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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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big thing am if they burn the american flag here, that guy is not going to see the light of day, i guarantee for months, that is an act of amazing bravery. >> amazing. melissa: all right, that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: america's most valuable company, seeing its shares dropping after hitting record highs, it is selling fewer iphones than expected. but they are seeing biggest year-over-year revenue gain in a year and a half, as apple being attack by liberals for quote, not paying its pair share. by keeping about $2 30 billion bucks overseas to avoid taxes. >> and rioters are not just attacking business and properties, they are targeting and attacking police officers:
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democrats claim victory on the new $100 spending bill. and president and his team saying not so fast, have you it wrong, and misleading the american people. first this, apple shares sinking about 2% after hours. we head to laurie rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. reporter: a big disappointment. three key misses. slightly on revenue. this was a huge surprise, this is seasonaly weak quarter for apple iphone sales just before the unveiling of the next version of key product. 50.8 million units, lower than 52.25 million units apple was hoping to sell. revenue guidance, 43 1/2 to 45
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1/2 billion is the range, analysts were looking for upwards of 45.6 billion dollars. we also learned that apple's free cash glo cash flow swelled. if also announced a $50 billion capital return program. they will raise the dividend by 10%. authorize a big share repurchase program. to enhance the share price. which closed a record yesterday, all-time high before fading back today, and during the extended second apple shares down, about 2% last check. there is so much anticipation, ahead of the apple earnings, you could bet this will ways
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on -- weigh on tech sector. liz: thank you, laurie, apple setting record earnings, and decent, not record. reporting a pile of cash. we're talking country, apple cash mountain is now greater than most countries' gdp in the planet. larger than that of ireland, and cash pile of uk and canada combined. it could payoff interest of u.s. federal debt annually. but apple is getting criticized for parking is overseas. here is what tim cook told the washington post. we're not going to bring it back until there is a fair tax rate there is no debate about it, is thatting wel legal or not legal? it is legal, it is the current tax law, it does not go that the more you pay the more patriotic you are.
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that is what tim cook said last year, joining me now, jason rothman and jonas ferris. tim cook, jason is railed against the trump administration policies, this is a funny pot for apple to be in, no? >> well i think i agree with tim cook. i think any sensible business person would. it is a numbers game. it not a patriotism game. i think that tim cook has every right to keep a quarter of arillion dollars outside of the u.s., if he bring its back he will have to give away a third of it. that is bad for the companies and that is bad for shareholders. on other side of the coin, i think i want to own a company with that much cash.
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at some point they will make a deal, some of that money will come back that will be good for the company. liz: a interesting point, jonas, apple's tim cook like much of silicon valley has criticized trump. we know that apple story, that apple uses cheap labor overseas to makes it iphones. is this a dangerous spot for any company to be in whether or not it is being patriotic. >> you are not going to publicly shame a corporation to may more tax than they legally have to. this does not mean going -- any rate will magically bring the money back. because why? if it is not taxed abroad. there is no reason to bring it back. we don't tax it until it comes
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back. there are fundamental flaws with the global corporate taxing a. it may only be solved by a 0 tax rate. a lot of other countries have lowered their rate lower than hours. liz: ireland did that. i think this is most purpose policy issue for trudg trump administration. the cheapest form of stimulus. what do you do? >> what do you do? i think th gue makes a fine point that it is is not just about lowering the rate to say 10%, because apple can borrow at whatever, 1%, 2%, 3%. i would go a stip further say not that simple, when making a deal, donald trump, tim cook
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whatever. donald trump has to create a whole incentive vickur insensincentive structure. liz: democrats say attacks holiday for money overseas. they got bad about that, but that is putting money in the economy. they said coo we trust companies. >> only reason you would take advantage of such a holiday, if you thought it would go back to lousy system. that is you are hosing your own tax revenue, at that point. corporations in america, the tax they pay, has been in decline for 35 years, it is not working. it is heading to zero, may
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might as well figure out a simple system, that is a long-term plan. that is not going to fix this problem. liz: jason and jonas, good to see you both. >> thank you. liz: next up this story, more than 40 arrested in may day riots, which swept the nation, protests turned into violence, with anti-trump riots, 25 rioters arrested in portland, now we have this a disturbing new development. not just about property damage or setting thin things on fire. we have new reports that police officers are now being targeted and viciously attacked, rioty throwing molotav cocktails, and fireworks at officers in portland, washington. let's bridg bring in portland, oregon, republican
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leader james bugle, how worried are you that rioters are now targeting officers? >> i'm worried about that a lot. the levels of violence are escalating, they are a radical. this is a strange situation. liz: rioters say, they are anticapitalist, antitrump, antibillionaire, they often hurt the little guys. in port land several small businesses were destroyed during the riots. >> yes, there has been a total failure of the city to protect the businesses and the people from violence and intimidation. what is happening there is an attempt to marginalize any sort of right wing views on immigration, and demonize everyone who thinks that you know conservatively as some bizarre white supremacist nazi
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who has to be punched. the city has been facility facilitating this for a long time, so it is festering and getting worse and worse. liz: do you of whether we'll see this kind of violence continue. >> i think so, i think it will continue, unless and until trump justice department looks into what is a concerned effort t diminish. >> thank you, james. >> breaking news. hair to thinheritage foundation, jim demint is resigning from his post at heritage after a board from -- after a vote from the board called him to step down.
