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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 28, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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speaking before the bow scouts of america. neil: or isis convention. thank you, both, very much. still speaking here head of the nra, the president of the united states the first since ronald reagan. trish regan will take you through that. hey, trish. trish: hey, neil, i certainly will. that's a big deal. president trump addressing the nra any minute from now. he's going to be the first president to address the association since ronald reagan did back in 1983. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report on a big day as we wait here for the president's remarks. i want to bring in citizens for trump national spokesperson and second amendment advocate dan morgan. of course we're watching the president of the nra speak right now. we also have with us gina, a conservative political commentator and former chairman of the dc democratic party scott bold on. good to have you all around. now it looks like lee greenwood is coming to the
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stage. on the song proud to be an american. he is going to be introducing the president of the united states. let me go to dan morgan, if you've been a big proponent of the second amendment. what do you want to hear from donald trump here? >> oh, we're just there to applaud him today. we're so excited, trish, about the progress he's made, the tremendous progress he's made on the second amendment front. look at what he has done already. already we have a 5-4 majority on the supreme court, we have jeff sessions as our attorney general who is going to target criminals instead of law-abiding citizens. we have a repeal instantly, a reversal of the 11th hour obama assault on the gun rights of social security beneficiaries. donald trump has done that. and we have a navy seal appointed to the interior now who has already reversed the ban on federal land. so that's a lot to accomplish in 100 days, and i know there's a lot more to come. trish: when it comes to specifically gun, what do you want to see from him? what do you want to hear today
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when he gets up on that stage? >> i want to hear that he's going to continue his targeting of criminals. i think donald trump made it very clear that he believed that the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, trish. and his idea of gun control, targeting criminals with guns rather than other regulating law-abiding citizens with guns. so we want to see more appeal. antifederal gun laws. we would like to see reciprocity, something they're anxiously awaiting, so when we travel from state to state, will be like a driver's license, and good reciprocal in any state. trish: let me bring in gina loudin to the conversation as we await here the president, and we're watching everyone lee greenwood who is singing the song proud to be an american. he's walking in, gina, into an audience that he will be very well received in. let's not forget that the nra came out and endorsed him. that was the first time they
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had ever endorsed a presidential candidate. you can imagine this might be a victory lap, if you would for him, as we come up on this 100-day mark. >> yeah. i love the psychology here, trish. i love the psychology here. because he has figured out what exactly it is that motivates him, and he uses events like this not only to stay in close contact with his base but also, this is what he takes back to the white house, trish. you see it. and this reenergizes him, whether it's a rally he holds or speaking to cpac. just getting close to the people that voted for him reminds him who he is, why he ran, and those are important psychological components to keep in mind as you're facing the stresses of hostile media, the most hostile media any president has ever faced and also just the daily pressure of being president. trish: of course. bringing up an important point here, scott, and it's something ed roll insaid to me as well. back when reagan was in the white house, we made sure he
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got out once a week, maybe by thursday, and it was important for him to get that feedback from the people. is this in part perhaps what donald trump is trying to get out of it? >> well, kink exactly going to the nra and going back to his base, it's a safe base, and it's a safe harbor for him, quite frankly. because when he's at the white house, he's fighting republicans, he's fighting the democrat. but that doesn't make him right, and that doesn't make him a successful president. his policies are going to hurt in america, his policies, he has to figure out how to work with republicans and democrats to lead this country forward. trish: his policies you say are hurting america. >> exactly. trish: take a look at where gdp has been for the last eight years. and i'll tell you, today's gdp was nothing to write home about either. doesn't this make the case, gina, that we need better economic policy? we need tax cuts. we need things to incentivize business so that's our economy can grow. >> yeah. and the proof is already coming out in the pudding here, trish. you can't do as much speculation as the mainstream
