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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: we have a statement from the white house. the launch of that intercontinental missile that failed. we are not prized by the latest test nor the fact that it failed. he continues to even gang in
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these provocations and they continue to fail. let's take it to charles payne, "making money" is next. >> we begin with breaking news. two u.s. officials are confirming to fox news that north korea test launched a ballistic missile into the sea of japan. the missile has been assessed to be a kn-17, a former scud missile they believe is being tested to one day target ships. the north korean missile broke up in flight. joining me to discuss, gina loudoun. i'm not sure. the belligerence of north korea on full display for the world. it has been assessed to be the biggest danger as we become even more dangerous. >> i think the point is not that the missile was a failure. but they continue to fight all of the severe and strong words that this administration has been putting out. and we are reaching what we have sown. it started in the clinton administration. north korea has been mishandled since then, and the can has been kicked this far down the road and we cannot allow it to go to the point where the capability
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matches the rhetoric. charles: rec tillerson at the united nations urging them to take actions against north korea. >> we must levy new sanctions on entities and individuals supporting it weapons and missile program and tighten those that are already in place. charles: andrew, it seems like this is dealing with north korea by the numbers. is it going to be enough? it's obvious north korea is not getting the message. >> i think that's true, charles. what's more concerning is it's not clear there is anyone around kip jong-un telling him he can't actually win a confrontation with the united states. he came to power in 2012 and systematically killed or
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intimidated most of his domestic opposition such as it is and lives in a bubble of his own making. we have one of the most dangerous series of north korean sanctions. charles: there is a statement from the white house, i would like to right. we are not surprised by this latest test nor the fact that it failed. kim continues to even gang in these provocations and may continue to fail. the white house is watching this closely and consulting with china on addressing kim's bad behavior. gina loudoun, is this politically perhaps becoming president trump's version of obama's red line in syria? >> well, yes, except president trump isn't one to make promises and not keep them.
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he's about actions more than words. he's dealing with a kindergarten dictator. he's used to dealing with people in high stakes negotiation and that's what he's doing here. the fact that it appears this missile also failed lends credence to the assertion the u.s. is involved in making sure they continue to fail and perhaps there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we can't see yet. charles: the white house indicating, the initial indications are this is another kn-17 missile. the last could failed as recent as april 18. i guess the point is even though they are failing, they are moving out first and first and the capability is there for us to see. whether there is an electronic jamming or internet interference with these, they are very
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determined to not only have these weapons but we have to assume use them. >> charles, the whole thing with military is measuring capability and intent. the intent here is very clear. he is pressing forward in developing this capability. once he gets down to some of thy have in development, once they get that and marry it with a small reentry capable nuclear warhead. then the whole cal cue thus changes how we are doing this. we cannot allow it to get to that point. that's the whole thing,n't can't get to that point. charles: it could have the ability to carry a nuclear warhead. i want to bring jesse james out. the u.s. test fired a minuteman
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3 missile. it went 4,200 miles all the way to the marshall island. we fired it from vandenberg air force base in california. just two, three days later they laugh at this administration and laugh at america. what can be done. >> just because their missile upon went 25 miles. south korea, seoul, is only 35 miles away. we should make sure they though they will be hit hard by the u.s. military if they even breathe on one of our allies. the era of patience is over just
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like rex tillerson said. charles: is there anything preemptive we should be considering? the administration continues to say all options are on the table. >> the reality is that our intelligence and the president's have to november quitely and discreetly. you cannot give this crazy little kim a left heads you have on what you are going to do. we don't see that their missiles can make the distance. but it doesn't take far to get to seoul. charles: according to sources we are learning this missile launch broke up over the peninsula, so it never made it to japan. china has obviously been helping. president trump has lauded their efforts. even going so far as kinds of dissing taiwan. what role do you see them playing? perhaps stopping coal shipments