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they continue to search for his successor. next up, portland police arrested 25 last night, the next guest said, that was not the case in berkeley, california, cops were told to stand down as a pro trump rally was attacked. that is next. don't go away. are allergies holding you back?
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25 people were arrested in portland after rioters tossed fireworks, and molotav cocktails at officers. reportedly the mayor in berkeley california told the local cops to stand down against violence that was not immediately life threatening. my next guest organized a berkeley rally, and said that rioting in street was a direct result of that stand downed order to police. david, did police in berkeley protect the demonstrators compared to portland. >> thank you for having me, good to see you too. towards 11:00 that morning april 15, they began to stand down, when asked about it, they told they were ordered by higher ups to stand away. liz: we have saying that cops
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were standing down there is a rule, they can stand down so long as there is no imminent danger to life. that sounds confusing. the question is, how can cops or any authority predict that there is no imminent danger to life. we don't get that. >> in case of berkeley, our complain details there was coordination between city of berkeley and the mayor who is very liberal. and berkeley chancellor's office and others in the university, and as we know california very liberal, and a lot of democrat politicians have served on the regents there, there was coordination about this policy, a special policy, quote, unquote controversial, and guess what on berkeley camps that you i campus that is 100% conservative speakers. liz: david, is that what happened to you. >> right. that is untrue. there were reports across
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public sector on live media, that they were threatening people's lives, and they were bringing violence. liz: antifa. >> okay we had a huntington beach rally, where a woman was pepper sprayed. what do you see the authorities doing at these events are they allowing it or intervening enough? >> a lot of the events that i have seen on the news they are doing their job, standing in between protesters, but in berkeley, they were there for a minute, and next thing they were gone, it was just chaos during april 15, they threw all sorts of things at us, rocks and fireworks, and m-80's and bottles. atckinpeople with sticks
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and pepper spray. liz: now that is being directed at cops, that is what is happening now, rioting these rioters are throwing everything they threw at you guys, they are throwing them at cops. >> yep. liz: they are throwing them. we saw a pop lit on fire in paris, france, during a may day protest. >> this is disgusting. something needs to be done. at-this-point, they are attacking cops, it no longer the time to stand by and be peaceful, this is the definition of terrorism, using violence and intimidation to shut down speech they don't like. liz: where does this go? >> i believe -- revival of american idea 58al.
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-- ideal, people must be aware of their constitutional right. not attacking them, but learning to properly defend yourselves against these thugs and preemptive action through law enforce am and federal government, they are there working for us protecting us. they need to do their job, take care of these domestic terrorists. liz: would you or anyone you know, show up at democrat rallies and do these things? >> no. we would not go to assault, no one a at all would come and attack. we would be there to say we don't support your idea. and hold up signs. we consider ourselves constitutional moderates, we're not going to attack and assault people.
