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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 28, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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union industry. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, washington tonight abuzz with reports, rumors and rank speculation about what the president intends to on a number of critical issues and challenges as his first 100 days have 48 hours remaining. the 100 day mark is arbitrary, in fact meaningless, you would not know that watching many of television news outlet for reading reports of news organizations, president trump is working diligently, tireless le tirelessly, on a broad away of big issues.
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the questions are state forward, will the house or will it not deliver a health care bill in next two days? it depends on what rules committery accomplished tonight, and will president succeed in avoiding a government shut down as threatened by the dems, will the house move forward on tax reform. the would does not wait while president trump decides what to do about each issue. north korea for example cannot be deferred, or iran or russia or china. posing significant china, all potentially confrontations. president trump today surprising almost everyone with his announcement he spoke with the leaders of canada, and mexico and agreed too renegotiate rather than withdraw from nafta. >> i said, i will hold on the temp nation, let's see -- termination, let's see if we can make it a fair deal it has been horrible for united states it has been very good for canada and mexico, but horrible for the united
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states, if you check my campaign -- any of my speeches, i said i will either renegotiator term night. they asked me to renegotiate, i will. lou: and this has been a briz a busy week for president who is dealing with threat of a government shut down. that appears tonight to perhaps subsided. republicans announcing they will move forward with a short-term spending plan to keep government running through may 5, giving lawmakers more te renegotiate aonger term package. some congressional democrats still threatening they will oppose the measure if g.o.p. plans a health care vote between new and saturday. we're go to find out whether that will occur, fox news senior producer chad good evening. >> the house rules committee is in recess, they have prepped the interim spending package for the house floor
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tomorrow. probably in senate as well. they have to knock that out of the park by 11:59 at night or government will shut down. what is in limbo is healthcare and whether or not they will consider the healthcare bill. i am told it could be a late night, if they come back late they could add this in, try t to -- try to too healthcare tomorrow or weekend. they are trying to court moderated republicans, the nos of the undecided, they did pick up a conservative, ted yo-ho of florida, he said she a yes, but under duress. >> that great english fills on o-- philosopher, mick jagger said, you can't always get what you want. you get what you need. reporter: that is -- they might be willing to vote for this bill, even though it is not precisely repeal and replace obamacare the way they defined it on the campaign
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trail. this is a little bit better. lou: accepting it or not we'll hear a lot in next 24 hours about the direction of the concluding hours of the 100 days. it is orb arbtrary, and pure nonsense. it seems that the president himself is comfortable with where he is right now with his agenda, he is projecting it seems to me, the knowledge that the pressure is on paul ryan, the speaker to deliver his conference on the president's agenda. it looks to me like we've seen a dramatic change in demeanor, and standing if you will, in washington d.c. and the republican party? >> it seems as though the president, is really pushing this.
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we heard late last night, that there could be a push to go to the rules committee, the gateway to house floor, you know a bill is comes on healthcare today. that will be remain to be seen, it has like house republican leadership and president have been talking past 1 another one another. there was an interest -- an hour ago, a republican from oklahoma. , he said that if they don't start dealing with these issues better -- capitol hill, they should judge have known that government funding deadline of the coming up, and they did not do president any majors -- favors, he was criticalf use publican leadership, saying they knew that the deadline was coming up, they shod not have left them with the problem. and hastings from florida, said it absurd that republicans hold all levers in washington, they are here at 11th hour, this have a one week interim spending bill,
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hastings predicts if they don't get something together quickly, next week the fifth of may they will be here again trying to fund the government. lou: it is likely as you know, being a veteran if you will arof capitol hill history, they will be back. i would like to turn to what you said about the leadership, the criticism of the leadership. there is not a single issue before the republican conference in house of representatives, that is not been screwed up, by speaker paul ryan, and his leadership team, they look awful, it does not as you said, it is not helpful to the president. but this reflects purr purely upon speaker ryan, and his leadership team who have failed the conference, misarably, i for one cannot believe they are tolerating this kind of awkward and
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incompetent leadership. reporter: that is what was striking we congressman kohl's criticism, saying they set president up on this spending bill issue, they should have known be better, saying if republicans don't get their act together soon, if we don't get our act together, maybe we won't be in charge much longer. lou: i think that could ba stock october, you know. -- the peak are mad speaker made that famous comment on phone.ion how he would not support the president. the fact is that, the president is shown a very steep learning curb he is now in command of the government. in command of his administration. and the speaker, has proven himself again to be inept when it comes to administration and politics. unfortunately for the speaker
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as any time in our history, but especially now, tad you are adroit we're thrilled to have your reporting. >> we might have more developments later tonight. lou: we're standing by, thank you, chad. >> thank you. lou: breaking news, senate tonight confirming alex acosta as president's new labor secretary, lake labor secretary, last cabinet post this fill president's choice. also he is awaiting a senate vote but has advanced out of committee, congress has a tremendously busy call for over the coming weeks. particularly after the president just outlined his vision for tax reform. a plan that treasury secretary steve mnuchin said is all about economic growth. >> this is now about taking the president's principles and
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turning them into a bill that we can get past and the president can sign this year to create economic growth. we're going to work closely with congress to get this done. matt, yes, our principles are we want to pay for this with economic growth and with reducing a lot of special interesting deductions. lou: and our first guest tonight, to discuss how that proposed tax reform plan will boost the middle class and small business in particular, the treasury secretary assistant secretary for public affairs tony sayegh. good to have you with us mr. secretary, turning to i love the adroit way that treasury secretary managed to avoid revenue neutral. it is all, it is going to be paid for by economic growth, straight forward, absolutely true, that is the plan. can i it come true?
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>> absolutel lou. that is what we're worki o there is a lot of alignment in washington on tax reform. we've been meeting with colleagues and partner on capitol hill, chairman brady and the secretary meet weekly. we're focused on bringing this biggest individual and business tax cut in american history forward this year, getting it passed to as secretary suggests, and our economy growth has been staggering slow, stuck in 1.5 to 1.8% range for the last 8 years, taking it back up to 3% and have that happen in a sustained way. what does that mean? some estimates project $2 trillion in added revenue to the federal government. that is helpful, that kind of growth also -- lou: how much additional revenue to the federal government based on higher -- >> compounding effect from one .8 growth to 3.0 projected to be around $2 trillion.
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that is how you get in the economy working again, and create better jobs, you reduce middle income taxes from seven brack its tets to to -- brackets to three, you simplify the code.
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