of the sweaty sprint and the first 100 days of this young presidency. the president has released details of his tax plan.


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