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media would like, based on the first 100 days. i think it's more of a dog and pony show. but my goodness, 660,000 jobs created? how can you not believe that that is headed in the right direction? he's talking to nontraditional people that are not traditionally republicans like the unions and others. he's meeting with anybody. he's willing to meet with the democrat leaders who have been his most vile opponents. so this is a president who has demonstrated he's there for business, he wants to improve that climate in america. >> trish, tell me one time where donald trump has reached out to the democrats on any significant issue in his first 100 days. name them. not one time. trish: tpp. nafta? these are actually -- >> that's not legislation. that's not legislation. trish: the democrats are allowing that to be handed away. >> no. no. no. the democrats -- trish: and the unions are going to start voting conservative republican. you could really see a whole
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change in the alignment. anyway, donald trump now coming to the stage. he's got a very receptive crowd there warmed up by the greenwood who was just singing proud to be an american. a very patriotic crowd. this of course is the nra, and they endorsed donald trump for president. the first time they've endorsed a candidate, something that he made a very big deal about on the campaign trail over and over again. so this is his base. these are the people that like him. this is his opportunity right now to take the victory lap and talk about the things that he's accomplished and the things that he wants to do for them. let's listen in. [chanting usa] trump: thank you, chris, for that kind introduction and for your tremendous work on behalf of our secretary amendment. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
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i want to also think wayne for his unflinching leadership in the fight for freedom. wayne, thank you very much. [applause] great. i would also like to congratulate karen handle on her incredible fight in georgia six. [cheers and applause] the election takes place on june 20th. and, by the way, on primaries, let's not have 11 republicans running for the same position again. it's too nerve shattering. she's totally for the nra, and she's totally for the second amendment, so get out and vote. you know, she's running against someone who's going to raise your taxes to the sky, destroy your health care, and he's for open borders, lots of
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crime, and he's not even able to vote in the district that he's running in. other than that, i think he's doing a fantastic job; right? so get out and vote for karen. also my friend, he has become a friend because there's nobody that does it like lee greenwood. wow. [cheers and applause] lee's anthem is the perfect description of the renewed spirit sweeping across our country, and it really is indeed sweeping across our country. so, lee, i know. i speak for everyone in this arena when i say we are all very proud indeed to be an american. thank you very much, lee. no one was more proud to be
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american than the beloved patriot, and you know who i'm talking about, we remember on gatherings like today your former five-term president, the late charlton. how great was charlton? [cheers and applause] and i remember charlton, he was out there fighting when maybe a lot of people didn't want to be fighting. he was out there for a long time. he was a great guy. and it's truly wonderful to be back in atlanta and back with my friends at the nra. you're my friends, believe me. [applause] perhaps some of you remember the last time we were all together. remember that? we had a big crowd then too, so we knew something was happening. but it was in the middle of a historic political year and in
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the middle of a truly historic election. what fun that was. november 8th. wasn't that a great evening? do you remember that evening? [cheers and applause] remember them saying we have breaking news. donald trump has won the state of michigan. they go michigan, how did that -- donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. whoa. but earlier in the evening, remember florida, north carolina, south carolina, pennsylvania all the way up, we ran up the east coast. and, you know, the republicans have a tremendous disadvantage in the electoral college. you know that. and tremendous disadvantage. and to run the whole east coast, and then you go with iowa and ohio and all the different states, it was a great evening, one that a lot of people will never forget. a lot of people.
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not going to forget that evening. and remember they said "there is no path to 270." for months you i was hearing that. you know, they were trying to suppress the vote. so they keep saying it so people say i really like trump. he loves the second amendment. he loves the nra. i love him, but let's go to the movie because he can't win because they're trying to suppress the vote. but -- i mean, hundreds of times i heard there is no -- there's no route. they'll say there is no route to 270, and we ended up with 306, so they were right. not 270, 306. [cheers and applause] that was some evening. big sports fans said that was the single most exciting event they've seen, that includes super bowls and world series and boxing matches. that was an exciting evening
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for all of us, and it meant a lot. only one candidate in the general election came to speak to you, and that candidate is now the president of the united states standing before you again. [cheers and applause] i have a feeling that in the next election, you're going to be swamped with candidates, but you're not going to be wasting your time. you'll have plenty of those democrats coming over, and you'll say no, sir. thank you. ma'am. it may be pocahontas, remember that. and she is not big for the nra, that i can tell you. but you came through for me, and i am going to come through for you.