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we wouldn't go in covering up with masks. liz: thank you david. >> thank you. liz: next up democrats taking credit, they are spiking the football according to mick mulvaney is the $1 trillion spending deal, fiscal time columnist saying wait a second. the democrats are misleading you, she says that trump administration is right, the democrats are not giving you the full picture, we'll have that story for you after this, don't go away. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> after years of partisan bickers and gridlock, this bill is a clear win for the american people. we brought lawmakersing it from both sides of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds rebuilding u.s. military, provides healthcare for our
5:24 pm
minors and school choice for our disadvantage important. personally there is no long-term bailout for insurance companies that the democrats desperately wanted to subsidize, the badly failing obamacare. >> government shut down avoiding trump administration democrats, both declaring victory. dims saying they won because than will not provide money for border wall, it still funding sanctuary cities and planned parenthood. and increases money for things like clean energy, president trump saying it will increase border patrol security to stop violent gang members. 42% billion there, he said a record amount, and increases defense spending by 21 billion dollars, trump getting 2/3 of what he wanted. all about making america more safe and secure again. former white house chief of save karl rove praising
5:25 pm
spending bill for stopping something that president obama started in his term. >> under president obama, for every will do dollar you wanted to increase in defense spending you have to increase in -- spending. the increa in defense spending is 7 times as a percentage. it is 15 billion dollars additional for defense. it is twefer 12.2 for homeland security we killed the obama rule. liz: liz peek is joining me now, good to see you, karl rove makes some points here about this bill about defense spending increased and border security budgets largest increase about 42 billion. nearly 94 billion for war on
5:26 pm
terror, is the president right or democrats? who won? >> well sort of disheartening we talk in terms of winning and losing. but that is what the democrats are doing on this bill. look, somebody got -- basically conservatives did not get everything they wanted, in particular no funding for the wall, that is what the democrats are focused on. but conservatives ended up with a big increase in defense spending which president trump wanted and a big increase in border security spending, this is not a clear win for either side. but what did happen, liz is that we did not have a shut down of the government. and even though that was sort of a straw man argument, i think that you are whookin what you are looking at and conservatives have to remember, this is a long game. president and congressional leadership, really want to get healthcare passed, they want to get tax reform passed, they
5:27 pm
need mot moderate and conservative republicans to get things done. and basically, you are not going to get a lot of sign on from moderates on a budget that built a wall. >> good point, omb director, mick mul mulvaney saying none of the spending will go to funding the collapses obamacare system. >> there is no obamacare bailout money in this package, i have read it and seen it find it for me, it is not there. but the democrats tell you about that is false. there is absolutely no language in this bill that requires to us make any obamacare bailout payments of anyway, shape or form as a result of this deal, okay? why are democrats saying that? buzz i because it is what they told their base they would do, they failed in
5:28 pm
delivering that, it is not in the bill. liz: mulvaney really bad there . what is going on? >> well, i think what they -- what is in the bill is ongoing funding of obamacare. and that is something that conservatives and republicans don't want. which is why they have to get behind paul ryan's bill, to change the healthcare bill. and introduce a new one that gets rid of that. what is not in the big is the billions of dollars insurance companies are demanding to to make them whole. we know is that this is going to collapse, if the insurance companies continue to pull out of the exchanges, without these payments, they will do that look, i think, again, i thinky we have to keep our eye on the long ball, it is unfortunate that democrats can't contain themselves and
5:29 pm
create warfare at every turn. liz: the democrats cranked up the fog machine on that, making like obamacare is still going to be with us because of money. it sounds like, it is not. i need to switch gears, we have breaking news, hillary clinton again today, blaming fbi director james comby and wikileaks for her election loss >> i was on the way to winning, until a combination of jim comey's let or october 28, and russian wikileaks, raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but not scared off. liz: what do you think. >> you know, as it happens, i was looking at old polling data from last spring, a year ago. which shows that all of a sudden trump leaped ahead of hillary clinton. not only in sentiment but in
5:30 pm
