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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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meadows tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. that does it for us. charles payne is here with "making money." charles: president trump showing his -- some people say his affinity for strong men. the president speaking on the phone with russia's president vladimir putin over tensions in syria and a myriad of topics. the brouhaha of the white house inviting the philippines president over, and the idea of meeting kim jong-un under the right circumstances and using the word "honorable." the media says president trump has an affinit an a -- an affine strongmen of the world. kim jong-un, no one thinks he's honorable.
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but this a method to the madness. vladimir putin i think you would want to have a reset with him. >> this is a classic carrot and stick. we are sending the military over to the island to blast them all to heck. tyrants have egos. bad guys have he goes, and he's appealing to that. he says he doesn't want people to know what his plan is. when you keep everything on the stable, just have everything be on the table. classic negotiating strategy and it can reap dividends. we have seen what's happening in china. for the first time in ages real negotiations and working together. at least we are not sending
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pallets of -- palettes of cash. the. >> the new president of the philippines hit the world stage, he's killing people, death squads, and become something of a pariah with the rest of the world. how close even when you are trying to flatter these guise, how far do you go with something like this? >> this is a charm offensive perhaps. the president is reserving all his options. he's using the carrot of meeting with the most potent leader in the world. namely, himself. so long as he doesn't endorse these pen who are brutal, all of whom were elected before he was. they were existing in this chaotic world.
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those palettes of money did go temperature. charles: you were an advisor to george w. bush who i suspect would have hand these situations differently. what people are saying is it's time for a different approach. presidents have checked off the same form policy content. and it's on acontinueser box right now. >> he's smart to make these comments to draw attention to the fact that he's trying to do things differently and he's fulfilling his campaign promises. every time he talks about him, he's dealing with north korea in an aggressive way.
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and with these statements he's surprising and shocking people and taking attention away from the fact that here in congress and the courts it's more difficult for him. he has snore scrutiny and he can't drought sorts ofhead lines and control the media coverage like he can when he deal with the his roles as commander-in-chief and head of state. charles: i think another thing going on in the philippines, they put themselves out to russia, maybe we can have a relationship with you and maybe we can have a trip with china. a is trying to portray itself as' something of a world leader. vladimir putin has grand ambitions. so there is a expert way you have to play this game. tammy: there is. we abandoned the world under
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barack obama. it's just like with our military. you must reef invent it. you have got to reeve invent it with the individual with every outreach. he's defining the agenda and he's moving forward. they lose their minds, but the fact of the matter is, he's the president because everything that's happened before has not worked. the fact of the matter is he must reach out to these individuals. the last time we spoke to the leader of north korea was around the time of the korean war. this abandonment -- what matters also is not just the engagement like obama engaged cuba and iran with effectively more ribilities and no real benefit to us. but it depends on what he's trying to accomplish and he's clearly ying to accomplish a safer world.