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[cheers and applause] i was proud to receive the nra's earliest endorsement in the history of the organization. and today, i am also proud to be the first sitting president to address the nra leadership forum since our wonderful ronald reagan in 1983. [cheers and applause] and i want to thank each and every one of you. not only for your help electing true friends of the second amendment, but for everything you do to defend our flag, and our freedom. with your activism, you help safeguard the freedoms of our soldiers who have bled and died for us on the battlefields. and i know we have many veterans in the audience today, and we want to give them a big, big, beautiful
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round of applause. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] and like i promised, we are doing a really top job already. 99 days but already with the veterans administration. people are seeing a big difference. we are working really hard at the va, and you're going to see it, and you're already seeing it, and it's my honor. i've been telling you we're going to do it, and we're doing it. thank you. [applause] the nra protects in our capitals and legislative houses, the freedoms that our service members have won for
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us on those incredible battlefields. and it's been a tough fight against those who would go so far as to ban private gun ownership entirely. but i am here to deliver you good news. and i can tell you that wayne and chris have been fighting with me long and hard to make sure that we were with you today. not somebody else with an empty podium because believe me, the podium would have been empty. they fought long and hard, and i think you folks cannot thank them enough. they were with us all the way right from the beginning. [applause] but we have news that you've been waiting for for a long time. the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.
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[cheers and applause] you have a true friend and champion in the white house. no longer will federal assessin agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners. [applause] no longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as americans. instead, we will work with you by your side. we will work with the nra to promote responsible gun ownership to protect our wonderful hunters, and their access to the very beautiful outdoors. you met my son. i can tell you, both sons, they love the outdoors. frankly, i think they love the outdoors more than they love by a long shot fifth avenue,
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but that's okay. and we want to ensure you of the sacred right of self-defense for all of our citizens. [applause] when i spoke to this forum last year, our nation was still mourning the loss of a giant. a great defender of the constitution. justice antonin scalia. [applause] i promise that if elected, i would nominate a justice who would be faithful and loyal to the constitution. i even went one step further and publicly presented a list of 20 judges from which i would make my selection. and that's exactly what we did. and, by the way, i want to
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thank really heritage, and i want to thank also all of the people that worked with us. where's leo? is leo around here? where is he? he has got to be here. where is he? he has been so good. but from -- and also from heritage, jim, it's been amazing. i mean, those people have been fantastic. they've been real friends. [applause] the federalist people. where are they? they've been great. they really helped us out. i kept our promise and now with your help, our brand-new justice, and he is really something very special, neil gorsuch sits on the bench of the united states supreme court. [cheers and applause] for the first time in the modern political era, we have
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confirmed a new justice in the first 100 days. [cheers and applause] the last time that happened was 136 years ago in 1881. now, we won't get any credit for this, but don't worry about it. the credit is in the audience; right? the credit is in the audience. all of those people, they won't give us credit, but it's been a long time. and we're very honored. we've also taken action to stand up for america's sportsman. on their very last full day in office, the previous administration issued an 11th hour rule to restrict the use of lead ammunition on certain federal lands. have you heard about that, folks? i'm shocked to hear that.
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you've all heard about that. on his first day as the secretary, ryan eliminated the previous administration's ammunition ban. [cheers and applause] he's going to be great. ryan's going to be great. we've also moved very quickly to restore something gun owners care about very, very much. it's called the rule of law. [cheers and applause] we have made clear that our administration will always stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. [cheers and applause] in fact, countless members of law enforcement are also members of the nra because our police know that responsible gun ownership saves lives.