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and certain threats may not be enough for them. >> it's time for china to step up their game and put their money where their mouth is. i'm sure behind the scenes president trump is insuring that's happening. i would say by monday we'll see changes along the weekend along those lines. charles: president trump gave it associated press an interview. he said it's a billion dollar system and south korea will have to pay for it. but captain nash, how fortunate that system is being placed there. how much protection can this provide to the south koreans? >> sad is a good system for reentry vehicles. it's ideal if they could intercept these things in the boost phase. but most defensive systems are
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set up to catch the warheads, the missiles as they are coming back down, not going up. as long as we continue to do what we have been able to do, the jamming, keep them on the launch pad or have them go bad right after they launch, that's great, and catch the leakers off the navy ships as they come back down. charles: north korea has a million-man army and they can call up 6 million reserves. a nation led by a megalomaniac. we know he grew up in privilege, the third generation of maniacal leaders. can we prevent some conventional
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reengagement beyond exchanging bombs and things like that? >> charles, as you know. we did not have a fees treaty with the korean war. we are technically at war. we are under a ceasefire. that could light off. if it does light off, the conventional capability everyone keeps talking about are artillery pieces in north korea. did they roll out fire and start barrage shelling the capital of seoul and some of the cities near the border. if that were to happen, it would be difficult to take them out. but arm yet is have to be fed and equipped. the equipment that they have is very outdated. their tear force is a joke. and could they do damage to south korea? absolutely. the stampede that would occur would be horrendous, but they would lose and lose badly with the combined arms of the united states and the allies. charles: jesse james if that aim
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a.p. interview president trump talked about the potential of a major conflicts in north korea saying quote there is a chance we could have a major, major conflict with north korea, absolutely. the question was is this his biggest global worry at this point? he said i would say emphatically yes. this is a major challenge for the white house. how do you anticipate they handle this the next 24-48 thunder showers? >> we are dealing with a hermit kingdom which has no income other than what we are dealing with with china. they are poor. many of them are starving. when you have nations that are poor with nuclear capability and wealthy nations without nuclear capability you have a problem. south korea and japan do not have nuclear capability. japan is trying to build up their defense systems because
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they want to defend themselves. that would require negotiations with the united states, because they were not capable of doing that after world war ii. when you start having nuclear power in a location vownld of -- surrounded by countries with nuclear strength. syria at a minimum we don't see the nuclear weapons. charles: japan would probably like to ditch the pacifist constitution that was foisted on them after world war ii. >> at the white house, the president just returned from his trip to atlanta where he spoke at the nra leadership convention. we shouted questions at the president
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charles: president trump's 100-day mark has been a herculean effort when it comes to regulations. but not so much when it comes to getting legislation through
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congress. >> are you disappointed in how the republicans are hand the big issues? >> yeah, i'm disappointed that it doesn't go quicker. i like them a lot. i have great rips. most of them i didn't even know. if the freedom caucus came. they said we love our president, we are doing this for our president. you look at the moderate, they say, we love our president. but they have different views. i'm disappointed. charles: the blame game has begun, but how do we fix things going into the next 100 days. boyd, i'll start with you. president trump likes paul ryan and the freedom caucus. it looks like he's stuck in the middle. but i think he will have to make a quote-unquote executive decision pretty soon on how to lean here.
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>> you go in with a strong agenda, and the next thing you know you are in the middle of international things only the united states can lead on. as it relates to congress, i think it one person that has not had pressure applied appropriately is the majority leader in the senate. things are deferred to the house. if the president is going to get an agenda through, mitch mcconnell will have to step forward and assert some leadership. the first failure of the healthcare repeal was based on mitch mcconnell selling this idea we couldn't do have much because of the senate rules which in the end turned out to be not true. he has to continue to build relationships with the house. charles: he can take credit for ushering in neil gorsuch. ron, it seems like a slam dunk.
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repealing obamacare. he republican likes that. lower tax. every republican likes that. what's going wrong? >> what trump just said right there, you have 535 members of congress. you have to get to know those people how they function. what you are finding is it's not just republicans versus democrats. there are factions in each caucus. always wins.
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lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. reporter: u.s. pacific command assesses the north korean missile blew up over the peninsula and never made it to the sea of japan. it was launched at 4:30 eastern time.