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charles: when obama engaged the world with that apology tour it was always that america was the bad guy and we were making up for the social justice kinds of thing that wasn't just applicable to the way progressives thought about america and how mean spirited we had tboant rest of the world. >> even with that approach when he did engage cuba, they were the same arguments being levied against president trump. we have to bear in mind he's dealing with an issue that has been in existence for four presidencies. these statements are drawing attention to the fact that he's attempting to make big, bold:moves to shake up how things are typically done. i think he deserves a shot to do things differently. tammy: i would argue if north
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korea was not doing what it's doing, donald trump would not be meeting with the strongman of the philippines. with obama, there was no reason to go to cuba except to save them from collapse. >> trump is playing a chess game and as long as we are talking and not shooting, they know he's willing to use that force. charles: in the call with vladimir putin, they discussed syria, a ceasefire, the middle east at large and north korea. in the white house ask communique there was no talk about a face-to-face meeting. but in the russian communique, they talk about a face to face* meeting. it is an honor to meet with the greatest and most powerful person in the world. >> whewe look at syria, because of the lack of
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leadership by the previous administration, russia has a role in syria that's far larger than it should ever have had. in order to achieve goals in the least disruptive way, he's got to also -- charles: does this mitigate potential criticism if america has to resort to. president trump after seeing that horrific chemical attack shift what he thought would be his policy to syria. this makes it a lot easier. tammy: it does. even after that strike, most americans who did not want us to attack, the support for that strike was past 60%. but he was able to do it because the american people were getting to know him. in all of these outreaches he's
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displaying the fact that he's willing to talk. he's not a hard case in deciding what to do. the american people are being informed. it fits the bill across the board about what needs to be accomplished by a commander-in-chief and a leader to get the american people behind you. it's being perfectly done. >> if we do get a ceasefire in syria and isis and other parts of the middle east, and north korea is diffused. if it were barack obama he would be up for a nobel prize. really, that would be the talk on the left. >> this is the diplomacy, trying to do everything possible to avoid having to put american armed forces in harm's way. all of this is going towards the priorities he set for the nation. that's not to y we don't have
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priorities the president is not work on himself personally. other people are working on that. national security council, state department and all of its employees are advancing those missions separately. the president is focused on the top priorities of american safety in north korea and taking on and defeating isis. tammy: this is what gets you an aid worker released from egypt with no quid pro quo. charles: a world leader who admires president trump. the egyptian press talks often how the egypt is a fast it nation of america. they we are that as a badge of honor to be a favored nation under president trump and we didn't have to send a whole lot of cash over. >> our friends in israel appreciate the relationship, too.
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charles: the trump administration defending the government spending budget saying it's a bipartisan success. i say we should have shut the government down. i want to hear from you. tweet me @cvpayne. hey you've gotta see this. c'mon.
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no. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing.
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find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. the shlike a bald penguin. how do i look? [ laughing ] show me the billboard music awards. show me top artist. show me the top hot 100 artist. they give awards for being hot and 100 years old? we'll take 2! [ laughing ] xfinity x1 gives you exclusive access to the best of the billboard music awards just by using your voice. the billboard music awards. sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. >> we brought lawmakers together from both side of the aisle to deliver a budget that funds rebuilding of the united states military, makes historic investments in border security, and provides healthcare for our
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miners and school choice for our disadvantaged children. charles: president trump touting the government spending budget despite criticism that the republicans blinked on too many issues in the budget. mike mulvaney called it a bipartisan win for everyone. but did the gop cave too much? adriana, let me start with you. i take all the points made by president trump and mick mulvaney. but some of the key part of his own platform that awakened the sleepy middle class of this country weren't necessarily addressed, and people wondering if they will be. and if this is the right gop leadership to get it done. >> i have to say in any negotiation with all these competing agendas within your own party and the opposing
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party, no one will get everything they want. the problem washington, and why we see continuous gridlock is because there are too many purists out there. their government becomes suffocated and they can't break this gridlock. i think president trump showed he's willing to compromise and negotiate. he secured a lot of big wins. he got increased defense spending which is much needed with all the threats we are facing with north korea. he got increased $1 billion for chool choice. he got increased funding, secured healthcare for our minersen increased border security which is important. he didn't get everything. i'm sure a lot of evangelicals would have liked to see funding cut off to planned parenthood. but the hyde amendment was protected. we cannot allow federal funding