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and that the right of self-defense is essential to public safety. do we all agree with that? [applause] our police and sheriffs also know that when you ban guns, only the criminals will be armed. [applause] for too long, washington has gone after law-abiding gun owners while making life easier for gun owners, gang members, and drug traffickers. ms13. you know about ms13? it's not pleasant for them anymore. it is it's not pleasant for them anymore. that's not a good group. not pleasant for ms13. get them the hell out of here; right? get them out. we are protecting the freedoms
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of law-abiding americans, and we are going after the criminal gangs and cartels that prey on our innocent citizens, and we are really going after them. [applause] as members of the nra know well, some of the most important decisions a president can make are appointments. and i've appointed people who believe in law, order, and justice. [cheers and applause] that is why i have selected as your attorney general number one, a really fine person. a really good man. a man who has spent his entire career fighting crime, supporting the police, and defending the second amendment. for the first time in a long time, you have a pro second amendment tough on crime
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attorney general, and his name is jeff sessions. [cheers and applause] and attorney general sessions is putting our priorities into action. he's going after the drug dealers who are pedaling their poison all over our streets and destroying our youth. he's going after the gang members who threaten our children, and he's fully enforcing our immigration laws in all 50 states. and you know what? it's about time. [cheers and applause] heading up the effort to secure america's borders is a great military general. a man of action. homeland security director john kelly. [applause]
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secretary kelly, who used to be general kelly, is following through on my pledge to protect the borders, remove criminal aliens, and stop the drugs from pouring into our country. we've already seen -- listen to this. it has never happened before. people can't even believe it. and, by the way, we will build the wall, no matter how high it gets. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. [cheers and applause] you know, they're trying to use this number against us because we've done so unbelievably at the borders already, they're trying to use it against with us be but you need that wall to stop the human trafficking, to stop the drugs, to stop the wrong people. you need the wall. but listen to this.
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we've already seen a 73% decrease. never happened before -- in illegal immigration on the southern border since my election. 73%. [cheers and applause] you see what they're doing; right? so why do you need a wall? we need a wall. we will build the wall. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. don't even think about it. that's an easy one. we're going to build the wall. we need the wall. i said to general kelly, how important is it? he said very important. it's that final element. we need the wall. and it's a wall in certain areas, you obviously where you have these massive physical structures, you don't need and where you have certain big rivers, but we need a wall, and we're going to get that
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wall. and the world is getting the message. they know that our border is no longer open to illegal immigration, and that if they try to break in, you will be caught, and you will be returned to your home. you're not staying any longer. and if you keep coming back illegally after deportation, you will be arrested, prosecuted, and you will be put behind bars. otherwise, it will never end. [applause] let's also remember that immigration security is national security. we've seen the attacks from 9/11 to boston to san bernardino. hundreds of individuals from other countries have been charged with terrorism-related
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offenses in the united states. we spend billions and billions of dollars on security all over the world. but th islamic terrorists to enter right through our front door. that's not going to happen anymore. [applause] it's time to get tough. it's time we finally got smart. and, yes, it's also time to put america first. [applause] and perhaps i see all of those beautiful red and white hats, but we will never forget our favorite slogan of them all.
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make america great again. [cheers and applause] keeping our community safe and protecting our freedoms also requires the cooperation of our state leaders. we have some incredible pro second amendment governors here at the nra conference, including governor scott of florida. where is governor scott? [applause] where is he? great guy doing a great job. governor bryant of mississippi. what a wonderful place. governor bryant, he's here. thank you. governor deal of georgia. [applause] and we're also joined by two people that -- well, one i loved right from the beginning. the other one i really liked, didn't like, and now like a lot again.
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does that make sense? senator david purdue, he was from the beginning and senator ted cruz. like, dislike, like. [cheers and applause] where are they? good guys. good guys. smart cookie. each of these leaders knows that public officials must serve under the constitution, not above it. we all took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states, and that means defending the second amendment. [cheers and applause] so let me make a simple promise to every one of the freedom-loving americans in the audience today. as your president, i will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep
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and bear arms. never, ever. [cheers and applause] freedom is not a gift from government. freedom is a gift from god. [cheers and applause] it was this conviction that stirred the heart of a great american patriot. on that day, april, 242 years ago, it was the day that paul revere spread his lexington alarm, the famous warning that the british are coming, the british are coming; right? you've all heard that; right? the british are coming. now we have other people trying to come. but believe me, they're not going to be successful, that i can tell you. [applause]
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nothing changes, right, folks? they're not going to be successful. serious hurt on them. not on us. next came the shot heard around the world and then a ragtag army of god-fearing farmers, frontiers man, shopkeepers, merchants that stood up to the most powerful army at that time on earth. the most powerful army on earth. but we sometimes forget what inspired those everyday farmers and workers in that great war for independence. many years after the war, a young man asked "captain levy preston, age 91. why he fought alongside his neighbors at concord. was it the stamp act? was it the tea tax? was it a work of philosophy? no, the old veteran replied.