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this is the third north korean failed missile launch this month. it's no wonder this north korea yains an old scud missile that is designed target ships. the pentagon says north korea doesn't have the capability to strike ships. but this missile failure comes as the vinson strike group is approaching, charles. charles: the scuttlebutt is the white house was bracing for something from north korea, and in their initial reaction to it downplayed to it your point, a revamp'ed scud missile that failed again. reporter: admiral harris, the head of pacific command told lawmakers on capitol hill that north korea has attempted over
6:29 pm
60 missile launches the last five years. rex tillerson in an interview with bret bare on special report said china told north korea not to conduct any nuclear test. secretary tillerson told bret baier china told north korea not to conduct its 6th nuclear test it's noteworthy that north korea is continuing to conduct these missile tests, they have not yet done this latest nuclear test which is concerning for pentagon officials of course. charles: that would be the ultimate call for action, particularly from the prum administration. coming up, attorney general jeff sessions has a hard-line warning sessions has a hard-line warning foliberty mutual stood with me
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>> the justice department has zero tolerance for gang violence. if you are a gang member, know this, we'll find, we'll devastate your network. we'll starve your revenue sources, deplete your ranks and seize your profits. we'll not concede our territory
6:34 pm
to illegal gangs. charles: that's attorney general jeff sessions specifically targeting ms-13, the street gang sweeping the nation. they are responsible for gruesome murders on long island alone. shaffer, attorney general sessions taking a hard line on this. he's putting everything into this. 11 people killed, murdered on long island by a gang that came from el salvador. >> this gang is the most vicious gang in the united states. and they are well disprincipled. they ridge -- well disciplined. they came from el salvador and made their way to los angeles. they are a quasi military structure because they were in a
6:35 pm
civil war there and they developed it. they moved beyond los angeles, they are in the watched, virginia corridor. i have 13 pages of ms-13 members in my facility in massachusetts. and we are 45 minutes from boston and they have their own problems. charles: last week 52 people were charged, 30 were gang members. it's a national epidemic that will call for serious intervention. >> i agree. i consider them to be domestic terrorists. they started out in the 1980s when the el salvadorans came to los angeles. now they are in 46 states. when you look at the numbers and see what they are doing. they generate $32 million in
6:36 pm
some sections of their game gang. after murdering countsless people, there is something that needs to be done on the federal level. i don't think people on the left, the democrats are taking it seriously enough. president trump said it was a humanitarian crisis. his own treasury department says that the ms-13 was a transitional criminal organization. when you think about that and we haven't heard many democrats making a fuss out of this, it's problematic on many levels. charles: everyone has to take it seriously. the fact like of our society, without peace you don't have prosperity. >> you know what's so important about this. and what's so great about jeff sessions going to long island, showing his face and the presence of the federal government there, these families
6:37 pm
are terrified. these community are terrified. this gang usually targets people in immigrant community. these are blue collar community. so these people are so incredibly you wil vulnerable. andrew cuomo said this is serious. police officers and people in the community have to work together. charles: we have scene update on north korea launching another missile test. rich edson is at the state department. reporter: u.s. pacific commands said this is a missile that never left north korean territory. north korea launched this missile a few hours ago it apparently broke apart and was an unsuccessful test it's a scud-type missile. they think it's a variant on
6:38 pm
that that they are trying to create to hit ships. the administration is aware of the most recent missile test and the president has been briefed. all of this happening a couple hours after the secretary of state rex tillerson convened a special meeting of the national security council in new york. the goal was to get the security council all on the same page for confronting the north korean challenge. he says the strategy is to fully implement sanctions that have been passed by the u.n. security council and try to continue to isolate north korea diplomatically. reduce or cut diplomatic ties countries might have with north korea. the secretary of state also called out china, a country he says is responsible for 90
6:39 pm
person * of north korean trade. the question on all of this is how long the united states is willing to pursue this and how different is this than the approach that the obama administration took. trump officials and sake terries of state say the difference is the urgency. this is the number one priority of the united states when it comes to a foreign policy challenge and that's how it's following through. bret baier interviewed the secretary of state. he asked him how long are you willing to wait? he said we'll wait as long as it's manageable. he said all options are on the table. right now the youth does not want to pursue regime change or military action. but according to the state department it wants to see results in the coming months. this all begins, the key to this according to many at the state department is to get china to
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your industry has a great proxy for where this country is going. i see things very positively. as we go forward the economy is going to grow. don't worry about this quarter's gdp. that number is going up and we are finally getting help on the tariff side. we have low energy prices. tax are coming down and we have a tremendous labor force that's underemployed we can benefit from. the best time to invest in 50 years. charles: you are excited about the trump economic agenda and that would add the extra boost? >> there is no question it's boost in terms of getting rid of unfair competition because foreign countries subsidize the energy rates of those countries.