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to go toward abortion. so that remains intact. it's not perfect, it never will be. but i don't think donald trump could have afforded this early in his presidency to have a government shutdown. they would have used that against him. charles: i think the democrats are going to say something negative no matter what happened. i think the american public think maybe shutting down the government is a major step toward draining the swamp. but david, you may be a purist adriana was talking about. how does the club for growth feel about this spending bill? >> the problem isn't this bill has a few warts. the problem is this is a democrat-written bill and president trump and the
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republican leadership let the democrats dictate more spending. which we are on the path we have been on for the last 8 years. it's not like there is a threat -- charles: when they get $25 million for the military and don't have to offset it. >> that's the way washington count. if you don't make us spend an extra $25 billion, we saved you 25. they should have cut $25 billion to make up for the shift of priorities that's needed into the military. the thing that gets to me is this threat of a shutdown. the republicans should point out they are not the ones shutting count government. it would have been a small minority of the democrats in the
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senate who shut down the government. they should have started with that precipitation and say if that'shat you are going to do, then president trump will make the decisions how to spend the money. charles: later on the show we'll talk about the border wall and border security. david and adriana, thank you very much. we have breaking news on the heritage foundation. jim demint has officially resigned effective immediately. the board of truls steves explaining that demint and his staff failed to resolve worsening management issues that led the board to the ultimate decision. the share table founder will take over as president and ceo until further notice. president trump threatened to shut down the government in september if congress can't clean up its act. liberty mutual stood with me
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charles: congress avoided a government shutdown this time. the reason for the plan negotiated twrenl republicans and democrats we need 60 votes in the senate which are not there. we either elect more republican senators in 2019 or change the rules now to 51%. our country needs a good shutdown in september to fix mess. charles: i like the idea of a shutdown. but i find nor intriguing the nuclear option being applied to passing laws.
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>> the constitution does not protect the legislative filibuster. this is something that was introduced after the fact. it's already been eliminated when it comes to presidential appointments. they were able to get away with some more controversial cabinet members who maybe wouldn't have made it through the process had the filibuster been left intact for those novel nations. that ability to put forward more partisan legislation would be the purview of the majority if the legislative filibuster was eliminated. that's the longest and most powerful tool to push back on what the majority is doing. charles: the other part of this is the tyranny of the minority. the public has voted you out of office, why do you wield so much
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charles: he turned political, urging bipartisan support for federal health car health care d praising obamacare for not
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excluding preexisting conditio conditions. >> allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to insurance pool that helps offset the costs, there by reducing cost. to those peopl who ld good lives, the are healthy, you know they haveonehings to keep their bodies healthy, right now. they have done things right way. now in fairness, these people with preexisting continue conditions. charles: here to discuss. tammy way worth who is a -- hayworth who is also a medical doctor. people trying to do the right thing. people bring diabetes on to
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themselves. alcohol abuse. this is tricky, should the taxpayer be on the hook for those folks? their medical care. >> speaking as a doctor. and also pri privileged to be a member of congress. no american wants to see anyone go without best possible care our nation can provide. some people will have more trouble with access than others unless we help them. if we look at obamacare, the problem it caused it raised the cost of insurance for everyone. it was huge gift to the insurance industry, if we're trying to solve the problem -- we'll are to provide help. fair enough.
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we can afford to do that without disrupting the insurance system. that is what obamacare did. charles: speaking of obamacare, president obama came out with a tweet, praising jimmy kimmel, and hillary clinton also. the left seizing on that idea that preexisting is a big deal. it is, president trump himself saying he wants to preserve it. a lot of families cannot afford the premium hikes. >> we feel for someone like jimmy kimmel, it a nightmare situation, he a famous, rich man in a country with most remarkable medical system in the world, because of competition, and brilliant people decides to become surgeons knowing they can papayback their school loan and
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live a good life. where we go to nations where everyone pays, a single payer you don't with that etra ordinary care. when the government is so involve, like with that they are going to tell you how live your life, they will tell you if you are too heavy, if you should smoke, if you can put your kid in the car, if you are eating too much sugar, we get do a points, where they say, we are paying your healthcare, we'll tell you how to live your life. even the poor, we're in a dynamic, we realize it is less expensive for you to not eat as well. you have premium price, on certain kinds of food, this is complicated, but for someone like jimmy kimmel. 'frprovides basic healthcare.