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then why, he was asked. young man, the captain said. what we meant in going for those red coats is this: we always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to govern ourselves. [applause] captain preston's words are a reminder of what this organization and my administration are all about. the right of a sovereign people to govern their own affairs and govern them properly. [applause]
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every day we are up against those who would take away our freedoms, restrict our liberties and even those who want to abolish the second amendment. we must be vigilant and i know you are all up to the task. since the first generation of americans stood a strong each generation to follow has answered the call to defend freedom in their time. that's why we're here today to defend freedom for our children and to defend the right of a free and sovereign people to keep and bear arms.
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i greatly appreciated your support on november 8 and what well hopefully be one of the most important and positive elections i will never let you down. i bless you god bless our constitution and god bless america. thank you very much. >> is it a campaign season again. it kind of feels like it. freedom is not a gift from government it is a gift from god. we have heard him think all of his supporters and we can were to talk about his accomplishments for them.
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in terms of the supreme court with the neil courses -- putting jeff sessions in as attorney general. secretary john kelly as have of homeland security. some of the big themes there the protection of the second amendment. they are going all the way back to the revolutionary war the pounding father and my we need our second amendment and you also heard a lot of talk about that wall. he said the ball is happening and it's what we need and it's something he will do. the air getting it all excited. adam johnson. the former chairman of the dc democratic party jan morgan a big grassroots activist
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someone who has instead of for the second amendment and made that her platform. what was your reaction to this. i was really glad to hear president trump reaffirm to the people that he does believe that the right to keep and bear arms is not a government issued privilege. i was happy to hear him say that there would no longer be a federal assault on our second amendment right but what i did not hear him talk about that was really important to me on the state level we had state government still attacking our second amendment right there in georgia. they're trying to decide if it will be allowed. i just finished two weeks of major battles and in alabama the folks there are fighting for gun rights. >> you're talking about some specifics here. i don't think it was a speech about specifics. i'm here for you. i'm in a fight for you. in some ways it sounded a bit like a campaign speech. very big themes in their that
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he was wedging into this conversation. going back to the revolutionary war era. it's a tactic that i think plays a very well and using the politically incorrect word of god i thought it said a lot to that audience who is of course his base. we all know as second amendment advocates and that is when you take guns away from citizens and leave them in the hands of criminals. this is the most common sense narrative on this whole entire point. i was also really glad to hear him .2 that the border issue is a national security issue that we spend billions defending with the national security but we don't protect our borders adam johnson here with us as well. a speech like we just heard
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what is the upshot of that. he is appealing to the base. he knew he would have people supporting him there members of the nra so that was a no-brainer. he pivoted to a much broader commentary about putting conservative judges back into the supreme court about strengthening the borders in providing security this is really framing the conversation as we go into tomorrow his 100th day. donald trump has changed the narrative. it's about appealing to that conservative base and in many ways harking back. by taking us back historically to the civil war and the revolutionary war is almost re- awakening that. >> it makes people nostalgic. you think about the country's founding i for one was an american history scholar and i
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spent a lot of time on the colonial so when you hear these references they are thinking back to the origins of our country and really how we always believed fundamentally in limited government how we believed in the power of the individual this is what he is conveying. this is what he's getting across to his base. he certainly is. i'm shaking and saying that was a hard speech for a democrat to sit there and watch. it was hard because it was full of the issue that i identified as i listened to the speech he used reasonable gun control two or three times. there was no major applause for that. the nra wants no constraint on its second amendment.
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here is a dichotomy. what is reasonable to the nra and the republicans and republican american people is a huge gap because the nra opposes any type of restriction whatsoever. what he think this games him. why did he give get the speech he gave. i think he wanted to get out and touch his base. this was a red meat speech. a thousand% behind him. it was a great time for him in regard to politics. washington is waiting for him. he has to deliver results. washington is waiting for him. he is sending a message to washington i have all of these people out there people that
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like me support me i'm talking their language so for all of you folks in washington and all of the freedom caucus members all of you conservatives that don't want to come around on things like taxes in healthcare yes what, i am in charge and all of these folks are with me. this is a message right back to washington dc. they have so much trouble hearing a president who is supportive of the constitution tells me that they still did not learn any lessons from white they lost the last election. >> do you feel like you still haven't learned your lesson there. this gets nothing into washington. it's a feel-good speech for him. but when he gets back his big problems.