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people are starting to understand, this is a great place to work, to start a business, the states are being great on incentives and right to work is becoming more popular. we are about to build our mill in the fine state of kentucky which is a right to work state which is one of the reasons we went there. charles: did i read 500 new jobs? >> 500 to start, 550 after a year in operation. charles: getting your hands dirty and getting people back to work. a lot of manufacturing data points have been phenomenal. we are on the cusp of a major boom here. >> we are on the cusp of a boom. appalachia is going to lead that boom. it's the best place to go. we are spending $1.3 billion to
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charles: i want to bring taken update. north korea launching a missile test. andrew, i want to talk about the
6:50 pm
end of strategic patience. it's been thrown out there perhaps that we could call that president trump's version a red line. it feels like kim jong-un continues to edge up to it, perhaps even crossing it. >> it's hard for me to disassociate the end of strategic patience to the president's ability to negotiate extremely well. as the pressure ramps up on north korea, and as he said to reuters in that long interview a confrontation is possible or likely. it's hard to disassociate that from coming up with a better deal with north korea. there is an element of increased danger. does his increased leverage make north korea behave more dangerously or more responsibly?
6:51 pm
charles: that's the wildcard. i do want to ask because there are other players. we have rex tillerson at united nations talking about sanctions. more than likely we'll see them coming next week. there is talk about china putting pressure on them as well. south core ria has been complicit in many what is. there was the kay pong factory. they pump millions of dollars in there without any accountability. so you have got a left other players. what's their role in all of this? >> we need to get more people involved. rex tillerson makes something clear. he said the longer we bide our time, the sooner we'll run out of it. the north core tree yants is developing a miss isle that will travel 2,000 miles. that's guam. guam is a u.s. territory. that's not something to be
6:52 pm
laughing at. he was a ballistic missile he can put a nuclear capability on it. they had five nuclear tests in that country, two of them in 2016 alone. so the nuclear capabilities are there. it's a matter of getting a missile. stokeio, 35 million -- tokyo, 35 million people live there alone. charles: we dropped the mother of all bombs as a deterrent in north korea. would that be something we could use for their under ground facilities? >> it's designed for north korea or iran where people thought using a moab in the past.
6:53 pm
there are scenarios where we use these types of weapons. as we earlier alluded to, the big danger is what north korea can do to the south in the event of hostilities. one of the biggest constraints on american behavior is the attitude of the south korean government. where the japanese are supportive of harsh sanctions. south korea has a different relationship through much of its political system and the younger generations of south koreans they think differently about north korea. charles: we'll be back with more on
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
charles: north korea launching
6:57 pm
another missile test. bruce, i want to let the audience know, you were former cia deputy division chief in korea. of course, trying to gain something when one of the key players may be i are rational is pretty difficult. how can we see this playing out? how would you assess what's going to that next 48 hours and the next couple weeks? >> there seems to be a hierarchy of responses by the u.n. nuclear test, long-range missile test. lower range missiles tends to not have as big a response. and a failed missile test never generates a lot from the u.n. particularly since it was perhaps a medium-ranged missile and it failed, i'm not expecting
6:58 pm
a big response from the u.n. charles: from the trump administration which is taking a hard line on this. it's some sort of used up scud that died on the launching pad. >> we are talking about a country having nuclear potential, nuclear capability. we know they have done nuclear tests. if they get intercontinental ballistic missiles that they are testing. they have one they want to go 7,000 miles that will hit the coast of the united states. we don't see them taking any action, even against syria it's very frustrating. charles: scepticism is running ram nanlts all areas, including china.
6:59 pm
this is a good time to find out if china has been blowing smoke. i don't trust china. i think they have been blowing smoke. this is getting more dire right now, isn't it? >> i'm extremely sceptical of china and disappointed the president was willing to put on hold the planned sanctions including secondary sanctions against chinese violators of u.s. law. the white house made much of some actions by china. but as always, i think it's less than meets the eye. we are seeing photographs that coal cars are coming from north korea into china and some of the ships in chinese ports are unloading north korean coal. charles: the u.s.s. carl vinson
7:00 pm
ll bebe in the area soon. able to do anything on the offense. they cannot reveal if they have that plan. >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump taking the lead on tax reform and proposing a massive overhaul to slash rates for all american and stimulate economic growth treasury director and director of the economic council taking the lead in the white house briefing today. they introduced it to the new'sa media and it would reduce it from seven to throw. it would double the standard deductio


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