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if you do need surge rose for yourself -- surgery for yourself, you better that 7 grand in the bank. the better scenario to create an economy base in america where individuals make enough money for their own healthcare, they pay for what they need with a good insurance they are able to afford, right now just health insurance not health care, i want everyone t to be taken care of, obama squar obacare and sinr is a fraud, it does not help achieve what jimmy kimmel would want it to. charles: i believe they would say to a smoker, you have to go into this particular pool, and a nonsmoker would not pay for that pool. they don't have to buy insurance -- >> well, i think we can open up
6:37 pm
the insurance marketplace to more rational product that make sense for people, instead of paying einternational usually nm usually -- enormously for prepaid healthcare. we could have option of buying at catastrophic insurance. charles: a speaking point was freefreedom caulks. are you okay with the states being in charge? >> great question, in the proposal, states can opt out only if they agree to participate in a federally funded high-risk pool. >> high-risk pools -- >> nobody gets left. >> they should be mandated, there should not be a give and take. but states are paying for them, many states are paying lawyers for illegal alien, maybe they can find money for sheet will hh
6:38 pm
insurance for citizens. charles: apple laid an egg after the bell, does it matter? my market commentary is next.
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charles: united airline ceo, testifying in front of house transportation committee, saying it was a horrible failure referring to the incident where a passenger was bloodied while being removed from a flight. we'll be right back.
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charles: well. apple finally reported after the bell. stock is taking a hit. in part because the company missed on all kemet rick -- metrics assumed by wall street. revenue looking for 53 billion, it was 52.9. apple iphones 50.8 million. street was looking to something closer to 53 million.
6:42 pm
ipad sales really plunge. and offering weak guidance. it is holding up partly because of a billion dollar return to. bottom line, it is under pressure, i doubt that the stock takes a erro big hit. everyone is waiting for the next generation of the smartphone, which is right around the corner, apple fascinates the public. part of legacy is founder steve jobs. he was part mavericks, swashbuckler, visionary. he was a conundrum. when he passed away, he was claimed by progressives and conservatives, today they have a mutual gripe with the company
6:43 pm
over amount of money that apple is holding offshore, which $2 57 billion, tim cook has said the company is not bringing that money back without major changes to our tax codes, he has a good point. the company is using that cash in a different way, they are taking advantage of low interest rates to borrow. their net debt fiscal 2013 was 17 billion. coming in to this year, 79 billion. you may thi that apple is un-american, but. our tax policies are un-american. we can open floodgates and let the money come back in, or we could point fingers, and you know promise not to use apple products. but, in my home it would be
6:44 pm
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charles: 2017 has been about tech. all eyes this afternoon have been on apple. best sector, i see is industrials, this sector, they have lagged, they have been lagging behind tech. even materials, butow showing some signs of taking off. top performer today's session
6:48 pm
was industrials. led by cummins engine with a strong earnings report before. and airlines did pretty good with that testimony from the ceo of united, in addition to earnings. >> arch coal a strong report. on same day that richard branson commented on president trump's coal plan, saying, i can't think of anything more stupid. there are great signs that the industry has a pull pulse, it worth trying to save. and there is a building boom across the nation. we saw strong sector -- session for coach, texas roadhouse. retail and restaurants coming back, this adds credence to
6:49 pm
overall fact that maybe atlanta fed is right, they assume this quarter we're in, will go up 4.3%, that would be huge, is it a pipe dream? teren, you are a big time investor. gdexpecdp was soft first quarte, there are signs that things are getting better, is it possible to bounce back. >> i think the bigger conversation is healthcare system. i think it will be a drag on the economy for many years to come. if we don't get our arms around the ticking time bomb. mental health, and aging population, that represents 40% of medical spend, spiralling out of control because of the
6:50 pm
economy, we'll always have slower growth than what people expects. it is the elephant if the room. charles: do you need money to address it? >> that is the interesting thing. we have to be more innovative and figure out how to improve member health and patient health. charles: i think -- i have to tell you. a misirable first quarter, can we turn on a dime. are we looking at an economy growing above 4%. >> i don't know if we can turn it on a dime after 8 years of higher taxes, regulations from obama administration, more economic growth, right now it is a lot of promises and expectation, they need to live up promises made to reveal