trustworthiness and honesty, people went into this campaign not thinking that hillary clinton was honest or trustworthy, they came out thinking the same, they did not vote for her. and more personally, sh -- importantly she had no message, i still don't understand. it was not james comey it was not wikileaks. perhaps it confirmed what people thought, it is because hillary clinton had no idea how to make life better for middle class americans, that is the inof tha end of that discussion, they need to move on, she needs to move on and accept that. liz: liz peek, always great to have you on come back soon. >> i will. liz: fox news, tucker carlson taking on white house correspondent association president, saying you just flat out dissed the president, your credibility shot. >> dinner saturday night, i
5:31 pm
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>> stow tonight we must rec myselrecognize there are threats to press freedom in united states, we cannot
5:35 pm
ignore rhetoric employed by the president. about who we are. and what we do. we are not fake news. we are not failing news organizations, and we are not the enemy of the american peopl people. liz: last night tucker carlson battled him arguing whether the press has lost its credibility in revealing its dislike for president trump. >> at dinner saturday night, i watcd a tape of. it was an extended middle finger this the president, in expression of dislike. the press should not like or dislike politicians. >> i disagree with you. >> were you there? >> you just played my clip, man. >> but were you sober and watching. >> it was president trump does not like us and we don't like
5:36 pm
him back. >> not true. >> i have never seen a lamer speaker or one who is more openly partisan from the kid you hired from the daily show, steve forbes is here, what did you think? >> they got called out it, obviously, they don't like donald trump, and he is hava acknowledge that trump is given amazing access to everyone and anyone, and insults them back. the bias is there, politico did a survey of white house correspondents of 69, three admit to being republicans. liz: 3. there you go. steve, obama, across the board when talk to people who the watch dogs of journalism, saying he is worse with freedom of the press, shutting
5:37 pm
down th the -- requests. so it seems like you know, you could say nice words to the press like obama did and crackdown, but trump is giving access. >> you have sean spicer out there being a punching bag and punching back. the obama administration, you talked to reporters privately was one of the worst, worst than nixon but he got a bye for it and richard nixon said i wasn't a crook, i love this guy saying at dinner, we're not fake news. liz: trump antagonizes right, fake news, and all sounds crazy, have you said, you don't like everything that trump says, and trump said, yeah i say those things. i made mistakes. but the thing is that -- when
5:38 pm
media, they have to do their job, to not take it personally. >> yes. and in terms of what the president said, what does he do in follow-up? does he send midnight police knocking on your door. does he send the irs agents after you, like the past presidents have done. liz: obama. >> obama, he may bark at them but he is not shutting down the press. liz: good point, i don't think that media establishment recognizes that yet like you have. and cnn refusing to run a commercial celebrating president trump's first 100 days in office, trump officials call the cnn move, quote absolutely shameful. >> donald trump, sworn in as president 100 days ago, america has rarely seen such success, a respected supreme court justice confirmed,
5:39 pm
companies visting in american jobs again, in america becoming more energy-independent, you wouldn't know it from watching the news, america is winning, and president trump is making america great again. liz: steve is laughing. those words, fake news, cnn saying, it was not run the ad because it runs that term fake news and describing mainstream media, and cnn will run ad if this term is deleted. steve, cnn can do whatever it wants, but what about the idea of getting the term out. >> i think cnn would have been better to run it, saying we're bigger than the president. he wants to call us names fine. they should have risen above it, instead of fodder for looking like they can't take any heat. >> what does that make cnn look like? because of the term. >> makes them look small, they
5:40 pm
should try to rise above it. instead of responding,. trump throws out these pieces of bait and the they bite on it and take it very seriously, instead of just ignoring it. liz: would have you u.n. th run the ad. >> i would have been delighted with publicity, might have hit back. liz: steve forbes love you come back soon, my former boss, terrific. >> thank you. liz: listen? >> i don't care because he doesn't give a [ bleep ] this is a [ bleep ] -- those republicans leaders, and president trump, don't give a [ bleep ] liz: you heard the curse and swearing word, tom perez said, i am not going to say trump's name. that is next. >> and also what better way to start an anti-trump revolution than right in the middle of media's nerve center here in new york city? how about broadway?
5:41 pm
that is what liberal filmmaker michael moore thinks will work. details coming up, don't go away. e medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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>> i don't care because he doesn't give a [bleep] those republican leaders, and president trump, don't give a [bleep] liz: tom perry, not shy about using vol garities to slam trump and his agenda. during a rally yesterday, perez refused to say trump's offensive.ying his name is too >> our most important power is not the mr. in the white house, i can't mention his name. it the power of all of you. liz: bringing in our political power panel. good to see you. first you robin.