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and doesn't get them anything and rick garcia the house and the senate. the point were making here is that middle america is with him so all of those representatives from middle america they are watching us they are seen as an they have got to get on board with his agenda or they risk getting booted out of office. he has gotten with that. he has executive orders. he just proposed the largest tax cut in history he installed a new member of the supreme court all right.
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scott, good to see. thank you so much. we've a whole lot more. i will see right back here after this.
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trish: we just heard from donald trump in what seemed like a campaign speech there. talking about the importance of the second amendment. we all in fact going to get it. in talking about has a compass myth including the that he has now gotten neil gorsuch on the supreme court. it is good to see both of you. one of the guest that was just on who ran the democratic party in dc was making a point that trump hasn't encompassed anything nothing at all. and it seems to be the merit
2:47 pm
of we had been hearing from the media as we come up on 100 days. what do you you say to contest that. >> there is a largely negative narrative. the health care bill was a setback. but the president has accomplished a lot of things. the pipeline and the regulatory rollback. there's been a lot of activity and also he's right in this point. a year from now no one will care if you got some enter by april 29th or not. if you remember you're there for years and you think back to what reagan was trying to do in the way of tax cuts. it doesn't happen overnight. first of all judges against the last eight.
2:48 pm
a language of growth versus the linkage of more language of more government. it remains who he is. regardless of what you hear in the mainstream media this is the same get you elected who is still committed to the campaign promises he made. he is a bigness -- businessman. now is his feet. the walls are being built. the american leadership is back on the world straight. that speech is a reminder of why they voted for him and signaling that he could have just as much medical capital if not more going into the next 100 days. i think this is all about building political capital effectively what he's doing here as he is reminded the swamp that he is the guy they got elected he is the one that united the base and really turned conservatism somewhat on its head.
2:49 pm
we have seen a very different kind of thing emerge here were suddenly people from the left to historically had always voted for the democratic party are looking at donald trump and saying he is the one that can help me. he builds up built enough to start to scare the guys and gals on capitol hill enough to get them to start doing what they want. not only is he is outside. he is learning the ways of washington. he is almost like an independent president because he ran against the republican establishment. on replacing and repealing obama care. he is knocking heads and doing all of these interviews this week and he's giving speeches like the one at the nra. to keep his connection going with his base.
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they can pressure those in congress. despite the polls and what you see out there pete, i don't think his base has gone anywhere. i'm on the road a lot. i live in middle america anyway. it is unions and people that are in a battle him no matter what. they say that even a first more for me. i know where his heart is on these issues. what a great concept. i'm a go speak to the people. thank you so much. you can catch media buds we
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are back with a look at the markets which are off of the lows of the session but down slightly here. i stuff two-point out as we come up on 100 days there is no one that has seen as much success with our stock market has fdr in his first term. it's quite a rally.
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back with me as we watch the markets. forty-four points right now amid some concerns about the economy. 0.7% and that is not great. we had been looking at lousy gdp growth for the last eight years. nothing to write home about. and then you a number like this. i might be making the case all the more. we need those tax cuts.
2:55 pm
and we need john janet yellen to see if she can not raise rates. you need tax reform. we've always needed it. you may need it now more than ever. if you look at these. yes we do. especially all of us living here in new york city where we might lose our deduction at this tax bill goes through. the number this morning not as bad as you think. it was a very mild winter that's good news because we have to drink -- to do less.
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if you take away all of the noise of this is this is a pretty good read. there is can be a revision. as a government. here is the other thing that's important. i know where he wants to get in there too. there is a seasonality that first quarter is always the weakest. he is talking about 3% growth. and steve mnuchin. i will take about the climate we can't today. because of the extraordinary results from that sector. all of these things out there.
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happy friday i will be joining tucker carlson tonight on fox news at 8:00 p.m. eastern. i hope to see you there. ashley webster is in for liz claman. the good the bad and the ugly. dominating the final working day with the 100th day. at any moment he is expected to do a little campaign fundraising for the progression of candidate. the early days of the presidency coming to a close without a major legislative victory. the house and senate are avoiding a major catastrophe by having that.


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