6:51 pm
obamacare. and continue to roll back regulation. if these don't get done that 4% growth is never going to take place. charles: you are seeing with this incarnation of republican obamacare replacement is that good enough in your mind coupled with real tax reform to get the economy growing? or something more drastic? >> i think it is a start. with that mccarther amendment on the bill, we'll drop our key vote it will do a bit to help lower premium, pave way for tax reform. tax reform could be a huge boone to the american economy, if we could cut spending. i think we could see 4% growth. charles: terren, you saying, the health of the economy has to do with health of americans, how do we get that attack that? are you happy with what you
6:52 pm
seeing with respect to a replacement for obamacare? >> whether it is obamacare, trump care, or anarchy care. we must find ways of lowering health care costs. charles: how? >> invasion. that -- innovation, that is why you have to get ahead of the curve, doing things that are preventive. or the health -- mental health system. it is 40% of total medical dollars spent. charles: president trump, the big question is, is he any closer to having that big. beautiful border wall? we saw interesting photographs in the press conference. some people think it is not enough.
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we'll be right back. are allergies holding you back?
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charles: i am shocked at some individuals of public office instead of celebrating how they managed to reduce the amount of money for the broaderre the bora wall that will make us more secure, prevent drug smuggling, they are rejoicing in the fact it will be slower to be built. charles: homeland security secretary john kelly slamming democrats for celebrating the lack of a border wall and the funding slowed. he warns our nation will be more vulnerable because of it. president trump's long promise border wall, a premier pillar of his campaign. technically received no funding in this latest spending bill.
6:57 pm
many g.o.p. heavyweights are not happy about that. you can quibble about 300 million set aside to fix. but fact, donald trump wanted a billion to start with new border walls, and this -- we're quibbling about you know whether the democrats won or not, i feel like the american people lost, and i agree with secretary kelly who the hell would celebrate something like that. >> i don't know who on earth would want to celebrate the weakness of america's borders, this is bad for everyone, this is a great loss to the american people, i remain convinced that the wall will get built, it was really only a bill ron dollars that president trump was asking for. and really unfortunate and disappointing, but unfortunately we kind of expectation it these days from the spineless republicans that do not seem to be able to get the job done.
6:58 pm
charles: do you top name some of those spineless republicans? -- sare ather, sare a sarah, th, secretary kelly said, idea that there are elected officials out there who still sell rat celebre fact that we don't have border wall security and continue fighting it against the will of the american people. >> the border wall is a hot button issue that democrats point to as a symbol of trump administration as racis nationalism, at the end of the day it was a symbolic loss for the trump administration. mick mulvaney came out a couple weeks ago, and said that funding
6:59 pm
for the border wall was a priority for the administration, the minute he said that, the conversation surrounding government shut down changed. it was no longer just about getting a temporary spending bill to the table to fun the government t september. central question was then will trump administration allow the government to shut down. over the border wall funding, answer was no. charles: do eu. >> democrats a point of leverage. charles: do you think that democrat us would have lost, if we shut down, we could have said democrats lost because they were against the border wall that american public wanted. >> it would have been a risk, the republican would have also run the risk that they would have borne the blame are in shutting down the government. the media leans against the republicans. >> nick, opioid epidemic are you thrill with the aim of illegal immigration that stopped since president trump -- >> absolutely, more than 70% down, charles we need to get it
7:00 pm
down for opioid epedemic and traffics, very important great progress. charles: thank you, here he is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. house republican leadership remains at war with president trump. again in effort to repeal and replace obamacare, at least 21 republicans have said they oppose the new bill. and republican leader can only afford police -- to lose 22 republican votes. trump administration still pushing ahead, hoping for a vote thursday, vice president pence spent much of the morning on capitol hill for a second time in as many days trying to


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