5:45 pm
squaring and cursing your -- swearing and cursing your way back to the white house, dems and perez, came off a unity tour. showing how divided they are, even bernie sanders would not say he is aligned with the democrat party here, is a independent at these events. >> i watched the whole thing, i saw the unedited version on facebook live. i am not a fan, i do think it a race to the bottom, but you can't clutch pearls and claim righteous indigenous at this. he has ushered in a newer ofa vulgarity, it worked for trump, i think he is dealing from his playbook. >> i don't think that is what he is trying, tom perez iseat dy
5:46 pm
fractured democratic party that cannot get over the elections, he and democratic establishment, honestly believe, they win back house in 2018, the party problem will be solved, it did not work for the republican in 2008, trust me it is not going to work in 2018. liz: to ford's point, i hear what you are saying robin. there is a weird race to the bottom on both sides with vul gievulgarity. democrats are all about resistance to trump, their only pitch is trump is terrible. the dems are still saying, we're not going to listen to you, we find you deplorable you trump voters, they are doubling down with no economic growth policies, what are the dems doing? >> you know, i hear you, i feel you. just a new days after the election, i myself was a first one to say, we're going to
5:47 pm
give president trump the benefit of the doubt, and work with him. it is just he keeps saying and doing thins that are so offensive. liz: but here is the point. what is the democrat growth plan for jobs. that obama voter cont fo condition for trump. >> you know, barack obama left donald trump with a good set up. we gained -- >> robin, that not working for middle america, that is why we had hundreds of county that voted for barack obama flip to donald trump, the bottom -- i wrote a book about it hating trump is only going to get gemcratti democratic party so far. if you think it is getting you back in white house you are
5:48 pm
kidding yourself, you have to be for something not against something. liz: ford, what are democrats for? >> well, it is not what their growth plan, they are status quo, they don't want to go for tax reform, they think it might put people back to work, their whole growth plan is we're not donald trump. since fdr, white working class voters have been the bedrock of the democratic party, they are losing them in droves because they are so stuck in an identity politics and talking about illegal immigration, and while when tom perez said, gee, no human being is illegal, guess what they hear, they hear you don't care about me, and i am a citizen, that say serious problem. liz: robin? >> like i said, you can' clutch the pearls now. when the president of the free world has said far worse. so you know. the democratic party has its work cut out. we're fighting for that middle america.
5:49 pm
liz: robin come back soon, we love having you on, a great guest, ford good to see you again. >> all right. liz: what better way to start a anti-trump revolution than in new york stay, michael moore taking it to broadway. we have greg jarrett on that story after that, don't go away. ♪ ♪ after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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liz: what better way to start a anti-trump revolution than on broadway, so thinks liberal filmmaker michael moore, with a new one-man show to do that, debut, poster asking if a broadway show could take down a sitting president. my next guest said he hopes to will be more effective than
5:53 pm
his last project, trump land. >> saying things to people who are hurting, why every beaten down nameless, working stiff who used to be part of the middle class loves trump, he is the human molotav cocktail. they have been waiting for. the human hand grenade they can legally throw to the system that stole their lives from them. to november 8, the dispossess will walk to voting booth, close curtain and take that lever, or felt pen or touch screen, and put a big [bleep] x in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to up end and over turned the very system that has ruined their lives. donald j trump. liz: fox news greg jarrett said that michael moore is a hi hypocrite. >> you know, this guy is worth
5:54 pm
$15 million bucks. i don't knowed 9 properties -- he rates again capitalism and 1%. he is the 1%, and capitalism made him rich. you know he seems to hate america. you know saying a racist country, and the poor exploited. what does he know about the poor? or for that matter racism? you know i have seen some of his films to write about them, they are a tepid bore. they are not interesting much like him, he is an even -- masquerading as a protestor. who is going to pay bucks to see this guy that leaves just liberals and democrats, if that is the case, you are just
5:55 pm
preaching to the choir. the only thing he is going to bring down is the curtain, i don't think it will last more than a couple of days, and you look at trump land right now that played in williams to know, ohio for a couple of days, he filmed and. come on. >> your point about the poor, people in venezuela said to us about michael moore, come and live in the bomb out seconds in caracas if you want to see what you're socialism success mode sell about, right? >> he seems to hate america so much, all his films ran and rave against america. andi economy -- extol the virtues of cuban healthcare system, go live in cuba, he would never do that, he is a scam artist, he is very good
5:56 pm
at fleecing dollars out of gullible people. liz: politics and entertainment, and politics and broadway, does that really work? remember cast of hamilton had a message for mike pence, did that change people's mind. >> this a classic case of actors pretending they know something other than entertainment, whether it comes at nauseatingly self-indulgent award show from meryl streep, i am going to oppose the president because meryl streep says so or madonna, who rolleds a profanity raced speech. >> next up, lou dobbs has a special guest, find out who it is, next. don't go away.
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